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Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.83: Bali Tour with Choi Dongseok & Park Jiyoon [ENG/THA/2018.04.01]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.83: Bali Tour with Choi Dongseok & Park Jiyoon [ENG/THA/2018.04.01]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hwijae, Special host, Jung Sia) Travel is war! Battle Trip! Our special host for this week is… Goodness. It’s Jung Sia! Hello. – Welcome. / – Hello, I’m Jung Sia. Thank you for having me as a special host. I’m so happy to be here again. There’s a reason we have Sia as the host here today. The real deal is here. Today is about good tourist destinations for couples. That’s why I’m here. You know my husband and I are famous lovebirds. – You call yourself that? / – How embarrassing. Acknowledged. – It’s a bit embarrassing. / – Acknowledged. The concept for today… I’m not sure. – Would it be relatable? / – That’s true. – I worry about that. / – It’s a relief because… The production staff who are single said they wanted to get married after watching today’s trip designers. They say they really felt that. – Really? / – Yes. They’re married but think of these trips as good for dating couples. That’s the kind of course that they designed. We have amazing guests for today’s episode. Since it’s a trip for couples, we have actual married couples that designed today’s trips. Here are the four trip designers for today. – Please come on out. / – Come on! Welcome. They’re really married. Hello. They’re real married couples. I love going on family trips. But Park Jiyoon’s family go on trips really often. I guess we’ll be able to see her know-how with this trip. Going on trips just the two of you… – The opportunity to do that… / – It’s not easy. – We don’t get many. / – Right? Since there’s no one to mind the kids. I heard this was a meaningful trip for you though. Actually, I was on paternity leave. I’ve been taking care of our children for a while. It was great to go on a trip alone with Jiyoon after a long time. This is his first TV appearance after the paternity leave. First after the leave. – Congratulations. / – Congratulations. How long have you been on paternity leave? It’s been a year. So you lived only as a father… – Just child care? / – For the whole year? – Yes. / – You took care of the house? For real. This is something… – You can’t begin to imagine. / – That’s right. Not everyone can do this. He deserves an award. – It’s been a year… / – I didn’t push him into it. Since I’ve met this many people. – That breaks my heart. / – I feel like crying. – I’m going to cry. / – That makes me look so bad. He said he wanted a break. So I told him to take responsibility. But that’s not taking a break. – It’s a lot harder. / – They have two children. Doing the housework, taking the kids to school… – And support your wife. / – I bet… You became closer to your kids. We were very close already but we’ve become even closer. Even when I’m out for work like this, I miss my children. The children look for their dad every morning. It must upset you a little? Yes. They keep asking for their dad. – With their mom right there. / – I tell them I’m their mom. – I gave birth to you. / – Mom. And we have Zin Taehyun and Park Sieun here. I heard this was their first trip as a couple. – Really? / – I thought you’d travel a lot. – We… / – How did that happen? Just the two of us… We didn’t even go on a honeymoon. So we really wanted to have the best time, just the two of us. Must’ve been great. Well… – It could be great. / – Since they don’t have kids. – That’s right. / – It must’ve felt like dating. It could feel like when you’re dating but if you have different likes, you could have a real big fight. You’re so pessimistic. It’s because… You must’ve fought a lot. – Not a lot. / – He’s so pessimistic. When was the last time you had a fight, Hwijae? Yesterday? It wasn’t yesterday. – This morning? / – No, no. Don’t be like that. Did you guys ever fight and not talk to each other? We don’t fight. You’ve never fought for the past 3 years? Sometimes, we get upset and so on… – But fighting… / – He admits his wrong real fast. He admits his mistakes right away? – Yes. / – That’s right. I’m curious about where they went. Sia, where do you want to go? I’ve never been on a trip alone with my husband since the honeymoon. Goodness. I’ve never been. Going on a trip without the kids? I’ve never even thought about it. Hwijae, where would you go? Where would you go if you can go alone? – Alone? / – Yes. – If you go alone. / – So many places. I can go anywhere if it’s alone. – I’d be so… / – Okay then. About with your wife? Where would I go? Alright then. Therefore, experts in traveling, Park Jiyoon and Choi Dongseok chose which location for their trip? I’m curious. I’m so curious. It’s important for us to have fun but we have our duty as trip designers. So I wanted to go to a place I’ve been before. Luckily, there was a place where both of us went to twice. When we had our first and were exhausted with child care. So our parents begged us to go on a trip. – Really? / – We didn’t plan anything and… – Just you two? / – Just left for Bali. Yes. It was so great. We have a very good memory of the place. – So it’s your third time? / – Yes. Bali. Bali is very famous for honeymoons. That’s nice. Since it’s a famous tourist attraction, I was worried their trip would be predictable. But if they’re this attached to it… – Since they’ve been a few times… / – Right. They could’ve found someplace new there. I guarantee, when you see this, you’ll be surprised that such places exist in Bali. – We love things like that. / – You’ll be shocked. There are a lot of things that women would love. What about you two? – You’ve never taken a trip together. / – Yeah. I wonder where you chose to go. We went to a less known place because we wanted to introduce it to you. – It’s Penang in Malaysia. / – Penang. – Penang? / – Penang. – I’ve never heard of that place. / – Penang. Why did you choose Penang? In fact, we like to walk a lot. So… – I thought it’d be too boring to just rest. / – Right. So I wanted to go some place where we can do sightseeing and move around. I wanted a place that has a lot to see and enjoy. Penang was perfect for that. And Sieun’s sister recommended it. She lived in Malaysia for a long time. So you got a recommendation. It’s very unique. They have various cultures. They have the culture of England, India, China and Malaysia mixed in that small island. The food must be good. – The food was really good. / – The food… That means… We could be hearing about a Penang baby. Well… The birth name could be Penang. – Penang. / – That’s cute. Why are your eyes so wide, Taehyun? They’re not. It’s time to watch their trips. Even though they went on a trip together, their memories may differ. – Right. / – Even with the same experiences. So we divided the men and women in separate rooms. To ruin their relationships as much as possible. They had different ideas. So we get upset after watching the footage? When I’m with Sikyung and Hwijae… There were times when I couldn’t get through to them. – What? / – It’s such a great thing. I feel like it’s so great but they… That wedding shoot by yourself? – Huh? / – The wedding photos. When I did the self-wedding. – I was really moved by that. / – That was great. It was so good. – It was really good, wasn’t it? / – Yes, totally. I saw it. It was so good. They just don’t understand. What’s good about a self-wedding? It was great. What’s good about it? Go and watch the Manchester derby. When you’re the prettiest… – When you’re younger… / – People take them. This is perfect. – It’s nice. / – Hurry up. Let’s divide the teams. Alright then. I hope many people would want to get married after watching these couple’s trips. Shall we? – Move to our rooms? / – Divide up. – Let’s go. / – Then first… – The men first. / – Choi Dongseok… And Park Jiyoon’s Bali trip. Let’s watch that first. Men, this way. Ladies, enjoy the footage. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. Hello. I want to get a photo of a lifetime. – I’ll have to take it. / – That’s right. You’re the first couple to go on a trip in Battle Trip. – Are we the first couple? / – Yes. – This is so exciting. / – They’d feel shy. She’s good. We met during the test for anchors. We joined the company at the same time. I met her during the third interview. You two joined the company in the same year? Yes. We met at the training institute. We became attached. She says I used to be annoying. He was reading his scrapbook alone there. So I didn’t want him to pass the test. He wasn’t my type. My husband wasn’t my type either. – But I ended up with him. / – I know. They’ve grown a lot. We’ve experienced that a lot. But going on a trip just the two of us… – Maybe once or twice? / – Less than five times. We went to Bali just the two of us. It was like a honeymoon. It was really… I have great memories from that trip. Bali for us… – Is very special. / – Let’s go there. – Decided on Bali. / – Nice. There’s the Seminyak main road where there’s a lot of restaurants. The place we went to cost about $100. I did some research last night. There’s a good hotel in Ubud. – For two nights… / – It feels like… They’re here at our travel agency. Jiyoon was like a tour guide. Did you do the research yourself? I always do it myself. – I plan out the perfect itinerary. / – That’s amazing. Trees are so beautiful in Bali. The wood products are pretty too. Rattan bags. Trays. – Chopsticks. Spoons. / – We’ll buy as little as possible. What’s a rattan bag? Something big and expensive. – Shopping. / – Must buy them. Rattan bags? I bought 100 cat dolls in Bali. – Cats dolls? / – Wooden cat dolls. Maybe it’s because she’s been on lots of food shows. She’s a food expert. It’s so delicious. (The dish is empty) 220. 220. 220. – Did you go to Ubud? / – Ubud. The traditional market, yes. Photo spot. Photo spot. – She looks so pretty. / – Picture of a lifetime! (Jiyoon is the queen of social media) Dongseok, you like taking pictures, don’t you? Actually, I prefer taking videos to pictures these days. Once we’re there, you might think we have two directors. Goodness! Isn’t that a professional camera? Whose camera is that? – It’s his. / – On all the trips I’ve been on… I’ve never been able to do as I wish. Because I have to do as I’m told. He doesn’t have his own will. Even if I do something on my own, it doesn’t work out. When I tell him to load the luggage, he does. When I tell him to stand up, he does. Wait for me. You were really pretty. Because you’re pretty. It’s like an artwork. A guy… Should walk next to the road. (The hidden romanticist, Choi Dongseok) – Are our opponents a married couple? / – Are they? It’s Zin Taehyun and Park Sieun. They’re not a real married couple yet. I bet they always feel like they’re in paradise. We did a high-five in hell then back up to paradise… Do you want to have a fight on the trip? You’re not fighting, right? We always have a tour name. Since I’m back to work… Then? – Reset Tour? / – Reset Tour? Reset Tour sounds good. It means this tour… – Will reset love and stress… / – Same with work. It’ll be a restart. – Reset Tour. / – Great name. Let’s start with “turn things back.” ??Turn things back ?? ??To before I met you ?? ??To the way I used to be before I met you ?? Let’s go back to when we first met each other. Let’s reset our love. ??Turn things back ?? What was that? – Was that slapstick? / – He did slapstick. My goal is to introduce photo spots that can get 10,000 likes. Concentration, purity, 100%. – So thick. / – It’s pretty even now. My goodness. I’m a little scared of heights. Why is it so high? (We must go there) – What is that? / – There was such a place? – It’s like their honeymoon. / – Your first time, right? It’s so nice. That’s an amazing picture. – It’s really like their honeymoon. / – I want to go. It’s a romantic couple trip. We were holding our hands. It has been my dream to go on a trip like this. A romantic love will well up here. Oh, this… I want to delete this one. Oh, this! You look so hot. – You look really hot. / – Reset Tour. ??Turn things back! ?? I don’t think you need to reset anything. – You two look so happy. / – I know. This is just a preview. What did you pack? Why do you look so down from the beginning? Because he has to carry all the luggage. I packed a few bricks for you. He looks like her manager. He’s her manager. – She walks ahead. / – Wait… Sikyung, that’s what happens. You become a manager when you get married. Except for the plans, your husband does everything. There has to be someone who makes the plans work. And carry the luggage. How many times have you been to Bali? Bali? You’ve been there more than I have. I haven’t traveled to Bali without you. There are people who always ask that. Really? Who did you go to Bali with? Who did you go with without me? What are you saying from the beginning? Have you been anywhere without me? I’m taken aback right now. Does something come to mind? This is just like the last time. That restaurant in front of Kyunghee University. I’ve never been there but you have. It’s still a mystery to me. I have never been there. – Who did you go there with? / – This is why… You always have to say you haven’t been there. You always have to say you don’t know anything. I think this is the best part of traveling. This might be the last moment we’re feeling good. Let’s hurry. Jiyoon, come down now. This is so nice. I love the start of the trip. – Wow. / – He’s carrying her now. How romantic! I’ve never done that before. I should try that too. – The kids always do it so… / – You’ll bust a wheel! – Only children can do it. / – I was jealous. I thought we left the kids but I found a new one. Is that it? Please load the luggage. (Ubud) (Seminyak) (Nusa Dua) (Nusa Dua) It’s so big. (Hahaha) The resort staff thought it’s our honeymoon… – And they prepared all these. / – It’s so nice. I’ve never seen that before. Gosh, look at that. Goodness. It’s too much. – In the bath? / – The bath. Who’s going to clean all this? Isn’t that too much? It’d be a shame if you just clean it and sleep there. I cleaned the bathtub. I ended up with a full basket of petals. Can’t you just use the bathtub like that? Must take photos of this. This is really well made. Since you always make the reservations… – Mr. Park Jiyoon. / – They call me Mr. Park. – It’s a pool right in a front. / – A swimming pool. I’ve never been to a room that is right next to a pool. We have no time to chill, do we? Let’s meet up in the lobby tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. (First day of Park Jiyoon’s trip plan) (Everyone dreams of a vacation in a warm country) So nice. Where are we going? We’re going somewhere far away. A taxi… No need. I prepared something. Are we walking there? I rented a car. Do I have to drive? If you rent a car in Bali, a driver comes with it. – We’re traveling with a driver? / – Yes. For 12 hours. I can’t believe it’s only $40. So cozy. Bali is quite big. So, many people either give up going to different places or move to different hotel. – You’re right. / – I have never done this before… But it was so good. We came all the way to Bali to refresh ourselves from the routine of daily life. Let me show you what’s amazing. We need to overcome our trauma. I don’t want to do anything scary. Let’s not do it. He must be faint-hearted. This can leave us with a photo of a lifetime. – This equals 10,000 likes. / – For a photo? How would you ride that? It was so scary. This is scary? It’s very scary. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Everything looks like a photoshoot. They’re all doing photoshoots. So pretty. (They’re scared now that it’s right in front of them) Mommy! Why is this place still unknown? Many Koreans don’t know about this place. Shouldn’t they do magazine shoots there? If it’s this pretty? It’s a bit… It seems like we have to sign an agreement. A stamp. It’s a little over $35. What do you get for that price? – All-you-can-eat food and drinks. / – You get food? You can also ride the swing as much as you want. So food is included. I thought it cost $30 to just ride a swing. It’d be too expensive for just that. This one is 5m. Yes, 5m. 10m, 15m. I’ll take the 10m one, good for sharing on SNS. That one’s actually less scary. This one’s the scariest. Is this the scary one? I’m more nervous. I don’t think I can do this. My outfit stood out the least there. They all wore dresses. Bravo. – Why? / – You need to wear a dress. – It needs to flutter. / – You must. – That’s right. / – You need to flutter. All for a photo? That place is so popular these days. People wear dresses to take photos. To let their dresses flutter as they take photos. I’m sure he didn’t expect us to go to Bali Swing. Because I’m a little scared of heights. I can’t even go on rollercoaster rides. But this was the thing I wanted to do the most in Bali. – It’s that good? / – If I don’t try it now… I thought I’d never be able to. – Hello. / – You can do this. The staff are very professional. – They adjust your dress for you. / – They adjust it. – So it flutters well. / – Yes. – Ready? / – Yes, I’m ready. Bali Swing! Ah! Mommy! Mommy! Good thing you wore the dress. You look pretty. – Bali Swing. / – She really looks pretty. Bali Swing! They tell you to look left. You have to look when they tell you to. That’s how you get a good photo. They know all about it. Left. – It’s like a commercial. / – Left. (She manages to take the perfect photo in Bali) So beautiful. All for that one photo. You have to frame that one. I did think the photo looked pretty great after I had taken it. The photo came out very nicely. (Laughing) Stop. Never stop. Never stop. Stop it. (The swing soars up to the sky) If you open a dress shop there, you’d rake it in. It’s so popular here. We need to take photos when no one is around. Let’s take one over there. Let’s go into the nest. (Dongseok enters manager mode) (He takes her shoes without being asked to do so) Move back a bit more. Move back more. You have to look at the side. – I want to go to Bali. / – He’s a great photographer. He’s good. It’s so pretty. How about this? That’s perfect for Jiyoon. It was really impressive to see him take the photos and be as excited as her. Stay still. Look at me like you’re in love with me. I can’t trust you. That’s so pretty. They really look like newlyweds. Let’s eat. I have to visit this place. With Ubud… I did some research last night. There’s a famous roasted duck restaurant there. – Is it grilled mineral-fed duck? / – No, it’s not. Is Bali famous for roasted duck? China pops in my head when I think about duck. This roasted duck is different from the one in China. You know the famous tourist spots in Ubud. The temple and the palace. Monkey Forest. You can walk there. (Park Jiyoon’s 10,000 Likes Photo Spots) Roasted ducks sound delicious. Is this the restaurant? – Yeah, it’s here. / – He even gets the door for her. – I know. / – Such a gentleman. We’re only talking about how good the husband is. – Really? / – He’s so good. – That’s what we’ve been saying. / – He’s a one-of-a-kind. – Anything good about me? / – So good. – Excuse me? / – Anything good about me? You’re the worst. Why? I think we can feel everything in Bali here. We can see the lotus flowers and the trees. This has a very traditional vibe. Hi. Our first. So I don’t know what to order. Oh, I know. I research what the restaurant’s signature dishes are. What that restaurant is known for. When I pick a restaurant, I research their popular dishes through SNS and blogs. I look at reviews. – That’s really good. / – I order the best dish. Makes it very easy. – She has the perfect menu. / – When we eat… I let my wife select the dishes. They are perfect for each other. Her orders always taste better than mine. Crispy duck? Have you been here before? And rice. And? And one draft beer. – She knows how to eat. / – When you order food… I’m the happiest. – Didn’t I look happy? / – You do look happy. (Video-calling their kids while waiting for food) Mom. Ian. Oh, right. They have kids. I forgot about the kids. – We forgot too. / – I forgot that you had kids. We are in Yangpyeong. Are you listening to your grandma? Yes, but Dain isn’t listening to grandma. – She’s not? / – She’s not listening to grandma? I should scold Dain. (Dain expresses that that’s false accusation) Mom, if you miss me, come here. Yes, I want to go. I’ll be there. – That must’ve broken your heart. / – They fought. – They’re fine, right? / – He cried and tattled. I completely lost my appetite. Let me eat my meal after I wipe my tears away. This is the crispy duck. Good thing we ordered rice. – Let’s take a photo of the food. / – We should. – Shots from above are the best. / – Here we go. Drone shot. Drone shot. (He films the food and his wife) Jiyoon is taking photos. My husband is taking a video. Welcome to Reset Tour. – Welcome to Bali. / – You need a proof shot. (Sweet) Don’t talk to me now. Let’s try it without the sauce. Just the clean flavor of duck. That looks good. That’s… Does she offer you the good parts first? My wife eats all the good parts. That’s a bit… You’re the worst. – What? / – What is this? The Joseon Dynasty? Just eat first. I made sure it wasn’t poisoned. I ate it first to make sure it wasn’t poisoned. I shouldn’t say this but my wife separates the bones for me. That’s too mean. (I like you, duck) Sambal sauce is famous here. It’s the spicy sauce with chili peppers. – And the onion sauce. / – Onions. This one looks sweet. It looks like bean paste. This is so good. It’s better with the sauce. I’ll eat it with the chili pepper sauce and the rice. It’s good. The third one is the onion sauce. Onion sauce. My gosh, you do love to eat. – You’re the best. / – It looks so good. Try it with the rice. When it’s really good, she has this unique expression while chewing. I personally call that expression, Spinning Windmill. She chews like a spinning windmill. Like this. She eats so well. I love it when people enjoy food. So do I. – You should eat well. / – On a certain show… – Hwang Gyoik… / – You should chomp it down. – Right. / – Does this when something tastes good. My wife does the same thing. That means it’s really good. When she does those things, it means it’s good. They are a married couple of 9 years indeed. You’re the best eater. You’re only eating the skin. – Isn’t that the best part? / – It is good, yes. Should we check out the dish you ordered? Everything I do is a fail. It’s better to follow her lead. Whenever he wants to try something, it never tastes good. I fail 100%. Those are ribs, right? (They are ordinary barbecue ribs) My gosh, Dongseok… – He went with a safe choice. / – Right. You ought to eat it with your hands. The interesting thing is that only Jiyoon eats with her hands. Dongseok uses his fork. Fork and spoon. He’s very refined. – He eats so quietly. / – It’s good as soon as I tasted it. She really loves food. Muslims don’t eat pork, right? But people in Bali believe in Hinduism. Seriously… We don’t feed each other food or anything like that. Couples who’ve been married for 3 months do that. I think newlyweds who don’t eat much can order two dishes. She can’t eat much because she’s gotten old. – She’s eating less? / – Yes. – It was incredible. / – During her peak? Of course. Before our first child was born, we went to a barbecue. The owner looked at the bill and said… “Something is wrong here.” Where? He thought there was a mistake. We ate about 7 or 8 servings. – He couldn’t believe that we did. / – Excuse me. You’re not badmouthing her, right? She said her ears are burning. Were you badmouthing her? Not bad. – It’s 1:30 p.m. / – 1:30 pm. Since Bali is an island of deities, there are a lot of temples. I heard there’s this beautiful temple. We can visit the temple. We ought to shop at the traditional market. We can buy a bag for Dain and traditional clothes for Ian. Look at his face. And mine. Just a little. Ubud is cheaper than other cities in the South. That’s why we should do most of our shopping here. I will try hard to stop you from buying. Try it if you can. I can get 10,000 likes with just a photo in this spot. We were near the center of Ubud. From that restaurant, you can walk… To the famous temple and market. Unexpected, right? They’re good at highlighting the uniqueness of Bali. – That’s so intriguing. / – The Starbucks was famous. The Starbucks here is one of the 10 most unique Starbucks in the world. – The tradition… / – It feels like Bali. And modernity comes together. – They’re lotus flowers. / – They’re so pretty. We went there when the lotus flowers were blooming. It’s the perfect time right now. Lotus flowers bloom in February. We came at the perfect time. They’re so pretty. And this bridge is the highlight here. – Seriously. / – So pretty. Photo spot. – A good spot for photos. / – Photo spot. You only went to beautiful places. (They are taking photos again) When we stand over there, we can have the temple as the backdrop. Make sure you get the bridge… – And the lotus flowers. / – Hand me the camera. The photo looks great here. Does it? I’ll do four poses. Are we done? How do I look? You’re a professional. You could take pretty outfits because it was just the two of you. – You’d need pants with your kids. / – With kids… – That’s right. / – Since you need to sit down. – That’s great. / – It’s beautiful. Please keep your feet together. Are you doing ballet? Make your feet straight. You look like you’re 185cm tall. My height is 184cm. Right here. This is the second photo spot. Make me look like a lotus girl. I will cup my face. There are specific things that ladies want in their photos. – Background, body proportion… / – Great photographer. – They like the balance. / – He’s really good. Have your husband meet with mine, so he can… – Teach my husband. / – He’ll tutor him. – Right. / – Seriously. The moment I saw the photo, I could feel it was Bali. It was like the meaning of our trip was signified in the photo. I just took the photos the way she wanted. The photos I want to take… And the photos she wants are definitely different. (Despite their differences, they look affectionate) We get to take selfies because the kids aren’t with us. Seriously, we don’t have many photos of just us. – The kids. / – They look so affectionate. When I go on trips, I always take photos first. – The scenery there is so pretty. / – Pretty, right? It’s amazing. The view itself relaxes me. You can relax there for a bit. I really should visit Bali. – If we continue on this road… / – So much to buy here. There’s so much to buy. It’s the Mangnidan-gil or Hongdae of Ubud. – It’s just getting popular. / – It’s rising in popularity. You can find everything here. Everything. It’s like a country market… Women love it because it’s cost-effective. That bag looks so pretty. I hate it. I hate it the most. She has the exact same one at home. That’s so cute. Hello. Don’t you think Dain will like this one in pink? Excuse me. How much is this? – You need to shop here. / – 300? Discount. 100? 250. – Oh, no, no, no. / – 200. How much is that? 3? What? – How much is that? / – The zeros at the back… Just remove them. So the 200,000… 20… No. It’s 20,000. 20,000? Something like this. (Jiyoon likes the plates made of pineapple trees) This is beautiful. How much is this? 120. 120? They do look pretty. How many are you going to buy? (She enters the store) It has started. (The wooden tray costs 250,000 rupiah) The soundtrack for Jason Bourne is playing. But you need to bargain a lot here. – You have to offer half the price. / – That’s right. It’s okay to go as low as 30%. 430. 430. 430. Okay, 430. – Do you want something else? / – No, no. 430. After so much bargaining, I forgot how much discount I got. Right? You could’ve given more. Thank you. Have a good day. Going from 560 to 430. Isn’t it pretty good? When the episode airs… Please write on the forum. – The right price. / – We could be called stupid. Shopping here is thrilling. Let’s not buy more plates now. – Plates? / – Yes. I’m a married woman. What could I buy if not plates? Huh? These look pretty. You must buy it. I bought it too. I bought that. Ian, Dain, you and me. It’s the four of us. We need a set of four, what else? The cupboard is full of plates. Why buy that? I know. How much is this? 350. 200. – 250. / – 220. – 220. / – 250. 220. You can buy it. So you just need to haggle. 220. So you bought it for $16. – It was around that much. / – Bought for $16. Good price. Thank you very much. Thank you. Have a good day. – You haggled. / – I got around half off. You did but… But she smiled so brightly as she sold it. But they need to make a living too. Let’s buy Dain and Ian’s presents. We only bought mine. This one is made of wood. This is beautiful. I’m not sure. How does it smell? I don’t smell anything. That market looks really interesting. – I should really visit Bali. / – I want to go there. – They sell handicrafts there. / – Handicrafts. They are really cheap. I want to visit Bali to shop. Everything there is beautiful. What about that one? The Avengers? It’s cute but… The guitar? I don’t think they’ll like it. I can’t understand their psychology. I understand they like those cute things… But will they ever use them? We do. – Of course we do. / – We use them. – I’m putting it to good use. / – The pineapple plate. What do we need to buy next? Next? No one shops according to a plan. (Excited, sick of it) (Scanning with her sharp eyes) It’s like Bali work pants. Mark my words. You won’t wear them in Seoul. This is what I think. When you travel… They don’t cost much. Cheaper than Korea. I’ve never regretted it after buying. Why buy them? I won’t wear them. I tried them on but they were for women. They don’t even fit. Why did she buy them? She should’ve checked the size for me to wear them. I could’ve worn them at home, at least. That was stupid. I think we bought enough. There it is. My hands… My hands are already in pain. The blood isn’t circulating. (Thank you for your help) We’ll wrap up here for shopping. Let’s end it here. (Calculating the total amount) (Total, $97 approximately) I got so excited when I visited that market. I kept buying so much… And they… Bows. They sold bows there. – Bows? / – Bows. – The bows. / – Bows? They were so pretty so I got a discount. I bought a bow and around 8 arrows. – It cost around $12. / – That’s cheap. – That’s so cheap. / – It got confiscated at the airport. – Why? / – Guns, canons and bows aren’t allowed. Since it was a weapon. In Bali, you have to visit a restaurant where you can enjoy the view of the rice paddies. At first, I didn’t understand that. He thought it meant there wouldn’t be any view. – Rice paddies? / – Bali is a granary. – There are many rice paddies. / – Oh, right. Like an ocean view… – You need to see it. / – It’s a rice field. – That’s interesting. / – We should take a photo… With that as the backdrop. If that’s what you want, shouldn’t we just go to Yeoju? – That’s right. / – For some reason, it’s peaceful. The palm trees suit the fields. That was with Tim. (You have to see from above to see the rice paddies) That’s so pretty. – This is the one we went to. / – Since… Wow, that’s nice. It seems more dramatic. It’s a good spot to just zone out. (A place for the photo of a life time) That’s a popular shot. You finally took that photo. We’re here… – But it’s raining. / – It’s raining. But it’s pretty here. It has a classical grace. It’s pretty. It’s my first time seeing a paddy like this in Bali. Same for me. – I’ve seen plain rice field. / – Before… It looked like Gimpo. Say that again. Does this look anything like Gimpo? No, this is different. It’s worth the visit, right? I’d like to go down there if it didn’t rain. There are a lot of cafes that overview the rice terrace. – We took a break there. / – Hold on. What’s happening? – She needs to take a photo. / – Of course. That’d be hard for me. The rain will get in our drinks. Hashtag Ubud, view of the rice terrace. You took a great photo. – I did, didn’t I? / – Yes. The red watermelon looks so appetizing. You need that kind of composition. Isn’t the best part about traveling the unpredictability? The rain wasn’t part of our itinerary today. Trips never go according to plan. Just seeing this view makes me happy. Should we watch the sunset here? It’s raining. How can we see the sunset? – After it rains… / – In the sky… I see dark clouds. Clouds over there are starting to clear away. Why are you so pessimistic? The sun will set soon. I want to go down there. Would it be too muddy? Your feet will get stuck. (Dongseok feels lazy but his feeling is disregarded) The sun is out. I was right. The sun came out. Excuse me. Wait for me. Madam. Wait for me. Follow me. Can’t you walk in front of her for once? Please. I’m sort of like… – A guy in the 70s. / – I should go tell this to her. I’m sorry to interrupt, but can your husband walk in front just once? No, no. My back looks pretty so he must be behind me. Can you see anything down there? Did we come all the way to the bottom? I want this kind of photo. I will stand on the edge. Make sure you include the steps and me. (Wobbling) Oh, no. (He leans back for the perfect composition) I got it. That looks cool. You’re really experienced with photos. I’m like a machine. – These look great. / – We’re done. Let’s go. – Why are you so rushed? / – Let’s go. We can’t take a prettier photo than this. We went there because she wanted to. But I don’t think it was worth going down there. After going down there… I realized that it was better seeing it from the top. That’s a great tip. It looked like Yangpyeong down there. How is it… – Why? / – It’s different. – Why take photos there? / – Isn’t it so pretty? We took the time to go down there. But I suggest you stay up the top. – I recommend you go down. / – Right? – You need to go down there. / – You do. You must go down. I think I’m seeing your face too much today. – Now… / – I’m getting tired of it now. – I need a break. / – Let’s take a rest. Mothers would love this. Saying how good a husband he is. (The 2nd morning of the trip) What’s that? (He’s doing a morning foot massage for her) I can’t believe this. I’m so jealous. What are you doing? – This isn’t right. / – That’s so not right. He’s great with foot massages. I find it difficult to get up in the morning. – He’s so awesome. / – That’s so great. (Foot massage full of love) (Wary) We have a lot to do today. – But today… / – I made the plans for today. I’m so anxious. You’ve never planned anything before. Have you ever? My husband planned for this day. I was really worried. My wife usually takes care of all the planning. So I have no clue what’s going to happen on the trip. I enjoy traveling with the family but I’m anxious. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I was a little dissatisfied about that. He doesn’t realize how much responsibility it is. I want to tell him to enjoy the present. – Isn’t that the charm of traveling? / – That’s the charm. I wish someone would plan it all for me. So pretty. My husband, Choi Dongseok. Think of him as having no sense of identity. He loads the luggage when I tell him to. He’s my husband and my porter. Airports are always nice. – Jiyoon married well. / – Gets up when I tell him. Whatever I try, it fails. Wait for me. I’m going to try and plan the day. I hope he did well. A romantic couple’s trip. A memorable romantic couple’s trip. – It’s hot. / – That’s so hot. I planned an amazing course for today. (He will do anything for her) (Annoyed) (Annoyed) I’m going insane. I should’ve planned it! My trust for you has never been so low. I’m going to murder you. The day begins with photos. An ordinary morning in Bali. You’re not shooting your husband, right? – You’re shooting the food, right? / – Yes, the food. We tell our husbands to get out of the shot. To move their hands. Nice picture. (I need to do it right now) Since we’re in Bali, we’re going to take wedding photos. – Who will? / – In Bali style. (What?) We are. (Worried, what if she doesn’t like it?) He even drinks with two hands. That’s so pitiful. We ate nasi goreng when we first dated. Our first date? At Apgujeong. I don’t think so. I remember it being Pyeongchang-dong. – What’s going on? / – Their memories are different. What’s with Apgujeong? We ate paella in Pyeongchang-dong. Forget your remind wedding! Everyone, I got scolded plenty behind the camera. – I got scolded plenty. / – I feel so sorry for him. That’s terrible editing. They’re here already. You keep eating. I’ll go and meet them. – I’m worried. / – Don’t worry. – I’m worried. / – A wedding company came? My husband planned a remind wedding. It was a Bali style wedding. There are a lot of shiny things. – Forget your remind wedding! / – Bali style… He even chose the outfits. I had no idea. Outfits are important to women. I wanted to plan a romantic trip that could capture a woman’s heart. I planned it but I was so anxious on the day. I was worried that she might get mad. And she might not like it. (The first thing he prepared is remind wedding photos) It will become good memories later. It’ll be great for when you’re feeling down. – Being reminded of that time. / – It so doesn’t suit you. It’s really funny. He even got makeup done. Is that an actual Bali traditional outfit? (Dongseok can’t take his eyes off Jiyoon) (You look so pretty to me) It really suits you. He must have fallen in love with you again. No, he kept saying that in case I didn’t like it. – He’s being wary. / – What? He’s being wary. (Jiyoon is in pain because the staff is nervous) – You okay? / – Okay. They put thousands of pins in my hair. I think it was also their first time doing this. I don’t know why I’m so restless. Did you prepare this because you want to fight me? (So wary) You’re so pretty no matter what you wear. I love those compliments. You think that will forgive you? I’m worried this is getting out of hand. I apologize. (Jiyoon is almost done) Your hair must have been really heavy. They put on a really big wig. Doesn’t this look good on me? It really does look good on her. She didn’t like it at first. But she started to like it while she was being dressed up. After I was dressed up, I looked like a native. – A native? / – It really suited me. You’re like a Bali princess. The people at the resort are staring at me. Everyone at the resort… Taking photos. They thought I was putting on a show. – You know the people you take photos with? / – Yes. With traditional outfits. I’m embarrassed. It’s a temple here. They even provide a photographer. – It’s a photographer. / – He’s a real pro. I’ve never been so popular. Even a Hollywood star wouldn’t be so popular. People are taking a lot of photos. Everyone at the resort waited in a line to take photos with me. You’re sweating, aren’t you? – It must be so hot. / – She’s wiping his sweat away. You’d sweat. (Newlyweds of 9 years) (They even try a Bali wedding pose) Isn’t this pose like an old textbook pose? You’re so old school. (His wife is only 1 year younger than him) – He even told us how to pose. / – Bali style. Since we don’t know what Bali weddings are like. – It was different to our poses. / – Right. (Thinking hard) (Wary) (They know each other to the core) (This is what a seasoned married couple is like) I feel like a techno female warrior. He wants us to hold hands. It really suits you. Since the outfits are fancy. You want photos like that. Check out the water. (I’ll never let go of this hand) (Just trust me and follow me) Did you really want to do it or did you want to do it for her? – I wanted to do it for her. / – Right? – No guy wants to take those photos. / – Of course. (Dongseok wants a different photo) (Recreating their wedding photo) That’s our wedding photo. Doing the same pose. (They both changed a lot as time passed) (But please love each other like you always have) – They were so young. / – I’m a little sad. My husband hates traditional clothes the most. And he hates dressing warmly and sweating. He even hates wearing hats. But he did everything for me. – He did it for his wife. / – Husbands are props. It’s not a wedding photo if it’s focused on the guy. That’s only for Jung Woosung. You’re right about that. Weddings and wedding photos are for brides. – I keep falling for Dongseok. / – Me too. – Right? / – I also became Dongseok’s fan. Should we create a fan club? (Dongseok’s Romantic Couple Trip) (Traditional Bali cuisine) You were really pretty. I think Bali suits me well. I thought it would be comfortable and relaxing… – Since the kids aren’t here. / – Yes, I thought so too. I wanted to go to the spa. But it’s like we’re in boot camp. It’s better with the kids. I think it’s better with the kids. You have to take breaks if you’re with kids. But it was actually hard traveling like this. Really? (They’re here to fill their stomachs after the shoot) – The restaurant is really big. / – It’s big. Bali’s babi guling. – The crispy skin and moist meat? / – Yes. We’ll have babi guling and one other dish of your choice. One? Can’t I order two? (Back to being Jiyoon’s photographer) (Scanning the menus with hawk eyes) (Placing a big order) (After ordering the food, they start chatting) Is that a new necklace? Yesterday, after we had coconut ice cream… – The store in front. / – That’s why you took so long. She must’ve thought he wouldn’t notice. I should’ve just said it was from home. Women think men don’t notice things. But we do notice. We know when you cut your bangs. (The drinks arrive just on time) The lid opens. The coconut ice cream we had was really good. Let’s go again. (They had ice cream after shopping yesterday) This is so good. In Ubud, there’s this really good coconut ice cream shop. Wait a minute. Give me just one sip. He’s so pitiful. – They should just buy two. / – Seriously! Want to take separate flights on the way home? – Do you like coconuts? / – I love coconuts. – Did you not know? / – I had no idea. I’ve loved it my whole life. What do you know about me? What’s my favorite ice cream? Coconut ice cream. I think the coconut ice cream we had was real good. Let’s buy one. – Coconut ice cream. / – No. I like vanilla ice cream. You and I don’t get along. – You’re being untrue to yourself. / – I am not. (My lips are so dry) I know your favorite food. – What is it? / – You like sushi the best. (He feels upset for some reason) – I got it, didn’t I? / – Yes, you did. (The staff give Dongseok a chance to recover) Her favorite song? Song? What about her favorite movie? – Movie. / – Movie? I don’t know either. This will turn into a huge fight. – He has no interest in her. / – Favorite movie… Oh. It’s a romantic comedy. She likes “Sex and the City.” And “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” – I survived. / – Is he right? “Notting Hill?” Did he get it right? It’s the same writer. – Goodness. / – She’s being untrue to herself. Did he get it? (You can find out when the show airs) I’m so curious. It’s not like he said “Mad Max.” (Surprised) That’s not ours, right? – It’s a whole pig. / – That’s it. That’s how it’s served? That’s not ours, right? (They show it first, then cook it) (First time having babi guling?) They’ll cut it in front of you, then serve it. – Wow. / – They show it to you if you’re curious to see. – That looks so good. / – How many servings is that? – It can serve 10 people. / – 10 people? In Bali, they traditionally eat the whole roasted pig. The skin is crispy. It’s crispy like chips. That looks delicious. There are two of them. It’s like chips. (Crunch) (Crunch) It’s so crispy. It’s kind of like pork hocks. It’s not gamey at all. All the fat’s gone too. There’s tender meat. The meat is like boiled meat. You eat so well. – It’s like a curry sauce. / – Isn’t it good? It’s good. It reminds me of the windmill. The meat is so tender. The skin is so crispy like chips. Kids will love it too. I’m so happy because I get to do things that I couldn’t do because of the kids. (I agree) We always cater to the kids. We go to a zoo. We eat something that’s not spicy. Food without chili powder. We can’t go to a restaurant that serves spicy dishes. You can’t eat hot soup often. Try this. This salad with hot pepper. I think… I’ll put tender babi guling on rice… And add chili sauce. Maybe it’s because you went on many food shows but you’re an expert. Actually, my wife and I have different tastes. When I eat… I don’t like adding sauce to my food. I like the natural flavor of food. But my wife loves adding a lot of sauce. She loves marinated ribs. She tells me to add sauce to everything. But I don’t like that. Whether he likes it or not, I want to let him know. It’s his choice. But I never force him to eat it my way. If Dongseok went there alone, he wouldn’t know. – Right. / – He’d just eat it how it is. – But you tell him everything. / – My husband… Is the type to eat cup noodles in the hotel if he travels alone. And never come out. Try the shrimp I chose. You have to eat seafood in Bali. Bali is famous for seafood so I ordered some. – So meaty. / – Looks so delicious. That looks delicious. (They eat diligently for their next schedule) I’m hungry. – Right? / – Yes. What’s the best thing you had so far? Everything’s so good. The sambal sauce. Can’t you just say it was the one I chose? – The babi guling. / – Yes. – The babi guling. / – Yes. I’ll have babi guling again next time. Two plates of babi guling. This isn’t something that should be shared. I’m full. You’re full? What did you eat before you met me? Did you eat at all? Your waist was 27 inches when we first met. You were so skinny. You were too skinny. After I met you, in 6 months… You gained 7kg. My waist became over 30 inches. That’s why your mom approved of me without asking any questions. My mom always wanted to make me gain weight. You were the first woman who made it possible. You need to lose weight now. – When you were dating? / – Yes. – Because you had to eat with her. / – Amazing. My mother loved that. – Because she ate well? / – Yes. When couples go on a trip, they usually feed each other at least once. But you guys never do that. I love that. – Alright. Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Should we take a photo? We finished everything. We ate our fill so now we’ll head to the beach for yoga. Where does he upload all that? – Social media? / – He saves it for himself. For his personal collection? He loves watching it alone. (They’re planning their trip) I want to try yoga. (Right?) There’s a famous yoga center in Bali. (It’s a place where you can relax) I think this is really nice. I wanted to enjoy the relaxation and yoga in Bali. I couldn’t try it before because of the kids. – Didn’t it get famous because of the movie? / – Right. – “Eat Pray Love.” / – And yoga. – For Jiyoon, it’s eat, eat… / – And eat some more. My wife loves yoga. On a nice beach, under the hot sun, with the ocean as the backdrop… That’s what I imagined. (Was beach yoga successful?) Why did I sign up for this? Is it just for the two of you? I thought it’d be peaceful yoga. That’s what I pictured but what we did was quite advanced. (12-minute drive from restaurant to beach) (A picturesque ocean unfolds) (You can do yoga while enjoying nature) (Seminyak Beach) – I feel like I can do yoga well here. / – I think so too. Hello. It’s $31 for two people. Did you two prepare that? Or is there a program? Each hotel has a yoga program. And this is a famous place. (They stretch before they start) Aren’t seated yoga poses easy? That’s what you think. (That looks easy) (Put your hands together and raise above your head) (This is easy) (However) (Starting to grunt) Can you feel the burn? I’m basically a log. I’m totally stiff. (This is meant to be romantic yoga) (Fascinated) We must’ve looked interesting. Tourists took our picture. You get your photos taken everywhere. (Just then) – It’s raining. / – It’s suddenly raining. What should we do? Everything I do is a fail. – It’s raining a lot. / – It rained a lot. I thought it was fail. If it rains and time gets delayed… What’s the most important schedule? It’s watching the sunset. If we miss that, the trip doesn’t end on a good note. So I was really anxious. (The rain stopped as if it understood Dongseok) I was so hot so I made it rain. Amazingly, the rain stopped. Even my dad born in 1937 doesn’t make those jokes. – He’s a great guy but tells lame jokes. / – Amazingly… The rain stopped when you said it would. I told you it’d stop at 4 p.m. Are you a weather fairy or weather monster? – It’s nice because it’s cool now. / – It is. The waves are amazing. (The sky is clear too) I’ll go below. – I’m nervous. / – That’s really painful. (The instructors raise both feet) (Argh) (Smile) (Smile) Smile. Jiyoon’s skilled at yoga. – She’s really flexible. / – She really is. Isn’t it great to do that together? Not the moves you practice but the ones you do together are fun. I don’t think I’ve ever touched soles with my husband. Was it awkward when you kissed or when you touched soles? I felt nervous when our soles touched. He’s so cool the way he makes an effort for his wife. Come down. – He’s so stiff. / – Come down. Goodness. Why did I sign up for this? You must not work out much. I’m no good at stretching. (They need to be stuck to one another for this pose) That pose feels really good. This is a great program. Look at their faces. (Their love grows as the yoga session continues) Look at your partner. You must do that pose. (Jiyoon and Dongseok gaze at each other) Excuse me, please look at me. You’re supposed to look at me. – If I do, I will lose my balance. / – The instructor said to. (They try again) Look. Look at me. Looking at you is the hardest. Looking at you is the hardest. Do you want another partner? – No… / – You keep glaring at me. No. I’ll fall if I turn my head. I lose my balance because it’s too funny. It was so funny when we met eyes so I couldn’t keep my balance. Such a pretty picture. I love this yoga program. Thank you. Thank you. You know that I’m not flexible at all. I’m always stressed out but this relaxes my muscles. How did I look with the pose? Did I look good? You were better than the instructor. Please don’t. I will make a nice video of this. What’s wrong? He’s always complimenting her. So great to see. (I keep looking at you, you’re so pretty) This is the end. Was it too short? This is a work of art. – You look great. / – I can tell he loves Jiyoon. – Right? / – Yes. – He could complain and whine by then. / – Yeah. – And say to stop. / – Right. – But he does what she wants to the end. / – So nice. Let’s take a couple photo to commemorate. – W? / – W. One side first. We’ll do the left side first. My goodness. – Don’t let go of my hand. / – He’s Choi-sama. He does kind of look like Yon-sama. They must like that. – If you look at it like that… / – Smile. Look at the camera and smile. Smile. I really want to try that. – They look so good together. / – Yes. Let’s just break up. We’ve come too far to break up. The last thing to do is watch the sunset. The sun is over there. – It’s really cloudy right now. / – Within an hour… Or an hour and a half, the sun will go down. We’re going to face there when we watch the sunset. That side? – It’s cloudy over there. / – It’s clear over there. – Do you not trust me? / – No. Let’s go over there and watch the sunset. We should enjoy our last night over there. I’ve never distrusted you this much until now. They bicker but it’s so nice to see. – You’re right. / – Let’s do this as our final pose. Whoever can’t get up pays for dinner. Reset Tour. – To watch the sunset. / – Reset Tour. – They seem like friends. / – Let’s go! Geez, Dongseok. My wife’s going to nag me if she sees this. I’m in big trouble. The husbands are in danger. (Dongseok’s Romantic Couple Trip) (A bar with a beautiful sunset) I’m a bit worried. What if you can’t see the sunset? It rained while we were doing yoga so we were behind our schedule. The sun was about to set. – What is this? / – Will it be okay? Look at the color of the water. It’s a very famous restaurant where you can watch the sunset in Bali. I never saw anything like this. I’m sorry. This is what I’m like. Why did we have to do the yoga session? We didn’t get to see the sunset but we are healthy now. I think my health is deteriorating. I don’t feel good. I really don’t know what to say. This must be it. What? This place is so nice. It’s a must-visit place for newlyweds. Sunset dinner. You take a gondola? They built it on a cliff. So you can’t reach it unless you take a gondola. I didn’t know such a place existed in Bali. I knew. I read a lot about this online. I really wanted to visit. – We can’t come here with kids though. / – Exactly. That’s why I gave up on this. You picked a great place. (What a relief) If we saw that perfect sunset… – I would’ve been 10 out of 10. / – 10 out of 10. It’s not bad though, right? Why do you keep asking me that? – I’m nervous. / – He’s like a kid. The way she’s grabbing his shoulder… I’m expecting him to take out money and give it to her. (The gondola car arrives) I’m scared. (Squeeze) – Hey, I’m scared too. / – That looks fun. We can look out. – The view at night… / – It’s nice. The atmosphere was excellent. Should we sit here? (Their day is coming to an end) – Was that your last night? / – Yes. – How sad. / – We were sad at that moment. (They don’t have much time left) I thought we wouldn’t be able to see the ocean but I can see the waves lapping. Bali has its own unique charm wherever you go. That’s why people love going to Bali. It would have been better had we gotten here earlier. I’m sad that it’s ending but it was a great trip. If you guys arrived there earlier… – You could’ve seen the sunset. / – Yes. Take lots of photos. I missed out on around 100 photos. – What is that? / – What’s that? It’s smoking. They recommended this. It was a fun trip. Traveling with family is meaningful in its own way but I think it’s nice to travel just us two sometimes. When we are with our kids, our talks are purely functional. – It’s about our everyday life. / – Day-to-day life. We don’t have the time to think about each other’s feelings. Spending time together like this, you can read things like my facial expressions. And we can check how we’re doing. There’s no reason to fight. Let’s share our happiness and sadness. I want to come back with Ian and Dain. – We probably can’t come here. / – Not here. – Up there somewhere. / – This could be my last. – You can’t go there with kids. / – Right. – We’ll be able to come back. / – So nice here. I really want to visit there. – I want to go. / – So long as the audience is surprised. – What’s that? / – What is that? (Why is he smiling suspiciously?) (We received a text after the preliminary meeting) “I have a favor to ask. Is there a space where we can watch a video on our second night?” I never got to propose to her. I asked her for a final date before we got married. I was going to reserve a restaurant but Jiyoon got the wind of it. She said that she didn’t want to have dinner. She said that she didn’t want to go to the restaurant. I had already planned everything but she said she wouldn’t go. To comfort her, I went to her house. I was struggling to get the ring out. I was trying to get it out and my wife… “Just put it on.” My goodness. You were too mean. He must’ve made it too obvious. I’m going to make a nice video to show her when I propose to her. – It’ll be a gift for her. / – So cool. Please cheer me on. That’s why he wanted the video. He’s adorable. Did you not know about the surprise? That’s the first time in my life I didn’t catch it. I was on cloud nine because of the trip. I had no idea. It says, “Will you marry me again?” That’s so romantic. Why is Sia being moved by this? That’s so romantic. There’s a great seasoned thistle with rice place in Pyeongchang. – What’s going on? / – What’s this? Look at him acting like he doesn’t know. – He’s not acting. / – That’s a blooper. What is this? – It’s not like you prepared this. / – What’s that? That’s me. – She really had no idea. / – I really didn’t know. It was a little awkward. She knows now. My goodness. That’s why he’s always shooting videos. (A lot of time has passed) He’s really awesome. I only take photos of my kids. – Goodness. He added all the captions too? / – Yes. (Hands are trembling) Look at his hands trembling. He was about to cry. (He’s so thankful to her for working hard for their family) Did you edit this yourself? It’s like he’s proposing for the first time. You’re moved by your own work. That’s so touching. “Even in the next life…” – Geez. / – “Will you marry me again?” I’m going to tell my husband to do this too. Will you marry me again? Oh, dear. Oh, dear. What’s going on? He’s so amazing. Hwijae. What’s going on? Why are you ruining the mood here? What’s wrong? You married a great guy. He’s so cool. – It doesn’t fit. / – It’s embarrassing to watch this. Do you remember this? This is our wedding ring. Where did you find this? I hid this carefully. Hug me. I love you. – He wanted a hug. / – Who? I think the marriage rate will increase after people see this. I’m sure that husbands like this aren’t common. That’s so lovely. I’m always thankful that you’re quietly being a shade for me, like a tree. I’m not good at expressing it. But I’ll do my best to express it from now on. Even if that doesn’t work… You know me better than anyone. I’m sure that you will know how much I feel for you. – I love you. / – They’re a good couple. People have their own match. I’ll thank you silently. Why would you do it silently? Why are you crying? – He prepared it and he cries from it. / – No… And he asks her to hug him. He would disappear… – In the middle of the night. / – He’s crying right now. – Really? / – Again? – He must’ve felt something. / – Is he really crying? Is he really crying? Excuse me. – What does this make of me? / – Please hug him. Quick, hug him. – I’m so embarrassed. / – Hurry. – Hug him. / – He cried so much. – Goodness. / – He cried so much. – What’s wrong with you? / – Goodness. I’m sorry but let’s not air this. Let’s just forget about this. This shouldn’t be aired. – No, this should be aired. / – A lot of men will suffer. No, he’s as good as Choi Sujong. – Yes, he really is. / – I’m not as good as him. Did you edit this? You must have done it all night. I had to do it when you couldn’t see. – Once the kids were asleep. / – I don’t sleep much. I was always awake. I woke up at 3 or 4 a.m. to edit this. I woke up and you weren’t there. I have a lot to do. What do you do? I had a lot to do before this trip. (Moved) I was always so sorry because I didn’t propose to you properly. I really didn’t expect it this time. It was completely unexpected. – Was it okay? / – Yes. You succeeded today. Congratulations. I feel like I completed an assignment of my life. I thought we didn’t have a true honeymoon location. When people ask, “Where was your honeymoon?” “What was memorable?” I couldn’t say anything. – Now it’s Bali? / – Now I can say it’s Bali. – Let’s live happily. / – Thank you. I love you. I love you. (Jiyoon and Dongseok’s tour was full of love) That was great. – Seeing Choi Dongseok cry… / – No… All I did was watch our trip but why do I feel like a sinner? – No, no. / – No. Have your tears dried up now? I met Sikyung for the first time today and he goes, “Why are you crying?” He’s way older than me. As a man, I wanted to know. – Why he’s crying? / – The reason for his tears. One thing I was a little upset about. Why wouldn’t she express her gratitude a little more? “Honey, thank you. I loved it. I love you.” Can’t you say that to him here? I think that’d be great. I was really sad when he said, “Hug me.” I might cry again. – Do it for him. / – The “hug me…” – Look into his eyes. / – Say it to him. Don’t look at the camera. I couldn’t feel it then. But I reflected a lot after watching the video. I complained a lot more than I thought. It must’ve been tough for you. I’m sorry that I don’t express myself very much. You know I’m always grateful, right? And I love you. She said it in a whisper. The viewers will know better. They’re such a perfect match. Those tears were beautiful. We need to see the expenses. – They really did a lot. / – I’m a little worried. We did so much. Excluding airfares, how much did you spend over the 3 days and 2 nights? – Excluding airfares, per person. / – Per person. $550.70. $550.70. – We went to Bali. / – Right. We spent around $490 then. We felt that compared to the last time we went, the price for food and such had risen. The wedding… – The wedding photos. / – That was $300, right? – That was the most expensive. / – $150 per person. Sia, if you went to Bali with your husband and he wanted to do a traditional remind wedding… How would you two respond? Sia would do it. I don’t want to wear that outfit. Something else. I guarantee this. Your husband would look great in it. Is this how we’re going to watch the clips next week as well? Taehyun was like… “That’s just not right.” “Must he do that?” “Come on.” – There was some tension. / – Really? He will show something real. I can’t say anything. Did you do something? I think there might be something. What will Zin Taehyun be like? And what will Park Sieun be like? Please look forward to next week. A couple’s trip is love that’s like war. Battle Trip! (Next episode) There’s a place called Penang in Malaysia. This is great. It’s our first trip to take just us together. It’s good we came. With my wife. I love you. – It’s a mystifying city. / – It’s a mystifying city. You get that feeling. See that? It’s perfect for the Korean palate. I could eat these two every day. It’s so good. It’s okay because I’m with you. – We’re flying. / – We’re flying. (Battle Trip) (“Starry Night” by MAMAMOO)

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  1. 꿀잼. There are so many new places in bali now. if you searching properly you will find the gem. Yuukk…melali ke bali bin….

  2. oh god, that 'will you marry me AGAIN' proposed scene at the end was perfect to close the trip! This is special cause, Bali has known as The Island of God, so 🙂 i think this is the best Battle Trip episode 😉
    This couple is perfect example for 'when romantic guy met expressionless girl'. It would be hard for jiyoon to express her feels and gratitude had such a husband like Dongseok, but i know, she has a lot of love for her husband :')

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  4. Me and my besties we're like park jinyoung. We took a lot of nice photos, OOTD and scenery photos as well. That's the fun of travelling. Some people said going to this kinda place is quite boring as they dont provide that many activities for you to try, but for us, we can spend the whole day watching the scenary, relaxing and taking lots of beautiful photos haha

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    Beside Bali there are also many beautifull spots to go no matter as a group or as an individual. Such as Raja Ampat, Lombok, Flores and many other places.

    Indonesia is not only famous for it's places but also it's culture and people.

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