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Breaking News! CMV Columbus Ran Aground Leaving Amsterdam 7 Night Cruise Cancelled No Injuries

Breaking News! CMV Columbus Ran Aground Leaving Amsterdam 7 Night Cruise Cancelled No Injuries

it’s Bruce here with travelling a cruise
got another breaking story here for Sunday June the second 2019 it’s from
cruise and marine voyages the ship is called the Columbus and apparently the
ship was on a seven-day voyage from London to Norway by way of Amsterdam but
she ran into some problems leaving London on the 29th of May went just fine
she got to Amsterdam on the 30th then leaving Amsterdam on the 31st she ran
into a sandbar she grounded and they have to send divers underneath the to
check for damage of the hull and any of the other systems down there and after a
10 hour time frame they determined that there was no immediate danger to the
passenger crew and I they decided they would move the ship but they went back
to Amsterdam and it’s been 36 hours and they’ve now determined the ship can’t go
any further they’ve cancelled the rest of the cruise and they’ve decided to get
the ship repaired the good news for the passengers is that the entire time they
weren’t inconvenienced they were given all meals all their services were
provided as usual and the cruise line has really stepped up with a
compensation package they have informed the passengers that they are getting a
full refund on this cruise they’re getting a free seven-day cruise
additionally in the next six months to a year they’re making arrangements for all
passengers to be taken back to London where the crews started and they’re
looking after any necessary out-of-pocket expenses on top of that so
cruise and marine voyages they could teach Norwegian a thing or two I’ll tell
you that this is an excellent move on that ship’s part the company is doing
great they established this ship that was built in 1987 she was refurbished in
2017 she’s 63 thousand tonnes 811 feet long 105 feet wide 1400 passengers is
the base number although that you go up to 1,800 passengers 700 crew no children
allowed on the ship adult only and as I say the compensation package has been
very fair very good and everyone is fine anyway there you have it
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Reader Comments

  1. Wow! How many cruise ship calamities have there been recently? This is the 3rd in 2 or 3 days!

  2. Wow, if only Carnival has this type of service. I may just look into booking with this company next time

  3. Great video, glad to see a company doing the right thing. I will use them next cruise for sure. Thanks.

  4. Holy cow there has been a ton of cruise news lately. And a cruise line taking care of their customers. Way to go!!

  5. Was the local Pilot onboard? Too many cruise ship incidents for my liking!!! Its KILLING the value of my Carnival Stock holdings!😖

  6. Hi Bruce this is blogging trucker 75゚ here in New York City today….. Is there a website where you can find out about the newest cruise ships coming out…?

  7. I thought all cruise ships had depth sensors and could tell the bottom of the sea floor was before they even get themselves into Danger at least it's nice to know that they're taking care of their passengers and are going to give them a free cruise and take care of the spoiled voyage cost of travel

  8. Impressed with their compensation package! If this happened on any other cruise line, you’d be screwed.

  9. We were on his cruise. Saw what happened. Very disappointing that this happened however, as stated in the video we received exactly as promised. Excellent service, throughout the episode.
    And yes we have booked to return next year to continue our cruise experience. Thank you CMV for all you have done fo us, see you next year

  10. This company is an excellent cruise line, I sailed with them on that very ship last year to Norway and it was fantastic, ship was beautiful as well. It isn’t an adults only cruise ship though, I went on it on the summer holidays and there were quite a few children on it. The said cruise that ran aground however probably was only for adults (wish my Norway one was too)

  11. My daughter was due to go to Iceland Saturday 15th June she received a phone call from cmv saying the cruise had been cancelled 3 days before sail. Cmv offer her a full refund plus 50% off her next cruise with cmv if this company was aware the ship had a problems why didn't they inform her straight away not 3 days before she was due to sail. We have been on the columbus several times in 2016 we went to Norway and there was issues then all the toilets blocked then in December 2017 we did the Christmas cruise to Germany all cabins under the swimming pool deck was flooded out. I will never go with cmv again very poor service and definitely not valve for now I cruise with p&o

  12. CMV didn’t contact us to say the cruise was in repairs. We arrived in the UK on the 12th June (from Australia) ready to sail on the 15th June, only then did they tell us the cruise was cancelled. We lost our cruise, our airfare, accommodation, transfers to get there, our annual holidays…..all gone. CMV that’s really poor form.

  13. Had 43 very enjoyable days aboard the Columbus from Tilbury out to Auckland last year. Bagged a twin berth outer as a single passenger without having to pay a supplement. Amazing value for money from CMV, if you're a solo traveller some of their longer voyages are well worth checking out.

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