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Castelul Peles

Castelul Peles

“Peleș Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County,Romania, on an existing medieval route linking Transylvania and Wallachia, built between 1873 and 1914. Its inauguration was held in 1883. It was constructed by King Carol I. When the King Carol I of Romania (1839–1914), under whose reign the country gained its independence, first visited the site of the future castle in 1866, he fell in love with the magnificent mountain scenery. In 1872, the Crown purchased 1,300 square kilometres (500 sq mi) of land near the Piatra Arsă River. The estate was named the Royal Estate of Sinaia. The King commissioned the construction of a royal hunting preserve and summer retreat on the property, and the foundation was laid for Peleș Castle on 22 August 1873. Several auxiliary buildings were built simultaneously with the castle: the guards’ chambers, the Economat Building, the Foişor hunting lodge, the royal stables, and a power plant. Peleș became the world’s first castle fully powered by locally produced electricity.”

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  1. Puteti urmari clipul filmat la exteriorul castelul;ui Peles la:
    You can watch the video shot outside the Peles castle at:

  2. The Peles Castle is very impressive, the Neo-Renaissance architectural style is fascinating!
    The interior shots are gorgeous and have a great quality, excellent video! *23*
    Kind regards 🙂 Richard

  3. Such a MAGNIFICENT video! Please, keep it Up, my dear friend!!!
    🌸 ℒℴѵℯ …
    Hugs,💜 Anastasia 🎼 💜

  4. Wonderful Castle! I've been there and is so beautiful! Thank you for this video, my friend! 🙂

  5. so interesting to see this modern day (?)… Victorian era? castle. Strange juxtaposition of ancient and somewhat new. Extremely ornate. Fascinating views wonderfully photographed as usual Sorin! have a great week! :o)

  6. this is a very very channel i saw your name in another channel and was wondering if you would lke to hit my red button lke coment stay in touch and i will do the same

  7. I absolutely LOVE castles. This was wonderful to watch. Looks surprisingly similar to a few I've seen in Germany. I suppose that was the style of the time.

  8. Bom dia,tarde,noite, Amores!.. (( te Amo te amo ))
    Passando para desejar a cada um de vocês uma linda e Feliz Páscoa, que Deus ilumine a vida de cada um de nós que nos de o melhor que esteja presente eternamente em Nosa casa 🏠🙏
    Que essa data sirva para não só uma festa, mas também para a união entre todas as famílias!!!

  9. I grew up going there almost every weekend for a while because my family was very good friends with the family that owned it. I wish it was our castle i would have been giving tour guides now. LOL this castle was originally owned by the parents of St. Thomas of Aquinas and this is the castle where his parents imprisoned him to convince him not to join the monk order until his sister helped him escape. His room is still there and turned into a chapel. It's in one of my first videos of very bad quality but it shows most of the castle.

  10. Um tempinho longe deste canal maravilhoso já com saudade ✨👩‍🎤💗🤳✨
    A long time away from this wonderful channel already with longing 🇧🇷

  11. I have visited the castle last week – along with the Bran Castle. Such a beautiful place. And the interior is a DREAM!!!

    A little compliment: in this video should've be played some baroque music.

  12. Khu bảo tàng nhiều đô đẹp quá
    Video anh quay đẹp lắm

  13. Really is WONDERFUL your video my dear friend Sorin!!
    I like very much!! Many congratulations to you!!
    I send warm greetings from me and Greece and i wish a happy Weekend to you!! Hugs, George +160 like


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