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Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.45 : Pop Pop Tour 2 [ENG/THA/2017.04.23]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.45 : Pop Pop Tour 2 [ENG/THA/2017.04.23]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Soyou, Dasom of SISTAR) (Lee Yikyung, Lee Kiwoo) Travel is war. Battle Trip! We’re here with the trip planners for our bucket list special. Last week, the Full Full Tour received a total of 159 votes. – That’s a fairly high score. / – Right. In fact, Las Vegas in part one involved what we already knew. But part two was completely different. It was nice to see two sides of Las Vegas. – Nature and city came together. / – That’s right. But Canada certainly has its own very unique charm. – It’s completely different. / – I’m looking forward to it. Are you confident? I’m quite confident. – Really? / – Yes. Excuse me but when the atmosphere is down, try this. Like this? (Pop, pop) Gosh, how refreshing. A travel agency conducted some research. They classified 2016 international flight reservations by gender, and the ratio came out to be 54:46. – 54 is women, right? / – Maybe it’s because… Women are more meticulous. They might be reserving for the men. I think women know how to enjoy their time. – Of course. / – That’s right. Here are the most visited locations ranked in order. For women, 1st place is Osaka, Japan. 2nd is Taiwan. 3rd is Hong Kong. For men, 1st was Tokyo. – 2nd was Bangkok. / – Oh, Bangkok. – And 3rd is Shanghai, China. / – Oh, China. There is nothing in common. Expense wise, eating comes 1st. And 2nd is accommodation. For women, accommodation is 1st. – That makes sense. / – That’s right. And eating expense is 2nd. For women, sleeping in a clean and pretty place is important. For men, it’s about drinking and eating good food. Say if it’s a three-day trip, women spend a night at a good hotel. – Somewhere grand? / – Yes, somewhere extravagant. But unlike most women, my biggest expense is food. Always. I looked through my credit card statement for a year… – Did you spend mostly on food? / – Yes. I don’t buy clothes. – I don’t like cars or watches. / – You’re not greedy. All I ever spent on were food and drinks. – Drinks and food. / – Groceries and food. – Do you know how much I spent? / – Eating out. Okay. On your trip, you get tired sometimes. – Please understand him. / – Men and women do… Different things on a trip. – You’re right. / – Usually, men like… Of course, Dasom is different. Men like doing activities and watching sports. Women like going to pretty places, eating delicious food. – And taking pictures. / – Taking photos. The Full Full Tour of Las Vegas got 159 votes. So they should get more than 82 votes to win. – Kiwoo. / – Yes. Are there some features or something to show off? Please appeal to the viewers. In the second half… We’ll do some activities you can’t imagine doing in Korea… – And food. / – Did you do activities? – Yes. / – Are there more venison? Venison… – There is something much better. / – Sounds good but… – More venison? / – Different kind. No way. So that the judges can judge more easily… – We had some beef. / – Great. It’s not your usual beef. – It’s the ultimate version of beef. / – It’s the ultimate. It’s not something artificial but the essence of nature. – Artificial? / – We didn’t eat artificial food. – Of course not. / – The beef was just great. The food was different. – They only ate meat. / – Yes. – But we ate both meat and seafood. / – Right. – They ate lobsters too. / – Lobsters. They ate only one kind, we had many different kinds. They ate goat cheese as well. I’m sorry. Today’s destiny is in their hands. Continuing on from last time, we have 100 people in the audience who will judge us fairly. – Here they are! / – Thank you. – Okay. / – Let’s check out the map first. Please show us the map. It takes some time to get there from Banff. – Is it Kananaskis? / – You have to go further. Is that a new kind of a kiss? Kananaskis? The kiss you’ve never experienced. It’s a popular kiss in Canada these days. – Kananaskis. / – Sikyung, are you lonely? Of course. Didn’t you think that when you saw the name? – Canada style. / – We’ll stop by Calgary. It’s the third biggest city in Canada. It’s the city of cowboys and we can feel the spirit of the Winter Olympics too. We will taste triple A beef there. – Triple A? / – We’ll go to Calgary. – There are three As. / – AAA? – The city of cowboys… / – Triple A. – Triple A beef. / – It sounds great. The super prime level of beef in Canada has much less fat and marbling than the best level of Korean beef… – Much less? / – Than we’re used to. Grand nature as well? – Yes. / – Nice. It sounds really manly. – It’s the city of cowboys… / – Yes. – And rough beef. / – Alright then. To enjoy Mother Nature and activities, let’s go to Canada. Go, go, go. (Early morning in Banff when everyone is asleep) – It’s always Christmas there. / – Yes. – It’s always like that. / – Isn’t it beautiful? – Why did you get up so early? / – Is it 5 a.m.? Come on. Come on. Why did you wake me up at 4 a.m.? We have a lot to do today. I’m wearing pajama pants right now. What is this? I’m wearing pajamas. I didn’t go to bed until 2 a.m. because I was nervous. – That is what a trip is. / – We got up early to prepare… Because we should go somewhere quickly. – Did you prepare something? / – Of course. Let’s go quickly and take a bus at 6 a.m. – Where are they going? / – To ride something. – What are they going to ride? / – We saw the Rocky… Standing on our feet. Now, I will show you the heaven from high above. (They will enjoy the Rocky in a helicopter tour) – This is the real Rocky. / – Riding a helicopter? What is that? Did you ride on a helicopter? – We did. / – This is so thrilling. This is no joke. It’s much faster. (It’s unexpectedly thrilling) – Even a bobsleigh? / – Bobsleighs are awesome. – This is great. / – That must’ve been scary. – It must be really fast. / – It was amazing. It looks so scary. I want to add it to my bucket list. (Helicopter tour of Rocky in Kananaskis) Have you ridden a helicopter before? No, I haven’t. Have you? I hadn’t either. But I took it to rappel from a helicopter. – Right. / – It was fun. – It was exciting. / – I’m afraid of heights, you know. You’re similar to our team. – Right. We are similar. / – Yes. We have a lot in common. Helicopters are like rides in a theme park. More so… I can’t take rides in theme parks very well. (He is severely afraid of heights) I’m feeling nervous. There are too many mountains… (His acrophobia kicks in) (Mommy) Gosh. Don’t move. Goodness, I’m sweating. (He thought the gondola would be the worst) He looks like he doesn’t have acrophobia. We came to ride a helicopter. Who on their right mind would do this so early in the morning? – We can do it. / – Okay. Hi. (Welcome) Go on in. (Absent-minded) You feel scared while fastening the seat belt before it rises. It’s my first time riding a helicopter. The thing we signed earlier, it wasn’t about giving up our lives, right? – I did explain it. / – All activities in Canada… The best is the priority, so don’t worry. – You mean safety is the priority? / – Safety is best. – I was nervous too. / – What did you mean? I was also scared. In Canada, they care about safety so much that you don’t have to worry. (50-minute helicopter tour and snowshoeing, $900) (Depending on the helicopter, it can hold 4 to 6 people) (He is so excited) It’s moving. It is moving. It should move. I know how that feels. I know. – That’s cool. / – It’s the same as SISTAR. One likes it and the other is scared. Let’s overcome acrophobia here. (Wow) – He is in awe right away. / – Down below… – Oh. / – An emerald river… It is scary. This helicopter is flying much higher. The river is 587km long. The length of the river. Yikyung, the sun is rising on your right. On your right. It is awesome. It’s stunning. There is an emerald river running down too. (Kiwoo opens his eyes by force) The reason I brought you here this early… Even though you’re afraid of heights, if you take a helicopter tour for about 10 to 20 minutes, you’ll get much better, they say. Hey! You should look at this. Look over there. I really wanted to show him. – What is it? / – What’s there? Kiwoo encouraged him. – I think he opened his eyes then. / – It helped. It’s breathtaking. (The stunning view unfolds before their eyes) This looks so… It doesn’t look real. That looks really surreal. – Right. / – It does. Is that cloud between the mountains? That looks wonderful. The cloud seems to be flowing out of the mountains. – Gosh. / – Right here. It’s the ski resort we went to! No, this is a different ski resort. – A different one. / – It’s not that one? It’s not that one? There are so many slopes there too. (Barren mountains appear) On the left side… – Yes. / – There’s no snow. – No snow. / – Why? The temperature just has been so warm here. And sometimes the wind… There is so much wind that it blows the snow off. It’s because it’s warmer and windy here. – Michael, thank you. / – You’re welcome. There’s a service area that the captain often visits. There is a service area. They sell fantastic udon there. (A service area in the admidst of Rocky Mountains?) – Goodness. / – It’s scary. We’re flying between the mountains now. – It must’ve been so scary. / – Look at that. – Here we are. / – Did we really land here? It’s similar to Grand Canyon. – It is. / – One’s cold, the other is summer. Okay? (They’re snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountains) One step, two step. I can’t make a loud noise because it’s so quiet here. – It’s so quiet. / – I know. Doesn’t it feel like another planet? It’s nice here. It’s nice. The snow is so deep that it’s hard to move. (No one has stepped on the snow here) This is amazing. It’s so peaceful. You just have to fall back into the snow. – That’s a must. / – Look at the snow quality. I’ll show you what drowning in snow is like. Look at this. I’m wearing snow shoes. I can’t see ahead. (Snowshoeing is a winter sport trekking in the snow) So you hike around like that? – Yes, this is snowshoeing. / – It’s unbelievable. – Yes. / – It’s walking on snow… It must be very silent. Wow… Gosh. Don’t you think it’s too quiet? – If you go there with your lover… / – Totally. – It’s amazing. / – It’s highly recommended. – It’ll be romantic no matter what. / – I know. I bet I could even ask for $50,000. I’d give away everything at a place like that. I’m curious about something. Michael? How tall is that tree? It’s probably like 6m. The tree is 6m tall, but they’re buried in snow. Really? The snow kept freezing over? – The snow just piled on top. / – It piled up. So this is 6m of snow? They said that this tree is over 30m. Everything underneath the visible tip is snow, right? So this is all snow. This is tiring. – Let’s take a quick break. / – Okay. Let’s replenish our sugar levels. – Sugar? / – Sugar. We should have a drink. Is that whiskey? – Is that whiskey? / – It’s maple syrup. – He bought it. / – It’s maple syrup. – You’re topping the ice? / – You eat it? – Like ice cream. / – It’s like shaved ice. – Are they really doing that? / – It’s really amazing. This is really. – That’s funny. / – The whiskey… I saw this on YouTube. It’s called maple taffy. If you top the snow with maple syrup then wrap it on the stick, it becomes like ice cream. – It’s maple taffy. / – That’s a real thing. They wrap it up like that. – For real? / – That must be good. – Amazing. / – Hey. Isn’t this truly the original shaved ice? – It’s fresh snow, too. / – You’re right. Isn’t this shaved ice? Huh? Shaved ice. – This is so good. / – The snow doesn’t clump. – It melts in your mouth? / – It just spreads through. – It’s like milk. / – Next time… – Mix red beans with condensed milk. / – Yeah. Take the condensed milk and add some jelly… It tastes a lot like a healthy old-fashioned caramel. It’s just tasty. Hey, Michael. You want to give it to me? – Look at this. / – That’s pretty good. It’s just like eating the fish on top of sushi. – He didn’t eat the whole thing. / – Look at this. – Is it good? / – Yeah. (Tasty) There’s a good vibe. – Goodness. / – Tastes good. Great idea. – It’s really good. / – We ate all of it. We ate it all. That’s right. – You used to look like that, right? / – Yes. The snow is so clean… It really tastes clean. What should we do? It’s good. – You can’t pay money for that. / – That was him. How many people can actually experience that? (He licked the maple syrup like this) – He looks so pathetic. / – It’s good. It’s hard to watch. It’s so nice here. So good, right? – So nice. / – Yikyung… It’s good we came here. – He’s such a character. / – He’s so cute. Did you bring the helicam? – Hurry up at get it out. / – Okay. Should we turn the engine on? (They imitate the sound of the engine starting) Helicam, helicam. This is the real Rocky Mountains. – That’s really pretty. / – There’s a course… That drops you off at the peak and picks you up after 2 hours. I saw it on your social media account. Saw what? You said that dog sledding was part of your bucket list. Have you ever been? No. I’ve always wanted to try that before I die. You can dog sled here. Dog sledding in Canada. – Dog sledding. / – There is. We can go dog sledding? – Everything… / – We need our own dogs? I’ve heard that you’re near telepathic with your dog, Rookie. I can understand 70% of what my dog is saying. – Do you raise a dog? / – Yes. 80%. – Really? / – Sometimes 90%. If I ask him how he slept in the morning, he tells me what he dreamed about. He howls and talks to me. It’s almost like living with a person. Rookie, just hold on. Alright? Stay put for a moment. Are you telling me that you are over there? You’re Rookie? (Nodding) – See? They’re conversing. / – We can talk. We can even hold an interview. – A dog interview. / – That’s amazing. Does the “in” in “interview” mean “human” in Chinese? – It’s an English word. / – That’s right. What would the rest mean then? “Ter” for “base?” – Dog interviews are possible. / – Yes. “Dogterview.” – Dogterviews are possible. / – Okay then. (♪ Look at the sky, white snow is falling ♪) Sledding! Sledding! – You finally… / – This is tiring! – Stop it. / – It doesn’t hurt even if you fall, right? – No. / – You get stuck. Stuck in the snow. – It doesn’t hurt, right? / – Yikyung is just like that. He likes to fool around. I just crossed that mountain. – So tiring. / – That’s how you get stuck. – So amazing. / – Your bucket list… We’re here to cross one off the list. That’s right. Dog sledding. The best kind of sledding. – Dog sledding. / – Here to dog sled… Sledding! Hi, dogs. So cute. – They’re very cute. / – They look really strong. – They’re really intelligent. / – An odd eyed dog. They’re super friendly. How old are they? They’re about five years old, most of them. – Five years? / – Yes. – He’s… / – They’re friendly. With his dog… Feeling. – Dog whisperer. / – He can telepath with them. Good. Me, too. Then why don’t you try communicating with them first? – Let’s test your ability. / – Does he do it? – Really? / – He can. To get closer to them… I’m actually kind of scared of large dogs. Sausages? – It’s for friendship. / – He prepared a lot. Are you doing it? Are you trying right now? Calm down. Okay, okay, okay. He’s really talking to them. Apparently, they ran too much yesterday. – They came early to meet us. / – Really? He’s an elderly dog, so he’s a bit cranky. I’ll confirm it. Today… Did he wake up early? – A little bit. Yes. / – A little bit? You got it right. Hand. Oh, Charger. Charger. He’s a good-looking dog. That dog’s name is Charger. – Charger. / – He suits the name. So the command to go… When we want them to go… – We say hike! / – Hike! And then to stop. This is the brake. – Brake. / – It’s comfortable. – That’s an easy position. / – This is awesome. They even provide quilts. Hey, take a nap. – It’s like I became your woman. / – Take a nap. – I want to try that. / – Did you drive alone? Yes. That looks fun. How are you feeling today? I had no idea that I’d be dog sledding. I’m riding thanks to you. (Let us run) – Okay, go? / – Hike! They’re very strong. (The power is incredible) – They’re fast! / – They’re real fast. (Dog sledding is more exciting than expected) This is so fast. – Gosh. They’re cute. / – They’re adorable. The view is incredible. – It’s almost astonishing. / – I can’t believe I’m here. This is like… I’m riding through a calendar. Oh, you run too to give the dogs a break. This is an uphill slope. This is exciting. – Are you okay? / – Yes. It looks like a mother and two sons. – Good work. / – A family holiday. That’s awesome. Look at the mountains. I’m starting to see the mountains. – Good dog. / – Good dog. (Butt massage section) Oh, my butt! Oh, my butt! That must hurt. When would he ever get to experience that? This is so much fun. This is amazing. The dogs are so cute. You have to stop when the dogs do a poop. – They’re peeing. / – There they go. – We should film them. / – Good dogs. Why are they aiming at me? – I think it got on you. / – Alright. I’m sorry. They aimed at Yikyung. – Do you want to run? / – Sure. – They’re strong. / – Sitting down… It’s way faster! Now… – It looks like a lake. / – Right. It’s wide open once you turn the corner. This is like a movie. – That’s why it’s the Pop Pop Tour. / – You’re right. Go, go! It’s so… Wide open ahead of me. This is awesome. I have to try that. – It’s beautiful. / – Good dog. I’m so happy. This is insane. Good dog! I can’t believe I’m here. Wind is an important factor in dog sledding. It’s difficult for the dogs when it’s really windy. The dogs get tired when it’s windy. It’s hard for them. Very! Very nice and beautiful! Seeing this makes me envious. – Good dogs. / – Good dogs. Good dog! – Finished? / – It’s finished, buddy. – That was incredible. / – Thank you. How was it being with us today? (I was happy to run with you) We enjoyed nature to our heart’s content. Should we head to the city? – The city? / – The city. Which city? – Calgary. / – Calgary? Calgary, Calgary, Calgary. (Crash) We’re going to a city now. How long does it take? 1.5 to 2 hours by car. – That’s not far. / – It’s not too far. Kiwoo. We’re almost at Calgary. I can see buildings now. I feel like we’re in a city now. It’s so pretty here. – Yeah. / – It is the city. Aren’t you hungry? I am. There are no service areas on the highway. Before leaving Banff, I made a reservation. But I’m afraid it won’t fit your palate. Don’t you worry. It’s slightly adventurous. I’m not a picky eater. It’s a restaurant nearby here. It’s making me nervous. The restaurant looks like it has tradition. – It’s noisy. / – It feels like…/ It’s like Itaewon. – It’s full of energy, right? / – Yes. – It’s a trendy place. / – In Calgary? – A hot place. / – Yes, a real hot place in Calgary. – Really? / – Yes. – I’m curious. / – For me… After coming to Calgary… Like I said earlier… We ate too much meat in Banff. – That’s true. / – We ate too much. They ate too much venison. That’s all venison. (They also ate meat on the second day) (They ate meat again on the third day) That’s enough meat. I like eating diverse foods. I wanted to try something different. – So I went with Mexican food. / – Mexican. – Mexican food in Canada. / – Mojito? – It’s already here. / – Right. (Gulps) (Mexican food in Calgary) – Do they make guacamole themselves? / – Yes. – They make it for you. / – I like that. – Do they make it in front of you? / – Yes. – It’s a churro. / – Churro. – This is the guacamole. / – Guacamole. That’s the guacamole? It is guacamole. How do you eat it? I’m going to mix it up for you guys. This is jalapeno. – Jalapeno. / – They explain while preparing it. The only seasonings are salt and lime juice. That looks delicious. I love the feeling of mashing avocados. Mix it like that. There’s a lot of cilantro. Eat it with this? – Okay. / – Enjoy, guys. – Avocado is delicious. / – It looks good. Do you like avocado? I haven’t really had it before. I haven’t either. Some people don’t like it because it’s oily. To be honest… – The texture and color… / – Right? – Don’t look that good. / – It’s not familiar. – It’s butter of the forest. / – Protein. Avocado is a superfood. (Crunchy) (Crunchy) Guacamole doesn’t have a strong taste. It’s mild, but it has a unique taste. I can taste a hint of jalapeno. The onion is crunchy. It mostly consists of the smooth taste of avocado. – I love how it tastes. / – It goes great with beer. We’re the most familiar with tacos. – Pork. / – Pig. – Chorizo. / – Chorizo. – What’s this? / – It’s chicken. – Let’s try the pork. / – The pork. Don’t they have venison tacos? Hey. Without the antler. (After checking the smell, a big mouthful) – You ate it in one bite? / – Yes. – Is it a dumpling? / – He has a huge mouth. It has a distinctive taste, right? – Yikyung will describe it perfectly. / – Okay! – I got it. I got it. / – Everyone acknowledges him? I got it. – It’s like canned pepper tuna. / – It’s true. That’s really what it tasted like. I’m serious. – It’s true. / – It’s not similar. It’s identical. – The meat is just pork instead. / – It’s pork. It’s identical. Could you make that at home… – With tuna and pepper paste? / – It’d taste the same. This one has a lot of jalapenos. (Spills) Are you okay? – Are you okay? / – Good acting. Are you alright? (Yikyung..) – Is it good? / – Yes. They get along so well. In South American or Mexican cuisine, they sprinkle herbs on top. It might be unpleasant, but it’s not like that at all. Tacos in Korea are too customized for our palate. After trying those tacos, I realized what a healthy taco tastes like. Here you go, guys. We have the churros here. – What is it? / – There’s more? – That’s the best. / – I want to try that. This is what I want to eat. I really love churros. – It wasn’t like the churros I know. / – So different. I want to bring them to Korea. – It’s so good. / – Cream cheese? (Mouths are watering) It looks delicious. How do I describe it? Can I say this? This is better than the main dish. It’s incredible. – Better than the main dish. / – He likes it the best. It’s really delicious. It’s moist like sponge cake. It tastes like dense cotton candy. It has so much sugar on it, but it’s not too sweet. It’s so good. – The texture must be different. / – Right. Should I wrap one up for later? – Wrap it up. / – Want to eat it as you go? I’ll eat again before we sleep. The problem with me is that I can’t lie. (He finishes the last bite) – I’m full. / – I’m so full. If we eat and sleep right away… We’ll be in big trouble. How about if we enjoy… A hot night in Calgary? – Hot? How? / – Let’s go for now. – We can burn off fat. / – Where can you go? – Sounds good. / – Okay? Are you going to a club? – In Calgary… / – Yes? There’s a hot spot that transcends age. – Regardless of age? / – Yes. – Your mother could be there? / – Yes. – Really? / – Where is it? Look at the red sign. – Ranchman. / – Ranchman… – Cowboy? / – Cowboy. – Ranchman. / – This place is… Built entirely from wood. It’s cold, so let’s go in. The music is calling us. Look at this. (There’s a cowboy at the front?) The place is huge. – The atmosphere is great. / – Oh, gosh. – Just like in the movies. / – It’s always in movies. Cowboy rodeo trophies. Is there a cowboy history? Is there a mechanical bull? Cowboy award winners. This is amazing. – There it is. / – Here we go. I’ve seen that so many times in movies. Was that in “Brokeback Mountain?” “Brokeback Mountain” was filmed there. (Ranchman, cowboy pub) Calgary is famous for its cowboys. The largest cowboy competition is held in Calgary. – The largest is held in Calgary? / – Yes. There are many people dressed in cowboy attire. I didn’t know, but today’s Saturday. – It’s a hot Saturday night. / – A hot Saturday night. A hot Saturday night in Calgary. – Hi. / – It’s beer. Thank you. The portions are huge. You have to have fried food. Just like we have fritters in Korea. That’s okay. We were the only Asians there. – He seemed interested. / – I thought the cowboys… – Would be rough but they’re very nice. / – Yeah. – Let’s have a drink. / – Thank you. – Let’s go. / – As today’s reward. (Gulping) We were thirsty. I was parched. What’s surprising is that this music now is being played live. This is live music? There’s a stage on the side. All the bands sing the songs live. There’s a stage. – A live cafe. / -They even teach you… To dance on the weekdays. Isn’t that bull that cowboys ride? (Falls) Isn’t that too rough? – Let’s go look. / – Looks like fun. You should definitely try. – Let’s try. / – This isn’t for us… (The rodeo is the sport of tough men) Wow, this is… Who’s that? Jumping on it like that looks so cool. – So cool. / – Keeping your leg inside… With your back straight. He’s pulling hard. With your back straight. It’s totally different from the rodeo ride in Korean amusement parks. That’s so cool. It starts bucking harder and harder, right? Really hard. Actual cowboys use these to practice on. (Who will last longer on the rodeo ride?) My bet is on Kiwoo. My bet is on Yikyung. – Let’s do this. / – Let’s bet. I think he has the advantage since he’s shorter. – If you’re tall, it’s more… / – Right. Yikyung seems to be scared though. You need technique to stay on that thing. – Yes. / – I bet on Kiwoo. (Higher than he thought) I’ll start the timer when it starts moving. Ready, set, go! (Yikes) (Yikyung is doing pretty well) You’re good at this. He’s good at this! – Yikyung, you’re good at this. / – You might win. He’s good. Only if you didn’t say that. It stops after you fall. This is normal mode? The rodeo ride in Korea isn’t even the real deal. – How many seconds was that? / – 15.39 seconds. – 15.39 seconds. / – To tell you the truth… – My groin feels like it’ll explode! / – I want to try. Here we go! Here he goes. Here goes Kiwoo. (He looks like) Your hand looks like it’ll touch the ceiling. That would be a fun drinking game. (Not sure about that) (Experienced staff member, Kiwoo) – He’s lasting a while. / – You’re killing it, Kiwoo! He’s really good. I want to try. – The bull looks really tired. / – You’re too good! – How many seconds? / – That looks fun. – Your time is… / – How many seconds? Your time is… How many seconds? Not even a second difference. 14 seconds. Yikyung won. It’s different from a Korean cow. It’s on a different level from the rodeo rides in Korea. It definitely is. I’m all sore here… – Right? It really hurts! / – It sure does. It’s really tough. How about we go have some fun at that party over there? – Go! / – Let’s go! The atmosphere is so nice. It’s Saturday. (I’ll definitely go!) Both teams have a member that has acrophobia. You took a helicopter… I can relate to Soyou. Wasn’t it better after riding the helicopter? After seeing the beautiful sights. I feel safe on helicopters now. I’m like that too. The nature there is so… – Overwhelming? / – Yes. – It makes you feel strange. / – Right. How was it? How was the snow with maple syrup? I bet tasting the syrup there was really good. It looked desperate yet cute. Sorry but the plum… – Is it plum? / – Maple syrup. In Korea we have plum extract. – Maple syrup. / – It’s similar. – It’s similar. / – When adding the plum… – Maple syrup. / – You wanted to do this? I thought Kiwoo was pouring it out. – He didn’t tell you. / – You didn’t know. – It seemed wasteful. / – He prepared it as a surprise. So I tried to taste some of it out of surprise. I didn’t think I’d be portrayed like that on screen. I saw them turn those to eat those in the photos. That’s maple taffy. Maple syrup is boiled so that it’s more sticky and then poured on snow… Like taffy? It dries like taffy. We just poured straight-up maple syrup on. It was delicious. After getting off the helicopter, it was so quiet and it felt like I was enveloped by the white snow. There was nobody there and it was silent. Not even the sound of wind. You just hear nature. So they leave you behind and come back? Yes. A couple course. – What? / – For couples? There’s a course for couples. It lasts 2 hours. So the two are dropped off… – And they come back? / – In 2 hours? They come back. What if they forget to come back? How could they forget when there are lives at stake? Is there any danger from wild animals? That’s possible. We asked. We asked if there were bears. They were all hibernating for the winter. They don’t just have winter there. – Summer? / – Yes, they have summer. – Spring and fall. / – Right. There’s even dessert and wine for that course. It comes with those. You two should’ve sent away the helicopter while you were there. You two should’ve sent away the helicopter while you were there. Stick around for 2 hours. (They just laugh) I thought the Pop Pop Tour would show how great Calgary is but as of now… – Has everything been shown? / – The 2nd half. – The real deal… / – We see the real deal? Yes, some amazing stuff. Food, activities and even visuals. We hit all 3 notes. There are other activities besides on the Rocky? Shall we take a look? Shall we take a look? – Let’s see. / – It’s the last part of the bucket list tour. I bet they have something better to show us. The trip to Calgary, Canada. – Let’s continue to watch. / – Let’s go! (The last day of the Pop Pop Tour) (Good morning) There were a lot of great places to take photos… – In Las Vegas. / – Yes. But in downtown Calgary, they have a lot of old buildings. So photos with those buildings look really nice. So this is downtown Calgary. It’s finally morning in Calgary! – This is the center of Calgary. / – The center. Where’s the center of Seoul in Korea? – In front of city hall. / – Right. – Or the square next to it. / – Right! This is the square in front of Calgary city hall. Really? They’re ice skating. This is why Canada is so strong in the Winter Olympics. Look. Those are not extras we hired. They’re not. – Look at the kid. / – Families come. – And couples. / – Pull their kids on sleds. A couple having fun. – This looks like it’s free. / – It is. You can even practice curling. What’s that? That’s the C-Train. – Gosh. / – It’s so colorful. It’s an above ground train. To tour the city and get around. Yes, it’s C-Train. We should ride that. There’s probably a stop at city hall. – An above ground train. / – Yes. This is the C-Train. – There’s one thing to keep in mind. / – What? Usually you have to buy a ticket. Right. But we don’t have to. Why? Because around 9 stops are free. – Free? / – Yeah. The places with the most stuff to see are free. – Free to Main Street. / – Why’s it free? – So many things are free. / – Why? Shouldn’t they charge for those busy areas? – For everyone? / – For everyone. It’s free for everyone. Even travellers. Here it comes. You push this to open the door. You press the button to board. You don’t just wait. It doesn’t open if you wait. It’s just like the subway in Hongdae. What’s really surprising is this. What a great idea. There are 3 poles put together. I think this is a great idea. It is. That’s a good idea. – It’s so simple. / – Yeah. We have to learn stuff like that. (Stephen Avenue) This place looks nice. It’s like a wider version of Myeong-dong. – Right? / – Yeah. Another special thing about the buildings here are that they’re all connected. Connected underground like in Korea? No, no. What connects the buildings are those sky bridges. – Oh, bridges. / – The other side too. So you can move from building to building indoors. – No way. / – What is this? – Connecting them… / – Since it’s cold. You can connect newly built buildings with these bridges too. For buildings built later… (Chinese food, tomahawk steak) What is that? – We’ll see when we’re there. / – What’s famous? It’s just nature. We’ll have cow that’s been feeding on that grass. They’re famous for cows? Triple A grade beef. There are 3 As written on the cow’s back. Triple A? There’s super ultra special Korean beef there. Wait, not Korean beef. Canadian beef. Let’s see. What’s this? A great restaurant in Calgary. – Tomahawk steak? / – Tomahawk steak. It looks so… It looks so… Look. It’s this big. (Have you heard of it?) (A steak this big?) It’s huge. It was so good. – This is going too far. / – It’s amazing. It’s called a tomahawk. I have a good feeling about this place. It felt different just walking in. How nice. This place surprises you 3 times. 3 times? – The taste… / – Since it’s delicious. It’s really good. – The size is surprising. / – The size? – Next? / – Next… The tender texture will surprise you. – No wonder this is the final boss. / – Yes. It’s called a tomahawk steak. – Tomahawk? / – Yeah. Is it an Indian name? It’s called a tomahawk steak for resembling the hatchet Native Americans used to use. In Korean, it would be an axe steak. I hear this place is really famous. Yeah, it is. That’s how you become. I was surprised too. – It’s too big. / – It’s really surprising at first. – Look at Yikyung’s face. / – It’s the size of an axe. This is… Hold on. (As big as his head) (1.35kg) – 1.35kg? / – Yes. – Including the bone? / – Yes. It should be plenty for two adult males. More than enough. Can we eat now? (Not yet) So this is for us to see. You take it back? Okay, okay. What cut of beef is that? It’s the sirloin and rib. – Rib? / – Yes. So that’s a rib. Since it’s sirloin, it’s on the lean side. – It tastes amazing. / – Look how much meat. I want to eat the inner meat. I’m salivating… This is… (How does tomahawk steak taste?) How is it? This is… – It’s really good. / – Why can’t you talk? The big piece of meat is no longer in my mouth. It melts? – It’s so tender. / – It melts in your mouth. It’s really tender. It doesn’t seem like steak. It doesn’t. – It’s closer to ham. / – Oh, ham! Like smoked ham. The texture is almost the same as pork belly too. That looks great. I can see how juicy and tender it looks. How much was that whole meal? – Around $70. / – That’s cheap. Around $74? – You get veggies too? / – Let me make a big bite. How did they think of serving this meat with these veggies? I don’t ever remember being this excited to eat meat. Wouldn’t that fork poke your throat? Yikyung, you really know how to eat. Yes, I eat a lot. How is it? (Hard to talk with steak in his mouth) Nothing but this deserves to be called steak. Call them brake. Brake. This is steak. The other stuff is brake. It’s a wrap. (Kiwoo, is this the time?) (Here you go) You eat the meat off the bone? This will be the big surprise. I’ll prepare this. Let me get it ready. (Yikyung) It really was that good! You’re overdoing it there. Talk after you chew the food! As soon as it enters your mouth… This is the good stuff. (Goodness, this taste) Hello? Hello? It was so good. – Amazing. / – I need help. Kiwoo, I wish you were my comedian apprentice. What did I just do? This is it. It is, right? Forget about looking decent and classy. You’ll regret not trying this. We made a mistake. We’re focusing too much on the tomahawk… And totally ignoring the poutine. (Me?) What? The name of this dish is poutine. You might think of Putin, but poutine is a French-Canadian dish. Let’s dig in. Those are French fries with gravy, right? A traditional Canadian dish. French fries… I’m going to eat a big bite. With cheese and onions. That sure looks fattening. That’s definitely fattening. (Intercepts the stretching cheese) Why do you keep intercepting his food? – Here’s something to be relieved about. / – What? – This cheese isn’t goat cheese. / – Not goat? – It is not. / – Whew! It’s not goat cheese. It’s not goat cheese. Not goat cheese. Wow, I’ve never ate fries like it’s rice. I’m used to dipping my fries in ketchup. – So this is kind of unfamiliar. / – Right? I like these because they’re soft. It’s for when you get bored of just eating the tomahawk steak. They’re two different dishes that play their roles well. I have to try that steak. – The best meat I’ve ever had. / – Yeah. Clearly the best. For meat, this is the king. Royalty… It’s the king. The best. Now, I want to go to Canada just for that. (Bobsleighing) I really want to try this. I remember crying watching a movie about… – Bobsleighing as a kid. / – Right. – “Cool Running?” / – It was touching. – “Cool Running?” / – “Cool Running.” Kiwoo. You and I both like dynamic activities. I love them. That’s why I booked something for us. Nobody asked you to do that. How touching. I should do my part too. So… I wanted to ride a bobsleigh with you. I was going to ride the skeleton… – Hey! / – That was my initial plan… But I felt like you wouldn’t be down for that. There wouldn’t be a skeleton that I’d fit on. My knees might be all scraped. But we can ride a bobsleigh together. What a relief. Canada had the Winter Olympics in 1988. We had the Seoul Olympics in 1988. A place for sports? There it is! This is what I booked us for! Bobsleigh, bobsleigh! It’s indoors? I guess I booked us an indoor ride. This looks like fun. How did they build this so well indoors? – Hi. / – Hello. Alright, I just need you guys to fill out these. It’s pretty expensive for one ride. The reason for that is the money is used on the national athletes. (He explains how to bobsleigh) That’s where the start is. – Start? / – Yeah. (Start, finish where they’re at now) Here. All the way up there. Way up high. Are you kidding? So this isn’t indoors. What about the indoor course? Things seem to be escalating. – What did you book for us? / – Hold on. – Very fast. / – Very fast? Oh, yeah. – How fast? / – Riding for real. – That thing? / – Oh, my God. We thought it would be an easy course. The coach gets on with you in back and controls? Yes, from the front. – This is nuts. / – We had to go to the top. – That sounds like so much fun. / – Why here? Gosh… This must be it. This is ridiculously long. Isn’t this the actual bobsleighing course used for the Winter Olympics in Calgary? Yikyung took it a bit far. How long will the ride last? Around a minute? Less than a minute would be… This must be for the newbie so around 30 seconds? Yeah, we’re not athletes. Right? (Korea is strong at bobsleighing) Korea is good at bobsleighing too. This looks pretty cool. I should really enjoy myself. It feels like I’m watching “Run-Off 3.” For real. (Time for safety training first) (Kiwoo in front and Yikyung in back) So he controls the bobsleigh. What a relief. 4 people get on? That guy used to be on the Canadian team. (Whatever) I’m starting to get scared. – Now… / – Right away? Yes, they push us right down. – Just like that. / – What the… They just pushed us down. – Just like that? / – Yes. They didn’t give you time to get ready. What was that? They just pushed us down. Those guys… What was that? – Gosh! / – This is so funny. – So funny… / – Geez! I bet that was a shock. It’s not that fast at first, right? – It gets faster? / – It gets faster and faster. That speed doesn’t look fun. The pressure… What is it? – Acceleration of gravity / – The force pushes you. (The actual speed) That’s 4G. – What’s 4G? / – 4 times the gravity. It’s turning. – 4 times the gravity? / – Yes. You feel like your body is being crushed. It was really fast there. – 120km per hour? / – Yes. (120km per hour with 4G!) It feels like 300km per hour? Like a supercar. (The pain of 4G can be seen on his face) (Now, that I think about it) (Everything was great) (The weather was great) (The C-Train was free) – The train. / – Hello? (This must be punishment) He’s like a comedian. I want these guys in comedy. I was totally out of it then. (Crack) You’ll hurt your neck. (Finally at the end of the 1,300m course) We went down there knowing nothing. Honestly… Those 3 guys were so funny. Yeah, I went to go find them but they weren’t there. 42 seconds. For 1,300m. – It ends in 42 seconds? / – He’s too shocked to talk. They can’t stand up. – 42 seconds. / – I want to go home. Gosh… Does my back hurt from the pressure? Gosh… I want to go home now. That was so fast. You both look so pale. You lose your voice in 42 seconds. You lost weight in 40 seconds. And you get hungry in a minute. It wasn’t even a minute but I’m hungry now. Kiwoo… Why are we out of breath? – Yeah. / – From screaming. We didn’t run. Why are we gasping? I held my breath on the way down. Time to fill our bellies with good food. I have to regain my composure. Let’s get good food somewhere warm. We need to get out of here. Bye-bye! Bye! Where are we going? A burger place with 50 years of history. This is… 50 years… Hugh Jackman says this is a reason… – To go to Canada. / – Really? Yes. – 30 kinds of milk shakes. / – For the burgers. We have to go here. 30 kinds of milk shakes? (First opened in Calgary in 1964) (A restaurant that’s been loved for over 50 years) The locals even wait in line for this place. – You wait in line? / – All those cars. – Since Canada is cold… / – Even in the car. So there are many drive-throughs. In the car? You order from your car. And the cars line up. They have many types of burgers… But this place is famous for shakes. You can mix 3 different flavors. 4,500 combinations. Vanilla, banana and bubble gum. – Bubble gum? / – Blueberry… – Strawberry and peach. / – You can mix them. – Peach? / – To make it refreshing. Okay, okay. Such big portions. Let’s get in the car. It really seems like Canada now. – Yeah. / – Bringing your food to your car… So cold. – Why’s it so cold? / – It’s starting to snow now. So cold… I feel like we’re Calgary locals now. Blueberry, strawberry and peach. Vanilla, banana and bubble gum. – Cheers. / – Cheers. How will it taste? It’s not coming through. What’s going on? – It won’t go through? / – It’s so thick that… – The straw was too small. / – We need bigger straws. I’ll tell them that. It’s customer feedback. I love this. – It’s good? / – I love this taste. Maybe I got the wrong combo. I shouldn’t have ordered bubble gum. You know the taste of American candy? – The cinnamon kind. / – Yeah. That’s in here… Give me mine back. This was a bad choice… Is this a franchise or just… Just this place. – Just there? / – Yes. Over 50 years old. There are 3 patties! – 3 patties. / – 1 patty, 2 patties, 3 patties. This one… Two patties, a slice of cheese, chopped onions, mustard… Hugh Jackman comes to eat that? It looks kind of empty. – I can’t see the veggies. / – Yeah. Let’s try this. (Time to finally try the burgers) (A big bite) – The bun is so soft. / – Yeah. They use really good meat for the patties. So it didn’t taste too oily or heavy. – The patties… / – 3 patties. The bread is so soft and the meat is so tender like it’s been crushed. – So the bun is good too. / – And it’s not salty. The sauce was so unique too. This is good. (Already on his last bite) Cars keep coming and going. Where are we going now? – Let’s take a walk. / – Alright. You got to do all the fun stuff and eat all the good stuff. Yeah, I want to ride a bobsleigh too. You should, really. Do we have bobsleighing in Korea? When would you ever get to bobsleigh in your life? I bet it’s more fun than amusement park rides. – You really had it tough. / – No. Travelling with me like this. Our last night in Canada. What should we do for our last night? For our last night… We enjoyed nature, the forest, did something dynamic and even saw downtown Calgary. Now, we’ll look down on the city from the city. See the city from the city. The city is all about nightscape. You’ll end with a sky view. (A place where you can see Calgary’s nightscape) Looks like a postcard, right? (Crescent Heights) How can it look like that after 150 years? This is the viewpoint where you can see all of downtown Calgary, right? How did you find out about this place? We have to go back now. I feel so empty now. Now, that you mentioned that… The last few days just flew by. Right? Travelling is like a drama. We meet new people through travelling to new places. – I got closer to you. / – You did a lot. And I know you better now. We enjoyed new experiences together. I feel like we experienced something big. Us together… So each moment of this trip isn’t wasted… – Look at the sky. / – Amazing, right? The greatest view. Your chest will pop! Your eyes will pop! – The Pop Pop Tour! / – Nice! – Bye, Canada! / – Bye, Alberta! I totally respect this. – Respect. / – Respect. That was so much fun. A great trip for guys. All of that was new to me. Everything was great but those 3 guys that pushed the bobsleigh… Yeah. That was so funny. They were today’s scene stealers. How did it feel? It said it feels like 300km per hour. 4 times the gravity… It was so chaotic. It’s really noisy going down. The sound of ice being carved… And your helmet shakes like crazy. You just have to wait until it’s over. Regardless of how I felt. – What’s even scarier… / – Leave it to fate. Yikyung must’ve seen since he was in front. But his helmet was blocking my view. So I had no idea if a right or left turn was coming up next. When it turns without you being ready… You end up like that. Rides like that are scarier in the back. You’re being dragged around. It must be scarier since you can’t see. Would you ride that again? I think that’s unnecessary. Just once in your life. – Once in your life? / – Just ride it once. You really should. You said it was the C-Train? Yes. You said it’s free. Nobody was taking tickets. There were no gates. So there’s nobody taking tickets at any of the stations? It’s not so much that it’s free, it’s just not blocked off like Korea. – The subway? / – A lot of people ride for free. So nobody tries to stop that either. A lot of people might get on without paying since it looks so easy but there are people keeping watch too. The first fine is $200. – $600 the next time. / – That’s a lot. So you have to believe but sometimes they crack down on that. There are no ticket gates at the subway in Germany, when I went to Berlin. How was it? – The subway? / – Yes. So you just get out? You go and buy the ticket. And then you get on. They don’t check. – But if you get caught… / – How’s the fine? Like 30 or 60 times the fare. Yet everyone buys the tickets. – They all trust each other. / – Right. It would be great if it was like that here. – Let’s vote. / – Shall we vote? Remember everything you saw and vote. Everyone, get ready. People live in the noisy city filled with bright lights which could be tiring. This was a tour where you can relax and be embraced by nature. This really should be on everyone’s bucket list. You could experience what nature and a big city is like somewhere else. Very nice. Here we go. Would you pack your bags for this itinerary? Please vote! (The bucket list trip to Canada) (What will the judges choose?) An amazing taste and visual of the steak as well as dog sleds and bobsleigh that carve the ice. How many people have voted to go on the Pop Pop Tour’s bucket list trip to Alberta, Canada? – What will the judges choose? / – I’m nervous. Here we go. – Pop Pop… / – Firstly. The first digit first. – The last digit! / – The first digit first, last digit… – Then the middle. / – As long as it isn’t 10. – First is 1. / – Just 100? – The last digit! / – We win if the last one is low. – Wow / – We won! – We won! / – We won! – We won! / – We won! – We won! / – We won! – We won! / – We won! – We won! / – We won! We won by 2 votes. I’m happier than when I won the KBS rookie award. – I thought we’d lose. / – Me too. I thought their trip was very strong. The two of us really enjoy travelling but if you get the chance… Whether it’s with your boyfriend, friend, parents or other loved ones, we hope you can make many happy memories. We have a real special next episode. – A real special. / – Yes. – Another special next episode? / – Another one? We have special every episode. Each one of the 4 hosts when on a trip. – 4 of us. / – With our own concepts. But there should be some amazing scenes. The Battle Trip 1-year anniversary host special. We hope many people will tune in. The world is a school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (Next episode) (Battle Trip 1-year anniversary special) Travelling is a war! Ba! Ttle! Tr! Ip! I found a place that’s never been on the show. (A great trip for snipers) (A trip to fill your stomach with great food) Here it is! So lovely. (Hard carry) (Battle Trip) (“Cherry Blossom Road” by Jang Yoonjeong)

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  1. It was a pity that the Pop Pop Tour group didn't win, but just wanted to say thank you for coming to Alberta to film! It's one of places often overlooked when people talk about travelling in Canada and it was so much fun seeing a familiar place as seen through the eyes of tourists.

  2. oh god ima call this… vanilla banana bubblegum is gonna taste nasty n sickning… lets see if im right i'll edit it

  3. When visit Calgary and Banff. Summer would be the best. This is when magic happens. You can see a great sunrise over Lake Louise. Plenty of hiking area where you can experience a beauty of nature.

  4. The Pop Pop tour is definitely on my bucket list now. The scenery looked absolutely breathtaking and I really want to try the dog sleigh & bobsleigh. They look so fun! Furthermore, Kiwoo and Yikyung were so adorable and fun to watch. 💕 They had such good chemistry. I hope that both of them can be invited again for another episode.

  5. To anyone interested into visiting Canada this year, I suggest you also drop by Montreal as we are also celebrating its 375th birthday at the same time – which means plenty of free activities/events all year long on top of all of our regular seasonal festivities/festivals!

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  7. Too bad they didn't go to Stephen Avenue during the summer. It's full of festivals, street vendors, and street performers during the summer!

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