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Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.93 Songkran Water Festival VS Thingyan Festival [ENG/THA/2018.06.10]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.93 Songkran Water Festival VS Thingyan Festival [ENG/THA/2018.06.10]

Myanmar feels like a world of mystery. Wow. Unbelievable. I would’ve regretted not doing this. Tuhi Trip! (Healing city, Pai in Thailand) It’s so pretty. This atmosphere is just so beautiful. Pai, Pai. Hey, it’s no joke. (91 votes for Thailand, 82 votes for Myanmar) (Which team will win?) (Numerous great tips on trips) (Special host, Lee Suji) (Hongbin and N of VIXX) (Sojin of Girl’s Day, Shin Ayoung) Travel is war! Battle Trip! This is our third week of the international festival special and we’re joined by our trip planners. – Welcome. / – Nice to meet you. Suji is also with us for 3 weeks. How is it? I get a lot of information from Battle Trip. It feels like I’m reading a book. We published a book. I see. Please show a lot of love for the Battle Trip book. For the last 2 weeks, the results were 91 vs. 82. We have 9 more votes. The topic is to enjoy international festivals. – We saved it for today. / – You’re right. You must tune in today. This is the highlight. Today is the real match. After seeing the festivals in Myanmar and Thailand, the judges will make a final decision. Traveling is important. But when there’s also a festival, it’s like a buy-one-get-one-free deal. Right, if you can get the timing right. If you can, you can really enjoy the festival. And you also get the basics, the food and things to see as well. Look, we’ve been here for 2 weeks and there’s still more left to watch. Do you know of any other festivals? – Ayoung is a bookworm… / – Of course. – She has all the information. / – Tell us about festivals. – I… / – Did you read a book on festivals? In Spain and Mexico, they strike a bell 12 times on December 31st in honor of the New Year’s Day. Whenever they strike the bell, they eat 1 grape, so they eat 12 grapes in total. That’s interesting. It’s a pity that a year only has 12 months. It’s a pity that a year only has 12 months. Suji’s sad because you only eat 12 grapes. In South Africa… They break old home appliances and furniture on New Year’s Day to get rid of the past bad luck. I heard that’s also a tradition. These water festivals are for the New Year but they’re held in April. Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia are Buddhist countries so they use a Buddhist calendar. That’s why their New Year’s Day starts in April. In Korea, the dates for Seollal and Chuseok always change because of the lunar calendar. The date for the New Year changes each year in Southeast Asia. The festivals are held on April 13th to 15th. The dates are fixed every year. – It’s a 3-day festival. / – Yes. The number of people around the world who enjoy this festival is immense. In Myanmar, the water festival starts before New Year’s Day. This year, April 17th is New Year’s Day. So the festival started on April 13th. We went there and enjoyed the festival on the first day. There’s an interesting origin story of Thingyan. There’s a deity in Buddhism that divides heaven and hell. He writes the names of people going to heaven on a golden register, and those going to hell on a register made of dog skin. This deity’s weakness is water. So they splash water on each other to avoid being written in the hell register. – Since you can erase on the name on that list. / – Yes. To erase their names. I think there must be things to prepare before you go. I thought they would splash water with water guns. But they just directly pour water on you. – Using buckets. / – Splash, pour. They use buckets. – Yes, they pour it on you like this. / – My goodness. – Yes, they pour it on you like this. / – My goodness. So you must wear a bathing suit underneath. That makes it easier to wash as well. And make sure you use a waterproof bag to protect things like your phone. It’s similar to Songkran. I was clueless and thought they’d announce the start of the splashing. I left my bag outside of the car as I got in. To my right. Then a kid came running to me with a big smile and gave me a great New Year’s blessing. There are cars with curtain doors. The kid opened the door and was like… – He opened the curtain door? / – A kid? With a straight face? He was so happy. Looks like we’ll see some fun footage today. So the important thing is… – You should carry a waterproof bag. / – That’s right. You should just leave it at home. They don’t just splash you with water. There’s this popular mango sticky rice snack. – That’s really good. / – Mango sticky rice. Everyone eats mango sticky rice during the Songkran Festival, including the monks. It’s just like us eating rice cake soup on New Year’s. You’d think rice and mango would taste really weird together. – But they really go well together. / – You’re right. Right. I really recommend that you try it. – It was really interesting. / – Me too. During Thingyan, all the shops are closed. Instead, when you go to temples, they have these rice cakes that are floating on water. Kind of like a New Year’s food. They hand those out for free. – Just like our temple rice? / – Yes. They hand it out. So you can eat that. Is it all-you-can-eat? Is it all-you-can-eat? – How much do you want to eat? / – Let’s go, Suji. Suji, let’s go there. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go today. Are there some key points to look out for? The key thing to watch out for at Songkran, Thailand, is our leader, N. I heard he got into a real fight with some kids. The thing is, I don’t go wild when I party. – But you can’t do that at Songkran. / – He went all out. The thing is, when your water gun is out of water, you have to refill. And while you do that, the kids… They spray you. “Just a sec, kids.” – It can get you mad. / – That’d be annoying. It’s the finale after 3 weeks, today. We’ll decide who wins today. We have our 100 impartial judges who will vote on today’s trips. – Nice to meet you. / – Welcome. You’re up by 9 votes. We’re only up by 9 votes. We’ll be combining today’s scores to this for the final result. You know how it works on TV, right? It’s always more fun if there’s a twist. We watched Myanmar first last time. Let’s watch Thailand first today. – Really? / – Yes. – Since we’re in the lead? / – Yes, yes. Okay then. Okay, everyone. It’s one of the 10 most famous festivals worldwide. It’s the Songkran Festival of Thailand. I hope you join us and actually feel like you’re there enjoying the water. Let’s check it out. 5, 6, 7, 8. Hakyeon, Hongbin, Tuhi Trip. Yeah! (Pai, the resting place for backpackers) This is great. It’s like my own hideout. It’s so quiet and you can hear the birds. The breeze is so nice. It’s hard to see such an open space in Seoul. They made it so you can relax. Their water festival started here. (They said good-bye to the cheerful memories in Pai) This place is the best. Now we’re in Songkran. There are so many people. Dancing while soaked in water. How exciting. They pour water on you when you’re filling up. They pour water on you when you’re filling up. (Splashed and splashed again) Can you please stop the car for a sec. Wow. N is angry. How courteous. That makes you angry. I think we were mostly up against kids. (2 weeks before they leave, preliminary meeting) This week’s special is an international festival special. Festival. I’ll give you a list of places… That you can go to. Thank you. Pi Mai Festival. Thingyan Festival. Songkran sounds nice. It looks like they’re spraying water on each other. It celebrates the traditional New Year’s Day. Thailand considers April the start of a year. That’s why they greet the new year starting from April. It’s some background information. It’s all written here. (Self complimenting) I thought you were reading from this but you weren’t. It’s held everywhere in Thailand. It’s held in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Ko Samui. I think it’s held everywhere. And the original festival was based on Chiang Mai. We should go to Chiang Mai then. You need to go to Myanmar. (Chiang Mai, the center of Northern Thailand culture) (The old capital of ancient Lanna Kingdom) (Preserved just as it was) It was really hot. It looks very peaceful here. You’re right. – It wasn’t peaceful at all. / – Wasn’t it? The place where I went wasn’t like that. Before the festival, it’s peaceful. It changes completely. (Held every April to celebrate New Year’s Day) (Blessing each other by splashing water on them) They splash water cheerfully. You’re right. It’s not like they’re fighting. I want to dance while being sprayed with water. They did that to my bag. It doesn’t matter if you have a camera. Right, it doesn’t matter. (Let’s go to Chiang Mai, the origin of Songkran) People think you’re strange if you get angry from getting wet. That’s right. You looked very strange. Someone got angry, right? (Tuhi Trip, day 2 in Chiang Mai) (Going to Chiang Mai) (Pai) (Chiang Mai) (3 hours by minivan) (Chiang Mai bus terminal) Let’s go. – This is it. / – It’s so hot. This is the bus terminal people arrive in Chiang Mai. They have what’s called a songthaew. It’s a red bus. We’ll take that bus and go to downtown. There’s a lot of buses. In Thailand, it’s the common way to travel. So it’s like a taxi. It’s like a taxi and bus. – How… / – Is he in? Sawadikap. – Hello. / – Hello. They were all waiting there. 300? If it’s 300… – That’s about $10. / – He’s good at communicating. – We can bargain. / – We can bargain the price down? Yes, we can. – You can bargain with public transport? / – Yeah. It’s different to Korean taxis. The driver sets the price. The driver said 300 so you should bargain to 200. You need to go lower. That’s basically a failed bargain. We felt bad since it was our first time. 280? Okay. See? I told you it works. The price isn’t set here. It’s whatever they call. Thank you. He readily accepted it. He probably thought of 250. Since it was 280, he was grateful. Right. He even smiled when he agreed. If you look around… This place has a different vibe from Pai. Every store closed today. – The festival already started? / – Yes. It was during the festival. I think the stores are closed for the whole day. There was no starting point to the festival. It’s just everywhere. Hey, hey, hey, hey. – Hey, hey, hey, hey. / – No, no, no, no. No, no, no. (Oh, no) – Hey, hey, hey, hey. / – No, no, no, no. Just like that. He’s so happy. You didn’t block any of it. (He only laughs in vain) This is what the festival is like. He just came and splashed it. However, we must smile. Thank you, kids. That’s not fair. We weren’t even ready. – I think you should get ready. / – The festival’s started. But they’re doing it to wish you good fortune, so you can’t get mad. That’s so funny. They’re merciless. Look at N. He’s starting to get mad. – This is so funny. / – That’s so not fair. They do it from inside the car? I’ll open the car door and splash a bucket. Wait, I shouldn’t say that. Don’t be like that. I shouldn’t say that. – I’m not in the Songkran mood yet. / – Calm down. Don’t get mad. Not yet. I’m not into it yet. You can’t get mad here. Seriously. Let’s calm our anger. This is Songkran. Yes, it’s Songkran. Can they splash the water to the back of the taxi? Even the driver wasn’t bothered by it. – Even the drivers? / – Right. That’s amazing. Are you heading downtown now? The people on the trucks are the scariest. – They’re hardcore. / – Yeah. – No joke. / – They melt ice on the trucks. To blast you with cold water. When we go to the street over there, that’s the main street for the Songkran Festival. Everyone is shooting water over there. That’s right. So we should go over there and check it out first. Is it okay to enter there? Just get ready there. They just shoot water at the camera. They don’t care. Check out that hose. You can’t beat that hose. You have to run. – That’s going too far. / – Isn’t that a bathhouse hose? (The parade signals the start of the Songkran Festival) (Various parades of traditional clothes and statues) (Pours the water on their shoulders wholeheartedly) This is the tradition. Pouring water on each other’s shoulders. Originally… – That’s so nice. / – That’s the normal way. They say that’s how it all started. That was the start and it developed to what it is now. Since it’s a Buddhist country, they splash water on statutes. – There’s this flower water. / – Initially… – That’s how it started, right? / – Yes. While praying to the statutes. (They get splashed with water from all over the place) Now, we should… Let’s go buy outfits. And join in. Okay. Let’s go, let’s go. Warorot Market is the representative traditional market of the Chiang Mai. This place is called Warorot Market. Is it a street market? Yes, indeed. There’s a market on the street. And the inside is all market as well. We should buy outfits here and get changed. Let’s enjoy the Songkran Festival to the fullest. This shop has a lot of outfits. They have goggles too. Yes, we need to buy these goggles. You need goggles. That would’ve been convenient. This is 50 baht. – This is the cheapest. / – You’re right. Can’t buy expensive ones. This is 100 baht. They’re a must. Let’s just buy the 50 baht ones. Because… There are a lot of people here and you’ll knock into them during the Songkran Festival. So they break easily. So we don’t need ones that cost 100 baht. Just buy the 50 baht ones. Let’s just enjoy the day with these cheap ones. We can be practical and wear them just for today. – We’ll only wear them for one day. / – Yeah. I’ll go with the cheaper ones. I’ll be practical. I’ll choose a different pair. – With a different frame? / – Yeah. Okay. Let’s get these. They’re on me. That’s a great idea. Goggles are the best. Here. Now that we have our goggles, we should buy outfits that… – Fit this country, region and festival. / – Okay! It won’t be as fun to just go and buy them. I’m having plenty of fun already. Let’s choose each other’s outfits. – Choose each other’s outfits? / – Yes. If you can’t trust me, you should come with me. No, no. We’ll shop separately. Let’s get ones that suit each other. I saw the outfits over there. Okay. Let’s see what happens. For Hongbin, I’ll get a very nice outfit. Wouldn’t he need something like this? This is great. Goodness. We’d carry that too pools back in the day. Since you need to put your phone somewhere. – A waterproof bag. / – How much is this? 120. – 120? / – Yes. Discount? No discount. I sell for 120. She sounds firm. Please. Please. Please. Please. – Please. / – No discount. Please. Please. – Please. / – That’s how you bought it. Yeah. Discount. 100 baht. – 100 baht? / – Yes. Okay, okay, okay. I got a 20 baht discount. He saved 20 baht. – Thank you. / – Thank you. 100 baht is $3.40. It’s very cheap. You haggle like crazy and you save like 30 cents. – That’s right. / – Yeah. What’s going on? Should we take it easy and get a mango? While I was busy picking his outfit. I see some shirts. There are a lot of people here. How much is it? 199 199? – Discount please. / – No discount. Last price. – No discount? / – Yes. Please. Please. You did it too. 190 is okay. – 190? / – 190. I saved 9 cents. She was so firm. No, no. – 100. / – No. One more. Please. – 100. / – No. 130 140 Please, please. 120. Let’s go. Let’s go. 120? Okay. Okay? I heard that business owners have fun bargaining instead of just selling the products. Don’t you think word got around about you? As the Please Boy. – Are you back, Hongbin? / – Yes. – We should present the outfits now. / – Okay. 1, 2, 3. – The entire outfit? / – Ta-da. What is that? Hey, seriously. This is a hidden item. First of all, we should each wear this. – They’ve become flower boys. / – Tops first. Tops first. Are you ready? Wait. Let me see which one it is. I’m ready now. You don’t know which one is the top? I got confused. Is it that kind of outfit? Okay, I’m ready. Okay, here goes. 1, 2, 3. Ta-da. They’re both flowers. You two have a similar taste. – Pant? Are you ready? / – Yes. – Here goes. / – Yes. 1, 2, 3. Ta-da. What is that? Why? Why? Ta-da. What is that? Why? Why? It’s blue again. Everyone’s dressed like this. I prepared something else too. A handbag for you to get attention. I heard you prepared something so… This is for you to walk easily through the water. (What is that?) What? – Oh, my. / – Amazing. It’s cute. It’s pretty. This is so… This is a nice item. – It’s so… / – That’s so cute. They look like real fish. You need these slippers to play with water. It was the biggest size, I had no choice. – Wait. / – It’s kind of scary. They have pink and purple… They don’t fit. Did you have to buy one that looks like a real fish? Who will think he’s an idol in these? His feet look like fish. This is perfect. This is for you to walk easily through the water. They’re so good. I want to buy a pair. Do you want to try these on? Why would I wear fish on my feet? Why would I wear fish on my feet? How much were the fish shoes? $5.40. I want to buy one. Who would wear fish here? This was such a great buy. – I’m angry. / – I’m relieved. Alright. This might come across as outdated. In order to save time? 5, 6, 7, 8. Hakyeon, Hongbin, Tuhi Trip! Ta-da. Look, his shoes stand out. Doesn’t something smell fishy? What are you saying? They look pretty. They’re so pretty. You should keep them on. Only three of your toes stick out. Anyway, we’re wearing the outfits but we don’t have… – The most important item. / – Right. We don’t have any weapons yet. – We’ll go to buy water guns. / – Let’s go. Water gun. (The atmosphere on the street got even hotter) The people shooting water… – I’m anxious. / – Remember their faces. Here we go. Remember their faces. I see you. Okay, okay. It was very rough on the way to buy the water guns. So cute. Water gun. Your outfit makes me want to splash water on you. Isn’t that right? – Yes. / – They’re so fancy. We really stood out. We thought about buying water guns in Korea. But water guns are also classified as guns. – We couldn’t take it with us. / – That’s right. It looks like a gun. We recommend buying water guns there. You’re getting soaked on the way to buying the guns. – That’s right. / – Yes. Here, here, here. Let’s hurry up and buy some. Who is this? Okay. I heard that we have to buy expensive guns. The higher number, the more powerful and they hold more water. That’s a strong one. – They shoot far. / – Isn’t there a stronger one? – What is that? / – Okay. – 5,500. / – 2 please. 5,500 is the most powerful one. You don’t seem to want to haggle. – I need to buy it quickly. / – We need to hurry. Please put some water in here, I need to go right now. – It’s powerful. / – Okay, okay. – Hongbin. / – It sounds different. Let’s go back the way we came and avenge ourselves. Let’s go. Okay. Go, go. (Tuhi Trip enjoying Songkran) (1st step, revenge battle) (The center of Songkran) They’re so pretty. – What’s that? / – I sprayed him. I accidentally shot him. I had my finger on the trigger and I shot him. I’m pretty sure he did that on purpose. I didn’t know. – Hongbin. / – I don’t know. I see some targets. Should we try it? Should we attack the people on the car? (They carefully start their first attack) (Such a commotion) (These guys are relaxed) – They look too strong. / – Let’s go. Hongbin, let’s go. Let’s go. You can tell he knows what he’s doing. He’s not talking anymore. What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with me? Oh, no. Why are they only shooting us? Just us… N was shooting everyone around us. You really get soaked. We can’t lose. We can’t lose. No one can attack me. No one can attack me. I think everyone is attacking him. Everyone attacked us. No one can attack me. No one can attack me. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Where are we? Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. I feel like a kid again. – Isn’t it fun? / – Yeah, it’s fun. Thing is… – You’re already soaked. / – We’re just walking… It’s a New Year Festival, right? So normally, at home… I want to get revenge. At home… He can’t speak. Weren’t you saying something? – What? / – Weren’t you saying something? People would originally clean their house… And then enjoy the water festival. Everyone is saying Happy New Year as they splash water. They wish you good fortune with a water gun. And since everyone is having fun without getting angry… (Splash) I’m so happy. (Happy New Year) Hongbin is smiling but N isn’t smiling. (N is the focus target) There… Oh, no. We were shooting each other then someone ran over with a box. So I pretended I wasn’t with him. I was surrounded like that. The water… (He’s run out of water) (Takes Hongbin’s gun) That’s mine. Look at him. N. Learn to enjoy it. Why are you so angry? I may look angry but I wasn’t. All those people only attacked me. Retreat. It’s because you attacked first. That’s why we retreated. Let’s go there one more time. I can’t let this happen. It’s like some video game. It was really fun. Can you get water from anywhere? You have to pay for some places. But a lot of stores give you water during the festival. – Let’s go get revenge. / – Okay. In the spirit of Songkran. That’s the main corner. Come with me, Hongbin. Come with me, Hongbin. He chases after them. Chase her. This is no joke. She wished you luck with a bowl. Wait… He said he’d go hard on the strong and easy on the weak… But he went after everyone. Hey, I’m out of water. I’m out of water. Me too. Did you return there by yourself? He looks determined. He just attacks everyone. Those guys were scary. (There are too many to take down on his own) For real? This is so funny. That really looks fun. Did you help him? Still… He’s helping from behind. Where are you? This is no joke. N, please smile. This is a festival. He lost his shoes. (His fish were abandoned on the battlefield) He’s shooting the fish. I’m saving them. I’m saving the fish. What is this? He just sprayed the fish. I need to save them. You can tell Hongbin is having fun. So funny. We… Here… You went too hard, right? I feel totally depleted. We need to recharge. Let’s get some food. Yes, let’s eat and then fight again. Let’s recharge. Recharge. Okay, let’s go. It’s dangerous over there. It’s dangerous over there. (Tuhi Trip, how to enjoy Songkran) (Snack time) This place. It’s called Tha Pae Gate. This is the new town. If we enter this, it’s the old town. – They divided it with a wall. / – That’s right. From this point on, it’s all food and drinks. – Let’s go. / – Go, go, go. Let’s recharge our energy. During the festival, big places like department stores are all closed. There are street vendors though. Places to eat in each alley. You can rest and eat there. You have to eat this during Songkran. We planned it out. – The must-have dish. / – You know it, right? Mango sticky rice. Are you eating mango sticky rice? Mango sticky rice is traditional food for Songkran. We looked so normal there. You have to enjoy a country’s culture and come back to be able to say that the trip was a successful one. Right. So, we must eat mango sticky rice to enjoy their culture. Hey, it’s mango sticky rice here. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – They were kind and greeted us well. Mango sticky rice? But she understood, right? Yes, she did. Mango sticky rice? Two please. They pour condensed milk on top. What is that? That’s it. It’s not with actual rice? – There’s rice underneath. / – The rice is on the bottom? – Underneath. / – Let’s eat rice for Songkran. You mix it with the rice. Really? It’s really sweet. Mango sticky rice is more like a snack than a meal. It’s like a snack you eat during the festival. Let’s try it. (This is their first meal of the day) (Hongbin also takes a big bite) They put mangos, condensed milk. – And pine nuts on top. / – So sweet. – Look at the flakes. / – That’s really… – It’s really sweet. / – What an unusual combination. I thought it wouldn’t go well but it goes well together. It’s perfect to eat when you’re tired. It’s kind of like ice cream as well. Ice cream flavor. The rice is sticky. – The pine nuts are really crunchy. / – Yes. I thought fruit and rice wouldn’t go well with together. How is it for you? I thought that the rice would taste bad because the mango is so sweet. But the condensed milk helps… Yes. The fruit go well with the rice. – It’s delicious. / – It doesn’t look like a lot… But you get a surge of energy after you eat it. – That’s right. / – Yes. You get tired after you play in the water, right? You can go revenge after you replenish your sugar. Isn’t your revenge over yet? There were 5 or so people that I needed to get back. I heard you’re going back this year to get revenge. – I’ll go back next year. / – After your promotions. Let’s eat and go. To another area. You’re hooked on it. It was really fun. I got rid of all my stress. I’ve never had the chance to run around like that. Now that we have a new weapon, let’s go have our second round. – We improved our weapon. / – You put it on your back? We can’t beat them with this. We can’t beat 12 people with this water gun. Something like that… You want an upgrade. Revenge… It’s you, kid! – It’s you, kid! / – It’s a little kid. (Splash) But those stores… You can’t beat them. They have unlimited water. Little kids. (Cute) Kids, be careful. They won’t go easy on you. – Not the kids. / – Don’t shoot their faces. So cute. Their guns won’t work. So pretty. (I’ll help you get mean N) It was even better because the kids enjoyed it too. How fun would it be for the kids. (It was fun playing with you) Let’s go this way. It’s a massage shop. Relieve fatigue. You go get massages like that? Yes. But a lot of people went in. You’re right. It’s open. We’re wet though. Can we still get a massage? Should I ask? Massage? Massage? Massage? Yes. Is it just a foot massage? – They do full body as well. / – They do? But we just got our feet done. Thailand massage is the best. Their massages are the best. During the festival, they welcome customers even though they’re drenched. I love that. – Have lots of fun then get a foot massage. / – Right. Then go back for round 3? We recharge our feet then go back for revenge. More revenge? When will this revenge end? The foot massage was really cheap. It’s 140 baht for a 1 hour foot massage. – That’s $4.80. / – $4.80. – Seriously. / – They’re so wrinkly. They’re completely swollen. They turned into fish. We came to Chiang Mai from Pai without taking a rest. We got off and bought outfits. – Why is your skin so smooth? / – Had fun. – Your feet. / – We ate. And now we’re relaxing. Let’s relax our muscles here, restore our energy and enjoy the Songkran Festival a bit more. That’s so great. I love those fish shoes. You can massages 2, 3 times in a row. You’re right. That’s still under $20. It’s cheap. 4 massages are less than $20. I actually fell asleep like that. – We were so tired. / – It’s really tiring, right? You two are like kids. Having fun then dozing off. That’s right. – We just got foot massages. / – Yes. Since we’re well-rested, we must enjoy the last round. The festival is almost over. I can see that a lot of people here are feeling tired now. The same goes for us, right? Let’s upgrade our weapons one more time. Again? You can get a further upgrade? We can. Just like the locals, let’s ride a taxi… (It’s a tuk-tuk) It’s an ambush now. They carry around water like that. We can’t beat those people. Because it’s a drive by. During the primitive times, people on horseback always won. That’s right. If you stayed for 2 more days, you would’ve hired a truck. Of course. I hear you’re taking a fire truck next year. (Argh) (Argh) The disadvantage is that you can’t get revenge. Because you drive away. You know those safari tours? Instead of watching things on safari, you get soaked. We can’t let our guard down. What is this? What do we do? Seriously. I’m getting mad. I’m getting mad. Hey, they’re right there. On the left! They try their best but it’s not enough I’m so annoyed. This is no upgrade. – This is… / – It’s a downgrade. We just have to let go. This is the downside of the taxi. We can’t get revenge. You get hit and you have to keep going. Since we only have one chance, we must focus. That’s true. As you drive along, you reach these streets and the cars get backed up. – Like this. / – If the car stops there… Now you’re in trouble. This must be like some club. Hey, I’m out of water! I’m out of water. – Oh, no. / – You should’ve used it sparingly. Don’t do that. You should’ve used it sparingly. Don’t do that. Don’t. Can you stop the car? So that’s how I looked. We’re enjoying the Songkran Festival to the fullest. We had so much fun. Too much fun. We just did everything you can at Songkran in one day. Let’s go for some beer. We’re going for some beer. I looked up this pub. Don’t you think I came up with a great itinerary? I do want to go to the Songkran Festival once. – It’s so much fun. / – It looks really fun. Right at the end… You’re going to impress us. A pub with a view. We finally get to enjoy a glass of beer now. It was so packed. What a great atmosphere. This is so nice. He’s exhausted. You really aged. It was exhausting. This dish is really famous here. This one. We must try this. This is Thai fried pork hocks. We must try this. Is it similar to the German dish? Yes, a bit. It’s like the meat in cartoons. We have to drink beer. To wrap up the day. The German dish is baked and here it’s fried. That’s right. This place is really famous. It’s the Ping River. – It’s so pretty. / – There are many… Restaurants around the river. The view is amazing. – That’s beautiful. / – So pretty. Maybe because it was evening but it was really cool there. Thank you. – Let’s drink. Cheers. / – Yes. You have to drink that bottoms up. If you’re that exhausted in that weather. This is good. Your mouth got so big. Now, I feel like I’m on a trip. Beer tastes the best beside a mountain or river. (At last!) Is this it? This must be the pork hocks. That was the best. – Fried. / – That looks tasty. That looks so good. I want to eat it again. Amazing. (I want to eat it) – Was it really good? / – It was really good. – It was amazing. / – It looks like it. If it tastes bad, we’d say so. It was really good. The skin is fried. Korean pork hocks have that jelly-like texture. But here, it’s more… Crispy. It’s tender just like boiled pork slices. Right. It tastes like boiled pork slices but the skin is battered and fried like chicken. (Mouth watering) When we were filming, they scolded us for not showcasing any of the food. We were supposed to shoot while we ate. But we were so hungry. I think it’s better since we were playing with water. There must be a reason. I think this sauce is this restaurant’s special sauce. I think it depends on how you make your sauce. Now, I can admire the view. Earlier, because I was so hungry, I didn’t think much of the river or the pub. (Time to feast) He starts the conversation then just eats. He wanted you to talk a lot. He’d say, “I booked this place. How is it?” Then as I answer him, he’d just eat. I heard everything you said. Nice. I came up with the itinerary this time. I’m curious what you thought about the trip. First of all, your itinerary was so different from mine. I usually let the nature take its course. I hate it when things don’t go to plan or when you miss the time so I normally just didn’t make plans. I got to relax from my tiring schedule and unburden my problems. We took our time to look around then here, we got all energetic. We burned it up. I think we enjoyed it to the fullest. The trip is over. Let’s focus on our album now. Hakyeon, Hongbin, Tuhi Trip! (The end of the Tuhi Trip in Thailand) (Myanmar, Bagan, Yangon) Myanmar feels like a world of mystery. Myanmar is a land of gold. Amazing. There’s a temple everywhere. There’s a pagoda you must see before you die. Firefighting Tour, bboom bboom. This is so nice. It feels like a dream. This is so beautiful. I’m so moved by this. How exciting. Go faster. I’m taking a right. Right turn. I’m taking a right. – Hey. / – Amazing. The colors are so pretty. Amazing. This is so nice. It’s full of charm. Amazing. I think we can take it there. I’m grateful that you enjoyed it. I’m grateful that you brought me here. Today is my day. Sojin’s day. It’s the day of water. So we’ll have foods related to water. It’s delicious. – How refreshing. / – So refreshing. Cheers. Look forward to it. You are entering the real world of water. It looks fun. That’s how they spray you with water. You’re all dead. We’re going in. Look forward to it. It’s so cool. (Thingyan Festival) (Yangon traditional market) (Sojin and Ayoung enjoyed Myanmar traditional tea) Then let’s split up and buy our stuff. – Where do we meet back? / – 6 p.m. Let’s meet at that big gold thing. – In front of the Sule Pagoda. / – Okay. – I’ll go this way. / – Okay, you go that way. – See you later. / – See you. They’re setting up the stage for the Thingyan Festival tomorrow. (The street is busy as if the festival has begun) I think this is a popular place. How much? The restaurants will be closed, so I bought in advance. In case you run low on sugar. You bought in advance. I don’t think there’s much to accumulate. This is what we call emergency food. (She easily got emergency food ready) (Great!) (This encounter is meant to be) – It’s cilantro. / – Isn’t that cilantro? The fish is immersed in cilantro. – That sauce looks delicious. / – It was so delicious. – Right? / – Yes. Totally good. It’s the perfect mix. (She can’t walk by the street food) It’s good. (I’ll eat first and then get ready) What are these? They’re water guns. So I put this around my neck and dance like this. Is this the most powerful one? This one doesn’t look bad either. They have something like this too. (Surprised) My goodness. Look at this. This is the best one. I’ll defeat the water goddess. Got it. I’ll destroy everyone. This and the dustpan. I’m looking for a water gun and a waterproof bag. It’s so pretty. (These flowers are so pretty) What is this? Hello, I’m Sandara. Goodness. Isn’t that hilarious? My goodness! This is amazing! You can shoot really far with this. – That’s not a water gun. / – It’s good. Give me that one. I should buy that one. (Ayoung heads to Sule Pagoda) – Huh? / – Ayoung. What is this? What is this? This is the weapon I’m going to use tomorrow. Is it? That’s amazing. – Isn’t it great? / – Is it just a regular dustpan? They must spray water with this too. Wait a minute. Hey! – What’s wrong? / – Hey, wait a minute. Unbelievable. Let me see. I can carry this around. Are you here to farm? That’s Sojin’s water gun. Is it a water gun? – Hey. / – Isn’t it amazing? It shoots really far and sprays water everywhere. – Show me yours. What did you buy? / – No… I just bought one dustpan. Let me see. It matches our firefighter theme. You can’t keep pumping like this. Your arms will hurt. Well, I thought this was a good idea when I bought it. Forget it. We should enjoy it. It’s a bit… You’re right. It’s a bit lame. You have a dustpan shield and a water gun. It’s a warzone. That’s a cute water gun. Compared to us. They’re so nice. I don’t think so. They don’t look so nice now. She’s angry. Ayoung is a little upset. (It really stands out) Isn’t that it? She holds it with her feet. It must be very powerful. Is it? (It really stands out) (It will soon be unveiled) – Shall we go now? / – So we bought water guns. – We bought food as well. / – Right. I think it’s this way. There were many cute and interesting things. Lots to see. (It’s the morning of Thingyan Festival) (Where are Sojin and Ayoung now?) Don’t you think this is unfair? You’ll beat everyone. It’s going to shock everyone. Isn’t it awesome? It doesn’t look like it’ll shoot with pressure. – Doesn’t it spray like a fountain? / – It’ll spread out. You can adjust the nozzle to shoot straight. That’s amazing. That’s going to be so strong. I think you’re going to be a star in Myanmar. My dream is to be Iron Man. Like this. (What a funny friend) So pretty. Let’s get ready to go out. – Amazing. / – So pretty. It’s already started. What is that? I wish I had something like that. They have lots of the latest equipment. They’re so prepared. It’s already started. It goes for the entire day. It starts at 7 a.m. It’s different since they’re the original festival. I thought your festival was more upgraded. They just gather in one place… – And spray. / – It’s upgraded. (Preview of Thingyan Festival) There’s the main street where this festival is held. Do we have to go there now? This is the street. We’re soon near Sule Pagoda. – Is that it? / – Yes. People are riding trucks there. That’s how they splash water at each other? They carry buckets full of water on the truck. There are a lot of festivals. It must be festival season in Southeast Asia. Laos also has a water festival. Myanmar has one too. – Cambodia. / – There are so many water festivals. It looks fun. The original water festival is Myanmar. Lots of people go to Songkran because it’s the most famous. – Where’s the original? / – Myanmar. (Thingyan literally means to splash water) (Songkran Festival is the most famous) (But the original is the Thingyan Festival in Myanmar) The original is Myanmar. (They celebrate for 4 days before New Year’s) It’s a big festival. (Everyone gets together and unites) It’s a rainbow. They have a proper stage there. Yes. (It’s the original water festival) You just shoot water at everyone. I didn’t have time to reload my water gun. Where are we, Sojin? (This is Thingyan Festival) We’re on a battlefield. – It’s from here? / – Yeah. (Preview of Thingyan Festival) If you’re not on the main street, you don’t get wet? No, you still get wet. But the main street is… – The real fight. / – The main stage. (People are enjoying the water festival) So that’s how they splash water. That’s not the main street. – That’s not the main street? / – No, it’s not. That’s just a preview. – Are you ready? / – Wait a minute. They keep shooting Ayoung. Isn’t she the best kind of person to fool around with? – She’s got good reactions. / – She does. If you just stare after getting splashed, they’d stop. So mischievous. – She reacts so well. / – What’s going on? Where’s the water? Find the water. I don’t even know where it’s coming from. I found water. (This is the pool Sojin was looking for) (Pools are everywhere on the side street) I found water. (How dare you want my water?) Timeout! Timeout! I surrender. (No mercy) That girl… She jumped in the air. (She hurries over to the pool) You’re so dead. They really didn’t think much of us. You don’t have much water. That’s why the children gave water to us. (The people don’t wait for them to fill up) (Help me, Ayoung) It’s really like that. People keep pouring water on you while you fill your water gun. Ayoung is angry. She looks like she could faint. This was my secret weapon. This is the best. I’ll beat everyone with this. What will you do about this? (She excitedly defends Sojin) Where did it go’? It was too heavy. Ayoung is pretty clumsy, isn’t she? She’s so funny. – I thought she was smart. / – Me too. I didn’t know she was this funny. – She’s so clumsy. / – The children kept attacking us. That’s right. (She lost her dustpan) (All she can rely on now is Sojin’s water gun) Don’t shoot into my nostrils. – Did you fill it in? / – Yes, they’re so dead now. Her water tank is finally full. Yes, it’s full now. – Hey. / – Isn’t this too incredible? It shoots very far and sprays a lot. I think you’ll beat everyone. Bring on all of Myanmar. It’s full now. Why won’t it work? – It doesn’t work. / – You should pump it first. (They’re both flustered by their weapons of choice) They’re in big trouble. I was so flustered. I was so thankful to her. You need to pump it. That’s the girl that sprayed you with gusto earlier. – It’s the one that flew in the air. / – That’s right. But it’s like that there. The enemies become your allies. – You have fun and you help each other out. / – Right. (Water goddess pumps fiercely) (Why won’t the water come out?) Did you just laugh at me? Did you just laugh at me? (She pumps hard to take revenge) Look at her use her feet. Primates are good with their feet. That’s so secure. – She’s grabbing with her feet. / – Yes. She’s grabbing it with her feet. (Filled with bloodlust) Does it work now? Go! Why won’t it work? I can’t wait to see it working. You, come here. What is going on here? It’s like she’s holding a water tank. – They got owned. / – What is that? They don’t just use water. They spray foam. – And all sorts of stuff. / – That’s right. Goodness. You provided lots of laughs for the people of Myanmar. It’s completely useless. You can’t use any of the equipment you prepared. I surrender. This had better be a good year for me! (Thingyan Festival will wash away your misfortune) They really blessed us. We were really blessed. They say, “Happy New Year” as they spray you. The festival has started in the main street. Wasn’t this it? It’s just begun? – The real deal is still left. / – What? Not this? – Are you okay? / – Do I look okay to you? Let’s go. They’re going back? – To the main street. / – That wasn’t the main street. Now the practice is over, you’re going to the main street. You already look exhausted. Without any weapons. I can’t pull myself together. Should we ask if we could ride on the truck? You want to ride that? It’s so hot that you dry up after a short walk. – It was same for us. / – Can we get on? – You dry up after a short while. / – It’s so hot. Is it safe? Do we sit here? They were a big family. – They drive by the street? / – Yes. This is good. This is really worth trying. That’s like going through a car wash with the doors open. (Excited) They splash you as they say hello. It’s great if you can get a ride like us. But even if you can’t, you can rent it for $100 a day. (Main street of Thingyan Festival) Wow. Amazing. This is amazing. My gosh, I’m so excited! This looks incredible. It looks amazing indeed. What we had before was nothing. We’re now really going to the water festival. – I’ll protect you, Ayoung. / – I’ll destroy them. – You defend, I’ll attack. / – Okay. (People won’t stop pouring water at each other) I hear EDM. (The music excites Sojin and Ayoung) It’s so cold. We’re now in the main stage. – That’s still not the main stage. / – Not yet. It’s coming up. There’s a traffic jam here. Do you see that? From both sides… – It’s like art. / – That’s pretty. – It’s a water cave. / – They use hoses. Here we go. We’re going in. Everyone, welcome to the real water world. You just get soaked in there, right? You go to get soaked. That’s right. We’re going in now. This is nothing. – Really? / – Yes. It’s different there. (This is just the beginning of the main street) (Will they make it out alive?) (The stream of water become stronger) You need goggles in there. I know. (Street entrance, 5 seconds later) (Ayoung and Sojin are out of it) (Ayoung and Sojin are out of it) – It hurt a bit. / – I got pushed around by the pressure. It was so strong. This reminds me of the cold waterfall in public baths. The water spurts out. – You have that in women’s baths too? / – It feels good. – I thought it was only in men’s baths. / – We have it too. (This is just the start) I caught the water from the back and splashed it to the front. That’s rash. You’ll get soaked even more. – It’s a true festival. / – It is. – They’re dancing. / – It’s like the World Cup. – You’re right about that. / – Right? So much passion there. (Thingyan brings everyone together) I see a rainbow! – Right, we saw a rainbow. / – There was a rainbow. (The heat and cold water created the rainbow) It’d make you feel like you’ll have good fortune. – After all that blessing. / – You’re right. We were soaked in blessings. (The rainbow moves with you) I felt a sense of relief after being soaked. – Right. You do feel that. / – Right? It felt like a deep cleanse. (They reach the end of the main street) (Ayoung is now relaxed) We made it out alive. – You’ve passed that part. / – We almost died. Playing with water tires you out the most, right? Right, it exhausts you. – You play a little and you’re exhausted. / – It’s strange. It’s really tiring. (Rest areas near Sule Pagoda and the main street) (They set up tents in the park) We got soaked there, right? – It must be hot. / – We got completely soaked. – They’re in the shade. / – Let’s go and get them back. They couldn’t use their water guns even once. – The water guns didn’t work. / – They hit us hard. – We were so prepared but… / – To be honest… – We prepared this. / – Is your top dry already? You dry up really fast. We’re pouring water on each other to wash off the misfortune. Let’s see who washes off more misfortune. Let’s make it a game. – Go and fight. / – Seeing who gets soaked more? Let’s wring our clothes and fill the water bottles here. Are you going to take this again? I don’t have any other weapon. This is all I have. I’ll give this to you then. This? Don’t you need this? This is actually more useful than you think. This is better than that. – So I’ll give it to you. / – Really? – I’ll see you after 30 minutes. / – Alright. It’s a competition. Let’s have a good fight. Let’s come back alive. You’re going separately? I was actually a bit scared. You should walk around together. (Game start!) (She keeps getting splashed with the water) (She’s the most popular one here) Did you go there for a bath? I was so surprised. – I couldn’t open my eyes. / – See you in 30 minutes. Sojin is basically having a shower. He just poured a whole bottle on her. Later I ended up giving them my shoulders. (Someone is running over) (Ayoung runs over after being soaked) Wait a minute. There’s nothing. You came very early. – I couldn’t get any water. / – There’s none. What is she doing? What is she doing? (Her shoe turned into a secret water pouch) Does the loser have to drink that? You should wring out your socks. The people nearby must’ve wondered what on earth she’s doing. – Exactly. / – “What is she doing?” (Sojin appears after more than 10 minutes) (Smiling) What is that? (She pulls apart a dustpan) She’s clever. – Unbelievable. / – Hey! She didn’t know. I’ve never seen… No wonder. (Pouring in) That’s a lot. I just played with the kids. – You did collect the water. / – Right. He looks like he doesn’t understand. – “What’s she doing?” / – Then he just pours it on himself. So much water is coming out. That’s how you filled so much. – Did you eat something? / – That looks good. – What’s she eating? / – Did you eat something? They both feel betrayed by each other. It looks like they traveled separately. (Day before the festival) – Was that for free? / – It was. They give out free food. If you go near Sule Pagoda, you can eat for free. – You can eat for free? / – That’s so good. – Sikyung, get ready. / – Yes, let’s go. Let’s go. – That looks good. How was it? / – It was so good. Was it pho? I don’t know. But it was good. – You just ate it. / – Yes. Doesn’t it look like beef radish soup? – Kind of… Right. / – Like chicken and ginseng soup? It’s sort of like soup rice as well. It looks like a clear blood sausage soup. All of that food is for free? What am I doing there? You look happier alone. What happened? (This is a festival!) Look at that man looking at her. Has it been 30 minutes yet? Happy New Year! (Ayoung, have you forgotten about the game?) – I got you! / – You scared me. That’s what you kept doing. What are you doing? Is this allowed. The dustpan is like my body. You keep using your shoes. (My shoes are the best!) Isn’t that too dirty? The water should be clear. Tell me the truth. How much did you pour? You caught me just as I was doing it. – I don’t think so. / – I mean it. – I doubt it. / – This is all from my hair. She just got clean water. – You can drink that. / – You can drink it. Sojin’s water isn’t that clean either. It’s over. Let me finish this. You can’t beat Sojin. Ayoung’s water is murky. We went past the main street and got splashed with the water. We had a water fight with people here. We did everything we could at Thingyan. It’s the day of water. Look. I’m still wet. Water is still dripping. They do this for a whole week, right? – Yes, for around 4 days. / – All week? That’s a week-long festival? I love this because it’s about chasing away bad luck. You wash everything away and start your New Year fresh. I think things will go well for me. – Yes, that’s right. I have a good feeling. / – Yeah. I’m hungry though. I screamed too much. – Me too. / – I ran around too much. It’s on such a big scale. – I want to go next year. / – Yes. (They experience Thingyan in a magical country) (Thingyan Festival) (Beer Street) The 19th street China Town. – It looks great. / – Yes. Everything will taste good there. – Starting with the name. / – It’s China Town. – I can feel it. / – That’s amazing. – I love this mood. / – I want to go there. What a nice atmosphere. It’s a hot place in Myanmar. – It’s a place for young people? / – Yes. It’s hot. I had fun but feel so tired today. – I’m tired after taking a shower. / – Me too. – Did you order the beer? / – I did earlier. You can only drink Myanmar beer in Yangon. It’s called Myanmar Beer. They only sell Myanmar Beer in Yangon. Recently, they started selling it in other cities. – Look at the price. / – It’s 800 kyats. – How much is that? / – It’s 70 cents. – 70 cents? / – It’s cheap. Less than 80 cents. – It’s 70 cents for a beer! / – And the taste? That’s actually cheaper than water in Korea. – It’s refreshing. / – It’s refreshing. (This is it) It’s like soju with beer. Really? – Is it high in alcohol content? / – Is it strong? It’s not because it’s strong. It tastes like soju with beer. – It has that taste. / – Because of the fizziness? If a draft beer is less than 70 cents… – 100 glasses is $80. / – Right. A glass for every judge here and it’s still only $80. Thank you. – What should we get? / – I want seafood. – Shrimp. / – Yeah, shrimp. Let’s try the corn. That looks so good. That looks really delicious. You pick the skewers and they grill them on the spot. (Looks delicious) (The grilled skewers are mouth-watering) That’s nice. That’s less than $10. – 12,300 kyats. / – Look at the corn. It’s huge. How can a shrimp be so big? All their shrimp are huge there. This is the best complement to beer. It’s huge. That would taste really great after playing in the water. It would taste twice as good. – That looks good. / – It was really good. That looks really delicious. Thank you. – The corn? / – Should we try corn? I wonder what the corn tastes like. – They put it on a plate? / – Is it buttered? – Is it with butter? / – Do they cut it for you? They put butter and a little bit of cheese. – Kind of like addictive corn? / – Yes. – Addictive corn. / – Oh, that. Beer snack! Beer snack! You can’t say anything bad about this. – It’s cheating. / – Even the smell… – That looks so good. / – We’ll have to eat that. – After the show, right? / – Grilled corn. – With a beer. / – In butter. (Grilled corn is served on a plate) Shall we try the corn? It’s fried with butter. You have you eat that with a spoon. With a spoon. You’ll have to order more of this. When I was young, they’d serve that… – At Japanese bars for free. / – Right. I’d always ask for more of that. That place is so charming. I’d love to visit each shop and have a beer. The atmosphere is great. How far do you think we’ll get? (It’s always sad to see a journey coming to an end) If you come here around this time, you can enjoy all this, so it’d be really nice. The hot-air balloon tour was coming to an end and the water festival was just starting. You can enjoy everything right at this time. If someone asks me what the Southeast Asian country is the best… – I’ll tell them Myanmar. / – I’ll recommend it as well. The whole city was enjoying the water festival. The whole nation takes a break for around 5 days and enjoys it together. I think it’s great. – After this… / – And it’s meaningful. They start saving water for 2 weeks. Even if you have to save water, this is so important to them. – They consider it important. / – They have no complaints. I never knew Southeast Asia was so charming. I haven’t traveled much but I never knew it was this much fun. I was so surprised. When you meet people, there are some that aren’t polite. But everyone we met here was so polite. They wanted to help us and they always smiled. We learned that “myan myan” means… “Hurry up” in Burmese. It feels strange. In Korean, it means “sorry.” But here it means “hurry up.” I feel sorry for myself for always being in haste. (We’ve been living in a fast-paced life with no answers) I think Myanmar is so charming. It was so charming. – It’s so pretty. / – I think it’s romantic. – Right. / – It’s romantic. I would cry if I went there too. I’d get very emotional. (They realize they’re living busy lives) In hindsight, it doesn’t even matter. I can newly discover myself and pull my thoughts together when I’m on a trip. And Myanmar was a perfect place to do that. This is the last. – Let’s cheer for the Firefighting Tour. / – Okay. I love the atmosphere there. Ready, go. Firefighting Tour, bboom bboom! Nice. (Firefighting Tour in Myanmar is over) I was disappointed that all the shops were closed. – But this street was… / – China Town. It’s a treasure. Is there anything you should be careful for at the festival? There is. You can’t remodel your water gun. – It might be too dangerous. / – Right. – You can’t throw ice. / – You should never do that. You can’t throw any other powder or solid besides water since you could hurt someone. You can’t leave out alcohol on a trip and for festivals. But to have a safe festival, you can’t drink during certain hours of the day. You can’t drink from midnight to 11 a.m. That’s the rule. – From midnight to 11 a.m.? / – And from 2 to 5 p.m. They have prohibition hours. That’s the time to have fun. That’s ridiculous. I’m a grown man. I go on a trip with my own money. But I’m not allowed to drink? Both teams had good food and a lot of fun. Let’s check the cost which is the most important. For the 6 days and 5 nights… – It was 6 days? / – Yes, it was a long trip. The amount we spent in Myanmar for 6 days… The total is? Excluding airfares. – Per person. / – Per person. We spent $985.30. – Okay. / – Alright. – Not bad, right? / – It was double the price of our trip. – It was double. / – Yes. And you need an entry visa, right? You need an entry visa to go to Myanmar. It costs $69 per person. It’s about $70. 80% of what we spent was in Bagan. – The domestic flight costs $250. / – That took up a lot. – And the hot-air balloon is $360 per person. / – That was expensive. – Then you spent $600 on that. / – Yes. If you take that out, the trip doesn’t cost anything. But you can’t take that out. Thailand, Chiang Mai. How much did the Tuhi Trip spend? Excluding airfares. What was the total cost? For 3 days and 2 nights, the Tuhi Trip Tour spent a total of… – A total of? / – Total of? – Per person. / – Per person? – It’s 3 days and 2 nights. / – $219. – That’s just… / – That’s so… This is just so… Great work. Great work. – But they… / – We did it. They slept at the airport. – We slept at a hotel. / – It’s 91 vs. 82. – We’re slightly in the lead. / – Right. We’ll add up the final scores to decide the winner. I’m so nervous. – It was a good trip. / – We had a lot of fun. This is the final vote. Did you enjoy the Firefighting Tour and feel you want to visit Myanmar… Or will you visit Thailand and enjoy the Songkran Festival just like the Tuhi Trip? Please vote! (What will the judges choose?) Will it be the Firefighting Tour in Thingyan, Myanmar, that let it all go and enjoyed the festival? Will it be the Tuhi Trip in Songkran, Thailand, the Mecca of those who love water festivals? What did the judges choose? Here we go. This is a lighting system that you can only see on “Immortal Songs” and Battle Trip. Here we go. We’ll start with the first digit. – Is it the last digit? / – We got over 100. – The last digit? / – That’s the way. That’s the way. No! What’s going on? What’s going on? No! What’s going on? We won! We won! You were the special host for 3 weeks, Suji. How was it? I got to learn about great trip locations and received lots of good information. I also know how to enjoy festivals now. Now all I need to do is go off on a trip. I’d like to greet you again from a trip location. – Let me be a trip planner. / – I see. – I really want to go. / – With who? I’d like it to be a guy. We can’t do that unless you’re married. I’m sorry. I really want to go on a trip. Okay. We showed you local and international festivals over the past 5 weeks. We’ll be back with a new special. That’s right. We’ll see you with a new special next week. The world is your school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (Next episode) Oh, my. How nice. – Isn’t it so pretty? / – This is insane. (Kyoto, Japan vs. Hangzhou, China) It’s a 400-year-old island. You can’t help but take photos. It’s different during the day and night. What is that? I love Hangzhou. The best to see in Kyoto. – Okay, I’ll look forward to it. / – No one knows about it. This is so funny. This is amazing. It’ll be an incredible trip. (Battle Trip) (“Long Journey’s End” by Peppertones)

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  19. Songkran/Thingyan is not originated neither in Myanmar nor Thailand. It’s from ancient India but in India there is no water splashing tradition like Southeast Asia. “Sankrānti” in Sanskrit means “transmigration of the sun from a constellation (of any zodiac) to the next” so Sankranti can occur 12 times a year as solar cycle in Hindu calendar.

    Southeast Asian nations adopted only “Meša Sankrānti” which means “the transmigration of the sun from Meša (Aries♈️) to Vršabha (Taurus♉️)” which occurs around mid-April, the beginning of harvest season, to be the beginning of new year and simply call it “Sankrānt” pronounced differently in each languages:
    🇹🇭 “Song-kran” in Thai
    🇱🇦 “Sang-khan” in Lao
    🇨🇳 “Sang-khan” in Dai (Yunnan)
    🇰🇭 “Sang-kran” in Khmer
    🇲🇲 “Thing-gyan” in Burmese
    🇲🇲 “Thong-kran” in Arakanese (Rakhine)

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  24. aww watching this makes me wish so hard for 6VIXX to have been there. N was battling them alone till hongbin came but imagine if the whole VIXX squad was there firing water at the tourists. Not only would they look like a group of hot wet guys storming the streets but imagine the chaos they will bring about xD just imagining leo, and ken there is gonna be insane.

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    Hongbin: I’ll open the door and splash a bucket , wait I shouldn’t say that

    N: Calm down lets calm our anger

    They was getting pissed off I love it 😂😂

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