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Battle Trip | 배틀트립 –Ep.117 Lee Wonil X Lee Hwijae’s trip to Barcelona!! [ENG/THA/2018.12.02]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 –Ep.117 Lee Wonil X Lee Hwijae’s trip to Barcelona!! [ENG/THA/2018.12.02]

(Special Battle Trip for fall, a good time to get away) (What is this place where things are busy?) Welcome. Welcome to Battle Trip Restaurant for the gourmet trip special. (Gourmet trip is also war) Unbelievable. – It’s Venice. / – Venice! Wow, it’s so pretty here. Sikyung is actually handsome. Come over here. I have to order another pasta. You can’t keep your hands off. As soon as it touched my tongue, it was good. Wow, this is the answer. It just melts. It is very savory and delicious. Why is this so good? I love this. I think today’s getting better. I love it. We’ve arrived in Catalonia Square. (It restores your lost appetite) This is so good. (Leechelin Tour, gourmet trip) (Which team will win?) Gourmet trip is also war. Battle Trip! – Alright. / – Yes. Just like last week, we’re going to Europe for the gourmet trips. It’s a special battle between the hosts. And we have special judges, Lovelyz and PENTAGON. (PENTAGON) (Lovelyz) You must have wanted to have the dishes so much. It was hard, wasn’t it? It was really hard. What did you want to eat the most? – The monkfish dish. / – Monkfish. The monkfish and liver. What about Lovelyz? I think it was the Italian effect. Everything looked so delicious. So I can’t wait to watch the trip to Spain. Jiae says she wants to go on a honeymoon to Venice. – Really? / – That’s right. Going on a honeymoon to Venice is my dream. I think you’ll want to go to Barcelona first. (She might go to Barcelona for the honeymoon) You will stop by Barcelona on the way to Venice. – I’m sure she will. / – We didn’t watch your trip yet. And we have this corner inside a corner, Sook’s Choice. The liver dish, the monkfish dish and pizza diavola were ranked first. Our final selection was the monkfish dish. – The monkfish dish. / – That looks invincible. – It does. / – But… – Today… / – There will be a big twist today. – That’s right. Today… / – There will be a big twist. We are going to Barcelona, Spain. – How was it? / – In fact, everyone… Do you know that the human brain always wants something new? Italy has great pizza, that’s for sure. I’m sure they have great monkfish dish too. But in Spain, you’re going to see something different. – I almost passed out from it. / – Wait. – Is it different and salty? / – Is it salty? Some dishes were salty, but it’s… – A new version. / – What I’m wondering is… As you know, there’s Sook’s ranking. Do you think this will be totally changed? I don’t know about the bottom of the list but we have something that definitely goes to the top. – To the top? / – It will be on the top of the list. – On the top? / – On the top. It will push the liver dish down. – Will it push it down? / – And… It was so affordable. (They were delicious and cheap) I was really surprised. Venice is actually pretty expensive. Venice is one of the best travel destinations. – They spent $204 per person. / – It’s expensive. I’m going to compare the prices. Wonil is really good at describing the food and knows how to cook and bake a lot of things. Since our theme is gourmet trip, we were determined to show you the delicious food. Although we were in Barcelona, we gave up on Gaudi, Magic Fountain of Montjuic and everything. We focused only on finding delicious dishes. In order to introduce you to gourmet restaurants, we worked very hard. Alright. Today, we can see the result of the match between the trip to Venice and the trip to Barcelona. Before we watched their trip in Venice… – We had some aperitif… / – That’s true. – To warm up our stomachs. / – We did. Do we have something from Barcelona as well? We do have something. – There is something. / – Yes! (An appetizer from Barcelona) – Check out the menu first. / – Some drinks? Check out the menu. – Take a look. / – Gambas. You all should know gambas. Make some noise if you like shrimps! “Gambas” means shrimp and “al ajillo” means garlic sauce. With this, you can eat so much bread. – So… / – I know. It’s really delicious. You dip a piece of bread into the sauce… – And put a shrimp on it. / – It’s very delicious. – It’s really nice from the start. / – I feel nervous. I can already see Wonil’s face eating it with bread. The next menu is… Arroz caldoso. – I’ve never heard of this. / – What could it be? I’m so curious. To put it in a nutshell… It’s like spicy fish stew with crayfish in it. (It’s like spicy fish stew with crayfish) And there’s rice in it. – Rice? / – It has rice in it. Poor crayfish. There are so many dishes we don’t know. The next menu is sangria. I love sangria. I have heard of sangria. Many women love this drink. In Spain, good wines are drunk as they are. They mix the wines that are slightly lower in quality with orange juice, carbonated water, lemons, apples and grapes, making it sweet. So it’s basically cheap wine you can’t drink alone, that you add flavors to. It’s like an aperitif. – Is it an aperitif? / – Sook, ring the bell. Wait. I should ring the bell? Okay. – Please bring the food in. / – Please come in. (What is the appetizer from Barcelona?) No, no. What did you have last week? – Was it Spritz? / – Yes. – What is that? / – See how this is compared to that. – Doesn’t it look delicious? / – I’ve never had… Such a heavy glass of wine. – Pour yourselves some. / – This is all fruit, right? Yes. – This is an aperitif. / – By the way… Why aren’t you giving us some? – Cheers. / – Cheers. Cheers. – To Spain. / – To Spain. Barcelona. – To Spain. / – To Barcelona. – It smells like grape juice. / – Yes, it does. – Try it. / – It’s so good. To be honest, I’d prefer this as an aperitif. I love this. Barcelona! It’s just grape juice, isn’t it? It makes me feel I’m well-treated. That’s right. And sangria can taste different depending on the liquor and the fruits that go in it. Depending on the recipe, it can taste very different. So different restaurants have different sangria. Then I guess I should try sangria in every restaurant. – Of course. / – That’s the beauty of it. Now that I had sangria, I can’t wait to see Barcelona. Don’t you? What’s the name of your tour? Leechelin Tour. Tengo hambre! (The country of the sun and passion) (Brilliant architecture with the Mediterranean Sea) It’s so beautiful. The city is so beautiful. (This country is full of ingredients and delicious food) That looks impressive. They all look so good. (Spain) We’re going to Spain this time. – To watch a soccer game? / – Yes. I’m so doomed. – I’m so doomed. / – But luckily… There will be no soccer when we are there. (Laughing) Since I’m going to Spain… I want to try all the food in Spain. This is why I sent you an SOS. Let’s try as many dishes as possible in Spain. This is why I sent you an SOS. The SOS. But you… You’re specialized in Korean food. (He’s a chef specialized in Korean food) We’re doomed. Most importantly, have you been to Spain? Me? No. (He has never been to Spain) This is the worst. I can’t watch a soccer game and my companion has never been there. Actually, I prepared some things. First, a map. Since I’m a professional eater. I made a bucket list for food. (Ta-da) He’s so ready. Why do you call yourself a professional eater? Aren’t you someone who feeds others? True, but I have to eat a lot to know how it tastes. Spain has paella and tapas. – Do you like jamon? / – Jamon. – Spain has a lot of seafood. / – Jamon. If you like shrimp, we should try gambas al ajillo. (They’re going to explore different dishes in Spain) It’s shrimp and garlic cooked in olive oil. I guess I’m going to gain 5kg there. Let’s eat as much as we want… – And drink as much as we want. / – Okay. Alright. Then you take charge of the food. – I’ll take charge of things to see. / – Sounds perfect. – Go, Leechelin Guide. / – Let’s go. This is going to be fun. It’s my first time in Europe. – It’s your first time? / – Yes. (Sigh) (Will their gourmet trip be successful?) We’ve arrived in Catalonia Plaza. It’s the very first elevator. It’s a place of inner healing. La Rambla, somewhere you must walk. (At Columbus Monument, you can see the whole town) It’s the most famous tourist spot. Bunkers. It’s insane there. It’s crazy there. (Tour guide, Lee Hwijae) It’s the largest market. Here? Yes, yes! Let’s visit heaven. (He’s the best eater in the universe) He truly enjoys food. But you’re specialized in Korean food. (Food guide, Lee Wonil) (Discover the hidden charms of Barcelona) This is my first time in Europe. This is my first time in Spain as well. (A country of soccer) I missed this. I gave up on this. (A passionate dance, flamenco) We watched a flamenco performance. The flamenco performance must have been cool. I was totally immersed in it. Gaudi’s architecture. (The ultimate travel destination, Barcelona) True gourmets go to Spain. This is incredible. (Find the best food of Barcelona) I just want to stay in Spain forever. (Leechelin Tour begins now) There are direct flights to Barcelona, right? – We took a direct flight. / – Okay. So there were no direct flights in the past. – There weren’t. / – I thought they did for sure. So, no. Please come to the gate on time. Okay. Let’s go. (Off to Barcelona) (13-hour flight from Incheon to Barcelona) (Barcelona) – Here we are. / – When will I… Ever get to come to Barcelona again? – Hello. / – Hello, Barcelona. It took 13 hours. It’s 8 p.m. here. What time is it in Seoul then? It should be 3 a.m. in Korea. I heard there’s a 7-hour difference. – That’s why I’m sleepy. / – Yes. – I’m already hungry. / – Hey. Wonil doesn’t look like a chef but just a big eater. What are we going to ride? There are two options, which is a taxi and a bus. We’re going to ride a bus. – A bus? / – It’s cheaper. – Is it far away? / – No, it’s not. – Is it not? / – It’ll take about 15 to 20 minutes. 15 to 20 minutes? (Bus to the city center runs every 5 to 10 minutes) Then… Single ticket. Two. Press the button again. The button over there. Okay. Now, let’s go. (Second day in Barcelona starts with sunny weather) Our weather on the second day was really sunny. (This country of the sun is full of sunshine) Look at the weather. My gosh. Look at the flowers. It’s beautiful. How nice. The weather was capricious. It’s sunny and then it starts raining. Then sunny again. Can’t you feel the smell when you see clips like this? – Right, we can. / – Right? You can smell it. – We could smell flowers. / – Right. (Leechelin Tour starts from Catalonia Square) Catalonia Square. – We should visit the square once. / – Right. That’s equivalent to Myeong-dong in Seoul. – It’s like Myeong-dong. / – It’s like Myeong-dong. That’s an important traffic hub. And Barcelona belongs to a region called Catalonia. (Leechelin Tour’s map, Catalonia Square) Everyone, we’ve finally arrived at Catalonia Square! – Gosh. / – Can we be this excited? We should be excited. It’s not every day that we get to see Catalonia Square. – That’s where we got off yesterday. / – Right, right. And this building is a bank. Even the bank is so pretty. Three subways pass through under this square. What’s that? Look. What’s that? Look. Seagulls and pigeons coexist here. – This is our first day in Spain. / – Right. – To get a taste of Spain… / – A taste? We’ll visit places other tourists already know. And we’ll go to hidden places too. And the street over there is the most beautiful in Europe. It’s called Ambulance Street. (Something sounds off) There was a street named after an ambulance? It’s called La Rambla. How could you mix it up with ambulance? Imagine how pretty it is for people to pass out. That’s why they need an ambulance there. – When we walk along that street… / – Yeah. I’ll get hungry. (It’s deja vu from yesterday) – Let’s go to La Rambla. / – He looks hungry. I was starving. He didn’t feed me at all when we got there. (Leechelin Tour’s map, La Rambla) I shouldn’t say this but this place is awesome. – It’s like a scene from a fairy tale. / – Right. From Catalonia Square, it stretches out for 1km all the way to the harbor. There are a lot of tourists there. But this street was chosen as the prettiest street in the world. You can find people from all over the world too. It’s really crowded. It’s so pretty. I love these streets where motorbike, bikes or cars… – Are prohibited. / – And look over there. Cafes along the street put out chairs and tables. Look at the terrace. Even the terrace is romantic. I could walk along this street all day long. I can walk all day long if you feed me here and there. This street is so pretty. – This is picturesque. / – You’re right. This is amazing. Look at the alley. – Gosh. / – This is so interesting. (Beautiful alleys on La Rambla with antique charm) I wanted to see streets like this. (Before enjoying the food in Spain) Spain’s meal system is unique. They don’t eat 3 meals a day. They eat 5 meals a day. (People in Spain have 5 meals a day) (Must try food in Spain) The jamon and churros are tough to beat. Here’s what I want to try in Spain. I heard that people in Spain get rid of their hangover with churros. – Here’s the thing. / – That’s so unique. Everyone, Spanish churros aren’t the usual churros you know of. – Don’t amusement park sell those? / – Not the same. (Look forward to churros beyond your imagination) Spain was the first country that came up with churros. – Really? Churros for hangover? / – Yes. They dip the churros in the hot chocolate. You dip it into the chocolate sauce. You become wide awake because of the sugar in it. (Leechelin Tour’s food map, churros) – Hwijae, it’s this way. / – What? – This is the street. / – How pretty. Here’s what I researched. The street names are written there. This is Petritxol Street. Along this alley… – There is the best… / – Churros? Cafe that’s been running for ages. Actually, this cafe used to be a milk shop previously. Around 1947, it was founded again as a cafe. To this day, they sell churros and hot chocolates. (How do the churros with a tradition of 70 years taste?) – “Churros.” Here it is. / – “Churros.” We should get the hot chocolate to dip churros in. What’s that? (They’re stirred up) Goodness, how will we beat that? I’m going to eat churros tomorrow. – Freshly fried ones are so good. / – Then… They sprinkle sugar. It’ll be coated with sugar, right? The sugar would melt with the hot oil and solidify. That’s right. It melts and congeals. He’s right. (Hot chocolate, $3.60) – This is to cure a hangover? / – Yes. – Dip it? Or do I eat this plain? / – Well, I… I want to eat this plain first. (How does the original churro taste?) It smells lighter than I expected. This isn’t buttery like the churros we know of. You like it. You like this. Isn’t it good? – Of course, Hwijae would like this. / – Yes. – Gosh. / – This is… This isn’t like the churro from the amusement park. They are different. (Crispy) – That looks warm. / – Did you hear that? The sound! My body is secreting gastric juice. Hold on. Let me take out the octopus appetizer. I’ll take out the octopus appetizer. – Can you reconsider? / – I must include the churros. Let me put it on the board. (Grabbing some bread) Gosh, that looks good. It looks delicious. Even if it’s fried… – It has a light flavor. / – Right. – It’s not that sweet either. / – Yes. It’s slightly salty too. – They must’ve added salt too. / – Yes, yes. They put the batter into the pipe, and squeeze it out to fry the churros. That’s why the batter has to be watery. Despite its watery batter, it’s crispy outside. And its inside is chewy. It’s chewy but also moist. This is so good. I’ve made churros myself too. I know… How to make delicious churros. Given that, this restaurant serves great churros. Look. People are flooding in. (We heard it through word of mouth) To make churros, the batter has to be made with hot water. When you use hot water, the batter’s portion has to be big. Look how people are swarming in here. This place gets packed, so they keep making fresh, delicious churros. They can keep serving freshly fried churros. It’s really hard to keep the churros crispy like this. Do we have more bread? (The hunger hits again) It looks delicious. – Goodness, it was so crowded. / – Right. – People kept coming in. / – They kept coming in. Yes, that’s right. I see. Only the outside is crispy. This is the Spanish hot chocolate. We have the hot chocolate. – Hot chocolate. / – Yes, that’s it. – See here… / – Yes, dip the churros in something. It’s different from the hot chocolate we drink. It has this thick soup-like texture. – You’re right. It’s not for drinking. / – Right. (You know how to enjoy food) There you go. You have to taste it first. – Right, right. / – You have to taste it first. (He becomes a fan of Spanish hot chocolate) It had a lovely flavor. The chocolate isn’t that sweet. (How do the churro and hot chocolate taste together?) It’s slightly bitter. You didn’t get enough chocolate. (Huh?) – The chocolate is not that sweet. / – Right. It wasn’t that sweet? No, it wasn’t that sweet. (Yeah!) Goodness, let me move this up. Let me move it up. (Churros moved to 3rd place) I love desserts like that. – The chocolate is not that sweet. / – Right. (The hot chocolate swirls inside their mouths) This is so good. – You taste a hint of coffee too. / – That’s right. That’s why it’s used to cure hangovers. (An overwhelming feeling surges through him) It’s neither too sweet nor bitter. It’s neither too thick nor watery. This is the perfect thickness to dip in the churros. I saved this between my gums. (Laughing) I want to learn this recipe. I want to learn how to make this hot chocolate. Alright. – It’s Leechelin Tour. / – Leechelin Guide. We have to evaluate each restaurant. (Guide to planning food trips) (The reviews are based on four categories) (And the reviewer’s comments) I’ll put its flavor on here. Hey, don’t do that. (Stamping the hot chocolate to remember) Location-wise, it couldn’t be in a better neighborhood. – The prices are so reasonable. / – So cheap. Now that I think about it. 5, 5 and 4. Hwijae… – You gave really good ratings. / – It was really good. I really want to try it. I gave a perfect score for the location. – The location? / – Yes. Well… For older people, it could be hard for them to walk over here from the square. – That’s why. / – I see. Also… The atmosphere… Because there is no view. – I gave 4 stars for ambience. / – Yes. – But 5 stars for the rest. / – I see. Good price. The location is walkable. The street was pretty. I highly recommend it if you want a relaxed breakfast. You must try churros and chocolate together. We entered the restaurant as we were walking down a beautiful street in the old town. The Spanish breakfast was amazing. – Thank you. / – Yes. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Average score for churros, 4.6 stars) These are the reports we wrote after eating the dishes. They made a book. We wrote the taste, price ambience and recommended dishes. – For both teams? / – Yes. I put… Each restaurant’s representative scent on the guide. Yes, so… (The guide satisfies all your senses) You can smell the flavor. Like this. It smells like paper! This will be uploaded on our website. This will be useful information. If you go past the old town… There’s the Mediterranean. We should go see the sea. – Shall we go? / – Let’s go. – This was great. / – That was delicious. The streets are all connected. They’re all connected. From the square to the harbor is only 1km. The whole street is La Rambla. Barcelona is so beautiful. So… – I found that word. / – Found what? – Tengo hambre. / – What’s that? – Tengo hambre. / – What’s that? – Tengo hambre. / – What does that mean? I’m hungry. (Goodness) (Leechelin Tour’s food map, crayfish rice) (Barcelona beach is 1 of top 10 beaches in the world) I’m hungry. I’m hungry. Don’t say it too loud. I’m embarrassed. I’m sorry. It’s because I’m hungry. It’s a place where we can have abundant Mediterranean seafood. It’s not famous among tourists. – It’s famous among the locals. / – I see. – If you search this place… / – Are there no results? If you search it in Korean, you can’t find any information. – There’s no information? / – No. – It’s a local restaurant. / – Yes. If you’re going to Barcelona… You must try this place. This is the place. It’s been running since 1921… – For three generations. / – What? For three generations? – Seafood. / – Seafood. You love shrimp, right? (It suits his appetite perfectly) Gambas al ajillo. I love gambas so much. Lovelyz is falling for Spain. – Tempted by the gambas. / – Gambas. I love gambas so much. Seeing the atmosphere, since it’s been running… For three generations… I’m sure the first owner was… A captain. I can tell by the decoration. He must’ve sailed on a boat. (Antique and meticulous decorations) Each tile is carefully selected. Everything has old colors. It’s a delicious place. (They like the atmosphere already) – We already know. / – Yes. As soon as we walked in… – We knew. / – I’m so excited. (What’s the first dish?) – Gambas. / – Gambas. This is gambas al ajillo. Goodness, shrimps. Look at that plump shrimp. That looks so good. That’s gambas al ajillo. Al ajillo means cooking something in olive oil with garlic. Gambas means shrimp. (Shrimp cooked in oil with garlic) – Goodness. / – It looks really tender. – Seriously. / – The shrimps look great. It has a nice, bouncy texture when you chew it. That looks so good. – I want to eat that. / – Seriously. – Gosh. / – It looks so tender. Wait. Sikyung, are you eating bread? (I’m sorry) With a spoon, scoop some oil too. (What does gambas al ajillo taste like?) – It’s a bit salty. / – Is it? – Isn’t it? / – No. No? (Hwijae tastes it again) You gave me too much oil before. – Is it fried? / – No. How can the shrimp be so plump? I know, right? Look at the shrimp. (Super plump) Because this place is by the sea… The shrimp is so fresh. (He glances over) Why do you keep glancing over? I was afraid someone would steal it. (He glances over when the food is delicious) I want to… Have the crayfish. (Hwijae wants to taste the main dish quickly) – Arroz caldoso. / – Arroz caldoso. – Arroz means rice. / – Arroz. Caldoso means soupy. It has crayfish in it. Arroz caldoso con bogavante. – I want crayfish now, please. / – Okay. Here it is. – It’s coming. / – Here it is. – Here it comes. / – Here it is. (We’ve been waiting so long for this) – Very good. / – Good. (It’s huge in size) The portion size is great. (Heart attack) Gosh, this could be on top. We’ll see what it tastes like first. (Arroz caldoso) (He tastes the soup first) Hey, what’s this? What is this? What is this? (Wonil takes a spoonful too) It’s a bit… Did they add chili pepper paste? (Arroz caldoso makes them wonder about its taste) (Cooking crayfish, rice and tomato paste together) (All together with assorted fish broth) It gives a perfect… Balance of the ocean flavor. This isn’t that salty, is it? – It’s not salty at all. / – Not at all. – Actually I… / – Yes? I got goose bumps. This isn’t the flavor I expected. It’s so delicious. How can the ingredients be so fresh and not fishy at all? How should I describe this? It’s a seafood soup… With all the best qualities of crayfish and shrimp. I can’t describe it. You just need to try it. It’s like white spicy seafood soup. It’s a bit similar to white spicy seafood soup. – You’re right. / – Yes. If you add… A tiny bit of chili oil to white spicy seafood soup, it’ll taste like this. But it’s rice instead of noodles. It’s like white spicy seafood soup rice. But the main ingredient of this dish is crayfish. The two of us are having this much crayfish but it’s only $18. – $18? / – Yes. – $9 each then? / – Yes. $18? – $18 for 2 people? / – Really? It’s better to go last. (Sikyung is upset) They get to vote once, so the latter is more memorable. It wouldn’t matter if they voted twice. Gosh, that looks so good. This isn’t right. They’ll forget ours. This is no. 1. It’s definitely no. 1. If you’re cooking the most expensive spicy seafood soup rice, it’ll taste like that. – Do you get it? / – Let’s get rid of the liver. (They can’t believe it) Let’s get rid of the liver. The liver isn’t going to cut it. Seriously. I’ll put this up there. I’ll put this on top. It’s so good. Sikyung, you look nervous. You look anxious. You look very anxious right now. (Sikyung is giving up on the match) He’s given up. Is Yeonbok in there? (Recalling Chef Lee Yeonbok) How can this be so perfect for Koreans’ palate? (He spots something) Goodness, look at this. See? I was right. They’re wearing hanbok here. Right? This is hanbok for sure, right? – It’s hanbok. / – It is. Let’s edit this clip out. Let’s just say we had the crayfish soup and eat this again for dinner. (The food must have been really good) Next dish. (It’s time for their evaluations) Viewers of Battle Trip. This restaurant is just crazy. They gave a perfect score. Since it’s tucked in an alley, it’s not easy to find this place. – I really liked this meal. / – It was a great meal. Including the last week’s episode, among all the evaluations, 4.8 is the highest score so far. This place is becoming the trendiest place in Barcelona. It’s a popular place. If we go there, I’ll be fine. But if you go, you might get jealous. I’ll get jealous? – Are we leaving now? / – You can go. I’ll eat one more. – This is so good. / – My goodness, that dish was… Hwijae doesn’t eat a lot. If he wants more, it’s really good. (Leechelin Tour’s map, Bunkers del Carmel) – As for this place… / – Yes. – It’s not far from here. / – Okay. We’ll go by taxi. – We should ride it at least once. / – Wait. – Hello, how are you? / – I’m very good. (When they get in, the sign changes into a number) There are three different taxi fares in Barcelona. Depending on the time and the day… The fare varies slightly. When we got in the taxi, our taxi fare was in the second section. The fare goes up by that unit. I really like Barcelona because wherever we go… – It’s not that far. / – Yes. I like cities like this one. I think we’re almost there. (They arrive after traveling for 20 minutes) (They walk 10 more minutes to arrive at the Bunkers) When we go up there, we can overlook the city from the sky. These bunkers were used in an actual war. – I only see couples here. / – Okay. – They’re all couples. / – Right. (Couples) – Guys… / – Now, I get what you meant. – Isn’t this place… / – No, no. – Don’t couples come here on a date? / – No, no. – Look. They’re all couples. / – No, no. They’re just four siblings. – They’re four siblings? / – Yes, four siblings. Four siblings. Guys don’t come here with their guy friends. (Laughing) Isn’t this street really pretty? This is nice. This place is so nice. (He wants to surprise Wonil) Cover your eyes. (Wow) How nice is the view here? They are so many couples here. – Everyone came with their lovers! / – Let’s go. They’re all couples. – Look at that. It’s so beautiful. / – It’s so pretty. Why do I have to come here with you? – Darn it. / – This place is really popular. – One… We’re not there yet? / – Not yet. Don’t look. The view from here looks great. How great is the view behind me? – Alright. 1. / – 1. – 2, 3. / – 2, 3. (He screams in amazement) (Hot spot for the perfect view) (Mesmerized) It’s so pretty. It’s so pretty. Isn’t the name, Bunkers del Carmel, pretty too? (Battle Trip Part 2 will be aired soon) The view from here looks great. How great is the view behind me? – Alright. 1. / – 1. – 2, 3. / – 2, 3. (He screams in amazement) (Hot spot for the perfect view) When I looked at the city from above, it was like a masterpiece. (Bunkers) Isn’t the name, Bunkers, pretty cool too? It’s much bigger than Palgakjeong. Do people go there to see the sunset? You can see the city from a 360-degree angle. It’s so pretty. It’s so pretty. Right? Goodness, it’s beautiful. Hwijae and I stayed there for an hour and a half. – Because it was so nice? / – Yes. That’s the cathedral. (They can even see Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia) (The panoramic view of Barcelona) – There’s a rainbow. / – Where? Over there. (The rainbow meets the horizon) (Just like affectionate couples enjoying the rainbow) (Leechelin Tour enjoys the city) By the way, there’s one thing these people don’t know. – What is it? / – I’m hungry. – Hey. / – I’m hungry. – Hey, you. / – People are looking at me. – Sorry. Hey. / – Sorry. It hasn’t been even an hour since we had our meal. – Must I refresh your memory? / – Okay, okay. Let’s have a typical Catalonia meal. We’re in Catalonia after all. Let’s stay here a bit more. – I’m hungry. / – Stop it. Come on. You found the perfect partner for a gourmet trip. A home-cooked Catalonia meal. – I’m curious. / – It’s a home-cooked meal. I wanted to eat a regional dish since we’re in Barcelona. So we had Catalonia home-cooked meal. That sounds nice. Is that the fountain show? – The Magic Fountain of Montjuic. / – My gosh. That looks amazing. They don’t do it every month. They have a schedule. You have to check the schedule before you go. Thank you for showing me a great place. – No problem. / – The restaurant we’re going is… This one. They serve Catalonia home-cooked meal. This is what Catalonia eat… – For dinner? / – Yes. (Catalonia home-cooked meal) Let me explain about this region. From the Mediterranean Sea… – It’s next to the west of the sea. / – Right. They have a lot of seafood from the Mediterranean. And from the inland region, they get great olives. From the mountains, they get truffle. Pork is really accessible from the inland too. Barcelona comes with an abundance of ingredients. The place where you can enjoy all these ingredients is Catalonia region. We’ll have its best food tonight. The best food of this region. I’m hungry. (He lowers his guard and gets attacked again) He’s driving me crazy. Stop saying you’re hungry. – Can I order for both of us? / – Of course. I’ll order for both of us. I heard you guys have pan con tomate. Anchovy and goat cheese. (He unleashes his craving like a runaway foal) – Botifarra sausage? / – Yes. – And sangria, please. / – Okay. – Thank you very much. / – You’re welcome. (Let overeating benefit the world) (He’s a bigger glutton than I am) – He looks so happy. / – That’s one of my mottos. – Isn’t that a lot? / – Oh, and sir? – Can I have jamon? / – Yes, of course. – Jamon? Thank you. / – Yes, sure. – You ordered more? / – Instead of a huge meal… Let’s just eat a lot. (Don’t they mean the same?) – Sangria? / – Yes. – Thank you very much. / – Thank you. What is this? This is wine. In the wine, they add sparkling water, various fruits and spices. It’s sweet wine. It’s like a beverage you drink with the food. (How does it taste?) – It tastes like raspberry wine. / – Right. Right, it tastes like raspberry wine. It’s sweet. Goodness, a guy made this drink. “Goodness, this doesn’t taste like alcohol.” “It’s not. Keep drinking.” This is so good. It’d go well with everything. Thank you. – Jamon? / – Yes. Jamon! – Is this… / – Jamon, jamon. That, that! Pan con tomate. – Pan con tomate. / – What’s that? – Watch it. Just watch. / – You should… Keep watching. – Amazing. / – Fresh garlic? (He teaches them how to eat the dish) – Is that a fresh garlic clove? / – Yes, it is. Tomato. Rub it. (Spread a generous amount of olive oil) Salt and pepper. (Add salt to liking) (Crunchy) (How does the pan con tomate taste?) (Surprised) This is funny. Why is this tasty? The bread becomes crispy when grilled… And you rub the garlic on it as if you grate it. This is a brilliant idea. Now I have one more cooking skill. Why is this… Tasty? I might look like a fool now but this is really delicious. Now I get why it’s so tasty. The tomatoes are very fresh. The tomatoes stop the garlic from being too strong. You’re preparing the tomatoes right before you eat it. You need fresh tomatoes to spread on your bread. Either wise, it wouldn’t taste like this. With quality olive oil drizzled on top, it has a nutty, sour and pungent flavor. It’s so delicious. – I bet it’s delicious. / – We won’t know until we try it. You’re right. You have to try it to know how it tastes. I want to try it. – This is really delicious. / – It’s really delicious. (Hwijae likes it) – What about the jamon? / – Jamon. Should I eat it just like this? You can see jamon hanging over there. That’s jamon. That’s food. It looks like a club for hitting someone. It’s a hind leg of a pig, salted and aged. Then the salt makes the meat dry and chewy. You slice them and eat with bread or vegetables. Try a slice and if it’s too salty for you, try it with a piece of bread. You can eat it like this. Is that how you eat it? It tastes like… The best extract of 10 bacon strips. I love it. (Is it to Hwijae’s liking?) So, this is what jamon tastes like. – It’s so good, isn’t it? / – It’s too salty for me. It’s too salty? I can keep eating like this. It has a very nice texture like a beef jerky. Except that it’s a little too salty… It’s very charming. – What is this? / – These are… Grilled vegetables. One of them is served with anchovies and the other is served with goat cheese. ($10.10) (What does the escalivada taste like?) This is my kind of food. I love it. – It’s really delicious. / – I love this. (He puts jamon on pan con tomate) – I’ll take the jamon… / – He knows how to eat. – I bet that’s delicious. / – It’ll be too salty. – It’ll be too salty. / – The bread is thick. What is that? (He adds some escalivada on it too) I put some jamon on pan con tomate and put some escalivada on it. – I made an open sandwich. / – My gosh. (He makes everyone hungry) That looks really good. (Rubbing) (He’s copying him) You don’t need to add salt with the jamon. (He listens to him well when they eat) (Will Hwijae like it too?) – He likes it. / – Why do you come here with a chef? – It’s awesome. / – Awesome. I love the garlic rubbed on the bread. I wonder how the rubbed garlic would taste. It’s nothing special but it looks so delicious. It’s very light. Salty jamon and the grilled vegetables are perfectly balanced. – That’s why it’s so good. / – These are like a set meal. – This is amazing. / – It is. Shall we now fill in the evaluation form? For those who don’t enjoy salty food like me… You should make sandwiches like us. If you want a hearty home-cooked meal from Catalonia, highly recommended. I love pan con tomate. (Average score for Catalonia meal, 4.25 stars) (Their trip in Barcelona has just started now) – This is the place. / – It’s called Europe’s kitchen. – It’s La Boqueria. / – You can find everything here. This place is amazing too. There’s a saying, “If you can’t find it in La Boqueria, you can’t find it anywhere else.” (They try the typical Spanish dish, tapas) (A fountain on a whole different level) In Spain, we must see a flamenco performance. (Barcelona, the city of passion) This is insane. (Leechelin Tour’s map, La Boqueria) (After a long night) (Bright sunlight welcomes them) Our second day has begun. It’s our second day. Why are we back in the square today? We’re back here for you. – Me? / – Yes, we’re going to a market. (His heart flutters) Tengo hambre! I’m sorry. You have to check out the markets abroad. Promise me you won’t get too excited in there. You know what happens when you let a cat guard fish? I’m not going. Actually, cats don’t like fish that much. (Flustered) Chefs love going to markets, don’t they? To me, markets are like playgrounds. Don’t get too excited. I won’t get excited. I will go crazy. I was so happy. (Exhausted) The Spanish chef, Ferran Adria, invented molecular gastronomy. This market is famous for being his favorite market. This is where the best chef in Spain always shops. La Boqueria. (It’s the biggest food market in Europe) It’s called Europe’s kitchen. It’s the biggest food market in Europe. La Boqueria has many nicknames. Europe’s shopping bag and Europe’s kitchen. Europe’s kitchen. (It has a variety of food ingredients) I love the nickname “Europe’s kitchen.” (You can eat the jamon they sell on the spot) – They sell all kinds of things. / – They really do. (They have various kinds of fruits) – It looks delicious. / – The fruits were very sweet too. Why are Spanish fruits so delicious? They’re near the Mediterranean Sea. It’s because of the Sun. Because it’s very sunny. The Sun makes the fruits sweeter. This market is full of fruits, meat and vegetables. This is insane. It’d be rather surprising to find something they don’t have here. Look at the olive oil. Spain is known for its olive oil. Spain has the perfect climate and land to grow olives. I heard you should buy olive oil in Spain. Catalonia’s best? (Shiny golden olive oil) It looks fancy. It does look fancy. Of course, extra virgin. It’s first pressed olive oil. The first pressed is called extra virgin olive oil. This one is, of course, extra virgin and it’s from Catalonia. That’s not used for cooking but for salad, right? Since its smoke point is lower than other oils, it’s not suitable for deep frying where the oil is cooked for a long time at high temperature. (A bottle of olive oil, $33) – This is fun. / – Bye. Thank you, sir. What are these? They sell fruit cups too. – What? / – Fruit cups. I have a strong drive for food when I travel. When I find something that I want to try, I have to go into the store right away and try it. It must have been very tough for Hwijae. That’s not true. I was very happy. – They have fruit cups. / – What? Fruit cups. Do they have fresh fruits here? Spain and Korea are at the same latitude but the Mediterranean Sea makes it very sunny here. Which makes the fruits here very sweet. – Look at the watermelons. / – They look so sweet. There are more than just watermelons. Come here. Look at the fruit cups. Let’s try some fruit. – Of course. / – It’s cheap. I’m going to try the one with mixed fruits. I’m a huge fan of watermelon. A fruit cup is only $2? (He tastes the watermelon first) – Hwijae’s loving it. / – It was his kind of food. – The watermelon is delicious. / – Is it good? (He takes one more bite) (He smells it first) It smells so sweet. (Spanish watermelon smells different too) In one bite. You should eat watermelon in one big bite. Does it taste different from Korean watermelons? Is it different? Because it’s near Mediterranean Sea. It’s really sweet. Very, very. Sweet dragon fruits are really good. – But they’re not sweet in Korea. / – I know. When I tried fruits in Spain, I thought they had put sugar on it. (Surprised) It’s so sweet. Did they put syrup on it? (It was a right decision to get the fruits) The papaya just gave me the chills. Should we get some more? We should save our stomachs. I’m hungry. It’s so delicious. You left the camera to me and you keep eating. If I don’t eat enough food… (Making excuses) I can’t speak. What are you talking about? I’m done. (Wonil finished the fruit cup in a second) (Lots of fresh foods and things to see at La Boqueria) (Amazed) These are all chorizos. Spanish sausage. – People eat this? / – Yes. This is sliced jamon. This one is jamon iberico. It’s the best one. And this is jamon serrano. – It’s the pork we usually eat. / – That’s just beef jerky. It’s from white pigs. The tastes and grades are different. This one is a lot more savory. And this is what we usually use. It’s relatively cheaper. Jamon is made of pork hind legs. Iberico pigs eat acorns, so its fat tastes savory. – In Jeju-do… / – Black pork? Black pork is very famous. And iberico pork is famous in Spain. So jamon iberico is of high quality and it has a deep flavor. How many times will they reuse that footage? – Sikyung is so sensitive. / – He’s like an adolescent girl. He’s trying to find fault with them. I had the sandwich, so I feel better now though. – He’s being so sensitive now. / – Right. This place and the jamon store over there. These two stores are… The best brand of jamon in this market. – They are the original. / – Kind of. It’s kind of like a battle of pride. – He’s slicing it. / – He says… This is the best one, so he’s slicing it now. It’s not so expensive there, right? – It’s about $30 for 100g. / – Not cheap. – It’s expensive. / – It’s salted. As it gets dehydrated, it concentrates in flavor. (They take a bite of it each) (Satisfied) For me, it’s too salty. – It’s salty. / – As you can see… There are always bakeries around jamon stores. – So people can eat them together? / – Yes. People buy bread and jamon here and eat them together. What you tried last week was also jamon iberico. It’s like Korean beef with the premium grade. It’s the top-grade jamon. I don’t see a difference between this and the one we had yesterday. – Really? / – Is there a difference? I like this one a lot better. The one we had yesterday wasn’t aged enough. So it had a sharp salty taste. – And this one is mild. / – The color is different. It ate a lot of acorns. It has a lot more fat. Let’s try other jamon stores. We’re going to jamon stores again? Of course. (He wants to compare the tastes of different jamon) To compare the tastes? We should buy a better one. We should try many different places. There are more than 10 jamon stores there. Then you can find the jamon that suits your taste. Everyone… There are people like me. Those who don’t like salty food like me. – This one is good. This is better. / – You can tell. – He changed his mind. / – This jamon is much better. It’s very savory. We went to another place… And their jamon tasted completely different. That’s why we tried jamon of many different places. It’s like a jamon tour. The savory flavor from the fat. This is a bit better. I know. (He’s getting into the world of food) I told you. You come to enjoy it. (He takes a big bite of it) Can we eat this while walking around? I can feel that the savory taste of acorn permeated into the fat. So we tried a lot of good ingredients in the market. And now, I want to try some dishes in the market for breakfast. We’ve been eating though. It’s just an appetizer. (Exhausted) They have fresh seafood in the market. With good quality olive oil, they fry the seafood here. – Let’s try different small dishes here. / – Okay. (Today’s breakfast menu) This is a restaurant in the market. And it’s good? But they’re more expensive than fancy restaurants. Why do you think it is? – Because it’s good? / – Because it’s delicious. – It’s so delicious. / – It’s so delicious. Are you serious? I believe it when Hwijae says it’s delicious. This one was my favorite. The cuttlefish. It was the best for me. (Cuttlefish, $18.20) It was so… (What does it taste like?) Hey, come on now. (Smiling) I’m slicing it and the juices keep dripping. It’s really good. The ingredient is crazy. Is it grilled in olive oil? – Just a little. / – The cuttlefish looks great. Please don’t do this to me. You can’t spoil my palate like this. It has the flavor of delicious sea. And the texture is like a rubber ball. – Right. A rubber ball. / – It’s so firm. And it’s even juicy. (Even the juice of cuttlefish is perfect) I told you. It’s better to go second. They already forgot about the monkfish. – My gosh, cuttlefish. / – I still remember that. It must be delicious. The spaghetti alle vongole is going down. It’s going down. – She just got rid of the caprese salad. / – Put it here. This is razor clams. It’s razor clams. – Razor clams. / – What? Gosh, it’s razor clams. – They are clams. / – Looks so good. Sweet razor clams. It’s so big. – The razor clam is… / – He eats so well. (He takes a big bite looking happy) (Agreed) (Isn’t it amazing?) My favorite is the cuttlefish. – Really? / – Yes. It’s so soft and firm. Nothing can beat it. My favorite is razor clams. – It looks delicious. / – You know how to enjoy it. I will leave its taste… – To your imagination. / – He eats it so deliciously. The razor clams are… So chewy. It’s famous for its sweet flavor. It tastes like olive oil with sugar. Those who like the taste of clams will love this. Are you saying this is your favorite? The razor clams are my favorite. We have different tastes. He eats so well. I recommend cuttlefish. It’s the best of all. Fresh seafood in the lively market is the best dish. (Average score for seafood dishes, 4 stars) I want to change cuttlefish to razor clams. His hand was like this when he ate it. Razor clams look more delicious. (Leechelin Tour’s map, flamenco) Is it a performance? And there is the flamenco. (Spain is famous for the dance of passion, flamenco) – Flamenco of passion. / – Flamenco. I like flamenco. But if they watch flamenco dancing, they will feel tired and eat even more. After watching the performance… They will eat even more. (There’s a long queue at the entrance) Before we have dinner… We have to watch the flamenco. It has a long history. In the 15th century, in the southern Spain region called Andalusia, gypsies started the dance. What’s important is that they don’t have choreography. It’s an impromptu performance with dance, claps, and the guitar. The moves have deep emotions. So it is exciting but it feels plaintive at the same time. – Hello. / – Hello. (They get into the building feeling excited) – Thank you. / – Thank you. – Even the building looks beautiful. / – It’s so cool. I was mesmerized. – I see. / – The guitar was amazing. There aren’t many places for indoor flamenco performances. That’s why there are a lot of people. This place is like a cave, a dome. Is it traditional? It was originally by gypsies. They mostly danced outdoors. So this place is very special. (You can enjoy the flamenco with drinks and food) What’s that drink? – It’s sangria. / – It’s included in the entrance fee. (Unfamiliar but interesting) The door is closed. It’s beginning. You can film a video of it. But not the whole thing. This is my first time. I’ve only seen traditional Korean outdoor performances. – This is just like that. / – I know. They’re here. (Focused) (The flamenco begins with the cantaor’s singing) (They don’t want to miss anything) (The bailaor starts dancing to the rhythm of palmas) (The dance moves have dynamic rhythms) (A perfect finish) That’s so cool. Are you dancing after eating jamon? (A variety of flamenco performances continue) (They contain the joys and sorrows of gypsies) (They applaud thunderously) It was a dome-shaped venue. So the sound… They don’t use speakers at all. The sound gathers in the dome. (The highlight of the flamenco performance) Someone is coming out. Who is that? (The bailaor’s solo performance) He’s handsome. He’s very charming. (An amazing finale to a breathtaking performance) (The bailaor is so amazing) Their spirit and energy were extraordinary. I had goose bumps the whole time. I could feel all of the sorrow, emotions and passion of these people all at once from this performance. When you see performances like that, you get intrigued… – Because it’s dreamy. / – That’s right. – It’s a little… / – You get very into it. When it ends, you sigh like this. You can’t stand up right away after watching performances like that. It’s quite moving. You have to go there and see it. – That’s right. / – Yes. (Leechelin Tour’s food map, tapas) (The passionate sun has set) – It’s like a movie set. / – Isn’t it so pretty? This place is El Born. You can feel the sensation of young artists here. – This place is the trendiest. / – They were so relaxed. And the hottest place in Barcelona. – It was amazing. / – It was the same in Venice. It feels really relaxed. Are we going shopping today? It’s not ordinary shopping. We’re going to shop for things to eat. We’re here to shop for tapas. Koreans will say, “Do you want to go for beer after work?” – That’s right. / – It’s like that. They have a sentence for tapas. – “Vamos a tapear?” / – What does that mean? Do you want to go out for some tapas? – Vamos tapear? / – Yes. Vamos a tapear. It’s my first time eating tapas. Originally… People would put a lid over leftover chorizo or ham in the old times. “Tapas” means “lids.” Tapas originated from eating those small leftovers with some alcohol. They place it on your wine glass. – You grab it like this. / – Eat it, empty it and move on. Eat it, empty it and move on! (A small portion of food that is eaten with alcohol) Strictly speaking, if the gambas we ate came out in small portions, they will become tapas. They also classify it according to the kind. One kind is food that is preserved in salt… – Like chorizos. / – That’s like blood sausage. – Like blood sausage. / – That looks good. There is also pinchos that comes out in skewers. The third is cazuelas. That’s the ones with cazuela sauce. Tapas is a common name that encompasses so many different kinds of food. We need to do a tapas tour. – About… / – Several places? Yes, several places. We can only taste one type if we go to one place. We have to eat and move on, eat and move on. Okay. Good. – I got it. The peppers are first. / – Yes. – They call peppers “pimiento” here. / – Pimiento? (Fried peppers, $8.30) It’s so pretty. (What will they think of their first tapas?) They’re stir-fried peppers. – Yes, stir-fried peppers. / – Yes. Like roasted shishito peppers that aren’t spicy. These stir-fried peppers are so good. – This is like kimchi. / – They’re not spicy. I like non-spicy stir-fried pepper. I made those with shishito peppers at home. People who can cook, make food that they want to eat at home. – Isn’t that so nice? / – That seems so nice. – These are… / – What are these? These are nuts and bread with dried fruits. Try it with the cheese. I like food like this. They have preserved tomatoes on top. (Spanish cheese, $12.70) Honey on top of cheese is always right. – This is… / – It’s salty. (He’s curious) The cheese is salty. The cheese is salty. I love frank expressions like this. I was frank. If it’s salty, I said it was salty. – Really? / – That cheese was salty. This is Manchego Cheese. They made it with sheep milk in La Mancha region. – Manchego? / – Yes, Manchego. You really have to try this. The aroma is unique, like how the aroma of mutton is unique. It’s delicious. This cheese is nice. The one I ate before was salty. (How will they evaluate the tapas?) 5 stars for location. 3.5 stars for price. And 5 stars for ambience. The location and ambience was great. Delicious food and good service. Great place for your first tapas experience. (Average score for the first tapas place, 4.75 stars) For the second place, we will go to a place where we can eat pinchos. – One more drink. / – Going for round 2? – Let’s go. / – Okay. People who like to drink really like tapas. They can order various kinds in small amounts. You can go to five different places like that. You can do a tapas tour. It’s so nice. Where are we going? We don’t have to walk. It’s here. The pinchos place is right here. – Wonil, what is this? / – Yes? – They just keep eating and drinking. / – Yes. We ate, drank and moved on. This place has pinchos. Tapas with skewers. They calculate the price by counting the skewers that you ate. It’s a tapas buffet. – Salads… / – Can you get whatever you want? You can get anything you want on your plate. It’s like a buffet. We have to go here. It’s $2.70 per skewer. You can have a beer with this and chat. These are anchovies… – Olives and peppers. / – Okay. (He carefully tastes it) I think this will be good. – It’s salty but good with beer. / – Should I try it? (He eats it in one bite) Did you eat all of that? – Should I get one more? / – No, it’s okay. – I’ll get one more. / – It’s okay. – And? / – These are anchovies. As you can tell, they’re raw anchovies. Anchovies must be really good. I’m sure that it will definitely be salty for Hwijae. – Wasn’t that salty? / – I don’t think he will like it. I don’t think it was that salty. Those are preserved in vinegar, so they’re not that salty. The anchovies are not preserved in salt. – They don’t suit Hwijae. / – They look good. It’s a little too fishy for you, right? (A little) But it’s not fishy. This isn’t fishy. It’s not fishy but it smells a little like the sea. (Anchovy pinchos with the scent of the Mediterranean) I’m looking forward to this one. – It’s crab meat. / – It’s real crab meat. It’s crab meat salad with eggs on top. This looks good. – I’m looking forward to this. / – What’s the white thing? They mixed crab meat with mayonnaise and put more crab meat on top. Where is the crab salad? (How will it taste?) (They react right away as soon as they eat it) Men and women of all ages will like this, right? This is… This is really the best. That must be good. This is cheating. This is really delicious. The whole family can eat this. – This is really delicious. / – Yes. I want to take this to Korea and sell this. They grated the egg whites with a cheese grater and put it on top. – I want to eat it. / – That will make it really soft. Yes, like that. Stop eating. (Fall in love with the charm of various kinds of tapas) Every restaurant has a break time, right? Tapas restaurants don’t have a break. Always open. (We can’t leave out the evaluation) For me, 4 stars for location. 5 stars for price. We ate all this… It’s not over $15. I gave them 5 stars for everything. Since it’s in El Born, I gave 5 stars for the location. 5 stars because it’s cheap. I really like this atmosphere because you can talk… – Intimately and eat here. / – The atmosphere is so nice. 5 stars for everything. (Average score for second tapas place, 4.67 stars) The crab meat is really good. The crab meat isn’t good. Our monkfish is better. This really is the last place in Barcelona. How much do we have to go? – You think we will go far… / – Yes. But we only have to turn a corner. It takes 2 minutes. – 2 minutes? / – Yes, 2 minutes. (Past the first restaurant) Turn the corner. Turn the corner here. Look at the night view. Is this a Catholic church? It’s a night view. This is the night view. – Is this the night view? / – This is the night view. (Santa Maria del Mar) It’s a tapas place that has a really nice atmosphere where you can eat tapas outside while enjoying the view. When it comes to views, it’s the best place in El Born. (Olive skewers, $2.50) (Oysters, $3.90 per oyster) Adios, Barcelona. Adios. (They eat the last tapas with the beautiful night view) You should eat these like this. The seafood is really fresh because the city is near the sea. – We ate about 6 or 7 meals. / – Yes. Among those restaurants, what was your favorite menu? What should I pick? 1, 2, 3. – Crayfish soup. / – Crayfish soup. (They didn’t hesitate to choose crayfish soup) This! The arroz caldoso. (Sook agrees with Leechelin Tour) I really think that this is the best. I think it’s better than the monkfish. (Leechelin Tour’s final evaluation of Barcelona) (1st place, arroz caldoso, 4.8 stars) What do you think? – They will become really popular. / – Yes. (A city where Europe’s past and future coexist) (They have original paellas) (It’s a parade of food that cannot taste bad) (Valencia, Spain, will show a different side) (Look forward to Valencia, the beautiful gourmet city) – What is that? / – That can’t be! – This is amazing. / – This is amazing. – Grate the garlic first. / – Grate the garlic on the bread. Why do you have something prepared again? Are you really going to do so many things like this? We wanted to demonstrate something simple. We also brought the extra virgin olive oil from La Boqueria earlier. How could you do this? Spain is famous for its olive oil. I want to try this. I brought it to show you how to use it. You can eat it. It’s good. I’ll show you how to eat pan con tomate. First, take the garlic like this and rub it on the bread. It will ground like this. Yes, it will ground like this. – After that, rub the tomato. / – The tomatoes. – Grind it. / – Crush it. – Crush it. / – Yes, crush it. It’s like kimchi for the locals of Catalonia. That’s right. – Put a lot of olive oil on it. / – Put olive oil next. – Put a lot. / – Put it on like this. – Can we just eat it like this? / – You can eat it like this. Try it. (Wow) What is this? – Why is this so good? / – Why is this so good? Why is this so good? (Lovelyz also try the pan con tomate) It’s good! (The gourmet judges, PENTAGON, also try it) (Mmm) – It tastes like garlic bread. / – Yes? But it tastes a little more sophisticated. – Isn’t that right? / – Yes. – It has a deeper taste. / – The difference is in the oil. – Does a chef have to make it? / – I think this is better. You removed the spaghetti? Jiae, will you stop by Barcelona for your honeymoon? I’ll think about it for a minute. – Why is this so good though? / – Why is this so good? You can do this at home. You must have garlic at home. All you need is tomatoes and olive oil. – That’s right. / – You can eat this at home. It seems like a grand dish. We should continue the corner inside a corner. The corner inside a corner, Sook’s Choice. Let’s see the ranking. For 1st place, I chose arroz caldoso over the monkfish. (Arroz caldoso) – It’s up there. I chose four. / – Then… – You chose four Spanish dishes. / – Yes. – Yes. How is it? / – Thank you. PENTAGON, what do you think deserves 1st place? We really didn’t have to think it over a lot. – 1st place for us… / – 1st place? Arroz caldoso. – Arroz caldoso. / – Arroz caldoso. – Arroz caldoso. / – It will go up there. Lovelyz also ate a lot of bread. We also chose arroz caldoso. Good choice. Arroz caldoso. I never tried it… But it kept drawing my eyes to it. It felt like my soul is engrossed in it. – That’s why. / – While you eat it… You will think, “Did they put soybean paste in here?” I’m being honest. Let’s see how much these two spent on food in Barcelona. I have it in my hands. – It’s the bill. / – Yes. The amount that Leechelin Tour spent on food in Barcelona is… For 2 nights and 3 days, they ate a total of 5 meals. – 5 meals. / – The last digit is 2. – 2. / – Yes. Theirs was 4, right? Italy was $204. They win if it’s $202. – A 2-dollar difference. / – The first digit are… $140. ($142 per person) Come on! Tengo hambre. – Tengo hambre. / – Tengo hambre! – Is the food cheap in Spain? / – It’s cheap. – It’s cost-effective. / – We only have… The vote left now. For a fair vote, please move to the polling station. Do you even have a polling station here? I’ll be back. (What will the gourmet judges choose?) – I… / – I… I… I will vote for… – I… / – I… – Will vote for… / – Will vote for… (The results will be revealed in a moment) The voting results have been handed to me. Why is this making me so nervous? The first match of the gourmet trip. Venice, Italy vs. Barcelona, Spain. – The winning team is… / – The winning team is? (Who will it be?) Today’s winning team is… (Who is the first winning team for the gourmet trip?) (She is moving the flags up and down) The winning team is… She’s joking with us. The winning team is… Who will it be? I will announce it. The winning team is… (Will it be the romantic gourmet location, Venice?) (Or Barcelona, a new type of gourmet trip?) I will announce it. The winning team is… (Gourmet trip, Venice vs. Barcelona) Here! (The first winning team is Barcelona) – I will vote for Venice. / – I will go to Venice. – I will go to Barcelona. / – I will go to Barcelona. (The gourmet judges chose Barcelona) – Tengo hambre! / – Tengo hambre! – Tengo hambre! / – The gourmet trip isn’t over yet. We will continue the match between Spain and Italy next week. – Okay. / – Yes. The world is your school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (Next episode) It’s called Bologna La Grassa. The city of fatties. – Wow, fruit. / – It’s fruit. Fruit and vegetables. We can’t help it. We must go eat. This is so good. The pasta is just so good. Can I lick my plate? Amazing. I think it’s right to have this in Italy. It’s just so good. It has a pleasant smell. You have to come here to eat it. Eat, enjoy and love. That is Italy. If you don’t watch it, you’ll end up a grassa. I loved being here. (Battle Trip) (“DREAM NOTE” by DreamNote)

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  1. I bet chef Lee Wonil has friends from Philippines ^_^ i'm surprised with him saying SALAMAT KUYA on the spot. 😀 😀

  2. Restaurante Paco Alcalde Carrer de l'Almirall Aixada, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain. Has good reviews on TripAdvisor. Took less than 3 seconds to come up on Google.

  3. He ate a lot n said everything delicious when it might not taste that good (for asian)..i like lee hwijae who was more honest…because everyone who follow this trip itinerary could be disappointed when they try what they ate and what, it turns out that it taste like nothing special..i'm sorry that just my thought..but i love to watch this trip overall

  4. I love this show since ep.1 cause it helps me a lot. As a future cook, I'm literally fascinated with the food they shared in this program. I wish I can visit this program as an audience someday. 😅

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