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Battle Trip | 배틀트립–Ep127 Trip to Gyeongju, Nepal, Chiang Mai, Paris, & more[ENG/THA/CHN/2019.02.17]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립–Ep127 Trip to Gyeongju, Nepal, Chiang Mai, Paris, & more[ENG/THA/CHN/2019.02.17]

(The travel trend of 2019, a trip alone) (What a single-person households want to do the most) (Travel, 49.2%) (People like to eat alone, to drink alone) (And to travel alone these days) (With the consideration of cost, transport) (Public safety, tourist attractions and food) (Top 5 travel destinations for a trip alone) (Gyeongju) (Chiang Mai) (Hawaii) (Nepal) (France) (Gyeongju) Follow me to find out the key spots of Gyeongju. (Planner for a trip alone, Key of SHINee) (Chiang Mai) Right now, I am here at Chiang Mai. (Planner for a trip alone, Han Dagam) (Hawaii) Hawaii. (Planner for a trip alone, Hur Youngji) (Nepal) Nepal. (Planner for a trip alone, Rowoon of SF9) (Paris) This is Paris. (Planner for a trip alone, Nam Changhee) (A trip alone special) (Numerous great tips on trips) (Nam Changhee, Key of SHINee) (Han Dagam, Hur Youngji, Rowoon of SF9) Travel is war. Battle Trip. – Today, it’s very crowded from the start. / – Right. We prepared a trip alone for the Seollal special. We have trip planners here. Welcome. Like how eating and drinking alone is trending, traveling alone is also trending in 2019. Seeing the trip planners here, I think we chose the right people for that. They are travel experts. – Really? / – Sure. Especially, if you see Key’s social media, there are a lot of travel photos. He knows how to enjoy it. So Key can be trusted. But next to him… I’m good at traveling and also everything. Why do you stutter? You’ll see that I went to a place that’s perfect for me. As you can see, it’s perfect for me. – Where? / – This place right here. As you can see, it’s perfect for me. Alright. It doesn’t match at all. I’m looking forward to it. You should look forward to it. So, we have trip planners for a trip alone. I think they chose their destinations for good reasons. Let’s find out where they went by looking at the map. – This looks fancy. / – Show us. Let’s find out where they went. – Firstly, Gyeongju. / – From Seoul to Gyeongju. Hawaii. – Chiang Mai. / – They went all over the world. Who went to Hawaii? – Hawaii. / – Me. Youngji went to Hawaii. She’s wearing something related to Hawaii. She tried to give an impression of Hawaii. I bought this in Hawaii. Nepal must’ve been really good. How was it? Actually, it’s been 2 years and 4 months since my debut. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time by myself. So I could relax and take my mind off, and let things go there. Wait, you’re young, you can’t let things go yet. If a guy of his age goes to Nepal… “Why do I try so hard?” – “I should live sharing with others.” / – Rowoon is… Being very quiet now. What did you do in Chiang Mai, Dagam? You’ll see. Once you see it, you’ll find out why I look so happy right now. Isn’t this your first trip after you changed your name? Right, after I changed my name… It’s Dagam. I went on a trip with a new name and a new mindset. I thought about where I wanted to go and I chose Chiang Mai. Key is keeping very quiet at the moment. – Gyeongju. / – For me… – It’s famous for school trip. / – Whether it’s a trip… Alone or a trip with others, I’ve been to all these countries. – The destinations they went to. / – I see. You look like a champion. And Gyeongju is a familiar place to all of us. That’s right. But during this trip, I realized that I didn’t know much about Gyeongju. You’ll see different sides of Gyeongju today. Now that he says that, he does sound like an expert at traveling alone. It sounds fun. So, this is a trip alone special for the Seollal. And we will show their trips in a special way. Until now, we watched a trip to a country each week. This week, we will show you trips to 5 different countries over the 4 weeks by themes. So what’s the theme? Here’s the theme. Must go to places, essential trip alone courses. – Must eat, essential menus for a trip alone. / – Great. Must try, bucket lists for a trip alone. – Bucket list. / – And hidden course for a trip alone. It wouldn’t be fun if that was it. Today, we invited two special judges here. Special judges, please come on out. Please come on out. (The special judges are Hwijae and Sook) Please enjoy our trip. So it’s nothing difficult. They will just watch the trip alone for each theme… – And vote for one country. / – Okay. Trip planners who got chosen by the special judges will get 5 extra points. That’s a lot of points. So you should choose carefully. All of you should be nice to us. – Thank you. / – We’ve known each other for long. I almost bowed to you. So, we will show you their trips for 4 weeks. And we have our judges… – 100 people from the audience. / – Welcome. (100 impartial judges for the trip) Alright, the theme of today’s trip is essential travel courses for a trip alone. There are places you should visit in each country. Places where you should take pictures so you can show off those pictures to others. If you go to Paris, you should visit places that… – Look like Paris. / – That’s right. – When you go to Paris… / – The essential course. When you go to Paris, Eiffel Tower is a must. – You must see the Eiffel Tower. / – And there’s… Something called the White Eiffel Tower. – You don’t know what it is, right? / – What is it? The White Eiffel Tower, I bet you’re curious. – You’ll be surprised. / – Are there two Eiffel Towers? What if I don’t get surprised? – I’m sure you’ll be surprised. / – Really? – The White Eiffel? Alright. / – You’ll be surprised. What about Gyeongju? In Gyeongju, there are a lot of famous… – Tourist attractions. / – That’s right. – Like Bulguksa Temple. / – Other than that… There are a lot of places that draw admiration. – You can look forward to it. / – Really? Alright, what about you, Dagam? In Thailand, there are a lot of temples. And the place I want to show you… – Is called the Silver Temple. / – Silver Temple? The temple is made of silver. – We’ve seen many temples made of gold. / – Silver. Chiang Mai is famous for silver. – There is the Silver Temple made by hand. / – Really? It’s very beautiful. I’m looking forward to it. – Waikiki Beach is famous in Hawaii. / – Yes. Instead of Waikiki Beach, I went to a place where you can see Hawaii in one glance. It was really beautiful. I can’t wait to show it to you. Please look forward to it. Alright, which part of Nepal was it? About 70% of the Himalayas is in Nepal. And there are Mount Everest and Annapurna. You see those as soon as you get out of the airport. Mother Nature embraces you like covering yourself with a blanket. I don’t want to be competitive, but you talked about a temple made of silver. I went to a temple made of gold. Gold temples are standard in Thailand. Is there something made of diamond in Paris? Of course there is, you know the Champs-Elysees avenue. What’s there? Various luxury brands. Oh, yeah. – We’re talking about precious materials. / – Right. The luxurious goods that are as fancy as those. Right. Alright, I’m excited to hear all that. The first theme of a trip alone special, the essential trip alone courses. The first video is ranked 5th. – It’s in 5th place? / – Yes. It’s ranked by the production staff. – So the one we watch last is ranked 1st? / – Yes. Changhee, don’t be disappointed if yours plays first. Okay. I’ll be a little disappointed though. Don’t be sad. Let’s meet the 5th place of essential trip alone course. (Top 5 travel destinations for a trip alone) (France, Nepal, Chiang Mai, Gyeongju, Hawaii) (Gyeongju) Follow me to find out the key spots of Gyeongju. (Planner for a trip alone, Key of SHINee) (Chiang Mai) Right now, I am here at Chiang Mai. (Planner for a trip alone, Han Dagam) (Hawaii) Hawaii. (Planner for a trip alone, Hur Youngji) (Nepal) Nepal. (Planner for a trip alone, Rowoon of SF9) (Paris) This is Paris. This is… – Hawaii. / – Paris. (An essential trip alone course, top 5) It’s 5th place. – Oh, no. / – Where is it? Why? Where is it? Why? – Why? / – Chiang Mai? Wow, this is so unexpected. Chiang Mai is in 5th place? (People who travel alone love this city) People all around the world love this city. Thailand is just amazing, I love it. If that city is in 5th place, which city is in the 1st place? The staff voted Chiang Mai in 5th place, but I’m sure the rankings will change. Is there a direct flight to Chiang Mai? – It takes about 6 hours. / – 6 hours? Hello, everyone. It’s my first day in Chiang Mai. It’s Sunday here. There’s a reason why I included Sunday in my schedule. It’s because there is an amazing place to visit. I’m going to introduce you the place right now. Let me set off first. Let’s go. The weather must have been cool. – You’re like a YouTuber. / – Right? – It’s like a one-person media. / – Like a YouTuber. I’m used to hanging out by myself. Was the weather cool? It was about 20°C. – It was really cool and breezy. / – Really? It was about 27°C to 28°C during the day. It’s cooler than Bangkok. Chiang Mai is cooler. So there are many people who live there for a month. (A must-visit place in Chiang Mai, Baan Kang Wat) (A rising artists’ village with many little shops) (It’s decorated with an eco-friendly vibe) (A landmark in Chiang Mai rising in popularity) You should be aware of this. They don’t tie up their dogs in Chiang Mai, Thailand. – That’s right. / – That’s nice. What is this? This is so pretty. This is what it’s like in Chiang Mai. It’s a Sunday Market. – I love this. / – It’s more… – Sentimental. / – Sook would buy everything. I would buy everything from here to there. It’s so pretty. – They are also cheap. / – They are. There is a lot of hand-made stuff. Gosh, those are so pretty. The cafes and shops on this street are really cute and pretty. It only opens on Sundays. It’s called Sunday Market. – We should visit there on a Sunday. / – Yes. There are street stalls on Sundays. This is Sook’s favorite thing to do. I love it so much. I’m quite confident about this. – Sadly… / – Let’s go, Chiang Mai. I don’t like it that much. They make badges here. Look at these. He makes badges by drawing their faces. Hello. Most of the trips that included markets failed miserably on Battle Trip. – Come on. / – It doesn’t look similar. Are you ready? Yeah, I’m ready. (She’s arranging her hair to look pretty) This flea market is quiet and nice. – He looks like an expert. / – Just by his looks. I can tell that he’s an artist. Let’s see how my face will turn out. Please look forward to it. He’s experienced. – I’ve always been… / – Finished? Disappointed in hand-paintings. Just a moment. Let’s see how I’m drawn. – She’s like a one-person media. / – Yeah. – She’s like a content creator. / – I wonder. How does she do that? – Let’s see if it is good or not. / – Let me see. I knew it. – I told you. / – Does it look like me? She doesn’t look happy. Does it look like me? Let’s see. What is it? My face looks so long here. Really. He drew my face very long. It also looks too chubby. But it’s for fun. (What’s the next place in Baan Kang Wat?) It says Baan Kang Wat here. Can you see it? – It’s the photo zone. / – When you travel alone… You should take special photos here. I brought some stuff with me that are trendy these days. You know the topper, right? I made a topper in Korea with my name and place written on it. What’s that? I made a topper. You can take photos… – With the topper. / – That’s right. That’s cool. (Dagam in Chiang Mai, a trip alone) (Book cafe) This place is… This is a book cafe. These books are not for sale. You can get cool drinks here and read books. It’s a place where you relax and read books. There are some books that are left by Koreans. Can you see these? There are Korean books too. They don’t sell books there. You can bring your own books and donate them. It’s a great idea. We always bring a book or two… – When we go on trips. / – Right. So they leave the books there. Koreans left notes there. And there are also notes hanging on the walls as well. Look here. Somebody must have donated this book here. She left something on the front page. (Many people fell for the charms of Baan Kang Wat) I like that. Koreans left notes there. They left messages on how they felt about Chiang Mai. I know that this is a short trip, but I’m planning to come back. I brought a book with me. I’ll leave some notes here. Then I’ll donate it here. (Dagam’s leaving a message on her book) I’ll look for this book when I visit Chiang Mai again. – Her handwriting is pretty. / – That’s so good. Dagam, you should do a one-person media after Battle Trip. – Will I be okay? / – You filmed it very well. Travel is War. Battle Trip. (It’s a difficult road to making a one-person media) It’s embarrassing to do that there. I was embarrassed. There are 40 temples in the Old City. I went to one of them. (Essential course in Chiang Mai) (Wat Sri Suphan) I like things like that, like the Old City. That must be the Silver Temple. Wat Sri Suphan. It’s all silver. Is the whole roof made of silver? – Yes, it’s all silver. / – It is. Gosh, that’s amazing. I need to see it in person. It’s all silver? When they re-built it… – It cost them about $1,000,000. / – It’s hand-made? (Admission fee, $2.50) (Eye-opening) Wow. This is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this before. (Twinkling) This temple isn’t that big. The size isn’t as big as I thought. Its exterior is quite unique. It’s covered with silver. It makes it twinkle more with the sunlight. (Covered with silver) This is so cool. It’s all hand-made. – That’s amazing. / – It’s changing my mind. It’s charming you over, right? I love this kind of stuff. Silver is well-known in Chiang Mai. It’s really all made of silver. (Each piece is made of silver) – Even the entrance door is silver. / – It’s made well… With detail. – It’s so elaborate. / – How did they carve all these? This is fascinating. This is amazing. It must have cost a lot. Because of this trip, I learned that silver is famous in Chiang Mai. I see. They must sell a lot of silver rings and bracelets. Yes, they’re a bit cheaper there. I love those. It’s not that big, but it’s very unique. It’s the world’s first temple made of silver. When you are in Chiang Mai, you should visit here. You can make a wish here too. – That’s so pretty. / – That’s pretty. I made a wish. (Flower offerings, 70 cents) – Are they all silver? / – Yes. (The 3rd essential course, Wat Chedi Luang) (It’s the biggest temple in the Old City) (Earthquake in the past have left parts in ruins) As soon as I saw this, it felt like Ancient Greece. It feels like a historical site. It’s the oldest temple there. But it’s partially damaged due to wars and earthquakes. There’s a lot of moss in between the walls. You can tell that this building is really old. It’s a place of history and time. There are many tourists in famous attractions and landmarks. So it’s quite hard to look at them in detail. But the temples in Chiang Mai are very relaxed, quiet and peaceful. That’s why when you come here, you’ll feel better and have a chance to think. I think it would be a nice place to refresh yourself. Traveling alone is so great. You can just travel while talking to yourself quietly. You don’t have to care at all. It’s not crowded. (To the Buddhist sanctuary next to Wat Chedi Luang) (It’s a Buddhist sanctuary near Wat Chedi Luang) (With an 8m-tall statue of Buddha with gold decor) – This place is covered with gold. / – It’s gold here. – Is it real gold? / – Yes. – Are the columns gold too? / – Yes, they are. To enter this temple, you can’t wear sleeveless shirts, right? Right, you must wear long pants. – Really? / – No slippers, right? So there are places that rent you clothes in case you don’t have them. Or you can cover yourself with a scarf. This whole place is gold. Is it cool inside? Yes, it was cool inside and it wasn’t very crowded. (The entire Buddhist sanctuary is covered in gold) This is ranked 5th? The ceiling is really high. The temple is so beautiful. It’s pretty indeed. – The ceiling is so high. / – I must go there. I bought 2 sheets of gold leaf for 70 cents. I bought these because… Do you see people that are behind me? You can put it on the statue and make a wish. Yes, that’s right. – You can put the leaf on… / – Gold leaf? Injured parts of your body that needs healing. – You can make a wish. / – Parts you feel unwell? Parts that you want to be healed. It’s simple, but this is hard to choose. I… – You want those parts to be healed? / – Yes. What’s this? I am constipated. – What’s this? / – To heal my constipation. I put it near my stomach since I am constipated. This is interesting. Eat a lot of vegetables. – Okay. / – Eat cabbages. What’s this? This must be that thing. There are chicken, dog and pig written here. I think I’m supposed to put gold leaf here too. Are 12 zodiac animals different in Thailand? Yes, they are different. Instead of the rabbit, it’s the cat. Instead of the pig, it’s the elephant. Elephant? Was anyone born in the Year of the Pig… – Or the Year of the Rabbit? / – Me. It’d be the Year of the Cat for me then. That would be the cat for you then, Sook. – My face… / – That suits you nicely. I resemble a dog, but I’m a cat? No, now you look like a cat. This sticks really well. (Dagam was born in the Year of the Monkeys) (The zodiac talismans are popular amongst the locals) (The donation for the animal ribbon, $3.50) As for that, you can write your wish on it and hang it on the ceiling. It’s a talisman. (Many various wishes are written on the ribbons) As placebo effect, after hanging one, I felt at peace. – Right. / – I felt like it’d come true. It’s better to do everything. I just felt reassured. I came to a very big temple. I will wish for only good things to happen in my life. (How about starting your year with a trip alone?) I can’t believe this was ranked 5th. – Let’s check if you agree or not. / – I love this trip. Where are we going next? – A trip alone. / – In 4th place. – 4th place. / – We’ll reveal 4th place now. (An essential trip alone course, top 4) (Gyeongju) I made it halfway. Gyeongju. It came up earlier than I thought. – This can’t be true. / – I’m sorry, Key. He doesn’t look happy. I worked so hard for this. Don’t be so disappointed. Follow me to find out the key spots of Gyeongju. I’m telling you. You’ll see places you didn’t know. (Gyeongju has a wide array of charms) Have you seen that? That is beautiful. Gyeongju is a beautiful city. Hello, everyone. – I’m in Gyeongju now. / – The trains are well sourced. That’s right. Let me tell you why I am here. Going abroad for Battle Trip is great but I thought that I ought to introduce a destination in Korea too. That’s why I came to Gyeongju. Everyone films themselves so well. He’s filming himself while walking, right? Did he put the selfie-stick onto his stomach? – Just like this? / – Like a goblin. How can the camera be so steady? But Key is famous for taking great photos and such. He’s definitely better. Ever since I was a kid, I made a lot of memories in Gyeongju. It has a rich history, there’s a lot to see and eat here. Korean food is the best. Gyeongju is famous for authentic Korean meals. – Since there’s a lot to eat… / – I might faint. I came to Gyeongju. I’ll show you the charms of this city which I diligently prepared. (Essential courses in Gyeongju) (Daereungwon) Daereungwon. There is a separate course at Daereungwon which I didn’t even know about. I went there last year. I went there last year too. The first place I have arrived as soon as I got to Gyeongju is Daereungwon and Cheonmachong where the painting of the Heavenly Horse is. Lately, a lot of people upload photos taken here… – On their social media. / – That spot is very popular. It’s so pretty. I haven’t been there. I went there with my kids, we were flying kites and I passed out. – Because you were tired? / – Oh, dear. – You are such a nice father. / – I was very happy. I saw on social media that this spot is very popular. That’s why I’m going to give it a shot today. I’ll get going. (A trail is seen as soon as he enters) A walk there would be nice enough. The air is fresh because there are a lot of trees. – How beautiful. / – Even the colors are different. It’s so pretty. I think you can take your time walking over to the tomb. (A nice place to walk while meditating) – How pretty. / – I’d recommend you to go… Early if you’re planning to go there. – Early in the morning? / – Yes. – Why? / – When it’s not crowded? When it’s not crowded, the atmosphere is really great there. I’ll head over to the photo zone for my social media. (Where on earth am I?) Is that it? No, I don’t think so. Where could it be? Finding the spot was harder than I thought it’d be. He knew about the photo zone because Key is hip. – We had no idea. / – Right. Where is the photo zone? I can’t find this photo zone. This is the one. In my opinion, to capture that place with the grass, they probably took the photo from that side. From there to here. Since I went there early, there weren’t many people. – But you have to wait in line for photos. / – Really? Our viewers can get there fast because of Battle Trip. For me, that’s the saddest thing. He set the timer. That reminds me of Sook’s wedding photo-shoot. (Acting goofy) (But you might miss the timing) With this, I can take multiple photos. The trendy spot for social media photos… Are not easy to find. Hold on, wait. – They’re taking the photo. / – They’re at it. – They are on to it. / – Even couples do that. (Feeling empty for some reason) It’d be nice to take photos there every season. – Exactly. / – Photos for all four seasons. (Exploding with jealousy) (When you walk along the trail, you’ll end up here) It’s Cheonmachong. They had a grand re-opening. They restored all the relics inside. The exhibition is much easier to look through. I remember the main entrance. – Every high school senior visits. / – Yeah. It looks different from before. It looked completely different from when I was in elementary school. (The relics are perfectly restored) The set-up is very easy to follow. As soon as I walk in, I see these restored relics. They restored the relics. How fancy. When I was in high school, we always went to Gyeongju… – For a school trip. / – Right. Those weren’t there before, right? They have been restored. My goodness. It’s so pretty. Where should we go to look at the real relics? – To a museum. / – You can see the real relics… At the Gyeongju National Museum. – They have real stuff on display? / – Yes. These are just restored. Yes, they are just restored. This is so exquisite. It was so easily forgotten despite seeing it often, but this time, I think I’ll remember for a long time. They did a fantastic job. I realized it after I got older, we should be proud of that kind of rich culture. I agree. – That’s our culture. / – Exactly. I came to the essential place people must visit here. Since I spent some time studying about our long-standing history and national sentiment, I should go to a signature place with different kind of vibe. It’s one of the signature places in Gyeongju. (The most thrilling and exciting experience) What’s that? I’ve been there before. By the way, not that many people know about this theme park in Gyeongju. – I didn’t know. / – There’s a theme park in Gyeongju? (Essential course in Gyeongju) (“G” world) Right now, I’m at a very special place in Gyeongju. Actually, to me, this is a very familiar place. I’ve been here many times with my family when I was young. When I was in middle school and high school, I took a bus here with my friends. I used to have fun here with them. Personally, this is my favorite amusement park in Korea. Hello. This place is really popular. They have the newest rides in Korea. – Really? / – It’s been a while. It’s been a very long time. I used to play in that when I was little. I don’t know why that was so fun back then. Now it’s not fun at all, but I used to like it a lot when I was little. – I used to ride that a lot too. / – He used to ride those. I rode a rollercoaster called Biryong Express. I know that. “Biryong” means flying dragon. So, I’m going to ride extreme rides today. (A rollercoaster that feels like you’re floating in the air) I really wanted to ride this. It looks so much fun. Your feet are in the air, right? What’s that? I can’t ride that. (A ride that drops you from 70m up high) Oh, gosh. (A swing ride that spins 360 degrees) This can make you sick. That’s the ride. Goodness. It looks extreme, doesn’t it? I’m very good with rides but I might be a little loud during the ride. So please be understanding. I wonder how he is on it. He asked for our understanding in advance. But he looks so calm now. If you were loud, that means… – You got scared, right? / – Yeah. (He looks anxious and his lips are parched) Oh, no, I’m in trouble. Gosh, what should I do? Oh, no. (I regret this) Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. (It’s not moving much yet) – Oh, no. / – I thought you went up really high. It’s just like an average swing for now. He’s so loud already. Wait. Wait. (I miss my mom) Wait. Wait. That’s about the time when I start to regret. It hasn’t even gone up half way. (Get me down right now) Look at the women next to him. They’re smiling. I’m sorry. – I’m sorry. / – Sorry about what? It’s as high as a 10-storied apartment building? You can’t scream even if you want to if there is someone like that beside you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. (The world from Key’s perspective) Wow, it looks amazing. It does look scary. It looks so fun. He’s about to cry. I think he’s crying. He’s hung upside down. It stays up there for a while. He’s hung up in the sky. It looks scary. This is insane. It feels much longer up there… – Right. / – Than watching it from here. (The world is upside down) This is insane. (He has no energy to scream anymore) It looks really scary. He’s not good with rides after all. I think he cried. Because it was so cold. (He looks lifeless) I don’t think I can ride it twice. There are many extreme rides like that. You can’t miss out on this ride. – That’s… / – There’s something extreme in front of me. He screams, but he gets on the rides anyway. Are these bars supposed to be lifted like this? Why do they move? (Bye) (Let’s go, shall we?) It’s okay so far. It’s better than I imagined. Wait, this is good. Wait, this is high enough. (Please stop the ride) Wait. I hate when my feet are in the air. You can’t place your feet anywhere. He’s trying to not look up. Wait, this is too… Oh, no. Wait. Wait, it’s too high. It’s too high. Wait, it’s too high. It stays there for about five seconds. That moment is the scariest up there. Wait, it’s too high. One. (Screaming) (Screaming) (Screaming) (He travels down 70m just in 5 seconds) (His nostrils flare out from excitement) (His nostrils flare out from excitement) (He adjusts the camera angle) (Phew, I’m alive) – It was tilted. / – Key is professional. I like that it was short. He looks so calm back on the ground. He looks so calm. He has so many different sides to him. Thank you. (He snacks to appease his hunger) (Crunchy) It’s so crunchy. It’s good. You must get so hungry after those two rides. Yes, you do. You do. It’s become unbelievably delicious compared to 20 years ago. (His snack time is over now) (The ultimate spinning ride, roller coaster) (Step 1, descending while in 90-degree loop) This is it, I wanted to see this. What is this? Oh, this roller coaster. Oh, my. The one where your feet float. Your feet are in the air, right? – Yes, they are. / – I hate it. It looks so much fun. I hate it. – Look, there is no ground. / – They’re floating. – It must’ve been scary. / – Bye. You can ride this only when it’s above 5°C. Why? Because it could malfunctions when it’s cold. Bye. (The frightening roller coaster departs) (Key’s perspective) (It’s going up) (His lips get parched) (His hands are restless) (Are you ready to enjoy the ride?) (Oh, no) (Take a deep breath) Oh, my God. (Descending while in 90 degree loop) (It makes you feel like you’re flying in the air) Oh, no. (We recommend you to turn down the volume) (due to Key’s screaming) (Step 2, a 360-degree loop) (It’s where you can see both the ground and the sky) (Step 3 looks scary just to watch it) It looks really scary. (Dizziness alert) You could sing rock. I’m sure your singing skills were improved here. (He can hit any high note) (When will this be over?) (Heading to the last course) (The last tornado spin) (Help me) Wow, this is amazing. It looks like he’s not scared anymore. It’s almost over. His hair is nicely done. “Sir, your hair is done.” “Sir, it’s finished.” “Sir, your hair is done.” Your hair came down already. It feels really fast on the ride. He’s calm again. It’s like nothing happened. – He’s back to normal. / – I have to ride these. Now I feel like I’m in the theme park in Gyeongju. This is Gyeongju’s hidden charm. I hope you visit this theme park in Gyeongju once. (An essential trip alone course, top 3) – Paris is 3rd? / – Paris. – But he traveled a long way. / – Paris is on now. – No way. / – This is unfair. I’m okay with it. – It’s great. / – It’s your third time on our show. Yes. What’s really funny is… On the first trip, I was with two other men. Then, I was with one other man. Now, I’m going on a trip alone. It suits him. And I’m going to France, it’s cool. I went to England because of a shoot. After the shoot, I went to Paris, France, and traveled alone. Traveling alone is all about the romanticity. Romanticity? Yes, that’s important. (He’s embarrassed about his own comment) That’s what Paris is like. You feel like you’ll meet new people and something from a movie will happen to you. This kind of anticipation and excitement make you want to travel alone. In Hawaii… You’ll be swimming all day. In Chiang Mai… You’ll be eating some rice noodles all day. In Gyeongju… Gyeongju is nice of course, but I’ve been there many times for school field trips. – Where was the last one? / – Nepal. I think Nepal is a bit… Everything is picturesque in Paris. Paris is such a romantic city. It’s like a movie. Everywhere is like that. People there kiss a lot. Even if I’m lonely and sad, I won’t cry. (Narration by Nam Changhee) That was French. – I try to resist… / – He’s got a baguette in his bag. No way. I won’t cry. Although I’m alone, I’m not lonely. I know how to feel love and romance. I’m Nam Changhee, a Parisian. (Essential course in Paris) (Eiffel Tower) (The capital city of France) (A representative city of Europe) (Paris is a mecca for romance and art) (Battle Trip Part 2 will be aired soon) (The capital city of France) (A representative city of Europe) – That place. / – I love the music. – Is it Notre-Dame? / – Great music. (The studio is captivated by the city) – They’re hugging each other. / – I want to go. She’s sitting on his lap. So nice. The best landmark in France is the Eiffel Tower, right? That’s why I’m already nervous. I’m about to go crazy. My heart is pounding too. The Eiffel Tower. I’ll enter as a tourist now. Here comes the tourist. It’s right… (Heart pounding) It’s the Eiffel Tower. That’s how it looks like. You went to the Eiffel Tower early in the morning. Yes, but I went there several times. They made this tower to celebrate the World’s Fair, but citizens said it looked hideous. They couldn’t believe that such a tower was built in Paris. They were against it. – They said it looked hideous. / – Yeah. (Now, it’s an essential landmark in Paris) Yes, it’s a landmark indeed. (Bonjour) The Eiffel Tower looks the most beautiful from the Palais de Chaillot. I think the Eiffel Tower looks the most beautiful from here. I have to post a photo on my social media from here. It’s so cool, it’s the best. Actually, last time I was here, I just looked at the Tower and left. I’m going to go up this time. (He shouldn’t have said it out loud) I’m going to climb up the Eiffel Tower on foot. Really? – You’re going to walk up? / – It’s quite tall. As I climb up the stairs, I’ll enjoy the scenery. – There are stairs. / – Yes. You didn’t know, did you? Actually, if I have a chance, I’ll climb up too. There’s an elevator, why would you do that? If you take the elevator, it costs 6 euros more. – There’s an admission fee. / – It’s more expensive. And it’s not as hard as you’d think. It’s only 669 steps. (This is the scenery you’ll get) Gosh, I’m dizzy, what’s this? (Total of 669 steps, are you ready?) Walking toward the Eiffel Tower feels like I’m walking in a movie. I can’t believe I’ll climb up the Eiffel Tower. Hello. (Admission fee when taking the stairs, $12.60) – Will you walk up there? / – Yes. 10 euros, please. I’ll just walk up. I’m climbing up the Eiffel Tower. This is how the stairs up the Eiffel Tower look like. Since I can’t see what’s below, it’s not scary at all. This is how the inside looks like. I think there is a lot of stairs. This is not a problem for me. This is like a light exercise. Maybe because it’s winter, it’s a bit… (Panting) It’s slightly windy. As I walk up the stairs, my body is generating heat. Since it’s windy, it’s nice and cool. (He keeps climbing up the stairs) Right now, I can feel the sunlight. I’ve only reached the 1st floor. We have to go to the 2nd floor, I’m only on the 1st. How tall compared to apartments? About the 10th floor. That’s right. (Tearing up) These steps look steeper, or am I wrong? (It looks too far) To get to know the Tower better, I’ll climb the stairs. Oh, my God. (We can stop getting to know one another) If you’re here with your significant other, play paper-scissor-rock. Make sure to travel alone when climbing up, you might end up fighting. You can talk to people who are also climbing up. It’ll be fun. (Passing by) Hi. It’s easy to go down, right? Yeah. That’s right. You can have some time to look back on your life. I’ve reached all the way here while keeping a smile on my face. Let me introduce the panorama of Paris to you. – Wow. / – It’s amazing. The Seine River is spread out before you beautifully. You must go up there. I can see it. That must be the Pont Alexandre III. I know that one. You can see every tourist spots. – It’s beautiful. / – You can see everything. – I want to visit there. / – Seriously. It’s so picturesque. This is totally worth walking up. All the steps I walked up are not wasted at all. (The view is worth climbing up for) Hello, Eiffel Tower. (Montmartre) (31 minutes by subway to Place des Abbesses) Right now… I have set out to go to Montmartre, another landmark in Paris. (The second landmark, Montmartre) Montmartre? “Mont” means mountain. It’s a hill, it probably means “Mount of Martyrs.” When you look, you’ll think, “That was here?” This surprising place is right behind the camera. Get out of the subway station and head back. It’d be great to propose to someone here. It’d be romantic and beautiful. That crossed my mind a lot. There is a small garden. “I love you” is written in every language here. The is the Wall of Love. – What? / – You must’ve seen it in photos. This is on social media. – It’s my first time looking at it. / – It’s my first time too. This wall was in the drama, “Lovers in Paris.” (Taking a photo here is a must) I have to take a photo too. Gosh. I must take a photo. (Can anyone take my photo?) (My goodness) The couple in front of me is kissing. (These singles are shy) I really wanted to try that. They were doing that. It’s over. Taking a photo here with a selfie-stick is the best. (Wall of Love, romantic) It says “I love you” in Korean. This is Montmartre. I think this will be a great spot. They’re singing right next to me. They’re traveling too, but they’re playing music there. They weren’t busking? No, they weren’t busking. – They’re just playing? / – Yes. (This 130m-tall hill is a good place to see) (The panoramic view of Paris) I’m not lonely even if I’m alone. I’m very happy. (5:03 p.m. in Paris) (It’s already early evening at Montmartre) – It’s beautiful at night. / – Isn’t it beautiful? To look at the sunset at Montmartre, you must buy a warm drink. I’ll enjoy the night view with a warm drink. Is this mulled wine? One, please. Please give me one. – It’s mulled wine. / – Do you know what that is? Yes, of course. – It’s warm wine. / – Exactly. They mulled wine. – It’s great for colds. / – It’s like traditional Korean tea. – It’s delicious. / – That’s right. With a warm cup of mulled wine, I can spend hours enjoying the night view at Montmartre. Gosh, this mulled wine is great. This is what French people drink. It’s equivalent to traditional Korean tea. – It has cinnamon. / – I want to try that. – It tastes like herbal medicine. / – That’s right. It’s warming me up. I think this will get rid of my cold. This is so picturesque, I look picturesque too. The night view is indeed beautiful. – The view there is so pretty. / – Yes. (The night in Paris is more beautiful than its day) – Paris is really something. / – ♪ Champs Elysees ♪ – How is this ranked 3rd? / – ♪ Champs Elysees ♪ He can’t jump high, look at him. (♪ Champs Elysees ♪) (The street has many designer brands) (Singing “Roasted Chestnuts” in Champs Elysees) I’m so enchanted by the atmosphere of Paris, and also by its romance. (What is Changhee’s last landmark?) I’m now going to see the most romantic attraction in Paris. At 1 a.m. sharp, there will be a White Eiffel Tower. It’s over midnight. The Eiffel Tower twinkles every hour on the hour… – Starting from 5 p.m. / – Right. And at 1 a.m., all the lights go off except the twinkling lights and it turns into White Eiffel Tower. Oh, really? This is how it usually looks. (After sunset, the Eiffel Tower twinkles) (For 5 minutes every hour on the hour) It’s like this every hour on the hour. – They twinkle every hour. / – It twinkles for 5 minutes. But at 1 a.m., which is the last light show… – It turns like this? / – As you can see… It turns white like this. – I haven’t seen that. / – Me neither. – It’s… / – It’s amazing. If you make a wish while the lights are on, it will come true. It’s a rumor I’m spreading from now on. It’s about 12:30 a.m. now. “On the Road” by Navi should be playing now. (“On the Road” by Navi) (If only I could see the While Eiffel Tower) The second I started singing this song, a strong wind blows. I feel lonely. Gosh, it’s cold. Traveling alone is lonely sometimes. The beauty of traveling alone is overcoming the loneliness. You should win the battle against yourself. I think that’s the beauty of it. (Tearing up) Now we have one minute left. Only one more minute to go. – It’ll be so pretty. / – Let’s see… If the Eiffel Tower staff are punctual. Five… Four… Three… Two… One… The clock strikes. The lights go off. Will it be turned off? Wow. It’s the White Eiffel Tower. It’s so beautiful. Does it keep twinkling like that? – Yes, for 5 minutes. / – It’s beautiful. – For 5 minutes? / – Yes. Don’t be too excited, it’s so sad. It’s more beautiful than diamonds, isn’t it? Wow. This is the White Eiffel Tower. I should make a wish. (The Eiffel Tower looks like a Christmas tree) (It looks like it will make your wish come true) I want to take that Eiffel Tower home. It’s so beautiful. – It’s too nice to see it alone. / – It is. It’s so pretty. The Eiffel Tower nailed it. I love you, Eiffel Tower. I love you, Eiffel Tower. (I love you, Eiffel Tower) – It’s really pretty. / – It is. It looks so beautiful on the screen. Imagine how much more beautiful it would be in real. It looks so beautiful. – Alright. / – Who won second place? – We have 2 more left. / – The 2nd place winner. – Hawaii comes first. / – Nepal is the winner? Nepal is the winner? – It’s because… / – Really? – It’s a unique location. / – That’s true. – I’m curious about the trip to Hawaii. / – Let’s go. Can I speak? (Laughing) I’ve never traveled alone like this before. So I’m nervous now. I’m looking forward to the in-flight meal. (All she thinks about is food) Do they serve the meal as soon as it takes off? – It will be ready an hour after the take-off. / – Okay. I never miss a single meal. When you fly to Hawaii, your plane takes off in the evening and it lands in the morning. So you can start your day when you arrive. You don’t need to worry about being jet lagged. It was nice. (The mecca for honeymoons) – Many go to Hawaii for honeymoons. / – It’s pretty. – The weather looks good. / – Look at them surfing. (The island is a paradise for surfers everywhere) (The mystic world of sea spreads out underneath) (Hawaii) Ta-da. It’s a convertible. He waved hello. People think Hawaii is hot, but it wasn’t humid. It was pleasantly cool like spring in Korea. – It’s perfect. / – The weather is perfect. – It’s cool in shades… / – Yes. – And hot under the sun. / – Right. When I first thought about traveling to Hawaii, what came to my mind was Waikiki Beach. I’m going to go to Waikiki Beach on foot. It must’ve been nice. – It was really nice. / – There are so many people. (Waikiki Beach) – It’s crowded but the water is still clean. / – It is. And the sand is so fine and smooth that you can walk on it barefoot. (This beach is preferred by surfers) (Waikiki Beach) Alright, I’m now at Waikiki Beach, ta-da. This place is a landmark of Hawaii. And where I’m standing now is… Do you recognize him? I saw many people taking pictures in front of it. He’s Duke Kahanamoku. (Duke Kahanamoku, born in 1890) He won a gold medal in surfing… – In the Olympics. / – He won a gold medal. What? (Something is wrong) There’s surfing in the Olympics? Hold on a second. Let me read the English text. (It’s a long text) (Well…) It says, “The Olympics champion…” (Not the fastest surfer, but the fastest swimmer) – He’s a swimmer. / – He’s a swimmer. He didn’t win a gold medal. He won medals as a swimmer. He’s considered as the father of surfing. That’s what it says. He didn’t win a medal in surfing. He’s the “Father of Surfing.” You have to take a photo in front of him and post it on your social media to prove you were here. That’s what cool people do. People queue to take photos with it. – You’re right. / – Really? The sea is calling me, let’s go. (Overly excited, let’s go to Waikiki Beach) Wow, it’s the sea. It’s so nice here. Oh, my. It looks like a painting. Isn’t it nice? So pretty. There are always people like her on beaches. Some people run on beaches like that. – With their shoes on. / – They looked at me funny. (Everyone enjoys the beach in their own ways) I didn’t even think to surf, but I learned it there. I found myself learning it. Do you know how to surf then? Yes, it looks so nice. (On Waikiki Beach, it’s nice to just walk alone) It’s filmed in slow motion. (The Hawaii trip planner enjoys her time alone) It looks like a commercial. – It does. / – It really does. I feel like I’m wearing the wrong outfit. I’m wearing the wrong outfit. I want to jump into the sea right now. I want to jump in and swim. I want to lie on a surfboard like that and get tanned. (But she’s in a wrong outfit) I want to be lying down on the surfboard in the middle of the sea. You went here. (Shaved ice) Ta-da. Now, I’m going to go eat the landmark of Hawaii. Hawaii is known for its rainbow. As it’s an island, it rains often. Every time it rains, the rainbow shines. (Even the license plates have rainbows on them) I’m going to eat a rainbow now. Youngji is one of the few big eaters. Ta-da, look. A rainbow is already welcoming me. There are a lot of people in the queue already. People are eating it. This is the original place. This place has been running since the 1940s. It’s become even more famous, because former president, Obama, ate it too. – He was born in Hawaii. / – Yes. It looks pretty. (First, choose the size) (Second, choose the toppings) There are many different flavors and toppings. There is a menu called “Obama’s rainbow.” One Obama’s rainbow shaved ice, please. – $5. / – $5. (The shaved ice falls on the ice cream) I ordered one that costs $5. There’s ice cream in it, so it was a little expensive. It looked so pretty I wanted to post it on social media. – It’s very Hawaiian. / – It is. It’s so pretty. It’s very big. (Shaved ice, $5) It’s so pretty. I don’t want to ruin it. (What does shaved ice taste like?) I had a brain freeze. Was it cold? It’s sweet. And it’s cold. It’s refreshing. I thought it would taste like junk food. But this is better than what I’ve expected. (She’s surprised by the taste of it) It has ice cream in it. This ice cream is really good. It’s vanilla ice cream. It makes good harmony with lemon, lime, cherry and the ice. I want to eat it again. It looks delicious. You have to eat it with ice cream. – You must order the ice cream, right? / – Yes. Gosh, this is so good. I ate it in the shade, so it was cold. If you eat this, you’ll feel cold in Hawaii. (Youngji keeps eating it even if she’s cold) They have a smaller one. If you want to eat alone, you can order the $3 one. The smallest one. That would be perfect. Did you finish it? – Even Youngji can’t finish that alone. / – It’s so big. She ate a lot though. They give you a straw. You can finish it using a straw like this. I’m cold. Let’s go to Tantalus. (Tantalus) (Tantalus) I’m at Tantalus, the last landmark. One of my favorite hobbies include watching night views. If you go up this hill, you can look down at Hawaii. (She finally arrives) This is beautiful. (Tantalus) The Sun sets at around 6 p.m. – It’s beautiful. / – It’s like a calendar image. It’s beautiful. (Tantalus) (The most romantic place in Hawaii) – It was beautiful. / – You must go there. It looks great. (The panoramic view of Hawaii spreads out) (She’s lost in admiration due to the magnificent view) It’s beautiful. It’s so pretty. This very place makes me want to live in Hawaii. There’s Waikiki Beach. That is called Diamond Head. You can go there for trekking. If you go there, you can look down… – On the downtown of Hawaii. / – It looks amazing. But I can look further on this hill, so I decided to come here. More importantly, this place is free. It’s free. This place is open for free. It’s such a nice place. It looks pretty. – It looks like a work of art. / – Yes. It’s like a painting. It’s 6 p.m. here. In Korea, it’s about 1 p.m. Songyeon. Is she her sister? She called her sister. She has a close relationship with her sister. I was asleep. She was asleep. Songyeon, I’m shooting a TV show. Songyeon, I’m shooting a TV show. All I can see is your palm. Look at this. I wanted you to see this. (She shows her bare face to see the sunset) You look so ugly now, you have to cover your face. Please. You’ll be on TV. You look so ugly now. You’re in your mid-20s now. You shouldn’t put your hair in pigtails. What did you say? You’re in your mid-20s now. You shouldn’t put your hair in pigtails. You look terrible, I’m hanging up. Bye. Call me when I look pretty, okay? (No) – She looked terrible. / – They are real sisters. I’m sorry you had to see that. She’s actually pretty, but she’s sick right now. The Sun set while I was talking on the phone. It must’ve been really beautiful. For you to want to share that with your family. Yes, it was. It’s so beautiful. (You can see another side of Hawaii in colorful lights) (Youngji captures the paradise in her eyes) I want to come to this place again sometime. The place is open only until 6:45 p.m. The road up to that point is quite rough. It can be dangerous. At around 6:30 p.m., the custodian comes up… – To tell people to leave. / – To tell them to leave. He tells us we have only 10 minutes left. It’s Nepal. – The 1st place. / – 1st place. – I’m curious about it. / – Just watch. Is this stock footage? – We shot it ourselves. / – Really? – You shot this? / – Yes, I did. This is… This is… This is… Nepal. It’s Kathmandu, ta-da. (It takes 8 hours by plane to Kathmandu, Nepal) Wow, look at that. That’s the national flag of Nepal, isn’t it fascinating? Oh, my. Hello. I’m Rowoon of SF9. I should go to Thamel where my hotel is located. If I take a taxi, I have to bargain with the driver. But I’m not good with haggling, so I’ll go to the place where they have a fixed price. – I’m going to Thamel street. / – Yes. – How much is it? / – 700. (He buys a pre-paid ticket and gets out of the airport) (All he needs to do is show the ticket to a driver) – Go with him. / – Thank you. (He leaves on a taxi without bargaining) This is my first time to travel alone. I’m excited and worried at the same time. Recently, I thought I needed some alone time. So I’ll enjoy my trip. (Essential trip alone course in Nepal) (Swayambhunath, sunrise at Nagarkot) (This is Thamel street) This street just looks like a work of art. – Is it like a catalogue? / – It’s a perfect place for… – The word, “exotic.” / – Rowoon looks like a model. If you take a photo there… – You can use it for your album. / – Right. How much is it? Can I… (Can I try it on?) His English is so good. That was perfect, “Can I?” (This looks good) (It’s the face that completes the look) I shouldn’t have tried this on. It looks pretty, I want to buy it. (It’s $100 before bargaining) With this, and the glasses… It’s Gryffindor. (I’m the “Harry Potter” of Nepal) I shouldn’t have tried this on. This is pretty. You can bargain over the price, right? Yes, you can. Those who are good would get a good deal, but I’m not like that. The locals told me that you can get about half the price off. – Half? / – Right. You must bargain when you shop at tourist sites. (Rowoon bought a jacket for about $25) (Ta-da) I bought a jacket. With this pretty jacket, let’s go to the next destination. (He heads on wearing the pretty jacket) (Paradise for shoppers, Thamel street) (It takes 40 minutes by foot to Swayambhunath) (He’s arrived at the first course, Swayambhunath) Hello. I’ve arrived at Swayambhunath. This place is special because there are a lot of monkeys. – Really? / – Is that Monkey Temple? It’s called Monkey Temple. There are so many monkeys. – The monkeys would take your glasses. / – Right. – You shouldn’t wear loud clothes. / – Be careful. – Monkeys ask for things. / – That’s right. – They serve 330 million gods there? / – Yes. (Nepal serves 330 million gods) I’ll look around the temple quietly… And reverently. (Namaste) I should be careful here. If you carry something in your hands like me, the monkeys are very playful, so they might take it away from you. It’s important to hold your stuff close to your chest like this. Actually, when I was young, I approached a monkey because it was so cute. And the monkey ripped out my hair. So I’m scared of the monkeys now, but I wish I can make good memories with monkeys today. Swayambhunath is also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was also in the movie, “Doctor Strange.” – Yes. / – He opens the portals. It appears shortly there. It’s a really famous temple. (The peak makes you stop your steps) – Doesn’t it feel kind of reverent? / – Yes. Is this really over 2,000 years old? Really? It didn’t collapse from earthquakes for 2,000 years. – Other places were affected, right? / – Yes. It’s well built. (Swayambhunath) All of the gold here is real. How could they make everything so detailed 2,000 years ago? It’s interesting, right? I thought that this was interesting. Can you see this dome? No one knows what is inside this dome yet. People took an X-ray of this dome and observed. They found weapons and pots that were used at that time, but no one knows exactly what is inside it. – That’s interesting. / – What’s inside? – They need to take it apart. / – Right. They should’ve done it. (It feels like it’s protecting Kathmandu) Everything collapsed here. But this is protecting the area sturdily. It’s interesting. It’s really interesting. There are things like these. It’s really interesting that there is a Hindu temple and a Buddhist temple here. It means that they respect and understand each other’s religion. That’s really amazing to respect and understand each other. It’s really interesting. – It’s really unique. / – It’s really cool. – Yes, it’s nice. / – Yes, I think it’s really nice. There are a lot of deities in Nepal. Everyone has their own deity that they believe in. One could believe in pigeon or a monkey deity. (Another reason why people come here) You can see the entire downtown when you’re up here. – It’s like a movie. / – It’s amazing everywhere. – It’s pretty. / – It’s amazing. – It’s endless. / – The view is amazing. It’s denser than I expected. Having good weather is important when traveling. I think I received a big gift today… In that sense for the start of 2019. (Approaching) That’s a little scary. – That’s scary. / – It is. It’s a baby monkey, it’s so cute. Don’t rip out my hair this time. (They come in flocks) (He steps back) Big monkeys are scary. A lot of my hair was ripped out by big monkeys. (I’ll take photos with big monkeys next time) (Sunrise at Nagarkot) (Shining night passes by) A cock is crowing. Hello, I came to a place called Nagarkot. I think it took about an hour to an hour and a half by taxi. It costs about $40 to go back and forth here by taxi. It might be easy to get a taxi on your way there, but you might not get one on your way back. You have to be careful. So it’s better to ask them to wait and haggle. – You need to haggle a lot. / – You need a local. People say that this is a really famous viewpoint. It’s about 2,100m above sea level. There aren’t any places higher than 2,100m in Korea. I put my hands in my pocket because my hands are cold. Please forgive me. The locals are already here waiting to see the sunrise. Apart from this place, there’s a famous observatory where you can see the sunrise, but there are a lot of tourists there. This place is a little quiet. – It’s picturesque. / – It’s so pretty. (The Moon and the stars are still in the sky) This is my view. (Let’s watch this scenery together) (The reason why Nagarkot’s sunrise is more special) Is that the Himalayas? Yes, it’s the Himalayas. It’s so beautiful being surrounded by the mountains. This place is a hidden attraction that locals recommend. As I know, the Sun will rise exactly at 6:55 a.m. Right now… It is exactly 6:31 a.m. The Sun will rise soon. You won’t believe me when I say this but this is my first time seeing a sunrise. I get to see my first sunrise during my first trip alone at such an amazing place. I’m thinking about getting a new hobby these days. I want to take photos. So I brought a disposable camera. I’m going to print it out later, and reveal the photos that I took. Hope they turn out pretty. Film cameras are romantic. – It’s a grand view. / – Film cameras are a good idea. You get to look forward to the photos, to see which came out nicely. This place makes you say the expression, “beautiful” rather than “pretty.” Look. It’s amazing. (Just sitting there makes it look picturesque) (It’s still early in the morning) (Before sunrise, the Himalayas) It really is my first time looking at the sunrise like the lyric in Korean National Anthem. Oh, my, it’s rising. (Finally?) (Everyone waits for the Sun to rise as one) – Many locals there too. / – The egg yolk is coming up. (It’s like the Sun rewards them for waiting) Oh, my. I can see it. I can see it slowly. Wow. Is this how the Sun rises? It’s rising. (He’s watching but he can’t believe his eyes) It feels like nature is hugging me. – It was really emotional. / – It is emotional. (The Sun is shining on this place) It’s so beautiful. You can see it better now the Sun is up. I know the meaning of jaw-dropping now. – The sky is really pretty. / – Yeah. Wow. Look at the clouds resting over there. – There is snow on top, right? / – Yes. I have to capture this moment in the heart. It won’t touch your heart if you’re not relaxed. You can see it with your eyes but you won’t feel it. I want to come here with my family and my members later. It’s unrealistic right now, right? It’s really unrealistic. (The Sun rises over the permanent Himalayan snow) I will try to make a wish. I’m going to do it seriously. (He sincerely makes a wish with his whole heart) It’s like a picture. You should try making an unbelievable wish. I will wish that it will become an unbelievable 2019 for you. (I will wish that it will become) (An unbelievable 2019 for you) (Essential course for a trip alone) (Nepal in 1st place) We saw the trips from 5th place to 1st place. This isn’t important. – Dagam. / – You can turn the results. You must have been disappointed to be on first when it’s so nice. No, as I told you earlier, I think it’s a trick by the production staff. They can’t show us the first place from the start, so my trip will advance gradually. That’s what I think. You’re really positive. Yes, I am. You must’ve read “The Power of Optimism.” Your choices are important. – Do we have to choose already? / – Yes. – You’re holding the signs, right? / – Yes. They have been Battle Trip hosts for 3 years. What are Hwijae’s and Sook’s choice? One, two, three… (Who will win?) One, two, three… One, two, three… (Hwijae picks Hawaii, Sook picks Nepal) That was a great choice. Hwijae’s 5 points will go to Hawaii. Sook’s 5 points will go to Nepal. I only decided based on a trip alone. I really wanted to travel to Nepal by myself. It was better than I thought. That’s why I chose Nepal. Anyway, the 1st place is indisputable. – That’s right, Nepal. / – Right. Congratulations. It was pretty though. We saw the essential courses. Next week, we’re in trouble. – What is it? / – This is the most dangerous thing. The must eat food at those places. Essential menus for a trip alone. – This… / – Really. Nepal might be disadvantageous on the flip side. – The food is so good in Hawaii. / – That’s right. Let’s look forward to how the ranking will change. We will come back next week. Thank you. (Next week) (Episode 2 of the trip alone special, must eat menus) What’s that? This is visually appealing. We’re on our way to eat snail dish. Escargot. (Paris, escargot, you will be a Parisian for sure) Escargot goes well with bread. You can still enjoy a great meal alone here. (Gyeongju, Korean table d’hote for one) It’s really good. Ta-da. This is called loco moco. Why didn’t I know about this? Nepal is about snacks. It’s made with sugar and milk. It smells like herbs. I ate all of it. (Battle Trip) (“A Walk To Goodbye” by Hwang Chiyeul)

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    All these celebrities came to Nepal long time ago and helped poor villages of Nepal secretly without showing off (but there is clip of Park Shin Hye) but most Nepalese don't know.

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