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5 Mysterious Cruise Ship Disappearances

5 Mysterious Cruise Ship Disappearances

Cruise ship disappearances 1. james christopher scavone In the early morning hours of July 5, 1999,
in international waters between Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico, 22-year-old James
Scavone vanished from Carnival Cruise Lines Destiny ship. James was on the cruise ship with his best
friend, Jeff, and 12 members of Jeffs family for a seven-day trip to the Caribbean. At around midnight, James and his friends
had been at the ships disco enjoying a few drinks. At about 12.30am, James told the boys he was
going to the men’s room. James was never seen again. When his friends returned to the cabin at
3:00 a.m., they assumed James had met someone and would return in the morning. By 10:00 a.m., James still had not returned
so the friends went to the ships authorities to have him paged. James never answered. By 10:00 p.m. and after a thorough cabin-to-cabin
search by crew members, James was still missing. A few weeks later, James mother asked for
the itemized bill from James sail card. Her son had not gone anywhere or purchased
anything after he left the disco, and he never reentered his cabin. In 2006, after viewing James case on the television
show, Primetime, a woman recognized James as the person who went missing from the Destiny
cruise ship that she was also on July 5, 1999. The woman told James family that on the morning
of July 5, 1999, her cabin phone rang and she heard a young man on the other end say,
“Help me, I can’t get out of here. Then she heard a scream, what sounded like
furniture being thrown around the room, and some scuffling. The phone went dead thereafter. The woman was interviewed by the ship authorities
and the FBI. She said that later in the week she asked
about James, and the ship told her that he had been engaged prior the trip, his fiancee
had broken up with him, so he probably committed suicide. According to the woman, this is a complete
lie. She contacted Carnival Cruise’s corporate
offices after the trip, in the hopes of being able to contact James family. Carnival Cruise told her they had no record
of anyone disappearing from the “Destiny” on July 5, 1999. James remains missing to this day and foul
play is not suspected in his disappearance. There have been no recent updates on his case. 2.Merrian carver
Merrian Lynn Carver, 40, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, was a former investment banker who loved to
write poetry. She was sailing aboard Celebrity Cruises’
Mercury when she disappeared on August 28, 2004. She had a 13-year-old daughter who was staying
with her ex-husband in England. She took CDs of her poems with her, but no
computer, they were left in her handbag, in her room. She didn’t tell the 13 year old non-custodial
daughter she spoke with on the phone daily, that she was taking a cruise, nor did she
tell her parents. Her parents found out she was missing when
they were called by their grand-daughter, after her calls to her mother had gone unanswered. Her parents tried to reach her for several
days without success, and then filed a missing persons report. A police investigation five weeks later determined
she had taken a cruise, and then went missing. She purchased round trip air fare with her
cruise, which is frequently cheaper than one way which suggests that she wasn’t planning
on commiting suicide. On night two of the cruise, she was suddenly
missing. She never slept in the bed from night two
on. Her cabin steward, Domingo Monteiro reported
her not using her cabin, numerous times, and was told to shut up and mind his business
when he reported her missing to his superior, and he was told to keep putting fresh chocolates
on her pillow. The report was never taken any higher in the
chain of command. Her belongings had remained in her cabin when
everybody else got off the ship. Her cabin steward told his superior this. He asked his boss, should we report this? The boss says, ” No. I’ll take care of it. Just put all of her belongings in a bag. Put them in my locker and I’ll take care of
it.'” Her handbag had her wallet with her name,
Social Security number and everything. They just put it in storage, did nothing. No missing persons report was filed with the
police by the cruise line, nor did they attempt to reunite the handbag with money and identification
with the owner. At some point during the five weeks, the cruise
ship decided to give away her belongings that had been in storage, to charity. After the Carvers started complaining, Royal
Caribbean had held an internal hearing and fired Monteiro’s boss. But for the three months that the Carvers
had been asking questions, the cruise line had never shared that information with them. After her father, Kendall Carver began his
own investigation, hiring one of the word’s largest private-detective agencies and was
being serviced by Tim Schmolder private detective from San Francisco, who was on the case, Domingo’s
superior was terminated, memos went out to 14 other employees onboard, wanting to know
if Domingo had talked to anyone about this event. Kendall Carver said that Royal Caribbean’s
own documents offer evidence of cover-up. One memo shows that months earlier, company
officials knew Monteiro had reported suspicious circumstances to his supervisor. The carver’s demanded Royal Caribbean produce
a list of other passengers from the Boston area, where their daughter had lived, in case
there was a friend or someone who might know about Merrian. Kendall Carver said that the subpoenas produced
a list of the ship’s 2,000 passengers, with no contact information. Merrian ordered two sandwiches through room
service on night two, and was never seen after that. On night two she (or somebody) left the entire
trip tip for the room steward, $108, instead of leaving the tip on the last day of the
cruise as is common, on a table with his name card on top of it. She never used the return portion of the airline
ticket. Her father has spent more than $75,000 to
date to get answers to the question, “what happened to my daughter?” He has also founded the International Cruise
Victim not-for-profit organization. Royal Caribbean’s lawyer Jeffrey Maltzman
denied any kind of cover up and later said in a press release that she appeared to have
committed suicide on the ship. Her family denies she committed suicide and
believes their handling of the cases will prevent them from ever knowing what happened. 3.Tammy grogan
In 2006, Tammy Grogan was onboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Imagination when she vanished
somewhere between Mexico and Miami, into the waters of the Gulf. Traveling with her were her mother Bonnie,
her 14-year-old son Jimmy, and an aunt Deb. The trip’s final stop before heading home
was in Mexico, and family reported seeing Tammy on the ship after that time, at about
1:30 a.m. The next day, Tammy was nowhere to be seen. At first, her family thought she was entertaining
herself somewhere, but when the ship finally docked in Florida and she still hadn’t appeared,
they became concerned. By the time they told the ship of her disappearance,
a full 32 hours had passed. The information desk put out a page, but no
one responded. Sadly, the Imagination had traveled more than
400 miles since Tammy was last seen. That meant it was too late to send out a search
party. Instead, the Coast Guard contacted the Mexican
authorities who sent a message to vessels in the area. But Tammy was never found. Reports in the days after her disappearance
stated foul play was not suspected. But here’s where it gets weird. About 18 months later, Bonnie gave an interview
to local news claiming that the trip had been an elaborate ruse to dispose of Tammy. She accused Craig Morgan, the man who had
purchased the cruise tickets for the family, of planning her death so that he might have
unfettered access to Jimmy, the 14-year-old son. Morgan had reportedly showered the boy with
gifts and attention, taking him on limo rides and lavishing him with jewelry – including
no less than 23 watches. However, these lavish displays of affection
were unsettling for Tammy. Tammy reportedly became uncomfortable enough
with this that she eventually told her son he could no longer spend time with Morgan. Shortly thereafter, Morgan purchased the cruise
tickets for Aunt Deb (who had once been his baby-sitter) as a reward for losing 100 pounds,
and told her to invite Bonnie, Tammy, and Jimmy along. Once onboard the Imagination, Bonnie and Tammy
realized that Morgan’s sister and her ex-boyfriend were also on the ship, and indeed were rooming
right near them. On the night Tammy disappeared, Bonnie claims
that, she had been in Tammy’s cabin. She claims she did not drink any alcohol,
but when she drank a glass of water given to her by Jimmy, she blacked out. Bonnie alleges that she was secretly given
Rohypnol, a powerful sedative said to be ten times stronger than valium. In 2010, WTOL News reported that forensic
experts did find evidence of Rohypnol in Bonnie’s drink, but that claim has not been corroborated
by other outlets. A more widely reported claim is that Morgan
did some research on Rohypnol, evidenced by a handwritten note found by investigators. Morgan’s reasoning was that his sister Rebecca
was having problems sleeping and he was trying to help her. Finally, when the family returned home four
days later, without Tammy, they found that her apartment had been broken into and her
computer hard drive and jewelry Morgan had given her was missing. Meanwhile, jimmy himself went missing in 2009. After living with his paternal grandfather
for more than two years, he graduated from high school and fulfilled his life-long dream
of enlisting in the military. But on September 29, he went AWOL from Fort
Benning in Georgia and never finished his basic training. He is no longer in touch with Bonnie, or the
grandfather. Bonnie believes he was involved. smith
In 2005, George Smith and Jennifer Hagel were enjoying a wedding cruise in the Mediterranean. But on July 5 something went terribly wrong. George smith mysteriously disappeared never
to be seen again. According to some of the 2,300 passengers
onboard the Royal Caribbean Brilliance of the Seas, the honeymooning Smiths were heavy
partiers who had drank and gambled well into the night and early morning on the day Smith
disappeared. A police officer and his wife were in the
cabin next door to the Smith’s and reported that noisy parties were the rule in the Smith’s
cabin, usually into the wee hours of the morning. The officer was awakened at about 4:00 a.m.
on July 5 by loud noises from the cabin next door; another party in the Smith’s room. This time, though, the officer and his wife
heard yelling and arguing, the sound of heavy items being moved around the cabin next door,
and then more noise from the balcony area next door to them. All of this was followed by a final loud noise,
with other passengers reporting a scream, and then, for the first time in 30 minutes,
nothing but silence from the Smith’s cabin. The daylight of July 5 found George Smith
missing from his cabin with blood on the cabin floor, the bed, on the rail on the balcony,
and a bloody handprint on the lifeboat just below the balcony of Smith’s room. Smith was nowhere to be found, and a missing
person’s investigation took place. Jennifer was under suspicion for the disappearance
of her husband, though she claimed to have no memory of the night before. She was found at 4:30 in the morning passed
out in the hallway, a blackout that could explain her memory loss. George’s parents brought in Ivey Barnum
& O’Mara, LLC’s Michael Jones to help them investigate the case and to see if he
could provide more answers. He immediately got to work perusing the ship
documents and interviewing the 4 men last seen with George. Two of them plead the 5th, one had a foggy
memory of the events, and the last was serving prison time in Florida for trafficking. The man in prison, Greg Rozenberg, was the
most forthcoming out of any of the suspects. All of the men claimed to have ordered room
service at the time of George’s disappearance, but the timeline of the events is still suspicious. They were the ones who supposedly put him
to bed before going back to one of their rooms and ordering room service. However, the ship made no record of a large
room service order by the 4 suspects. 48 Hours reported later that Michael Jones,
said a video involving three of the four men, could be key in cracking the case. “They pass a video camera around filming themselves
commenting about George’s death in a very callous way,” Jones told 48 Hours. “But the really incriminating statement is
one of them stands up at the end of the tape and sort of hunches his shoulders and flashes
gang signs and says, ‘Told ya I was gangsta’ and in the context of the discussion about
George’s death, almost as if he’s bragging about having done something to George.” None of the men in the video have been charged
and all say they had nothing to do with George Smith’s death. This video was in the possession of the cruise
line by the end of the cruise and, later, in the possession of the FBI which did not
disclose it to any of the family members. It eventually became known to the Smith family
only around 7 years after the incident. In 2015 FbI closed its investigation coming
to the conclusion that there was insufficient evidence of murder. george’s parents still have no idea what happened
to their son. 5.Annette Mizener
Annette Mizener, 37, from Waukesha, Wisconsin, was traveling with her parents Wally and Heidi
Knerler and teenage daughter Danielle aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Pride. She was in cabin #6169. She was part of a group of 200 passengers
from the Las Vegas Hilton. On the last night of a West Coast cruise from
Los Angeles, while off the coast of Mexico, Annette had left to go play bingo. She had won at bingo twice already on the
cruise, and was supposed to meet her parents for the 10pm bingo. In fact, she said she wanted to arrive early
to get a good seat. When she didn’t show up, her parents became
concerned and her father began to look for her. He searched for her in the casino. A witness said she was in the casino at 9:30pm. As he continued to search he heard her name
paged, and became very worried. The crew had found her handbag on deck, and
had paged her to give it back. That page was around 10:10pm Her small black,
beaded evening bag along with an overturned drink glass, and scattered papers was found
alongside a railing on a lower deck of the cruise ship. A security camera was tampered with, actually
covered with paper near that location. Yet, no cruise ship crew or security noticed
the covered camera, or the image not on the monitor in security. Beads from her purse were found on deck, appearing
to have been ripped from the purse in a struggle. That was the single most important clue to
her parents, that a struggle had taken place. Spots of blood were found on the deck near
the purse. Her daughter states there was a man harassing
her mother aboard ship. Security had been notified of this many times,
and refused to assist. The cruise lines says the ship’s crew launched
a room-by-room search of the Pride after Mizener’s daughter Danielle and other passengers noticed
she was missing. That search took three hours and during that
time, the ship continued on their course. Then, they called the U.S. Coast Guard which
told the ship to turn around and search the waters. The ship was turned around around 2:00am. The U.S. Coast Guard joined in the search
with aircraft and a Navy ship, and searched the waters for 16 hours, searching 833 square
miles, before the search was called off. At the time of her disappearance, Mizener
and her husband had recently adopted two other children, and had launched a new business
together selling dietary supplements. The business was a dream come true, and she
was very excited about it and having the adopted children. She also had a pending case as plaintiff for
child support for children of a past marriage, indicating she had plans to continue her life. Peter Knerler, Annette’s brother said she
was in good spirits, and there is no way she committed suicide. Early on John Mizener claimed the FBI suspected
foul play. Inconsistency’s in a crew responses to questioning
of the disappearance, John Mizener, her husband, complained of communication failure between
Carnival and the FBI. The agency told the family several months
after she vanished, that there’s evidence in a crime lab preventing the probe’s completion. There was one unidentified suspect who was
the first person that found annette’s purse and coincidentally at the very same time 2
guards arrived and collected the handbag. He is known to have made atleast 6 trips back
and forth to the scene of the crime. But he was eventually ruled out as a suspect
after fingerprint and DNA test results turned out negative. Finally a judge declared Mizener offi cially
dead, but the family – who rule out suicide and suspect foul play – still have no answers.

Reader Comments

  1. I believe it's a network of criminals among the staff. It would be easy to kill or knock someone out in their room and dump the person in a huge wheeled laundry bin and conceal the body

  2. Cruise lines often feature illnesses that quarantine passengers such as norovirus and food poisoning. Navigation errors takes ships into storms–with broken bones to show for it. Then there are the missing. Do a Google search and you will see countless rapes of minors. So remember–the next time you buy a ticket on a cruise line–you are co-signing all of this. I refuse to. Someone has to stand on principals.

  3. Cruise ships are the perfect scenario for so many crimes. From the regular variety of drug trafficking, robbery & rape to human trafficking & murder for the purpose of harvesting human organs for blackmarket sale…it's the most dangerous way to vacation.

  4. They need extensive camera set ups on these cruise ships,on the railings every where but the passenger rooms.

  5. You're missing the Amy Bradley disappearance. It was an episode on Disappeared. Should be included as it fits right in with these. Seems if you want to get rid of someone and not get caught, toss them overboard on a cruise. You have a 99.99% chance of getting away with it based on these cases.

  6. Does anyone know if carnival cruise ships have an AMI juke box? In any of the drinking rooms?

  7. There's an old lady that is retired and lives in the boats..she has to know something..everyone in the cruise ships are probably involved..people just don't disappear..they should do a back ground check on all the workers before they hire them to work on the boats..for all the families that lost their loved ones hire someone to go undercover on the cruise ships..

  8. #2 – she didn't tell her family she was going on a cruise. Obviously she was meeting someone and having an affair. She ordered 2 sandwiches from room service. Two? And left her tip early in her room. Possibly she was going to shack up with the guy in his room, but then something happened. She probably ended up murdered and tossed overboard. With the negligent and corrupt cruiseliner's actions, he got away with murder.

  9. Cruise Serial killer pushing people overboard for kicks.Me think.If an international police force would get the list of all passengers's names on every time someone disappears,they d find a match with the serial killer's name appearing on most lists.Sorted my dear Watson.

  10. Thank you for these videos. I hope that Carnival Cruise murder ships are no longer in business, they are outrageous and show total disregard for their patrons. Anyway Thanks again,

  11. We use Holland America…. they're security is awesome. Also, their ships carry only 2,500 passengers.

  12. Thank you for covering the less covered cases. Unfortunately, we'll never know how many cases of "suicide" or unsolved disappearances are actually foul play or human trafficking due to the corporate cover-ups to protect the companies' image.

  13. Mi country is very poor but wen u r going to travel for long mile…den in mi country system is dat people should register in police n go…if dis case system followed in usa den der will b improvement in such cases. …

  14. I remember watching the George Smith story a few years ago and it creeped me out. Without a doubt I believe his wife was somehow involved in his death based on what I saw and her behavior afterwards. You couldn't pay me to go on one of these death trap cruises.

  15. Yes, it's so easy to commit rape and get off at the next port get on another ship and go home. Many of the people who work on these ships come from countries where they don't speak English. They don't do backround checks on people who are working with children, it would be easy to molest a bunch of them then get off when they get back to the home port. I'd rather go to the beach.

  16. Jesus nothing more I hate then slow Indian ascent dude hire another person to do voice over your fucking annoying

  17. it is the perfect scenario. Even more so if it begins at the top as they control it all. You are a passenger just as much as any other person they can take on with a criminal agenda.
    They can just have a part of the ship or hidden rooms for that. You only need to see a map of the ship as a passenher and they wont include that bit only show the bits you can roam on. There is amply entettainment..arcades and theatre and cinema and casino you wont see what is happening in plain soght. Your there to holiday and they go port to port doing there thing…its a very simple operation if it begins at the top…
    If it were the odd crew memeber with no top dog on board it would be small scale and not so easy but still possible.
    Such scary to think that but it would put anyone off a cruise.
    Those stories were soooo scary you cant just think its something one off. I bet many stories dont get out…
    The cruise company deniying a missing person and telling lies as well tells you something is fishy…

  18. I would never want a cruise after this!!!… what if I disappear or am “made to disappear”???… scary man… what must have gone on in the family’s psyche when these things happen…. god save humanity…

  19. I’ve been on about 6 cruises worst thing ever happen while I went was an old person had to be air lifted and one time this woman was about to get left on an island. She was waving and running to the ship, meanwhile her husband and kids were already on the boat. But I’ve enjoyed myself on the ships. Always by my husbands side and we don’t drink and we don’t stay out late. I don’t put nothing past no one. You have to remember a lot of those workers are poor and they are working hard to send money to their families and they probably only see their family once or twice a year. Anything could happen!

  20. I remember the George Smith case well. I've been on 3 cruises. You have to be smart. I don't go and get black out drunk and partying with strangers.

  21. The FBI needs to go undercover on Theese ships, cameras should be mandatory, All passengers an employee's should be screened no pedophiles, rapist ,murders, anyone with a criminal record should be allowed on. Alarms should be put on railings. They make enough money

  22. Honestly most people that get killed are murdered by people they know however there are those instances where u can be killed or assaulted by a stranger whether on a cruise or on land. People especially women need to use there common sense. Don’t get pissy drunk, don’t go anywhere alone especially on a cruise, don’t accept drinks that u did not see poured and never ever leave your drink unattended. Every woman needs to have these talks with the daughters. And these cruise lines need to stop selling liquor to people that are obviously too dam drunk

  23. Perfect answer the shady crew members that are organized crime that give the other crew members a bad name the see passengers as prey for drugs sex human trafficking at each port they can use drugs to knock out victims and when they come to ports they can sneak there victims off without being noticed so look to the shifty crew members doing these bad things the good ones are threatened by the bad ones so they are quite when any investigation from the cops are made

  24. So next time you go on a cruise look further shifty crew members and beat the hell out of the fucker and say you know what you are thinking and what you have done and keep beating the shit out of the shifty crew members do it get some justice people

  25. I've enjoyed every carnival cruise I've taken. Don't get drunk, avoid drunken people, don't wander around poorly populated areas late at night. You'll be fine.

  26. Sound like a body organs market – they select the individual based an order – look for crew who are common to more than one ship involved.

  27. Cruise at your own risk. Deep in my gut, never liked them, never will. The opportunity for death, crime, deadly accidents is too high.

  28. I think these ships are used to traffick people (organs, sex). I believe there are rooms built to hold victims. I believe a majority do NOT go overboard.

  29. I wouldn't go on a cruise if it was free. If you go missing, no one cares. There are a lot of other ways to vacation and enjoy yourself. If you go, live or die with the consequences.

  30. I learned it was a big problem back in the mid90's so I never went on any but it seems that these sick bastards can
    get away with most anything out at Sea? I've heard lots of stories about sexual crimes & lots of theft on-board as
    well. I'm sure one could have great fun drinking, gambling, & whatever your heart desires but just know that there
    are Bad People going on the cruise ship to do what Their Hearts Desire & that may be doing You…….in?

  31. Wow, I thought that the people who disappeared were sailing alone. Even with a large group you aren't safe. My thoughts of taking a cruise have been squashed. I would be terrified to go now by myself.

  32. **Ladies, if you are going on a cruise and and in a situation where you will be walking around by yourself, have your cellphone out and pretend like you are Live streaming, even say it outloud. Hell just say it over and over, no ones going to commit a crime if they think their image is being seen by other people which are witnesses. Call me stupid but the thought of woman, children being taken advantage of and in this situation there's more of a chance it will never be solved, makes me sick. And I think the Live streaming idea could really work

  33. These cruise liners hire people from all over the world 🌎, there is no jurisdiction on these ships, when I go on vacation I want peace and quiet 🤫 not being rude but the food buffet is not worth this, that’s the sad truth why people go, I wouldn’t let my children board a ship, look into the Disney one, people leave there children with strangers to go and gamble, these people that are employees of cruises should check the backgrounds, like the airports. Very sad, I’ll never go on a cruise I don’t trust anyone! But if you do just know your surroundings, older people like me isn’t going to get traffickers wanting me . Be safe folks and have fun.

  34. Not meant to insult but your voice is a little bit boring. Maybe its because you read out of something? Just giving advice. Anyways creepy stories I wish we know what really happened to them. One more reason for my anxiety to freak me out of going on such huge thing

  35. I hope what I read how cruise ships refuse to get involved or cooperate with authorities after passengers go missing is untrue..I hate to think if it is true.

  36. I truly believe only 1% of these people actually fall off the boats, I think the others are alive and being held captive in trafficking cases

  37. People need to be talking about this. Most people don't even know there's a problem. They need to be checking the machine rooms too. The people that keep those ships afloat are never seen. Look there. Thank you. 👍

  38. Cruise ships need to employ detectives onboard, the way major hotels used to have house detectives in the 19th, and much of the 20th centuries. At the very least, cruise ship detectives would weed out possible problems with cruise ship employees. Knowing what's happening onboard their own ships would solve issues like illegal gambling, prostitution, theft, and the possibility of human trafficking. A compliment of three onboard detectives per ship, would also go a long way towards solving crimes at sea such as sexual assaults, drug smuggling, suicides, and robberies. It seems like such an easy fix, I'm surprised cruise lines haven't taken such steps to protect their passengers and crew!

  39. Adults can go missing if they choose but, staff members are so busy , they haven’t the time to keep track of every passenger on these huge ships. This is a good reason not to travel solo. Since most ship rails are 4 foot high , I find it hard to believe that these people fell off the ships !! Sounds like BS to me.many staff have numerous jobs on the ship so, they are constantly moving about. No surprise that people jump and are not noticed.

  40. That's crazy, I cruised on the Carnival Destiny in 2004, I never even knew people had disappeared on that ship.

  41. 8/18/19….Lots of ppl on cruise ships….ppl who are cruising + cruise employees + various ppl who provide/bring supplies on board. MOST of the cruise employees & vendors are foreigners so difficult/impossible to vet all of them….
    Working on cruise ships is good way to get out of a foreign country/be able to travel all over/
    be able to meet well-to-do Americans on the cruises than begin/end in the USA + carry mostly vacationing Americans.

  42. Please get the word out! There is a group working on the problem:

  43. I was on the cruise once, to Sweden, guy been chasing me, pushing in his number, saying, well i bet you won't call anyway. Then said, you know, i could throw you overboard easily. Thank God i returned home in whole piece.

  44. !!! The weirdo killing and raping people on those ships will fuck with the wrong person one day and get their whole family killed !!!

  45. It’s not only passengers you should be suspicious of but also the crew.Cruise lines don’t always do background checks on their staff.

  46. I watch these before I go on a cruise
    The next cruise will be In December 2019 for my birthday

    It's a Carnival Cruise

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