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Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.123 Hyejung and Jooah’s trip to Bangkok! [ENG/THA/2019.01.20]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.123 Hyejung and Jooah’s trip to Bangkok! [ENG/THA/2019.01.20]

(Numerous great tips for trips) (Lee Hwijae, special host, Seor Ina) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Travel is war. Battle Trip. Nice to meet you. Today’s special host for Battle Trip… – She’s very pretty. / – Yes. – It’s nice to meet you, Seor Ina. / – Oh, my. Yes, it’s nice to meet you. Hello, I’m Seor Ina. Last year, I worked with Shim Hyejin… – On a Hong Kong tour. / – Yeah. – This time as a special host… / – That’s right. I am honored to be invited on the first day of the new year. As it’s the New Year, I’ll bring on a cheer. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. Already, it’s our 3rd year greeting… – The viewers for the New Year. / – That’s right. That’s how much our staff members and cast contributed to our show. No, it’s been 4 years now if you count the years. – We’ve been doing it since April 2016. / – Yeah. – Oh, that’s true. / – Yes. Our program has become a show that you must watch briefly before going on a trip. – It’s become a mandatory program to watch. / – Right. There are many travel shows these days. – Yes, there are. / – Honestly… If travel programs do well, that means that a lot of people are interested in traveling. – You must enjoy it. / – Yes. I think it’s a good thing, right? I hope all travel programs do well. Of course, I hope our show does the best. – It’s good for every program to do well. / – Yes. I heard a rumor that Song Joongki… – Went to Spain for his honeymoon. / – Yes. But the first thing he did before he left was searching for a Battle Trip episode on Spain. – Who did you hear that from? / – But… Back then we didn’t go to Spain yet. So I heard that he said that it was a shame that we haven’t went to Spain. – Song Joongki said that? / – I should’ve went earlier. You should have. That shows how much influence we have. That’s why we’re doing this as a New Year’s special. We’ve prepared the most Battle Trip like travel plan. – For today, really… / – New Year’s special. It’s a heated contest between the experts. – Heated contest. / – Before I came here… I was texting the writer. I heard that today’s video is good. The writer sounded so confident. And also, frankly speaking… – The show itself is an expert. / – Yes. We don’t often use the word “expert.” But today is the heated contest between experts. Are travel experts coming on our show? – There are experts in a way. / – They are. They’re not travel experts. They are experts of that place. – Experts of that place. / – Experts of that country. Today, the destinations will be revealed first. These are the destinations chosen by the experts. Bangkok, Beijing. Beijing vs. Bangkok. Give a round of applause. The fact that they chose such main cities means that they know the place inside out to introduce them with confidence. First of all, the experts we’re looking for in Battle Trip are of quite high standard. You have to be able to speak the local language. Secondly, they need to know a lot of rare popular places that aren’t from travel booklets. – Places that can’t be searched on the web. / – No. And they need to have been there more than 10 times. – Or have experience living there. / – Oh, my. Those people will be considered as experts. If they appear on the show and lose, they’d feel very disappointed. Because they are referred to as “experts.” – True. / – Yeah. Alright, everyone. 2019 New Year’s expert special. I’d like to invite our four trip planners. Hello. (Lee Hyejung, Shin Jooah) (Chaeyeon, Bae Seulgi) Hello, I’m Shin Jooah from the Thailand residence. Thailand residence. – I already feel the energy. / – You live in Thailand? Yes. Do you live in Thailand? – Yes. / – Oh, that’s not fair. (Worried) You live in Thailand. It’s like we’ve won already. How many years have you lived in Thailand? – It’s been 4 years now. / – 4 years. No, but 4 years, what you don’t know is… You know Chaeyeon. She’s been working in China for 10 years. At this point, she’s half-Chinese. I glanced in the waiting room earlier… She was eating sunflower seeds with her front teeth. – With her front teeth. / – Yeah. Are you fluent in Chinese? – Not fluent… / – She’s good. Then that’s enough. – No, what? / – What’s enough? Seulgi, do you have relations with China? Yes, I also started working in China from 2007… I have been working steadily since then. Did you two get close while you were in China? No. We worked together for a while, so we were already close. We’ve been playing bowling lately. – We’re in the same club. / – We’re still interacting… In terms of intimacy, you can’t beat us. A little bit about Beijing… – Point out a few points for us. / – Yeah. It’s not the kind of Beijing you know. Even the Great Wall of China is not the same Great Wall of China. You’ll get to feel that way, so you’ll have a unique experience. We can’t lose. There are many mysterious and secret places in Bangkok too. – Ina, you’re doing well. / – Right? – As mysterious as possible. / – Ina, that’s good. Be as mysterious as you possibly can. Everyone, what do you know that’s in Bangkok? Pad Thai, green papaya salad… – Mango juice and such. / – I really love those. – There’s nothing like that. / – What? There aren’t? – That’s my favorite. / – We won. There are more delicious food than that waiting for us. – There are something better? / – Yes. And traditional Thai food that you never knew of. But it tastes very similar to Korean food. Home-made food. – Like how a mother-in-law makes? / – Yes. But when I tried Thai food, it’s very much like our culture. – It’s similar. / – There’s a lot of similarities. – Really? / – Similar to our culture. I didn’t know there was such food in Thailand. But maybe when this gets aired, I’m afraid it’s going to get too popular. Is it that good? Anyway, today’s competition between the experts, Beijing vs. Bangkok. Bangkok vs. Beijing. Everyone, this will be great. We have our 100 impartial judges in the audience. Nice to meet you. Welcome. To start 2019… – Isn’t it the first vote of the year? / – Yeah. So don’t spare it, you can vote for two teams. Of course, you can just press China too. Be sparing. You can press if you think, “Oh, I want to go there.” Okay, we should get started now. First, everyone, it’s New Bangkok. How’s the weather in Thailand, Hyejung? It’s great now. This is the perfect time. December to February… – It’s warm. / – They have good weather. The rainy season is over, and it’s not that hot. The weather is great too but the price is also cheap. – It’s very cheap. / – It’s too cheap. – Thailand… / – It’s cost effective. – It’s cost effective. / – 0.1 cent is 35 baht. Thailand uses baht, so 0.1 cent is 35 baht. 35 cents for 10 baht. $3.50 for 100 baht. If you multiply 35 on Korean currency, you will get Thai currency. Forget all Bangkok that you know so far. I hope you meet the new Bangkok. Yes, I’ll look forward to it. We’ll start Jjuah Tour. (Bangkok trip begins now) (The most preferred international travel destination) Pretty. (Hello) (A place that comes to mind when you think of Thailand) (Food that comes to mind when you think of Thailand) – We’ve been to Thailand a lot. / – We have. (Pai) (Phuket) (Bangkok) (Krabi) (Chiang Mai) (Pattaya) (There already have been 8 trips to Thailand) 8 trips. Welcome to Jjuah Tour. (New Thailand expert has arrived) Even the locals would want to come. It’s a street only I know. This place is really the best. To an even more amazing place, let’s go. What’s that? – That’s so cool. / – Awesome, isn’t it? – What is it? / – Where is it? It’s really not the Thailand we know. – What’s that? / – You have to eat that. What’s that? Oh, no. That looks delicious. It’s like pork back-bone stew. I’m so excited. Is that good? That’s really good. Everyone will like this. (Hidden restaurant revealed by the local) Welcome to Bangkok. (Welcome to Jjuah Tour in Bangkok) (The land of free-style traveling, Bangkok, Thailand) (3 days before the trip, a cafe in Bangkok) Finally, I’m on Battle Trip. Meeting you on the Thailand episode. – Hello. / – Is that Thailand? – Yes, that’s Thailand. / – Hello. I’m Shin Jooah, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. As many of you know… My husband is from Thailand. I’ve been an ordinary house-wife in Thailand for 4 years. When I was planning this trip… I thought about it a lot. For a few days, I couldn’t sleep. Come to think of it, my memories with Hyejung… We’ve known each other for 10 years but we’ve never traveled together. To invite her to Thailand, where I live, I can show her many places. I can joyfully introduce places and make her have fun. Thinking about that made me very excited. The things I’ve planned now has never been seen before. Let me invite you all to Bangkok, Thailand, the world for women. It may look like people know it well but they don’t know it. It’s a hidden street. Things Korean people have never seen or heard of… It’s something that’s becoming popular among Thailand locals and young people. This. – This looks so good. / – This is no joke. – What’s that? / – Wow. Hidden food that’s rising in popularity. (Unique Thai food you’ve never heard of) Another ancient city of Southeast Asia that’s different to Egypt. – There’s a place like that? / – Yes. It’s so pretty. Bangkok, Thailand, episode is… For my name’s sake…. Wow, she put her name forward. More than any other tour, it will start with a lot of fun and strength. Jjuah Tour, good luck. (Jjuah Tour’s itinerary) (Trendy Bangkok, local Bangkok) The trip was packed full. – That’s good. / – There’s no need to plan. I should get to know Jooah a bit more. (Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok) I’m excited. (Local time, 12:00 p.m., 2-hour difference) She’s tall. You’ll be able to see her at a glance. You went to pick her up? Yeah, that’s why I can’t do anything bad anywhere. (The height that’s noticeable from a distance) (Wow) Long legs. (The moment of emotional reunions) Glad you came. – What’s going on? / – Was the flight rough? Oh, my God. Come to think of it, since we’ve known each other… It’s been 10 years. But for 10 years, I’ve never traveled with you before. Not even once. It feels like we’re in a long-distance relationship. Yeah, for sure. First, I prepared an electric fan for you. – Thank you. / – Hello. Today, I’ll show you… – Can I look forward to it? / – A new side of Thailand. Yeah, look forward to it a lot. Shall we go? Let’s go. (Jjuah Tour starts) Did you get taller? Hey. Jooah… With your outfit, you could go to the club just like that. – Me? / – Yeah, very fancy. That’s not a very fancy in Thailand, is it? – No, it’s not fancy at all. / – Not at all. This is where you take a taxi. Here, the airport railway is as good as Korea. We need to take a taxi to get to where we’re going. Oh, and there’s that. The traffic is okay until 4 p.m. The traffic is severe. It’s very severe. That’s where you wait for a taxi. If you press the button, a waiting ticket comes out. You can take a taxi right away. – The system is really good, right? / – Unlike Korea… Where you wait, instead you get a waiting ticket. (The taxis are always on standby) It must have been really comfortable for the staff. She’s telling you everything. Can you see? It’s a standard taxi in Thailand. Press here like this. You get a ticket. This is it, number 58. If it’s number 58, do you have to go to gate 58? – Yeah, that’s right. / – It is? There’s a number written on it. If you do this… Surprisingly, the taxi system is very good. – Yeah, it’s good. / – Surprisingly… Is the taxi expensive? – No, it’s metered. / – The taxi fare is cheap too. – Metered? / – Yes. Hello. – Hello. / – At last, we’re on our way. (From an assigned taxi to downtown Bangkok) – It costs $15. / – It’s going downtown. $15? I just left the trip up to you. Since I’m living here now. It’s more reassuring, dependable, and comfortable. Don’t you want to know where we’re going? Where are we going? Do you know Khaosan Road? Do you know Khaosan Road? They’re going to Khaosan Road right away. Isn’t Khaosan Road too obvious? – I go there every time I go to Thailand. / – You’ll see. Do you know Khaosan Road? I’ve heard about it a lot, I’ve been there a lot too. – It’s… / – Isn’t it too obvious? So, a block from Khaosan Road… There’s Rambuttri Road. Of course, there’s got to be something else. Of course. Do you think I’ll just go to Khaosan Road? You’re moving a block away. I went to Khaosan and happened to see it. I thought, “This place is pretty.” That’s how I knew. Jjuah Tour, as expected. (Rambuttri Road) Actually, I’ve never been to Bangkok. – I’m so excited. / – You have to go. I’ll have to go on this trip. (Tranquility wafts) When you come in the evenings, Rambuttri is still a little quiet but Khaosan Road is very crowded. – Khaosan is no joke. / – There are so many tourists. It’s hard to walk around. (Rambuttri Road) This road is pretty, too. It’s like a market. Thank you. (Jjuah Tour arrives at Rambuttri Road) Wow, we’re here. – This is Rambuttri Road. / – Wow, it’s Bangkok. – Khaosan… / – Rambuttri? – Yes. / – Rambuttri. It’s Rambuttri Road, next to Khaosan. Thanon Rambuttri. – It’s written in Thai. / – It’s written. I love it here. (Excited footsteps) Isn’t it the best? This place feels different from Khaosan Road. It’s a little bit more like Serosu-gil, the one next to Garosu-gil. – That’s right. / – Totally. – Bit more charming. / – Right? You really need to go there to see how that feels. Yeah, in Bangkok, there’s a bit of a different kind of hip feeling. Yeah, I brought my mom and dad here. They loved it here. – Here? / – Yeah. All the food is delicious. Don’t you like this feeling? Here is a massage shop, your favorite. – Eat, get a massage and eat. / – Hello. Hello. – This is… / – I want a massage. – $5 for massage? / – $5. People get leg massages at places like that. – You get it outside? / – Yes. – As you can see here, it’s a bit… / – Hey. I think we should have a beer now. – Already? / – Yeah. Why wait till the night falls? – The weather’s nice. / – The atmosphere is so nice. Beer sounds good. Beer sounds good. Beer is good. – It’s a little disappointing. / – I found it. – Where? / – I want to eat this one. What? Which one? Juice? It’s a juice shop. – You’re going to get passion fruit, right? / – Yeah. Thailand is known for fresh fruit juice. You have to have fresh fruit juice. One passion fruit juice and one watermelon juice. – Yeah, that’s good. / – Watermelon juice. Thai is good. (So happy) We have to have it. It’s $1. – Can I eat one? / – Yeah, eat it. Can I just eat with hands? Here it is. Over here. (Goes straight to mouth with no hesitation) – Wow, really… / – It looks good. – It was so good. / – It is too sweet. It’s very good. I guess it’s because it’s ripe. (Happiest in the world) (Mangoes disappear in an instant) Why is this sour for me? – Is it not? / – Sour? It’s so good. – It’s not? / – But Jooah lives there… She’s used to such sweet fruits, so she said it was a bit sour. – So for me… / – It was so sweet for me. – Looks good. / – I eat a lot of sweet things. Do I like sweet things too much? Oh, my. (Mango-holic) – Is that juice $1? / – Yes. It’s full, that’s $1? That’s watermelon juice. Watermelon juice. Do you know that watermelon juice is best for a hangover? The next day after drinking… This hydrates you. Did they add sugar? I think they put sugar in it. (Hyejung’s passion fruit juice is also complete) $1.40? – Oh, my gosh, it’s so big. / – It’s cheap. It’s the best. Even with all three of them… – $3.50. / – It’s $3.50, right? – Yes. / – Fresh fruit and two juices, $3.50? They even blended all the seeds. People who like passion fruits know this. Thank you. Passion fruit looks really good. Passion fruit is so delicious. And you know what? This is really delicious. This is rotee. It’s a Thai dessert. But it’s really delicious. Don’t they give you with banana and chocolate syrup? Yes, we had original. I thought it was some kind of mochi. – Amazing, right? / – Yeah. – This is really delicious. / – Oh, my God. That skill. (Swish, swish) And if you eat one of these, it’s really filling. It’s like a meal. Wow, it looks delicious. It’s a little bit like a European crepe. For me, rather than crepes, I think rotee is more delicious. It looks delicious. (Toasty) Someone next to us is eating it. – It looks good, right? / – Good? He says it’s very good. I almost passed by here again. You need to drizzle condensed milk. Otherwise it won’t taste good. You have to eat like this. – How much is that one? / – How much is this? How much is it? This is 20 baht. – 20 baht… / – 70 cents. – Really? / – Yeah. – We won. / – 70 cents. Let’s have 10 of them. – Hey, that’s… / – It’s $7. You can stay up eating it all night. It’s really cost efficient here, right? Yeah. This is delicious. Is it yummy? (Let’s see) How is it? (Tell me what it’s like) The texture… – It’s like stuffed pancakes. / – Delicious. It’s like a stuffed pancake with eggs in it. But it’s very thin. It’s like layers of croissants. There’s also a slightly salty taste of butter. It’s got that balance of sweet and salty. It’s very crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. It’s like Korean egg pancakes. It’s like egg pancakes drizzled in condensed milk. It’s actually a delicacy if you add banana here. I really like this. Yeah, we need banana and chocolate. What is it? They need some banana and chocolate. Like that. That’s it. It makes my mouth water. Can you choose the toppings? – Yes, you can. / – You can choose it. I like banana and chocolate the best. Me, too. It looks so good. It’s very soft. – That’s right. / – It’s very soft. It’s perfect for starting up an appetite. I’m getting an appetite right now. It’s just the beginning. You have eat other things. Eating one of this is already very filling. It’s like a meal. You need to keep eating other things. It’s so delicious. You’re going to scrape it clean. Totally. It’s so delicious. It’s so… It’s so delicious. Korean mothers say… – “It’s delicious.” / – Is that what it is? Let’s say I’m just easy going. Thank you. Thank you. Now you’re hungry, right? Yes, after eating appetizers… – Now my appetite is stirred up. / – Right? You’re hungry every day, aren’t you? – I have to eat. / – I have a place to take you to. Where is it? Here. – The ambience is also good. / – Here. They sell local Thai food. Maybe you’ll get hooked when you taste it. Let’s taste it first and talk about it. It’s here. (Let’s eat first) (How much of Thai food have you tried?) (Bangkok expert tells you) This is one of my favorite local restaurants. – What’s this? / – Jealous. What is it? – It’s Thai food. / – It’s food I’ve never seen before. That’s a relief. I don’t know what they are, so I don’t know if it’s good or not. – Yeah, I don’t know what it is. / – I don’t know. – What are you going to order? / – From here, also… I’ll get you something delicious. But this place doesn’t look like a restaurant. – I just thought it was a pub. / – Yeah. This restaurant is a bit like a pub at night. But the food is delicious, so even during the day, a lot of people come. (Let’s place an order with the Bangkok expert) Hello. Hello. (Proficient) That’s so cool. Speaking in their native language. (Wow, amazing) – Do you like pork or shrimp better? / – Shrimp. Then… (Continues to order in Thai) – “Goong” is shrimp, right? / – Yes. Shin Jooah, that’s amazing. (“Goong” is “shrimp,” “bbu” is “crab,” “thom” is “to boil”) This is an easy name. “Rad na goong.” “Rad na goong.” You’re so cute. Cast a spell. What kind of drinks do you want? I’m so thirsty right now. – I… / – You should drink a coconut. – Yeah, coconut. / – Real coconut. You have to have a coconut. I’d like a mango shake. Thank you. Lots. – “Lots,” you want a lot? / – Yes, a lot. But there are so many foreigners here. Foreigners like it here. It is a place that foreigners like. It’s a little bit like Bangkok’s version of Gyeongnidan-gil before it got popular. – Oh, yeah. / – You know? – There are more foreigners than Koreans. / – Right. – That’s what it was like. / – That’s right. It has that vibe. It’s relaxing and so free. It’s coming, is it ours? Is it coming? – Is it coming? / – It’s feels like it’s ours. It’s here. (Hyejung is always right when it comes to food) It’s really big. Look at the color. – The color is just… / – Coconut. Coconut. It looks delicious. The coconut came so chilled. Coconuts are usually lukewarm when sold on the streets. I thought this would be like that, but it’s really cold. – It’s cold, right? / – Yeah. You should drink it and… – That one. / – You have to scrape it off and eat it. You really need to try that. The inside is really delicious. Originally, the white layer is really good. Is it good? It’s so cool. I feel hydrated. This is so delicious. Is it good? I want to try it. It diminishes the heat. It’s delicious, right? (Focused) It’s delicious, right? What is it? Talk to me. – It’s good, it’s just mango. / – Right? No additives. It’s like you put in just a really sweet mango. Mango looks delicious. The food is here. It’s here. (Thai noodle dish) Shark’s fin. – Shark’s fin. / – Think of it as Thai Shark’s fin. This is a Thai omelet. – Really? It’s like Western food. / – In here… There’s spicy minced meat and vegetables, it’s really good. This is kaeng som. Is it famous? It’s like Korean kimchi stew. It’s like they put chive pancakes in kimchi stew. You’ll be surprised if you try it. Is this fusion food? – It’s Thai food. / – No. – Is it original Thai food? / – Yes, Thai food. – That’s… / – What is that? That won’t taste good. – It’s not going to taste good. / – It’s very delicious. But I’m curious about the price. From the food and drinks included… It’s $20. – Shall we taste it? / – Should I taste it? What should I eat first? This one is soft. – Do you want to try this? / – I’ll try it. Usually, they give you a spoon… They haven’t given me a medium spoon. – I’ll just use this. / – Do you just want to use that? Okay. It’s just you and me. How is it? Is it delicious? It’s called sen yai, it has noodles in it. There are shrimp and mushroom in here. There’s something like taro too. Is it these? Only the egg is missing… It’s really like Korean style ulmyeon. – That’s noodles? / – It’s really good. – Noodles? / – Yes. You eat these together. Isn’t it good? This is seasoned with salt. Right? (I forgot) If you go to every restaurant, there are four best spices in a set. How nice. They give you these when you go to a restaurant. Add the sour one. And add a bit of spicy fish sauce. And you see this chili powder? It tastes better with a little bit of it. It looks good. It’s so good. It’ll taste even better. Isn’t it good? It’s much better, right? I really want to try it. I think, whatever you order, I’ll be able to enjoy them. – You can just add these to your taste. / – Yeah. If you want to eat it sweeter, add the sugar. If you want to eat it sour, add this. I want to eat it again. I want to eat it again. I enjoy this often. – Try this. / – Okay. Try it. – This is… / – This is really good too. It looks like kimchi stew. It’s like kimchi stew. Like chive pancakes in kimchi stew. It’s like kimchi stew… With chive pancakes and shrimps in it. – Go ahead. / – I’m so curious about the taste. Aren’t you looking forward to it? – No, it looks… / – How is it? It doesn’t look appetizing. It’s good. It’s like, do you eat soybean paste stew or kimchi stew? Do you eat tom yum soup or kaeng som? They’re like rivals. Try it. – Oh, this smells like tom yum. / – Try it. But it’s a bit like pepper paste kimchi stew. – It’s like kimchi stew with a bit of vinegar. / – Yes. – With sugar as well. / – That’s right. So you eat with these pancakes. Is there egg pancakes in it? – It looks good. / – It’s unique. Korean pancakes are chewy but this is quite crumbly. It absorbed the soup so… – Shrimp too. / – When you chew it, juices come out. Right. But it’s very unique. In other soups, there are… Vegetables and such. This one just has the broth, shrimp, and pancakes. – It’s a bit strange. / – Really interesting. They put in egg pancakes that’s been cooked. The pancakes are savory. – It looks like it should be eaten with rice. / – Yeah. – It’s delicious, isn’t it? / – Yeah. Shall we put some rice in it? – Yeah, you can’t forget the rice. / – Aesthetically… I would put it like this. – Put it in. / – Okay. Is she drenching it? – She should drench it down. / – She is. Put a pancake on top. (With a pancake on top, in one bite) Would everyone like that flavor? People who can’t eat tom yum could try this. It feels like Korea. It’s not Bangkok, it’s Korea. Oh, and this. It’s a Thai omelet. This is also really good. – I’m so curious. / – You don’t need ketchup with it. It’s got ketchup but it also has Thai sauce in it. So it is really suitable for Koreans’ taste. You have to try it. It’s so good. – I’m curious. / – But really, this… On the surface, it looks like a Western omelet. It just looks a bit square. It’s delicious. How does it taste? Everyone will like this. – Right? Totally. / – Yeah. It’s really good, right? It’s so delicious. (Gobbling up) I love it. It’s not spicy. It hasn’t got any spices. The ketchup is not that strong either. That’s right. It’s also not too rich. It’s got minced meat in it, tomatoes, vegetables and a bit of tomato sauce. I think foreigners will enjoy this too. – It’s food that everyone will like. / – Yeah. No, I… In addition to the typically known food… I wanted people to think, “Was this Thai food?” I wanted to let people know that there are Thai food that even Koreans can enjoy. Is this fusion food? No, it’s not fusion. It’s just Thai food. I think it’s a perfect lunch menu. – Right? / – Yeah. Thailand is good but there were a lot of people that can’t eat Thai spices. For those people… – This is good. / – They finished it all. – Oh, really… / – It’s tiresome to do the dishes. (They’re cleaning up the dishes by eating it all) It was perfect to order 3 for 2 people. This is really something new. I’m hot now that I’ve eaten. Right? Then we need to cool off. Shall we go to a place where we can get a change of scenery? – There’s somewhere like that? / – For now… – Trust me. Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Let’s finish the last of this coconut. It’s a hot place these days. It came about last year. Young artists have decorated this multi art space. It’s a place that local people don’t know yet. I’m going to take her there. (1 of top 100 recommended destinations by “Times”) – This is my favorite place. / – ChangChui? (Jooah’s most ambitious plan) (ChangChui Market) (Shin Jooah’s husband) (Popular place in Bangkok, ChangChui, bkk) It’s like that at night. – You’ve got to look. / – We’ve got to go back there. – It’s a young artist’s alley. / – It’s not far. It’s located close to my house. (Artists’ alley) It’s the Creative Park of ChangChui I told you about. – Creative Park of ChangChui? / – Yeah. – Does it say “ChangChui? / – Yeah, that’s right. Are you excited? Whenever I come here, I’m always excited. – You can see the airplane from here. / – Ta-da. This is the landmark of this place. It’s an airplane. But that’s a real Thai airline’s airplane. – Really? / – Yeah. (When you enter ChangChui) (The real airplane stands in the center) Really? It’s a real plane. People rode on that? Yeah, that’s right. It’s a real airplane. Abandoned planes and helicopters are used to create artistic structures. ChangChui is where you can find new designers’ and young artists’ works. It was founded by Thailand’s famous art director to celebrate that. So when you go there, there’s many really weird and unusual art. There’s a lot of vintage shops. There’s a lot of restaurants. Well, there’s a lot of art. What’s that squid? It hasn’t been long as they established it last year. It’s not too long ago. Now it’s getting more known with the word of mouth. This is a place where locals also want to come. Because the street we just walked on… – Was just a road. / – Yeah. From the road, you have no idea… – What this place is for. / – No, they don’t. – Ta-da, do you see that? / – Yeah, that’s so cute. That’s my favorite painting. This was an abandoned warehouse. It’s made of a container. They also take lots of pictures here. – They painted it. / – So pretty. This is how they sublimated it. It’s drawn so well, right? There are a lot of photo zones, is it always open? Or is there a separate business hour? Green Zone is open from 11 a.m. But other places, it starts at 4 p.m. Sit here. – This is the photo zone. / – Yeah, the photo zone. I’ll take a photo of you. So pretty. This is really pretty from a distance. – This place is really… / – I’m starting to like it. It’s just like a photo shoot. This is how you look, and like this. This painting is so pretty. Actually, I take photos like this often. People take a lot of pictures like that. – Put a camera down. / – It’s pretty if you do this. – You’ve been filming that alone a lot. / – Yeah. Right. I did that in front of you. That’s right, you shoot like this on Instagram. This is my secret place. Yeah, that’s nice. – Pretty, right? / – Yeah. (Battle Trip 2019 S/S Bangkok Collection) Walk. Are you a designer? (The place I walk is a runway) Wow, as expected… – It’s different. / – The walking is different. It’s a good thing that no one is here. Why? – No, it’s okay. / – Embarrassment is yours. Carry on. Shall we go? Shall we go? (Exit the runway) (Come back again) – To drink. / – Let’s drink. It’s hot over there, so… They constantly spray mist. It’s so breezy. There are also so many delicious things. That’s really good. Small, medium, large… Large? Medium? Large. Large. (Second menu, exotic cocktail) There’s a cocktail here that’s unique. It’s tom yum cocktail. And mango sticky rice cocktail. Those two things are signature menu here. Tom yum cocktail? – Mango rice cocktail. / – Is there alcohol in it? Yes. – Does it taste like tom yum? / – Yes. White tom yum. (Jooah’s special pick from ChangChui) (Large half-dried squid, $7.10) – Shall we have a taste? / – Shall we? I’m so curious about this. Try it now. I’ll try it. It’s for you. Oh, no, that’s not the smell. – It’s like lemon alcohol. / – You’ll love it. Before I tasted it, I thought, “Will it be all right?” This has lemon grass and tom yum. How is it? (This taste is?) Is it spicy? It’s my style. I like it. The name is tom yum cocktail, so it’s like white tom yum but when you try it, it’s like mojito with lemon and spiciness mixed together. But it’s not too spicy. When you try it, it tastes like lemon and it’s fresh. And it doesn’t taste like alcohol. Only just when you breath out a little. It’s so nice to have that bit of spiciness. – It’s fresh and fragrant. / – Yeah. That looks delicious. This is mango sticky cocktail. I really like this. I can have 3 or 4 glasses by myself. Can you see? Bottoms up. I really like that. Yeah, but you’re frowning. – It’s not delicious. / – It was so delicious. It’s going down pretty fast. What is it? Let me try it. I think you’re going to finish it all at once. I think I’m almost gone. It’s all gone. It’s really good. This is really delicious. It’s delicious, right? (Oh, it tastes like this) It has the condensed milk. The sweetness of mango and coconut has… That looks sweet. – It looks delicious. / – It’s not that sweet. – It’s so good. / – It looks delicious. It’s like a creamy mango cocktail, that’s how it is. I want to eat this. – That’s good. / – I know… If you don’t say it’s alcohol, I don’t think you’d know. I don’t think you’d really know. It only has a little bit of alcohol. You can have it as you like. How is it? Good thing you came, right? The locals here are also like, “Tom yum cocktail?” – Someone who passed by earlier… / – It’s so good. – They were very surprised. / – It’s so good. This smells great. In Thailand, dried squid is really famous. Those grilled ones. – Half dried. / – Yes, half dried squid. (Yum) How is it? (Yum) Why is the squid so tender? – It’s so good, isn’t it? / – Yeah. It’s not a half dried squid… I think it’s half dried squid. – I think it’s grilled. / – But it’s a little tender than that. It’s so moist. It feels like it’s just boiled in water. It seems like it’s boiled rather than grilled. – That’s how it feels, right? / – Yeah. – Is it moist? / – It’s tender. Yes, it’s moist. And this sauce is spicy, so it’s delicious. I was waiting for this. And the smell was so good. From the smell, I could taste it. You know what I mean? It’s so delicious. – But don’t eat too much. / – Why? What do you think of when you think of Bangkok? Night market. – Correct. / – Are we going? Popular place among young people in Bangkok. We’re going to the night market. Shall we go after we wrap this up? – Cheers for the next place we’re going to. / – Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – We’re running out of time. Just one more bite for me. This is so delicious. No, it’s so good. What should I do? It’s so tender. – It’s so good, isn’t it? / – Yeah. But there’s traffic, so we need to move quickly. – Yeah. / – Bangkok has a lot of traffic. – Let’s move quickly. / – Yeah. Why didn’t they have this when I was a bachelor? They keep saying they need to move fast, but they ended up finishing it all before moving. – We ate it all. / – All of it. Let’s go. (Cleaned the plate) I like that you two eat so well. – Yeah. / – We really love eating. (30 minutes by taxi to the night market) (When night falls) Where is that? This night market is recently rising in popularity. Why is it so big? It’s really big. It’s really big, but it’s really well made. It’s a pretty night market. This is the ambitious work of Jjuah Tour I mentioned. It’s Talat Rot Fai 2. – It’s huge. / – What is it? – I don’t think I’ve seen it before. / – It’s great, isn’t it? I’ve been to a lot of night markets before but this night market is really hip. There are a lot of foreigners here. You can do everything here. – You can go vintage shopping. / – Yeah. Think of it as a one-stop shop for everything. Oh, my God. – It’s amazing. / – The food is also amazing. Now that I’m here, I smell a lot of delicious food. Everybody’s got a piece of food in their hands. Do you see this? Yeah. They’re grilling a fish so easily over there. That’s pla yang, they bake the whole fish. – There are 4 skewers. / – That’s automatic. Thailand is famous for seafood. – It smells really great. / – It’s so good, right? (It looks good) This is about 200 baht on a plate. – 200 baht? / – $7. Isn’t the price so good? Why are they selling Korean marinated crab? Oh, my. Really? This is Thai style soy sauce marinated crab. – Really? / – Yeah. Thailand also has marinated crabs like Korea does. But the taste is a little different. It’s more sour. – It’s a little white. / – I want to try it. – What’s that smell? / – I feel like we’re in Korea. – But it’s a little different from Korea. / – That’s amazing. You have to film this, really. What is it? It’s almost like Korean pancakes… What’s that? Oh, my. – What’s that? / – Did I see that right? – Wait, can this air? / – It’s a mistake, right? Zone is English. – Oh, zone? / – Yes. – Very tasty zone. / – Oh, my God. Who taught them that? That’s so funny. I wish they would teach them properly. There’s even a nail shop. – You can do everything here, right? / – Yeah. You can come during the day and stay till the night. You have to come at about 6 p.m. to see everything. – Since this is the night market. / – Yes. Shall we look around? They’re all 100 baht here. I want to look at that. This skirt is pretty. When you go to a place like this, you have to shop. Of course. – This is a bit long. / – Let me have a look. (I want to wear a long dress) It’s short. Everything’s a bit short for you. Maybe I should just buy a short one. They didn’t cover my ankles. Aren’t these pants? – This is really breezy. / – It looks so comfortable. Isn’t it pretty? It’s perfect for your size. If you try it… Oh, my God, it’s too much. Wait… It’s like an adult trying on baby clothes. (Hyejung is already hurt with Thai sizing) It’s okay. I can buy it somewhere else. You don’t like the clothes here? No, the sizes are… – This is pretty. / – This is two piece outfit. Cute. It’d look good on you. I feel a bit sorry for you. – Slightly. / – That’s short. – Oh gosh, / – Those pants are perfect. This is a bit like elephant’s pants. There are many colors. This is pretty. Don’t you think it’s okay to wear pants a bit short? – Yeah, with these. / – Like Capri pants. How much is it? How much is it? 490 baht but if you buy it, I’ll give you a discount. Discount. (Should I try it on then?) Hyejung, would you like to try it on? This? No, but I think I should be able to just eye it. Thai waist sizes are a lot smaller than Korean sizes. – Well, this is enough. / – That’s cute. – That was a good purchase. / – I wore it well. – It’s pretty. / – Wow, pretty. It’s pretty on. – I’ll take this one. / – Okay. The material is of good quality. Thailand in known for silks. Jooah, I’m hungry. – Okay. Let’s go eat now. / – Bye. You’re going to be in shock. – Really? / – Yeah. – Where is it? / – Where do you think it is? It’s here. Thai braised short ribs. – Thai braised short ribs? / – Yes. – We’ve seen it before. / – I never knew this existed. (A restaurant popular amongst the locals) The menu is here. I feel dizzy, please order quickly. (Like an expert, Jooah orders fluently) What do you want to drink? – I want beer. / – Something sour? – Beer? / – Yeah. Okay. (Order complete) She’s so cool. We just ordered something that’s XXL. – We have to eat all of it. / – How big is it? It’s this big. Well, that’s fine. Cheers to Jjuah Tour. (Until then, they did not know) (How giant it was) Oh, it’s delicious. Is it ours? Why? Is that ours? Wow. Everyone is staring. Everyone is looking. Wow, what is this? (It hardly fits in the camera frame) (On a completely different level) Oh, my God. (What is this dish?) (Battle Trip Part 2 will be aired soon) The menu is here. I feel dizzy, please order quickly. (Like an expert, Jooah orders fluently) What do you want to drink? – I want beer. / – Something sour? – Beer? / – Yeah. Okay. (Order complete) We just ordered something that’s XXL. – We have to eat all of it. / – How big is it? It’s this big. Well, that’s fine. (Until then, they did not know) (How giant it was) Oh, it’s delicious. Is it ours? Why? Is it ours? People are staring. Everyone is looking at it. Everyone is looking. Wow, what is this? (It hardly fits in the camera frame) (On a completely different level) Awesome. There’s a mountain. (It’s called leng saab) – Leng saab? / – Leng saab. It’s leng saab, Thai braised short ribs. If you compare it to Korean food, it’s like braised back ribs. How did they do that? This is art. How did they build this? (This astonishing size of meat is priced at) (599 baht, approximately $20.50) It’s so cheap. – 20? / – That’s about $20.50. How many servings is that? That’s 5 or 6 servings. But then I left the store, I saw 5 or 6 men eating that. – Awesome, right? / – It’s amazing. – It’s for you. / – Awesome. I’ll take a picture for you. Stay where you are. One, two, three. It’s awesome. (Visually appetizing) (Proof shot is a must) – It’s art. / – I’m so curious. Hurry up and try the broth. (You have to take a photo of this) Please eat. Thank you for the meal. Oh, my God. What should I do? So, drench the broth here. Good. – Thai braised back ribs. / – There’s chili in that. It looks delicious. I’ll just try it. (Deboned and eaten in one bite) How is it? It’s the same meat as the Korean pork back bone stew. But it’s not gamy at all. No, not at all. And because it’s adequately spicy… It’s not greasy. It feels like a hangover remedy. (Hahaha) – It’s really good, right? / – Yeah, it’s awesome. The meat just slides off the bone. I’ve never seen this before. It’s amazing that that’s $20. – I bet that relieves stress by eating it. / – Yeah. Honestly, I like spicy food. – I also like spices. / – Yeah, you do. It’s a little weaker than other spices. I think it would be very good for Korean people. (If you can’t eat cilantro, you might want to try it) But if you can’t eat spicy food, you should be careful. Because when I first ate it, I thought this level of spicy was okay. But the more you eat, the more spicy it gets. If it’s too spicy, you can ask for less pepper. That looks good. – For Hyejung, I’ve specially… / – It looks spicy. – Ordered a big size. / – The broth looks very good. Thai food is really spicy. It was so delicious. It’s delicious. (They are eating so well) If you come as a couple, in the beginning, you should be careful. (It’s all about eating it off the bone) There are so many people. I think it’ll be stress relieving to do that. I’m craving alcoholic drinks. Yeah. – Should I take soju with me? / – It looks good. But it looks delicious. (They’re really eating a mountain heap of meat) It’s delicious, right? (The bones are getting stacked) Hyejung, are you going on a match the next day? We really ate a lot. (You can wish for something on that bone tower) Why isn’t it shrinking? This never shrinks. (Feels like they’ve eaten a lot but it’s still tall) I feel like someone is keep adding on the top, right? This is a charming dish that never shrinks. Women who come alone can order smaller amount, like a small bowl. There are small portions. But if I go, I want to order XXL. Let’s take it home. Can’t you finish it? Well, that’s fine. (Reflecting on the confident past) It was your first day. How was Jjuah Tour? It felt like I was the local of Thailand. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow, because we are in Bangkok, we are going to go outside, somewhere near. Tomorrow, you could really faint. I’ll be ready. Tomorrow… – For tomorrow’s Jjuah Tour. / – That’s right. (For tomorrow’s Jjuah Tour) I keep eating even though I’m full. (The second morning in Bangkok dawns) When watching these, there are some videos that are a bit boring, but I didn’t realize that a day has passed. That’s right. (Jjuah Tour, local Bangkok) Follow me. Okay. Today marks the second day of Jjuah Tour. Today, exclusively for Hyejung, I have planned a luxurious tour. So I prepared a luxurious… It’s not a taxi today? – Did you rent it? / – Yeah. Today’s tour is going to consist of many routes. It’s going to take up a lot of time. So to spend it efficiently, I spent some money. That’s right. it’s better than taking a bus. – It’s better to rent a car. / – Yeah. Traffic is quite bad too. Let’s start Jjuah Tour, let’s go! (What’s on today’s itinerary?) (Jjuah Tour, local Bangkok) (Streets only locals know of) – Streets only locals know of? / – Yes. Soi Ari. People really don’t know much about this place. – Really? What’s the street name? / – They don’t know. – Ari Alley. / – Ari Alley. Modern styles of Thailand and a little bit of a traditional style are cleverly mixed together. All these alleys feel like the ones in Japan. I think Jjuah Tour will hit it off when this airs. Before that happens, I’m going to go there again. Thank you. We’re here. Get off, Miss. – The weather is so nice. / – Come out please. The weather is so nice that I can’t open my eyes. It’s so nice, right? It’s a restaurant on Ari Alley. Is this Ari Alley? Yeah. This is all Ari Alley. Only people that know this place will come here. It doesn’t look like a restaurant from the outside. It’s a restaurant? – Yes. / – It was a restaurant. All the restaurants and shops… When you walk into the alley, the shops are right in here. Yeah, it’s right there. The shops and restaurants are remodeled from a house, tourists can’t find them… – And they don’t know that this is a restaurant. / – Yeah. (Restaurant in Ari Alley) It’s pretty. Only the locals were there. This place is a bit expensive, right? Think of it as a fancy Southern Thai restaurant. There are only locals. – Southern Thai home-cooked meals? / – Yes. No, but now that I’m here… I feel like I should wear a dress. – Like me? / – Yeah, the atmosphere is… You should have told me earlier, I’m so… No, the elephant pants are fine. (Laughing) The music here and the atmosphere too… It feels like I need to be fine dining. No, it’s not fine dining. It’s a place where you can feel peaceful and cozy. There are a lot of restaurants like that here. Is it like a Korean traditional restaurant? Yes, that’s right. – But it’s more luxurious. / – Yeah. It’s a place where you order a few side dishes and eat them with rice. – Are you looking forward to it? / – Yeah. (Let’s see) (Bangkok expert orders without hesitation) (What is she saying?) I want to know. I want to know what you’re ordering. (Feeling alienated) It’s the best. I ordered something delicious. I trust you. – Trust me today. / – Okay. I didn’t have a say in it. But everything was delicious. I dare to predict, but… I think Jjuah Tour will be popular. (Let’s start with some juice) (Lemon soda, $4) Wow, what’s this? It’s very unique. It’s lemonade. A bit salty lemonade? This tastes like it’s salty lemonade. – It’s a little salty, sour and sweet. / – Yeah. It’s interesting. To make the sweet taste stronger… – Sometimes you add a little bit of salt. / – Yeah. – And since this is a hot country… / – Yeah. So that’s why it’s like this. If you live in a hot country, whenever my husband is tired, he just eats the coarse salt like this. – Because they sweat a lot? / – Yes. They just squeeze the lemon and drink it. Interesting. I like this more. I want to try that too. (What’s this fragrance?) People love this. This… It’s chrysanthemum. There’s a scent to it. It relieves the fatigue. That’s really good. That’s a bit sweet, right? – It’s sweet, and it smells like flowers. / – Yeah. People like this the most. The most famous thing in Thailand is this is kekhuay. Kekhuay. (What?) (Hahaha) Just because I can’t speak Thai. (Embarrassed, bursts into laughter) How do you hear it like that? What did you say? Kekhuay. I’m so excited. It looks delicious. (Spicy fried shrimp and beans, $8.20) This looks delicious. – Fried shrimp and beans? / – Yes. That’s fried pork and that’s crab fried rice. I know this flavor. – People will know this. / – The crab meat is amazing. There’s a whole crab in there. (Jooah’s recommended Thai meal, $57.40 total) (Happy) Thank you for the meal. – Thank you for the meal. / – Where should I start? I’ll give you the rice first. This restaurant’s crab is plump. – Usually, crab meat fried rice… / – Look at that crab. The crab meat is really plump. It is, right? It smells so good. I’ve had a lot of crab fried rice before, but I’ve never seen so much crab meat in it like this. It’s unbelievable. The sauce for crab fried rice should… – You have to put the sauce on top. / – Yeah. You need that fish sauce. – You need that. / – Fish sauce is really… If you don’t pour that, you won’t get fat. It’s really good. To get bloated, you need that sauce on top. (Goes straight into their mouths) It’s delicious. – This sauce is delicious, isn’t it? / – It’s delicious – It’s good with everything. / – It’s the best. It’s multi purposeful. This sauce is no joke. When you swallow, the crab, the rice, and the egg flavor really comes up. It’s so good. Do you want to try this? – This looks good. / – This is really delicious. Those pork glass noodles look delicious. What is it? – Is it like yum woon sen? / – Yeah, it is. It’s the same, but it’s pork. If there’s pasta in the West, this is the pasta of the East. (Pasta of the East, pad woon sen moo) It looks like pasta. It looks like stir-fried glass noodles with a lot of meat. It’s got tomatoes. The slight relish of the tomato comes through. It can be a bit rich, but it counters that. – This is nice. / – Isn’t it so delicious? The menu we’ve just ordered so far is approachable. It’s subtle dishes you can eat. This is a bit spicy. These are beans and shrimp. I like Thai beans. – Why are the beans so big? / – Right? This is really good for you. Isn’t it unique? – It must be spicy. / – It’s coming up. When you’re in Thailand, you need to eat spicy food. It’s spicy and a little salty. The beans we know of usually crumble when it’s boiled, right? But this is really crunchy. With rice… Put some beans and this on top. – Oh, my God. / – You have to put it on. I don’t get tired of eating this. This is painful to watch. It’s really good. And you have to eat this. (And the last food you must eat) What’s this? This is… Thai spicy paste. Really? If you compare it to Korea, it’s spicy paste. But there’s dried shrimp in there. Dried shrimp with soybean paste and pepper… With a bit of everything, the taste is so unique. You can eat this with the vegetables you want. Usually, I eat this with cabbage and this. (Straight to the mouth) Is it good? – It’s sweet and spicy… / – It’s really good, right? It’s not salty either. – It’s the taste all Koreans like. / – Much so. If there’s just a stew or soup here, this is Korean food. But it tastes a little bit more… Sour, sweet and spicy than Korean food. Koreans can’t help but like Thai food. And Thai people can’t help but like Korean food. – Did your Korean friends say it was good? / – Yeah. They all said it was delicious. (The next destination for Jjuah Tour is?) Where are we going now? It’s one of the places I’ve also really wanted to go. Where? Have you ever heard of Ayutthaya? I don’t know anywhere that you speak of. The ancient city of Thailand. It’s recognized as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Really? We just ate 4 servings of food. Shall we go now? (Jjuah Tour, local Bangkok) (Historic city of Thailand) (Ari Alley) We’re going to the outskirts of Bangkok. It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. (Public transports, 1.5 hours to 2 hours) (Rental cars, 1 hour and 20 minutes, $100) – You’re going by the car you’ve rented, right? / – Yes. – It was good to rent it then. / – Yes. This is a highlight of the trip. – You can look forward to it. / – Okay. (Ayutthaya, the medieval capital of Thailand) It’s kind of like Angkor Wat here. This place is so cool. UNESCO. UNESCO World Heritage. I was so moved. (Ayutthaya, entree hours, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) (Admission fee is $1.70 for foreigners) There are eight temples. We went to two places that we must go. (Wat Phra Mahathat) – There are rules you need to follow. / – Really? You can’t wear anything that’s too revealing. – Slippers are not allowed. / – No. You can’t take pictures above the Buddha. What are the rules for exposed clothing? Slippers, thin straps or short bottoms. We’re finally here. After 4 years living in Thailand, it’s a place I really wanted to come. – Wow. / – So cool, right? It is. This holds the history. What’s so cool about this is that, in the olden days, these stones were piled up there one by one. Don’t you feel like we’re in an unknown world? (Feels like being in an unknown world) Was this a castle? Yeah, It once was a city. – Like Gyeongbokgung in Korea? / – Yeah. It’s so cool. There are just legs. (Headless Buddha that caught Hyejung’s attention) In 1767… It was destroyed by the invasion by Myanmar. That’s why the people of Myanmar came here… – Did they break these? / – They damaged the statues. Cutting off the heads, bodies and such. (Ayutthaya, a place where the tragic history remains) Usually when places are invaded and looks like this, they restore it. While preserving the old, they tried to accept something new. (Ayutthaya remains as it was then) If it had been restored to perfection… – I think it would’ve looked artificial. / – Yeah. I think it’s really good. We get to know a little bit more about history. What’s this? (Located in Wat Mahathat Temple) What’s this? It’s so cool. It’s a head of a Buddha statue. What a surprise. – But really… / – I was shocked. Hyejung, you need to be careful here. Everyone get down. (All of a sudden?) When you are taking pictures, you can’t take pictures above the head of a Buddha statue. (Please do not stand over the Buddha’s head) As I said earlier, by Myanmarese army… – The heads and hands of Buddha were cut. / – Yeah. This big silverberry tree grew here. Through it, the Buddha’s face came out like this. It’s not made artificially. The tree just grew around it. – Yeah, naturally. / – That’s fascinating. – That’s right. / – Wow, that’s really cool. – It wasn’t made on purpose? / – No. It’s a natural phenomenon. That’s not the trunk, that’s the root. Oh, my… I think we’ve seen all of it, where are we going now? Now, we’re going to go to a temple in Ayutthaya… It’s the most famous with more sights to see. I’m taking you to that temple. – More famous than here? / – Yeah. (Jjuah Tour, local Bangkok) (Sunset spot) It’s a different feeling here, isn’t it? But here’s where you can enjoy the sunset tour. – It’s the most famous place. / – Really? (Wat Chaiwatthanaram) The weather is good. – You really have to go here. / – Look at the sky. – It was so pretty. / – You can go with your family. You can go with your loved one. It’s very good. That red sunset goes nicely with the trees and the temple. And the people enjoying themselves here… – It looks good, doesn’t it? / – Yeah. The temple we visited before… – It had a big storytelling element. / – Yeah. The place here, I feel comfort and it’s relaxing. I want to go there tomorrow. Here, from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. you can enter. It’s only available for entry until 6:30 p.m. I want to bring my parents here in the future. Really? It’s like a picture here. – Shall we take a picture here? / – Should we? Lean on me a bit. Look here and lean on. Lean? Hold on. (Should I hold it like this?) (Sore) Can you give me your head? Your hair clip is in the way. (Sorry) Tilt your head this way on 45 degrees. Like this? Just a little sideways so that your clip won’t dig in. – That’s right. / – Yeah. And look at the camera. Like this? Where? Look at the number 1 camera… 1, 2, loosen your gaze. – Up? / – Okay. Make sure to take a picture there. It’s comes out so well. – To go there… / – Oh, nice. (This time it’s here) It’s so good. – They are so pretty anyway. / – So cheesy. They’re like models. (They’re so embarrassed) Do we have to go this far? We met in our 20s… – It’s been about 10 years? / – Yeah. But now I live in Thailand. Coming to Ayutthaya and being with you and doing this right now… – Yeah… / – It’s amazing. All the white clouds are turning red. It’s turning red. This is how it changes. (The stone pagoda turns gold) So pretty and picturesque. (Lights bloom among the big tree) That temple is magnificent. It’s solid, it’s grand. At night, it’s hard to take photos. It’s where we can feel the history of Thailand. When you think of trips to Thailand, you only think about eating, right? Yeah. You can also learn about Thai culture. To make good memories with you on the last day, I prepared a place where the food, the atmosphere, and the vibe blend well. – Shall we go eat? / – Let’s go to eat. Let’s go. Like this… Making another memory. (Jjuah Tour, local Bangkok) (Last supper) (5-minute drive from Wat Chaiwatthanaram) We’ve arrived. It’s over here. Thank you. (To celebrate the finale) – The end of Jjuah Tour… / – We’re here. – The highlight of today’s tour, isn’t? / – Yes. – Taste, ambience and drinks are involved. / – Yeah. A drink together. Do you mind if I get drunk today? Not at all. Enjoy it. (Ayutthaya restaurant) I want to go there. It was so nice here. – This is outdoors. / – Yeah. The atmosphere is so nice. – It’s warm there. / – I love it. – How do you feel? / – I feel so good. Shall we sit down? (Very satisfied) Isn’t it really nice? Isn’t there a lot of bugs near the water? They place a fan for each person. For those of you who are sitting outside. – What’s this? / – It’s perfect. (Epitome of refreshing dish with plenty of seafood) (Kaeng liang, large, $6.20) What is this? This looks delicious. – Thailand is good at charcoal grill. / – Yeah. It’s very delicious. – It’d be good dipped in sauce. / – Is it beef? (Thai grilled beef, $6.20) – This is insane. / – That looks good. With fish inside. White tom yum. It’s tangy, right? I’m going crazy. – It’s mouthwatering. / – This is torture. (Last Thai dinner to wrap up Jjuah Tour) It’s here. (Frozen ice cups grab instant attention) – The cups are frozen. / – That’s the way. (It’s refreshing to just look at) (Charming smooth white foam) (Thai beer, $4) Cheers to the last night of Jjuah Tour. Cheers. (Gulping down) It’s really good. It’s almost like cream beer. It’s smooth. (Beer that you can’t stop drinking) Why is this so delicious? I think it’s a good idea to drink beer first. – It’s coming right away. / – It’s here? It’s here. What’s this? Tom yum pla kang. This is tom yum… Usually when you think of tom yum, there’s shrimp inside. But this one has clear broth… – There’s fish in it. / – It looks delicious. It’s delicious. Amazing, right? That’s my favorite. Sikyung has fallen for it. I didn’t, I just like that. For a hangover, it’s good. – Looks good. / – I’m looking forward to this. – I think you’ll like it. / – I’m looking forward to it. I love eating new things. Let’s try the soup. I think you’ll like it for some reason. Is it good? Do you like it? It’s my style. This completely captures all my senses. The Thai spices… – Spread in your mouth, right? / – Yeah. But the scent is the same as tom yum goong. Yeah, but the color is clear. Fish and just clear broth. There’s mushrooms, fish, and vegetables too. It’s delicious. The fish looks so firm. Fish is delicious in Thailand. If you hadn’t told me that these were fish, I would have believed it was meat. – Really? / – Yeah, texture is like meat. (It’s hard to believe that this is a fish) Since you’re very interested in cooking, you can’t help feeling it. It’s so good. What is this? Something that I really like. Kaeng liang. Is this the first food your mother-in-law gave you? – Yeah, they say it’s really good for you. / – Really? After giving birth, Korean people… – They eat seaweed soup, right? / – Yeah. But here, they eat kaeng liang after giving birth. – Kaeng liang? / – Kaeng liang. – Shall we try some soup? / – Try it. (Trying it first) How is it? How is it? – Pumpkin and… / – It’s like curled mallow soup. – That’s right. / – Curled mallow soup? – It’s like that. / – I think I know how it tastes now. Curled mallow bean paste soup, right? Isn’t this really delicious? Gosh, you can call this Korean food. I really recommend that. Kaeng liang is like Korean food. Like curled mallow soup with pumpkins. – This is a pumpkin. / – Yeah, it’s really good. It’s for people who don’t like spices. Because it doesn’t have much spices in it. You can just think of it as curled mallow soup. (They’re inhaling it) – It’s so good. / – I’m really curious. I could eat 4 bowls of this. This is enough for me to just go into the kitchen. (This is just the beginning) What is it? You have to order that. – What’s this? / – What? (Soda for that sparkling taste) (Whiskey that Thai people love) (Thai whiskey, $12 per bottle) Great. – Cheers. / – It’s very smooth. Thank you, Jooah. – That’s good when you eat something rich. / – Yeah. (A sip) What is it? Bottoms up. Are you coming clean? You revealed your addiction? – I like drinking. / – She’s my kind of girl. – Is it good? / – I love the flavor. It’s Thailand’s national brew. The price is good. Is it easy to down it? It’s not easy. If you drink a little soju or other whisky, you have to drink water or something else. Because it’s strong. But this is smooth and the scent is not strong. It smells like caramel even when I smell it. You can eat with this. It goes with everything. So the bottom line is that, you’re a heavy drinker. You like everything. (Embarrassed) But I think there’s a reason why this is the national brew of Thailand. I’m into it. – It’s delicious, isn’t it? / – Yeah. It’s exactly what you said. Drunk on taste, vibe… Drunk with this mood and with alcohol. You ate it all very well. You loved it so much. You took me to delicious places. I don’t usually eat this much. (News to us) – Must have been great. / – It must’ve been. You showed me to great places but, I felt that we get along really well on this trip. And you trying to take care of me, it really showed, I was so grateful. More than as a friend. For the last time, one, two thee… Jjuah Tour, cheers. (Cheers to our friendship) (Jjuah Tour, trendy Bangkok) (Jjuah Tour, local Bangkok) It was so good. I love going to Bangkok night markets. That’s a new night market, right? Yes. There are a lot of locals coming and going. Actually, there’s another one. But that’s far from the city, so it is hard to find. – That one is 2? / – This is in the downtown area. If you take the subway, you can go right away. What should I do here? – Please give me a few pointers. / – Shop and eat? Actually, it wasn’t on the show, there’s a seafood restaurant. They just put plastic bags on the table. They pour the steamed seafood on top of that table. And they give you plastic gloves, you just eat with your hands. Like this. That’s great, just eating it like that? Is that cheap too? It’s cheap. (Great deals for fresh seafood) I want to go eat that braised short ribs. Make sure you eat them. Also, Thai sauce is so delicious. Thai sauce is great. Sikyung, you could eat it all, right? Maybe if I go with Hyejung, we’ll have more. – Add more. / – Adding some rice with that. – I think we can eat it all. / – Yeah. And Ayutthaya, an ancient cultural heritage. You can only go there by car? They have a tour package. For a tour package, they have half-day Ayutthaya tour and a sunset tour. Half-day Ayutthaya tour is $40 per person. But the half-day tour doesn’t just go to the temples, it goes to other places too. But the sunset tour is $50 per person. They leave after lunch time, so it’s quite different to the half-day tour. If you go alone, it’s better to use the tour package. If it’s 3 or 4 people, you should rent a car. – Yeah. / – That’s a lot cheaper. And… Koreans know a lot of food, when you eat the crab meat fried rice… – You know the fish sauce? / – Yeah. Fish sauce. It’s called nam pla. Besides fried rice, Korean people can use it… – When cooking stew. / – It’s good if you put it in. About a half spoonful… – It tastes even better. / – It’s delicious. – Instead of seasoning. / – It’s delicious. I’m craving it like crazy, what should I do? Let’s check the cost. Jjuah Tour’s final expenses excluding airfare. – It won’t cost that much. / – I don’t think it will be much. I’m curious as well. Anyway, the final travel expenses excluding airfare. How much was it, Jooah? For 3 days in Bangkok… – The final cost was… / – The expense? – Per person… / – Per person? It’s $282. That’s including accommodation, right? It’s all included. – The rental car and everything, right? / – Yes. – Isn’t it too cheap? / – And the truth is… Up until now, Kim Minkyo’s MK Tour that was the best. I think this has topped that. (Bangkok trip plan recognized by Sook) I’d like to hear a final word. Let’s start with Hyejung. I don’t need to say a lot. When it’s cold, you should travel to a warm country. – Isn’t that what travel is about? / – I want to go. Come to Bangkok. Please go on Jjuah Tour. This isn’t the end of the new side of Bangkok. If you want to enjoy the taste, cost efficiency and joy, please press Bangkok for us. And if I win this time… – I’ll prepare another round. / – We really have to go. Let’s proceed with the vote. Alright, would you go to Bangkok according to Jjuah Tour or not, please vote. (They planned a trip to Bangkok) (What will the judges choose?) I can say it was a legendary Bangkok tour. We went on Jjuah Tour. Next week is China’s capital, Beijing. We’ll see you next week. Thank you. (Next week) This is the Great Wall of China. (New Year’s special) (Beijing, Chaeyeon and Bae Seulgi) It looks like I’m the expert on Chinese cuisine. The cilantro here is different to Korea, right? I think it’s a good food to eat in winter. It keeps your body warm. A big road in front of Zhengyangmen. It’s very big but the streets are very clean. Yeah, that’s right. Isn’t that so pretty? – Wow. / – Wow, it’s so good. The most beautiful place is Simatai. It’s a waste for only us to know. (Battle Trip) (“Gotta Go” by Chung Ha)

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