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American tourist(USA) Joseph from Boston, Massachusetts in Gilgit Balltistan Pakistan. His travel

American tourist(USA)  Joseph from Boston,  Massachusetts in Gilgit Balltistan Pakistan. His travel

Hello My name is Joseph. I am from the u.s. From Boston Massachusetts. I First came to Asia ten years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer in China and since then since 2010 I’ve been travelling in arrest in China Central Asia and the greater Himalaya exploring. The countries are on this region. This is my first trip to Pakistan It’s going to be on six or eight weeks I started in the war and they’ve been traveling Overland to his momma bod to Shawa through a Swat Valley Khun rot Chitra Gilgit Gilgit-baltistan and now I’m in the Hunza Valley here in Korea body Before I came to Pakistan, I heard that the people here are very hospitable. And if the landscapes are beautiful Especially like high-altitude mountain scenery. I similar to a Tibet and the Himalaya and I have to say that I would have been slightly overwhelmed Just how truly warm and welcoming the people in Pakistan are from Punjab to a swapped the postions shatral and Kalasha valleys and now in gilgit-baltistan the Hansa All the people I’ve met have treated me truly. Well, I mean if you’re welcome, they invited me into their homes. They’ve all Often offered to buy my drinks and pay for some my way. But the people really are warm and welcoming It’s true and the landscapes are among the most beautiful in Asia I’ve traveled to over 40 countries now in Eurasia You know Pakistan the northern areas the muggins here are certainly among the most beautiful on the Karakoram They rank up there with the you know, the best parts of the Himalaya Tibet and other countries in the region Thank you very much Excited to be here and looking forward to continue my journey over into cash God and to all travelers out there working T Thinking of coming to Pakistan. I Can say that it is very safe You know that people on the kindness you’ll meet You know It’s a great place to come to go hiking trekking the travel parts of the old Silk Road this history this culture and this tremendous natural beauty and the people Thank you

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