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Best Places I’ve Discovered in 5 Years of Travel – Part I

Best Places I’ve Discovered in 5 Years of Travel – Part I

what’s up guys it’s alex Travelbum and
for the next few videos i’m going to go over some questions that i’ve gotten
from you guys so I’m gonna answer this one first it’s
what are some of the best places that you’ve discovered during your travels so
the first thing that comes in mind is Mount Bromo and it’s a volcano in East
Java Indonesia and there are no railings there aren’t people patrolling the place
all the time so you can go up there by yourself and basically hike around this
volcano and it’s one of the best things that I did in all of Southeast Asia
this cave bar in mostar mostar is in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Eastern Europe.
and so mostar is already a really cool place but then one day when I was there
I met a few friends and I went to this bar in a cave and to me this was just
kind of a one-of-a-kind experience having drinks at a bar in a cave it was
very cool and to top it all off after we were there for a little bit the power
went out we didn’t have any lights so we just kept drinking and talking there in
the dark for a little while and after maybe 10 minutes they brought candles
and they set candles up all over this cave and so we ended up spending our
night in a cave having drinks in the candle light and that was just an
amazing experience an amazing place for me okay so now we’re gonna go to the US
when I was on my van life trip and I went through Nevada one of my favorite
places was Spencer Hot Springs so my girlfriend
and I we drove out into the center of Nevada and it was there where we found
these hot springs in the middle of the desert and because it was winter it was
snowing it was cold it was freezing and nobody even wanted to go outside but we
had these hot springs and so we’re in the middle of the snowy desert and we
have these hot springs all to ourselves the next one is whole mountain in
Vietnam this was in halong bay and this is where I got the best view of my life
so I made a video where I give you instructions on how to get there but if
you go to Vietnam if you go to halong bay you should try to go there
actually I just got news that they closed it down or at least there are
some gates there right now and the trying not to let tourists go up there
because somebody set something on fire or something like that so gili trawangan
this is an island off of Indonesia near Bali and there’s a ton of scuba diving
and snorkeling and this is where I got to snorkel and scuba dive with turtles
and all kinds of fish and coral reefs and everything Indonesia is one of the
best places to scuba dive in the world very stream Moyne a Monet is also in
Vietnam and very stream is just this little stream that you can walk along I
believe it’s probably about a mile long maybe a couple miles long and you can
walk the whole thing yeah your feet barely get wet on one side of the stream
you’ll have desert you’ll have orange clay and orange rock and then on the
other side you’ll have the dense green jungle that Vietnam is kind of known for
is just something I’ve never experienced before
Hamilton pool so this is a Texas near Austin and I don’t remember how long it
took to get there but it’s maybe 30 minutes outside of Austin or something
like that and would you even think that Texas would have something like this
this was just a paradise in the middle of Texas
so half of it is still kind of enveloped in this cave and then there’s kind of a
little beach there and it’s just an incredible place to see PI Thailand
maybe I can add this one because it is a smaller place and it’s less or no not a
lot of people go to PI compared to all the other places in Thailand this is a
little town it’s kind of a hippie artsy place and I just really had a great time
here and it’s really laid-back there’s a lot going on every night and so you
should check it out if you go to Thailand the next one that comes to mind
is var Croatia I’m not sure exactly how to pronounce it but I call it far and
it’s this little island off the coast close to split and it was just some of
the best times that I had ever in my travels in Europe there’s one of those
places that’s really great for partying and meeting people and the city of split
and everything around there is just amazing when you get to split you’re
gonna take a little boat and go over to var and from there you can go to all of
these other little islands because Croatia is just littered with all these
islands perfect water partying if you’re into that and I was at the time and yeah
you should check it out if you go there all right so those are some of the best
places that I’ve discovered in my travels I think I’m gonna make a part –
let me know if you like this if it was interesting at all then I’ll make a part
two because those just came off the top of my head and I actually have another
10 or 20 more to go over that are equally as as interesting and also if
you liked it please give it a thumbs up it helps me out and helps more people to
see this subscribe if you haven’t already and you’re new here and I’ll see
you in the next video

Reader Comments

  1. wait wuuut, I was planning to go down that Ha Long Bay route this summer :(( Is it really closed down? How did you hear? :///

  2. Damn it, I was going to Vietnam in April, and the first thing that I was going to start with was the Poem Mountain because I really liked it since you showed it. I really hope it will open up again by then.

    Anyway for my question here it is:
    What's the truth about solo traveling ?

  3. excellent video! for your next video, here are some questions: best overall ethnic food (my favorite is Taiwan night markets), most beautiful place (I'd choose Mt Koya, Japan which reminds me of Yosemite but with 116 Japanese temples). Friendliest and most helpful people culturally (I'd say Poland)… curious what you've experienced. anyway, look forward to your next video!

  4. Please do make a part 2. 🙂 I'd love to add a few more places to my travel list. And I've definitely just added 3 haha.

  5. i will go to bromo this summer but uuhh im not crazy enought to climb that Mt without flash on sunset hahahhahaha.

  6. I have been to all but one ( Hamilton). And although I don't agree with all of your selection of tops. I think it's nice that you made a list for people.
    The one I really don't agree with is the fairy stream. That town is horrible full of Russians. It's hot, it's a desert. We rented a scooter and rode everywhere trying to find things to do. We actually went there because of your video. But hey to each there own.
    Indonesia was amazing. We didn't stay on Gili T but Gili Mino. Went for 3 days stayed 24. It's a shame they are now closed due to a earthquake. We missed it by a few weeks. Buy 70% of the buildings we're flattened.
    Croatia was amazing when I was there and I to drank at the cave bar. This was 2012. We had met a lonely Russian millionaire who was lonely and paid me and my partner at the time to hand out with her for a few weeks 5 star all the way. An interesting story in it's self but we didn't spend a dime. But she turn down some really cool side trips.
    Croatia was great then but I have read that there is places there that limit themselves to 35,000 tourist a day. It wasn't like that back then.
    Crazy world and we all have different experience in it. Keep doing you.
    We are saving for another year long trip my 7th trip around the world.

  7. Damn I was super excited to clime the Poem Mountain in June when planning to visit Vietnam. You have any idea if/when they’ll open it up again???

  8. Hamilton pool made the list, nice! Definitely going to check some of those south east asia places soon hopefully. Awesome vid mate!

  9. Im Indonesian, thank you u brought gunung bromo Indonesia first 😘i been there before. But haven't try diving in gili trawangan yet.

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  11. Wow, you've been ti Hvar! I'm italian and I used to spend my summer holiday in Croatia and I love Hvar (and also the other island near this one, Brac).

  12. Pai Thailand is one of the most beautiful jungle towns in Thailand. I lived in Chaing Mai for 4 months and fell in love with Pai. You can go to waterfalls, hot springs, rice terraces, hostels, and do shroom shakes all in one place. (check out sunset bar just outside of town for the hook up)

  13. Where is the video you made about that coat that doesn't take much place when folded but is quite warm , Thanks

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