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Agha Ali’s Journey Was A Tough One | Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada | Part I

Agha Ali’s Journey Was A Tough One | Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada | Part I

My guest today in Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada is Agha Ali He is an actor and a singer and a writer but I heard that he is a very angry man We will got to know today, that is he really an angry guy, or is there a a very beautiful person hiding inside him Lets meet Agha Ali Thank you so much Its a pleasure to have you Its a pleasure to be here I love your show I have heard so much I have heard about so many things We will talk about all of them today But do you know what is the most interesting thing? that when I am looking at you and I am reminded of Agha Sikandar I have done two amazing plays with him Yes I know I have seen you with him and you look really beautiful even today and I think you and my father made a fantastic onscreen couple I love your couple with Usman sir as well but just the onscreen We had an amazing working relation together and it was wonderful He was a good colleague It was wonderful working with him Its good to hear it, thank you So then lets start with you childhood Yes Where were you born? Lahore I was born in Lahore You have a sister? Yes I do have a sister A younger sister and I was the second child My elder brother is Ali Sikandar A lot of people recognize him as a healthy actor and a writer and then I came in the world and after me came my sister So what is her name? Nafisa Nafisa Noor Sikandar So you used Agha in your name instead of Sikandar No, my brother is also Agha Ali Sikandar, I am Agha Ali Abbas and my sister doesn’t go for Agha, for some reason but she will aways be Agha as well I wanted to associate to this name more because both me and my brother are in the industry so I don’t know whether it was us being childish or not but we wanted to have our father’s name, with our name So I took Agha and he took Sikandar so thats why, its Agha Ali and Ali Sikandar I don’t know why, but thats how we How was you childhood? What do you remember My childhood was very tough I say this in a lot of shows that it was like this and this and this but the major thing that I remember was that I was around 5 and a half when my father died and how old was your sister? She was one year old So just a year old and my elder brother was about 8 so practically your mother trained you A single parent and and because we lived in another house and after his death we had to shift into our grandfather’s house and there we stayed for 5 or 6 years then we had to shift in another house We stayed there for 3 or 4 years, then we had to shift again and we stayed there for the same amount of time before getting shifted I have lived in 8 houses till the age of 22 or 23 So So when I would start thinking that this is my house and completely associated with with the neighbourhood and the people then we had to shift because after our father’s death, things were good till our grandfather was alive Anayt Hussain Bhatti What a fantastic human being he was So he was there and things were nice, Waseem Uncle was supporting us and we were staying at that house and then I think after his second marriage, he got too occupied with his own life and we were also growing up and we didn’t know what to do We could also not go to school regularly so it was tough I remember I couldn’t relate to anything because I think that I couldn’t fit in with my cousins as well because it was difficult for them to give a place to another family at their home and to make us part of their daily life routine the game that 6 people played, now it had 8 people so in that, and I was a little I don’t know, maybe I was arrogant so it was pretty tough thats what I always say So what is the first memory that you remember of your father My father had brought us up in a very loving and filmy way He was one of those father that you could expect anything from him that if you like we were just talking that we liked a convertable and roofless car 3 days later, the car was in our house and I really liked dogs, I still have three of them and I have 2 shepherds and a pug so that also came from my father He brought a Russian dog at the house So he was like that and then everything went off in a second so we couldn’t understand for a while that what will we do now So what kind of a kid were you? Quite? or were you naughty? I tried to be naughty but I didn’t get that much attention like I used to get because my mother also was very young and I don’t think it was easy for her to handle the situation She was only 34 when my father died so Today, you become heroin at that age So I think everybody was too confused they all were fighting their own battles Do you remember that first gift he gave you? I remember that it was a walkie talkie that he bought me on my third birthday and So I also remember when we talked on the walkie talkie the first time after buying it, I sat down in the car and he was at the shop so he gave me the walkie talkie and told me to sit in the car so we could talk So I did talk about that and he was a He was a great guy Just a great guy overall a fantastic husband and a fabulous son the most charming person, that I have ever known so he should have stayed So did this make you very angry? In your personality Because when you miss your father now and I miss him now a lot because I want to know that as a teenager It wasn’t that tough to be honest as a teenager, I didn’t know that I will know the value of a father when I need him It happened in my career because I was a very good student I graduated with scholarship and we didn’t have money for education My mother had tole me that go study if you can afford it, or else work and the first job that I did, at the age of 17, was to pack 100 dvds in a day and I used to get movies to watch, because I had no money to pay the guy So I used to pack his dvds and this was when I was 17 and I was fond of watching movies so thats how I used to get movies to watch So what did little Ali dream of? to be my father to be him I thought he left too early I used to cry You just wanted to be him? My only My only goal was to I wanted people to say that he is here He is not gone and he is here He is still part of the industry He is still doing great Agha Sikandar is here and he is not gone so So thats why I am here probably So what was the first thing you did? The first thing as in? As an artist As an artist I started hosting I used to go to concerts and and stuff like that so So this one time, a producer from PTV spotted me and asked me to host So how did you go into theater In college When I was doing my graduation in arts, there was theater there At the start, I became the General Secretary of the dramatics society . and our own team used to make plays and Haseeb sir was there and he acts now too Haseeb Khan so He has a theater group, so I worked with him but I was lucky in this thing that when I was doing my 3rd theater play There a television director saw me and he offered me a character in a telefilm for Geo So That telefilm never released and because of that project I got Satrangi with Fawad and all of these people so that was a good experience but I didn’t know anything I was a very very knew actor and Fawad was a star and it was great working with him Great guy But then things started going bad, I had no support and I expected everybody to be with me because they were my father’s friends When I came in the industry, I felt I should get nothing but a welcome atleast because I was banned in Lahore Yaseen Malik, the head of UPA and I would like to tell people about it that how these things work United Producer Association at that time in Lahore They saw my interview in English and they couldn’t understand English that much In it I said You need to bring young talent and the old directors need to intoroduce new ones like it happens in India and all the other industries So I don’t know why it made him really angry and Overnight, the three projects that I was doing, dissapeared I had to payback my advances and I had I literally had 570 rupees in my account I pay the bills and run the family so it was I was just suddenly trapped in such a bad situation and I didn’t know what to do and I was crying I was not telling the family, what was going on I didn’t know what to do and no one was giving me work in Lahore Who are you close to? Elder brother or sister? My brother I am very close to my sister but still again, because we are in the same field professionally so I tell him everything and he tried his best couple of more people tried their best, but Yaseen was not budging May God give him a place in heaven but I was devastated So I had a friend in Karachi and thats how the whole journey started The chapter of Lahore ended in 2011 and I went to Karachi with those 570 rupees in my pocket and stayed with my friend for about 6 months then, no work and I was meeting people in Karachi and Abid Ali Someone told me that he had worked with my father so much so it is not possible that he doesn’t recognise you I called him So he told me to call tomorrow So I was so happy that I might get some work now and I would send some money home so the next day he called and told me no work was available there are so many others like this I am not saying Abid sir is a bad person but he genuinely didn’t have anything for me at that point of time so the two years were devastating I had to move to basement where they charged me 100 daily and there was no telephone signal No pillow nothing, and I was just staying there with a dream that I will become a hero one day and there was no one calling me at that time and I got thrisis and With in about a month I had seven more than seven hundred blocks on my body bleeding and patches they were bleeding and I was thinking that its time to die now the story has ended I won’t have anything left because the first doctor I went to was in Zia Uddin Hospital Karachi and she told me Stop wearing clothes because you might be allergic to the fabric stop eating meet because you might me allergic to it stop doing this stop doing that stop going to the dust and I was a person in a room just having a towel all around me Always cleaning my body And you mother didn’t know? No and I kept fighting here for three months there was only one project that I was directing I finalyy got a producer who liked me There was a project, I was directing it and also singing in it so it was a dream come true that was about to happen then when I thought that the struggle is over and I am going to make nice big debut in the industry so thrisis happened in 2011 so after 3 months, I went back home and no doctor could cure it I stayed in my room for 8 months and I got fat I was always bleeding so I don’t know I could not go out I didn’t allow anyone to come to my room My family was upset I couldn’t understand anything an d after 8 months, I met a doctor and that doctor I don’t know that medicines he gave me so 4 times a day I used to apply it wash it and apply it again my scalp was bleeding There was no place left, that didn’t bleed and I i actually thought that its over there can’t be any comeback for me because I already had not given a good debut I did 3 or 4 dramas, that weren’t even noticed that much and then there is nobody waiting for me out there there is nobody waiting No calls and I already wasn’t able to get to people and I was pulled back even before it so in 2013 I kept fighting like this and I couldn’t go out Doctor at the house, or going to the doctor and sometimes I had to go alone, so I had to get an injection in my back everyday so I used to drive myself to the doctor get injected and then drive like this and comeback home everyday for a month so what kept you going? What was that thing? Something that someone said or the thought of your fathe r First of all I knew My connection with Him was always there I knew that this is not destiny I knew that this cannot end here because the talent that I had it wasn’t there for a useless reason He wouldn’t add talent in anyone without any reason Did you write songs? I wrote songs I wrote an entire album and I wrote a movie and that film will be starting next year Finally, after getting delayed 3 times and Ma is a song of mine, that people loved That was on youtube It crossed 4 million views so I wrote it then and I wrote a lot of other songs and I prayed everyday, I had a cat and me, thats it, there was no 3rd person and so Me and Moglu, my cat she was there for 2 years, and Moglu died and it was another setback in our lives but I don’t know, maybe it died because of my desease because after a week, I started to recover and after a week I was just and I was stunned, that what exactly had just happened The bleeding stopped, everything got dried off and I was really happy and maybe it was the faith in God and mother’s prayers That I returned all of sudden from there I got a drama here in Lahore and then I got a phone call from Karachi Did a project for Hum called Halki Si Kalash and then I did Rukhsaar and there was no turning back then slowly and steadily in all this time all the tough times that you went through When did you fell in love for the first time? It happened way before this I have always been a very hearty kid and this is because of the women that were around me I am very shy I have never said this to a girl, that I like you or a dinner outside Never in my entire life but I have went a lot to have dinner What was your age during the first love? I was I think . I was in the 9th standard and I had a substitute English teacher and she was 23 years old She was there for 2 months so so she loved me a lot, and then I loved her as well We used to talk on the phone for hours Once I met her and we ate outside and 2 months after that, she introduced her fiance to me so my heart broke and I moved on but I have moved on very quickly In a week or two, I was again in love and then I was again in love but I always know that this will go up till which level I always know that that this should remain here It wouldn’t go futhere but then finally, I met good people in life too They were good at their end, and so was I so what was the first think you wrote? When you heart was shattered Some went here and some went there So what was the first thing in it Are you talking about the song? A song or poem The first song I wrote was Mahi Why not So this persona of Devdas Yeah I am thinking of this as a persona that it is a vulnerable side So thats what attracts girls Maybe, I don;t know so where did that anger go? It comes some people think its a lot, I don’t think so I think it comes where it is needed but this is not the force, that pushes forward No not at all I am very clear about life I know that I have to be on top there is no other place for a person like me I can’t endure this if I don’t succeed in life so the push that I have I think it wouldn’t even end at the top because our industry its a very difficult place and I don’t think it was this difficult when I joined it, now it is like I have given more than 20 serials, as a top leading hero loads of TRP I am saying this here but The amount of money I take from serials, 90% heroes don’t take that amount because I know where I stand in the industy but thats not enough there are so many more things Like nepotism, has broken all records in our industry You don’t need to be talented to do an ad Will you call it nepotism or connection? No, no, this is a plain example of nepotism I think that we will leave India behind in this very soon because in India if there are 4 star children produced in a year it will produce 2 such starts who have no background and they are actually there forever the star sons are there for just special projects so the mass work you get is given to people like Nawazuddin Siddique it is given to Vicky Kaushal at the same time there is Varun Dhawan and in your industry recently So this doesn’t happen here What do you mean? In our industry? No There are no star kids here Why not? They are few I don’t want to name anyone but it seems weird where you have to follow a criteria I am sure there is a criteria for your show Like they will come, who have done this and this It can happen once that you will call somebody, that you personally like or your directors wants to invite his favourite His this thing seems interesting so call him but becoming guest and getting a lead role in the drama they are very different things If I do 25 dramas in a year, as a hero and I still don’t have the script that is with a friend’s child and thats unfair like Imran Ashraf is an actor and he is like a little brother to me Nor only I keep saying this about him that he is a fantastic actor I also have been saying this that what he does, even I can’t do it No one in the industry can do it and I swear that no one can do it Not Shaan, Momar Rana, Ahad, me or Fahad He is that good but he gets that place when he has already given his best work Its like this in the entire industry Yeah, thats how it is It is a difficult place to survive and for a person who is who has a disease who has been through this circle It becomes more difficult for him because when you have thrisis or you have any such problem You won’t be going out, and won’t be having a fun time with friends You can’t be at the parties with so much that you can’t do and a normal person can You didn’t give enough time to shoot, you come late sometimes For me its applying the medicine before I go to the shoot Then come back, wash myself and apply the medicine again Me applying the medicine takes about an hour and a half Even today I still have it its pretty much there but how do you get out of this? You cannot There is no such cure A homeopathic I treated myself from 18 doctors only in Pakistan but our old ways I drank Neem water I drank bitter gourd juice I drank Alo Vera I went to the local doctors all the medicines they made, I used them and there are so many other other doctors I went to

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