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AMITABH BACHCHAN | Gujarat Tourism | EARTHQUAKE | Reaction

AMITABH BACHCHAN | Gujarat Tourism | EARTHQUAKE | Reaction

you from there with the rate yeah another earthquake yo this was intense alright we're good does that boat series this is getting no it's getting a little worse alright get down get down hello people I am javi Kawai joined by Mary my bicep maryam must see we're to look at awesome Gujarat tourism promo English version by Amitabh Bachchan this is the surreal around touch the door between when the night is clear and the morning full moon these white sands fly to pray deity for those nights the earth becomes this dark an austere beauty is colorfully contrasts by the people of coach by the vivid colors of their handguns and the sweet melodies of the folk music first file is the city and laid-back beach of Martin the land gentle goes down into the sea breathe in the zest for life the colorful Fest is the arts the Piper's breathe little bit of cottage fries in viticulture I think we have more there are twelve jyothirlinga the essence of lordship spread across India in the first month these holy shrines is a temple of softness for several centuries the foreign invader attacked destroy to destroy our sense of identity and our culture when faith is not made up of wooden stones it cannot be wiped out by merely destroying of his structures our faith they made and after every invasion that temple was rebuilt not far from here later couple insanity rivers converge caused by also is the Geeta Monday and the Ponca teeth my lord krishna was baekje stop violent so mouston breathe in the power of belief breathe it the fragrance of faith breathing a bit around this is the Gilman modulation far older than the Everest within these ranges lies the ancient polished appear this is the domain of the Asiatic line more than 400 of these three compliants roamed this forest marking its boundaries with her magnificent breasts for this is king of the jungle shares an unusual relationship with his human subjects lion and man share this land in peace respecting each other a good reason why the lion population is on the rise for ages these magnificent inhabitants of the cave forest have symbolized in his pride brilliant their presence freedom these stock and pristine forests breathe in a bit of Gujarat just as a side note totally not related to this I'm sure you were doing it the same thing of like is there another aftershock so we had an earthquake earlier tonight in the middle of shooting a video now it's like every few seconds I'm like is it happening again are we okay yes we're having like a little like movements around there's like I think I think I think it's all in my head now but anyway how did you feel about this cuz I'm sure you never heard of Gujarat before tonight no so what did you think of it this is obviously a tourist trace like come visit and everything yeah it's tourism at yeah the first one like it I'm just just intriguing like it just feels like like wow that's not a place that I like I've ever seen really I have never see I it looks like a movie or like something made up you know like wow it's just surprising I like it second one like history and I can't like I like the third one though I'm like a big right Sara like he's like making it like a little fire and I'm like okay is that something that you can actually do something like it because it's like a promo right I'm like how to do like is that allowed even though it's like promoting like is it the third one right the line one yeah that was the one that kind of freaked me out to be honest with you so this stuff at the end here with the lion I'm like they're not inside of a caged vehicle and that's the only thing that was like unsettling for me I'm like what if the lines ran up on them and like decided you know what I need outside what if the lines were and I was like you don't have hungry any lunch it's been a day you look tasty Safari your insight I said some kind of like how its vehicle sometimes yeah still beautiful I mean all of it looks very very beautiful beautiful like you were saying I never thought of the idea of visiting a sandy place like that you know looks like like a desert from like an extraterrestrial movie or something yeah it's just like not in this planet no yeah I just like how animated you go yeah but he's just chillin out there like I would have never imagined that there was like a desert you could just go out and I'd call me ignorant but he's just out there having a good time like you know walking around or what no I would not have ever like pictured there was a place like that where you guys hang out and it's like endless desert like that like almost like visiting the beach where you can see endless water it's like that but it is you know yeah you know it you think like desperate in the first thing I'm gonna be hot I'm gonna you know it just makes it look like no like they're just chillin they're feeling cool it's like I know maybe the cool colors or something like they're just there's the opposite as well where it's very cold you know what intrigued me the most was this um I don't know what it was this temple yeah that he said was getting attacked over and over again and they tried to sack it beautiful that's the stuff that intrigued me the most yeah being able to visit that would be awesome take pictures and whatnot I mean it looks beautiful yeah but it's funny how they touch different things like the first one it's more about like the peace I'm just like going and just like feeling the nature it's more appealing to like just feel this nature right and I love humming even like the red the red contrast II turbine the turbine yeah or whatever that is the rapper is I don't know everybody know social media cuz I said turbine why did I say turbine oh my god it won't stop coming after me saying it's not a turbine I was trying so hard to not be offensive and there I go and be offensive I appreciate your fear you're afraid of earthquakes were afraid of offending people it's a it's a deadly combination of fear so I don't know if it's it's urban I think it's it's urban you can hide behind Jeb Iike wave I don't know I don't know if it's a turban or not but it's something wrapped around its head to keep I think from yeah you know keep this Sun off your head like a hat it's like a mutters like yeah I mean I like all of this I just I don't I would not as much as I can appreciate the third one with the animals and why not the Safari type Adventure as much as I can appreciate that environment I am NOT going there you would not catch me there even if Miriam massif tried to drag me there I don't care I don't care how how passionate and beautiful Mihrimah sheep is I am NOT going I like the adventure and I like all that but yeah definitely like yeah it just feels too like the temple one is the one that intrigued me the most more than anything like all the culture and like you're bringing all that stuff why would they do like I want to know about it right the stuff with the desert still even though he made it look awesome it still makes me a little bit trepidatious I guess you can say just the idea of being lost in a place with no toilets no 7-elevens no target it's like the temple is a little bit more manageable I'm sure they've got a toilet around there somewhere right you're gonna talk about all I know let's I've been there I would imagine there's a temple there's a toilet there's got to be somewhere you can go to the bathroom and what if you freeze what if it's get what if you burn up like that I know what y'all who live in Gujarat can tell me more about this obviously and educate me elucidate for me wipe out my ignorance and help me understand this area better and why it's worth visiting but yeah to say the least that temple looks awesome so you got in there like the civilization you got the desert and then you got like the Lions like that's a little bit of a change right yeah that's like well source three different ads so anyways thanks you guys so much for hanging out with us and be sure to check out Mary my bicep on the social media [Laughter] yeah check out Mary my flight Sims on the social media subscribe if you haven't already hit the bell icon to get notified every time we drop another video check out our other reactions reviews short films and vlogs I'm javi Chloe this is Mary Amethi I just keep airing Mary my buddy [Laughter]

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  1. The first ad is not a desert but the salt plains of the rann of Kutch on a full moon night the salt plains look like the surface of the moon if you ever go back to India do visit the salt plains on a full moon night its a sight to be seen

  2. Kindly react to North East India Tourism Ads

  3. Basically it is salt. it the main source of edible salt india. the temple is an archeological masterpiece. the turban look and design changes every state, punjabi, Rajasthani, gujrati etc are different to each other. he was wearing very traditional wear. you can still see the villagers wearing those regularly. Temple is one of the most visited god places in India. its very spiritual

  4. Jaby if you again travel back to India, please make sure you should visit Different Jungle Safari Such as GIR (for Lion ) Ranthambhor/ Kanha /Bandhavgarh/Tatoba/ Pench/ Jim Corbett ( For Tigers) all safari are in Open Jeep, need not worry about animals ( they don't harm anyone ) you will really Enjoy True Jungle Safari in India

  5. The Somnath temple in present day Gujarat was attacked by Mahmud Ghazni 17 times. And each time they rebuilt it.

  6. Yeah plz come and visit gujarat one of the best state in india come and visit guj i can also help you out i am also from Gujarat

  7. I'm from #gujarat… india….. please visit one time gujarat state….. 🙏🙏 …. And special south gujarat…..👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. I m from Gujarat …I feel very Proud …. Please breathe some day in Gujarat…..Come in Winter Season….

  9. Feel great about Jaby's channel and OSR..They both are doing great! 👍🏻👍🏻

  10. Hi jaby I want u to see and make a video about this to spread awareness about what's happening

  11. The first place is actually salt dessert. People call it white sand losely. Please search Rann of Kutch utsav. It's a fest organised by government of Gujarat. It usually takes place around November to January. During that utsav AC tent with all the facility are provided by government. It's a best mix of serenity and culture.

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