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Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.17: Beijing Theater [ENG/THA/2016.09.18]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.17: Beijing Theater [ENG/THA/2016.09.18]

(Useful travel tips) (San E, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hwijae, Kim Sook) Traveling is a war! The hosts’ special! Battle Trip! Because of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, we were absent for a few weeks. We’re back. – We missed you. / – It’s been so hot, hasn’t it? Hwijae, you look thin. – What have you been up to? / – You look thinner. I had a great time. I loved my trip. I’m smiling because I’m happy. You must’ve eaten a lot. You look quite plump. – I kept eating. / – Really? You’re opposites. You kept eating? Let me begin by boasting about Beijing. There’s a huge event at the end. – You’ll be totally shocked. / – There’s a punch? I hate that kind of thing. I repeated 3 times. I hate it when something ends in one go. – In life… / – I’ve never repeated. A big event! There’s a huge punch at the end. Can we look forward to your trip? I’ve performed many times in Tokyo. I’ve been there over 20 times. Just Tokyo. You must know a lot of good places then. I experienced a totally new side to Tokyo. I’ve never travelled freely like this. I walked around, I looked for destinations. I had the opportunity to introduce a restaurant that I often visit. We went there. The staff passed out. Because it was so delicious? Anyway, both online and offline, we asked the viewers for their opinions. We received over 1,000 replies. – That’s amazing. / – 1,000? We prepared this special for a month. We investigated the top tourist destinations abroad over the first half of 2016. No. 1 was Japan, followed by China. – Countries that are close yet distant. / – Right. You didn’t just go alone. Let’s bring out the celebrities that you travelled with. Travel planners, please come out. (Nam Changhee, Cho Saeho) (They enter in a unique fashion) – Why aren’t you doing it? / – I was! I’m really excited. That’s good. I was able to get around Beijing thanks to them. – My troops… / – This is a great team. – You can depend on them. / – Totally. Saeho… Cha Shuhao? – Chao Shuhao is my Chinese name. / – What is it? Can you tell them about it? – Tell us. / – It’s a little embarrassing. I think it was at Beijing airport. I was shopping at the duty free shop. I was about to pay. Let’s say I bought a doll. Scan and 100 yuan? They shook. Chao Shuhao? – Really. / – Really? For real. Then… – The manager came out. / – The person behind… What are you doing? Chao Shuhao? That’s such a lie. – It’s true. / – It really happened. They threw the product on the floor? They dropped it because they were shocked. – So… / – Wait. Chao Shuhao’s really popular right now. That’s why I took him. As for Changhee… He actually studied Chinese. Really? Is he good at Chinese? Yes. We didn’t need an interpreter. We travelled without an interpreter. Say something about being on the show. – Thank… / – Say something. Sorry. Just one phrase at a time. It’s too long. Keep it short. I’ll just say hello everyone. Hello, everyone. I’m glad to be here. – I’m Nam Changhee. / – This is Battle Trip. – This is Battle Trip. / – Begin. Hello. Wait. Your pronunciation… – He’s good. / – Is it okay? You’ll be in for a shock. (Shows off his language skills) That’s all. He’s good. Is he good? Cheonsik, introduce yourself too. Hello. I’m the small-faced comedian, Mun Cheonsik. It’s good to be here. – Your face is tiny. / – Right. – It’s the size of my fist. / – Wait. Your face has gotten much smaller. No way. I was just joking. Tell them what your makeup artist used to say. Yes. The makeup artist… She said this when she met me after a few years. Are you growing your face? When she was applying makeup? His face required so much makeup. The members here… You’re all comedians. You seem… You seem like a balanced team. Cheonsik and Sikyung… You don’t seem like you’d get along. Right. We met on the radio. We haven’t been on TV together many times but we were on the radio together for over 10 years. We hosted a popular program together. I really enjoyed this trip because we received a lot of SNS messages. Everyone had a story to tell. So we conducted our trip like the radio. We introduced the stories. While traveling? We went to places they recommended, we introduced their story. We felt warm while eating the food… You had a concept. There are 100 people here today. This is the battle of the century. We have 100 judges who will judge these trips objectively. You need to be objective. What’s our team name, Chao Shuhao? Let me explain our team name. Do you remember this music? (The music sounds familiar) Yes. I’ve made up my mind! We did a remake of Hwijae’s “Life Theater.” Our team name is Beijing Theater! Beijing Theater. I like the team name. Yes! I’ve made up mind! Everything was about making decisions. That’s right. Where to go… I like that. We didn’t have anything like that. I like the energy here. We have a good energy. What’s your team name? – Their name’s much better. / – Really? If you go to a desired destination, popular destinations are really crowded, right? We refer to that in Korean as munjeonseongsi. We changed that slightly to Muncheon Sungsi. That’s witty. Not bad, right? The name’s really pretty. The team names already imply how different the teams are. I think your concepts will be very different too. What should we watch out for in Beijing Theater? You’ll know when you view the video. Changhee and I are the same age. How would it feel for Hwijae to take a trip with Seoeon and Seojun in the future? – We portrayed that. / – I like that. Take a look. Seoeon and Seojun? I like it. What else should we look for? The second thing to note… It’s totally new. You’ll be able to experience the latest, 2016 Beijing trip with us. Let’s view Beijing Theater now. We should listen to the other team. Exactly. He’s ignoring the script. He’s so biased. This is a hosts’ special. This is so unfair. Let us speak too. – Muncheon Sungsi? / – Give us a preview. What should we look for? Tokyo’s so typical. This is our concept. If women go there… I don’t mean that women have to go alone. They can go with their boyfriend or husband. Or with girlfriends. We worked hard to explore things that would make women happy. The faces of the men here… Wise men will know this. Your girlfriend has to be happy for her to be good to you. – Right. / – That’s true. Your trip wasn’t long. The viewers recommended a lot of courses. I heard that you chose a list of the placed that you visited to announce a final route at the end. We reviewed all the places that we visited. We planned a final route to recommend to the viewers. – Let’s see the video then. / – Let’s do this. Which team should we view first? – Beijing. / – Right. – Beijing first. / – Beijing Theater. Let’s view the first half. Yes! I’ve made up my mind! (The capital city of China) (Beijing) (Destination recommended by viewers) I’ve never been to Beijing. Saeho’s hot in China. I heard people recognized you when you went shopping. – That was in Beijing. / – This? Chao Shuhao? You are my army. – I’m going put Saeho in the lead. / – Right. – Changhee… / – He can interpret for us. It suits you. I can order, buy simple things. Really? That’s all we need. We’re going to Beijing now. The flight’s short, right? It’s short. It takes less than 2 hours. – Beijing. / – We’re here! – What does that mean? / – We’ve arrived. We’re here! They’re beeping to welcome you, Hwijae. Hello! We’re here! You look really free. I’m happy. Seoeon, give daddy a kiss. (Hwijae parts with the twins to travel to Beijing) I love you! I want to go too. You want to come, Seoeon? Yes. No, no. I’m going alone. It will be really hard for me if you come. Let’s decide on our team name. Let’s make it short. Yes! I’ve made up mind! Let’s do that. Beijing! I’ve made up my mind! Let’s do that. Was that skit from 1993? It’s already been 23 years. It was 23 years ago? Let’s call our team Life Theater then. How about Beijing Theater? Beijing Theater is perfect. Beijing Theater. Then… Should we eat this or not? Yes! I’ve made up mind! Want to see the bear? Yes! I’ve made up my mind! It’s a good tip when traveling. – I’ve made up my mind! / – Right. I worked really hard on this. I’ve planned this trip. (Trip planner, Cho Saeho) He helped me put it together. (Nam Changhee) Yes! I’ve made up my mind! – It’s been ages. / – That’s good. – I like it already. / – It’s good. It should be fun. (Explore all of Beijing) There’s a lot to see in Beijing, right? Yes. The scale is huge. What’s that? This is the latest version. The 2016 version! What are you doing? I’m not allowed to do this? I thought it was a movie premiere. (An hour’s drive) This feels like Yangpyeong. Let me explain this area. It’s an hour’s drive from downtown Beijing. We should eat before we explore. I mentioned a traditional Chinese meal earlier. – Chinese meal… / – I’m hungry. Let’s go inside where it’s cool and talk. Are you good at table tennis? Changhee’s good. I’m really good. Should we place a bet? Let’s make it 3 points. We’ll conduct it like a tournament. Loser gets to eat first. Let’s play rock, paper, scissors. One person will win by default. Rock, paper, scissors. (Lose, win) Rock, paper, scissors. What? (Battle Trip host, Hwijae vs. Cho Saeho) What are you betting for? – The loser gets to eat first. / – Food. (Game start) (Begins with a smash) 1:0. – He looks good. / – Hwijae knows how to play. (Hwijae’s powerful counterattack) (Fantastic) 2:0. (Saeho quickly attacks) 2:1. (Neither of them are speaking) (Hwijae makes a silly mistake) 2:2. (It’s a tie) (Saeho smashes) – I taste it last, right? / – Yes. You lost by default. I won, didn’t I? You were left so you lost. We’re deciding on last place. Last place remains. 3 points. Go That’s cheating. Why is it cheating? (Why did Changhee cheat?) Why is it cheating? It was a dirty play. 1:0. (The referee is taking sides) You need to raise the ball. Good, good. That’s cheating. Why? It’s obvious! 2:0. Of course the ball should go over on this side. If you hit the ball over there, that’s dirty. 2:0. We were really excited. (Only 1 point remains) – Got it. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. Changhee, you get to eat first. You eat first. It’s so cool. Meat. Hello. (Is it my turn to take charge?) – Changhee… / – There it is. Is he going to speak Chinese? If they don’t have photos on the menu, it’s really hard to order. It’s lucky that Changhee’s good at Chinese. – You studied, right? / – Look at that. I have to act as the interpreter. That’s why I’m studying. At the restaurant… (Working hard on the plane) (He studies Chinese regularly) (It’s time for his skills to shine) (Will Changhee be able to do a good job?) It’s all in Chinese. (Because it’s China…) Do you have a menu with photos? What? Photos… We don’t have anything like that. What were you going to order? I asked for a menu with photos. Okay then… Nashochai. She doesn’t seem to understand. She didn’t understand me. (Gives up quickly) (Hwijae laughs) Lamb shanks. (Is he ordering whatever he can read?) Fried rice. Fried rice too. Lemonade. (Hwijae’s avatar) (Saeho’s avatar) (Is that all?) (Changhee loses his confidence) When I went to China for a shoot, I had to order my meal. I new chao fan. Fried rice. I said, “Chao fan.” ‘Chao fan?” (Saeho was shocked by the waiter’s Chinese) I decided that I should say okay. Okay. They brought out around 10 servings of rice. My friend went to an expensive restaurant in Mexico. He wanted to impress his girlfriend. The menu was all in Spanish. He had no idea. He ordered the most expensive item. 4 men… It was a band, not food. What? She entered in such a rush. – This is fish. / – What is it? I ordered fish. What is it? The first dish we ordered… Braised freshwater fish. Why are you hosting the show? It only costs $9.50? – Yes. / – It’s cheap. It smells quite good. Changhee… I’ll try it first. It was so soft. It looks delicious. It’s a freshwater fish. The sauce is different. Don’t be overdramatic. Don’t lie. It’s good! – Really? / – It’s delicious. – It’s good? / – It’s good. (He tastes the sauce first) This is good. It’s the sauce used to braise pork. – It’s the same sauce. / – Yes. It’s delicious. You should eat it with rice. Put a few spoons of sauce on the fried rice… It tastes good if you mix it. The fish has been fried. It’s not bad, right? It’s good. This sauce tastes good with anything. It’s a success. – China… / – It’s like beef noodles. – The food’s exciting. / – Is that fried rice? – What’s that? / – Black bean noodles? Like beef noodles. – Pork belly, glass noodles… / – Coriander. – It looks delicious. / – It’s a mixture. That has to taste good. It’s only $4.50. It looks like our braised spicy chicken. Let’s call this pork noodles. It looks good. – It’s good. / – I love eating new foods. The fried rice was served. Mix the sauce with the rice. Saeho likes it. We should dip in the sauce. It tastes good with the noodles. Right. Wait… What’s this flavor? It’s like our braised spicy chicken. – Yes, it’s similar. / – Braised glass noodles… – Soy sauce. / – Yes. That kind of sauce always tastes good with glass noodles. (Eyes open wide at the next menu) Why are you so shocked? (A demonstration of China’s scale) – What’s that? / – We were surprised at the plating. – What is it? / – What’s that? It’s a leg of lamb. – Oh, my God. / – This big? No wonder this is China. (Why are they laughing now?) This is China’s scale. The lemonade and cola… It was served like that. The cola’s as big as the leg of lamb. The scale was huge. It’s not a small bottle. If you ask for a lemonade… The lemonade is 1.5L. – You ordered 3? / – Really? Want to take a photo of this? Hold it up. Let’s take a photo. 1, 2, 3. – It’s huge. / – Like the film, “The Yellow Sea.” Where else would you be able to see this? Check it out. (Leg of lamb is served again) The skin is really crispy. It’s salty so it tastes good with rice. The flesh is really juicy. (How about this?) It’s good. Let me try it. – Wow. / – It’s good! – It’s good. / – This is the best! I don’t like lamb. (You have to eat this) (Hwijae doesn’t like lamb…) (It’s good) I don’t like lamb. (Blocks his nose, lamb lovers) We usually eat lamb skewers. There’s more flesh. People who like lamb can savor the juicy lamb meat in one go. Leg meat is really satisfying. In cartoons, bandits chew on legs like this. It’s crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. This tastes good. This is good value for $30, right? People who like lamb would love this. It has a lot of spices on the skin. It’s salty. It makes me crave beer. This is our first restaurant. Already, the food’s good. Goodness. I don’t usually eat this much local food. This is delicious. You’re eating a lot. (Traditional Chinese meal, clear) What did the staff think? Was it good? (The next destination?) I’ve prepared 3 red envelopes. There’s a different location in each. We’re going to visit all 3 anyway. That’s true… But to decide where we’ll go first… This is the way I like to travel. I like this kind of thing. It’s random. Right now? Okay. – Xiao long bao? / – Xiao long bao? (The only Chinese that he knows) The first choice… The largest glass observatory in the world or… – The Great Wall of China. / – What’s that? What’s the glass observatory? This… The largest glass observatory in the world? Or the Great Wall of China? Yes! I’ve made up my mind! To the observatory! This is a first on Korean variety shows. (A glass observatory at the top of the mountain) (It’s that high up?) I love this kind of thing. We have to visit places like that. Why? We can look from here. When I travel, I don’t visit more than 2 places a day. We get up at 7 a.m. We wake up at 7 a.m. I work out until 12:30 or 1 p.m. I have a coffee at 1 p.m. We travel to around 4 places before 1 p.m. – We don’t suit! / – You’re so different. We’ll cater to your schedule. You usually go out at around 1 p.m. We’ll go outside at 1 p.m. We can return at 1 a.m. (Let’s just rest) We have to go up there? Of course. I already did the research. I found out that there are two methods. Firstly, we can walk up a little. Then take the cable car. Otherwise, we can take the cable car first, then walk up. What do you think we should do? If we take the cable car first then walk, the route’s shorter… But the hike up is really steep. If we walk up first, it isn’t steep but the route’s quite long. I think it’s better to be hit hard. Let’s take the cable car, then hike up really quickly. Isn’t it better to take the blow first? If you want to walk first, right hand. 1, 2, 3. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (Choose to be hit hard first) This opened in May. Not that many people know about it. I like the carousel. That’s nice. You should take note of that. Next time you come on a family trip… – The kids would love it. / – Right. What’s that? – A pond? / – It’s a creek. We should do that. Want to try that later, Changhee? It’s nice here. (Look at that) Saeho, how much longer do we have to walk? It depends on how fit you are. If you don’t rest, around 20 minutes. (Give that to me) You’re going to film it yourself? Look at this. – It looks like a fishing rod. / – We’re going up there. (Hwijae’s documentary, “Mountain”) The scenery begins with a green forest. For years, the rain and wind have created the scenery that can be viewed here. The most violent times of this land and the most silent times reside together here. We walk through the tranquility. The view is spectacular. You need to see it for yourself. It’s worth hiking up. Take a look at what lies ahead. (Endless stairs await them) – Stairs now. / – Wow. I’ve got blisters. I need to walk barefoot. Barefoot? Really? I have blisters here. No, Hwijae. You can’t walk like that alone. – We’ll take our shoes off too. / – Do it together. It’s okay, Hwijae. Your socks are really strange. – Toes… / – What’s with you? I can’t do rock, paper, scissors like this. It’s a lot steeper than I expected. Don’t look up. You’re probably surprised. I like walking up stairs. (They begin panting) Hey… – Saeho. / – This is really hard. Hey… I’m 45 years old! I’m turning 46 in 4 months. – Changhee, hurry up. / – No. You’ve kept yourself in shape. I’m filming myself. (It’s the first time today they’ve remained silent) (70-degree angle, 288 stairs) – There are still 170 stairs? / – I didn’t look. We’ve arrived at the cable car! – Really? / – Over there. We finished the walk. Luckily… This isn’t the glass observatory. You can take the cable car once you walk up, right? (Glass observatory cable car) (Weekdays $8, weekends, $16) (Time: 7 to 10 minutes, operates 7:30 to 17:00) Goodness. This is a little scary. The cable car’s only for 2 people. Only 2 people can sit in it? I feel like I need to pee. Down here… Why did you fart? You’re shaking the car. Stop. (Republic of Gas) It stinks! (The smell spread throughout the cable car) (Cable car reaches the top) Don’t do that. (They arrive at the glass observatory) You need to jump off like that? You have to be quick. Quick? If you’re not quick, it goes back down? That’s right. You can just go back down. We’re here! The view is amazing. Look. We’re surrounded by great scenery. (Looking down from 768m above sea level) 768m is similar to Bukhansan. Bukhansan is a little over 800m high. It’s really high up. There’s an observatory at the peak. – Wow. / – It’s really beautiful. (Like walking in the sky) Wow. What’s that? (The vast land opens in front of their eyes) I want to go there. You can walk out like that? It’s so wide. The view from the top is worth the hike. We have to wear these? We have to cover our shoes. Sneakers are okay… Maybe it’s better if we walk barefoot. No, it’s too hot. I’m a little scared. Look. Some people are scared. (People who only walk in the middle) I think we can go now. Isn’t it amazing? A glass floor? That’s scary. – You feel so scared. / – Everyone… If you see this in real life, it’s way more scary. No problems. I’ll go first. It’s great. Wow! There’s a child walking in front of us. Look. He loves it. – Kids don’t get scared. / – Hey, this… Look into the distance. Don’t look at the ground. It’s okay. This is so high up. Look, like this. Look down like this. (They don’t know how to enjoy this) (Scaredy cats don’t bend down) Close your eyes and come this way. Slowly. Hold the handle here. Good, good. – Hwijae. / – Wait. It’s okay. What did you say? It’s okay. – It’s shaking. / – Hey! Saeho! Wait. It’s moving. It shakes with the wind. Look now. You can open your eyes. It’s okay. This is quite scary. I felt scared just now. In a few moments, there’s a huge twist. Does it flip over? – A twist… / – That would be totally amazing. Let’s do one lap and go down, Changhee. Can’t we just go back? Let’s do one lap and go. This is scary. We need to take a photo for SNS. Come here. (A photo from the highest point of their lives) It’s a great photo spot. It’s a work of art. You look like you’re floating in mid-air. Just looking at that… It’s really scary. You get used to it. He’s taking a photo lying down. (Today’s biggest scaredy cat) (Saeho) I bet less than 100 Korean tourists have visited this location. – Right. / – Hardly anyone. This just opened in May. We’re pioneers. The view is amazing. I still can’t look down. Did you get any recommendations on SNS? I did. A lot of people recommended that we eat Beijing duck. Beijing duck! We had to have Beijing duck. You have to eat that there. This is a great tourist destination. (Tour of downtown Beijing) It’s already evening. If you went traveling, not just for the show… – You would want to go back. / – Right. You can go hiking, eat good food. – Exercise, look around… / – Take in fresh air. (Gui Jie Street, lined with red lanterns) (Popular area where stores are open until late) (To find Beijing duck!) There’s a long line there. We should go to places like that. They’re all popular restaurants. This is great. I was so curious. Why are there so many people? It’s street food. – It looks good. / – What is it? Grilled pork rind. Pork rind. Ask them if it’s good. – It must be. / – Ask them if it’s good. – Ask. / – Ask someone. (Changhee had difficulty communicating) I had trouble communicating at the restaurant. (Language trauma) (His pupils quiver, he’s afraid) (You can do it) Excuse me. Does that taste good? It’s famous. It’s good. Is it pork? Yes, pork. It’s good. It’s pork. Ask if they know who he is. Do you know who he is? (Smile) I’ve seen him on a Korean variety show. She’s seen him. It’s true. (Saeho’s popular in China) How about him? Do you know me? Yes, I do. (Thanks to “My Love from the Star”) (Do you know him?) I’ve seen him. – She knew Hwijae too. / – She knew all 3 of us. She really knew who we were. Superman… – Superman. / – Daebak? – Daebak. / – She thinks I’m Daebak’s dad. She remembers Donggook’s son. Lee Donggook. Did you take a photo with her? Changhee, you’re good at Chinese. You surprised me this time. I’m good but I was nervous earlier. – Hey. / – Why were you nervous? You’re really good. It’s good having someone like that around. That’s impressive. There it is! – Where? / – Here. Hwagaiwon. There’s a sign. Hwagaiwon. (Welcome) This is a traditional restaurant too. I heard it’s the first restaurant in Beijing to sell mara longxia. It looks delicious. If you ask me, around now… The dishes that are going to be served will help us beat Sikyung’s team. The original Beijing duck! This is it. – Longxia. / – This is the original place, right? (Freshwater crayfish with spicy sauce) (Price differs according to size) (Changhee orders quickly) The beer’s already here. It’s been served really quickly. (Beijing beer appears) It’s Beijing beer. (They drink a cold glass of Beijing beer) It’s the first time in my career that I’ve sculled down a beer on television. Everyone just exclaimed. It looks cool, right? A beer after hiking. I think that’s ours. – It stings. / – Really? – It’s alcohol. / – It’s alcohol so it sings. (The original mara longxia) – The original. / – This is the original restaurant. – Crayfish? / – Freshwater crayfish. This is what I call happiness. – This is happiness. / – Totally. – Here. / – Cheers! Should we eat this or not? Yes! I’ve made up my mind! Let’s eat. (Perfect teamwork like dad and the twins) No wonder people say it’s addictive. – It’s good. / – This is delicious. Sikyung loves this. If you have it with beer, you can’t stop drinking. It’s hot so you keep drinking cold beer. It makes you drink. We thought of Sikyung when we ate here. Sikyung would love this. (Delicious) I’m starting to feel full. People who studied in Beijing told me that they can’t forget the taste. The shells pile up… Do they eat that all night? It’s similar to how we eat fried chicken and beer. (Second dish, lamb ribs) This looks… It looks like a plant. Gosh. It’s so pretty. Before, we ate leg of lamb. This is lam ribs. (Lamb lover) (Will Hwijae enjoy it this time?) Only those who love lamb can eat this. The smell is quite strong. – I really like this. / – It’s not for me. – Same here. / – You like it too. This is a little strong for me. The smell was really strong but if you like lamb, San E, you’ll love it. – You left this. / – Stop drinking. I’m not lying about this. I’ve only had one glass. I told you not to drink. – Your face. / – Gosh. (The Beijing duck enters the oven) (Chinese court dish cooked in a fire oven) It’s put into a fire. – It’s here. / – Wow. Look at the smoke. (Visual stealer) I heard there’s a skill to taking it apart. Look how thick the skin is. The skin’s really delicious. – The savory skin. / – Most of all, the price… – Wow. / – It’s just $29 per duck. – It’s cheap. / – It’s really affordable. (Beijing duck appetizer) – It looks like sushi. / – It’s like sushi. I’ve never eaten this before. It’s like an appetizer. It’s like sushi. – Right. / – That must be good. It’s really different. Puffed rice with mayonnaise… – This… / – It’s so tender. It’s not plain mayonnaise. It’s like cream shrimp sauce. It’s a mixture. (A specialist slices the duck) It’s like he’s slicing sashimi. (Beijing duck perfected!) It’s so pretty. They serve it in front of you. (Place vegetables, duck and sauce) (On flour pancakes and wrap to eat) (He wraps his pancake) – Clap? / – Good? (Words can’t explain how good it is) Why did you clap as you chewed? You can’t help but clap when you chew that. – You’re a liar. / – I mean it. – You clapped after chewing twice. / – This… You clap as you chew. If you try that… You clap as soon as you taste it. It’s $28.80. That’s ridiculous. It’s so good. The flesh looks so tender. Because we ate it in China, it was a lot cheaper than it is in Korea. (Tears well up from the taste) I’ll explain the taste to those who don’t know. It’s like eating black bean noodles with really delicious pork. People who haven’t tried this could feel that way. I want to go eat Beijing duck. It was so good. It’s one of the best Beijing ducks that I’ve ever tried. You should wrap it in the pancake. (Go for Beijing duck in Beijing!) (Price good, taste good! Viewers recommend it) I still remember the taste. (They head toward their accommodation) Here we are. This is Red Hall Garden. The entrance is really pretty. Look at this, Hwijae. I reserved it in advance. What’s this? Your accommodation? It’s like our Hanok Village. It’s a traditional home? A 1,000-year-old house is used as a hotel. – It’s nice. / – It’s been remodeled. Cheers. Here’s what I think. Today’s trip… The schedule was really busy but it was nice because it was the 3 of us. Because we were together. I was really pleased because I thought you wouldn’t want to explore. I thought you’d just stay at the hotel. You were so enthusiastic about everything that we did. Also, the spices are strong. You could’ve found it difficult to eat but you were really happy to try the food. If you’d asked me to go paragliding up there, I would’ve done it. Really? I would’ve gone skydiving. – Why? / – Want to do it tomorrow? – Huh? / – Tomorrow. No thanks. (I’m just saying) (A unique traveling course in Beijing) Everyone, that was just the first half. Time flew by, right? It was really fun. I admit it. I didn’t look forward to the first half. It’s good, right? – Was it fun? / – Yes. Much better than I expected. – It turned out well. / – It was good. Don’t worry. The second half is even better. I really want to go back. This is what I remember from the video. The 3 of you went up Cheonggyesan. – You ate Beijing duck. / – Mineral fed duck. You ate mineral fed duck. Did you spend the night there? Mineral fed duck. If you’ve just turned on the TV, we went to China. That’s right. Korea has mineral fed duck. – Cheonsik. / – What is it? I’m going to watch you in Japan next week. – Fine. / – Let’s see how good Japan is. – You’ll pass out. / – Pass out? Whatever. Women will love it. Hwijae, you said there’s a big event coming up. The glass observatory… That was the highlight. Let me tell you about the glass observatory. It’s 3 times as high as 63 Square. From the cliff to the end of the observatory, it’s 32.8m. It’s quite far. You walk out from the edge. It feels like you’re walking on air. This is the glass observatory at the Grand Canyon. It’s built 1,200m above ground. Someone in China saw this and wanted to build it. That’s how it was constructed. We have something like this in Korea too, at Jeongseon. Yes, that’s right. – I’ve been. / – I went for “2 Days and 1 Night.” – Really? / – How is it? – Compare it to Jeongseon. / – It’s nice too. It’s great. This is 538m high. It’s high. You can view the Korean Peninsula… – There. / – For Koreans… That’s good enough to be considered beautiful. – For me… / – It’s quite small. I’ve been to both. Jeongseon feels like you’re looking at a small photo. China feels like a huge photo. Both are beautiful. I’m referring to size. Hwijae kept… He used something to film at the observatory. – This is it. / – What is it? This is a hot item. – Fishing? / – I thought it was a fishing rod. It’s a portable jimmy jib. Really? No more selfie sticks? We have a jimmy jib in the studio. It’s huge. This is a personal, portable jimmy jib. You can film the outside and yourself. – Does it fold? / – Yes. How else can you carry that around? I don’t know. I thought you had to keep carrying it. – While traveling? / – It could be hard to get around. Anyway, hiking was nice. I liked the food. I really liked your Chinese style hotel. The glass observatory was like a jab right. We still have an amazing uppercut hook. Is this revealed for the first time too? The first time on a variety show. – First for a variety show? / – Yes. When you see this, you will be able to feel the immense scale of China. Really? I’m confident. What is it? I’m so curious. Beijing Theater part 2. Should we view it or not? – Yes! I’ve made up my mind. / – Let’s see it. We’ll watch it! Fine weather like this in Beijing… – We’re really lucky. / – Right. I’m curious. Did you receive a reply yesterday? – From who? / – Song Joongki. – Joongki? / – Song Joongki? Do you know him? Did you say hi to my friend? Who? – Is he coming on the show? / – Joongki. (Song Joongki in China) Hi, Joongki. We met last time… Why are you taking a photo? We’ve met Joongki in China. You messaged the real Song Joongki? We’re good friends. I didn’t look at my phone. Is it okay if I take a look? I don’t have a password. – Wow. / – Did he reply? What is it? – I think he replied… / – I’m so curious. – He replied. / – He did but… Hello. You must be filming in China. You’re acquainted. You can tell. (Song Joongki, please come on Battle Trip) (Hwijae’s phone has Song Joongki’s number on it) I met him last time at an event. Is it okay if I save his number? You can’t do that. I’m just asking. – Let me save it on my phone. / – That’s dirty. – That’s dirty. / – Is it? Really? I just wanted to save it. Today’s itinerary? Today’s itinerary… It’s time to decide again. (Beijing Theater’s second choice) (Course recommended by the viewers?) (From the tourist destinations received on SNS) Please choose. You had to pick an envelope. We had to say Hwijae’s catchphrase. China’s largest zoo or largest amusement park. Go to the zoo. The zoo? I can’t choose. This is hard. Maybe they should go to the zoo. Yes! I’ve made up my mind! Let’s go to the zoo. You should go see the pandas. I’ve never seen a panda in real life. Pandas aren’t easy to come across. They’re rare. (The largest zoo in Beijing?) This is the entrance. – It’s crowded. / – When did you last go to a zoo? It’s been ages. I go once a month. For moms and dads, it’s heaven. What’s this? As today’s planner… To protect you from UV rays. I bought hats for us. – Hats? / – Hat. It hurts. Wear it like this. It’s so cute. Parasols that you can wear. It’s really comfortable. It’s not bad. It’s comfortable. (It suits them) – It’s cute. / – It’s comfortable. You bought that in China? – It’s nice. / – You can buy it in front of the zoo. Yes! I’ve made up my mind. Let’s go! You crossed the border? – I want to go there. / – It’s nice. The zoo is huge. They have the most animals. This zoo… How pretty. (There’s a special animal at Beijing Zoo) Look. I can already see the panda. – Let’s go there, pandas. / – Right. (Panda zone with giant pandas) (Panda zone costs an additional 83 cents) Here. Hwijae looks like he’s gone fishing. He looks like a fisherman. (They feel excited about meeting pandas) (Excited) – It’s huge. / – Because… I went to see pandas in the past but they didn’t come out. Where is it? There, behind. Where? Where? – It’s lying down. / – There it is. It’s sleeping. The pandas don’t move. They eat and sleep. They don’t move. (Taking photos of the sleeping panda) (Working hard to fit the panda on screen) Can you see the panda? (Pandas everywhere they look) It’s not just a single panda. The pandas gradually began moving around. (Changhee’s perspective) (Gums show as he smiles) (He visits the zoo once a month) (Hwijae’s busy taking photos) (Smile) (Pandas take the men back to their childhood) Look at its hind leg. How cute. It’s coming. It’s moving. Take a step back. It’s moving. – They always sit. / – They don’t move around. It’s moving! It’s a rare sight. It doesn’t even move around that much? It doesn’t move. It’s hard to see it move? It’s really hard. It usually just lies down. We’ve viewed a rare sight. We’re really lucky. The panda moved. We’ve seen it go to the second floor. – I’ve never seen a panda before. / – Really? It’s cute. (Beijing Zoo is a huge success) You have to go in the morning to see pandas move. They don’t move around in the afternoon. It’s my first time too but I’ve done more research. Our next destination… It was recommended by the viewers. It’s a restaurant. It’s a little amusing. Why? It’s a restaurant but it has character. Character? Have you seen the old Chinese martial arts films? It’s that kind of restaurant. (They’ve found it) (Second floor) (Saeho begins warming up his martial arts) (What’s this sound?) (A powerful, martial arts greeting) This is a martial arts restaurant. – Wow. / – It’s a themed restaurant. There are spiders hanging on the wall. People from the Shaolin Temple came here. This feels like a scene from martial arts films. They eat like this… This restaurant’s fun. You’ve begun? (Chao Shuhao) (Nan Changxue) He looks like Donnie Yen. He does look like him. (Tries to stop their fight) (It turns out that he’s the real master) (Twins’ dad) They catch flies while eating. (Still lost in the martial arts film) (Suddenly begins a game) You’re out. – What? / – You’re out. (They blame each other) (These comedians never rest) (I should do something) You lost. Me? Why? Because you’re ugly. You lose if you’re ugly. You’re so ugly. (The handsome guy can relax) (Menu arrives) This is a little… – What’s this? / – Ask what it is. Is this pork? Yes, pork. Ask if it’s spicy? – Is it spicy? / – It’s not spicy. It’s not spicy. (He orders a lemonade in Chinese) (They can order their own drinks) 1 lemonade, 1 cola. (Changhee overcomes his fear of Chinese) You don’t need to be polite here. – What did she say? / – I have no idea. (I’m not that fluent…) What is it now? What did you order? (Giant drinks arrive again) (Large bottles are always served) (This is the scale of China) We’ve learned something useful. In China, a cola or lemonade… – I like it. / – I really love China. – The size is different. / – The scale’s huge. Let’s drink! What’s loyalty in Chinese? Let’s toast our friendship. For our friendship! (He sculls down his lemonade) Drunken martial arts? You don’t stay still for a minute. You really like this restaurant. I like this kind of place too. I watched so many martial arts films as a child. Our food’s here. It’s stir-fried tofu with chives. They fry it beforehand. Of course it’s delicious. – It’s $3.10. / – That? Does it smell good? It’s like mung bean pancakes. If Hwijae eats this, he’ll say it’s perfect. This is a good dish. It’s really good. It’s perfect. It’s good, right? (Moved) This is perfect. It’s good. I think it’s because the tofu’s sliced thin. It’s been fried then braised. It’s fried tofu so it’s a little oily but it actually tastes good that way. If you come to this restaurant, make sure you try this braised tofu and chives. (Fried pork served with oyster mushrooms) (Stir-fried pork and oyster mushrooms) (Fried rice and tomato egg soup) (Fried rice $1.70, tomato egg soup $2, total $13.20) (They taste each dish) This is simple. It’s homemade food. – Like seaweed or soybean paste soup. / – Really? It’s refreshing. It doesn’t have fish in it but it’s refreshing. It tastes like pollack soup, right? If you had a lot to drink the previous night… (Tomato egg soup’s perfect for hangovers) I like everything that we’ve ordered. Chinese people love tomato and eggs. – It tastes good stir-fried. / – Really? It’s really refreshing. (Satisfied) (Chomp) (Martial arts restaurant, unique theme, good food) Let’s go have this for dessert. – What’s that? / – Cheese? So many people recommended this. It’s not rice cake or bread. It’s totally different. This is really special. What is it? You have to eat this for dessert. It looks delicious. I don’t know what it is. Let’s go try it and guess. After I eat this, I will be able to win the next battle. You don’t suit historical dramas. Shicha Hai. It’s like Korea’s Garosugil. – Where are you going? / – This? It’s like Garosugil meets a lake. This is like Korea’s Hanok Village. Shicha Hai. So many people recommended this place. It’s a hot place for locals. A lot of Chinese people visit here. It’s like Korea’s parks around lakes. There are a lot of shops in front of the lake. Hwijae, on this street… Will we find the dessert shop you showed us? Yes. It’s on this street? On this street. It’s nice. It has a good atmosphere. It’d be nice for couples. As a date course? What’s that? (Something captures their attention) (Sugar art) The kids find it amazing. – Toffee on the streets. / – Wow. He makes it according to your Chinese zodiac sign. It’s so cool. (Blows air into the sugar dough) He must be born in the year of the cow. This is fun. (We still have to find that dessert) – Here? / – I think this is it. There it is! Let’s see. – Here it is. / – We’ve found it. What do you think it is? Is it like pumpkin toffee? It doesn’t stick to the plate. It doesn’t stick to your teeth. – It doesn’t stick to your chopsticks. / – Really? – How can you eat it if it’s slippery? / – Who knows? That’s why it’s so precious. It’s only served at large feasts. It’s special. It takes a long time to cook. How long? 40 minutes. It doesn’t stick to your chopsticks or teeth. It doesn’t stick. It doesn’t stretch like toffee then. The footage of this being made… It’s shown for the first time. They could tell us the ingredients… But it requires a lot of skill. – Eggs are the main ingredient? / – Yes. – Watermelon juice. / – Watermelon. This place… (They’re served noodles) (10 minutes earlier) (Hwijae suddenly gets up) Hey, I’m sorry. Tell them it’s someone’s birthday. Ask if they can give us anything special. (It’s Saeho’s birthday, he has no idea) – Hwijae… / – We asked them to prepare something. – For his birthday? / – Really? (Touched) (He tells everyone it’s Saeho’s birthday) (Good news should be shared) There’s a message. It says happy birthday. Live a long life like noodles. You were born today so they gave you an egg. The meaning is similar to our seaweed soup. Don’t force yourself to eat it. It’s like ox bone soup. – Is it oily? / – No, it’s okay. It looks oily. They even gave you noodles as a present. – You… / – I was so surprised. You’ll remember this for the rest of your life. I’m so grateful. You need to keep eating it without cutting the noodles to live a long life. – Really? / – I heard that. I kept cutting it. You don’t look good. The taste… It’s not really delicious. It’s not sour? It’s similar to our noodle soup but it’s really bland. – It doesn’t taste good then. / – I need kimchi. Should we ask for salt? Try it. Have a taste. (You can eat it. It’s your birthday) – It’s your birthday. / – Right. (Cho Saeho’s birthday) Happy birthday. Thank you. Here it comes. (Their dessert arrives at last) Do you eat it with your spoon? Take a look. Here it comes. – What? / – It’s already over. What? – It doesn’t stick to the plate. / – It doesn’t stick. – Look. / – Right? I’m so curious. Let’s eat it. Sambujeom. Wow. It’s really funny. It’s falling. (Surprised by the texture) This is amazing. (Surprised again by the sweet taste) It’s good. It tastes a little like pumpkin porridge. The texture… – It’s… / – I love the texture. It’s like jelly. It’s like a mixture of pudding and jelly. It’s good, isn’t it? It’s neither grilled nor fried. It’s like an undercooked version of egg cakes. It’s good. Why does it taste so sweet? It’s just eggs, sugar and starch. It’s eggs and salt… It’s like egg tart filling. It’s like a pancake. It’s like pancake meets glutinous rice cakes. – That’s so difficult. / – Try it. – Try it for yourselves. / – I can’t imagine it. (The staff tries the sambujeom) It’s good. – Really? / – It must be good. It’s really delicious. (Hwijae feeds the cameraman) It’s good. We all liked it. I think it’s you. It’s me? Let me try it again. It has an undercooked smell. The cooler it gets, the undercooked smell… – Does it get worse? / – It disappears. (Swallow) Wait. It tastes different when it’s cold. We were introduced to a great dessert. The more you eat it… – When it’s cool… / – It tastes better cool. When it cools… It would taste good cold. Where do we go now? It’s time for the final decision. This is our big event! – What? / – The main event? The third and final Beijing Theater. (Which destination will end their trip?) China’s largest “Golden Mask Dynasty” show or China’s largest circus. It’s time for the main event. – What? / – The main event? The circus. – No, no. / – The Chinese circus. Do you think we went to see the circus? (Song and dance performance only in Beijing) (What will Hwijae choose?) It has to be this. I don’t even need to think twice. Yes! I’ve made up my mind! China’s largest “Golden Mask Dynasty” show. There it is. “Golden Mask Dynasty.” It’s a mask made of gold. A lot of people recommended this to us. You have to watch this in Beijing. They dance… It’s cheaper than going to a concert. The director is really famous. Zhang Yimo directed this. Then we have to watch this. Don’t worry. Zhang Yimo directed it? Yes, he directed it. (For the first time on television) (“Golden Mask Dynasty”) (200 actors, elaborate lighting and music) (Chinese dance and martial arts all combined) Look how high it is. There are around 200 actors in it. (Excited) (A tragic yet beautiful love story based on history) (Captivated) – There are no lines, right? / – No lines. (Surprised) (Stage uses all 3 sides of the theater) – What’s going on? / – Take a look. (Performance offers elaborate colors and sights) What’s that? It’s alive. The birds are alive. – What? / – The birds are alive. They’re real birds. (Peacocks sit on top of the dancers’ heads) They’re peacocks? (Amazed) – They fly? / – They’re set free. – They’re alive. / – That’s absurd. – It’s impressive. / – They fly? – They’re alive. / – That’s absurd. (Dancers set the peacocks free) (Can’t help but applaud) Here it is. – This… / – What is it? Is this it? Focus. Turn the volume up. – That’s the stage. / – That’s the stage. The water rushes down? The water pours down. (Hard to believe even when viewed in person) (Water rushes down to cover the stage) (100 tons of water flood the stage) I think that deserves applause. Stop hosting the show. (What’s going on here?) (The story reaches the climax) They’re enemies. They had a child. They were told to kill the child but they let it live. It’s like “Romeo and Juliet.” (Focused) (Amazed by the huge scale) (They’re amazed by “Golden Mask Dynasty”) (Another day in Beijing comes to an end) I’m still amazed. Sikyung, I’m sorry. I wasn’t sure until we watched this performance. I’m sorry. You’ve lost because of “Golden Mask Dynasty.” Once Sikyung sees this performance, he will have to admit defeat. Cheonsik, to my knowledge… I heard you’re leaving tomorrow. Don’t go. Come to Beijing, watch “Golden Mask Dynasty.” Thank you to the people who recommended this on our SNS. – Bow. Thank you. / – Thank you. The scale’s huge even on the screen. If you saw that in real life… I know. I thought, “No way.” Then the water started rushing down. It’s 100 tons. They can only perform once a day. When the water falls, it’s unbelievable. The water flows in the theater? – Right. / – Is there a leak? – The scale… / – A leak? We go to valleys for outings, right? You can see the valley in front of you. It’s like the valley’s been transported to the stage. It’s really impressive. It was shocking. Right next to the theater, you can find the oldest amusement park in China. There are around 40 rides. You can play there then go to the theater to watch the show. Perfect. Is there a discount if you go to the amusement park? Yes. – A package? / – There’s a package. It’s around $53. You can do both. – Watch the show, go on rides… / – It’s cheap. – It’s cheap, right? / – It’s cheap. – Why is it so cheap? / – China’s quite cheap. That’s an advantage. Also, you can enjoy as much cola and lemonade as you like. If you get the chance, go back for Beijing duck. Put slices of Beijing duck on the pancake. Add spring onions, cucumber, sauce… Eat that with a glass of Chinese beer. You’re showing off your talent. Do a gulping sound. (A glass of beer) (I’m craving beer) I’ll say one last thing. The food was really good but… – “Golden Mask Dynasty” was wonderful. / – Yes. – You keep going on about it. / – I loved it. Hwijae never acts this way. “Golden Mask Dynasty” was a gift from God. You went out and checked Beijing out on behalf of our viewers, right? From the SNS recommendations you selected, which destination was the best? When we ate Beijing duck, we thought that was the best. It was so delicious. Of course you have to eat this in Beijing. However, out of all the recommendations, the best… It’s “Golden Mask Dynasty!” You were so impressed. I loved the performance so much that I even bought the DVD. – Really? / – He bought the DVD. I brought this doll with me. I bought it at the zoo. I want to give it as a gift to the viewer who recommended “Golden Mask Dynasty.” It’s so cute. – The legs move, right? / – They do. Like this. I thought it was automatic. You’re squeezing its bottom so tight. If you pinch its bottom… (2-day course of Beijing) (This is the recommended course) (Enjoy your trip to Beijing) We’ve viewed Beijing Theater’s trip. If you want to travel to Beijing right now, if you want to travel according to their course, please vote. Here we go. Go to Beijing or don’t go? Please vote! (The judges’ choice?) How many of our judges will pack their bags for Beijing? How many votes do you expect? 82. That’s a high score. – I’m confident. Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Please show us the judges’ score. – The second digit’s important. / – 82. – It has to be low so the score’s high. / – 82. The team that goes first has always… – 84. / – Had the advantage. – 84. / – 74. What is this? (Beijing Theater received 54 votes) (A surprisingly low score) – 54. / – 54? What? – That’s terrible. / – Look at your score! (Bitter) Hwijae! You said you had a feeling. You said you expected 82. – Wait… / – We can still win! You must feel really hurt. We feel anxious too. Muncheon Sungsi… – They could score 53. / – Right. Sikyung, what do you think? – About the result? / – That won’t happen. (Next time) (Hosts’ special, part 2) (Sikyung, Cheonsik go to Tokyo, Japan’s capital) (Tokyo sights recommended by the viewers) (A unique city tour) (A variety of delicacies) (Can’t help but press like) (Sikyung even cooks) (Look forward to Battle Trip) (“Secret” by Cosmic Girls)

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  1. Beijing trip with Hwijae, Saeho & Changhee looked so amazing, I would love to go on that tour!! The Martial Arts reenactments during their meals were so funny too.

  2. Wow, look at that view! 25:50 It's breathtakingly magnificent!
    I love the food shots in here. I'm dreaming of the yummy food that I will hopefully eat one day in Beijing when I do a tour of China.

  3. My grandmother told me that people in China were starving. That's how a leg of lamb comes from my butcher, but I can understand the confusion. I think the pork with glass noodles would be my favourite.
    Dude's Mandarin is okay, not spectacular but the girl in the queue lets him slide. Daebak!
    Except, in the Tokyo preview they show Fushimi Inari which is obviously in Kyoto.

  4. these guys sucks at planning trip. who the fuck goes to Zoos anymore?? i mean there are tonnes of other more interesting historically significant sites in Beijing, to name a few –> Summer Palace, Forbidden City, the Old city wall, Temple of Heaven, ancient space observatory, etc

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