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14 hour 800 km Day Ride / Lyon 2 Stelvio Pass / Travel Vlog [Subs in English & German] / BMW R1200GS

14 hour 800 km Day Ride / Lyon 2 Stelvio Pass / Travel Vlog [Subs in English & German] / BMW R1200GS

It is 6 o’clock in the morning, today is going to be a long day: 765 kilometers through Switzerland into Italy,
through all of Switzerland, a lot interstates, highways, five large alpine passes, five passes from the top 50 So I have quite the day ahead of me today! Riding time: easily 11 hours, maybe even 12 It is an early start today; six o’clock in the morning;
the first ones have already left shortly after 5 let’s see … It is 10 o’clock – I rode for four hours – the first 280 kilometers are clocked in and I just arrived in Switzerland.
My bike just hit the 30,000 Kilometer mark. I bought it one and a half years ago with 2000 km So just hit the 30,000 and now I will travel through all of Switzerland to the Stelvio Pass in Italy My first big alpine pass for the day: The Nufenen Pass in Switzerland with 2477 meters – I think it may be the highest
pass in Switzerland or one of the highest There is lots going on – plenty of motorcyclist that you can see in the background. The journey was a bit cumbersome. Riding through Switzerland is no joke. The speed ​​limit and the high fines for exceeding the speed limit are a royal pain. you have to keep it to an exact 50 km/h in town or 80 km/h on country roads if not to risk crazy fines! But the pass is nice and the view is great. I am gonna grab a bite to eat and then move on It is 5:30 pm now and I almost made it thouhg my 4th alpine pass I started with the Nufenen pass, then the San Bernardino, then the Albula Pass just now and I am almost at the end of the Fuorn Pass – next is the Umbrail pass and last but not least the descent on the Stelvio Pass. My hotel will be at the bottom of the pass. I’m good with time – it
should be another 45 min and 60 kilometers to the hotel. It was
really hot today – up to 33 degrees C a high alpine pass or tunnel passage is welcomed refreshment Alright, I have now arrived at the Stelvio Pass. It is 7.30 pm now, 13.5 hours of riding, approx. 800 kilometers. I liked the Umbrail pass and the Stelvio so much that I rode them three times each! So six big passes rode 2 of them
three times. Tomorrow I am heading to the Dolomites – this was plenty of riding for a single day. It is down the Stelvio and then tstraigth to the Hotel. Things are slowing down here at the top of the pass and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.
So, I’m back to the restaurant up here,you can see were I was just standing at the top of the Stelvio pass you can see the top of the descent on the Italian side which is now in the shadow and continues on just like that. The hair pins turns are especially challenging they are super tight. I have been through them twice and now it is on to the third time I just arrived in my hotel. This was a really long day today: 14 hours 800 kilometers – that is the summary of the day. Could have done it faster but I had to ride the Umbrail pass and Stelvio pass three times. because I wanted take some nice camera shots and had to go up and down again The timing is actually spot on – I arrived at
8 pm at the hotel if you still want to eat something you do not want to roll in any later than this as the kitchen in these places closes early Well, this was an exhausting day trip I have to say. The long interstate stretched were so tiring I had to stop a few times to take a break. The steady and straight roads totally get to me. Switzerland was annoying in it’s own way you have to keep exactly to the speed limit of 50 km / h or 80 km / h That’s it for Switzerland for me a long while now the strictly enforced speed limit is really unbearable especially after coming back from France The bike is definitly due for a proper maintenance now The tires are worn and start to loose grip in the corners – I slipped a few times. Brake pads are completely done. It’s off to the Dolomites tomorrow, with several passes – 7 to be exact. The brake pads will last through that and they are not getting much wear on the interstate ride home. Once I am home the bike will get a proper service. Otherwise everything went well. My equipment held up well I’m very happy with my Klim riding gear that kept me dry through all of the rain It really rained hard a few times. And all the other stuff did a good too. It really pays to have good gear including proper waterproof boots Well, tomorrow it is off to the Dolomites and then I have a test ride scheduled with KTM after that I am looking at a long ride home and will conclude a long trip with 8200 km in 16 days

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  1. Nice ride my friend, although these are serious (800!!!) km’s! A bit too much for me. You are like me, travelling light on a GS (although I believe you ride a KTM these days). I use a little roll bag on my GSA. I also travel alone. Do you book your hotels up-front?

  2. "….und dann mal probefahren bei KTM" – na da wissen wir ja was das bewirkt hat :)Wiedermal ein cooles Video und gutes Vlog!!

  3. Ich dreh durch… Der drecks Schnee soll sich schnell vom Acker machen ich will endlich wieder Fahren… Ich denke jeden Tag nur noch ans Fahren…. Dieses Jahr gehts ein paar mal in die Dolomiten, einfach das Geilste was man sich als antun kann als Motorrad fahrer ;D.. KTM Ready 2 RACE!!! 😀

  4. Tolles Video, bin gerade zufällig auf dich gestossen. Like und abo hast du. Würde mich freuen wenn du auch mal auf meinem Kanal vorbeischauen könntest und vielleicht like und abo dalassen😃

  5. Also ich schaue ja jetzt schon etwas länger deine Videos und finde sie echt top geschnitten. Aber durch solche Aktionen bei 1:33 entstehen Unfälle. Du bist eine Gefahr für andere und gefährdest dich auch selbst. Denn du weißt nicht was da aus der Kurve kommt…

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