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Arabian Adventures – Desert Safari, Dubai | Cover-More Travel Insurance

Arabian Adventures – Desert Safari, Dubai | Cover-More Travel Insurance

Hey peeps, I’ve been wandering the desert
for 60 days now, haven’t seen a person for five minutes actually. We’ve just done the,
um, four-wheel drive trek, we’re just about to jump back in the cars and do some camel
riding. It is stinking hot out here. It’s, uh, it’s a good 41 degrees. I gotta take
my double pluggers off, can’t even walk in here. Already, already had the ole blow
out; the desert, she ain’t kind and, um, I’ll just do a spin around. Need to jump
up this little dune here, but phew, it’s thick air. Hard to breathe, my throat is
instantly dry. Let’s see if we can get up, up to the top. This dune is like a little
avalanche every time you take a step but getting, getting up to the top here and you’ll see
the mini- civilizations up here of Toyota’s. These are the cars we’ve been driving in,
amazing fun, the drive is great fun, and the cruising around the sand dunes, they know
they’re way around. We’re gonna jump back in these cars, hit the dunes a little bit
more, and then hopefully ride a camel in the Dubai desert. Kay, so I guess you’re wondering
why the camera’s moving around a lot. Well, let me just pan-up. This is where we are,
Dubai desert, camel riding. It’s actually a pretty surreal experience, actually being
out here at sunset, with the camel, just slowly rolling back and forth, back and forth. I
think they wrote a song about that didn’t they? Back and forth, back and forth. Dan: Oh, that was a good rollercoaster. Do you want a picture? Am I getting off? I’m
getting off, I think I’m getting off. [Groan] that was a good ride, so when you’re in
Dubai, definitely give the, um, the camels a run for their money. Um, it’s only a small,
small trip that you go around but it’s a Dubai experience you just want to check off
the list I guess. [Music Playing] Dan: Okay, so, after the camel ride, you come for a wander down here and there’s, like
a little, tent camp place where we’re gonna have dinner, watch a bit of belly dancing,
and, um..What have we got here? Man: Fresh Mint Towel, sir.
Dan: Ah, fresh mint towel in the middle of the desert. Where else would you get a fresh
mint towel? You get to have a drink down here, smoke a shisha, and, um, just relax after,
um, a full drive and, um, camel trek. It’s hot walking through the desert, I’m all
puffed out, already, but, I’m looking forward to sitting down, having a quiet bevy and a
bit of food. [showing shoe] Blow-outs galore in the desert, be prepared. After dinner,
you get to sit back and watch a bit of belly-dancing. [Music Playing] Dan: Like I say, subscribe to the channel, leave a
message down below, and, um, like the video.
See you in another country, another time. Adios.

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