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Battle Trip | 배틀트립 EP157 Trip to Kunming, China Part. 1 [ENG/THA/CHN/2019.10.06]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 EP157 Trip to Kunming, China Part. 1 [ENG/THA/CHN/2019.10.06]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hweejae) Travel is war! Battle Trip! Today’s special host is Hyojung of Oh My Girl. Good to see you. Hello. I did some research on you, Hyojung. You said that you wanted to use your CEO’s credit card to take all 7 members to a pension. I want to go without our manager. Just the girls. – Without your manager. / – Yes, just us. No manager to control you girls. He tries to take care of us. But we want freedom. What would you do on a trip? I want to shoot a video blog. Video clips. – They say photos are important. / – Yes, true. – But you want to shoot videos. / – Clips. – Times have changed. / – You’re right. So, for today’s episode, a trip to China not for the parents but for the youths. Let’s find out where the young people travel to in China. Today’s theme is a trip to China for young people. We have some amazing trip planners. That’s right. Let’s bring out the 4 trip planners! (Today’s trip planners) Hello, I’m Cao Lu. (Singer Cao Lu) – Hello, I’m Kim Minkyu. / – He’s so handsome. (Actor Kim Minkyu) Hello, I’m Chungha. (Singer Chungha) And you are? Hello, I’m Kyulkyung. Kyulkyung, your Korean… – Is so good. / – You have no problems. Of course. Who’s better? You or Cao Lu? She has a better pronunciation. Yeah, her pronunciation does sound better. She came to Korea at a young age. When her tongue was still soft. – When it was still soft. / – I came at age 20. My tongue was already stiff. Right. These two were in a group together, so I bet they’re close. This was our first time meeting. What are you saying? You met because of Battle Trip? – Right. / – Right. They didn’t tell me who my partner was. I found out when I came to the shoot. Honestly, I was surprised and thought he was dreamy. (Cao Lu is so honest…) I’ve never traveled before this. – What? / – This was your first trip? Yes, this was my first trip. I wanted to travel, but I need money and time. So thanks to this show… Was there any romance between you two during your trip? After you struggle together on a trip… – You feel closer. / – Yeah, tell us what happened. How was it? Through traveling together, we became like brothers. I have a lot of older guy friends. So this guy… I mean, this girl… I kept calling her big bro. – So we became like brothers. / – Right. So they were good travel partners. Our trip was really awesome. – Really? / – Yes, it was fun. Have you two traveled a lot together? – No, this was our first time. / – No. – Was it your first time traveling to China? / – Yes. It was my first time going. – You were with the best guide. / – Lucky you. I can’t wait to see the clips for these trips. China is such a big country. Where did you go? We went somewhere that’s nice year-round. A city of flowers. They call it the Switzerland of China. – Huh? / – Kunming. – Kunming? / – Kunming? – We went when it was really hot. / – Right. It was still 10 degrees cooler than Korea. It was cool. – So it was cold in the morning. / – Wow, lucky. – It was cold in the morning. / – Was your trip hot? – Yes, where we went… / – We won. We won. We went to the city of fashion. We went to Guangzhou. I know Guangzhou. It’s the city of youth. – Yes, right. / – Right. Like Seoul… Just like Seoul. No, Hweejae. You don’t know the deal. Right? I’ve been to Guangzhou. The tower is very pretty. We didn’t go up Guangzhou Tower. Oh, no! It’s so pretty! You didn’t get to go? – Oh, no! / – We won. – Oh, dear. / – Too bad! Kunming vs. Guangzhou. Guangzhou vs. Kunming. – Let’s see Kunming first. / – I’m so curious. Really curious. (10 days before the trip) (The two meet for the first time) – So pretty. / – What is this? I didn’t know who was coming. – This is like a blind date. / – Yeah. (Cao Lu, from China) This theme… Is a trip where young people go, right? Then my partner should be… (Excited) Someone young. – An idol? / – An idol? You really didn’t know. – This is the first time you met? / – Yes. I took a trip with Lee Hyejung last time. So I think it would be fun in a different way to go with a guy. Well, it doesn’t matter who it is. I just hope he’s handsome. I was so curious who it would be. I don’t know who it’s going to be, so I feel kind of nervous. Hello. (It’s a young man!) Oh, hello. So it’s a guy. Have a seat. Such a big smile on Cao Lu. Hello. – It’s a pleasure. / – Nice to meet you. Do you… I know who you are. – I like your drama. / – Thank you. (An idol star and world star) (He’s in a love triangle with the female lead) (Actor Kim Minkyu) – Are you done shooting your drama? / – Yes. So now, I want to take a trip. That’s great. So… I’ve never traveled before. Not even once? I went abroad for a shoot. But never a shoot for a travel show. So I’ve never traveled abroad. Your first trip is usually very memorable. – It’s really exciting, so it’s memorable. / – Right. – So how old are you? / – I’m 26. – 26? / – Yes. So… You’re older than me, right? I look older, right? No, I thought you were younger than me. I was… Born in 1987. I can still be friends with people in their 40s. 40s? That’s coming soon… Shh! Since I’m older, I’ll take care of you this trip. This is my first time traveling for real. I want to go somewhere with great sights, enjoy some delicious food and go somewhere popular. I have the perfect place. You can see majestic nature. A lot of young people go there. A place with all sorts of things to see… – That’s also affordable. / – Really? Cost is important. Yes. Kunming. – Kunming? / – Yes. Everything you want is there. So I think that’d be the best choice. – So… / – Wow. It’s 16 degrees there now. So it’s cool. Yunnan has a lot of specialties. – Mushrooms and puer tea. / – Puer tea. They make dishes and cookies with flowers. They’re famous for coffee too. So we can hit up some pretty cafes. – We need to come up with a team name. / – Yes. Cao for Cao Lu and Ming for Minkyu. Charming. It’s an English word. – The Charming Kunming Tour. / – Okay. Charming. Charming Kunming Tour! They’re kind of awkward still. – Let’s have a good trip. / – Okay. Wow, so pretty. (A city of flowers, nature and sentiment) (Kunming) – Charming… / – Kunming Tour! (These two youngsters travel to Kunming) (She speaks the language) There are 3 ways to get around. This is like Daehak-ro in Korea. This is the only place you can have this. This is when Cao Lu seems so cool. She does seem cool in the clip. She didn’t at the time? (If he had only noticed it a bit earlier…) (She’s so silly) Okay, down the hatch. If it’s cold, eat loach soup. (The silly trip planner, Cao Lu) You tried to look younger with that hairstyle. I tried. What should I pack? I’m not used to traveling. How cute! A cat! Wow, a cat. (Everything is interesting and surprising) (And new) This is insane! Wow. That was a sincere reaction. Everything is surprising and interesting on your first trip. (Everywhere is a great photo spot) (You can’t take in all this nature with just a glance) (Great food at really nice restaurants) – We had stuff like this too… / – Hot pot! It was nice. (Even local specialties that they’ve never tried before) It’s so good. It’s so delicious. Charming Kunming Tour! (It starts now) (Kunming, Yunnan) (A 4-hour flight from Korea) (Chinese yuan, 1-hour time difference from Korea) (8 to 20 degrees, 220 volts) (You need to apply for a visa) The airport looks so cool. So you arrived at night. Welcome to Kunming! – Oh, welcome to Kunming. / – Welcome to Yunnan. This is my first time traveling abroad. I’m so excited. Let’s check it out. Where’s that from? I’ve seen that somewhere. Welcome to Yunnan. They have this in each city in China. – Oh, really? / – Yeah. Let’s go downtown to our hotel. How long does that take? Like 30 to 40 minutes. – That’s not that far. / – Yeah. There are 3 ways to get around. Bus, subway and taxi. But I think the subway will stop running soon. – So let’s take a bus. / – A bus? – Yeah. / – Alright. – Just trust me and follow me. / – Okay. You can buy bus tickets here. (Bus route 1 goes straight to downtown) They don’t use cash or credit cards in China. They use QR codes. Rather than using cash or credit cards… – They use QR codes to pay. / – Very convenient. – But only for locals… / – Right. How do tourists like us pay? – Just go to the help desk. / – I see. (Ask the help desk if you’re paying with cash) We’re taking bus 1. – It’s so nice out here. / – Yes. – Nice and cool. Not too cold or hot. / – Right. This is the perfect weather for partying. – It’s nice weather. / – Right. (What did Cao Lu plan for this trip?) (3 days before the trip) Hello, I’m Cao Lu. This is Minkyu’s first time traveling abroad. We should go to nice looking places to take photos. We’ll take a lot of nice photos. I want to take him to places like Daehak-ro and Hongdae. So I did some research. Cuihu Park and Jinbi Square. They’re must-see places. So many great views, so older people also like those places too. I hope this turns out to be a great trip. I’ll do more research. Minkyu, you can get your hopes up. Get your hopes up. Bye-bye. Cao Lu isn’t from that area… – So she had to do research. / – Right. (Charming Kunming Tour, city day) (Charming Kunming Tour, nature day) (Their first day in Kunming) That looks like a date course. – Right. / – Right. For young people. (The biggest park in Kunming with a lake) Ta-da! This place is called Cuihu Park. – Cuihu Park. / – Yes. A lot of young people come here. And Yunnan University is nearby. This is like Daehak-ro in Korea. It’s the holidays, so there are many tourists. – So many people. / – Yes. Inside the park and outside, there are many pretty cafes and tea houses. A lot of young people go there. If it wasn’t the holidays, there’d be a ton of pretty college girls here. Why are you telling me that? I just want to feel the spirit of youth. – It’s not a big deal. / – Really? I do like China. – Every country feels different. / – Yes. It’s nice here. You’re a newbie traveler. I’ve traveled a lot, so I’ll tell you a tip. It’s important to take a lot of photos. – Take some of me. / – Okay, okay. Since you need to post photos on social media. I’ll take a great one. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! This looks great! It’s like a photoshoot! Take a look. They all look good to me. No, no. I shot it like this on purpose. Doesn’t he look taller? Only his legs look long… His face does all the job, bad photos won’t matter. (He has a lot to say, but he won’t) You can see your face. I guess that’s all that matters. – As long as you can see my face. / – You look good. Should I take a photo of you here? (Serious) I can tell by her form that she’s not good at this. (He tries to pose) (Can’t hide his nervousness) (Is she trying to get the background or him?) (Cao Lu is just excited) So pretty. (If you walk aimlessly) (You’ll stumble upon beautiful sceneries) So pretty. This is great. (First trip) (Kunming, China) The weather is nice. (The sunlight) (And each leaf) (Everything looks beautiful during a trip) So pretty. This is a must-see place in Kunming. – It’s so nice out. / – My mom would love it here. Yes. (You should bring your family to such nice place) Wow, this is wonderful. (Relaxing and peaceful) – Isn’t it pretty here? / – It’s beautiful. I want to bring my mom here for sure. Your mother would like it here. Maybe since it’s a park, I feel so relaxed here. Yes. And it’s super hot in Korea now. But it’s not hot here at all. – Yes, the weather is amazing. / – Yes. – So you should go when it’s summer here. / – Nice. – This is great… Aren’t you hungry? / – I am. I got us reservations at a really famous… – Restaurant near here. / – Really? Yes. The line gets really long. And do you know the actor Jackie Chan? Is there anyone who doesn’t? – Even he’s been there. / – Really? Jackie Chan goes to a lot of good restaurants. Jackie Chan went to everywhere. You can trust that it’s good if he’s been there. (Charming Kunming Tour, city day) (Yunnan fusion food) They have a great view from up there. You can only see it from that restaurant. – You can see the entire park. / – Yes. That’s Cuihu Park. We were just there. – Cuihu Park. / – Yes. This is the only restaurant where you can see the entire park. – Really? / – Yes. A great view and great food. This is great. This is day 1 and I’m already in love with Kunming. – This is what it’s like… / – There’s a university too. I haven’t been there, but it’s like Central Park in the U.S. I love this view of the park. Right. This is like Gyeongnidan-gil’s… – Rooftop restaurant. / – Oh, right. It’s quiet and relaxing. – And also very nice. / – Right, right. Maybe because we’re right next to the park. I want to keep saying how nice it is. Let me teach you some Chinese. (Learning Chinese with Cao Lu) So beautiful. You can even say that to a woman. Hao mei. – Or “hao piao liang.” / – So pretty. – If something is delicious, “haochi.” / – Haochi. Haochi. You can say “hao mei” if the dish looks pretty. And this place has Yunnan fusion dishes. Order a must-eat Yunnan dish. – Recommend some stuff. / – Okay. (Cao Lu’s first order) Wow, what’s this? (Is this a bomb?) Isn’t that a bomb? – What is this? A bomb? / – A bomb. It’s really a bomb! Be careful. Hold on. This is a firework. Wait… Hold on… What is this? (I’m scared) They’re going light a firework on food? (The firework has been lit) They had a firework on the dish. – This is going to explode? / – Yeah. Are we going to get food on our clothes? Maybe, so be careful. Wow. – It’s about to blow. / – It’s almost there. It’s fun to wait. Hold on. Wow! I’m really scared! Cover your face. Wow! Why isn’t this thing exploding? (It’s about to blow) (Peekaboo) What the… I thought it was going to explode. (That would’ve been dangerous) I was just joking. It doesn’t explode. You scared me. (He goes back to where he was) – It’s chocolate on the outside. / – Oh, chocolate. And yuzu inside. (This is a yuzu salad) (A mold is used to make the chocolate bowl) Koreans don’t really eat yuzu, but Chinese people eat the fruit. (The chocolate bowl is filled with Yuzu) Isn’t that neat? Young people always order this here. (Put the bomb wick in and it’s done) – That’s neat. / – Right? I would order that just for fun. This is yuzu. (Yuzu with blueberry jam) Yum, this is good. – Yum. / – It’s refreshing. This is delicious. (Takes a big bite) It looks really sweet, but it isn’t. It’s nice and sweet with the texture of grapefruit. But without the tartness of grapefruit. – The bitterness. / – Right, no bitterness. It’s like sweet orange. – It looks really interesting. / – Right. This would be a good place to take a date. Right. You could eat it as a desert. It has cabbage too, so you could eat it like a salad. You started your meal with a sweet dish? Because the yuzu inside is tangy. It’s good for waking up your appetite. It’s a great appetizer. (Cao Lu’s second pick arrives) These dumplings are delicious. You eat kimchi in Korea and dumplings in China. (Kunming mushroom dumplings, $1.38 each) Let me try one. (Takes a big bite) There’s paper underneath. (Cao Lu removes the paper and takes a bite) I bet one would fill you up. – They’re huge. / – They’re really big. This is really good. Hold on. Time out. This is delicious. Haochi. (Nom, nom) I love mushrooms. I don’t really like mushrooms, but this is delicious. – Like mushroom fried rice. / – Yeah. That looks great. I want to eat that again. Mushrooms are a specialty in Yunnan. They have so many kinds of mushrooms. They don’t look that different from the dumplings we’re used to. But the way they make it is an intangible cultural asset. The dumplings are an intangible cultural asset? The way they make them. – They’re made like bread. / – Croissants. – And that’s an intangible cultural asset. / – Right. It looks like just one dumpling wrapper… – But it has a lot of layers. / – Right. – No way. / – They’re thick, but they have layers. Very soft and chewy like a croissant. They’re delicious. This isn’t a dumpling we’re eating. This is heritage. – Now I can’t… / – Isn’t that a shame? Now I can’t swallow what’s in my mouth. I’m sorry. (People take these dumplings to-go) So good! Try the duck. (They have Beijing duck in Beijing) (Yunnan has Yiliang roast duck) These ducks don’t grow big. One is around 500g. (Yiliang roast duck is roasted in a brazier) That looks good. I want to eat it again. They don’t have that in Korea. You have to eat that when you’re there. It’s cheap too! Kunming is very affordable. I can’t wait. What kind of sauce is this? Tianmian sauce. It’s made of beans. And this is salt and pepper. (He tries the tianmian sauce first) (Nom) This looks like Beijing duck, but it tastes totally different. It’s so good! Wow, it’s good! Haochi. (You can’t help but be impressed by the taste) What is this? The skin is really crispy and the meat is really moist. It’s not that fatty. It’s all meat. This is so good. I’ve had Beijing duck. – Where? / – In Taiwan. It’s chewy and tender. But this isn’t as fatty. It tastes cleaner. And… This is so good. It’s so good. Delicious! I bet. I’m hungry! – Looks so good! / – It’s so good. (Nom, nom) It’s like Beijing duck, right? Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. Similar texture, but it’s not that fatty. So it doesn’t taste heavy. (Food and a view) (Everything is perfect at this lunch spot) What do you think of Yunnan food? It’s delicious. Everything is good. I don’t think any of the dishes we tried would be hard for Koreans to eat. I think Koreans would like Yunnan food. That’s what I think. We’re going to a cafe after we eat. This place is famous for coffee too. – Okay. / – Okay, let’s eat and go. (There’s a sudden shower) – I’m full. It was delicious. / – I’m so full. – It’s raining? / – I guess it is. It rains on and off in Yunnan. – On and off. / – It’s on and off? Will it stop soon? – This is the first day of our trip! / – It’s okay. Just like Korea, we can catch a taxi with an app. (I hope it stops raining on the way there…) – All you need to do is install that app? / – Yes. It’s in English too. – It’ll come behind here. / – Let’s go. (Cao Lu calls a taxi with an app) – 2866. Here it is. / – 2866. (They’re going to Jinbi Square) (Taxi from Cuihu Park to Jinbi Square, $1.38) The taxi rates vary in China depending on the region. The basic fare in Kunming is 8 yuan. – 8 yuan? / – That’s so cheap! – That’s like $1.20. / – Really? – Is that cheaper than other cities? / – Yes. (It’s a 10-minute ride to Jinbi Square) (Charming Kunming Tour, city day) (Jinbi Square with coffee and shopping) The sky looks so pretty. (Amazingly, it stopped raining) (A lot of tourists are here) (Jinbi Square) So majestic. – Wow, what’s this? / – Isn’t it pretty? (I know those Chinese characters) – Horse gold? / – Golden horse. You have to read it backward. Golden horse. What does that say? – Wall… / – Chicken. – Chicken? / – Yeah, chicken. So Jinbi Square means Golden Wall Square. – Golden Wall Square? / – Yeah. – Jinbi Square. / – Jinbi Square. And if you go this way, it’s a really modern street. But this other side is an ancient market. Wow, cool. They’re under construction now. Once that’s done, you can walk there. – Wow, this place is so cool. / – Right? – Should I take a photo? / – It’s really nice. I want to go to an ancient place. (Photos?) – He’s flustered. / – I’ll make it look good. 1, 2, 3. – Those look good, don’t they? / – You’re bad at this. – Now those look good. / – I took those. Minkyu’s way better. (Cao Lu takes poor photos) Before we look around, let’s get some coffee. Oh, right! Yes. Go, go, go! It’s right here. Wow. This feels like a secret passageway. Yeah, it’s mysterious. Ta-da! Here it is. – It doesn’t look like a cafe, does it? / – Wow! It looks like a park. – This is like a secret… / – Garden. Hello. (Eyes wide open) (So many flowers here) 80% of the fresh flowers delivered around China are from Yunnan. – Wow. / – It’s really the hometown of flowers. Yes, the hometown of flowers. – Ta-da. Isn’t it pretty here? / – Yes. – Hao mei. / – Hao mei. Yes. (Using the Chinese he learned earlier) Isn’t it nice here? Yes, it’s making me feel things. What should I say? It’s like a park… Like a secret garden. – Out of a cartoon. / – Right. You can get your hopes up. And this place is the best place to take a date. Make sure you take your future girlfriend here. (This is what Cao Lu ordered for them) (Rose latte, $5.52) – Rose latte? / – Rose latte? It was good. – That was really good. / – Rose tea? $11 for a cup of tea? – The food was so cheap. / – You get a lot of tea. And you get unlimited refills. (Enjoying their trip with some afternoon coffee) Chinese people drink a lot of tea. Because Chinese food is so oily. So we drink more tea than coffee. – Right, you always have to order tea. / – Right. Is this true? Chinese people eat so many oily dishes, but they don’t gain weight from all the tea. I heard that in Korea. – Oh, really? / – But I think it’s true. We really do drink a lot of tea. Tea made with flowers… – Is rich in vitamins. / – It’s good. (The rose tea is healthy and tastes great) It’s very flavorful. It’s like a rose blooming in your mouth. – Right. You can smell it. / – The scent. This is good. It’s very different from green tea. I really want to try the rose tea. It’s so pretty. Rose tea is great for women. It helps with anemia. And if you like it sweet… – You can add some honey. / – Right, honey. Then it tastes different. It’s good. That looks so good. Try some of this latte. (Made with rose syrup) (A warm latte sprinkled with rose petals) (Rose latte) (Will it tastes as nice as it looks?) Is it good? Sweet, right? (This is… Heavenly) It was so good. I love your reaction. – Nice, Minkyu. / – Wow, his reaction… It would be funny if he had some rose petals here. – Between his teeth? / – Yeah, between his teeth. (This is… Heavenly) – This is so good. / – Yeah, it’s good. I like the latte more than the tea. – It’s so good. / – Nice and clean. It’s moderately sweet. I like this. It has a refreshing scent. It’s not heavy. This is fantastic. It tastes more like milk tea than a latte. – Yeah! You’re right. / – It’s like milk tea. – Good, right? / – It’s so good. This one’s better. (Are all rose drinks this good?) It’s so good. Delicious. I feel so relaxed having coffee after a delicious meal. This is relaxing. Should we go out and walk around? You cleared it. This is so good. (Make sure you get the rose latte) – Let’s go shopping. / – Okay, let’s go. (Cao Lu prepared something) (This) So pretty! Isn’t this great? – What’s that? / – You bought that? What’s that? Are you going to propose to her? My gosh! If you order that, they make a fresh bouquet. You smell flowers every time you take a sip. Coffee that looks like a bouquet. – I’d love it if someone gave me that. / – Yeah. I’d feel great. They can fill that cup with juice too. All sorts of drinks. – It’s perfect for taking photos. / – Right. I smell flowers every time I take a sip of this. I just thought of a drama. “Boys Over Flowers.” You’re very radiant too. Because I look like a flower? – Just say yes. / – Yes. Thanks. How cute. It’s time to start shopping. That’s somewhere Sook shouldn’t go. I would go crazy. A lot of young people come here. Wow. Wow, so pretty. A lot of tourists come here, so they sell a lot of souvenirs. An old-timey building. I like stuff like this. (Perfect for looking around and shopping) So pretty. These are the clothes the minorities wear. (Everything is so interesting) (They stop at a vendor) You wear that on your head. (Accessories aren’t that interesting to Minkyu) (Refreshing) – This feels nice. / – How do I look? (Cao Lu finds something) – Doesn’t this look pretty? / – Yes. Wow! (Impressed at her own face) (She’s so silly) What was that? It looks good on her. (She’s so silly) Sorry. I’d like to sincerely apologize. But it does look pretty. – Just say yes. / – Yes. This put me in a good mood. I feel so different. That’s wine made with flowers. – Really? / – Yeah. – Nihao. / – Nihao. (You can taste the wine before buying it) You can taste the wine here. Rose wine. Is it strong? High alcohol content? 8 percent. – 8 percent? / – Yeah, like beer. (She drinks it all as Minkyu hesitates) Yum. It’s sweet. Wow! – Good, right? / – It doesn’t taste like alcohol. Kind of like rice wine. I really don’t like drinking. What do you like? – I bet you had another. / – He’s on our team but… (Making it hard to protect him) He’s on our team, but every time he sees something, “I don’t like that stuff.” (I can’t believe how good Chinese wine is) This is jasmine wine. Good, right? Should we buy one? – What was the first one? / – Rose wine. Rose? The first one. Hold on. (He’s making a shameful memory…) I like how hard you’re trying to learn Chinese. It interests me. I’ll teach you how to introduce yourself in Chinese. Oh! Nihao. – That means hello. / – Hello. Nihao. – I am Kim Minkyu. / – I am Kim Minkyu. – Am I handsome? / – Am I handsome? It means, “I’m an actor.” She didn’t even tell me that when we got to Korea. How does it feel now that you know what it means? – It’s embarrassing. / – It’s cute. (That’s how Minkyu learned his introduction) Introduce yourself. Am I handsome? What does that mean? It means, “I see.” (That’s how he began making shameful memory) (Asking everyone in Kunming if he’s handsome) (You’re handsome!) – It’s okay because he’s handsome. / – Right! So it’s alright if he asks people that. – What did that mean? / – “You’re a good actor.” (You’re handsome) (Minkyu gets his first fan in Kunming) – He said that to everyone he met? / – Yes. We made friends with people in Kunming. – Oh, we’re friends now? / – Yeah, I think so. (Laughing) (Tries to haggle by bragging about his looks) Am I handsome? Can you give us a discount? I’m sorry. I’m just a part-timer here. She’s not the boss, so she said she can’t. – Tell her it’s okay. / – It’s okay. (Rose wine and cassia wine, $46) – This is heavy. / – I’ll carry it. These are all old buildings. Cool, right? So pretty. This is a tea house. We need to buy tea. (Puer tea is a specialty in Yunnan) Things you have to buy in Kunming… (Researching souvenirs to buy in Kunming) There’s nothing. Why am I not getting any search results? Puer tea! Oh, I think she mentioned this. (I should buy some puer tea!) Right, she mentioned this. I exchanged a lot of money just to buy tea. – Really? / – Yes. So buy the puer tea mountain. Look! A puer tea mountain. – That’s all puer tea. / – That? I bet that’s expensive. – What’s this? Puer tea? / – Yeah, a mountain of it. (Amazed) It’s only puer tea if it’s from Yunnan. It’s stored and fermented. The older it is, the more expensive it is. And let me show you something else that’s cool. This. That puer tea is popular in China these days. – That? / – Yes. Ta-da. Calamansi. – This is calamansi? / – Yeah. They took out the fruit inside and it’s filled with puer tea. Calamansi puer tea. – Calamansi puer tea? / – Calamansi puer tea. – Yes. / – Calamansi is good for dieting. Right, they do the calamansi detox diet in Korea. I bet this is twice as effective. I should drink that for my comeback. – Right? / – Good luck. Let’s taste some stuff. (Making puer tea) You don’t drink the first batch of tea. This is dried tea. So you pour water on it so the shriveled tea leaves can spread out. Cao Lu, you’re like a tea fairy. – China… / – The puer tea fairy. It helps the nutrients from the tea to come out faster. – It’s dark already. / – Yeah. Because of the first pour. (Time to try some puer tea) I’m curious. Me too. Thank you. Step 1. Look at the color. Step 2. Smell it. Step 3. Drink it. It’s good. Puer tea is really good for you. Good for high blood pressure, good for dieting and good for hangovers. Oh, hangovers. The second pour. – Does it taste different? / – Yeah. It’s stronger than the first pour. Try it. It’s stronger. – Yeah, it tastes stronger. / – Yeah. Puer tea has that clean finish. You taste the calamansi. It’s refreshing. That stuff is great. This is so interesting. (The calamansi puer tea is so refreshing) Thank you. – Let’s buy this. / – Okay. – This one’s good, right? / – Yeah. (They’ll buy the calamansi puer tea) – Thank you. / – Thank you. (200g of calamansi puer tea, $25) We bought gifts for all the hosts. – What? / – Calamansi puer tea? – This is it? Thank you. / – I know you like to drink. Let me try some of this. Wow, really? (Has a taste) It’s strong. 52 degrees. 52 degrees? Is it good? Wow, this is… It smells nice. – Go on. / – This is how it’s different. For kaoliang… – It’s strong! / – You feel the burn. It burns on the way down. But for this, it’s like Korean plum wine. Right, it smells like plums. It’s like a really strong version of plum wine. It’s really sweet and fragrant. People that don’t drink would like this. Yes! I don’t like drinking. – That’s why… / – Yes. You have to go to Kunming, people. (Whose side are you on?) – I’m so happy. / – We bought a lot. Yeah, we did. So much fun. Let’s go eat dinner! – I’m hungry! / – Okay!

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