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good morning today we are at the Animal
Kingdom park we’ve already written like a dinosaur’s twirly ride we rode the
actual like big dinosaur ride which we were kind of like this is my best friend
Dino by the way we were kind of like with Carli and Landon they were tall
enough but it is pretty scary like Carli was terrified
okay we’re gonna head over to the Safari right and we hope we’ve heard that like
getting your fast passes in the morning is better because that’s when they feed
the animals so hopefully there will be a lot of animals like ups and moving
around we are in Pandora Adam and I have fat
cats to go on the Avatar ride so many people told us are like that’s right
they’ve ever been in their life so we’re really excited to go on this and then
later tonight our best friend Scott xenos have their fat asses though we’re
gonna kind of swap watching the kids that we can all right look dated
I want to see this speed what’s your favorite right here they found probably mine I don’t know
I think I’m gonna be okay hi and welcome to the Avatar program we’re using throughout this entire
experiment attention drivers Stoney ear on the back wall and then get on the
goin chair the way we showed you in the video then put on your flight line new favorite right at the same Avatar is
without a doubt like the best ride I’ve ever been on in my life would you agree
flight of passage no wonder why it’s like a two hundred five minute wait like
thank God we had fast passes but that ride is sweet though cute fancy wedding
look you get a special surprise open your eyes would you get it except
you and Presley have to split it okay good
Pandora also has like the largest pretzels I’ve ever seen in my life I
feel like that would feed us for a week for the adults there are these uh they
took a margarita with these like red needs like bubbly things in them hey you Mandy gets bubble matter face interface
is in front of her troubles you okay – I water with the white bread to go got a little baby but he likes apples
yeah well this beach babe decided to come out and join me because she’s too
cool for nap well we’re back at animal kingdom and
Little Miss refused to nap is uh we put Adam back there she like would not go
down I’m just I’m getting covered in bubbles guys I’ve got my clothes bubble
maker yes your bubbles pink which by the way like the bubble maker is like the
best incentive for legs I hope the behavior to do this you get
the bubble maker I feel like every toddler once the bubble maker can also
say the mold maker is gonna go way you don’t get with the program that works
too but we’re gonna head to the Lion King show cuz we have fast passes for
that before our friends go on the Avatar ride if would you like the show he’s just happy to be back with his
bubble maker I’m going to go buy did Keith Safari
grab and go for dinner tonight I was really crazy she’s in mouth
munching down those cheddar bunnies well this is the end of a really fun day
at Animal Kingdom see you guys tomorrow I think we need a bubble refill pezzi
you ready for another day we’re in the security line from the walkway from the
contemporary which usually goes pretty fast a little longer today but it a
weekend though we were told a lot more locals are probably here Carly and Dina
are heading to the bibbidi bobbidi boutique so here we’ll get a before of
Carly there’s the before can’t wait to see what you look like after all of the lands of the magic thank you you ready to go hey why do you get to go on this ride
and not Pressley why are you big enough oh you ain’t a lot of fruits and
vegetables planned I’m scared are you scared you’re brave
break it up with your hands up ready I think teacups are prezi’s favorite and
she always bio about it she cracked a little higher oh poor bastard the princess
you look so perfect oh my goodness let me see your hair is there slitter in it
oh my gosh you’re the most beautiful princess I’ve ever seen who’s on the
wand Rapunzel do you have your Apple oh the rocket are you gonna ride the rocket anywhere from 12 inches so it is 10
o’clock and we have already written so many riots we went on to teacup Dumbo
the Barnstormer coaster four times we’ve gone on the People Mover the Astro
rocket just went on the Jungle Cruise so really getting here for a rope drop I
feel like really should help because then you can just walk on so many of the
kiddie ride that a wave and Lionel’s Adam mentioned this in his vlogs but we
ended up having to rent our stroller a nice nail chip from Kingdom strollers we
got the Bob and I freaking love this thing and it’s big but it’s so light and
easy to maneuver and I feel like it’s probably a blessing in disguise that we
accidentally left our double stroller because we can we brought our single
stroller by accident when we were leaving in the morning so this was a
lifesaver they delivered it right to our hotel – okay so I’m gonna share another
little dizzy hack tip try to like put a bunch of this block so in front of the
castle on like the main street you see like all these people stopping to take
with their picture and it’s like a big cluster and there’s like a ton of people
behind you if you want to do is just go right over to the left hand side there’s
this little garden area with a fountain and
you can stand right here take your picture in the castle and like there’s
at the people behind you as a garden behind you so it’s like a way better
place to take your picture there’s no way he’d beat me that badly
no way we are at gorillas Braille table and hostess when she says when it out
there is an alcohol in here I will be getting my rosary gal my favorite
campaign ever but have to see you like eat inside of Cinderella’s castle so needs
and I have the princesses that come around Portland and just foul as soon as
we walked in and hit his chin or you’ll pay by so I asked a waiter to leave this bottle
because this is seriously the best champagne I’ve ever had in my life the chocolate mousse it looks amazing and that’s the healthiest person we know
he had survey Dina did the booth just finished it it’s so cool to eat in the
castle yeah to go back yeah you guys there’s an app hot day and sorry I have
a granola bar my mouth so we did like the rope drop at Epcot to try to bolt
right over to Norway to get on the frozen ride because we have to access it
but there during nap time and we just know the kids at this point are so
exhausted because this is day 5 of Disney so we’re just going to try to get
on it right away this morning and maybe trade the best pet for something later
this evening but I hope my camera was recording over cause we’re taking this
little pathway kind of around where the rest of the crowds are going we made it
and right now it says it 20 minutes no more fighting feel like you guys want
to but we fucking have we’ve had so far it does he didn’t crazy I’ll have to
share words later when I can like sit down talk about it Landon’s par we’re going to drive it in
a second okay all the way over okay I’m out her
balcony of our hotel says it was her mouthing like Wolf’s down a cheeseburger
and fries for lunch but it is a really really pretty day here like perfect blue skies a little bit of
clouds the temperature is super 90s that help it though are sorry again like I’m
outside on our balcony because the kiddos are napping and just wanted to
tell you the story of what happened earlier at Epcot so that’s probably just
gonna happen sorry I just was the VP’s place and we
got to the park we headed straight to throw thin to try to go on that first
and then use some of the fast passes that we had in morning and when we
walked like right underneath the frozen sign there was like two ladies in front
of us there two teachers super super nice and I heard the one say
like hey like you can’t cut in line and this woman had like waited until the
attendant and the door has like turned to help someone else and she unhooked
the rope like literally like I’m helping the rope and brought in like ten people
and another person was like ahead of us like probably like 10 or 15 people ahead
of us in line but that’s my like the girls in front of us like they were
getting bumped and so I was kind of like hey like what’s happening and this woman
grabs both of my arms and throws me across the line to like make room
obviously for like the family that they were like having cut everybody in line
but the one behind me was like you can’t put your hands on someone else and like
the two teachers in front of us we’re like that’s ridiculous like you’re
cutting so once the person like charged it’s a lot it had like stopped help me
another person I just said like hey let me put their hands on me and they’re
cutting everybody in line and he’s like I’m gonna call security so security ends
up coming to frozen like by the time we were getting on the ride
the security officer hadn’t gotten there yet so those like people who were
running the ride knew who it was to cut everybody and they still like let her
ride the ride but the security officer was waiting for when she got off the
ride so it was just like honestly like just crazy ordeal like I have no idea
you know what would possess somebody to literally put your hands on somebody out
and just like shove that oh gosh anywho they were like should we call the Orange
County police like would you like to press charges on her and I was like you
know it’s not like she’s punched me in the face that I’m like bleeding or
bruised or something like that like I think what she did was way out of line
like ridiculous like you don’t put your hands on somebody and we’re at Disney
World like the happiest place on earth there’s going to be lines like I just I
don’t understand like somebody’s because this isn’t the Hunger Games at Disney
World so whatever like we tried not to let it get
in the way of our day but like we just kind of like I think like I’m talking
about it and then it was like really awkward because then we went to go use
our next staff pass and Adams like wait they just got in line so we like waited
a few minutes until their family was like more ahead in the line kind of a
thing and I was like I don’t even care like I wasn’t in the wrong guy was just
literally in line doing the right thing and this person stepped out of line by
like grabbing me shoving me and like having her entire family caught us but I
don’t just makes me sad cuz I think you know there are just people out there who
for whatever reason just are disrespectful and really don’t care
about anybody besides themselves so yeah Disney story attack and I have to say I
should say and Disney I do just always think they have really incredible like
hospitality and every single person was like are you okay do you need medical
assistance and I’m like I was dead I don’t need medical assistance it was
just very rude how she shoved me but like grab speaking to me I should say it
just crazy like I just didn’t expect anybody to like literally grab she
grabbed both of my arms and flung me across the line like bananas crazy but I
just think this new staff was really nice and they then let us meet on an
Elsa because that was Mike right at the end of the ride there they’re like oh
you only take you to go me on and Elsa and they ended up giving Landon and
Presley like a Olaf and an Elsa like stuffed animal and they gave us a couple
of other fast passes then because like while we were having to talk to security
and like explained everything that happened I’m sure they had this on
videotape too like Disney has cameras everywhere to be sure so I’m sure they
probably actually saw how this woman shoved me like the security officer had
you’ve seen it cuz that’s what I think they were like worried like do we need
to call the police do you want to press charges and I was like really I’m okay
but just crazy crazy yeah I think either one
of my kids was napping today so president like Prezi did like sleep for
a little bit but not oh god bless later I didn’t see you sleep at all
anyhow I’m gonna do like a fast tour of how the room set up is like four times
largest like I guess nap hack so Presley’s in her crib still see how she
does she still looks tired I feel bad but she’ll be in her crib here then and
then Landon I just kind of line pillows I already knocked one down but I like
line them up on either side of the bed so that he’s like sandwich in the middle
of the bed and then we always bring our white noise machine this one I got on
Amazon it’s electro fan jr. we always bring this with us and that way we just
kind of have both kids in here will like pull I open it just shoot this will pull
all of those so that it’s like pitch black turn off all of the lights now we
have now we have stayed and I’m in my suit by the way so I think how am I
going to the pool for a look at four we exit parks but we have stayed in some
hotels like the Polynesian was a bit thicker so we could put prezi’s crib at
night into the bathroom so we would oftentimes do that night just like make
sure we went to the bathroom put her in there put her down to sleep and then
that way we could be like up in here have the TV on for a little bit before
we ended up putting the engine down to bed but in these kind of situations kind
of like is what is the kids like well you can stay a little bit later now than
like last year when we were here so that’s just what works for us for dinner pretty cool huh Presley can’t wait
anyone the margaritas landing it’s good I got my Niki waffles ooh look right there Mini’s right there too keep coming hi our last day or you just grouchy cuz
you’re overtired the last day here we are services yesterday there’s that brave there’s that store fight well looking on the bright side since he
gave us two extra fast passes for a crazy ordeal yesterday for our last day
here so we’re excited you just want to end having the most fun that we can be
in here doing Dumbo and I don’t know if you guys see I washed all of our Disney
clothes and like two of the letters on her shirt so ah it’s both to say I’m a
mouse stuff but we lost the eye in the apostrophe Emma Mosta we ready love you what is your shirt day today be model it
says beastmode what ride are we going on tell everyone airplane ride also known
as the barn stormer on landing if they have the best shirts ever for
the last date so best day ever best day ever best day ever most expensive day
ever you ready okay you’re gonna stay with
aunty bina alright ready somebody is so excited for this one there’s no wait oh
seating for seven dwarfs are in it are they in the mind they’re in the mind so this is the first
time we’re making it on this ride and we had a log in like the 60 days before our
reservation at 6:00 a.m. shaving as the test campus for this one
and it’s like our third day at Magic Kingdom so these were really really hard
to get back before you crazy here today it is so humid here
yeah you feel like c+ humidity but usually around this time it’s like 12:30
on the run o’clock we head back to the hotel so that the kiddos can nap take a
break and say especially like we need a little bit of a break from the heat so
maybe go to the pool – it has different slant into the snap he wants to go to
the pool I’ll take him down there but I think Presley might already be in
napping is where we’re going for the fireworks for last night it’s definitely
a splurge but it’s the happily ever after
desert party there’s like a bunch of sparkling cider
tons of desert so this is what Landon really I got our first round
chocolate-covered strawberries macaroons there was like a cookies and cream
Mickey push pop like funfetti cupcakes cheesecakes
I think handle being there’s like a some more station
kind of like pineapple delight here Presi are you enjoying yourself I inherited me thank you so much for
watching the vlog and don’t forget to subscribe for more fun videos that’s
brain we only on our nation here
day has come to let you go only happiness I will show I’ll always be
here for you you know nothing takes away my love and it shows you’ve grown up now things have changed
grow some wings now you’re flying away I’ll always be here for you you know
nothing takes away my love and it shows yeah it takes away but you watch me
lying worth reading is your my baby always will be I hope you know my life stays when you go

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