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A tour of my closet

A tour of my closet

so many of you guys have said that I have a very strange or interesting sense of dress well you haven't seen a half of it so I thought I'd bring you in my closet and show you some really wacky stuff thing here this is this is my smelly stuff this is probably my favorite it's called Bond number 9 Dubai and it's it's really cool they should pay me to say that but they do we move on so this is where I keep my jackets what are the comments said I look like Austin Powers well yeah guess what check out for example this is Austin Powers I'm gonna put it up let's see what this looks like on pretty cool huh yes oh yeah baby what do you think insane this is Dolce & Gabbana yeah one of one yeah you know why nobody else would wear it they found me and so when do you wear a jacket like that um you know I won't this type of stuff often I just don't work on the camera this is here just t-shirt shirt sleeve this is long-sleeved t-shirts pinks and blues and everything is color coordinated at least it's supposed to be it is I have a very sophisticated way of wrapping my belts they're done with a little rubber band because I can't think of a better weapon you ones got any suggestions let me know shirts going through the color spectrum White's all the different designs and then just different colors and then the darker colors down here and I do have ties can you believe that I have ties some of them a little wacky like my fav that one it's a wacky tie Wow is it fun that's yeah yeah we need the Pooh Winnie the Pooh and then all sorts of other stuff skull is your skill no skill when have you ever worn this I have one what outfit does that go look bowties I don't think it has to really go with anything right I guess the diamond neck yeah neck tie probably doesn't some like car keys [Applause] we have SLR we have rolls that's ghost we have Lamborghini that's Zeus we have asked in that's the Vanquish this is 458 this is the race this is the other Aston and this is the Range Rover and this is the 488 what do you think boy George it's just a little dangerous no choking dangerous I have to show you a jacket that I have this really dangerous yeah so this people come tap me on the shoulder and they puncture their hands and razorblades and for other kind of crazy stuff I actually had spikes on the back here and I took them off because when I would sit down I would attach myself to seats and where did you get not exactly tame either no where did I get a lot of these a lot of these were I just like crazy stuff well hats this is when you order a Ferrari they make a model so this is actually my VIN number here and this is a replica of a miniature replica of what my car looked like before I messed it up with all the red accents and wheels and stuff pants same thing color coordinated many of them still have tags on them because they have them this is pretty amazing this Pantone thing you've got going on you like that oh yeah you think what that is Austin Powers right nice or not nice would you wear it nice for you would you wear sure I could pull those off sure I can either village right yeah crazy stuff and so what's all this so Roger do we is a watch manufacturer and I have a few of their pieces and they they sent me all these little gadgets I don't know what's in them but I don't know what that is I guess I said change purse or something like that but there's all sorts of strange things then you wouldn't expect to get a look an iPhone case that's cool that's the design of a hundred a week watch what's in here pen which I guess it's two O's and stuff just where is that that's an iPhone cable isn't it oh it's a nice one that's a real fancy one they're gonna remember yeah it works for news one day any crazy plants what are these these are just embroided nothing decent more than the crazy sad stuff like that's pretty crazy right it's crazy well pretty well blows ha blows up like long ways look it's no dusty like an optical illusion yet is a bit like an optical illusion right I don't know if I've ever worn them don't if I have the guts to it but I certainly have the guts to have them in my closet sure I have worn it sometime there's all sorts of crazy stuff pinks and snake hmm reptiles these are golf shoes bag but nice right there yeah I don't know how to answer these questions because only you could pull these off like have you ever played in those yeah a lot of my shoes have never been one I mean I buy these things alright let's play game of have they been worn alright I'm gonna pee so if not being what I'm gonna I'm gonna pick a pair and because it I have they're all Union Jack have they been won nope nope next you see they're pretty cool like I wouldn't wear them but but they're pretty cool people mister stuff in it he sits up yeah you see that I like that because it's you know Union Jack yeah it's patriotic exactly never been worn tonight god this is really bad everybody won so I like those so much I bought two of them I was gonna have even one yeah yeah yeah that's why I bought a second pair because I like them you could do bit are they put the funner they get the flags on both them see you go yeah that's me more you could do this on your left foot and this on your right foot so that you can be patriotic no it's yours you're right these are some kind of dress shoe they have not been more what's wrong with me I need to work some of these things your boots yeah crazy stuff so which are your favorite pair of shoes if you if you can have if I save one of these I have one pair of Yahoo's that has to fit every occasion well just your favorite pair it could just be the wackiest pair what you know today these are pretty nuts it has cloth it has spikes it and everyone mm-hmm that's fun right yeah it's not my initials if somebody else's is flared Longbottom so yeah shoes start working what can I tell you it's a fun place to hang though it's the only place in my house that has carpet because I thought it's nice to walk around with bare feet everywhere else it would so this to me is like great you can roll about it and they have three dogs they love to come in here and play they're not here now because we're shooting a dead bark and it would ruin it it's an interesting feature – this is a humidifier and it keeps the air temperature and the humidity in here perfect so that the clothes are always fresh and I guess it takes care of them they say it's good for clothes I don't know what would be some sunglasses okay our shoes and sunglasses here's sunglasses this is my son blush prom there's all sorts of sunglasses probably on water look unworn these are carbon fiber one who makes it who makes it yeah see you find some wacky stuff these are cook volleys no they're not long farm and they're in the wrong box these are Porsche these are Austin Powers baby I see hi whoops miss my hair whoa hi can put the jacket on as well yeah right do they do nasty pass down the Austin Powers jacket because I like them I got them in multiple colors of red oh man please going to put the jack on the real yeah you really want me yes we stuck it there are some power Jack know that the psychedelic one psychedelic one's anyone this one yeah what about this one no this black really cool no yeah yeah go I'm just trying to I'm just trying to get your in Austin Powers out right all right let's do it Austin Powers jacket okay all right let me see it let me see it posted there we go perfect how we doing that is amazing alright I shall put this away this is completely wacky when I have these these these are hanger things so when you're putting your outfits together you can hang things on there and see what it looks like but this is I know what this is a steampunk or you have no smoking no smoking jacket yeah this is still lounge around the house life I go doesn't go with the shirt and the jeans but it's kind of cool right that's this an interesting fit turn around let's see the back really good yeah you've got like a little pleat thing going on back there it looks like something from Assassin's Creed give it a good computer game it looks like one of the fancy unlocks like you can unlock different outfits and it looks like one of the fancy roads you can unlock them makes you like invincible or something could be this this is just a church this thing here which think this one this one yeah that's fun right yeah how did you know I do like that research is special yeah look got how I solve it not telling you how much was it not telling you I gotta hide my tags look was this one that was for jeans Wow three hundred and ninety-eight dollars will make it true religion so what's the most expensive pair of shoes you I'd probably for five grand I think these were very expensive these are these were handmade for me but these were expensive these are coiled a limited edition dusty I have worn them but they're all handmade hand hammered oh those are I think they're expensive none of them are really cheap but and how often do you buy new clothes maybe ten times a week really yeah where do you bind you online or cheers what I do here's what I do I like clothes and I get bored with looking at certain things so things I buy a bike for two purpose isn't a way to know this I'd buy them for me cuz I like them but I also buy them because after I've worn them a couple of times and literally just a couple of times I give them to people so to me it's just a way of being charitable I know it looks excessive but this will rotate in three months under this will probably be here and all be replaced but this will all be given to people so if you see any real fashionable homeless people walking around Venice Beach they've been to see me Michael has supplied them with with their razor blade jacket no he's true though I do I like to give away and I'm very fortunate to have the things I have and if I can give back I give back and I strongly believe in that it don't hold that true with my cars I don't give those away but clothes they do well that was a tour of my closet it's a little unconventional little unusual why don't you share it with you I hope you enjoyed it I initially enjoy this stuff I think it's a lot of fun and like I said I do it for two reasons but we might do another one like this in a few months when everything's changed there'll be some other wacky stuff in here I'm sure but until then thanks very much please subscribe hit that little Bell button and we'll see you soon Cheers

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  1. The first bottle of cologne he showed and said was his favorite is a women's cologne. Its Bond no. 9 indigo for women…

  2. Take us for a tour on how you earn your living and are able to afford such extravagant lifestyle that's what I want to see what kind of work do you do that affords you this way of life

  3. I enjoy watching your vids Michael. What about finding someone needy, and surprising them with something that will truly benefit them.

  4. shocked at your fragrance collection, I would have thought you would have had a lot more than that, Bond 9, Acqua di Parma, Chanel Allure are all great picks but you need to try Parfums De Marly & Roja Dove

  5. I would break down and cry with an indescribable gratitude and happiness Michael. God bless my wonderful friends.

  6. You will will never meet or hear from me so your clothes, I don’t have much money but they say it’s who you know in life

  7. My favorite cologne is Fahrenheit, wrist sweat bands to hold your belts they won't leave indentation marks, an you can wash them . I'm surprised you dont have a folding knife collection, they make really beautiful an expensive folding knives , if I was you I would have a show room in my house with glass cases folding knives watches an lighters like zippo designe an old antique ones , gold ones platinum diamond ones.

  8. Love the shoe collection. Makes me realize how boring most mens shoes are. The mens world needs more cool shoes like Michael's.

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