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Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.73 : Gunsan vs Gyeongju Tour with WJSN & Lovelyz [ENG/THA/2017.11.05]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.73 : Gunsan vs Gyeongju Tour with WJSN & Lovelyz [ENG/THA/2017.11.05]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Lee Hwijae, Son Dongwun of Highlight) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Travel is war. Battle Trip! It’s nice to see you all. Today’s special host is Son Dongwun of Highlight! Hello, I’m Dongwun. I’m so happy to be here today. Doesn’t he look a bit different today? Do I look slimmer? – Did you go on a diet? / – Yes, we’re returning soon. Dongwun, you’ve been on the show as a trip designer, haven’t you? – He has. / – I went to Laos… – With Dujun in May. / – You went with Dujun. The concept was the trip of the youth. The opposing team was Kim Suyong… – And Park Hwisun. / – Yes, that’s right. It was great. Not many people knew Laos… – But they were great guides. / – Right. If I can, I’d like to go again. – You’re on my team today. / – I know. It’s always 1 vs. 2 for me. Because I always pair up with the special host. So it’s always been a 1 on 2 battle. The truth is that after I passed the age of 45… – My testosterone level has dropped. / – That’s true. – So my desire to win… / – It’s gone? – It’s because… / – I hear you lose your ambition. That’s true. Instead of winning the battle on the show, I think that I should hurry home and watch a drama. But after I stopped wanting to win, strangely, my team has never lost since August. What happened? We used to have a high rate of winning. – Sikyung. / – I haven’t reached 40 yet. My desires have gone down as well. – Fall is good for ballad songs. / – That’s right. – So the luck should be on our side. / – Of course. – So we might win today. / – It’s your season. I’ll root for Sikyung today. We should meet our client today. We have a special client today. Let’s meet the client. Hi, I’m Emma. I’m an exchange student… – From Mexico. / – Mexico? I think Korea is a beautiful place… – To travel in the fall. / – Right on. I’d like to travel to one of the best places… In Gunsan or Gyeongju. – She already picked the cities? / – And… I cannot decide where to go. Can you please plan a trip for me? Either to Gunsan or Gyeongju? The places have already been decided. – Gunsan vs. Gyeongju. / – Gunsan vs. Gyeongju. Foreigners may find… – Gyeongju to be more charming. / – Right. It used to be the old capital. They could be curious. – What about food? / – But food in Gunsan is… – Unbeatable. / – Goodness, that’s right. The trip designers for today are truly amazing. That’s why we have a lot of guys in the audience. – Right. It’s a bit odd today. / – That’s so true. – Sound director… / – This has never happened. You don’t need to raise the volume. It’ll be real loud. Our four trip designers, please come on out! (Sujeong and Yein of Lovelyz) (Eunseo and Cheng Xiao of WJSN) Good, good. – These two teams are smiling. / – Yes, they are. But I bet they are feeling competitive inside. I bet. Which team has seniority? Is there such a thing? We made our debut in the winter of 2014. – So we debuted earlier than they did. / – Goodness. How much earlier was your debut? – How many months? / – When was your debut? – Ours was in 2016. / – It was in 2016. Goodness, we are seniors! – We are their seniors. / – 2 years. Can you tell us where you went? WJSN, why don’t you start? We went to Gunsan where the modern history of Korea is alive. We went to Gyeongju, the city 400,000 tourists visited during the golden holidays. – Gyeongju. / – Before we see the clips… We’ll go over the food from the trips. The food you ate… We stress importance on food here. Can you tell us a dish from the region? The dish you must taste in Gunsan is… – The beef ribs! / – The beef ribs! – Beef ribs. / – Beef ribs. Our dish is also beef ribs. – Gyeongju ribs? / – Yes, we had beef ribs. – What kind of beef ribs? / – On top of the beef ribs… There’s a trail of snow. The dish is… Steamed beef ribs with rice cake. Steamed beef ribs. They sprinkled white MSG? – No. / – Or is it the oil? – No. / – Is it salt? – No. / – Oil from the beef. Beef fat is really bad for you. It’s not that? Once you see the clip, you will change your mind. Grilled beef ribs vs. steamed beef ribs. The latter costs more. And today’s battle will be a good one. After watching the show, viewers can leave tomorrow. – If they like the trip. / – They can go right away. – They can even go during the show. / – Exactly. I’m sure today’s show will be interesting. We have our 100 objective judges with us in the audience. – Nice to meet you. / – Welcome. Today, it’s a 1 round victory. The team with more votes will win the battle. – Nice and easy. / – Which team should go first? Should we start with our team? – Gunsan? / – We’re confident today. – We’re confident about the trip. / – Why is that? The client today was a foreigner. – It takes one to understand one. / – True. Don’t you think that Gunsan has the upper hand? Without knowing Gyeongju and only having been to Gunsan, do you think your trip can win? Well, we really enjoyed our trip. So we are confident that we can win. What do you think? Do you think you can beat them? – Of course. / – Of course. Putting aside our desire to win… – You just need to enjoy it. / – We had so much fun. All you need from the trip is that you enjoyed it and ate good food. – The food was great. / – That’s all you need. Alright then. Let’s take a look at the trip for Gunsan. Is there a place you want to visit? I… Wait. Look at this. Isn’t this amazing? There are many places we can go. That’s pretty. There’s a lot to see. Eunpa. They’re at the age when they find everything funny. This was your first individual trip, right? – First time by ourselves. / – First time just us two. How exciting must it have been? 1, 2, 3. Would you like? Hello, we are WJSN. – Eunseo / – And Cheng Xiao. Hello. (WJSN is a girl group with 13 members) So much serviced goods. I could live in Gunsan. (Cheng Xiao, beginner traveler) – They eat a lot. I like it. / – That looks tasty. Great stuff. This time, we have a request from a foreigner. So we thought a lot about where to go. Since Cheng Xiao is a foreigner too… – Oh, that’s right. / – She chose… Which part of China are you from, Cheng Xiao? I’m from Shenzhen. – Is that close to Hong Kong? / – Next to Hong Kong. – That’s right. / – Cheng Xiao chose… – Jeolla-do… / – Gunsan! Our member, Bona, is shooting a drama in Gunsan right now. She told me that Gunsan was great. So I’d like to visit too. – Is that why you chose it? / – That’s why I chose it. You did? It’d be her first trip in Korea. That’s right. – So I’m really looking forward to it. / – You are? I want to have a lot of fun. I want our trip to be meaningful with a lot of activities. First of all, people browse through the social media… – To come up with the itinerary. / – That’s true. So we’re thinking of taking a look at some spots on social media. And choose places that have a lot of likes. The number of likes… Well… How about 10,000 likes? – 10,000 likes! / – That’s cute. She doesn’t look pleased. That’s your angry face, right? Starting now, our goal is receiving 10,000 likes. – I’ll plan a clever course. / – That’s right. – Name of our tour? / – Name of our tour? – We thought about it a lot. / – We did. We thought about combining our song titles with Gunsan. With “Mo Mo Mo,” it becomes Gunsan Mo Mo Mo. With “Secret,” it becomes It’s Gunsan. Our wish is to spread joy in Gunsan. So we went with I Wish Gunsan. That’s what we settled with. – Everyone, this is Cheng Xiao’s… / – And Eunseo’s… I Wish Gunsan! – Like our trip! / – Give us 10,000 likes! 10,000 likes! – That’s so pretty. / – What is it? – Isn’t that pretty? / – It is. We’ll do our best to get 10,000 likes. This looks really pretty. That must be it! Gosh, that looks really tasty. I Wish Gunsan! Bye! I wish for good things from Gunsan. – Seeing it from here… / – So pretty. It’s beautiful indeed. – There were so many things to see. / – Korea is great. (Heated floor train) 1, 2, 3, 4. Hello, we are I Wish Gunsan. You wore matching shirts. Wait, are they matching dresses? – It’s our twin look. / – They are dresses. Cheng Xiao, where are we going today? – It’s Gunsan, right? / – That’s correct. You’re right. We’re heading to Gunsan! Even though they’re working, they’re still traveling. Even though they’re traveling, it’s still work. – That must’ve been fun for them. / – I agree. – I was really excited. / – They can just eat and sleep. – Where is it? / – West Gold Train. – It really looks gold. / – It’s gold. – You’re right. / – The interior was real pretty too. Goodness. – Wow. / – Wow. This the first train in the world to have the floor heating system. – What is that? / – What is that? Isn’t that amazing? – No way. / – That’s incredible. – You can lie down for the trip? / – Yes. – Let’s take that train. / – That’s spectacular. – You can warm your back the entire trip? / – Yes. – Does it run daily? / – Yes. – Warm your back… / – It’s on. It’s getting warmer already. – What is this? / – It only runs once a day. We didn’t realize we’ve departed. We’re leaving. This is a new feeling I’ve never felt before. We didn’t even know we were moving. We’re really going on a trip. Did we leave Seoul just now? 1, 2, 3. I can’t wait. – You warming your back the entire trip? / – Yes. The heated floor is relaxing my muscles. I want to get a massage. – We like getting massages. / – Exactly. – This is so comfortable. / – It is. Then… When it stops, should we go for the foot bath? What foot bath? – You can get it on the train… / – On the train… – As you enjoy the scenery. / – Really? – That’s amazing. / – It really is. (Foot bath room ready in the train) (Wet bath for $8 per 20 minutes, dry for $4) There are wet and dry foot baths. – Is this it? / – This is it. – This is so interesting. / – I want this side. You’re dressed for the foot baths. – We are. / – That’s so intriguing. – Hello. / – Hello. Are you here for the foot baths? – Let me explain this. / – Okay. The red faucet is for the hot water, and the blue is cold. You can adjust the temperature yourself. That’s so good. I’ll add the bathing products. The water… It’ll make it like a thermal spring. She put in the bath bomb thing. That smelled really good. It smells good. It smells nice. What kind of water is this? It’s the same as a thermal hot spring. That’s not just tap water. It’s thermal spring water. Your feet will feel better even when you go back home. I’m going to place hot pads on your shoulders. This is amazing. – It might not look like much… / – It’s warm. But when you arrive after that… – I agree. / – You will feel refreshed. – You feel less tired. / – Me too. How come we didn’t know about this? – That train is quite new. / – My first time seeing it. – I’ve never seen it before. / – If we upload… Will we be able to receive 10,000 likes? We will! In my opinion, this foot bath is the cherry on top. – Viewers. / – This is the best. We strongly recommend you try this. Fatigue builds up in anyone’s feet. So I recommend this foot bath. This is so nice. It’s so relaxing. Let’s go tomorrow. This view is amazing. I love this. – The service is great here. / – Yes, it’s great here. – What the? / – Are we really sleeping? – We’re really sleeping. / – Your legs… – They’re sleeping for real. / – When did you film that? (The girls arrived in Gunsan while they were asleep) – Everyone! / – We’ve arrived in Gunsan. – We’re in Gunsan. / – We will… Go to the railroad village first. Let’s take a picture first. – That sounds good. / – We’re going to take pictures. And try hard to get 10,000 likes on social media. – Let’s go. / – I don’t think they’re fully awake. We were still a little sleepy. (Heated floor train) (Verified) (Gyeongam railroad village) (The railroad crosses the middle of Gunsan) (Faded walls and old roofs just like the 1970s) The railroad isn’t used anymore. It’s just a tourist spot. – It’s so pretty. / – That’s nice. It’s a railroad. It’s written here. Gyeongam railroad village. – Like this. / – Railroad. The railroads of this village aren’t used by trains like the ones we rode. A paper-manufacturing company made this railroad to transport paper. They made this railroad in 1943. They still used this railroad in 2008 and even till 2010. People still live in these houses next to it. – Isn’t that interesting? / – School uniforms! Should we try them on? This place is nice because… – You can rent school uniforms. / – Right. Isn’t it expensive? It cost $5 for 30 minutes. – It’s unlimited for $7. / – For the whole day. – Unlimited use for $7? / – Yes. Can you also hire guy’s school uniforms? – That’s right. The old uniforms. / – Yes, you can. – They even had ones for kids. / – Yes. Those are the sailor suits and these are all old uniforms. This is cute. How about wearing this? – Is this a sailor suit? / – Yes, it is. We can get changed in here. It’s good. – Cheng Xiao, are you dressed? / – Yes, what about you? – Let’s go out. / – Wait a minute. 1, 2, 3. – Ta-da. / – Ta-da. It suits them well. The hats are for male students. We just wore them. I was really surprised. Female students didn’t have hats. You look good. You’re also pretty. – Let’s go out and take pictures. / – Okay. – What is this? / – I haven’t seen those in ages. It’s a raffle. They give you a prize according to what’s written. 1, 2, 3. – What is this? / – I kept getting a bust. I picked the worst prize. My prize is a mirror because I picked 5th place. I also want a mirror. I’ll take this. It’s really pretty. It looks vintage. There were so many photo spots along the way. (Back in the days when they met on the railway) This is nice. – You’re right. / – This outfit goes… – Well with this place. / – You’re right. There are friends over there. There are friends. – Hello. / – That happened for real. Which class are you in? We’re in class 8. – Class 1? / – Class 8. – We’re in class 7. / – I’m the class president. – Have fun. / – See you later. – My goodness. / – That atmosphere is so fun. Yes, it was fun. We greeted them and had fun. Let’s try junk food. There are a lot. I know this. – Our members eat this a lot. / – I know this. – How does she know that? / – You know that? Our members eat that sometimes. – What about this one? / – Okay. Do you know this? – What is this? / – I really like this. – What is it? / – It’s some kind of a candy. It really reminds you of your childhood. – Cola flavor for me. / – Oh, wow. I also know this. I ate this in China. – Do they have this in China? / – Yes, it’s the same. – Really? / – Yes. You can roast them… – Out in front there. / – This is great. I’ve never had them roasted over a fire before. Me neither. – It’s delicious if you roast it. / – Yes. – I don’t know why, but it’s good. / – You’re right. It smells good. You need to flip it right away. It’s good when it bubbles like blisters. – It’s better when it’s a bit burnt. / – You’re right. It tastes better when it’s a little burnt. Let me try one piece. It’s hot. That really looks good. – It’s like roasted rice cakes. / – That’s right. – Right? / – Yeah. It tastes sweeter. It’s good. – Do you like it? / – Yeah. (She eats it whole) It’s really soft. That really looks good. It’s best when it’s warm. – I want to try that too. / – This, this. I’ll teach you how to eat this straw snack easily. – Okay. / – Rub it like you’re massaging it. – Like this? / – Yes, and then… It comes out like this. That’s correct. I also ate this in China. – Do you have this in China? / – Yes. After eating this… – Let’s go take pictures. / – Okay. – I think we can take better photos. / – That’s right. – Let’s go. / – That’s cute. There were a lot of cute things. 1, 2, 3. We really posted the photos we took on our social media. The second destination of our date is… The railroad village. – We hope to reach to memories. / – To memories. – Upload. / – Let’s post it. Please let us receive 10,000 likes. Let’s go eat now. (Gyeongam railroad village) (Verified) (Mixed stew) Please say hello to the viewers of Battle Trip. – Is it that camera? / – Yes. Hello, I’m Bona from WJSN. I heard that Cheng Xiao and Eunseo were going to Gunsan. – That’s right. / – That’s right. Do you have something to recommend for us? There’s something unique. There’s a soup that’s a mixture of everything. – Mixed soup? / – It’s called mixed soup. – You can only eat this in Gunsan. / – Spicy rice cakes. That looks like spicy rice cakes with noodles. – It looks that way… / – That looks good. But it doesn’t taste like it. – I’ve never tried that. / – It’s my first time seeing it. (10 minutes from the railroad village to the restaurant) – ♪ We found the mixed soup ♪ / – Here it is. – It says original. / – Original. We heard the mixed soup is famous here. Can we get one? You can order it as a set with two servings of rice rolls. – It’s a snack food restaurant. / – Yes. It comes as a set. It’s already out. The rice rolls are here. What is this? It’s vinegar pepper paste. Yes, Gunsan people dip it in that. – Yes, they dip rice rolls in that. / – Rice rolls? – Vinegar pepper paste? / – Let’s try it. Why do you dip rice rolls in this? It tastes sweeter when you dip it in vinegar pepper paste. – That’s unique. / – Vinegar pepper paste is good. – I like it. / – I’ve never heard of it before. – Me too. / – Since the sauce is good. – It tastes like sushi. / – You’re right. The harmony of rice, rice rolls and sesame oil is complete with the pepper paste. It tastes like a flatfish is swimming and prancing in the sea inside my mouth. I thought it wouldn’t pair well. – But it was like sushi. / – This is really good. Here it is. – Is that the mixed soup? / – It looks so good. It has rice cakes… – Fish cakes. / – Dumplings and instant noodles. This place is going to be really popular. That couldn’t taste bad. I thought it would be like a soup. – It’s just spicy rice cakes. / – Spicy rice cake soup. – It’s like spicy rice cakes cooked on the spot. / – Yes. I thought it was a soup, so I was thinking to eat it with rice. It had a really familiar taste. – But it’s not spicy rice cakes. / – It’s not the same. (Let’s try it again) What does this taste like? – It’s not spicy rice cakes. / – Right? – I love spicy rice cakes. / – Yeah. It’s similar but not exactly spicy rice cakes. It tastes different. It’s not spicy rice cakes. I don’t think it is. It’s more like pepper paste stew? – Yes, it was a little similar. / – I want to try it. The more you eat, the more you crave the taste. I should live in Gunsan. I really recommend this. We’re eating this in Gunsan. It’s mixed soup. We kept posting on social media. We’ll probably be able to get 10,000 likes. We p-p-probably will. – After eating this. / – Okay. Let’s go to the street of Japanese style houses. Let’s see a lot of the old style of living. In Gunsan, you can experience many exotic scenes. There are a lot of tile-roofed houses. During the Japanese colonial era, that used to be the port they transported Korean rice to Japan. (Time Travel Road) – This is the Time Travel Road. / – You’re right. There are a lot of Japanese style houses remaining. There are a lot of modern apartment buildings there. – But there are old buildings here. / – Right. Old Japanese style buildings. It’s like going back and forth between the past and present. There are apartment buildings in the back, but the buildings are different here. – It’s a Japanese garden. / – Yes, that place is… Preserved to not forget the pain of losing our country. This building was here since the 1930s. I think you can lodge here. – Can you sleep here? / – Yes. Anyone can enter and see this place… – Even if you don’t stay here. / – Can everyone visit? If we take pictures here, people will think we’re in Japan. Yeah. It’s so pretty here. I think we should try to take some good pictures. My goodness. Without the apartments in the back, it really seems like Japan. Time passes by when they’re just taking photos of each other. It’s really pretty, isn’t it? Should we keep going? – Here? There? / – Yeah. (They wander the streets here and there) – Chowon Photo Studio. / – That was in a movie. – Sim Eunha? / – That’s right. – “Christmas in August.” / – “Christmas in August.” – “Christmas in August.” / – That’s right. Chowon Photo Studio. Photo studio. While wandering around, I realized that Gunsan had a lot of nice places to go on foot. – We need a cool drink now. / – You’re right. – Millstone coffee? / – What coffee? It’s a cafe where they sell that coffee. – Isn’t this nice? Let’s go in. / – This place is pretty. Let’s go. (The interior looks like an ordinary cafe) What is this place, a cafe? It’s a cafe. (Millstone) – It’s a millstone. / – What’s that? – Do we grind the coffee with this? / – Yes. First, place the beans on top. Put some of them inside with a spoon. Turn the handle to the left. (Grind the beans by turning to the left) That’s unique. – It must smell good. / – Yes. It smells richer than grinding it with a grinder. That’s why people try this a lot. The aroma… – It hits you right away. / – It does. It was really fun to grind it like that. – It’s an uncommon experience. / – You’re right. Please grant our wish. “I’m dumbfounded.” – Wasn’t that Yu Ain? / – “Do you know what it’s called?” “I’m dumbfounded.” If you’re like this… – “I’m dumbfounded.” / – “I’m dumbfounded.” If you’re like this… – “You know what to say.” / – “You know what to say.” You need to take your time. Pour water gently in the middle. – Slowly. / – Yes. You can pour some more water. It’s ready. – We ground this. / – It’s our coffee. – Please judge the flavor. / – Okay. This is my second day of drinking coffee. – Really? / – What? – She couldn’t drink coffee. / – I couldn’t. Just one sip and I can’t sleep. – And your heart beats fast? / – Yes. How is it? – It’s good. / – Yes. It’s not bitter. – It’s not that bitter. / – Yes. This isn’t that bitter. I think it’d be good for people who don’t drink coffee. Let’s end our experience in Gunsan. Now… Wait a minute. What did I say in the morning? This was my goal. I even skipped breakfast. You skipped breakfast but ate rice rolls and mixed soup. – That’s right. / – Those were appetizers. It’s beef ribs. Not only us but the staff also liked this place. – That really looks good. / – It was really delicious. Look at that cheese. (Let’s go eat appetizing beef ribs) (Time Travel Road) (Verified) – Beef ribs. / – That’s worth it. – It’s what we’ve waited for. / – The beef ribs! Let’s go eat beef ribs. – It’s this place. / – Go, go, go. It’s mine. This place is a hidden gem where the people of Gunsan come and eat. – I’m curious about something. / – What? – Why do they have ice boxes here? / – For every table. – What’s inside? / – Every table has it. – Why do they have an ice box? / – I think… What is that? – It has an incredible hidden charm. / – Or the ribs. The beef ribs? – I didn’t know what it was. / – Are those drinks? You’re happy to just see bottles at that age. – It’s an age where you get excited. / – I know. What is this? I’ve never seen anything like this. So you can have it ice cold. – That’s nice. / – That’s amazing. What is this? I’ve never seen anything like this before. They put it here like this so you can drink it ice cold. They put it there to make you want to drink. – You can’t help but drink. / – That’s right. We can’t show how much we’re happy to see this. – I’m looking forward to the food. / – Yeah. – They’re bringing it. / – It’s here. What is this? – It’s free of charge. / – Is it free? – They give you kimchi stew for free? / – Yes. – That’s ridiculous. / – To make you drink alcohol. Are you giving this for free? That’s amazing. Is this the main dish? It looks amazing. This is amazing. – The egg roll is free too. / – That’s a great spread. The food is all free of charge. – A lot of freebies. / – That’s cheating. I’m going to take a photo of this. – That’s amazing. / – They keep… Giving you more if you order. The stone pot rice is only $2? They give you scorched rice water at the end. You finish your meal with this. She really is bold. An experienced hand is different. You first. – You’re so cute. / – Thank you. Thank you. Today was so fun. Let’s eat the ribs first. Yes, I think we can eat it now. You really eat well. Thank you for the food. Sorry, guys. For eating this alone. Let’s eat together next time. Let’s come back together. – She eats like Moon Seyoon. / – It’s like she’s in… A historical drama. – Doesn’t she eat like Yoo Minsang? / – So cute. – All of our members will like this. / – Yes. You can’t eat it with chopsticks. (Beef ribs taste best using your fingers) It’s really delicious. – This was really good. / – This was really good. So much. – What do we do? / – The meat just falls off. The meat comes right off the bone. I understood why the people of Gunsan said that this place was really good. (They eat and eat and eat) – This is really good. / – It’s really good. No matter what you do, the cheese doesn’t tear. – Then… / – It’s so good. Let’s try shooting a rib advertisement. Okay. – Do you want me to cover you up? / – Yes. 1, 2, 3. What is this sound? Beef ribs! (Embarrassed) All we did was eat. – Sikyung, you okay? / – So we needed more footage. Let’s do this! – But… / – Sikyung, are you okay? – Isn’t she cute? / – Yes. It was a little difficult for me. But she’s cute. What is this sound? Beef ribs! Eat, just eat. Let’s eat. Let’s just eat. This is really good. We need to try this. This is the freebie stew. – It’s refreshing. / – Right? It’s so delicious. It’s really good. This is like… Should we try the scorched rice? Here’s the best way to eat it. With green onion kimchi… With kimchi? You all know, right? – It’s common knowledge. / – It’s what Koreans like. – We acknowledge it. / – Jeolla-do kimchi… Jeolla-do kimchi was so good. Like this? If you eat a spicy dish… And this is refreshing… It’s like washing out your mouth with this. – It looks good. / – It really looks delicious. Do you think we can get 10,000 likes here? – I’m sure they will. / – It’s a hidden place. Don’t you think they’ll give us likes? This place is… A place I’d like everyone to visit at least once. This is that good. Time to get 10,000 likes on social media. It’s the final course of today’s trip. Let’s go see the night view. – Is it the last course already? / – Yes. It’s perfect for a date. – Eunpa Lake Park. / – Right. – It’s so beautiful. / – Wow. Now that we’ve had dinner, we should go to the final destination… – In Gunsan. / – Eunpa Lake Park. The bridge over there is the most famous landmark in Gunsan. It’d be nice to walk on the bridge. What was the most memorable place for you today? For me… It’d have to be wearing old school uniforms and taking photos. I think they’re all lasting memories. For me… We had this goal to get 10,000 likes on social media. Regardless of that, I just liked that we took pictures together and made good memories. Like you said, everything was so good. – Exactly. I can’t pick one place. / – Right. – Everything was so nice. / – I loved it. I hope people will fall in love with the charms of Gunsan. – This has been Cheng Xiao’s… / – And Eunseo’s I Wish Gunsan. Bye! (Today’s trip to Gunsan finished) That was Gunsan. It was cool. First, I liked the train. – The train was great. / – I have to admit this. For a father of children like me… A room with a heated floor is really good. The ticket price of the train is not that expensive. If you use the room with 6 people, it costs $5 per person. – It’s $30 for a room. / – Yes, $30 a room. It’s really cheap. You just need to pay an extra $30. You can enjoy a comfortable trip for a good price. The one thing that’s disappointing is that it only runs once a day. 8 a.m. is a little too early. – You should get ready the night before. / – Right. We’ll check the social media rankings. – What’s in 1st place? / – 10,000 likes. – 1st place is… / – Railroad village. The railroad village got more likes than the ribs. – Really? / – They got more than 23,000 likes. In fact, I love eating. I thought ribs would be 1st. – But it’s in 4th place. / – Alright. The budget is important. – How much did they spend? / – Eunseo. – Yes? / – What was your budget? The amount that I Wish Gunsan spent for that one day is… – Per person. / – Per person. It was $84.30 per person. Goodness. It doesn’t cost much since they don’t drink. He’s right. You enjoyed the trip at a reasonable price. – Well planned. / – Good job. Shall we take this time to do the vote? – Okay. / – Let’s do that. Will you travel to Gunsan according to their plan? Please vote. (I Wish Gunsan Tour planned a trip to Gunsan) (What will the judges choose?) So we just went to Gunsan. It’s time to go to Gyeongju now. What’s the point we should focus on? Is it Cheomseongdae? We’ve all been to Cheomgseongdae. I’ve seen it so much. That’s what we were worried about. But it turns out Gyeongju is very modern now. – It’s changed a lot. / – It’s very popular now. – He’s right. / – It is popular. When I was young, I went there to see historical sites. But going back with Sujeong as an adult… – It felt quite different. / – Right. There’s a reason why Yein and Sujeong are so confident with their trip to Gyeongju. If the Gunsan team received some confirmation through social media, the Gyeongju team had the largest number of people in Battle Trip history to join them on their trip. Yes. We had 8 trip designers. – Trip designers? / – The members of Lovelyz… Helped us plan our trip. They even made a list of recommended places. – Like important places to visit? / – They picked it out. – And you picked the best ones? / – They must’ve… Wanted to join you since they helped plan it. – Right. / – They just planned it with you… But couldn’t join you. They kept telling us to go to their recommended places. “You have to go to this place.” – To get vicarious satisfaction. / – Right. – Alright. / – Okay then. Let’s watch it together. Gyeongju Tour! It’s Battle Trip! 1, 2, 3. – Hello, I’m Sujeong of Lovelyz. / – I’m Yein. (Lovelyz is one of the major girl groups in Korea) (The youngest members, Sujeong and Yein) What’s that on the table? Since we’re going to Gyeongju… – The members made these. / – Ta-da. – So nice. / – So they recommended the places. They wrote all that out for us. They worked hard for this. – It feels like we already won. / – I know. – It feels like we won. / – Ta-da. Why did you choose Gyeongju between Gunsan and Gyeongju? I went to Gyeongju with my family in middle school. I had so many good memories from then. So I wanted to go there one more time. Yein sounds so sure, so I thought it’d be good. I convinced her to go to Gyeongju. Are we finally in Gyeongju? This is Gyeongju. – Wow, Gyeongju. / – So pretty. What is that? – Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond. / – So pretty. – That’s so pretty. / – So pretty. They didn’t have those lights back then. I love this place. This is so good! They sound like dolphins. What’s that? – We rode in a hot-air balloon. / – Hot-air balloon. Let’s go in a hot-air balloon. – My gosh, look at that. / – Looks good. Goodness. – Bottoms up. / – What’s that? – Since they’re seniors… / – They drank soju. They’re seniors so they drink soju. We ate it all. Gyeongju Tour with Deer Bread! (The real healing trip begins now) With the lists we got from the members… I’ll decide what to do at night. You’ll be in charge of the daytime. – Okay. / – Like shops and restaurants. Whatever Sujeong chooses, I can go there with faith. Your tour name… For our tour name… Do you have any idea? Let’s Eat and Play, Deer Bread. My nickname is Water Deer – And she’s Bread Cake. / – I’m Bread Cake. So our fans call us Deer Bread. Right. Deer Bread. Deer Bread Gyeongju Tour. Gyeongju Tour and Deer Bread? Gyeongju Tour with Deer Bread! Yeah, let’s go with that. Since we’ll be in Gyeongju. – The Water Deer and the Bread Cake. / – Right. Gyeongju Tour with Deer Bread. Let’s win! – They’re full of energy. / – Let’s go. It’s Gyeongju vs. Gunsan. – The chewy noodles sounds good. / – That was delicious. This is Gimpo Airport. We’re at Gimpo Airport. The airport is so clean and pretty. The airport had improved a lot. – We went there by plane. / – Is it Gimpo Airport? – Yes, Gimpo Airport. / – Gimpo. – It feels like we’re going abroad. / – I know. – We need our IDs. / – It feels like we’re going abroad. We can take the KTX to Gyeongju or we can go by plane. It takes 50 minutes by plane. – 2 hours by KTX. / – Then we should go by plane. – It’s only $5 difference. / – Then we should take a plane. Let’s do that. When we arrive by plane, it takes 40 minutes by car from the airport to downtown Gyeongju. If we take the KTX, it takes 30 minutes from the train station to downtown Gyeongju. – It’s almost the same. / – It’s virtually the same. We can save one hour. Plus kids love going on the plane. There’s a self check-in kiosk. Self check-in. – So we’re checked in? / – I guess so. How convenient. – Look at that. / – What does it say? It says Ryu Sujeong. It has my name on it. (50 minutes from Gimpo to Pohang) This is Pohang Airport. – Pohang Airport. / – Airport. We’ve arrived at Pohang Airport. – It only cost $5 extra. / – I know. And we saved an hour. We can play for an extra hour. That’s important. They get an extra one hour to stay. – You’re in charge of the day. / – That’s right. So what did you plan? What shall we do? Eating comes first in any situation, so let’s eat first. That’s good. – Kei said to eat warm chewy noodles. / – I love it. – It’s in Gyeongju… / – Chewy noodles are great for lunch. Here is a taxi stand. – Let’s take the taxi. / – Let’s head to downtown. – Let’s pick what to eat for lunch. / – Okay. – Let’s decide lunch and dinner. / – Let’s look at this. This is the Gyeongju tour course Kei recommends. – Great. / – This is warm chewy noodles. Kei highly recommended it. She said we must go. Does Kei enjoy eating food? – Yes, she does. / – Then you should listen to her. Kei’s sister lived in Gyeongju… – For a long time. / – Right. So Kei knows many good restaurants there. (Sujeong’s daytime tour, warm chewy noodles) (It takes 40 minutes from Pohang to Gyeongju) – Are we in Gyeongju now? / – Yes, we are. The atmosphere is so cozy that I like it a lot. – I like it too. / – And it’s quiet. I like it because there are no skyscrapers. It was very quiet. The signs look nostalgic. The place we’re going to used to be famous as a bakery. But they didn’t change their sign yet and are selling different types of chewy noodles. Their sign still says it’s a bakery. So you should be careful not to be confused. – There it is. Bakery. / – Where? That’s Sujeong’s place. – I must stop by. / – You must at a bakery. – Let’s go in. / – Let’s get in. (Warm and spicy chewy noodles are popular here) ($4 per bowl) Do you know why it is called chewy noodles? Because it’s chewy? – Am I right? / – I’ve done some research. – Cold noodles are chewy, right? / – Yes. But they mistakenly made them thick. And it tasted really good. – That’s how they came about. / – Really? – Mistakes are the mother of success. / – Right. – It was a fail but it succeeded. / – Failure… Failure is the mother of success. Mistakes are the mother of success. I didn’t know success had two mothers. As expected. – The sesame oil smells so good. / – It’s in here. – It’s in there? / – Yes. Thanks for the food. It looks good. (I want to eat it so badly) Try mine. – Is it good? / – Yes. Let me try it too. Isn’t it good? It’s spicy, sweet and sour. I thought it would taste like ordinary chew noodles but it tastes more like mixed noodles. You’re right. It’s the best chewy noodles I’ve ever had. – It was? / – Yes. You can adjust the spiciness by controlling the amount of the sauce. Warm chewy noodles. The two dishes go very well with each other. – Is it good? / – Yes. Let’s eat ice cream too because it’s hot. It’s really good. How is it different from ordinary chewy noodles? It’s like udon with thinner and chewier noodles. – For people in Gyeongju… / – That looks so good. They eat that to cure their hangovers. It’s chewy noodles but it’s interesting that it’s served warm. I think… It’s like udon with chewy noodles. That’s why it’s different. – Should we get some good eating shots? / – Okay. – Let’s shoot a commercial. / – Okay. – Here we go. / – Everyone… You have to taste warm chewy noodles in Gyeongju. One bite for you and one for me. – Pretty good, right? / – Not too bad. Is it good? “You can’t imagine how good it is.” It’s almost game over. “You can’t imagine how good it is.” (What was that?) Let’s just eat now. So good. – Wow… / – She eats so well. I really can’t tell. – That’s really hard. / – It was really delicious. – The warm chewy noodles looks good. / – I’m salivating. – The soup is so refreshing. / – I want to eat it again. Which was better, warm or spicy? – It’s too hard to choose. / – Were both that good? When you eat the warm, you crave the spicy. Then you eat the spicy and crave the warm. You need both. We ate so much that it’s embarrassing. They’re all empty. The combination of the two dishes… – Highly recommended. / – This is it. Plus it’s cheap. – This is amazing. / – It is. Business would boom if they opened this near our agency. Where do we go now? Now that we’ve eaten… – Let’s take a walk. / – Okay. Let’s go take a look at the daytime streets of Silla. What’s Gyeongju famous for? – Cheomseongdae. / – You’re right. Let’s go to Cheomseongdae and Daereungwon. That sounds great. (Sujeong’s daytime tour, walking the streets of Silla) You need to digest your food by walking around. Yeah, we should. (20 minutes from the restaurant to Cheomseongdae) – This is what Gyeongju’s good for. / – Great weather. The weather was great. – We’re here for the Silla daytime. / – Great weather. – It’s a huge park. / – Yeah. I didn’t know it was like this. I thought it was just the Cheomseongdae here. But it’s an actual park. – Check out the sky. / – It’s well made here. It really is. Let’s go see Cheomseongdae. Because of the open view, I felt so refreshed. – I can see it over there. / – Where? – It’s over there. / – It’s quite small. – Cheomseongdae. / – It’s been so long. I remember squatting here… – For a group photo? / – And listened to the tour guide. Many students went there for a field trip. – Many kindergartners too. / – Many went there. – Here? / – They assume it was an observatory. I thought it was a fact. But I was surprised that it’s only an assumption. How did they get in there? They used a ladder over there. It is open from 9 a.m. – Do elementary students go there now? / – Yes. I went there when I was in high school. 1, 2, 3. So many kids. – Is it a press conference? / – The kids were… It was like a mini fan meeting. (It’s a must to take a picture at Cheomseongdae) I don’t think there were any fences in the past. – You’re right. / – Right? – There was no grass either. / – Really? – It has changed a lot. / – It has. I once came here with my parents at night. Is it beautiful at night? Yes. Cheomseongdae is gorgeous at night. Since it’s better at night, let’s come again at night. – Let’s come here again. / – Let’s return at night. – And move on to the next place. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. (Daereungwon is opposite to Cheomseongdae) It’s really close from Cheomseongdae to Daereungwon. You can just walk across. Yein, can you read that? Due to the remodeling of Cheonmachong, the admission to Daereungwon is free of charge. It’s sad we can’t see Cheonmachong though. – It’s free until April next year. / – Since it’s free… Please feel free to come here and enjoy it. This place… I love it. – I like it. / – I love it. I love it, I love it. It really is a healing place. Everyone. What do we do? It was like breathing in lots of pure oxygen. – What do we do? / – Phytoncide. (There are 23 royal and noble tombs of Silla) It was so pretty. – It relaxes you. / – It does. There weren’t many people that day. So it was very relaxing. There’s lots of shade too. Yein, I like this place so much. I love this place! They suddenly became dolphins. How happy must they be? Is that a willow tree? My name means a willow tree. Do you want me to take a picture of you? – Yes, I do. / – Which tree do you mean? Make a nice pose. You look like a fairy. 1, 2, 3. Here you go. 1, 2, 3. Here you go. 1, 2, 3. Here you go. 1, 2, 3. The pictures turn out really pretty there. – The deer. / – Our deer… She’s bending a lot. – They look like small hills. / – Yes. – There are so many tombs. / – They’re like small hills. There are many fruits in the trees. If it’s too tough to walk, you can take breaks on benches along the way. – You can take it slow in Gyeongju. / – Exactly. – Right. / – There’s a pond over there. I think there are lotus flowers. – That was so pretty too. / – It’s not crowded on weekdays. – No, it’s not. / – It was not crowded. There is even a pond in this fascinating scene. – I know. / – It’s so beautiful. – It’s gorgeous. / – And the weather is great. It’s nice. Sujeong, it’s a little hot. Can we go eat some ice cream? – We’ll go eat some ice cream. / – Okay. Do you know what is fantastic about Gyeongju? We just walked here from Cheomseongdae and you know what? Hwangridangil is just over there. – We can just walk there to eat it. / – Let’s go quickly. – Let’s go now. / – Hwangridangil? – Yes. / – It’s a street that became… Trendy recently in Gyeongju. (Hwangridangil is located in front of Daereungwon) (It recently became the street of the youth) – There are a lot of cafes. / – And good restaurants. What is that? (Hwangridangil) (Unique shops have been drawing in the youth) – The shade is so refreshing. / – It’s so cool. We just enjoyed the daytime in Silla. It’s time to enjoy the daytime of Gyeongju. So hot, so hot. Yein, we’re finally going to have some ice cream. – The store is so pretty. / – Pretty. – Let’s go. / – It’s very pink. You have to drop by. (Ice cream parlor at the entrance of Hwangridangil) What are these? They’re popsicles. What is this Couque D’asse option? Cone made of Couque D’asse. – I want that one. / – Me too. The Couque D’asse cone was really good. The cone is made with Couque D’asse cookies. – Really? / – It’s so good. – He’s so generous. / – Couque D’asse cones. Thank you. (Organic ice cream, $4.50) Sujeong. – That’s so… Wow. / – That looks good. – It’s really good. / – Why are you crying? How can it be this good? It’s so tasty. It’s the best. It’s seriously good. – Is it better because of the heat? / – I think so. Everyone, just walk here. – It’s so good. / – It is. I should have one more. As expected. (They enjoy delicious soft serve after walking about) I can’t help myself. I need one more. Me too. – I feel much better now. / – Me too. This place is so picturesque. I think “La La Land” has to be filmed here. This place… It’s so pretty here. Is Hwangridangil very long? It’s about 1km long. If you just stroll along, you’ll reach the end in no time. If we go a bit further, there’s a black and white photo studio. They’re trending these days. Should we take a photo since we’re wearing matching outfits? Sure. There’s the studio. The exterior is so pretty. It’s so pretty. It feels old school. – Shall we go inside? / – Let’s head inside. – It’s a black and white photo studio. / – What’s this? The photos are black and white. The developing takes about 20 minutes. – They use old cameras. / – You’ll need some leisure time. The interior is decorated like an old photo studio. (4 prints cost $30) Is this a wedding shoot? (Being affectionate) (They show off a flurry of idol beauty) The photographer directed us. “Face each other and smile.” “Place one leg back.” – That’s how we did it. / – He told us what to do. They’re album-worthy. – That came out so well. / – They come out pretty. It’s like a jacket photo. It’s so pretty. I love them. Our other members will be so envious. Let’s all come and take jacket pictures here next time. Let’s take a picture together. Let’s go. – Good-bye. / – Good-bye. The cafe that we’re heading to is located in an alleyway. – It’s in an alleyway? / – It’s so peaceful. I love cozy cafes like that. Where is it? Do you know how to find it? Of course. Here it is. – It’s so pretty. / – To get there… You just need to enter the alleyway. – I wanted to visit a cafe like this. / – Amazing. Alright. Let’s head inside. (It was renovated from a traditional Korean house) (You can experience a uniquely Korean feel) – So pretty. / – But there’s an age restriction? Yes, to help maintain a quiet atmosphere, they don’t admit children under 13 years of age. I guess Seoeon and Seojun can’t go. Well, we avoid places like that too. We don’t want to be a nuisance. It’s a great place to enjoy a leisurely mood. – The cafe is a traditional house. / – I know. Everyone converses in a hushed tone here. You can hardly hear chatter. – Or embroider something. / – I know. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – It’s bean flour rice cake. / – I’m excited. Didn’t you just have dessert? Well, this is uniquely Korean. We wanted to show you a variety. Don’t forget to take a picture. (Multi-colored bean flour rice cake, $8.50) (Omija tea, $9.50) – It’s so pretty. / – It really is. What do we do? My goodness. My gosh. You really ate to your hearts’ content. We really ate a lot. Shall we? Cheers. (She takes a sip of the cool omija tea first) How can it be so tasty? Drinking this makes you feel elegant. (She just might fall into the cup) Why does that tea… Why does that look like a bowl of warm chewy noodles? I think I can finish it in one go. Sujeong really knows how to eat. – It’s so pretty. / – The snow shapes… They’re made with pears. The decoration is important. How can it be so tasty? Please try a bite. Isn’t it good? – What’s with this? / – It’s so good. There were whole pieces of wild strawberries. It’s so good. It’s so good. It’s seriously good. – What are those? / – They’re wild strawberries. Usually, wild strawberries are sour but those weren’t. – Let’s try the bean flour rice cake. / – Let’s try it. It was honey and not soy sauce. – It must be grain syrup. / – My goodness. That looks really good. That was so good. You really ate good stuff. Can you see the honey dripping? – They were grilled. / – Yes, grilled. It’s so good. The colors were so pretty too. – The flavors differed too. / – That’s so… “Good-looking rice cakes are always tasty”, they say. Well, that saying came true just now. – So, they come heated on a stone. / – Yes. Amazing. It’s nice that it’s relaxing here. Of course the food is good. – But I love the leisurely vibe. / – True. And the breeze is perfect. The weather was on point. The sunlight was just enough as well as the wind. – It’s first-rate weather. / – It was really nice. – That’s when it’s the best. / – I don’t want to go back. – That’s what happens on trips. / – I know. It was such a shame we had to leave. – I wish I could stay longer. / – I don’t want to go. I’m not leaving. (After a while, the sun begins to set) The sun is beginning to set. – It’s evening, your time. / – My time. Night time. So, what will we be eating for dinner? Well, for dinner… Just follow me. We’ll be eating meat. You ate a lot. Is there room left? There are separate stomachs for desserts and meals. That’s great. (Yein’s Evening Trip) (Enjoying the sunset on a hot-air balloon) – Let’s do more research on the trip. / – This one! A hot-air balloon? That’s a good idea. This is Soul’s recommended Gyeongju destinations. Hot-air balloon. With 8 trip designers, there’s so much variety. – It’s my first time. / – We must go there. (It takes 20 minutes by car to get to the launch site) We’ll be riding a hot-air balloon. But it’s not propelled by heat. It actually goes up using helium. – So, it’s not a hot-air balloon. / – That’s right. They don’t operate it under windy conditions. So, it’s best to find out by calling in advance. (With a max height of 150m) (It can accommodate up to 30 people) (You can get a bird’s-eye view of Bomun Lake) (And a panoramic view of Gyeongju itself) It went up higher than I expected. – We’ll be viewing the sunset. / – Let’s go. (Then shall we go up?) (Off we go) We’re going up. It’s like I’ve become the helicam. That’s very high. – It went up higher than expected. / – It goes up high. – Cars look like toys from here. / – It does go up slowly. – You’re not scared of heights then? / – No. It’s like a movie. There are safety nets all around so it’s safe for children too. But it goes up much higher than expected. Gosh. It’s so scary right here. Is the center hollow? Yes, so it’s quite scary. The center is scary. You’re right. It’s scarier here. (The view makes you come to terms with the height) It’s deeper. She kept scaring me. – Gosh. / – She almost cried. That was really scary. I almost dropped the camera. – Success. / – My hands have gone limp. This is so funny. Isn’t Sujeong so cute? – As you rise up… / – So pretty. The sun goes down and the colors are so pretty. – Our leader recommended it. / – That’s right. This is the hot-air balloon. Gyeongju itself is beautiful. How great must it be to see it from up there. It was so pretty. I miss our members. It would be so much fun with all eight of us here. It would be so refreshing. Our dear members. I missed you more being at such a beautiful place. After being in a big group… – I miss you. / – We missed them. Let’s come back together. (They break away from their busy routine) (And enjoy their moments in Gyeongju) It’s so serene. Helicam. – Hello. / – Hello. (For now, they enjoy the leisure) Once you go up, you can look around for 15 minutes. – It’s plenty of time. / – Plenty of time. – It’s so pretty. / – Hey, Yein. The fresh air is making me hungry. Breathing is exhausting. – I’m getting hungry. / – Really? Well, then that means we have to go eat. Let’s go eat meat. Trust me and follow along. – Let’s go eat meat. / – Let’s go. Let’s go on the hot-air balloon. It would be amazing if we could land there. (Yein’s Evening Trip, Snow braised ribs) – It’s ribs time. / – We’re heading to go eat now. (It takes about 15 minutes to get there by car) Where are we going, Yein? We’re off to get some ribs. Oh, my God. Apparently, they sprinkle snow on top. What’s the white snow? What’s that? – What is that? / – That’s the snow I mentioned. (Have you heard of snow braised ribs?) Oh, wow! This is insane! It seems like an antique shop in here. I know. Look around us. Check out the paintings. There are crowns. – And the ceiling… / – It’s all in Chinese. No way to understand. They’re wise sayings. Can you read Chinese characters? – Chinese characters? / – Yes. Of course. (Grinning) – I can’t read any of them. / – Me too. I forgot all of them… – From elementary school. / – It’s okay. The menu’s in Korean. We’ll have the snow braised ribs. – Let’s also order the green plum wine. / – Okay. – Plum wine? / – Yes, we have some. 1 bottle please. The wine is here. It’s here. – The wine is here. / – It’s here. There are actual plums in it. Do you have to shake? (A 20-year-old shaking up her wine) That’s soju. That’s soju. It’s okay to shake. You need to shake it that much? The tornado didn’t work. (Struggling) (I want to drink it quickly) Hand it over. (Let’s drink now) You can do it. (Did you see that?) Fascinating. Thank you. Hey, Sujeong. Here’s toast for Lovelyz. Let’s win. (Forget savoring it, just drink up) – She drinks well. / – She does. Being a girl group… It’s out. Isn’t that meant for dim sum? – Look forward to it. / – The visuals. – I’m so excited. / – So excited. – I’m so excited. / – I’m opening it. Here we go. (The big reveal) Here we go. – That looks good. / – What is that? – The pumpkin is good too. / – I’ve never… Seen that before. (The braised ribs are covered in snow) – What do we do? / – Amazing beef ribs. It looks so good. What do you think this is? It’s not rice. (What’s the identity of this white substance?) It’s glutinous rice, Yein. – It’s glutinous rice, right? / – Yes. So you don’t need to order rice. It’s chewier than normal rice, so it was tasty. – There’s sweet potato too. / – Really? – It has 3 to 4 layers. / – Like this. It was layered. – It was so good. / – Don’t forget our ribs, everyone. (First layer, sweet potatoes) (Second layer, short ribs) It wasn’t oily either. It’s very tender and flavorful. (The dish is aesthetically fantastic) – This is game over. / – This is so! What do we do about this? I’m so happy. Let’s try a rib now. Cheers. (They finally take a bite) Hot, hot, hot. – Be careful. / – I thought my teeth were burning. It’s so good That’s right. You need to twist it off. I feel like I’m watching myself at 20. It’s so good. I imagined something stickier. But you get a taste of the meat more than the sauce. Right. And the glutinous rice is really chewy. It makes me feel like I’m enjoying it with rice. You’re right. Hey, Yein. – Tastes good. / – “Hey, Yein” means “let’s drink.” Hey, Yein. Sujeong always drinks bottoms up. It was so good. This plum wine is so good. Sujeong, that’s not soda. It’s not soda, okay. (And the eating show begins) – Seriously, we kept eating. / – The bones piled up. Flip it around. The kitchen is run by mothers. – The side dishes were so tasty. / – They were. – We’re done. / – We ate it all. (Feeling sad) The viewers will be shocked that we ate so much. We scraped it clean. It’s embarrassing. We really wanted to order another one. – But due to the budget… / – We couldn’t. It would’ve been so funny if you ordered another one. – That was so good. / – It was. Look at my bones. You’ve made a tower. Well, we enjoyed a day trip with Silla in the daytime. Now, let’s see how beautiful Silla’s evening is. We’ll have to compare. Let’s go check out the Silla night. Look forward to it. – Can I? / – Yes. It’s really beautiful. (Yein’s Evening Trip, Silla in the moonlight) We ate dinner, so we decided to take a stroll. – This is Silla’s evening. / – Yes, Silla’s evening. – It’s different from the day. / – It’s completely different. – That’s interesting. / – We revisited the place… We went during the day. (It feels slightly scary) It’s like that. They turn on the lights, so it’s very pretty. – Isn’t it pretty? / – It’s so pretty. It’s like a mood lamp. It’s so pretty. – Why is it pink? / – It was so pretty. It displays the 8 colors of Gyeongju. Lovelyz and pink Cheomseongdae go together so well. – It was so pretty. / – We took many pictures. It cycles through 8 colors. (From 7 p.m. the color changes every 30 minutes) (You can see Cheomseongdae in 8 different colors) – Sujeong. / – Yes. It’s finally time for the night view highlight. We’ll be visiting Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond. (This is Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond) Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond. This is the highlight. (This night scenery is very famous) (Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond) (This location was used for banquets for) (National celebrations or important guests) Entry is $2 per person. – $2? / – That’s affordable. It’s open all-year-round. It’s very impressive. It’s perfect as a final destination for the trip. It really is. Everything’s so calm here. It’s also known as Anapji Pond. That’s another name for it. – From the Joseon Dynasty. / – Anapji. It’s impressive. They didn’t have that during my time. What was your favorite part of the trip today? Everything was fun today. There’s this too. Gyeongju was the capital of Silla. It feels very ancient. Yet, there are modern places like Hwangridangil. It’s like jumping from past to present. – It made Gyeongju more fun. / – We really did a lot. Like traveling in a time machine. (A day of rejuvenation away from daily life) I think we showed Deer Bread’s brand… – Of fun and enjoyment. / – You’re right. – We had great chemistry, right? / – You were great. It was fine. Satisfied with ourselves. I had fun. Come to Gyeongju with Deer Bread! (Gyeongju with Deer Bread made the time fly) You did so well. You sure experienced some fine things at Gyeongju. It wasn’t the Gyeongju we knew. You two weren’t the Lovelyz members we knew either. We were shocked. Let’s talk about the ribs. – The ribs were so… / – Incredible. I didn’t think the pumpkin, braised ribs and glutinous rice would go well together. But once you enjoy the three of them together… – It’s just so delicious. / – So good. How much can you drink? I think I’ve finished up to 2 bottles of soju. Respect. You’re totally my style. I’m looking forward to seeing you in 10 years. It’s time to take a look at the final expense. Yein, what was the figure? The total expense for our day-trip to Gyeongju was… – Per person. / – $70 for transport… And $89 for food. For a total of $159. – Well… / – They showed us a lot. – To show you a variety. / – It was the airplane. And you took the hot-air balloon. – And ate 4 servings each. / – Right. Final words. Everyone, a place exists where Korea’s tradition intermingles with modernity. Enjoy natural exhilaration and the beauty of the moonlight. Visit Gyeongju with Deer Bread! Now please take out your phones for the vote. Will you go to Gyeongju according to Gyeongju with Deer Bread’s plan? Please cast your votes. (Gyeongju with Deer Bread planned a trip) (What will the judges choose?) Will you choose the I Wish Gunsan? Or the Gyeongju with Deer Bread? What will the judges choose? Here we go. Braised ribs or beef ribs? Gyeongju with Deer Bread. Gunsan. Will you choose bigger portion food or not? – I’m nervous. / – Me too. I don’t know why, but I am. Will you choose Gyeongju or Gunsan? Green plum wine or beer? What’s this? – It’s similar. / – No way. What’s going on? The last digit! Gyeongju! Gyeongju! Gyeongju! It’s okay. (Gyeongju seizes the victory) Gosh. That must’ve been close. It was a close match. Shall we hear from our winners? We really enjoyed our trip. I feel so happy that we won the votes as well. Everyone, please pay Gyeongju a visit. – Great. / – We had a great time. Well, we had Dongwun as our special host. How was it? Most of you think of overseas travel for vacations. But thanks to Battle Trip, we’re being introduced to great domestic destinations. Please continue your interest in traveling domestically. – Comeback? / – That’s right. We’re finally making a comeback. What’s the song called? – “Can Be Better.” / – “Can Be Better.” – That’s true. / – It was fun. Please remember the title. Well, everyone, Gunsan and Gyeongju are great destinations for families and lovers. Get out there to all corners of our country. Battle Trip will continue to provide you with great travel tips. The world is your school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (“Can Be Better” by Highlight) (“Missing You” by BTOB)

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