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All these side dishes just for $8? [Battle Trip / 2017.03.26]

All these side dishes just for $8? [Battle Trip / 2017.03.26]

(30 hours left in Yeosu and Gwangyang) Let’s go. – Right away! / – Marinated crabs. It’s nice that you can eat breakfast right away. Yes. Ever had marinated crabs for breakfast? No. Never for breakfast, right? They eat marinated crabs in the morning in Yeosu. – For breakfast? / – Right. – A marinated crab meal. / – How much… – For one person? / – $8 here. – That’s $8? / – That was $8. – That was? / – For real. This place is $8? That’s like the cost of a bowl of blood sausage soup. Yeah. I’d like to make an order. 3 marinated crab meals. Please give us a lot. 3 portion the size of 1. – Oops… / – 3 portion the size of 1? – I said not to worry. / – Why? You can get refills. – Here? / – You can get refills? – You can. / – You can get refills here? Yes. All the restaurants in this alley. – Awesome. / – For marinated crabs? Yeah. Thank you. Miss, if we order both soy marinated crabs and spicy marinated crabs, it’s all you can eat? It’s not all you can eat. You can get 3 refills since there are 3 of you. 3 times? – That’s fine, that’s fine. / – That’s still a lot. No need to be too greedy. 3 times is all we can eat. Since there are 3 people… – That’s 3 refills. / – Yes, 3 refills. – Is that braised hairtail? / – Blue crabs. Smells like crab stew. Stop staring at their food. I was so hungry then. We really were hungry. Look at all the side dishes… Gosh! – I bet it’ll be good. / – I’m so hungry? Starving, right? Look at them. They’re all photographing the food. For real. (Looks good…) Stop looking at other people’s food! (They know they shouldn’t) (But they can’t help looking) They have spicy marinated crabs too? – They do. / – They have both. And soy marinated crabs. – I really… / – Should I get marinated crabs today? I want to go to Yeosu just to eat that. (Their marinated crabs finally arrive) This is it. Spicy chilies. That looks amazing. – They give you a lot too. / – They do. – I want to go again. / – Amazing. That looks so good! And those aren’t big crabs. Rock crabs are good too. – They are. / – They taste different. Sejeong, you should wipe off your drool. You’re staring. What’s this? – Wow, that stuff is great. / – Look at the rice. – That’s for free. / – For free. – Really? / – Bean paste stew with 2 crabs in it. Soy marinated shrimp. Look at the marinated crabs. Let’s try some now. Gosh, they’re plump with eggs! – Wow, this is amazing. / – For real. I’m at a loss for words. – This is too much. / – Look at that meat. How does it taste? He has bad teeth and look at him eat. It’s really soft. – Really? / – The meat is… Softer than the marinated crabs we’re used to. Nice and chewy too. Try it. Gosh, look at that! How can there be this much meat? – How did you squeeze it? / – The meat was so soft. It’s sweeter than blue crab. – The rock crab. / – Looks so good. (Yum) This is delicious. What’s going on? I’m so happy. It’s spicy and refreshing. It refreshes you for the morning. That looks so good. It tastes better with rice. Look at the meat. What’s better? The spicy or soy marinated crabs? – I say… / – The spicy. The soy. – I say spicy too. / – So they’re both good. (Any will do) Try some of the broth when it’s a bit spicy. It only has bean paste and crab in there. Bean paste stew with crab in it… – You can see the eggs too. / – For real. It’s so good. The crab bean paste stew. – With some mustard leaf kimchi… / – Mustard leaf! That stuff was the icing on the cake. Can we start the voting right after this part? I think this is the best part. The crowd is loving it. – Mustard leaf kimchi. / – How is that $8? You’ve never tried mustard leaf kimchi? It’s my first time. The saltiness is a bit different from normal kimchi. It has a unique scent. – A bit bitter? / – A bit. Slightly bitter. First-timers could hate that scent. – No, it’s delicious. / – That’s the way, Nami. (Screams) Is this how you eat it? Right, right. You shouldn’t add too much rice. (Mmm) Good? Is this the sea? Go out for a swim then. – We’ll be eating. / – I should. The winter sea… – So pretty. / – Look at this. At this rate, they might get more votes than my Jeonju trip. Yeosu has delicious laver too. Yes. Let me wrap it in laver. Wrap it up… (Crunchy) Give me some marinated crabs. You have to wrap it in the laver. – 2 pieces of chili. / – Let me try this too. Let me try. I won’t take the pincers. (Mmm) (Eye opening taste) (Eye opening taste) You take all the meat out of the crabs… – Right. / – Then mix it in the rice. Then you wrap that in laver. This is also really good with laver. – Right? Told you. / – Yeah. They give you this in Jeju-do when you order… – A pot of seafood soup. / – Right. I peeled this. It’s so pretty. Add some soy sauce. – Now that’s how you eat it. / – For real… – That’s the way. Right. / – It’s so good. This is really good. Really? I’ll peel it for you. – It’s tough to peel. / – It’s not fishy at all. It’s nice and chewy. – Good, right? / – What is this? It melts in your mouth. It’s so good. Put a piece on like sushi. Listen to me. Make it like sushi. It’s kind of like shrimp… – Looks so good. / – And lobster, right? But a bit chewier. (Isn’t that delicious?) (Her eyes roll back every time it’s delicious) Why didn’t you add one? – I didn’t know. / – You didn’t add shrimp. Why isn’t it in my mouth? It went down. Down your throat. It’s gone. – I look so ugly! / – It was so good. It was funny! – No, you look pretty. / – No? How can this be? Have you ever seen me eat this much rice? I already finished mine. What is this dish also called? What’s the nickname? Rice thief. Exactly. This one… – Rice thief. / – Needs to be put in cuffs. I arrest you for grand larceny. It really is a rice thief. It’ll be imprisoned for life in my stomach. It looks really spicy. It is spicy. – Let’s add one more. / – A bit spicy. – But it’s sweet and spicy. / – A bit. How are you so good at squeezing the meat out? Stop showing us this. – Yeah! / – This is torture for me. We squeezed the meat out of 30 crabs. (Mixing) Can you smell that? Smell that? – I want to go to Yeosu now! / – I want to go again. It was so good. Marinated crab bibimbap costs $20 in Seoul. – Right. / – Yeah. It costs around $20. Look at her face. The look of pure satisfaction. She really likes the food. This is so good. It’s the real deal. Yeah. – How is it? / – Super good, right? Really good, right? Let’s make another one, Daesung. (For the hungry sisters) – You don’t need more crab? / – He’s like a mother. – For real. / – A mom. We got more rice to mix in more crab. – That looks so good. / – Keep wrapping it in laver. Are you going to eat crab for the entire first half? – Come on… / – It was so good. It’s all crab the first half. Sir. Can we get a refill please? Right, you need a refill. Don’t you think we’re better at this than Yoo Minsang and Kim Minkyoung? Anyone can just eat a lot like them. They just eat a lot. – They just eat a lot. / – Yeah. – They just eat a lot. / – Since we’re here… We should have some fun in Yeosu. And after we digest, we’ll eat a huge lunch too. It’s not just this place, the places around it give you all this too, right? – Yes, the same. / – Right. – Yeah. / – So filling. – The street. / – Probably different side dishes. Right. How would you rate this place? We’re Ohsosung or 5 stars. 4 stars, 3 stars… Let’s all say it at once on 3. 1, 2, 3. – 5 stars. / – 4 stars. Why? 5 stars… Sir, he says this place gets 4 stars. – We said 5… / – No… – And he said 4. / – No, it’s not like that. It’s a bit spicy for the morning. A bit spicy. – The red one is a bit spicy. / – Right. What I loved was that I felt a bit stuffy inside in the morning but this made me feel refreshed. This savory soup made me so refreshed. That stuff was so good. The bean paste stew looks so good. But… What a great price. Sejeong is already on our side. She is. – No. / – Get it together. The mustard leaf kimchi. I’m so full now. I could drink 5 bottles of soju with that. – You’ll really down it fast. / – The broth… No more crabs so don’t worry. Now there’s not much left. – We do. / – It starts now. – It starts. / – Stuff to see. It’s warm, right? Yes. Isn’t this great? This is nuts. There were a lot of young people too. – And families. / – The sea smells so nice. Can you see in it front of you? (Yi Sunsin Square) I guess this place is really crowded since it’s the town square. – Yeah. / – They’re jumping rope. This is pretty nice. Look at that. See what’s in front of us. So majestic. – This is the turtle ship. / – The turtle ship. Right. So cool. There are a lot of things related to General Yi Sunsin here. General Yi Sunsin started his new post here before the Japanese Invasion. Right. As the Commander of the Left Jeolla. For the first time… What was it? The turtle ship! Right. Yeosu was where the turtle ship was first built! Right. You guys really needed Daesung there. Right, he prepared so much. He was the best guide. This is where it was first built. Really? That’s why there are many historic sites related to him here. There’s the turtle ship here and a video clip of the general… A video clip of the general… – A video clip? / – What do you mean? – The general… / – A video clip… A statue of the general there. It is a video clip too. We’re shooting one of him now. – Like this. / – Yeah. – I just shot a clip. / – We’re shooting one now. General. We’re taking one. Wow, I want to ride bikes by the sea. Sounds great. So romantic.

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  1. Their appetite is unbelievable,,i would not get hungry at lunchtime if i eat that much for breakfast,,yet they say,"we'll have a big meal for lunch too",,

  2. Ohhh that looks amazing! I wonder if the restaurant really gives that much like the free stew with the 2 crab or if it's just because they know they're being filmed. W/e, it looks good!

  3. Imagine eating this for breakfast… Urgh!.. wipes away drool… Though I'd probably be late for school.

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