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Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.7: Just guys, just girls trip for three days [ENG/2016.07.10]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.7: Just guys, just girls trip for three days [ENG/2016.07.10]

(Battle Trip has been upgraded) Cast your votes. – We’re here. / – Here it is! The final poll results? (The winning team?) (All about travel) (Useful travel tips for you) (Lee Hwijae, Kim Sook, San E, Sung Sikyung) Traveling is a war, Battle Trip! – Isn’t the weather beautiful? / – It’s great. Today… We have more friends than couples here. – Welcome, studio audience. / – Welcome. – Today… / – 2 men and 2 women. What kind of trip will be designed today? We’ll meet 4 amazing travel planners. I was so shocked. They’re really difficult to cast. I’m curious. Let’s meet the 4 travel planners. Please welcome them with applause. (Kim Okvin, Kim Hyeonsuk) (Kim Okvin’s pretty!) (Kim Iljung, Lee Sangmin) Is it a special show today? A return to variety shows special. Return to variety shows? It feels like a special episode. Sangmin, you must be really determined. You’re wearing a hooded jumper. It’s really hot. You haven’t been on KBS for 6 years? It’s the first time since 2009 so… – It’s been 7 years. / – 7 years. – Really? / – 7 years? Wow. It must feel really different. Yes. It feels new and I’m nervous. – I’m a huge fan of Kim Okvin. / – Okvin? I loved her drama, “Yuna’s Street.” Anyway, I feel really pressured. – Want me to change spots? / – No. You seem really flustered. Okvin, you haven’t been on a terrestrial TV variety show for 8 or 9 years. Yes. It’s been 8 or 9 years. It was a long time ago. I didn’t sleep very well. Right. Hyeonsuk, are you really close to Okvin? I find that hard to believe. – It’s been 10 years. / – Pentaport. – 10 years ago. Was it Pentaport? / – Yes. When we go to music festivals, we usually meet drunken men. Right. I guess we can meet you there, Okvin. – Right. / – Yes. Are you going to go often now? No. I’m a ballad singer. That’s when we first met. I’m much older than she is but it felt like she was my age. At times, she seems older than I am. – We got along well. / – From the beginning? Sangmin and Iljung, you’re in trouble. – Are you close? / – Did you exchange numbers? We’re not very close. – You’re not close. / – We’re close! We’re getting to know each other. We’re close. We took this trip to get to know each other better. You’re all sweaty. Can his stylist bring some tissues? He’s sweaty. – You’re dripping. / – I want to wipe it for him. I think he needs a cup, not a tissue. (Sangmin pulls out a face powder case) He brought that himself. Did you become close after this trip? – Very close. / – We’re much closer now. Men taking a trip together… That isn’t easy. You’re going to be very surprised. We felt some entirely new emotions. For sure. – Where did you go? / – Let’s see it. Let’s reveal this week’s travel theme. Please show us the travel theme. Just men, just women. 2 nights and 3 days. An overseas trip. I don’t know about men but girls’ trips… They’re really fun because you take photos of each other. What? Photos are half the trip. – That’s so tiring. / – You have to take photos. Photos are all that you’re left with. – Photos? / – Yes, with food. He probably took more photos than those two put together. – He took selfies at every location. / – Really? I take 80 photos to gain 1 good photo. We researched Korea’s largest travel website. The travel keywords that men respond to were very different… – To women. / – Keywords. It’s hard to generalize but women’s travel keywords include good to take photos, a hidden site, good food. What about men? Affordable, cheap. Escape. – Escape. / – That’s sad. – Escape sounds good. / – I like escape. (Men and women think differently) (Today’s theme, a men’s only, women’s only trip) (Special trips presented by our travel planners) (Their special trips begin in a few moments!) Our tour’s called the return to sing tour. That sounds dangerous. Don’t get the wrong idea. He could become a victim. That’s why I wore my couple ring today. – I don’t usually wear this. / – Why wear it now? In case people mistake me for being divorced. It’s called the return to sing tour because it’s our return to Singapore. It has a different meaning. We actually took a trip to Singapore but unfortunately, we didn’t get to take a good look around Singapore. So you went back. Yes, we went back. Return to sing. It’s our return to Singapore. The Return to Sing Tour. I really love Singapore. I’ve been there 6 times. I went twice to shoot, once with my wife. Then… Anyway, I’ve been 6 times. What about the remaining 3 times? Once with your wife, twice to shoot… The other three… Will you be okay when you go home? Sorry. I’ve been to Singapore 3 times. The other 3 times were in your past. Twice to shoot, once with my wife. I would’ve expected the women to go to Singapore. This country lies close to us. It’s Europe. Vladivostok! Vladivostok. Russia. Many people probably think it’s far away but it’s quite close. Via Russian airlines, it takes less than 2 hours. – It passes through North Korea. / – Directly. Travel expenses are important. Sangmin, in Singapore… Aside from the airfare, how much did you spend? Aside from the airfare, we spent $415 each. – $415 for 2 nights, 3 days. / – 2 nights and 3 days? We had a wonderful time. How about Vladivostok? Aside from the airfare… (She smiles wickedly) – Per person? / – We spent half that amount. $270 each! Then… (Which team will win?) (Let’s head to Singapore first!) (A cool, boys’ trip to Singapore) – So that’s how it looks. / – It looks lovely. Singapore! (Lee Sangmin and Kim Iljung’s 2 nights and 3 days) (Discover the unique fun!) Singapore’s really pretty. It has great night views. I’m at Hongdae on a Saturday evening! Why did you wear a suit to Hongdae? I used to be an announcer. Did you style your hair so it’s uneven? – I just came from home. / – Really? You look really cute. (Cute 45-year-old Lee Sangmin) 2 nights, 3 days. The flight time… We should leave at night, arrive in the morning. We need to look into that. – To make the most of the 3 days? / – Right. Then Taiwan! Taiwan’s here. Singapore too. I’ll look for distant locations. The Singapore flight hours are good. Depart at 00:35, arrive at 5:55. That sounds tiring. – Really? / – Then… We can start as soon as we get there. – As soon as we get there? / – Yes. – Sleep on the plane. / – On the plane? We get there at 5:50 in the morning. We’ll have a full day then. The next day’s a full day too. Then we’ll depart at night, arrive in Korea early morning. If it’s a team competition, we have to decide on a team name, right? – Yes. / – There’s a reward too. Singapore, Singapore… It’s going to be our second time in Singapore. We didn’t get to do much last time. We’re going back to Singapore. We’re returning to Singapore. Return, return to sing. (Self-destruction) It suits you perfectly… (Second bombing) Return to sing tour? Return to Singapore, the return to sing tour. Return to Sing Tour. I like that. Return to Sing Tour. Let’s do it! (Day of trip, 10:40 p.m.) You boarded the night plane. There was a flight at 12:30 a.m. – To arrive in the morning? / – In the morning. You get a full day then. – We’re not late, right? / – You’re not late. – Where are your bags? / – This is my bag. – Just that? / – How about yours? He brought 2 suitcases. – For just 3 days. / – Who? Sangmin. It gets tiring if you have 2 suitcases. (A raincoat in case it rains) (To clean the dust from his clothes) (That feels nice) (A scalp massager) (His suitcase contains so many items) Aren’t we coming back in 2 days? Yes, it’s 2 days. 2 days, 5 days or a week… I need the same things. Let’s go. Travel masters are different. The international airport’s really big. – Right. / – You need to ride this. (They head to board the midnight flight!) Wait for me! It’s a good departure time. – Half past midnight? / – Yes. You open your eyes and you’ve arrived. He’s really detailed. It takes 5 and a half hours by plane but Sangmin even prepared a neck pillow. I didn’t know there was a flight at 12:30 a.m. I didn’t know that either. This is great. We’re in Singapore. (Return to Sing Tour starts early in the morning) (MRT, transportation to get around the city) (It connects major hotels and shopping centers) As I told you, the first location… Kaya toast. We have to begin with toast. What are you doing? I’m looking up food. Food? Food is important. Things you have to eat in Singapore. (The first stop is breakfast) 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 11. 12 stops. It will take around 30 minutes then. – We should nap then? / – Right! – Sleep in transit. / – Right. It’s such a busy schedule. Let’s set the alarm before sleeping. We have 10 stops left. Let’s sleep for the next 15 minutes. Okay. (Sleep mode) (They try to catch up on sleep) How many EXPO stops are there? (The mystery of EXPO) It was EXPO earlier. I think we’ve gone back. I think we went backwards. No way. (10 minutes ago) (Empty) Do we get out? Everyone’s getting out. Some people are getting back on. – I think we went backwards. / – No way. Everyone got out earlier. We were supposed to change lines. When everyone got off earlier? It keeps moving between the same route. – It keeps moving back and forth. / – It’s a loop line. It kept going back and forth. EXPO, airport, EXPO, airport. I opened my eyes. EXPO? Keep sleeping. You didn’t know that? We kept stopping at EXPO. I thought the EXPO must be huge. That’s what we told ourselves. (They’ve sat in the metro for an hour) You have to apply this. (He applies sunscreen) (He looks like a Beijing opera star) The color of your face has changed. I’m looking for Ya Kun toast. Exit 8, to your left. About 9:30 they open. Okay, thank you. Toast. 8, to the left. Kaya toast’s the first thing that you want to do in Singapore. Is it a food that represents Singapore? It’s really delicious. – The jam’s delicious. / – Kaya jam. Kaya jam? Can you eat kaya toast anywhere? There are a lot of shops. However, there’s the original toast… – Fakes too? / – There are imitations. It’s famous so there are some similar shops. This is kaya jam. (Kaya jam, made from coconut, eggs, pandan leaves) (The taste?) It’s so good. Wet the bread. I’ve been to Singapore so many times. I’ve never heard of kaya toast. Really? (Kaya toast with eggs, delicious!) It has a sweet flavor. The jam enhances the flavor. It’s not just sweet. Also… These soft boiled eggs… That looks delicious. How do you make eggs like that? – Milk and eggs? / – Put all the yolk on it? Hold it for me. (Place the entire yolk on the toast) Once you try it like that… It’s going in. It’s going in. He makes it look delicious. It’s delicious. It’s amazing! It’s the perfect brunch. – Is it a typical breakfast? / – I’m in charge of food. Kaya toast was my first choice. No. 1, kaya toast. There’s an outlet in Korea. I wonder if it tastes the same. In Korea? It’s probably different. I think the bread will be similar but the soft boiled eggs… Kaya toast, done. I heard there’s a sauce that you eat this with. Take a look around. Dark sauce, pepper. I mixed the eggs. Add a little soy sauce. You can only pour a little. There’s a sauce. – What is it? / – It’s similar to soy sauce. – What is it? / – Why didn’t you bring it earlier? Does it taste a lot better? The sweet and simple taste… With a touch of soy sauce… It seasons it. It’s so delicious. – It looks simple. / – It’s a simple food. It’s simple but the taste is addictive. – What should we do? / – Eat it or don’t eat it? You’ve come to Singapore. Eat or don’t eat? Okay. 1, 2, 3. – Eat! / – Eat! – Okay. / – Good job. – Kaya toast, pass. / – If you don’t have time… If you can’t eat it, at least buy kaya jam. I would make toast with it at home. I’d eat this with eggs. That sounds okay too. – You have to eat it. / – You have to eat this. This set costs $5.60. You can eat this for just $5.60. Let’s view our next location. Let’s go to the closest location from here. Your schedule is packed. Sangmin drew up a full schedule. This is Raffles Place. If we walk a short distance, there’s the fountain at Merlion Park. – Also, Marina Sands… / – Opposite Merlion Park. Marina Sands. So do you want to go there now? We need to take photos… – At landmarks. / – For sure. We’re really here. (4 hours after arriving in Singapore) – It’s a merlion! / – So that’s a merlion. It really feels like Singapore now. Do you have to do that in front of the fountain? Everyone does that. I didn’t want to do that but you can’t help open your mouth when you’re there. There are a lot of people here. You have to take a photo when you come here. – Like that? / – There are so many people. Stand here. I’ll spray water. You receive it. Can you take a photo for us? My face is going numb. 1, 2, 3. Okay? Thank you. Let’s take a look. This is the way to enjoy Merlion’s Park. This is so funny. Show us! Sangmin really likes it. (The perfect angle) (Look at this photo…) – That’s the best picture. / – It’s so funny. – The angle’s good. / – I bet you used to spit a lot. (He acts it out) – Photos like this make a trip fun. / – Right. This is how photos should be taken. – You can boast about your trip. / – Right. Forget normal souvenir photos. Merlion Park. Come or don’t come? Come! It’s worth visiting. Once people see our photo, they’ll be sure to come here. If you visit Singapore, this is a must-see location. – Let’s go. / – We’re busy. Where are you going now? – What was your transportation? / – Where now? We used the MRT. This feels like a different country. – It’s exotic. / – It doesn’t look like Singapore. Arab Street. (Arab Street) What are you doing, rapper? He knows how to have a good time. – He’ll wear himself out. / – Music links me! I’m back in Singapore. Return to sing! Return to sing! – Show me the Battle Trip. / – We’ll win Battle Trip! The winner of Battle Trip? – I’m going to win! / – Us! Again. I’m going to win! – Gosh. / – Get it right. I haven’t been there before. – You haven’t, right? / – It’s really cheap. It’s so pretty. (A delicious smell) It smells delicious. Wait a minute. This is it. I wrote this down in my notebook. We made another discovery. Murtabak. – It looks good. / – It’s an Asian version of pizza. – Chicken’s probably the most mild. / – Chicken. Chicken murtabak, one. One chicken murtabak. (Try it. It’s delicious) (Murtabak is made before their very eyes) – The dough’s made there? / – In the shop. – He’s a master. / – That’s fun to watch. – It tastes good when you see this. / – It stretches. It’s like pizza. That’s impressive. Egg. – That’s strange. / – Cheese. – Delicious ingredients. / – Cheese and eggs. – Curry? / – Chicken flakes. (It’s placed on the pan) (Another layer of eggs and meat) It’s folded again? Murtabak means to fold in Arabic. It’s folded several times. (Sizzle) – It looks good. / – It looks delicious. – It sort of… / – It looks like an omelette. You can order small, medium and large. I think it was $5, $7 and $9. It smells like pizza. Let’s try it first. It’s hot. Did you eat that in a single bite? (Greedy 45-year-old) It’s not really like pizza. I can taste curry. The top’s been fried. – It’s like a curry pizza. / – It’s fried, right? It’s like fried naan with chicken curry. This only costs $9. – 2 servings? / – Yes, large. The servings are generous. Small $6, medium $8, large $9. That’s around $7 or $8 then. I’m going to dip it in the chicken curry. The flavor’s much stronger. That calls for a beer. Totally. A glass of draft beer. It’s hot there so you must want to drink beer. You scull beer. (What’s going on?) That’s how the food’s collected. They order food from the car. The assistant shouts back. It’s a drive-thru service. Someone hands the food. – Wow. / – Murtabak. Eat or don’t eat? 1, 2, 3. – You have to eat that. / – Eat. (Unique aroma and flavor, their choice for murtabak?) It looks delicious. 1, 2, 3. – Eat! / – Eat! You should eat this. It’s good. If you’ve come to Arab Street, you should enjoy food like a local. You should eat in front of the temple. It has a good view. I think that’s an Islamic temple. – Murtabak, done. / – In front of the temple… Is this food sold in Korea? I don’t think we have this here. I haven’t heard of murtabak. (There’s more to eat than just their list) There are a lot of unique foods to eat there. What’s that? They look like walnut cakes. Street snacks. That looks delicious. Prawns. Tarts. (Bugis Street!) (7 hours after arrival, no time to rest) – Toys. / – They sold coffee here. Can I have one of these? He wants to eat something. Kaya ball? – Iljung, do you like eating? / – Yes. – I like biscuits. / – It’s like takoyaki. It has kaya jam inside. It looks delicious. (How do kaya balls taste?) You know what I mean, right? – It’s good. / – The filling… It’s the same as toast. It has butter too. It’s good. Kaya balls taste like kaya toast. It has the same sauce inside. Kaya balls eaten on Bugis Street. – Eat? Don’t eat? / – I want to eat it. 1, 2, 3. – Eat! / – Eat! 2, 3. – Eat. / – Don’t eat. – I don’t want to eat it. / – Eat it for sure. It’s only $2.50 for 8. – It’s around $1.60… / – $2. Oh, $2. Have all the don’t eats been edited out? You’ll see them later. Wait a minute. Wow! We’re here. We’re here. I’ve never seen it up close. Is it okay for me to carry this? (Which fruit has gained Iljung’s attention?) – It’s prickly. / – Have you tried this? No, I haven’t. I tried but gave up in the middle. Really? Try it. I’m curious. Really? You have to swallow it. It’s so bad that you can’t swallow it? – It’s fruit. / – The durian challenge! It isn’t easy to eat durian. It was my second attempt. It was Iljung’s first time. That won’t be easy. You should be careful eating this. I think it’s the king of fruit. – Yes, the king of fruit. / – It’s really… I heard it’s rich in nutrients. The smell is so strong. (Priced according to rank) This doesn’t taste good. – Then this is the best? / – Delicious. It says super at the top. The delicious one. – Let’s try the delicious one. / – Let’s eat it. (Iljung’s first durian) – Don’t smell it. / – The smell’s strong. It has an unpleasant smell. It smells like it’s off, right? Put it in your mouth and chew. It’s one of the world’s top 5 fruits. For the taste… (How does the durian taste?) He’s becoming ugly. Chew and swallow. Swallow it. – It’s spreading. / – Swallow it. – Swallow, don’t breathe. / – What is it? – The taste… / – What does it taste like? Don’t breathe if it’s hard. (What am I going to do?) I can’t breathe. It reminds me of pumpkin sweet potatoes. I’m going to work up the courage to eat it. I couldn’t eat it last time. I spat it out. Challenge! It’s just a fruit. It’s okay. It tastes okay at first. It’s rising. His expression’s changing. The moment you breathe through your nose… It’s rising, right? Rising slowly. I think I must’ve eaten a cheap one before. Really? – It’s good. / – It’s good? This is why people eat it. I know why people like durian now. – Why they eat it… / – You like it. He’s actually an epicure. – I really liked it this time. / – Another one. It’s really… (Will Iljung discover the taste of durian?) (This is good?) (This is good?) Durians in Singapore. Eat or don’t eat? 1, 2, 3. – Eat. / – Don’t eat. – It’s hard to eat at first. / – You didn’t agree. – Challenge yourself. / – No. I’ve discovered the taste here. It tastes like concentrated peanuts. Peanuts? Peanuts… It’s really good. This is what I think. Pumpkin sweet potatoes… Wrapped in fermented skate. It’s thick and has this sweet flavor but the moment your breathe through your nose, it rises. Fermented skate and pumpkin sweet potatoes. No wonder it’s $28. It’s good. Cheap durian is really hard to eat. Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Chili crab! – This is a must. / – For sure. No. 2 is chili crab. – This has to be eaten. / – Chili crab. With bread… It tastes good with bread too. (The highlight of Singapore delicacies) (You’ll regret it if you don’t eat chili crab) Enjoy! It’s a dish that represents Singapore. – We have to eat chili crab. / – For sure. You have to eat this. You have to eat this every time you visit. Popular chili crab. Why isn’t the price written here? It only has the photo. Seasonal price. It’s different every time. How much is a popular chili crab? $78, sir, per kg. Sorry? $78. Then let’s have 1kg of black pepper and 1kg of chili crab. 1kg of each? – $78, $78. / – Yes, sir. I feel so happy right now. Chili sauce… That’s when we spent a lot of money. – It looks good. / – It’s coming. Look at that. (Chili crab arrives first) This is chili crab. (Black pepper crab arrives next) – It’s delicious. / – Oh, my God. – I went to the same place. / – We get to eat this! (Singapore’s food landmark, chili crab) – I went there. / – With that sauce… – You should order plain rice too. / – That sauce… You could dip an eraser and it’d taste good. – You could fry shoes. / – Right. – Dip erasers… / – For sure. (How do the crabs taste?) Which should we eat first? (What? It doesn’t taste good?) I want to eat the black pepper crab first. Why? This is it? We’ve waited to eat this? Anyone who’s been to Singapore knows this taste. (Forget the durian from earlier) I know. I can imagine the taste. It’s really intense. This is for you. Eat it. This is for you. Eat it. This is like giving me the whole crab. Right. I gave you the best part. The most difficult things in life are to stand surety and to give up a crab shell. – You’ve given me the best part. / – Right. Black pepper crab… Wait. It’s black pepper so I thought the crab would taste like pepper. – It doesn’t. / – Of course not. It has a smoky flavor, right? – It does. / – The flavor’s strong. Challenge! What is it? Is it hot? (About to eat this wet tissue) – I just ate this. / – I was in such a rush. Slow down. The black pepper crab… – He’s in a rush. / – Let’s just finish up and eat. (They take care of each other) It’s so good! It’s so good! (This time, chili crab) Let’s try the chili crab now. This is the real thing. This is no. 1. (Digs in) The rice is here at last. Even the small serving’s huge. Fried rice? You’d think this was a large one. Fried rice servings are huge here. There’s so much. That’s it! (Screams) There it is. (The best way to enjoy chili crab) – There it is. / – Like soy sauce marinated crabs. Also, the rice… The rice doesn’t stick together. It isn’t sticky. You know what this is, right? Isn’t that organs? It adds to the flavor. (Have a bite first) Thank you. (His cheekbones rise) This is it! We waited to mix rice in the sauce. It’s so good. We waited ages for this rice. (It tastes good with rice or bread) Thanks, Sangmin. Chili crabs in Singapore. Eat or don’t eat? – Eat, of course. / – Eat. – What will people think of us? / – Eat for sure! – Eat! / – Eat! – That’s obvious. / – Yes. There’s no point asking. If you come here, would you eat chili or black pepper crab? – Chili. / – Chili. Chili. – I’m dying to eat chili crab. / – Chili crab… It suits Korean tastes, right? – Totally. / – It’s like traditional Korean food. Chili crab’s common but I’ve never seen black pepper crab. (Combination of pepper corns and smoke) Would you eat chili or black pepper crab? 1, 2, 3. – Chili! / – Chili! Black pepper’s good too but this one’s slightly ahead… – Because of the sauce. / – Because of this. If you dip the sauce… It’s because of the sauce. To be simple, I like this sauce. – It’s so good. / – Just order both. After we eat this, we have to experience the night life. The night streets. – The night views. / – We have to see that. (They play without sleep) (Singapore’s night is more elaborate than day) You arrived at 6 a.m. – The day’s really long. / – It’s long. (Supertree show, a famous night site in Singapore) (An artificial tree performance using lights, audio) (Supertree show, free show at 7:45 p.m., 8:45 p.m.) I wonder how this place will change. There are 2 minutes left. It’s 43 minutes now. If we can’t go up right now, we have to lie down. Is the show going to take place above us? The lights should all switch on. (The artificial tree performance?) (The lights darken) We should sit down to watch this. (The trip planners are scared) It’s dangerous. (Look at their expressions) Everyone sits or lies down to watch this. You should lie down to watch it. Yes. You have to look up. – Sangmin, you look terrified. / – This is hilarious. (A huge scale) You can’t help doing that. You can’t help it? Everyone else there was like that too. (They’ve already lied down) – See? Everyone’s lying down. / – You’re right. – Singapore’s good. / – Goodness. (Let’s view the supertree show from their angle) This is the angle from the ground, right? It’s so pretty. (The 45-year-old rapper is excited) (Conducting in the corner) That’s great. A boys’ trip sounds good, doesn’t it? Singapore! We’ve got them! I admit it’s good. Hwijae, you were totally absorbed. I was surprised. I’ve been there several times. I didn’t know there was a flight at 12:30 a.m. We call them night trips… There’s a night flight to Japan. There are flights to Japan and Hong Kong. – Japan or Hong Kong… / – They’re famous. There’s a night flight to Singapore. Once you arrive, you can enjoy a full day. I didn’t know that before. It’s the perfect schedule for office workers. – They can go after work. / – On a Friday night. They can take the midnight flight after work. They’ll arrive on Saturday morning. You became really close over a single day. You get along well. You make a good team. Did you see a new side to Sangmin? Were you surprised? My wife’s really detailed. She usually sets our travel schedule. I just go along with her. Sangmin’s just like her so… You must’ve been happy. – He enjoys it. / – He likes to plan. He likes to plan. I just had to go along with it. You packed so much for a 3-day trip. I was really shocked. I thought he was moving house. – He really likes to travel. / – By any chance… Do you spray mist on your face on the plane? – Of course. / – I see. It’s not just on the plane. – At restaurants, the hotel… / – Really? (Powder case, selfie stick, facial mist) What’s more shocking is that he makes the mist himself. You make this mist? I buy ingredients and make it myself. – Gosh. / – Really? – He’s detailed. / – He’s like a little boy. – He’s detailed. / – You’re really surprising. You’re attractive. That’s why women fall in love with him, the more they get to know him. Personally, a lot of Koreans travel to Southeast Asian countries like Singapore. I’m a little uncomfortable with this. When men travel in a group… Korean men are quite noisy. – Right. / – Do you know what I mean? When they drink beer, they drink like this. “Hey! Drink!” They don’t just say something is delicious. “Wow! This is really good!” “Order some more!” I think we need to be aware of that. – When women travel… / – Were you embarrassed? Their voice was really loud? Jeong Junha was really embarrassing. Why bring Junha into this? I was really embarrassed by Psy. – Is Psy like that? / – Why? He’s the ultimate ugly Korean. – He’s an international singer! / – Why? His voice is really loud. Really? – He always says “hey.” / – He has a lot of energy. Foreigners feel shocked. His looks are a little shocking too. – He’s surprising. / – Right. Anyway, the Return to Sing Tour. – Let’s look at the second half. / – Is there more? Yes, there’s more. Please join us. Let’s go! Are you off to Sentosa? (Break away from Singapore city) (Have a blast at Sentosa Island) (It will make your heart beat rapidly) (Singapore extreme, best 5) What is that? There’s a lot to do. – That’s… / – A cable car. Mega house? Is Sentosa a temple? It’s an island. I’m sorry. Bulguksa, Jogyesa, Sentosa… – Before we go to Sentosa Island… / – Sentosa. – Have you been to Sentosa? / – No. – Never? / – Never. We should go then. Include that then. (Iljung really wanted to visit Sentosa Island) Sentosa… There are a number of ways to enter. The most impressive way. The most impressive? Ride the cable car. Enter Sentosa Island like this. (Singapore extreme 1, Sentosa cable car) There are a number of ways to enter the island. – There are 3 ways. / – You can take the monorail. You can take public transport or the cable car. The cable car’s the most expensive. – But… / – You can see a spectacular view. Let’s go. (They head to Sentosa Island) It looks scary. (It’s higher up than I thought) It’s really high. Very high. It looks a little scary. It slows down on purpose. – You can see the ocean. / – The ocean… The view’s great. I don’t know about this. Why? Riding on this just the two of us… (He laughs) What is it, Sangmin? So what if it’s just us? Sit closer. Don’t sit in the corner. What’s with Iljung? – Kiss him. / – Stop touching him. Give him a kiss. You can enjoy everything in Singapore. You can enjoy the view from this cable car. The transportation… See that monorail? The pink one? You can take that. You can travel by car. They have a lot of transportation. Cable cars… public transportation, the monorail. We’re here. (A 10-minute ride to the entrance of Sentosa Island) – The door’s opening. / – Sentosa Station. It really does sound like a temple. Sentosa… That’s right. (An island designed for entertainment and leisure) (You can enjoy rides and watersports) What is that? Mango ice cream? It feels totally different to the city. It’s a different world. (Ice cream in hand) – It’s delicious. / – Yes. We’re on Sentosa Island now. It’s my first time here! Let’s begin with this. Let’s ride. Ride what? We came on the cable car. What else do we ride? Let’s ride a car. Go? – Battle? / – Loser pays for snacks. – Snacks. / – Snacks? Okay. Wait. You’re a car racer. I’m not a racer. You’re into racing, right? No. I just like cars. Sangmin loves cars. Go, go, go. – Iljung likes cars too. / – Let’s ride. (Supercars come to Singapore for the F1 grand prix) (Car racing is all about pride) – What’s that? / – That’s… (Car racing is all about pride) I have to go ahead like this. You know the F1 grand prix? – What? / – What is that? – Geez. What is that? / – You shocked us. This was so much fun. – In pairs… / – Can you race there? Good. You can ride this with the kids. You can feel the speed with your entire body. You could hurt yourself if you fall. – The men are all disappointed. / – You won’t fall. It looks really fun. It would be fun to take kids there. – Right. / – We saw kids riding them. I came here. I came to Sentosa Island. I didn’t know about this and left. I’m so glad we returned to Singapore. Is that like a ski lift? It’s easy to operate. Start. Left, right. – He’s good at Korean. / – I know. – Come here. / – Come here. Go forwards. One more time. – It looks like a bobsled. / – Right. Brakes. You pull to stop? Left, right. – Right. / – Okay. This should be fun. (Sangmin’s view) Oh, no. I started late. (Sangmin takes the lead) Why is mine so slow? (The luge heads down quite fast) You’re blocking my way! I’m keeping you in check. I went on a luge in a different country. It’s great to ride them with your friends. You feel quite competitive. Let’s go. Let’s go along the track. Along the track. He’s been overtaken! He’s been overtaken! (Iljung swiftly takes the lead) Good, good. Now, overtake. – He took the lead. / – Inside track. (Iljung has a slight lead) (At that moment!) (Why’s he touching his nose?) He was touching his nose. – He activated his brakes. / – I let go… (Maybe Sangmin tickled him) Your nose is itchy, right? – My nose was itchy. / – This kind of thing… It makes you feel competitive. Overtake, overtake. Break free. (They reach the finish line in 7 minutes) The course is long. The course is quite long, right? It’s pretty long. (He enters the inside) What’s that? He’s good. What’s this? – You have to be careful. / – What’s this? He was foolish and came after me. – He should’ve gone next to me. / – He should’ve. I didn’t know. Fool! You should’ve gone next to me. Why did you come behind me? Why did I follow you? Of course he can’t win. He followed Sangmin. I didn’t know. You always follow him around. He’s cute. – I didn’t know. / – How cute. I thought I was supposed to go there. He wasn’t that good. Let’s ride again. This is so much fun. My nose was itchy in the middle. It stopped while I was touching my nose. This is really fun. – I like it. / – It’s so much fun. Kids can ride this too. What more battles? Do you think you can win? Now? Yes. – Then let’s go. / – Okay. What is it? Mega zip. – Mega? / – You know zip lines? Zip lines. – It’s a zip line. / – You go down like this. It’s the legend of zip lines. Zip lines? Wow. I want to go there. (He’ll lose again) It feels like you’re entering Jurassic Park. It has a nice atmosphere. You can walk to there. We walked all the way up. To ride the zip line… Can you stay the night on Sentosa Island? There’s a hotel. – A hotel… / – A resort too. You should spend the night there. Is this it? We’re here. It’s close. Singapore’s great. What’s that? (At that moment!) I heard shouting. (Singapore extreme 2, mega zip) – 50km. / – 50km per hour. – You don’t have any protection. / – Wow. If you’re scared of heights, you can’t do it. – Who has the brakes? / – I’m shaking. It’s not scary. Goodness. It has different courses. – What? / – There are several courses. Dragon is the longest. – What? / – You have safety ropes, right? – Yes. / – That’s why people can do it. – It looks scary. / – There’s so much. That’s scarier than the zip line. – You fall from above. / – Let’s take Dragon. Dragon. Okay, let’s do it. Let’s go with Dragon. Let’s go to the toughest course. (That’s how it began) (Their extreme sports experience) Don’t get scared. Hang in there. (A dangerous situation) Hang on tight. Let’s go now. Isn’t it low? I knew it. (They’re cute) You had a great time together. Is it the real thing now? (They put on their safety gear) So we’re safe. Be safely. More safety. Iljung was really scared. Is it safe? He gets scared easily. – It’s tight. / – He’s not that daring. – I’m ready. / – Ready. (They’re excited after gearing up) Another selfie. Selfies everywhere. Iljung follows your lead all the time. We get along well. (10 minutes later…) (Terrified) – Goodness. / – He meant it. Look at his expression. (Iljung’s terrified of heights) I can’t do this! I mean it. (Stress) Calm down. Don’t push me! I can’t do this. – You’re tied to the rope. / – He was so scared. It’s 11m up. People feel terrified. Let the heavens take me. (He’s had a tough life) (They enter the starting line) (It’s up to destiny now) (Start) That looks fun. Look at their poses. Iljung’s hanging on tight. Why are you so fast? I’m heavy so I went really fast. I’m heavy so I went really fast. Why am I going backwards? Enjoy the ride, Iljung. – Why is it so fast? / – Really? He’s so fast. He’s going down backwards. It must be terrifying. I don’t think I should ride that. (It meets Siloso Beach) It looks fun. You ride over the beach. It’s really cool. You arrive at the beach. I bet he can do better the second time around. I don’t think I would go back to ride it. – Inside there… / – It looks hard. That feels so cool. (Let me out) You look exhausted. It was a fight with myself. You must weigh a lot. (Shaky) I came down backwards so I couldn’t see. – It must’ve been scary. / – You can turn around. It’s like the KTX. He faced the other direction. – The other way… / – Looking at the starting line. I wanted to turn around but I didn’t know how. No wonder it’s called mega zip. That was something. – Look at the view. / – It’s amazing. – You had fun. / – They really enjoyed themselves. – Look at the water. / – Siloso Beach? – The water’s beautiful. / – Something went past. – Yes. / – Yes, yes, y’all. Stand-up paddles are so much fun. Yes, yes, y’all. (Fun water sports) – What’s that? / – Wow. That’s expensive. What’s this? Where is this? It’s right next to the beach. There’s a restaurant. You can swim there. You can surf too? It’s artificial. I heard the best watersport is surfing. It just looks easy. – Have you tried it? / – Surfing’s really trendy. Everything is a first for me today. I’ve never been on a zip line. It’s my first time here too. There’s so much to do in Singapore. Everything’s close together. Yes, everything lies close. That’s why we can do all this during the 2 days given to us. What’s this? Should we open the top? Singapore Sling! It looks delicious. What is this? Is it a cocktail? A cocktail. Try it. It’s huge. What does it taste like? – It’s really refreshing. / – Refreshing? – I can smell cherries. / – Really? It’s refreshing. – Gin and brandy. / – It’s good. Right? It has a refreshing taste. – It’s sour. / – It energizes you. It wakes you up, right? It’s so fresh. It makes your eyes open. You had a sugar hit when you were tired. Did I open my eyes like that earlier? Have a sip. Your eyes will open too. Is it raining? It was sunny just now. (Rain clouds cover the sky) – It’s raining all of a sudden. / – That happens. – I like it. It’s cool. / – It’s cool. – It’s a squall. / – Right? The rain won’t continue. It’s like a shower. – It’s cool. / – It feels really nice. We should get wet in the rain. As soon as we sit down, it begins to rain. (Their crunchy chicken arrives) That calls for a beer. This has a lot of omega-3. – Omega-3. / – Salmon. – It looks good. / – Salmon too? It’s salmon. Look at the bacon. Bacon always looks delicious. You can have half of mine. (Delicious) – Enjoy it. / – Thank you. He looks thin. – He looks exhausted. / – It was a tough challenge. (The taste helps them forget hardship) It’s delicious. Anything tastes good after swimming. Even erasers taste good. I’ll make you eat one then. The chicken’s good. It’s crispy. It’s totally crunchy. When you use up a lot of energy, high calorie foods taste good. Right? Potato chips, hamburgers, chicken. We shouldn’t think about dieting here. We can run harder. The sun’s showing again. Already? It didn’t rain very long. It’s because it’s a tropical region. Sangmin, surfing! This is great. It looks real. (Singapore extreme 4, Eve house surfing) – Who’s that? / – Is that Sangmin? He looks cool. Is that Sangmin? – It’s not me. / – Who is it? Your clothes are the same. – It’s not me. / – Sangmin… (Surfing lesson, $45 per hour) It’s Sangmin. It’s not Sangmin? – It’s not. / – That’s me there. Your clothes were similar. – Goodness. / – You shocked us. I was really shocked. – If they had this here… / – I felt excited. I didn’t want to do this but he was so good. It looks really difficult. It isn’t easy to stand. (He looks stable) You’ll hurt yourself if you fall. It looks fun. You’ll fall back if you let go, right? (Charisma) You need to ride that wave. Do you learn on a short board from the beginning? Will he let go? (Is he letting go of the rope?) (He stands without the rope!) You must be good at sports. (He’s quite stable for a novice) – That looks fun. / – Yes. You’re carried out on a wave. It looks fun. If you ask me, Iljung… Is he going to overreact again? (He looks shaky) His legs are really thin. I estimate 0.7 seconds. (He stands with his arms spread out) Relax, relax. (I’m scared) (Relax) He looks so shaky. (Crash) – What? / – He fell with the rope? 5 people took turns. Why did you replay this? – That’s so funny. / – Why hold your head? I heard you have to protect your head. I was acting on instincts. Look at that. (He must be a comedian) (I think so) Everyone likes slapstick comedy. (He tries again and fails immediately) (He tries lying down) – That looks okay. / – You can lie down. That looks much easier. That was fun. You can do that if you can’t stand up. Actually… You’re supposed to ride on your knees. – Out again? / – He has to stand up. You’re supposed to spin on the water. I’ve never seen anyone fall that quickly even on a slow motion camera. (The sun sets over Sentosa Island) (6 hours before departure) (Exhausted) – He looks so tired. / – He’s gotten old. Why do you age so easily? Listen to those waves. I always do this on the beach. What? I draw hearts on the sand. – I leave my trace. / – Right. You planned that. – Are you going to draw a heart? / – Don’t do that. Don’t draw a heart at the end. It’s not a heart. The sand feels nice. (They write something on the sand) (What is it?) (Return to Sing Tour) It looks impressive. – It looks good, right? / – Yes, it does. (Working hard) – Look. / – It looks sad. What is that? (A ceremony to wish for their victory) You wrote it nicely. It looks really pretty. – I’m hungry. / – Let’s go and eat. You always feel hungry in the water. Back to the city. – There’s so much to see. / – They did a lot. We did so much. (Local Singaporean food) What’s that? It’s like a food court. It’s like a food department store. It’s a food paradise. – Wow. / – Newton, Singaporean food heaven. A food court! I feel dizzy. You can buy single products? I feel dizzy. Did you research what we should eat here? The most famous food is satay. – Satay. / – Satay sticks. – It’s delicious. / – It was really good. It looks delicious. Char kway teow. Fried rice noodles. – It’s so diverse. / – It’s similar to Thai food. Char kway teow. There it is. $8 or $6? $4, $6, $8. – The price range, 6… / – $6, $8. – $6. / – It’s cheap. It’s cheap. Order small amounts of a variety of foods. – Where are we waiting? / – Any table. Any table. They bring it to your table. Really? How do they know? – I don’t know how they remember. / – Wow. (They begin searching Singaporean food) This is amazing. – We already had chili. / – Try this, fresh… Fresh coconuts. Fresh coconut! (This is a coconut) That’s so delicious. If you drink that when you feel thirsty. You have to eat that. You can drink it and it was my first time… You can scoop the flesh. It’s delicious. Satay! (Delicious) Tom yam kung. One tom yam, small size. – We ordered a lot. / – That’s plenty. Stop. This is amazing. Let’s sit somewhere over there. Here? The chairs are fixed. – Hello. / – Hi. We can try everything here. Everything on my list. Char kway teow. How did they find you there? It’s huge. – This was good. / – The sauce is sweet. It looks delicious. – Pork? / – Yes. Char kway teow. This is a type of fried rice noodles. The noodles are fried in pork oil. – It’s good. / – Really? The sauce is delicious. The sauce is good. – This? / – It has a strong flavor but it’s good. Coconut! Thank you. Yesterday… You can scoop the flesh. – That’s so good. / – It was my first time. It was delicious. – Tom yam kung. / – That looks good. That’s so good. Some people don’t like it. – Clear tom yam kung. / – Not us. Without cream sauce. Coconut, tom yam kung. Nice. Satay! I’m drooling. You ordered a good variety. Chicken, beef, pork. (Look at that) That sauce is delicious. I was so surprised. I loved it. What does the sauce taste like? – It has a fragrance. / – It has peanuts. You can taste peanut sauce. Peanuts, sweet, spicy. When women go to Singapore… – They buy the sauce. / – Right. I’ve never tasted this before. You can taste peanuts. It’s a little sweet. It looks like soybean paste. It has a sweet taste. Cheers! For our last night in Singapore. This is so good. I love it. No wonder this place was recommended. – It’s good. / – Here… You have to come here. It’s cheap. Large dishes cost $10. Small dishes cost $3 to $5. You can order several small servings. You can order 10 dishes for just $40 to $50. The food costs less than $40. We ate 8 dishes. It’s $36. It’s less than $40. This costs $30. – It’s cheap. / – We ordered a lot. Right. – It’s cheap. / – Now… What time was the flight back? I think it was 12:20. You had a full day again. Is this the end? No, there’s one final course. Where is it? Let’s look down on Singapore before we go. – From a lookout? / – From a lookout. Okay. We need to end well. Okay. Let’s go. – Should we go? / – Let’s go. Let’s finish this before we go. (Return to Sing Tour’s finale) (Newton center to Raffles Place) I bet you fell ill when you arrived in Korea. It’s a 3-day program. If you increased that to 4 or 5 days… – It’d be comfortable. / – That’s how it should be. They planned it like this to show you. That’s right. (Singapore extreme 5, 1-Altitude) (The highest rooftop bar in Singapore) (You can look down on Marina Sands Bay Hotel) (Cocktails cost $10 to $20) You should’ve told me to dress up. It’s fine. My clothes… We’ll be fine. We wore white on purpose. – To receive the lighting. / – Fluorescent lighting. I want to capture this. That’s a great night view. (I want to go there) I’ll remember the past 2 days forever. I can’t believe we came to Singapore like this. Let’s be happy! Be happy! Iljung, be happy in Korea. You too! – This is great. / – That was fun. It was great. You all fell in love. It was jam packed. I’ve been to Singapore many times. – It was so packed. / – It felt different, right? It was totally different. We think of Singapore as a shopping mecca. People go there to shop. You didn’t go shopping once. The places you visited were fantastic. It’s a little unfortunate that Iljung aged so much there. He still looks ill. – Are you okay? / – I bet when you returned… – You fell ill. / – No, I was okay. I really recommend this trip to those who sleep well on the plane. I totally recommend it. Sleep on the night plane. You have to. That’s what I’m like. You can save a lot of time. If I don’t have much time but want to see a lot… I want to travel with Sangmin. How much did it cost? Excluding the airfare… Around $415. Including the airfare, $1,000. – Are you know, the airfare… / – It’s expensive. If you reserve in advance, if it’s cheap… You can buy tickets for $300 to $400. It can cost up to $500, $600 or $700. The airfare is up to you. Okay. After seeing the trip to Singapore, if you want to travel to Singapore, please vote for them. The Return to Sing Tour. Go to Singapore or not go? Please vote. (How will the 100 judges rate them?) They showed everything that men can do together, Return to Sing Tour. How many people would pack to go to Singapore? Let’s see the poll results. – Why do I feel so nervous? / – I know. – The Return to Sing Tour. / – I feel so nervous. I think they’ll score over 50. – Not 100. / – The results? 82! – The results… / – I can guide… 82! 82 votes. – Is that a lot? / – That’s a lot. – 82 votes. / – Out of 100 people… – All but 18 people pressed. / – 82 people. (Next time) (The seventh battle trip) If we go to the top, it connects to Russia… (This time, Russia!) (Thank you) Here? I thought it was impressive. Eagle lookout! (A trip recommended by travel planners) Hold and tear. (Good food is a must) I won’t miss a thing. (Don’t miss the next trip!)

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  1. Go-Carts!!! I always get really giddy when I see people having fun on those. Il-jung & Sang-min definitely looked like they had A LOT of fun with the Go-Carts!! 😏

  2. see this episode at singapore make miss malaysia(my homeland)..almost the same foods there..after this visit malaysia..also have variety of delicious foods there..

  3. It's actually very funny how they went to merlion park just to take photos! 😂 I'm a singaporean living here for 19 years of my life and i only visited merlion park 2 times in my lifetime here.

  4. Half the things they ate originated from Malaysia facepalm Difference between a successful government and a corrupted one

  5. his expression while 'eating' the durian is so funny!! 🙂 the way they eat chilli crab makes me crave for it too……

  6. "Pumpkin sweet potatoes wrapped in fermented skate" is absolutely the best and most accurate analogy I've ever heard to describe the taste of durian. Lol

  7. I am singaporean, and I didn't go to those places Before in Sentosa other than the USS.. =x.. I LOVE the durian though… the better the quality of the durian, the more expensive it is..

  8. I was ACTUALLY More Surprised by number of Koreans in the audience watching this!!!.
    Many tourists have always mistakenly thought, they know everything about Singapore after a 3 day long trip
    Some 1st time tourists still use the older travel guide showing the 3 MRT lines and didn't know 5 lines (one more line coming up soon) are now running

  9. Because Malaysia and Singapore have a similar type of foods..I just went to Singapore for attraction places and shopping..I brought my own foods bcoz it's so expensive there double or triple price maybe from my country..$6 for char kuey teow are cheap for Soomin..So lucky have a lot of money..Durian are so tasty but it's normal for foreigner even my bro still can't eat or be close to durian..haha..Singapore for me is one of the clean country..4 or 5 day is enough to go visit all places in Singapore..So jealous Singapore always on korean tv shows..

  10. it's ridiculous how they went all the way to Raffles place for ya kun kaya toast when u can just get it almost anywhere in Singapore?? there are like so many branches here in Singapore

  11. Im glad that the Singapore's attractions featured were more than just Marina Bay Sands, Chilli Crab and USS. There is so much beauty to this country inside out. This being my birthplace, I feel so fortunate having been born in such a country, sandwiched between diverse ethnic cultures in South-east Asia, while being a world-class metropolitan city state. Singapore being so small in land size, it is amazing how we had been able to accommodate so many races and cultures over the past decades, preserving the traditional yet being able to welcome new landmarks into our city landscape. They mentioned Newton Food Centre. Well yes I am so very proud of our food court/hawker centre/coffee shop culture here. While housing, education, car prices are sky high here, the only thing that keeps us Singaporeans going everyday would be the cheap and wide variety of food, found all across the island, not just at Newton. Literally every neighbourhood has at least 3-4 of such huge food centres, cheap and delicious food is everywhere (I can't say for sure about tourist hotspots though). If you like high-end resorts, we have it. If you love city landscapes, try the marina bay area at night. Free performances are there every night at the Esplanade. If you love adventure and nature reserves, try Pulau Ubin, MacRitchie Treetop walk, or having a short hike up the Bukit Timah Hill. If you just like to sit on the grass to have a picnic, botanic gardens, punggol and marina barrage (recommended if you love flying kites) would be a good choice. If you like vimtage or antique stuffs, there's always haji lane, arab street, chinatown. Looking for shopping? There you have it bugis street, orchard road, and the plenty of shopping malls across the island.
    What have I missed out? Let me know if you would like to know more about this beautiful island/city-state/ country:)

  12. the chilli crab they eat is way too expensive…… they got cheated man…. ik places with cheaper chilli crab which taste good too

  13. I have never seen people eat durians with a stick
    I have never understood why people call durians smelly😂
    I don't understans why they had to go all the way to RP to eat kaya toast😂
    And of course D24 durian tastes better than the rest cuz it's ex
    The chilli crab is not that expensive i think it's because they went to an expensive restaurant.

  14. omg this is so nice. I decided my mind to choose singapore for this summer holiday!! I will definitely go to watch tree show!!

  15. I'm a full blood Singaporean, living here for my entire life and I still haven't try Chilli Crab before. Maybe because Chilli is not my forte ya. But I'm proud that they are loving the food here.

  16. the kw fare trip to Singapore had actually dropped as at year 2017
    about W800,000. Of course the price depends on which airplane you are boarding

  17. nah even if sg is amazing i dun recommend sg u cant spend a lot of days here uk xD And i have been stuck here for 15 years since a baby…

  18. the first gardens by the bay performance i saw is from this video like lol never went there to see the show thing b4

  19. I’m from malaysia. I laugh so hard when the tall guy make an ugly face when he eats durian. I don’t know exactly why because i grow eating the durian. Except for the smell. The smell is so strong. But when my family visit korea my uncle say the food there is tasteless.

  20. For those who wanna eat at prata shops: Usually there's 2 kind of curries! Fish curry (dark reddish orange colour) and chicken curry (a more mustard-y colour). Just ask the service crew for fish curry if let's say you already have the chicken curry. They really taste different at least imo.

  21. that guy is wearing only one glove 20:36 LOL. What is the point of wearing gloves if he is touching the food with his other bare hand. SMH

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