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ARAUCA (the land dreamt by the sun)

ARAUCA (the land dreamt by the sun)

get a parcels today we’re rounding up cattle in mauka the eastern plains of Columbia this place is known for its trade its cattle its oil and the place where Simon Bulevar amassed his troops to take on the Spanish so far today we’ve milked a cow we fed the chickens we tried some traditional Jean Oh breakfast now we’re out rounding some cattle checking out the flora and fauna of those journals de Colombia [Applause] [Music] today were burning and we’re about 50 meters from the farm but we probably seen about 20 species of bird Colombia after all has the most amount of species of birds in the world including many endemic to the region the host does allow you to get into some hard-to-reach places so there’s much more of an active trip we slept in a type of hammock last night woke up at about 5:30 at Camp Alegre spent the morning horseback riding and bird-watching I went to a rout cup for lunch now now we’re in a canoe drifting down the Rio or Alka that’s been as whele right there freshwater dolphins but there are and they’re actually pink freshwater he said hello two of them just came out of the water so I definitely underestimated how cool it is seeing these dolphins [Music] the head freshwater dolphins river up too bad not too bad the more I eat or oh sorry okay cRIO Venezia must place a portal Asiata 40 hmm it doesn’t just have the best coffee in the world it also has some of the best cacao and that chocolate was some of the best chocolate I’ve had in my life I didn’t bring back enough of it it makes sense the land in Colombia is so fertile especially in places like Alka the lands are brimming with flora and fauna I’m 100% recommend a trip out there the easiest ways to get a plane from Bogota it’ll cost you about $150 return or you can buy the flights accommodation and the experiences package together for between 350 to 400 dollars even cheaper if you don’t a group around that is open for tourism and it’s another incredible example of how much potential Colombia has as a destination check out our Alka muñeca that the guys who can organize the tour they invited me out to experience for myself or what’s happening and I had a really really special time out there there is a connection to nature and neighbors that is a really healthy reminder for us as we as we live out our digital and urban lifestyles and that’s part of the reason why we use raw materials in our renovations not only does it connect you to nature but to the actual place that you’re visiting and this is an example of an apartment that we’ve renovated in Bogota we also have apartments in Cartagena metazine and Cali available for rent at my the farm Commons laughs rent if you’d like to invest with life afar in our next renovation project in Cali which is already about 45% funded I’m going to put the link to download the investor documents in the scription that’s about it if you enjoyed the video click like now click subscribe now share with your friends or family or someone you’d like to take to Erica and live a couple days in the wild wild East of Colombia embrace your fears embrace your dreams see you guys [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music]

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  1. Wow ….just another wonderful video, thanks Sam for show these magnificent places of my country……you are the best ambassador of COLOMBIA


  3. No words to describe such an amazing video about the "deep Colombia". Great job with the video edition, the quality is increasing exponentially. The background music is magic.

  4. I am from Arauca, amazing video Sam, thanks for sharing it to the world, we are not in a dangerous land for tourist, this is a beautiful place full of amazing people.

  5. Thanks for another great video of my beloved Colombia, made homesick alright! Bravo Sam…

  6. Sam dude thanks a lot, I didnt know your chanel but friend of mine shared this video on facebook, now you got another subscriber and i will share this too! I'm from Arauca btw thanks your your efford and amazing job.

  7. Es uno de los lugares mas bellos del mundo.En la altillanura Amazonica Colombo- ecuatoriana se se origino el cacao y por muchos siglos atras fue llevado a toda America por comunidades prehispanicas.Estos delfines rosados son de una especie diferente al delfin rosado del Amazonas.Y estos cantos llaneros son patrimonio de la humanidad.Un video unico.Saludos.

  8. Wow. I swear today I was sitting with my 2 year old daughter. She wanted to draw so Ive decided ti go ahead as well. I draw a dolphin surrounded by water and a ship in the background. I did just the shape of the dolphin. Then my daughter offered me pink colour ( its like a dark pink) and I colored the inside of the dolphin. I didnt even know they exists. I was questioning myself while I was doing it. And now this:D Glad you are discovering a lot of Colombia. I want to go back and explore more of it.

  9. really love it ..thank you sam for showing colombia to the world ,,and also to colombians like me who still do not know all parts of our beautiful colombia…

  10. Me encanto este vídeo ! Sobretodo el contacto profundo con nuestra naturaleza y las caras de nuestra gente en la región de Arauca !!! Fue muy real y emotivo ! 😍 me sentí en casa viéndolo !!!
    Such an awesome video!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼you made me missing to be at home ❤️

  11. Hermoso vídeo Sam, nuestros llanos orientales son hermosos. No conozco hacia Arauca pero algún día iré., saludos desde Bogotá 😘😘

  12. Pareceré muy sentimental , pero de verdad lloro de la emoción de ver estos vídeos y ver el esplendor de la naturaleza. Definitivamente Arauca es un lugar para visitar.

  13. You always make me so jealous to be in Colombia. I wish I could submerge myself into the video to make you company.

  14. Omg estuviste en el llano soy la mujer mas orgullosa de mi llano hermoso gracias por mostrar nuestro pais . Dios te bendiga y nunca dejes de hacer videos de este tipo

  15. Los llanos orientales son una joya por descubrir, la música llanera maravillosa y los delfines rosados todo un espectáculo.

  16. Excelente Sam que des a conocer un destino tan alejado en todo el sentido de la palabra y casi desconocido como lo es Arauca, pero tan bello y con tanta riqueza en el que se puede practicar diferentes tipos de turismo.

  17. I’ve been to llanos and there’s quite something unique about it. It’s unrealistic how peaceful it was. The music is quite catchy too.

  18. Que espectáculo de paisajes cada día me enamoro mas de mi país y aun mas de mi Arauca querida orgullosamente llanera. Gracias por mostrar esta tierra tan bella. Saludos desde Tame.

  19. Me encanta la forma como muestras los mejores lugares de mi país que ni siquiera muchos de los colombianos conocemos, me hace querer explorar cada rincón de mi país! Gracias Sam!

  20. Eres el extranjero más exitoso en Colombia y te conviertes en el más querido y Bienvenido.

  21. This guy knows more and he has explored more than most of Colombians. You wont see Colombians do this tour even if they had the money to visit that region.

  22. le hablo desde el llano mas exactamente de Arauca , saber que personas extrajeras disfruten y conozcan mi Arauca (tierra soñada por el sol) me alegra mucho, gracias por mostrar a todo el mundo la bello de toda esta llanura infinita

  23. Excellent Video! something special about Colombia's plains are the myths and legends, when there's full moon all the savanna can be seen really clearly, this is the best time to hear ghost stories from the locals. Also (if you're into meat) you should taste the "mamona", there's many things to discover there <3

  24. Sam¡¡¡ compadre gracias por este vídeo soy un joven de arauca y nuestra tierra es poco visitada pero tiene demasiadas cosas que mostrar y que aún el mundo no conoce.

  25. Excelente vídeo Sam, amo como editas, como no sentirse conmovido y orgulloso de esas tierras Llaneras y su gente amable, definitivamente mi Colombia es muy hermosa.

  26. Beautiful video Sam, visiting Medellin next month and really looking forward to it. I want to get a feel for Columbia and possibly live there. Jeff

  27. Esto fue muy fuerte Sam me hiciste llorar, yo amo el llano desde siempre mi corazón sin haber ido ya sentía erizar sus bellos cuando oía música llanera y cuando por fin fuí casi muero de amor, ver niños bailar joropo oír a los cantantes en vivo comer mamona, el ecossitema, los atardeceres y montar a caballo en esas fincas son experiencias q nunca olvidaré. Gracias por transmitirlo y apreciarlo tb. Un abrazo

  28. ARAUCA, Yeah, I was there a few weeks. Congrats! The hometown of FARC. Most people do not know that..?

  29. Lástima q en Arauca exista el ELN y las FARC son el atraso del departamento estoy sorprendido con tantas r cosas para hacer pero la guerrilla no colabora con La Paz , sería un gran destino turístico para el mundo Petro estos asesinos no colaboran .

  30. Otros paisajes,otra comida,otra música igual la calidez de la gente y la belleza del paisaje.Así es mi Colombia una amalgama de colores,texturas, en fin …..Disfrútalo Sam

  31. Gracias Sam, por mostrar al mundo entero; la otra cara de nuestra hermosa Colombia! Y como lo he mencionado en otros videos tuyos; Dios te bendiga y prospere en tus negocios..!! Eres un ejemplo a seguir…

  32. No te ofendas pero Como es posible de que la guerrilla no te haya matado los pueblos pequeños Como villavicencio arauca tame y sarabena son lugares muy peligrosos para extranjeros lo se por que yo mismo creci hay 18 años de mi vida y tuve que abandonarlo por la violencia

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