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Andrew Zimmern’s Sea Urchin Pasta – Travel Channel

Andrew Zimmern’s Sea Urchin Pasta – Travel Channel

[music playing] One of the highlights
of this year’s season was diving for Santa Barbara
urchin with Stephanie Mutz. She has a small company. She lives for urchins live
and sells her catch every day. So I thought it’d
be fun to show you what a live Santa
Barbara urchin looks like and how easy they are
to clean because they’re actually cheaper to
buy whole these days. I’m just cutting
through the shell, and it’s basically
just a big hollow ball. Inside the urchin, those little
golden lobes that hang down, they’re actually sets of gonads. And you can use your
finger or a small spoon and just tug them out. Oh, look how
beautiful this one is. Super easy to clean these. Take some warm water. And with a fork,
very gently pull away some of this dark matter. The brown stuff is just
half-digested seaweed, and we’re going
to use these lobes here as sort of our hero lobes. And now, it’s time
to cook our pasta. I happen to love egg fettuccini. Put a couple of
those nests in there. Add some salt, and
these egg fettuccini won’t take very long to
cook– four, six minutes. Drain all of our pasta. All right. Sauce. A couple tablespoons of butter. And when you see your
butter starting to foam, you can add the shallot. We’re just going
to let that sweat. We want to add a little bit
of sake, a few tablespoons. Some lemon juice. And we’ll let that cook
for another minute or so and reduce a little bit. We add just a little
bit of our togarashi. This is a Japanese
chili powder condiment. And once it starts to get a
little creamy and viscous, we add our cream and
bring that to a simmer. And I’ve got some
beautiful urchin here, and I’m going to put about
half a cup into there. And all we’re really looking
for is for this cream mixture to just get to
sauce consistency. And put a little salt in here. A little crushed black pepper. Pour this over our urchin. We’re going to take our pasta. Dump it back into the pot. We’re going to use
this immersion wand. And I’m just rocking this
back and forth, up and down– making sure all the little
bits of that urchin sauce gets homogenized. The most important part
of this whole operation is going to happen right now. Ooh! Lemony. Sea-urchiny. Just needs a little
more salt and pepper. Sea urchin is briny and intense. Some people find it
livery, like foie gras. Personally, I think it tastes
like kissing a mermaid. So sauce. Back over our noodles. A little tangle of that
sea urchin pasta on there, and I like a little bit of nori. This is some very
finely minced chive. A couple of these
fresh sea urchin lobes, and there you have it. This is the kind
of elegant now-dish that you want to be cooking. Simple, easy Santa Barbara
sea urchin fettuccini. [music playing]

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