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Blind Man Rides A Roller Coaster

Blind Man Rides A Roller Coaster

A lot of people want to see me ride a roller coaster. Been asking about it. I noticed nobody wants to pay for it but nonetheless we’re going to do it. [music plays] My friend Ben Churchill and I are going to ride the West Coaster here at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier. Now it may not be the craziest coaster, but it’s the coaster they’ll let us film. [music continues] I’m so excited. I can’t wait to do this. This is going to be awesome. I haven’t been on a roller coaster in a long time. I’m not sure what’s going to happen but thank goodness it’s been 20 minutes since I’ve eaten. Welcome to the West Coaster. Please put on red seat belts first. Red seat belts first. Followed by the lap bar. I think this is Ben’s first time in one of these videos. -Very fun.
-Oh, yeah. -We’re going to die.
-No, we’re not going to die. It’s going to be fun. We’re going to have a nice time. We’re going up and around and down and stuff. It’s going to be great. [laughs] I think. -Alright, here we go. Up, up, up.
-Oh, yeah. -I like that. See this is fun!
-Oh, yeah. Going nice and up. Nice and easy. Going way up high. Oh, look at the view. [laughs] Alright, here we go. [people screaming] Oh, boy. See, this awesome. I like this. Alright, around in circles. Oh, boy. [laughs]
[screams in background] -Oh, yeah!
-Oh, wow. -That’s an awesome. Oh my god, that’s great. -Oh my god.
-Oh, poor Ben doesn’t like this one bit. [laughs] Come on, baby! That’s fun.
[laughs] -Wow!
-That was awesome. Oh, look there’s more. [laughs and screams] Wow! -That was tremendous.
-Do you want to go on another ride?! Yeah! -Here we go. Round 2.
-Alright, round 2. Up, up, up. See, this part’s fun. I like all the noises it makes too. [screaming in background] -I like this part.
Yeah, this part’s cool. Going around and stuff. This is like the way you drive. [laughs] [screaming] Now, I wish you could drive like this part coming up. -This would be fun.
-Wow. -This is so much fun.
-Oh, my hat just blew off! Oh, your hat just blew off! [laughs] -Oh, I’m sorry. [laughs]
-It’s alright. Okay, nice and easy. [laughs] -Oh, yeah.
-Oh, baby. Woohoo! [comes to stop]
Fantastic! -I really enjoy that.
-Is this your hat? Oh, thank you. Look at that. What you got it? No way! [music plays] That second dip, man. That dip. -It’s awesome, right.
-It comes up. It comes up fast. You don’t really know what it’s going to be. Holy [beep]. Ah, doctor. Well, listen I enjoyed it enough for the two of us so it’s all good. [laughs] [music resolves]

Reader Comments

  1. Hey guys just a tip for roller coasters if you go in the front your slower because it has to wait for the people in the back to come down always go in the back

  2. I like his spirit 💯

    Me: closes eyes everytime i ride a roller coaster cause i have acrophobic.
    Him: oh look at that view 😍 like his enjoying everytime he's in the air 😄

  3. Goes to Great Adventure. Oh we’re at the boardwalk now! Wanna ride a mini coaster?
    Blind Person: Sure!
    Gets on Kingda ka……..

  4. Cool I am so glad that Ben got his hat back those kids were so nice. I used to love roller coasters but now I'm too fat to ride them.I am a high partial so I love seeing those heels and turns and swoops coming.

  5. I've never understood the reason why people scream like they're about to die everytime they're on a rollercoaster and hold up their arms and shit, all I do is either close my eyes and just enjoy the breeze or just sit quiet and enjoy the views and think about life.

  6. This guy is funny… blind or sighted does not change the sense of humor being hilarious! Thank you for making your videos!!!

  7. Actually i tried riding a rollercoaster while my eyes were closed. And to be honest it is fun too because of unexpected curves.

  8. You're not supposed to wear a hat and sunglasses on a roller coaster. They can fly off and wreck someones face behind you. There's usually cubbies to put them in, from what I remember as a kid.

  9. I hate that he can’t see the world and all of its beauty wish I could give him his sight but he truly seems happy on his own with or without sight.

  10. I was 9 when the last time I rode a big rollercoaster like this and I had my eyes closed for the first time
    You can pretty much visualise where you’re going even with your eyes closed

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