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AWESOME BAHAMA TRIP!!!! {Catch Clean Cook} Blue Marlin Cove

AWESOME BAHAMA TRIP!!!! {Catch Clean Cook} Blue Marlin Cove

hey good morning everybody it's about 5:30 a.m. we're topping it off with gas and heading east this is gonna be the first time in several years I've ran this bow to the Bahamas we're gonna leave Jupiter Inlet run to West End of Grand Bahama Island clear customs and we've got two days of fun you are riding shotgun [Applause] aren't you guys Suns coming up and we're heading out we're locked rated Rock got a boat full of gear plenty of food plenty of drinks all our safety equipment and we are headed out getting a slightly later start than I wanted to but hey whatever all right you guys we are loaded up with bait that's Jordan Doyle and reef Kaplan everybody else keep loading up on bait they're gonna be fishing out here but we have we got sixty six point one miles boys are you guys behind us what do you want to crash guess what we made it referre 47 gallons exactly 27 take a look at this this is insane this is like the lounge area with a big pool hot dog open bar it's pretty awesome welcome home oh come on Maggie oh you can just leave that out there for right now this is where it's at boom big bathroom shower oh yes only thing missing is a whirlpool Jo ringer I think number three needs a whirlpool I'm just saying what you think what you think Austin this is a steam cracker it's Day two yesterday was was kind of a crazy day when we got over here got checked in just as we started to fish I started to feel extremely sick so I went back to hotel and I'd spent the whole afternoon and night wrapped around a toilet not knowing which way was up or down great thing is that resort it's called Blue Marlin Co they have an amazing staff amazing facilities and I was able to get through the night woke up this morning had breakfast got fuel and now we're heading to the north we're gonna run up do some deep dropping do some jigging just have a good time I've never seen so many little fish at one time in my life the sea life under there is unreal like it was like the ultimate aquarium that you want to swim it really epic got so sick there's some huge mutton snappers here we use half of a fresh ballyhoo we just caught these ballyhoo yesterday so not yesterday but the day before drop it down at the bottom we can catch black groupers we can catch mutton snappers you name it serious yep buddy how long did that take it's not a big fish but it is a fish that's all that matters what do we got here gigantic yellowtail look at this size yellowtail yo humongous yellowtail I'll take that all day I mean beautiful big flag yellowtail this area is so full of fish you never know what you're gonna catch got a nice one what you got on there oh that's a big ol amico job what an awesome fish good deal you just let him go serious yeah that's what I'm after nice fish y'all totally not sure what it is but definitely nice man I would love to catch like a big 10 12 15 pound mutton snapper I cannot say enough good things about these rods [Applause] what do we have here big mutton snapper yes sir yes siree look at this nice that's what I was after right there boys oh look at him he's got it look at that I mean y'all I don't know how else to explain this to you but this is a great great day and every now and then I get the feeling that I want to say thanks whenever I do I'd do something like this let go of monster mutton snapper totally legal to keep them I just felt in my heart that one should go home what a great fish what a great trip what a great life it's gonna be him they're just yeah I'm just telling y'all right now to be able to come out here and do this there's nothing short of amazing and I may have lost and no I didn't forgot him what we got whatever it is it ate the flatline mags I'm coming under here what we got looks like a barracuda it is Barracuda ADL speedo all right look at that y'all now let's not get bit here this is kind of extremely dangerous it's got him look at the teeth on this rascal what do you think mags here give him a kiss come on come on just give him a kiss on the lips I wouldn't put my hands there here we go y'all look at that he'll swim give him a second to catch his breath come on buddy go he will catch his breath and kick down here in just a second then I tell you that we're gonna run back the house clean these fish and then we're cooking something good cannot wait to see the girls we covered over 200 miles on this trip safe and sound coming back home rippen it's Adrian benthos one school would have a great guy but out on our way back across we found a big weed patch stop the boat and we all caught a couple dolphin I mean hold on what do you did you're always welcome all right you guys we're going to go to the house clean the boat up and we're gonna clean some fish and cook them up because there's no way he can come down here and not have a good and deer meat for dinner meal see you at the house [Applause] so we made it back I just got a shower got cleaned up and I'm ready to cook but before I cook I want to show you a couple of these fish that is a silky snapper and before I got sick we went out we deep drop a little bit I caught a couple of them so I want to show you how beautiful this fish is we're gonna clean it and then I'll meet you right back here in the kitchen these fish are in such deep water where the water is literally so clean the meat comes out just absolutely amazing snow-white and delicious see that just like any other snapper pull it around here follow that ribcage right down what you're left with is a perfect white filet leave that there do the same thing and you just want to gently let your knife find its way down that backbone use your thumb a lot of times I'll just grab the edge of that that skin and just having a good sharp knife is a key to success turn it around there you go now check out this beauty there you go now cut the pin bone out there we go one fillet now this one I'm gonna leave the skin on and cook it on what's called on the half shell now let's make something good we're gonna start off with olive oil we want to just put it about probably about a cup of olive oil in there this is pureed garlic we're gonna put a dab of garlic in there what we're basically making is a paste lemongrass if you've never cooked the lemongrass you should it is amazing it's got a great flavor it's also got a great aroma there's some ginger and some ginger in there I love ginger pop a thumbs up and do two chives we're just doctoring it up fresh-squeezed Meyer lemon followed by just a little bit of zest we're going to put a couple of pieces of zest in there we're gonna start making a paste see it's all just falling in love coming together last but not least we're gonna add some soy I was gonna add honey but I think I've got enough flavors that's nice now you'll see the consistency everything is just mixed up in there full wife full of flavor we're gonna cook this with the skin on we're gonna do it half shell style this this one we're gonna cook with the skin off I just want to see if there's a difference in the flavors I promise y'all it smells good this is the thickest so we'll put it on first just like that shut the lid when you shut the lid we'll just start you know wrapping the fish and heat sort of cook it from the outside in about 99% the recipes you see me use on this channel I just make up in my head it's like it's like I'm painting a picture I just use this this put a little here some happy trees and happy clouds and Everglades season you know in one here good do this oh yes now this may be a little more difficult they're right here steamed spinach freshly-cooked silky snapper come here David come on a bike is a hot what did you put in there lemon don't worry about what I put in is it good bang that's coming from a vegan from California y'all I'm not even kidding you like when this gift came here you could almost see through him and he would not touch any of this food do you know what y'all that is on point snow white pure is the Atlantic Ocean taste like heaven that's as good as it gets and our light just died you know what that means that's just an indication from God from heaven that this video is about to end this is awesome you're awesome mags Pat magda wanna thank you so much for coming down thank you so much for making the elders policy fishing poles awesome Crocker's behind the camera blue marlin Cove your hospitality was amazing while I was sick and I can't wait to go back you guys life is good that's all I got for you we're on

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  1. Rob try to go live on your channel days before you go live announce it and do some live fishing for us happy Father’s Day rob!

    Or a live cooking!!

  2. Rob try to go live on your channel days before you go live announce it and do some live fishing for us happy Father’s Day rob!

  3. Seeing your video makes me want to go on an adventure like this. I live in Texas and just spoke with a couple of buddies and I think it’s gonna happen. Working on itinerary now. Not asking for spots but how hard is to find spots when it’s your first time in the Bahamas and any recommendations? Planning on fishing down there’s 2-2 1/2 days and then head back. We will be dragging our boat with us and hitting spots as we go.

  4. Are you a guide for hire as well? I have watched your videos for a long time and would love to come down and fish or gator hunt.

  5. Now mind you guys me and my wife are at Bahamas right now celebrating 10 year anniversary staying near lighthouse point

  6. Nice video. How is that big Suzuki running? Do you have any performance numbers on it? I remember watching them install it on your refit.

  7. Happy fathers day Rob! I hope my channel one day becomes at least one tenth as great as you have made yours! God Bless!

  8. Happy Fathers Day Robert that was an awesome video as always may god keeping blessing you and your wonderful family…Thank You Sir!!!

  9. I love your videos and i love your viewers for not disliking your video! only few dislikes but a lot of likes 🙂 thank you guys for appreciating his kind heart.

  10. Happy Father’s Day Rob! I swear though, you should have a small restaurant with your home cooking

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