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An Affordable Cruise Ship Suite With A Private Jacuzzi

An Affordable Cruise Ship Suite With A Private Jacuzzi

My wife and I love spending time together
in a Jacuzzi… And in the past we’ve paid as much as $1600 a night
for a high-end cruise ship cabin with a private Jacuzzi. Our recent cruise on MSC Seaside
was a bargain in comparison… At less than $500 a night for this large cabin
with it’s own Jacuzzi on the balcony. I’m not exaggerating when I say that
the time we spent together in that Jacuzzi… enjoying the view, a few drinks,
and some great conversation… Was the highlight our cruise. Let me give you a tour of our cabin, 14211,
known officially by MSC as a
“Suite With Whirlpool Bath”. I want to start by just showing you on the deck plans… That this cabin is HUGE
compared to a regular balcony cabin. Look at our cabin, 14211,
and then look at 14205, the cabin next door… Which is a regular balcony cabin. Ours is nearly twice as long as theirs… And all that extra space allowed MSC
to build a few extra features in to ours. To help you visualize even better
how much longer our cabin is
than all of the neighbors… Here’s the hallway outside our cabin. That’s our door on the left,
and down the hall is the door to our neighbor,
14205. The length of that hallway between those two doors… Is all the additional length that our cabin has
and theirs doesn’t. Let’s go inside and you’ll see. From this view from the inside,
we’re looking at the door that leads out to the hallway. To the right of that,
is a door to our bathroom. I’ll take you in there in a minute. And then there’s another door on the right there… And that leads to something
that you don’t see very often
in a cruise ship cabin… It’s a walk-in closet! We’ll get back to that in a minute, too. Now we’re in what is essentially
the living room of this suite. Well, MSC calls it a suite.
I wouldn’t really call it that. To me, the word suite
indicates that there’s a bedroom
in a separate room from the living room… And they’re separated by a wall and a door. Cruise ships use a different definition, though. Maybe it’s a European thing, I don’t know. On cruise ships, when they say suite,
what they mean is that it’s a cabin that is superior
in some way to a regular cabin. Our cabin is much larger than a regular cabin,
so they call it a suite… Even though, as you see…
there’s nothing, not even a curtain… That separates the bedroom from the living room. Now that you’ve had an overview
of the inside of the cabin… Let’s go out on the balcony,
and look at the best part…
that Jacuzzi. I’m happy to say the Jacuzzi is big enough
to comfortably fit two people. It’s not as big as I thought it was going to be. MSC released a video
while the ship was under construction… Here it is now… It’s a computer generated rendering
of what they projected the balcony
and the Jacuzzi would look like. It didn’t completely match up with the final product. Most noticeably, the rendering shows a step
to use when getting in and out of the Jacuzzi. No such step existed on the real thing. Also they showed plants on the balcony
in their rendering… Which they never actually had on the real thing. And I just think their rendering makes the
Jacuzzi look a little bigger than it really was. But it’s OK… the Jacuzzi’s fine.
I liked it a lot. And as I said,
the time we spent in there
was truly the highlight of our cruise. If you like the idea of having a Jacuzzi
on the balcony of your cruise ship cabin… You’ll like these 28 whirlpool suites
on the MSC Seaside. Now here’s the view from our balcony,
and notice that we’re looking back towards
the rear of the ship… And we see the water going past
and everything behind us. 14 of the 28 whirlpool suites are like this. They are towards the back of the ship,
and they face towards the back. This would be what I recommend you chose,
due to the wind. The 14 whirlpool suites up at the front of the ship,
that face forward… Are probably quite windy when the ship is in motion. These rear facing whirlpool suites
are nicely wind blocked. Just be aware that you don’t have privacy
out on your balcony, or in your Jacuzzi. This is the view from our balcony… And all those other balconies
that you can see from our balcony… They can also see you. If privacy is a big deal for you,
pick a cabin on one of the higher floors. That way you have the least amount of people
looking down in to your Jacuzzi. But if peace and quiet is more important than privacy… Chose a cabin on a lower floor… Because on the upper floors,
you can easily hear the noise of the music… And all the activities at the Miami Beach pool,
which is directly above. Here on the balcony,
there are two chairs and an ottoman. And then tucked behind, in the corner,
are two more taller folding chairs. So there’s actually four chairs for the balcony. Back inside the cabin,
let me show you why there’s four chairs
on the balcony… Because this cabin can sleep a LOT more
than just two people! Now this week, it’s just my wife and me… So, we have things set up
for maximum sitting space for us. Just the two of us. But check this out…
this little love seat in the corner
can open up in to a single bed! So, bring a grand kid along with you. Or, men…
if you make one more bad joke about
your mother in law… This is where you’ll be sleeping! Now wait until you see what happens
when you pop open the couch! You’re probably thinking it opens up
like a sleeper sofa… but no. It’s even better than that. Bunk beds! Can you believe that? So, bring THREE grandkids with you. Now I should mention
that I didn’t want to bother our cabin steward… And have him make up these extra beds
just for this video. So… You’re going to have to imagine
sheets and blankets and pillow cases. And notice that in this cabin… The big TV is directly across from the couch…
which turns in to bunk beds. So, if you need to
occupy the grandkids for a while… Just put ’em on the bunk beds
and turn on the TV. They’ll have a great view of that TV. Speaking of the TV… Some of the American passengers
may be a little disappointed
with the channels available. There’s a bunch of Pay-Per-View movies,
at eight bucks a piece… And a bunch of channels
with information about the ship… Shore excursions, safety procedures…
stuff like that. But you cannot get ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox. And if you own a hat that says
“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”… You’re going to be really disappointed to learn that… The TV gets four different versions of CNN,
but not Fox News! Now I’ve shown you already that the love seat
and the sofa have beds hidden inside of them. But wait, there’s more! Look up in the ceiling above the main bed. There is a secret compartment
up there in the ceiling, and… Here’s what happens
if you ask your stateroom steward
to pop it open for you. Yet another bed! Now they only let you book
a maximum of five people in this cabin, but… It actually can sleep six. So, when you saw the Jacuzzi on the balcony… You might have been thinking
that this was a cabin designed
for a romantic couple. And it certainly would work for that, but… If you pop out some of those extra beds,
it also makes a pretty cool family cabin. The main bed can split apart in to two singles, or… Be configured like you see here
in one king sized bed. On the right side of the bed,
there’s a USB charging plug. But unfortunately, no AC outlet. And on the left side,
no AC outlet or USB outlet. There are some generous connections
at the desk, though. And this was one of the few cruise ships
where I didn’t have to use… A six-outlet power strip
to charge all my electronic stuff at night. You’ve got two USB charging plugs… Two 110 volt American style power plugs… And two 220 volt European style power plugs. And if you want to convert
those 220 volt sockets
to American style 110 volt sockets… Amazon sells some little converter plugs
that work really well. Just make sure you get the right ones! Under the desk, is a small refrigerator… And it’s filled with drinks and things
you can purchase for an additional charge. They are NOT included
with the cost of the cabin. A very unusual feature of this cabin
is that it has a walk-in closet. Now I’m sorry I had a hard time
getting good video of it… Because there’s just one light bulb in the ceiling. Not very good light. The walk-in closet SOUNDS like a great idea… And there is an awful lot of storage space in there, but… It’s very impractical. Royal Caribbean has a much nicer, simpler idea
in the cabins of some of their newer ships. They have two closets,
one on either side of the couch. And that makes it really easy for two people
to get dressed at the same time. Because they’re not bumping in to each other
like they are in this walk-in closet. Now let’s take a look at the bathroom. One unusual thing
that you quite often don’t have
in a cruise ship bathroom is a bath tub. So, this tub/shower combination
is a nice feature of this bathroom. The shower head slides up or down on a rail,
which makes it great for tall people or short people. And you can pull it off
and go handheld with it, too. Unfortunately, there’s just one sink
and not a whole lot of room in this bathroom. All the room is taken up by that tub. I wish they hadn’t devoted so much
of this cabin’s extra space to all the extra beds… And had made the bathroom a little larger instead. And here’s the really weird thing
about this bathroom! See that piece of glass
that separates the shower from the toilet? Well, that’s all the glass there is. There’s no sliding glass door,
not even a shower curtain. I read somewhere that this is a European trend
in bathroom design. I hate it. When I showered, water bounced off me
and ended up EVERYWHERE. All over the floor, the cabinet, the sink…
even as far as the door. It was a gigantic mess… That I certainly didn’t want to leave for
either my wife or the cabin steward to clean up. So, I ended up having to wipe down the entire
bathroom with a towel after I took a shower. I wish they had just put in a shower curtain. Oh, and here’s another really dumb idea. The storage rack for the fresh towels…
it’s inside the shower. That’s a REALLY bad place to store dry towels. Now I want to show you something
you might not figure out on your own… Especially if it’s your first cruise. When you first get onboard,
and you walk in to your cabin for the first time… All the lights and the power is off. To get the power on, you have to insert your
room key card in to the slot by the door… And leave it there until you’re ready to leave
the room again. Without your card in the slot,
the lights will not go on. And about two minutes after you pull your
card out of the slot… The lights, and even the power to the electrical sockets, lose power. So, if you want to charge an electronic device
while you’re away from your cabin… Be sure to leave your key card in the slot. When you do leave your card in the slot… There’s a little wrist band that you can wear
around the ship… In place of having your key card with you. You can make purchases using the wrist band… And it will even unlock the cabin door. I thought it was kind of funny that THIS
was the artist’s concept… Of what these electronic wrist bands
were going to look like. VERY stylish. And this was the reality
of what the wrist bands ended up looking like. Not stylish! Now I’ve shown you around the cabin, but… There’s something else very important
that you need to know… About the 28 whirlpool suites on the MSC Seaside. They are what MSC classifies as an Aurea cabin… And that automatically entitles
those who stay in this cabin… To some pretty great perks. The best one is a drink package
that basically entitles you… To free beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks
for the entire cruise. Now it doesn’t cover
the expensive wines and champagnes… Or the most expensive brands of liquor… But it worked out great for us. Everything my wife and I wanted to drink
during our cruise was completely covered. No charge.
Not even a gratuity requested
each time they give you a drink… Like they do on some cruise lines. We loved it. But wait, there’s more! They didn’t stop at free drinks. There’s four different Gelato stations
on the MSC Seaside… And most passengers
have to pay extra for that, but… It’s free for passengers
staying in one of these whirlpool suites. Another fantastic perk that comes with this suite… Is that you get access
to the thermal suite in the spa. All the steam rooms,
and all the relaxation facilities… Including this wonderful large thermal pool,
all at no additional charge. You also have access to
an uncrowded outdoor relaxation area… Including a Jacuzzi, just outside the spa. And believe it or not…
two free massages in the spa. That’s two per cabin, not two per person. When I first heard about the free massages,
it sounded too good to be true, but… It was true.
There’s was no catch. I loved it. In addition to having access to
those facilities in and around the spa… You also have access
to an exclusive un-crowded sun deck on deck 19… With its own bar,
and some really comfortable patio furniture. You know, MSC Seaside carries over 5000 passengers. To avoid the crowds by the main pool… Use your exclusive access
to the sun deck on deck 19… And enjoy a much more quiet
and relaxing time in the sun… Or on one of the couches at the bar… Or even in one of several large Jacuzzis. Another perk of staying in one of the whirlpool suites… Is that you get priority boarding in Miami… Which allows you to bypass some of the line
during the check-in process… And get onboard the ship faster. There’s also priority access to the tenders
at any ports… Such as Grand Cayman,
where they use tenders to get you ashore. Those are some great perks
that come with a pretty great cabin
with it’s own private Jacuzzi. And I know you’re probably thinking
that it sounds like we had a great cruise. And there really were some great parts… Especially having our own Jacuzzi on the balcony. But I have to be honest and say
that out of the 43 cruises we’ve been on… Our cruise on the MSC Seaside was… All things considered… The worst of all 43 of those cruises. The cabin and the Jacuzzi and the free drinks… And the free massages
and the free gelato were all great… But there were so many other things
about this cruise that weren’t to our liking… That when it was all said and done… We remembered more bad things
about MSC Seaside than good things. We especially disliked the entertainment
in the evenings… Which seemed way more oriented
to a European audience than an American one. There was just WAY too much opera for our tastes. And we really disliked the whole food situation, too… Which also seemed to be oriented to European tastes… And not so much American. And when you dislike the food on a cruise… That’s going to end up being a bad cruise. I’ll post a full review of our cruise
on my web site at And I’ll take you through all the things
that didn’t sit so well with us… And cause me to say that,
as much as we loved the big cabin
and the private Jacuzzi… We won’t be sailing with MSC again anytime soon. I’ll wrap this up for now, and… I’ll leave you with links
to a couple of other videos… I shot during our cruise on MSC Seaside. Click on one to view it, and thanks for watching. I’m Jim Zim.

Reader Comments

  1. I have to agree with you! We went on an MSC cruise out of Miami and although it was a beautifully decorated ship and the staff was great and accommodating. The food was “meh” and the entertainment was just OK. They had a Michael Jackson show which was decent, however most shows were not in English or understandable. If you’re going to jump into the American market you should cater to the American lifestyle. I get it, the ship and crew are from EU and/or Asia but I feel they loose sight of their target market being based out of an American port.

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  4. Damn empty for a cabin of that cost. Let me redesign those things to make it look like its worth the cost atleast!

  5. Did you hear this guy snicker at his joke about sleeping on the pull out bed lol starting at 5:20. Lol I can't stop laughing!

  6. Regardless of catering to US market or not, if in general the food just isn't good, that takes away one of the main selling points of a cruise trip. I would really enjoy the unlimited gelato though, that can probably be my breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bathroom design is a bit weird, it's so disproportionate that the room appears so large with extra unnecessary couches while the bathroom is tiny. I've also seen the half panel glass a lot in my travels and it is a bit annoying but I'm just not as nice – I leave the wet floor for other people to clean – so it should bother them more than it bothers me! I'm actually interested in looking into this ship a bit, but out of the negatives, the tiny bathroom bothered me the most.

  7. Jim, Could you please rank your favorite cruises, like your top 5. This review was helpful and definitely helped me decide not to choose MSC. Thank you!

  8. Fantatsic review Jim, superbly put together, we were gonna go on the msc seaside and go for a large balcony/suite but you have put us off it now, because lets face it a cruise is food/entertainment, thanks great review, tell me what do you think of royal carribean ships??

  9. Nice going to have to look into this cruise line. The shower setup is stupid, we went to france for 2 weeks and nearly all the showers were like that.. makes no damn sense.

  10. We travelled this summer on a princess cruise ship, with two of our children aged 17 and 20. We went with two cabins rather than a suite because of the bathroom. Two cabins equals two bathrooms. Worked out great!

  11. @ 3:30 the Bigger and better Norwegian Getaway is in the background don’t choose MSC chose Norwegian, Carnival or Royals Caribbean trust me I’ve been on all of those cruises and they are much better

  12. Very good review. Since there are over 600 comments, I just couldn't go through them all to see if this was answered, but you mentioned that the drinks were "free" in your package and they didn't ask for a tip. When I checked out the MSC website to price the same cruise, they state that they automatically charge you a 15% tip to your room account for every "free" drink you get. So did you have to pay for the tips after the fact when you checked out at the end of the cruise? I really would like to know so I am prepared. Also, thanks for the heads up about the steakhouse. I will not go there if we decide to go MSC.

  13. You had me at: "No Fox News"……Who the hell wants to spend that kind of money (Hell no me! i tell you that much!) and turn on your TV and have to hear all day what the "Orange-Clown" has "tweeted" from the White House?!…Hell no, and sadly, no, I would NEVER pay that kind of money to have the entire back of the ship look how I soak in a hot tub!….


  15. Tip for the keycard slots on cruise ships and hotel rooms: they don't actually care what you put in them, any flat (no embossed text) plastic card of the right size and shape will do. You're just depressing a switch inside. If you don't want to argue over whose room key gets left behind when somebody leaves, just stick some worthless card in there like an empty gift card or an expired store loyalty card. Just make sure it's the same thickness as a normal credit card or hotel key card.

  16. Bruh the ending to this review makes zero sense. It is basically "Room is great minus the bathroom, drinks, massages, and private area are included, all for a bargain! But its the worst because a European Cruise line caters to Europeans". What????? Was that not assumed? I dont know about the rest of your experience, but on my cruise once i got past the European curve it was really a great time and there wasnt really any other issues besides the typical "cruise" language barrier. Great job giving an overview tho

  17. It doesn't have Fox News, because people who can afford to go on vacation, generally don't watch Fox News. Fox News is more of a "Let's rent an above ground pool and have a vacation at home" type thing.

  18. I went on this cruise twice and it was.amazing! There is so much to do the room won't even matter to you! The only thing I didn't like about the room was the shower but it was still amazing!!! Also, since there was only two of you, one of you could change in the closet and the other person could just close the curtains and get changed in the room!

  19. Gosh, 5000 People on one tiny boat? No thanks. I prefer going on a cruise only every other year and therefore pay a bit more for a smaller – and therefore nicer – ship. Last year we were on a 17-day cruise between Melbourne and Auckland with Hapag-Lloyds MS Europa II and payed a bit over 1200€/Person/Night.

    Thats far more reasonable than using one of those swimming tourist bunkers. If you really want this, you can also fly to Mallorca for 400€/Week.

  20. I live in the UK and most of the showers in our hotels are like the one you had there. I hate it! The bathroom ends up soaking! But then again I wouldn’t want a shower curtain- most people view them as dirty and unhygienic and they are a bit too personal. The towels are also hung in the same way- right in front of the shower! I don’t understand that decision either! Most hotels in the UK have a key card to control the lights and power too. I don’t understand how you didn’t like the entertainment though, sure I’m not really a fan of opera but I wouldn’t come out of my cruise and say that ruined the experience for me. I appreciate the art and the singing that the performers do. The food is a weird one too, you didn’t like anything at the buffet!? Also who cares about TV when you’re cruising the world! On all the cruises I’ve been on there haven’t been any channels except a movie channel where they show certain movies at certain times of the day. There was no BBC or ITV (British Networks) I did think you did a good review and you were very informative- I didn’t really like the look of the room or the ship so I probably won’t be cruising with them!

  21. cool review guys. I really appreciate youtubers who do review with honest opinions. Saying both what they like and what they don't like.How did i end up watching cruise ship video in the first place is beyond me tho.

  22. is that 2 massages per day? its going to be a long world cruise if im on it for 244 days. ill need more then 2.

  23. a few of us went on MSC cruise (ms Devina) ship was nice and the crew also took care of us but most of the passenger were rude and not from usa for us not many choose to chose from in the dinning room there were so there were many times a few of us after going to dinner had to go to buffet to eat. not like other ship that have an all the time menu beside the regular menu
    this was about 2 years ago as I have cruised on many cruise 8 carnival ships ,1 Holland America ship and in September be going on another carnival cruise

  24. Love the idea of the jacuzzi on the balcony. However the tub looks about as deep as a rubber 3 ringer. Carnivals Horizon in the Cabana jacuzzis were the same way…baby shallow jacuzzis that look great, but not enjoyable.

  25. Europe is a very nice place I would have loved to go on this cruise and it sounded like you guys were very lucking when aboard the ship.

  26. Needing to put your room key card into the slot to keep the lights on is a trend on newer ships. I ran in to the same thing recently on the Norwegian Bliss, which debuted in 2018. It's a bit of a hassle at first but I did get used to it.

  27. you're just good at talking about stuff, I'm not even that interested in this room but your narration style is hooking 🙂

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    Thank you very much

  29. Do you have to use your keycard for the power or would any card work? Carnival uses the same thing but any card will work. I follow another cruise vlogger, who cruised MSC, and he seemed to not like it as much either compared to other lines.

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