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AnalogTrip | Official Trailer

AnalogTrip | Official Trailer

YouTube Originals (mystical background music)
ShinDong: Wow. How did they build this? ShinDong: It’s just amazing.
DongHae: It’s here! LeeTeuk: TVXQ! and SUPER JUNIOR
have finally… – Cheers to our trip!
– To our trip! (DongHae shouting)
ShinDong: I’m happy. EunHyuk: We’ve got trouble!
ShinDong: Don’t do this to us. DongHae: We’re going to a jungle?
(screaming) EunHyuk: Don’t look down!
Don’t look. Don’t look down! ShinDong: It’s a flashlight. Be careful! U-Know: I’m scared! ShinDong: Wait. Wait.
EunHyuk: Is it hinting at something? U-Know: (clapping) Back to 2002!
LeeTeuk: Yeah! Come on. Seriously?
ShinDong: Oh, come on! EunHyuk: Wow! EunHyuk: What camera is this? I love
the nostalgic vibe of the digital camera. U-Know: MP3.
ShinDong: Maybe it’s got the retro hits. (members exclaiming with joy) LeeTeuk: It’s so picturesque
from all angles. DongHae: I love Indonesia! DongHae: We’ve never talked about this
before, have we? There’s one thing I regret and
it concerns U-Know. I didn’t show it then.
I’m able to say it now. Right. He had a really tough time
that day. But I was clueless. I should be there for him even more now. LeeTeuk: Take my hand. U-Know: You can do it! (sound of high five)
LeeTeuk: It’s like we’re on a school trip. MAX: It made me feel excited.
U-Know: Hey, this looks fun. U-Know: The six members go on
their “Analog Trip.” Who suggested we put on raincoats? (yelling) Just who was it? ShinDong: LeeTeuk! YouTube “YouTube Originals
Analog Trip in Indonesia”

Reader Comments

  1. Because of Super Junior I created twitter, weibo, instagram, kakaotalk, vlive, and now youtube original (premium). What else do you want me to do in the future?

  2. Dude I mean I listen to some of jotham their groups songs but I ain't a stan but ima watch this bc this seems so interesting and fun xD

  3. I love love love this! Dbsj are sooo close, icant wait to see them together. Its gonna be so awesome. Dbsj hwaiting! I love their sincerity and love for each other and hope they could continue like this. Also, changmin would be able to live his dream of being a part of sj😂😂😂

  4. I'm making another YouTube account to get another free month of YouTube premium… you're lucky I love you super junior 😔👊

  5. Suka sama Syuju sejak 2009, tapi gak pernah berharap bakal ketemu. Tapi Jogja seperti perantara yang mewujudkannya.

    Thanks for promoting Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta.

    Love all of you,

  6. I really cannot wait to watch it..seeing the six of them together in the show makes me happy to see them enjoying makes happy to see their smiles..laughing together..sharing moments together..sharing their memories…I really wish that I can go to Indonesia..I love super junior and I like changmin and yunho..all of them are amazing..💙💙💙💙💙💙🤗🤗🤗💙💙

  7. I’ve heard a story that SM once had a group of talented kids. The 5 most talented became TVXQ and the rest became SUJU. Is this true?

  8. Ah the return of the Variety kings <3. Looks like Korea couldn't handle the chaos anymore and shipped them off to Indonesia lol!

  9. I know they came to Indonesia, but I didn't know that for youtube originals contents T.T this is so good, i cant wait to watch this

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