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Adventures of Buttman #13: Toilet Sidecars! (Annoying Orange GTA V)

Adventures of Buttman #13: Toilet Sidecars! (Annoying Orange GTA V)

♫ Nah-nah-Nah-Nah,
nah-nah-nah-nah, Buttman ♫ Nah-nah-Nah-Nah,
nah-nah-nah-nah, Buttman ♫ Nah-nah-Nah-Nah,
nah-nah-nah-nah, Buttman ♫ Nah-nah-Nah-Nah,
nah-nah-nah-nah, Buttman ♫ Nah-nah-Nah-Nah,
nah-nah-nah-nah, Buttman ♫ Kicking all the butts ♫ Buttman ♫ Punch you in the guts ♫ Buttman ♫ Grab you in the nuts ♫ Buttman ♫ Do the Buttman strut ♫ Buttman – [Annoying Orange] Yeah yeah! (farting) (laughs) Hey, yo, back again
with another game video. And Buttman hopes he had a nice fall. (laughs) That’s right, dust the
cobwebs off, Buttman. We got some crime-fighting to do today! Let’s get to it. Now as you may know, we’re always trying to improve
our Buttman technology. That’s why we came up with this
brand new prototype vehicle. Wait for it, wait for it. The Butt 9000, with toilet sidecars! (laughs) For Bazooka Monkey, and
Fartboy of course, who else? Okay guys, hop in your sidecars, let’s go. What are you doing, get in your side Okay, here comes Fartboy. Get in your sidecar, Fartboy. (laughs) He seems very reluctant! (laughs) Come on, Bazooka Monkey! Okay, there you go. Okay, Bazooka Monkey. Get on your sidecar Aw no, you almost got hit,
be careful, be careful. Okay, hop in your sidecar. Don’t be shy, Bazooka
Monkey, get on your side Aw, hey! (laughs) Oh no, I think the sidecars
might need seatbelts. Okay, guys get on! And Bazooka Monkey, why
are you so reluctant? It’s gonna be fine, I promise. Here, I’ll spin, no, hey, excuse me? This is a Buttman sidekick loading zone. What are you doing? (laughs) Okay, he’s going up, Bazooka. Ah, (laughs), did you poop in there? Did you poop in there, Fartboy? Was that for pooping,
those are for riding. (laughs) You guys, just get in your sidecars! (laughs) I don’t know why you guys
are making this so difficult. What are you doing? Fartboy, what are you doing? Fartboy, no, get back (laughs) Fartboy! (laughs) Okay, they might, yes,
yes, they’re doing it! Alright, speed, now here we go. Now we’re off to fight some crime! (laughs) Best vehicle ever. (laughs) Whoops, okay, time to go, hey! What the heck? Okay, so you didn’t fly off
when I ran into the tree, but you fell off when I Get back on here, guys. Guys, guys get on. I’ll buy ya Blizzards at Dairy Queen. That does it every time. Alright guys, let’s go
fight some more crime. Sorry! See, look how far Buttman
technology has taken us. Excuse me. (laughs) Wha hey, guys! (laughs) Why do you keep bailing? Okay, fine, I’ll back
up some Bazooka Monkey. Aw, now you (laughs) Now you fell off again. Aye (laughs) Okay, get on guys. (laughs) What do you mean you don’t feel safe? I promise you that this is the most safe
mode of transportation ever created in the universe. Okay, now get on. No don’t argue with me, Fartboy, get on! Okay, here, I’ll back
up just a little bit. Whoa, what the? (laughs) I think I accidentally
hit the Eject button. (“I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly) Bazooka Monkey, are you okay? Excuse me, truck, I need to
see if Bazooka Monkey is okay. Bazooka Monkey! Oh no, oh, there you are. He’s fine. (laughs) Fartboy, stop getting run over. Aw, great, you got ran over. Now you’re attracting the police! Okay, now get in your sidecar, quickly. Hey, get on your sidecar before it, hey! Hey, oh no, don’t escalate it! Aw geez, what did I tell ya? I regret giving you guys those bazookas. Every time anything happens, it’s always okay, let’s bazooka every No don’t do it Fartboy. I told you not to do it! (laughs) We’re supposed to be fighting
crime, not creating crime. Okay Bazooka Monkey, get on
your toilet sidecar, get on. Okay, just, (laughs) Don’t do a barrel roll off of it. ‘Kay, Fartboy, Fartboy get in (laughs) I’m just gonna sit on you. I’m just gonna sit on you with the car, massage you a little bit, how’s that feel? You like that? Get on your side car! Come on, Fartboy! (laughs) Butt 9000 massages. (laughs) How’s that feel, Fartboy? Loosen up that lower
back a little bit, right? (laughs) Excuse me! Okay, it’s a little dented, but I think it’s gonna be fine. Okay, good job, here we go! Now that’s how you do it, guys. Alright, now depending on
how this test run goes, it’ll determine whether
or not we keep this car in our heavy rotation,
when we go to fight crime. So far the handling’s pretty Excuse me, what are you
guys doing, you can’t just You can’t just get out of your toilets in the middle of driving,
what are you doing? And if I inspect those toilets after we’re done driving this thing, and they have any poop in
them, you guys are fired. You’re both fired. I told you those toilets
are not for pooping. Okay, let’s take it to the skies! Ooh, there’s the blimp! We can get ’em, come on! No, no, we missed it. Hey, Bazooka Monkey, Fartboy! No, where’d you go?! Ooh, that’s a lot of spinning. Oy-oy-oy, wha, uh (laughs) My ketchup packets! What, you’re just lucky you didn’t
barf all over the place, geez. Hey, there’s my car. (laughs) Now if I can
just find my sidekicks. Okay, so it turns out that we’re
not gonna put the Buttcar 9000 into heavy rotation. Instead, we’re taking the Buttmobile, and we modified it a little bit. Excuse me, I’m trying
to get in my vehicle. Okay, there we go, now we’re good. Okay, the Buttmobile’s got a
modified ramp on the front. That way if we run into any traffic, that’s exactly what happens, excuse me! And sometimes that happens too, but that’s okay! You just gotta take the good
with the bad, right? (laughs) Ooh, tacos, I want tacos. Ah, naw, I missed the tacos. Uh (laughs) Aw, fire hydrant, what are you thinking? (laughs) Get it? Water? Water you thinking? Why aren’t you laughing, my sidekicks? (laughs) See this is also a great solution if you don’t have any
parking spots available. So you can just make your own (laughs) Everybody’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’! Oh, see you later (laughs) hot potaters! Ow! That didn’t feel very good. Alright, let’s drive on
the wrong side of the road for a little while. ‘Cause that’s where I wanna
drive ’cause I’m Buttman. I’m superhero. Donald Trump’s ain’t
got nothin’ on Buttman! See you later! (laughs) Ow. Bazooka Monkey did it. Let’s see if we can ram some pedestrians. Hey, there you go. (laughs) Eh, excuse me, sir, sir. Oh, no, stop, stop rubbing
your hands all over the car, I just got it washed, what are you doing? Geez. (laughs) (laughs) Yeah! Aw, boy, (babbles) He’s fine. (laughs) Ooh, hamburger snacks, I’m hungry. You guys want some hamburgers? Okay, let’s get some hamburgers. Aw (laughs) That’s probably the correct
way to exit a vehicle. Okay, guys, guys come on. We’re gonna go get some hamburgers. Okay, here we go. Excuse me, excuse me, sir,
I’m trying to get by you to get some hamburgers. Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to (laughs) I didn’t mean to squish
you against the wall. No no no no no, no, dah! (laughs) Fartboy! What did I tell you about blowing
up hipsters with bazookas? That’s a little excessive, doncha think? No no, not, stop shooting
bazookas at everyone! There’s a time and place
for bazookas, you guys! Owie! Hey, that was a Buttman crossing
zone, what are you doing? Great, great, now because you’re shooting
bazookas at people, the police wanna arrest us! Good job! Okay get in the car. Hey, get in the car, Bazooka Monkey, aw for crying out loud. You won’t get in the car because
it doesn’t have four doors. You’re so picky, see, this is why I’m making
you ride in the sidecar. Stop shooting bazookas! Geez. That’s it, you’re not
getting Blizzards anymore. Nop, we’re not going to Dairy Queen. Every time it goes Hey, keep your hands in
the vehicle, Fartboy. What did I tell you? Safety first, we have to be safe, okay? When we’re driving in this car,
it’s all about safety, okay? Y’aye, oh oh, ya (laughs) See? See? That’s exactly what I was talking about. Look what would’ve happened if you would’ve had your
arm outside the vehicle. Arms in the vehicle, we’re driving safely. Right now we’re driving safely. I think you finally understand, doncha? (laughs) Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, Buttman! (laughs) Alright, hey, ho, hey, you
guys wanna lift some weights? Yeah, we gotta bulk up a little bit. Especially you, Fartboy, you’re
looking a little stringy. What’s everybody staring at? We’re just here to bulk up, hey, hey! What did I tell you, are you
shooting bazookas over there? You don’t just roll up to Muscle Beach and start shooting bazookas at people. Hey hey hey, I’m not
responsible for my sidekicks. Stop trying to punch me. I’m not the one shooting bazookas at you. It was him, he did it. No, don’t do it, Fartboy. What did I tell, don’t do it, Fartboy. (laughs) Geez, Fartboy. You just shot him in
the butt, what (laughs) And then you dove on top of him? (“I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly) You shoot him in the butt with a bazooka and then jump on top of him. That’s how you roll? That’s how you roll, okay, okay, well I gotta say, I’ve never
been prouder of you, Fartboy. (laughs) Ooh, basketball, you guys
wanna go play some basketball? We should play some horse. Well instead of horse, we can play monkey. For Bazooka Monkey. Right? (laughs) Ah, crap muffins, I
just realized something. There’s no basketball. Did you bring a basketball? I didn’t bring a basketball. How are we gonna play basketball if we don’t have a basketball? Ooh, wait I’ve got an idea. Let’s use minions! I’ll spawn minions and we’ll
use them as basketballs. Okay, goes for the layup. Aye, oh. Aw, no, I missed. No no, guys, guys don’t do it. No, no bazookas! Aw, there’s no bazookas
on the basketball court! What did I say? What did I say? All you minions are fired. Using bazookas at basketball
games is called cheating! I can’t believe they
cheated at basketball. I’m gonna go take a joyride. Hop in my trusty backhoe
and we’re good to go! Excuse me, I was driving here, uh oh. I didn’t make that guy
fly in the interstate. He thought he could
fly, he did it himself. (“I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly) Yep yep, totally his fault. Totally his fault. (laughs) Aw man, now I gotta go
find my sidekicks again. I don’t even know where they went. Excuse me, oh look out. I didn’t run him over, he
was ran over when I got here. Alright guys, well, I think that’s enough
crime-fighting for today. I think we did a really
good job, don’t you? Yeah! We’re always really
great at fighting crime. Excuse me (laughs) Alright guys, well, make sure to do everything you can to make this the most
popular video on the internet ’cause I tell you, doing it is so good. Alright, see you next time. Later, hot potaters. ♫ Nah-nah-Nah-Nah,
nah-nah-nah-nah, Buttman ♫ Nah-nah-Nah-Nah,
nah-nah-nah-nah, Buttman ♫ Nah-nah-Nah-Nah,
nah-nah-nah-nah, Buttman ♫ Nah-nah-Nah-Nah,
nah-nah-nah-nah, Buttman ♫ Nah-nah-Nah-Nah,
nah-nah-nah-nah, Buttman ♫ Kicking all the butts

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