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Adventures in Boy Scouts Part 2

Adventures in Boy Scouts Part 2

So me and T.J. had to sleep a whole night in the Axe smelling tent Every breath I could taste the smell. And I just got more and more angry! The night finally passed and I woke up early in the morning before everyone else. So I could start with my master revenge plan Was I tired? Maybe. That’s the sacrifice you have to make for vengence. Every campsite had a water fountain coming out of the ground connected to a PVC pipe. I found the biggest Ziploc freezer bag I could find and started to fill it up with water. It was obviously a slow prosess. I had plenty of time to reconsider To think about what T.J. said or what would happen after I got my revenge. But nothing stopped me. I was a squeaky voiced, hormone induced monster. Once the bag was full I went back to my tent and woke T.J. up. He got up and I told him to, “Watch this.” T.J. actually had no part in the revenge plan. I just wanted to suck him down with me. I think T.J. actually didn’t wanna get revenge? I ran towards the mega log tent and hid behind the real tent that was right next to the log one. Everyone was still inside. T.J. still had no clue what I was doing. Until I chucked the bag over the real tent. If everything went according to plan, the bag would break on the roof and the water would sink through the openings. And then they’d be super wet LOL That was the plan. (Dramatic Music) I never saw the carnage my creation had done. I was worried that I’d completely missed the log tent. I never played any sports as a kid so just making it over the first tent would have been an accomplishment. But the fact that everyone started screaming and one boy yelled, “Micah I’m gonna kill you!” I new it must have been the most perfect shot. Did I stay around and laugh at their stupid guilty faces? No. Me and T.J. ran away as fast as we possibly could without looking back. We sprinted off into the woods before any 15 year old saw us. We just kept running and running making sure to get as far away from camp as possible. And on the way I kinda threw up a little. (Gross) T.J., being the good friend that he was, thought I was unfit to run so he decided that we should hide in some bushes. After about five minutes nobody came. “Should we head back to camp?” “No” “Yeah you’re right.” So we kept running. Until we found the lake where scouts could canoein’. Me and T.J. both thought this was a good place to stop. So we sat by the lake and talked for a few hours. Because in a week, T.J. and his family were gonna move away to China for two years. And I knew I wouldn’t see him again for a long time. So I wanted to spend every moment I had with him. We were just a couple of bros being real with each other. Skipping rocks and talking about our feelings. And then that night, the 15 year old’s tent got Axe bombed. So I guess it wasn’t them. Oh and remember how I threw up after running so much? (Still gross) Well apparently, there was a sickness going around camp that all the camp instructors got and about 50% of the scouts got it, too. And, lo and behold, one of the 15 year olds wasn’t feeling so well when he went to bed that night. And then the sudden jolt awake and the cold water made him throw up. Yaaayyy Subtitles provided by the good people of YouTube.

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  1. The food goes downhill year by year according to the older scouts in my troop and this year I went and a lot of people got sick but it wasn’t contagious because my friends tented with people who got it but never got sick

  2. You know what I do that I do that most people dont? Bounce up and down repeatedly in front of my science teacher's classroom door window.

  3. Bro if I was at the camp and everybody throwing up I would not of survived I have the worst phobia of ppl or myself throwing up 😭

  4. James:should we go back to camp?


    James:Yeah your right

    That’s me and my brother

    Me:should we go back to (karate)camp


    Me:yea your right dude

    ends up going back

  5. Oof.. my cousin was the one that did that to u.. he’s kinda older than me because I’m 19 and he’s 24

    I didn’t tell him to because I was still in cub scouts

  6. (This isn’t some weird fan fiction, just picture 2 random 12 year old boys) Imagine if this turned out differently and they both discovered their love for each other, and they realized they only had another week together. That would be such a good movie

  7. Wait what!? He moved to China! I'm a Chinese but ya I don't live in China, I live in Hong Kong(shut up no one cares

  8. Does anybody notice his face on damn thumbnail on this vid, and if he doez that face all themtime well I got to say is TAKE A DAMN CHILL PILL K ITS NOT THAT SERIOUS GOT IT NOBODYS UR BABYSITTER AND NEEDS TO MONITOR UR ATTITUDE

  9. So part 1 says 5 years ago, and this one says 4 years ago. Either he made them a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long ways apart or he made them close to New year's.

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  11. Dont put anyone watching in 2019 cause no one cares also dont be like i wish i had a friend that didn't ignore me cause u dont u just being over dramatic

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