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Amazon FBA Success | My Entrepreneur Journey Update | 6 Figures This Year

Amazon FBA Success | My Entrepreneur Journey Update | 6 Figures This Year

What is going on everyone?! So much for coming back to my channel. Thank you all for 1000 subscribers!! Thank you for all the love, support, comments,
the likes, the thumbs up that you have given me. It means the world to me that you guys are
by my side. Today, I’ll give you an update about my Amazon
FBA journey, what has been going on the past few months, and how I have just reached 6
figures in sales this year. I’ll break it down for you so stay tuned. In this video, we will be diving into my Amazon
Seller Central account. I want to show you guys what has been going
on the past few months since my last update on June the 30th. A few months ago, I was just doing about $30,000
in sales a month, which was pretty good. I was making a decent amount in income and
profits. But I want to show you guys what has been
happening the last few months. A lot of things have changed in Amazon as
I mentioned. So it’s very important that you guys are staying
on top of all the algorithm changes and everything else that has been going on. Now, I noticed that, at least for myself,
after Prime Day, which was in July, all my sales just kind of tanked a bit and I was
kind of wondering why. My suspicion was that a lot of the sellers
on page 1 was obviously out ranking me. My products were on page 1 for a few keywords
but obviously not enough keywords. So all my competitors were out ranking me
and they were obviously taking all the sales on Prime Day causing my product to kind of
drop more for the weeks after that. So, right now, actually not right now, the
past few weeks, I have been working very closely with Launch Gator. Launch Gator is a launch service, you can
look them up on Facebook if you are planning to launch a product or run a giveaway. Please mention that Tamara sent you and they’ll
take very good care of you. But anyway, I have been working very close
with them to do mini launches to get my products up to the first page. Now, for those of you guys that are wondering,
giveaways still work. They still work if you do it correctly. You cannot just do it blindfolded, it’s not
a smart idea to get into Amazon blindfolded and I’ve been reading a lot of new sellers’
questions and comments lately, they are just doing everything blindfolded and they don’t
know what is going on. If you are one of those people, then please
join my Facebook group, get a hold of me, and I will be happy to walk you through step
by step how to successfully do your product launch or get Launch Gator to do your launch
for you. Anyway, before we dive into my computer, I
want to thank you guys so much for 1000 subscribers, like I mentioned. I would not be here without you guys today
and I want to thank you all by giving away another free 30 minute coaching call. So comment “Amazon FBA” in the comments below
and I will randomly choose a winner. I haven’t been doing this lately just because
I’ve been so busy. I’ve traveled to California twice this summer
and I am currently doing other projects on the side. I’m working on my YouTube channel for you
guys and I’m launching a new product. So that’s why I haven’t been doing a lot of
the freebies lately. But please take advantage of this giveaway
that I am doing and I will randomly choose a winner. You also have to give this video a thumbs
up, make sure you’re subscribed to my channel, and make sure you like this video. So going back to my Amazon FBA journey update,
I was randomly browsing through my Seller Central account the other day and I realized
that I had hit over a $100,000 in sales for this year. I didn’t even know that this happened, I was
just looking at my business reports and I’m like “wow, I can’t believe I’ve sold over
a $100,000 already”! To me, that is crazy! It’s only the beginning of September, I started
my Amazon business late January. I didn’t start seeing profits until May or
June, so to me this is really amazing! It’s crazy and this can happen to you as well. Like I mentioned, you just have to be doing
everything correctly and always being on top of your Amazon business. Okay, so let’s dive into my computer and I’ll
show you exactly what has been going on. Okay everyone, we’re now inside of my Amazon
Seller Central account and I will explain to you exactly what has been going on this
year and what has been going on the last 90 days since my last update to you guys. Now, today is September the 9th, as you can
see, 2018. I have 9,756 units ordered and total order
items, 9,344. This was updated September 9th at 1:07 PM. And my ordered product sales have reached
$106,000. This to me is crazy! I actually never saw this number until a few
weeks ago and it just occurred to me. So this is amazing! My profits margins are anywhere between 30%
to 45%, it really depends. If I change the price of my items, if I’m
running PPC, if I’m doing giveaways, so a lot of things factor into that. But this is what the revenue I have made so
far this year. And the average price of my items are $11.35. I have products that run from $10 to $15 depending
on what I am selling and if I decide to adjust the price. I always prefer low ticket items because I
can get them sourced for really cheap and there is profits. So that’s good enough for me. And as you can see here. Last year was just… I started selling in late December as I mentioned,
and it was just for a loser test product that I put up so we are just going to ignore that. This year, as you can see, I slowly started
out and I started seeing profits around here I would say, just around here. And then everything shot up, this was when
I was making about $30,000 a month in sales and then everything kind of fell down a little
after Prime Day unfortunately and I’m working with Launch Gator to get my products ranked
to the first page. Now, obviously we know that with Amazon, things
will always be up and down, so this is not a huge concern for me. However, I am thinking about liquidating another
product. Only because a lot of competitors came in
and stole my idea, left me one star reviews, so this had a bit of an impact on that. But I am not too worried, I am launching my
last product for this year in about 2 to 4 weeks. So I am hoping to bring this back up. And I’m hoping to bring it back up to here
actually in December, coming Black Friday and Christmas. So I want to show you guys what has been going
on the last 90 days now. Okay, so now we are now inside the FBA inventory
age report section. I decided to use this section to show you
guys what’s been happening because it has what units have been sold in the last 90 days. I’ll also try to not move this screen too
much because my boyfriend edits my videos and he finds it a hard time covering up certain
parts of the screen sometimes. Anyways, back on topic. So the last 90 days, as you can see, these
were all of my products and how many units were sold. This one is a little… you guys should ignore
this one only because this was my test product that I threw up in March. I decided to do this product because I was
testing out a few things and I kind of just left it there because it was selling like
1 or 2 units a week and I was just like “okay, well it’s super small, as you can see, so
I’m just going to keep it up there for a while”. Now, it’s time to do a removal order. So that is going to be liquidated very soon. And I’m having a new product up in the next
2 weeks. So all together I will have 4 solid products
for this year. So the product… this product was obviously
my winning product and I am not sure if I am going to continue with this. I mean the last 90 days, it had over 3000
units sold. However, I am not sure if I want to continue
with it only because a lot of competitors have came on and did a bundle, and it’s just
been a nightmare dealing with one star reviews from them. And it’s sad because not all products last
forever. But this has made me the most money this year. However, I am sure that my new product is
just going to kill it so I’m not too worried. But, yeah, as you can see, you guys, this
is pretty much how I’ve been doing the last 90 days. I think in total… what’s the total here? The last 90 days, I’ve sold about, over 5000
units. I’m not sure… I mean to me, that’s all right and hopefully
in the future I’ll sell over 10,000 units in a month. Anyways you guys, that is pretty much my progress
update and I’ll do another update closer to the end of this year and hopefully my numbers
will have doubled. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please give this video a thumbs up if you
liked it. Comment in the comments below. Please subscribe to my channel and I’ll talk
to you guys next time.

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  2. That’s awesome Tamara! You’ve really come a long way and there is so much more great things for you to achieve! Best of luck

  3. Congrats to the $100k in sales and 1k subs! Your contributions adds a tremendous amount of value to the FBA community. Keep on thriving!

  4. Hey congratulations on your success. However I went on and it says the site is for sale. Do you have any information on that. Did not hear you correctly about that name of the site.

  5. Congrats!!! I really like your channel because you're real! My sister and I are doing Amazon FBA together. She told me about your channel. FBA is new for us, hopefully we can launch our first product in the middle of November. There are a lot of things need to learn and easily get frustrated. Thank you so much for filming videos for us. God bless!

  6. Girl, I am so happy for you;-) You're definitely my AMZ FBA sheroe lol. I hope to be in your shoes this time next year. Whom ever wins the call will definitely receive some great feedback. She's the real deal. Keep Shining, Tamara!!

  7. I’m so happy for you! My first product was kind of a test product for me as well. Less than $10 which was okay until the fees went up and left very little profit. My second product is in now and I can’t wait to launch it and see where it goes.

  8. Love this success story. Have just joined Amazon and will be 100% looking at you for guidance. have followed your Fb group too -thx

  9. Hey Tamara. Im really interested in taking a chance with Amazon FBA. I contacted a supplier in China to create a clothing piece. I really hope it works. Order quantity to start out with will be 100 to see how it will sell. I hope Im on the right track. I cant afford any of these courses that cost crazy amounts of money. And I guess I will advertise with Instagram. I hope this clothing piece will work. Any advice will be appreciated

  10. Congrats Tamara! Good job .. I have a stock on to liquidite! How did you to liquidate your last product ? Thank you

  11. I am in the works of launching my first product. High demand, low competition. Hoping to sell 1,000 a month initially, but my end goal is to reach 25000 items per month.

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