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Battle Trip | 배틀트립 EP157 Trip to Kunming, China Part. 2 [ENG/THA/CHN/2019.10.06]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 EP157 Trip to Kunming, China Part. 2 [ENG/THA/CHN/2019.10.06]

(Charming Kunming Tour, city day) (Retro restaurant) Wow, this place… – Was it good? / – Another amazing place. Really? Ta-da! This is where we’re going to eat. Cao Lu, this place is a really busy area. Yeah. It’s really popular with young people. All the buildings are old with modern interiors. It still has that retro vibe. It’s popular for young people in China to hang out here wearing traditional clothes. For that retro vibe. So pretty. Isn’t there a place like this in Korea? Ikseon. Oh, right! There are a lot of restaurants and bars here. Wow, so pretty. Seriously. So where are we going to eat? I got reservations at a famous restaurant. Where? Ta-da! So many people. It’s a really famous restaurant. So you have to wait in line. What a pretty restaurant. I want to take a photo. Want me to take one of you? Nope. Oh, sorry. I’m so hungry! Aren’t you? I’m starving. (Now that they took photos, it’s time to eat) (Such a nice interior) Look at all the people. – You have to wait in line. / – Right. – Really? / – The food must be really good. The atmosphere is so nice. It looks so wide open. Wow, the food looks great! This place is famous for Yunnan food. So what’s the best thing here? All the dishes here aren’t totally traditional. They’re fusion dishes. (Something epic shows up) (What’s this?) That looks good. (Qi guo is a traditional Chinese bowl) This is called qi guo ji. What’s interesting is that they only sell 75 of those a day. So it’s a rare delicacy. They only sell 75 a day? – Right. / – You have to reserve it. Qi guo ji? It’s like chicken soup. They use one chicken and you can have it spicy or mild. Try some of the broth. (My gosh) (Will it suit Minkyu’s palate too?) Good, right? The broth tastes like Korean chicken soup. – But doesn’t it taste bolder? / – Yes. They didn’t use a single drop of water in this. What did they use? Just chicken? They put the chicken in a pot and cover it with a lid. This broth comes from the steam. – Inside. / – This broth is from the steam? – Yeah. / – Wow. So they don’t use a single drop of water. Wow, really? This is so good. This is the traditional version. But young people like mala. What’s that? – Bean sprouts? / – It’s like two dishes. – Oh, that. / – Two different flavors. – I want that. Mala sauce. / – Mala. It’s so good. I’m drooling now. (Juicy fusion qi guo ji) The spicy one. (This is it) It’s so good! Seriously. This is the taste of mala. – Mala is really popular in Korea now. / – Right. This is the taste of mala. Sometimes you want your chicken to be spicy and sometimes you want it to be mild. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with this. Right, right. Good, right? Isn’t this good? Koreans would love that dish. Right. Like having your cake and eating it too. We’re guaranteed to like this. Minkyu, you look like you’re about to cry. (Here comes the second dish) These are Chengdu mushrooms. – Chengdu mushrooms? / – Yeah. – They’re seasonal mushrooms. / – Seasonal. Only available on the 8th month of the lunar calendar. You can only have that if you’re there at the right time. Only available on the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It’s a seasonal dish. This will be available until next month. It won’t be available during fall. They don’t taste like mushrooms. It doesn’t have that mushroom flavor. – Isn’t it like meat? / – Yeah. It’s like duck meat. Yeah, the texture is like meat. Do you like mushrooms? I don’t really like mushrooms… But this is delicious. (He eats like he’s possessed) I love mushrooms. This is so good. This is insane! It’s so good! (The third and last dish arrives) (Eyes bulge) Thank you. This is really good! – What’s that? / – Now, that was really good. – Tell us about it. / – Is that fish? This is… We drank a lot of puer tea this afternoon. This is fried tofu and puer tea. This is puer tea. So good. Isn’t that good? Delicious. You can taste Chinese spices. And it’s spicy, which Koreans would like. The tofu has a unique texture. – And it isn’t heavy. / – Right. This is what it’s like. Instant noodle soup mix. – Yeah, kind of. / – It’s… That’s how good it is. Yeah, it really is. So you can taste puer tea too? You can eat the tea leaves. – The dried tea leaves are in it. / – It’s not bitter? – It’s not bitter? / – No. I tried a lot of these Yunnan dishes for the first time. This tofu! – I ate so much tofu. / – Yeah. It’s so good! – This? / – Yes. I only eat pine mushrooms… And I rarely eat tofu. Minkyu, I’m sure your mother will be pleased to see this on TV. “My gosh! My son is eating beans, tofu and mushrooms!” We ate nothing but Yunnan dishes today. How was it? Pick your favorite dish. (The fried tofu and puer tea) The fried tofu and puer tea? Yes, the fried tofu and puer tea. It was so good. Everything has been great, Cao Lu. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Yeah, you can get your hopes up. I bet tomorrow will be another happy day. Charming… Kunming… – Tour! / – Tour! We don’t want to be a nuisance for others. Okay. I want to eat that again. (The second morning of Charming Kunming Tour) It went great with rice. – Good morning. / – Good morning. It’s so nice out. His face is bloated. – From eating so much the previous night. / – Right. This is the perfect time to sleep. Sorry for calling you out so early. Why are we out so early? Where are we going? – We hung out in the city yesterday. / – Yes. So we’re going to see some amazing nature today. So we’re going a bit far to the outskirts. Young people take a lot of photos when they travel. So I want to show him some pretty views. I did some research… – Stone Forest. / – Stone Forest. It’s a very interesting and pretty looking mountain. There’s also a limestone cave. Jiuxiang Cave. It looks really cool. I’m so curious. It’s vacation season, so there’ll be many people. We might be late if we take a bus, so I think renting a car would be a good idea. Can you drive in China? – We had a driver. / – Right. Ta-da. You used some money for this. Isn’t it expensive to rent a car in Kunming? It depends on the location, time and car. – There are many options. / – Really? You can have someone at the hotel to help you rent a car. At the concierge desk. Go, go. Go, go, go, go! (1 hour 40 minutes to Stone Forest) (Charming Kunming Tour, nature day) (Stone Forest) (Different from Zhangjiajie and Ha Long Bay) The rock pillars that shoot up to the sky look like a forest, so it’s Stone Forest. It’s so pretty there. It was registered as a UNESCO… – World’s Natural Heritage in 2007. / – Five As? It didn’t rain in the morning, but it rained on the way here. It was like this yesterday too. Right, so I’m not that worried. – It stopped raining again. / – Right. – But… / – It’s just cold. You’re cold? If you’re cold… Eat loach soup. (A lame Korean dad joke from a Chinese girl?) What was that? You can’t be friends if she makes jokes like that. (Cao Lu loves dad jokes) Charming Kunming… I want to leave this group. Alright. There it is. Let’s go. Let’s go inside. There are four different stone forests. Most people go to the Greater and Lesser Stone Forests. – Charming… / – Kunming… – Tour! / – Tour! – That’s like billions of years old, right? / – Yes. – Really? / – It was in the sea. And now, they’re out. – This? / – Yes. Karst. Wow, it’s like a commercial. – Nice weather. / – Like a sports drink commercial. We’re in the mountains now, right? Yeah, we’re in the mountains. Look. Stone Forest. What is this? It’s so pretty. Wow, so interesting. It’s like they made that for a theme park. Right, right. – Right? / – They look like fake stones. This place was in the sea 270 million years ago. But over time, due to earthquakes, it rose above ground now. When I see a view like this, I feel so small as a person. – The nature… / – You feel the greatness of nature. Right. It’s so pretty. – Go stand over there. / – I’ll take a photo. – I’ll take a photo of you. / – Okay. 1, 2, 3. – Wow, amazing. / – I got better at taking photos. – You’ve improved! / – I took those photos. – 1, 2, 3. / – She’s taking one now. She took such poor photos before. Not bad, right? Pretty good. Oh, this one looks great. All you have to do is learn. (We’re friends now) (Charming Kunming Tour) (They enter the Greater Stone Forest) Holy cow! He’s so happy. Wow, holy cow! So beautiful! (Huge stone pillars everywhere) It looked amazing when you walked between the pillars. Wow, pretty. Even now. Wow, so pretty. Want me to take a photo? Hold on. Will that thing fall if you hit it? It looks like it’ll fall. – So pretty. / – But it won’t fall, right? You’d have to run under that thing. I bet it’s scary. (This isn’t your dad’s profile photo) “This isn’t your dad’s profile photo.” It’s truly beautiful. This is like out of “Indiana Jones.” I feel like Indiana Jones. Like I was in a strange jungle. – Right. / – You know what I’m saying? I felt like I was the lead in a movie. – It really is like a movie. / – It’s like a maze. Right. Just like in “Indiana Jones.” – Wow! / – Wow. – Wow! / – Wow, this is insane! – Wow! / – Wow. You can see everything. Wow, so pretty! (An observatory where you can see everything) So pretty. I bet seeing it in person is amazing. Yeah. (It’s different seeing it from above) (It’s like you’re looking down from clouds) This used to be the sea. It’s like someone put those stones on top. Will they fall off if you push them? No, not if you push them. That used to be the horizon. 270 million years ago. You should introduce yourself here. – Here? / – To the stones. (Introduce himself to the stones?) Hello! I’m Kim Minkyu! Am I handsome? (Bragging about his looks at Stone Forest) (Wary) It’s nice that he admits it. It’s funny that he admits it. Right. Am I handsome? (Yeah, you’re a handsome guy) See? That guy agreed. – I’m at a loss for words. / – Yeah, me too. We got to see things from down there. How does the view from up here look? It’s so different. Down there… – I felt small. / – Right. – That’s how it seemed. / – Right. But from above… – It’s like you’re… / – Floating on clouds. Looking down from clouds. Right. It’s so pretty. I feel like a god. This is the Greater Stone Forest. So we’ll go to the Lesser Stone Forest. Lesser Stone Forest? Is it smaller? Yeah. It’s a bit smaller than this place. Let’s check it out. Okay. Let’s go down. Too bad we’re leaving. You don’t want to leave? It’s not over yet? – Wow, it’s like a park here. / – Yes. This is where the Greater Stone Forest meets the Lesser Stone Forest. It looks nice. There’s even a lake. A lake too. (Walking to the Lesser Stone Forest) Wow, it’s pretty here too. This is the Lesser Stone Forest. Lesser Stone Forest. Wow, what a pretty lake. This is a course for couples. Yes, you could take a date here. Or your parents. – Any age would enjoy this? / – Yes. A couple would have fun in the army too. This is different from the Greater Stone Forest. The Greater Stone Forest felt grand. This place has dignity. – I love that reflection. / – So pretty. That’s the perfect spot to take photos. – Photos would come out great there. / – Right. It’s like a scene out of a calendar. Seriously. – It’s good that we got here early. / – Right. There weren’t as many people in the morning. Right. A lot of tourists are out now. That’s how great the views are here. Yeah. There are water and mountains. This is paradise. This is… We’re going to Jiuxiang Cave. Let’s go. It’s over 3,000m long. This place has four As. It’s one of the 3 biggest limestone caves in China. It felt like what a city would look like if they built one underground. – Pretty colors. / – Jiuxiang Cave. (Charming Kunming Tour, nature day) (Jiuxiang Cave) The cave is 3,000m long. But only part of it is open to the public. Because they have to preserve nature. 3,000m, so 3km? – 3km? / – Yes, 3,000m. Wow, so many people here too. I saw a few Koreans on the way. Because as they say, if you’ve seen the Stone Forest above ground, you should see Jiuxiang Cave underground. There’s a saying like that. Jiuxiang Cave is a limestone cave. – A limestone cave? / – Yeah. I didn’t know this, but the movie “The Myth” was shot here. (Jackie Chan’s “The Myth” was shot here) Did you see “The Myth?” Yes, but I don’t remember it. I saw it a long time ago, but I remember everything. I’m a huge fan of Jackie Chan. I’ve seen all of his movies. Wow. Say something to Jackie Chan right now. All of a sudden? (Eyes quiver) – Oh, no! / – There she goes again. (From Minkyu to Jackie Chan…) Hello. I’m Kim Minkyu. Really? (He’s not really going to say it, is he?) Am I handsome? (Did I hear that right?) His pronunciation sounds even better. Oh, no. – What? / – Nothing. (Puzzled) Isn’t this pretty? What is it? (Sorry about that, Minkyu…) Nothing. Well, he is handsome. I feel so drained. (Jiuxiang Cave entrance fee, $10.35) – Wow, there’s rafting too? / – Yes. It was the rainy season when we went. It made the water look murky. – But this airs in September. / – Yes. The dry season is from October to April. So if you go after you see this, the water should be very clear. I really want to go. (It’s like out of an adventure movie) That looks like so much fun. That’s so cool. – It’s like an amusement park. / – Like a ride. – I want to ride that. / – This is so pretty. Yes. – Wow! / – So pretty. It’s like we’re in a movie. I took a boat to go to a cave in Zhangjiajie. But this is my first time rafting in a gorge. So pretty. I like adventure movies. It feels like I’m exploring nature. I feel like a character in a movie. This is very exciting. This is like out of “Game of Thrones.” There are so many places to go in China. The farther you go in, the nicer it looks. I’m so jealous that their country is so big. I’m really envious of that. (The gorge rafting comes to an end) We’re already here. Felt like less than 20 minutes. What a shame. – Let’s go inside the cave! / – Let’s enjoy the cave! (Gorge, cave entrance) It starts now. – Wow! / – This place is really incredible. I’m at a loss for words. This place… The gorge too… The path and this place… – Feels like a movie. / – Right. You can see magnificent nature. (The nature in Kunming is truly surprising) He really has no experience traveling. He likes everything. You should travel more often. Okay. If you enjoy your first trip… – You went to such great places. / – You’ll never forget. (You have to take photos while traveling) Cao Lu is like the best guide for trips to China. Like learning basketball from Michael Jordan. Isn’t this place mysterious? Wow, this is incredible. Look. This is one big stone. (Grand Lion Hall) That’s one giant stone. This wasn’t man-made. This stone was made by nature. Wow, incredible. They sell a lot of pretty stones too. They have a lot of unique rocks. I want to buy one. Do you want a gift? Ah. Ah. (Huh?) Pork belly. (Pork skin, fat, lean meat) This is an actual rock. They look like that naturally. – Even the color… / – Really? (Is there anything else fun?) Wow! They have pork hocks too. (A pork hock?) It really looks like a pork hock! This is a natural rock too? The color is natural, but they shaped it like this. (They made it shaped like a pork hock) Wow, it’s so pretty here. Isn’t it pretty? What is this place? This is the Fairy Palace. – Fairy Palace? / – Yeah. All the colors make it look like a work of art. So pretty. These are all fairies. Where are the fairies? You have to use your imagination. That nature… Oh, I get what you’re saying. Those are all fairies standing around. So pretty. Don’t they look like fairies? (Like this?) And it takes 100 years to form 1cm of limestone. 100 years? It probably took millions of years to form that. – 100 years for 1cm? / – Yeah. Holy cow. There are a lot of fairies in there too. Let’s go. Let’s go. This place is pretty. It’s like an underground city. – Isn’t it cool here? / – Yes. I bet. Cao Lu! Why is it so loud here? There’s a waterfall! Like out of a movie. (Twin Waterfalls) (30cm high, 10m deep! It’s huge) – This is out of a movie too. / – It’s not a small one. That’s amazing. (Bewildered at the waterfall) That looks so cool. We have to take a photo here. (A photo with the waterfall, $3.45) Small photos are free there, but you have to pay to print big ones. Then you can print big ones. You might as well take some when you’re there. They’re souvenirs. It’s important to take photos when you travel. (Twin Waterfalls, Field of the Gods) This is it. This is the Field of the Gods. Wow! The Field of the Gods? Wow! – What is this? / – So interesting. – Is that water? / – Yes, there’s water down there. (Field of the Gods) All made by nature. They look like stairs like a rice paddy. – What a sight. / – So interesting. It’s amazing that it was made by nature. This is called the Field of the Gods. The Field of the Gods? – Yeah. / – Like a temple? No, like a field at a farm. I’m a field! Of the gods? Like divine gods. It’s a field for the gods? Yeah. – The gods built a field? / – Yeah. The gods have to do something too. We saw where the gods party. This is their field. This entire cave is like a home for the gods. Right. This wasn’t man-made. It was made by nature. – Doesn’t the falling water look pretty? / – Yes. It’s so pretty. It really looks like it’s from a movie. This is like a cave from a movie or a book. – This is so cool. / – Yeah. Should we keep going? China is so epic compared to other countries. Let’s find the right way to go. Bad guys are coming! Hide! What are you doing? (Taking photos in the cave) It’s Sun Wukong! We were shooting a clip. (Shooting a clip inside Jiuxiang Cave) There’s a place to shoot clips. When else would you do that? It’s only possible in Jiuxiang Cave. (Acting harder with Sun Wukong) We’re like fools. (The girls seem to like it) How cute. They added CG. Oh, so that’s how it looks? (A video clip that young people shoot) (Minkyu and Cao Lu did it too) (If you do bad deeds) Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong is so funny. (If you love each other) What is this? They really added that CG for us. – Charming… / – Kunming Tour! What does that say? Welcome to Jiuxiang Cave. (1 hour and 40 minutes to the hot pot restaurant) (Charming Kunming Tour, nature day) Special hot pot. – Finally. / – Hot pot. The last stop. That looks so good! (It’s already their last night in Kunming) (This will be the last meal of their trip) What is this place? You can get hot pot anywhere in China. But you can only get this in Yunnan. – So eat up. / – Okay. Hot pot has been featured often on this show. – But this is different. / – It’s different. – It’s the same thing! / – No, it’s different. – I bet it’s the same. / – It’s really different. Now I can’t wait to see this. Wow! It’s here. (How does Yunnan hot pot look like?) (Looks just like ordinary Chinese hot pot) What’s different about this? – It’s different. / – It looks the same. – It’s the same. / – Different ingredients. – The meat. / – The meat. – That looks good. / – Is that beef? What’s different? Looks the same to me. (Hot pot, $6.50) – It’s boiling. Try the beef first. / – We can eat already? (The first ingredient is beef) It’s so red. Because it’s fresh. Look how cheap it is. Only $4. (Adds the beef to the red broth) 1, 2, 3. (It’s cooked after just 5 seconds) Try it with the sauce. This is sesame oil with garlic. Garlic. Koreans would love that sauce. (How will Minkyu like his first taste of hot pot?) (It’s hot) (It’s like you can hear him scream) You can’t talk? – It’s that good? / – It’s super spicy? Have some cola. (His hands are in a rush) (Much better) It’s so good. – But it’s spicy. / – Yeah. It’s like eating a Korean chili. It’s definitely spicy. If the scent is too strong for you, just dip it in this. It won’t taste too bold. – It helps with the aggressive spiciness. / – Right. – It makes it milder. / – Right. So the sauce is special? So far, it’s just meat and… Why are you so impatient? (If you want it spicy, use the red broth) (How about the white broth?) (He waits 5 seconds…) Okay, it’s ready now. Is it hot? (How is the white broth?) It’s different, right? (Hurry and tell me how it is) (Thumbs up) This is a lot lighter. Right. It’s so clean and delicious. (The white broth really grows on you) Should we get hot pot after this? (Mystery meat, $7.20) – This is a different meat. / – What is that? – This is why this is special. / – What is it? – Chicken gizzards? / – The color is different. No. (Mystery meat, $7.20) What kind of meat is this? I ordered this especially for you. (Suspicious) What kind of meat is this? This is what they say in China. If the heavens have dragon meat, Earth has this meat. – Snake? / – Snake? It’s not a snake. Eel? Eel doesn’t look like that. If the heavens have dragon meat, Earth has this meat. You know what a dragon is, right? – So it’s a snake. / – It’s not a snake. This… It doesn’t have a smell. You can’t get this anywhere else. That meat is really good. – To me, it tastes better than beef. / – Is it rare? – I’m ready. / – Ready. (What kind of meat is it?) – Is this beef tongue? / – No. It’s tender just like beef. It’s great for dieting. And it helps with blood circulation for women. And it improves a man’s stamina. – Snake? / – No! How is this snake? It clears your head. Why is it so good for you? Now I’m nervous. So this meat… What is it? Donkey meat. – What’s a donkey? / – Donkey? It’s smaller than a horse. What? – It’s donkey meat. / – Donkey ears? No, just donkey meat. Donkey meat? Why? Donkey. It’s delicious. Well… Yeah, it is good. Every region has a donkey dish. Some places cook it in soy sauce. Some places eat it like a burger between buns. But only Yunnan eats it in hot pot. We’ve seen all kinds of meat on this show. But it’s the first time we’ve seen donkey meat. – Is this special enough? / – Yes. It’s special. – Let me try one more piece. / – Okay. (He tries some again) The texture is like beef. But it tastes like beef tartare. You don’t have to cook this all the way. It’s so tender, like cotton candy. – Cotton candy? / – It melts in your mouth. Right. – I think it’s more tender than beef. / – Me too. Don’t you taste sweetness as you chew it? – I don’t know about that. / – I taste it. I get sweetness the more I chew this. It’s good though. Tasty. – How does it smell? / – It doesn’t smell like anything! – So it’s just tender. / – It smells like the red broth. (Minkyu is loving the donkey meat) (Eating) That sure looks good. You don’t eat vegetables? They’re definitely carnivores. He ordered more. You keep going for the donkey. This is better than beef. (Feeling great) (Captivated…) Excuse me. Are you okay, Chungha? You’re so immersed. – Are you hungry now? / – Yes. I love hot pot. – It looks so good. / – Let’s get some after this. Mushrooms are famous here, so let’s add some. (They try some shiitake mushrooms) Haochi. Haochi. (Their last meal in Kunming is over) That was great. Thank you. How was this trip? Today’s the last day. It felt too short. I’m so sad. Thank you for taking me to such great places and telling me about them. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this trip. Thank you. (They end on a good note) – Charming… / – Kunming… Tour! (Charming Kunming Tour, the end) That was fun. It was. Amazing views and great food. – And great weather. / – It comes down to the cost. – So how much… / – We were there for 3 days. Did their trip come out to? This is how much we spent for 3 days… – In Kunming. / – How much? – A total of… / – How much? $432. – $432? / – Excluding the airfare. But we were there for 3 days. – That includes the car rental? / – Yes. That’s great. That was my first time traveling abroad. Kunming was everything I wanted a trip to be. A treat for my eyes and my mouth. – Very affordable. / – It was very affordable too. I saw amazing views that I thought I’d never see in my lifetime. So I really recommend going there. He’s such a good talker. So we saw the trip to Kunming. – Coming up next is Guangzhou. / – Guangzhou. – Guangzhou. / – I can’t wait. We’ll see you all next episode. Thank you. Thank you! (Next episode) China’s three biggest cities are Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. We’re here! We’re here! They rate tourist attractions in China. This place is a 4-star attraction. This feels so therapeutic. (Chungha and Kyulkyung’s tour) (China is all about food! Food in Guangzhou) Most Chinese food doesn’t taste like this. They make food like this only in Guangzhou. The real deal is here. (“Fear” by SEVENTEEN)

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