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C10 Road Trip! – Not Rod Episode 5

C10 Road Trip! – Not Rod Episode 5

This time we go on our very first Not
Rod road trip in the C10 to the Billetproof drags ~Intro Music~ this is the 72 c10 we showed a glimpse
of in episode 1 it’s got a 5.3 litre Vortech out of a
2001 Silverado which is based on the now legendary LS platform. I didn’t drive it
much after installing the engine because I was never a hundred percent satisfied
with the fuel system so as a result it sat around for about the last two years.
In fact it’s at around so long it developed a green slime all over it as
vehicles that sit normally do and I was thinking about calling it the Red Green
truck as a result… but then I realized that’d be stupid so I didn’t. My plan
now is to install a gas tank out of a 72 Blazer which is deep enough that I can
get a 2001 Silverado fuel pump to squeeze into and the website I bought it
from says in the notes that it is designed to fit trucks that have a tank
in the cab behind the seat and wish to move it under the bed. I will be amazed
if this battery is not dead. Almost guarantee that… No way… man I think
everything should have an LS engine. This thing was running pretty bad the last
time I tried moving it so we’ll see, it was missing on cylinders and stuff yeah she sounds sounds pretty rough. I mean it
runs so bad it probably won’t even do a Burnout on grass… yeah no, not even on
gravel or nothing so that needs some attention. all right, sounds pretty junky…
obviously it’s got a misfire or something so I got plugs, wires, and
injectors so we can just go through all that. Right. If you want to work on all
the boring tune-up stuff like that… Yeah, I’ll take that stuff over the fuel
tank. Then I’ll go work on the fuel tank. Yeah that sounds good. Once upon a time
whoever owned this truck put this big long bar right here on this trailer
hitch and I don’t plan on towing any big loads with this thing any time soon and
it’s making it a pain to get the gas tank in and out so that thing’s going
bye-bye. I gotta say the gasoline that I’m draining out of here is very bad looking…
very bad… so that couldn’t have been helping the situation. Now that is what
victory looks like right there ~Music~ So the reason that I’m changing out this
whole tank and everything is because when this was put together the last time
this was put on with just a little tiny piece of rubber hose and the only thing
that hose was attached to was this little teeny tiny stub right here that
has no flare on it or anything whatsoever so I didn’t think that that
was gonna last I figured with the high pressure that this thing puts out
eventually that was just gonna blow right off of there the other thing is I
modified this factory Center for this tank to run this pump and right here
we’ve got the power terminal going through and I had drilled a hole through
this to put this through and then put an insulator there and it has been working
okay but if this bolt was to ever just like move over that insulator broke or
the nuts came loose or anything like that
this bolt would arc out on this with this tank full of very flammable
gasoline and I did not think that was a good idea obviously this is Not Rod but
this is even bad by Not Rod standards so this junk. I was working on trying to
figure out a way to use a factory silverado fuel pump with this tank and I
figured out I can cut a hole in the tank right up in here and then I just
happened to find this perfect piece of pipe laying around and this will slip
right down inside that just perfectly with the seal and everything so I’ll cut
a little sliver off of this pipe, weld that to the top of the tank here and
then I’ll have some studs that stick up off the tank that I weld to the top of
it and then I’ll have a ring that slides over the top of the pump and then just
sandwiches everything down in there and then clamp some nuts to the bolts and
all done whoa geez. yeah that’s that’s no good.
That ain’t gonna work. Fuuu**. Alright let’s try this again shall we. So for the new
gas tank to fit in here we have to cut this crossmember out now most real car
shows would tell you to grind the head off this rivet and then knock the rivet
out to pull that out but this is Not Rod so we’re gonna do it the easy way on the tune-up side of things Brandon
found that the spark plug tips were completely melted off on one bank of
cylinders which I blame on the poor fueling system making the engine run too
lean at times. He got the tune-up done pretty quick so then he moved over to
weld an adapter together for the filler neck on the tank so there comes a point in every project
where things start to go wrong and then you ask yourself, “why am I doing this?”
yeah that point just happened. As it turns out the tank that I got for this
truck does not fit. The problem that we have is that the filler actually comes
out of the tank right directly in the middle of the frame rail.
So our first thought was just take the tank and ratchet strap it down in the
bed of the truck, we’re not going to do that… Good idea but… Yeah but we didn’t
want to do that, we didn’t want to go full-on Not Rod yet so what we’re gonna
do is add a new filler coming out of the top of the tank here at a 90 so that it
comes out to about there so it’ll come out just above the top of the frame rail
but for right now we’re kind of tired so I think it’s time to call it a night and
drink beer. So all the stuff that seemedimpossible last night we really got to
work on today. We’ve got the fuel pump assembly all set up and ready to go we
had to install a new filler neck and then I just patched that off and then we
had to install these brackets right here because the frame rail is gonna sit
right here and as it turns out the crossmember on the bed actually goes
right across here so this was the only place we could put the fuel pump which
meant that the original pickup which has the fuel level sender on it had to be
cut off right here and then spun 90 degrees so now instead of this going
right where the new fuel pump is this will actually go this way so now what we
got left is we’re gonna jb weld around all of our weld seams on here just as
some added insurance to make sure that it doesn’t leak through our welds and
then hopefully install this tank into that truck for the very last time it’s
not gonna be that pretty but it is gonna be functional. Again hopefully… Yeah
hopefully it’ll be functional we’ll see that is a work of art right there I mean
come on look at that that’s now that’s impressive this kind of a neat trick if
you want to upgrade the transmission cooler in your 72 c10 this tranny cooler
is actually out of a 2002 Super Duty with a Power Stroke diesel and the
brackets that come on it from the factory where these bolt holes go
through line up perfectly with these raised bumps right here in the core
support of a 72 Chevy don’t ask me how but apparently Ford wanted to design it
just perfectly so that would work okay Little More… Hold it. OK well if you want to work on making those
straps then all work on finishing the rest of the fuel system. So after two
ridiculous days of thrashing on this stupid gas tank we are finally to the
point where we can put gas in it, test for leaks and then run it for a test
drive hopefully as long as there’s no leaks.
Speaking of leaks, see anything dripping out the bottom? Well I do now… it’s got an air bubble… Oh I know
why. The one hole we plugged off is supposed to be your vent tube. Oh. As it
turns out you need somewhere for air to vent out of the tank when you fill it
with gas this is normally done with a hose port that routes to the top of the
filler opening which we of course plugged off and since we weren’t about
to pull the tank back out our solution was to unhook a small hose on the other
side of the tank that’s a little better definitely got
some more spunk that is for sho Seems think it’s running pretty good. Yeah
running pretty smooth. Hopefully the gas tank don’t fall out. -Laughs- Yeah it’s only held in
by two bolts So that was six weeks ago and today we
are going on our very first Not Rod road trip to the Riverdale Raceway which is a
super old-school eighth mile track that doesn’t even have electricity or credit
card read or anything so you got to pay cash to get in and they actually have to
run the PA’s off of generator and all that kind of stuff
in fact it’s so old-school there isn’t even a return lane for the cars to come
back down the track they actually have to drive back down the racetrack to get
to the staging lanes it’s a blast from the past it’s a ton of fun and you gotta
check it out ~Music~ You gotta love those old floor vents of course as soon as we pulled the truck
onto the main road it sputtered a little bit when I got it up past 4000 rpm I was
worried that maybe the sparkplug tips were melting again for whatever reason
so as a test we decided to floor it on a good straightaway. Maybe on a good
straightaway just get her down into passing gear. I think that’s good I think it was just
a fluke. Yeah. Doing about 85 miles an hour there so. I know, It’s like Oh Shit it’s the worst corner
on the road here One that sneaks up on you the odometer spun back around to zero
just a few miles back so it’s a brand-new truck Brand new Silverado C10
thing. This time next year we’re going to be pulling the Studebaker down.
That’s kind of one of the cool things about going to the races you know
you get some ideas from like other people that have already built you know
race cars. yeah exactly we almost should have thrown the wacky
machine in the back I know I thought about it, I thought it, that would’ve been cool. I don’t know if it would’ve fit in there though. No, not with the canopy. You Know it’s really pretty surprising how good one of these little
Chevy trucks drives I mean you know those things only got an inch of play in
the steering cool It’s not bad at all. you know I did not know that it’ll
probably start working again soon it’s kind of a good shakedown and it’s nice
and quiet shit if we’re in the Nova dude we’d have earplugs in. I know
this is almost too good for a road trip episode really. And really I’m surprised at
how quiet it is inside the cab because it’s not like there’s any insulation or
anything I mean it’s just metal you know no I mean it’s got a floor mat on it and
stuff then again I mean there’s… I can see the ground through the floor too so. It
looks like the 30 year old fire extinguisher still has a charge. Supposedly. yeah. Well I put it I put a new one under the
seat so. Oh did you. Nice, smart. It’s good to have one especially after
doing a bunch of work on a fuel system. yeah exactly Music What’s up with the radio does it work? I don’t think it works – like it
turns on but I don’t think you can get any stations on it. Oh and you ain’t got no tapes in there
that would have been sweet if you had a tape in there. Like a Moe Bandy tape? Yeah,
that would be awesome! you should put an 8-track player in this
bitch Girls would need tetanus shots to wash
this thing. -laughs- ~Music~ so I seen that post, it looks like
that you got some comments on some of the videos.
You got any trolls yet or no? Just people seem to like it? No, Yeah just pretty
much people that seem to like it. so that means we haven’t quite made it
big time yet. When you start getting hate mail that’s that’s when you know you’ve made
the big leagues ~Music~ Boy were really seeing America today aren’t we? Yeah we are. Or Washington
State. -Laughs- A small portion of Western Washington. Ooooh we could go to
Bacoda but we’re not gonna. Nope, what the hell’s
in Bacoda? No idea, I’ve never even heard of a Bacoda Washington before. ~Music~ I actually had a dream last night that
we were on this trip and we stopped at a gas station to put gas in the truck and
I filled the tank up all the way and gas started spewing out everywhere. -Laughs- it was
like a nightmare. No joke, that’s the dream I had last night. Well maybe you shouldn’t fill it all the way up.
I might, I mean we’re gonna have to stop and get gas but I might only put like Ten
gallons in. Yeah -Laughs-. Oooh. Sneaky! Don’t make me push on my brakes, I don’t
know if the brake lights work! Yeah Right! ~Musci~ Look at that sweet ass Jeep. Oh nice!
Look at the headers sticking out! That is sweet! -Laughs- Oh that’s sweet! yeah. ~Music~ We did it! We made it! I’m not gonna lie I
had quite a bit of confidence in this thing. Yeah, I don’t know if I had as much
as you did but… So we made it! aside from the truck having a little bit of a
stutter coming out of Brandon’s place for some reason up in the high RPM’s
the thing performed flawlessly the rest of the way down here so I’m just gonna say it
fixed itself and here we are at the races ~Music~ Now that’s the thing about this track, it’s
not grippy like your normal NHRA quarter-mile track, you really gotta
drive the car coming out of the hole here. It’s gonna be awesome for the
Studebaker ~Music~ Probably one of the greatest things
about this track is just how many different types of vehicles you see all
at the same event from rusted-out pickup trucks to old-school straight six rails
to hopped up 57 Chevys and even the occasional Polaris RZR or Tesla. No
matter what your car looks like it’s all about just getting out here and making
the pass. Today was basically just a free-for-all test and tune style day
for anyone that wanted to run their cars we spent the rest of the day watching
the races and playing with RC crawlers as thirty-year-old children do Dead battery. Oh man we were right there to
– oh well. Our plan was to camp overnight in the bed of the truck and wake up
bright and early for the start of Billetproof but that didn’t stop the camera
crew from snorting vodka for some strange reason… Justin what is that in
your hand? Cap full of liquor. And what are you about to do with it? -Laughs- Oh, the back of my skull burns! Don’t do that. I don’t recommend it. Round Two. -Laughs- Oh, F*** OK, OK I’m good. My eyes are still watering. aside from the hangover waking up here in the morning is an awesome
experience. It’s just an interesting contrast
how everything starts out so calm and quiet as if you’re just out on a camping trip
and surrounded by nature and hills and trees right up to the point of walking
through the pits while the cars start up for the first time in the morning it was even really cool to be around
while a few of the old hot rods took some warm-up laps down the track some of
them sputtered and popped and banged a few times well the engines warmed up And the start of another day of drag racing. we stuck around and watch the races for
a little while until we came to the realization that it was time to go do a
few donuts so now that we’ve reached the end you
may find yourself wondering what the point of all this was. Well… Not much
really, but does there have to be? We started this show because we already had
projects to work on and figured why not make a show of it to entertain and
inspire some people while having as much fun as we can while we’re at it and if
we dare to dream maybe some day this can be more of a full-time thing for us in
the meantime don’t be afraid to get that old car in your back yard out on the
road it’s better than waking up after working for 60 straight years to one day
realize that classic car you once loved has now sat there and rotted away.
Explore the back roads and see some sights it’s really a liberating
experience when you just stop worrying about it. Hey maybe we’ll see you out
there on the road… Well I mean do you need to know how much feel you got in here? Oh that’s just wrong, but also
write in so many ways. Yep. Oh that feels so good in my cuts. My eyes are still watering. How’d that go down, pretty good? Not Good. -Laughs- You gotta try it Brandon! Oh no.
Oh come on man, it only hurts for a second. No I ain’t down for that Shit. The fun times will last forever. Oh yeah. Come on man! I don’t want to snort up all your shit. Your turn, you wanna do it? No. Come on I’ll give you a baby cap. Come on.
Yeah. May wanna just put on some gloves and just finger that into the holes you
know? Yeah.

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