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Australia’s POP PRINCESS returns to The Voice to PROVE herself | Journey #58

Australia’s POP PRINCESS returns to The Voice to PROVE herself | Journey #58

It is a very physical kind of style of
music that you chosen to represent. You want to be a pop queen or princess.
– mm-hmm. You know you’re getting better
and better every time you perform. It’s great to watch, it’s great.
– Thank you. “That made me want to turn
my chair for you” “You’re gonna be one to watch”. “The artist I’m going to go with, is Sam”. It feels like everything’s just ripped
out from underneath you. This is my everything, it’s what I
want to do for the rest of my life. I’m Madi Krstevski, I’m back as an all-star. And I have a point to prove. Hello, Madi. I remember you.
– You remember be? It’s good to be back. I made it to the top 24 last year. This year I’m here as someone
with experience. Someone who has a fire and a drive,
remembering that feeling of being… disappointed and knowing I can go all
the way, is what drives me this time. I really really want this so I’m
gonna go for it. Last season I couldn’t believe you
got sent home right. You need to be seen, you know. – Thank you. What did they do wrong?
– What, wait stop. Guy! Kelly didn’t do anything wrong,
she was a great coach. – Boom. But she let you go… For Sam, who was kind of a DJ. Excuse me, let’s rewind here
Boy George, okay. Let’s make it very clear I did
take Sam all the way. You remember that, do you hear me. You did, but I do think that Sam would’ve
won with any coach. That’s a lie, anyways.
– Kelly! As I was saying boo.
– Kelly, Kelly. Kelly your outfit…
– I would love to have you on my team. Don’t get with her.
– I can’t hear anyone talking. Can you?
Can you hear anyone talking? Cause I can’t hear anything, I just
think you should focus on me. Try something new baby. (Kelly mumbling)
– Come on! Listen.
– Wait. No, no, no, don’t.
Ah, ah, ah. Don’t you put your finger in my face George.
– Be brave it’s okay. Whoever you choose. It’s okay, be brave.
– Don’t put your finger in my face, George. – Be brave. Be brave it’s okay. – Make a different choice. No, make the right choice
– Be brave, come on. Make the right choice. My decision, I’m gonna go with… Boy George. Thank you, we’re gonna have fun. Boy George has put me up against
Loma and Oliver in this knockout. The theme is risk takers
and rule breakers. It’s all about thinking outside
of the box. Doing something that you’re
not comfortable with. Risk takers and rule breakers,
it’s really challenging. You’re taking people out
of their comfort zone. Boy George has given me
“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. It is definitely something I wouldn’t
even put in my top 1000… songs to sing, ever in my life. Madi, miss Mady I am so proud of you.
– Thank you! So incredibly proud of you. I mean, great job George
you guys nailed it. Thank you so much Kelly. If I’m being really technical,
Maddie I loved your performance. I just was…after a little more fierceness. because you’ve come out in that
outfit and you’re singing Nirvana…. Like I I just wanted you to be
super badass. Actually Guy, I agree with you. Madi, you definitely got lost in the
performance for me. I think you got too
carried away with performing… the song and I think for me, you lost the
sentiment of the song. It was just a bit theatrical. I had an idea of what I thought
and now I’m kind of not sure. Because I am someone that has
had many many many… second, third and fourth chances.
And I’m going against what I’m… feeling right now.
But I’m gonna go… with Madi. Madi congratulations,
You are through on team Geroge. Look what I put together. No! I never promised that
I’d make it easier. – No… Both of them have very fixed ideas
about who they are as performers. Madi thinks that she’s Australia’s
Ariana Grande. Then you got Lee
who is a rocker… but that doesn’t mean
he has to be one-dimensional. For you Madi, try not thinking about
how you’re gonna perform it… and think more about what the story
is and what the song is…. and opening up, you know. Don’t be afraid to reveal who you are
or who you might be. Madi could benefit massively from
just being a little bit freer. You got to find your own
uniqueness you know. and I think that’s what she’s
kinda scared of. I didn’t make it to Finals last year,
and if I didn’t make it again… this year, it would be heartbreaking. I do definitely think that Madi
can go further tonight For sure. Thank you, Kelly. I thought you sang the best
that I’ve heard you sing. Thank you. But it seems like you were really
thinking about the notes… as opposed to the words. But I felt a little
bit more delivery and connection from Lee. Alright George,
what are you gonna do? I think I’m going to go with like,
you know what I felt the most. And I think that person is… gonnabe Lee. Lee, you are going through
to the finals. Madi you still have a chance of winning
George’s wild card. George, thank you for this opportunity.
losing the battle again is not… a great feeling but I think that if you do take
me through as your wild card… I can put all my effort in. I can show you that
I could be one of your top four artists. George you have to choose the wild card
from your three remaining artists. First of all all of you have been incredible
you’ve all had really… really stand up moments.
And then we have Maddi who this… time last year was…
this was when you got sent home. You’re not wild, but I want to make you
wild, so I’m gonna go with Madi. Madi, congratulations. You’ve won the wild card,
you’re going to the finals. Thank you. I’m gonna make you wild Thank you George, so much.
And I can’t wait. I’m so excited… to go to finals, and I’ll work so,
so hard for you. And oh god I can’t
explain how happy I am. Thank you. Hi, how are you.
– I’m good. Madi is my wildcard, and she’s also an
all star and she wants it badly. I want to say to you, I thought you showed real
maturity when you were faced… with the possibility of going home.
You were very grown up about it actually. It was really nice to see.
– Thank you, I appreciate that. The finals are uncharted
territory for me. And it’s kind of surreal that it’s all
happening now. So it’s kind of got my head spinning but
in a good way. I’m gonna give you a Britney song. I’m a slave for you.
But is it the right thing for you? Cause you could get
lost in the performance. – Of course. There’s a lot going on. We’re gonna have dancers
and pyramids and lights. It is very Britney, with the snake. I don’t think there’s gonnabe a snake.
– Please no. I’m so scared of snakes! Be brave.
– As you always tell me. Be a brave slave.
– I’ll be a brave slave for you… I haven’t done anything like this
performance before it’s on such… a large scale it’s huge.
I’ve got so many different… performance aspects in it
and it’s a lot to take in. You know it is big thing to ask someone of
19 to do. And that’s what makes it fun. I’m such a Madi fan I just adore her,
so beautiful. And I Iove the lane of just
pure Pop for you. I think it’s just such a lane you
can just run in and and own and… I think you’re beautiful and I just
want you to next step in your… physicality of learning to move.
Just focus on the breathing. – More control, yes. Just so we don’t lose all the
vocals but otherwise… I do agree like, you can
bust a pop lane wide open… I just, I literally want you to
grab the reins of it… and not say oh this Lane is open,
so I’m just gonna go through. Like have it do it but have some like
meaning behind it. I think Madi was distracted in parts last week.
She was out of breath. She’s gonna have to really
work on that stuff. The breathing thing was brought up
by all the other coaches. And I did agree with it. Slowing your breath down.
Andthat’s the place where you need to kind of…. draw your vocal energy from,
is your diaphragm. And then you’ve gotta battle that,
and still get these notes from here… down here..
– Mmm hmm. I really want to show the
coaches this week that I’ve taken on… their notes of breathing. the song I’m giving you is:
Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift. Okay
– What about we do a little test. You know,
kick up your heels Madi. I’m gonna get you to
do a bit of running. I wanted to get Madi to just kind of think
about how important breathing is… to performing. Wait, you should run a few times.
And I want the band to start playing on cue. Bootcamp! Why am I running!?
I’m supposed to be singing! You’re gonna sing after. two, three, four… Teaching anyone the importance of breath,
especially singers is kind of rule nr 1. That was fun. I think the more you connect
to the physicality of your singing… the better you’re gonna get
as a performer. She’s chosen a sort of you know,
high stamina genre pop music. You wanted to be an entertainer,
so if you’re gonna entertain… you’ve got to move. You know, that’s what I want from you.
– Okay. Step up, Madi K. I could tell completely,
that worked on your breathing. And I felt like, when you came
in on that first verse… You were very specifically,
very focussed on making sure that you… hit those notes, and you did.
So well done Madi. – Thank you Delta. It is a very physical kind of style of music
that you’ve chosen to represent. You want to be a pop, queen pop princess.
– Absolutely, mm-hmm. You’ve got to kind of work on all of
those things, you know bring more drama… into your performances. You know you’re
getting better and better… every time you perform,
it’s great to watch it. It’s great.
– Thank you. The second artist who did not receive
enough votes to remain… in the competition is from,
team… George. So, the road tonight ends for: Madi. I want to say: thank you to George,
you have challenged me… And you have helped me grow. And I’m so thankful to you for
taking me on this year. And Kelly, thanks for turning again.

Reader Comments

  1. She should have one and thats what i think but hopefully she will be successful one day all the best madi i mean she has the looks and the voice and the name so high hopes for you girl

  2. She has a decent voice but there is this extreme dullness about her voice, her performances, her character… Like it is boring to watch, not much entertaining.