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BANGKOK TRAVEL GUIDE – Top Things to Do & see in 3 Days in Bangkok #livelovethailand

BANGKOK TRAVEL GUIDE – Top Things to Do & see in 3 Days in Bangkok #livelovethailand

Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world and it doesn't take long to realized why it is a city of contrasts with action at every turn marvel at the gleaming temples catch a tuk tuk along the bustling Chinatown or take a longtail boat through the floating markets food is another Bangkok highlight from local dishes desserts and humble street stalls to hot cuisine at romantic rooftop restaurant luxury malls compete with a sea of street markets where you can treat yourself without overspending 5-star hotels of cheap serve apartment the choice is always yes and no visit to Bangkok will be complete without a glimpse of its famous nightlife from its famous walking streets to its vibrant booming nightlife and of course without forgetting the pampering options of massage located almost in every corner of this Asian Metropolis called Bangkok with this guiding vlog you can start to discover the best of Bangkok in just three days mixing the finest cultural attractions bargain shopping that you might easily miss and the best of Bangkok by night these three days in Bangkok guide is a very starting point for anyone visiting the bustling yet beautiful city so let's jump into this floor and discover them together day by day the grand palace temple of the emerald buddha wat procow wat po and what are on a quick first trip to Bangkok Swiss are not to be missed sighs you should try and see begin your day with an early visit to the dazzling spectacular grand town on Dudley the city's most famous landmarks that no visit to Bangkok would be complete without it located at the heart of Bangkok the grand palace was a former residence for King Rama one to king rama v within the palace complex are several impressively buildings including what procore temple of the emerald buddha which contains the small very famous and greatly revealed emerald buddha that dates back to the 14th century after exploring the Grand Palace and what within what poor the temple of reclining budda comes next it is located behind the temple of the emerald buddha and a must do for any first-time visitor in bank [Applause] it's one of the largest temple complexes in the city and fame for a giant reclining Buddha that measures 46 metres long and is covered in gold leaf it's an easy 10 minute walk between here and the Grand Palace after grant palace and wat phou take a shuttle boat and cross the river to the other side which will cost you only three tiebacks to visit what our own locally known as what Chiang it's situated on the west of Chopra River what our own or temple of Don's is partly made up of colorfully decorated spires and stands majestically over the water what our own is open daily from 8:30 a.m. till 5:30 pick these three must visit landmarks can be covered in a half day types so moving early from your hotels is a very good advice Chinatown after exploring those beautiful temples golden buddhas you can take a took took or a taxi and head to Chinatown to continue your afternoon by exploring more Asian culture and even some local Thai dishes that are famous in this Chinese little town Chinatown which is also known as Yarra is a colorful exotic and pleasingly chaotic area pet food market stalls and probably the highest concentration of baal shops in the city Chinatown is popular tourist attraction and they would happen for new generation Gorman's who flock there after sunset to explore the vibrant street sight quizzing Peck with market stalls street side restaurants and the dance concentration of gold shops Chinatown is an experience not to miss cause sorrow after Chinatown which means almost after sunset you can take again a taupe taupe or a taxi and head to Kassala to explore the best famous backpackers favorite night live stream if bangkok is a city where east meets west thank coastal road is the theme of their collision with travellers from every corner of the modern world gather here after sunset to enjoy the surrounding clubs with loud music playing all around the way making the gatherings to party even on the streets with a cup of beer which will not cost you more than a hundred beside that white pipeline you have others enjoying some foot massage just on the open air while some are gazing on them while walking on the road coastal road is a must visit place to explore and experience the real nightlife of Bangkok ocean world madame t zu Sein food Republic Sein firaga after a first day of exploring temples and Asian streets with the amazing night life experience it's a good way to start your second day with a little bit relaxing atmosphere and that is to visit ocean work is located inside Sein Paragon shopping [Applause] this underground aquarium one of the largest in salt is Asia will dazzle you with innovative world-class exhibits and over 30,000 curious looking creatures from various depths and aquatic regions across the globe located in the CM Discovery Center in cm area Madame Tussaud is an amazing wax museum for the entertainment value and the chance to rub shoulders with world celebrities heads of state activists sports heroes legendary artists and ever really the museum is worth checking after OSHA work and Madame Tussaud which will nearly take three to four hours time to pamper your stomach and explore GM food Republic which is a stylish gunmetal great collection of food and beverage stocks has one of the best separate of world cuisine of any in the capital and the modern decor that blurs the line between food court and restaurant after those two you can explore some Paragon which is an immensely popular shopping mall housing a host of international high-end fashion brands this small provides mainly luxury items for will yield price and international visitors will cash to splurge if you are looking for something extra special the NCM Paragon is definitely the place to find it note that all the things we mentioned is located in cm area which means you don't have to take any transportation and enjoy all of them just in a walking distance that separates each pattern now in the afternoons you can take BTS from cm to ratchet a way station to explore one of the famous local shopping districts in Bangkok platinum platinum area is the fun dance center of shopping in Bank beside the famous Pratunam shopping districts you have many mega malls like wanted Plaza the famous electronic mall or platinum Fashion Mall the wholesale and retail clothing mega center and much more shopping centers that will satisfy your Shopaholic desires but at the other hand empty your pockets while shopping you can enjoy many local street food stores that will give you the real experience in Bangkok which is shopping and eating at the same time now that you have experienced the local shopping time to jump to the wild pipeline SOI cowboy the vibrant famous short trip aims to convene area which contains lots of beer bars and karaoke pops and some other interesting clubs that will make you see the other side of Bangkok at night well if you are lucky enough to be in Bangkok on a weekend then visiting chalk chalk market will be a great thing which is one of the largest weekend markets in Asia where you can show up till you drop and enjoy the big local food section that the market has and relax at the adjacent amazing Green Park which is called Chateau Chuck Green Park all these can be in your favor if you are in Bangkok as I said on a weekend now if you are on a weekday than visiting MBK mall will be a great idea which is very easy to reach due to its direct access from BTS sky train at national stage MBK mega mall is an attraction to tourists and locals do it's six floors full of shops that sell original and fake products which will satisfy any shopper deal it's affordable prices and wide periods after shopping you can hit one of its food courts located in 5th and 6th floor and enjoy affordable local and international dishes since it's your last day in Bangkok you should witness the sunset over chapo a river and that will be by giving a visit to sky bar at level hotel the 84th floor rooftop bar that will give you an amazing memorable moments and a breathtaking views of Bangkok city at night sky bar can be accessed by Sky train from Japan taxing the gas station beware to dress casual scene shorts and flip-flops are not permitted after Sky Bar you can visit asiatique the riverfront which is located at the opposite side of the river and enjoyed the majestic place which is full of restaurants entertainment and many activities you can do alongside and end your day with an amazing memorable as you have seen in this blog we try to fill your three days stay in Bangkok with as much as things can be done and seen in these 72 hours since Bangkok has much more things to offer that cannot be covered with only one visit but in our opinion those are some of the main and essential things to be done in a short time if you have more than three days in Bangkok you can watch our vlog 12th things to do and see in bank on our channel live love Tyler I hope you enjoyed this vlog and it will be helpful for you to blend your short clip to bank and do as much as can be done in this city that has much to show and offer for everyone thank you for watching subscribe for more from the block [Applause] Standing Bear I wish

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  3. Is there a ferry coming from wat arun back to wat pho? Or how to go back to wat pho from wat arun? We would like to have a massage in wat pho after visiting wat arun

  4. That's really good and intense program for three days to do all and discover Bangkok. I really loved that lot to do and see great Vlog God presented. Thank you

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