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A Vlog with more depth | Oats Chocolate Muffin | Road Trip

A Vlog with more depth | Oats Chocolate Muffin | Road Trip

hi everyone welcome back just a slight change this time to a usual vlog do let me know your opinions on this keep watching we were going to the Mumbai Road so to have on the way or as a breakfast I prepared odds muffin I had some leftover oats after had made granola earlier nobody no family is a fan of oatmeal so making use of it this way so that it doesn't go waste here I have powdered 2 cups of whole oats add a 2 heaped tablespoons of dark cocoa powder now I had this at home cream of tarter I'm using this because this is also a substitute for baking powder which I didn't have it at home that time so using cream of tarter 1 teaspoon then quarter teaspoon of baking soda then quarter teaspoon salt half teaspoon cinnamon powder quarter to 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder and mix everything well now into a mug add 1 cup milk quarter cup vegetable oil 3/4 cup of melted palm jaggery instead of this you can add mashed bananas dates or even sugar then 1 teaspoon vanilla essence mix it well and add to the dry ingredients mix well it may look very watery don't worry then goes 1 cup whole oats as such then 1/2 cup chopped walnuts you may add cashews and raisins too if you wish now spread oil into a muffin tin pour the batter baked in a preheated oven at 180 degree Celsius for 20 to 25 minutes or until it's completely done that when you put a toothpick or skewer it comes out dry the sad part of this is that I had kept it in the fridge and forgot to take it before leaving I had to give it to my kids after coming back I had few editing works to be done so doing it the previous night I do most of my editing these days on laptop to reduce the stress on my eyes that's a tip I had shown once for drug same applies for your clothes line it please say a command my husband was totally tired and felt sleepy so he stopped on the way at a petrol station and step for around half an hour these long road road trips are really boring so we try keeping our self engaged with some of the other now my husband had asked me to do a favor on his mobile on the way that's to transfer some money to his Indian bank account he used SDC pay for this we got to know about this from a close friend sergeant Isha and who also has a YouTube channel this is one app that is very easy to use so I thought I'll share some information on this because many over here in Riyadh might find it really very helpful you just have to download this app from your app store or place to just click allow for the notifications to get enabled you just have to enter your mobile number you get a passcode by SMS and then you enter that then you will have to give the details of your ID that's the Akama number and your date of birth don't forget to enable the location because that will on the Irani service of SDC to know the nearest ATMs you can use passcode or touch ID or even face ID if your phone has that enable your contacts because this is one main point where if anyone on your contact list uses sccp app you can easily transfer amount to that person by checking the contact list and that's called valid to valid service then you will be directed to a page where you'll have to enter all your details your profession has to be similar to what's on your ID so be aware of that all STC uses your ID will be automatically verified other users you will need to update using option I'm sure everyone in Saudi Arabia are aware of what's up sharees now you just have to add money into the stcp account by either connecting your debit or credit card or by cidade velha or the major or the plus point i would say even if you don't have any bank account STC will automatically create a bank account via two banks check which is nearest to you and you can go and deposit there using the teller service here are many RP the salaries by cash so this is highly beneficial for them now the limit for one transaction per month is ten thousand reals since my husband has a bank account I'm showing it with an example of transferring 50 reals enter the amount and your car details there for security reasons I'm not showing in detail and hence the money is added to your SDC account now there are lot of services from them you know what we use is international remittance so I'm showing that for the time being you can check the rates of different countries at the price estimator here I'm checking the rate for India as we are sending money to Indian bank account just suppose one KL as example I'm showing you get a good rate at SDC now this is your main highlight until August 25th their transfer fee is just five years and I don't think you get it with any other ones now back to the International remittance you will have to add the receivers full details try to add a full name to avoid any confusions even if they have single name do add your father's name and family name along with this just for a safe aside enter their bank details now my husband's account is in federal banks so just showing that and you can see it will be added over here click send money and just enter the amount you want to send then the transaction will be completed with the transfer fee of fire reals that's a part of the offer and along with 0.25 at do add a promotion code now each of you will have a different promotion code where you will find it it's over here click this tiny gift box click here and you'll get your code below on the pink box as I said everyone will have a different code do add yours and then it's a success you will get an SMS instantly being a beginner you may find it a bit confusing from what I'm saying but once you use the service I don't think you'll step back I have been doing this for my husband and it's that easy hope you found it informative don't forget to use your promotion code because that's how you benefit even more if you want a recipe of your immittance you can even get that as a PDF file and print it out almost 70 banks in India receive money instantly no restrictions on time or date but I think other countries is almost 24 hours back to the journey didn't get much time to organize so I have literally dumped everything inside this huge bag from the work let me show you what's in a mini makeup bag my medicine my current favorite deodorant from yeardley body mist from Victoria's Secret this actually was gifted to me from a very close to your friend my little purse that's my tripod mobile tripod I use that's my car mouse riser prescribed by a dermatologist my perfume is over so right now I use my husband's sometimes this is from arriba nude kids perfume powerbanks that's always my lifesaver I carry this all time with me the three-in-one charger dumped everything back we are actually come here for Rihanna's badminton tournament so checked in the room before going to the club the last trap left that has to be shared this was the only grocery in that area and no family restaurants – Rehan will get a lunch coupon as he is a participant so we got two extra plates to share the lunch we had it from the car the weather is too hot nowadays so feel like having something cold I have iced coffee and my husband had avocado our man was feeling too sleepy and me too so we both went back to the hotel room okay multi now this just was from last year Ede gee yeah guy likes funny please face me 17 then turn left on the King South Street on the way back we got into a restaurant to have lunch here we found some nostalgic items my most favorite is pineapple I used to have these in my childhood when I used to go for vacations from cata these were not as tasty as we had in our childhood and that's for today's vlog do let me know your opinions I give a little changes for an in-depth feel do comment below if you like this style or my usual way or both see you with another one until then take care bye bye

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  1. Shamshee i have one doubt….the room fair is belong to the event management…or its our own ?

  2. Hi shamsheera it’s a bit late but better late than never right..I liked this video but I still prefer the older version as in this one I felt somethings missing..though there’s not much difference but still a little bit of difference can make a huge impact!!

  3. Hi shamsheera lots of love from Kolkata.. I alwys first like ur video then start watching and always enjoyed… Thank u so much..
    Wanna meet some day with ur family,

  4. Glad to see you in our own city..wish we could have met😊
    I feel your usual videos are more pleasing to see coz I felt something was missing.

  5. Old is gold 😜
    U would have at least post a pic on ur way to Dammam so that I could have tried to meet u or invited u

  6. Hi mam,
    Thanks for intruduce the STC PAY App, it's really awesome I transferred money within seconds @ SAR 5…fee

  7. Al ur video contents r Kool…. U work so hard being a home maker u really deserve much more…. Plz do a three to four day trip next time…

  8. I really like your editing skills πŸ‘Œ
    Previous ones were equally good where you used to edit different day time clips together

  9. 😍😘😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. Assalamu 'alaikum. I am from Sri Lanka. I watch all your videos without missing. Great job. Keep it up in shaa Allah.❀

  11. Your vlogs always refreshing me 😘😘😘thanks dear for muffins recipe πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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