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12-Year-Old sounds like an OLD SOUL SINGER in The Voice Kids | Journey #52

12-Year-Old sounds like an OLD SOUL SINGER in The Voice Kids | Journey #52

It’s like you’ve swallowed
an old soul singer… …and you’re in this,
like, tiny person. I’ve watched so many young
talents and kids over the years… …and I’ve just never heard
anything like that. Hi! Hi. What’s your name? Gracie-Jayne. Gracie-Jayne. How old are you? 12. You’re 12 years old.
– Wow. Wow, so when did you
first start singing? Um…17 months ago. What?! Are you having a laugh? I’m Gracie-Jayne,
I’m 12 years old… …and I come from Brynmawr
in South Wales. I like to dance. That is really good. And I just love singing. She started singing,
about 18 months ago. And that’s when
she found her voice. She’s singing all the time. I have a different taste
in music to my friends. The song she sings,
she sounds very old school. Very mature. She’s a young girl
with an old soul. You have the power… …of somebody that is
not only twice your age… …but been singing…
– For a long time. …since they were like two. The voice was amazing,
but I feel like that’s the most… …magical, powerful
Blind Audition that we’ve had. Yeah, agree.
– I really do. Thank you. You started off soft… …and then it started
to get better and better. And then that
note in the middle… I think it’s the longest,
highest belt note… …we’ve had
on the show so far. That was a goosebumps moment. And it didn’t falter. It was like, pure and strong. It was incredible. You have an old spirit. Which is really, really
amazing for a 12 year old. To be so confident. Starting off soft
and ending big. Most people of your age would
have just powered through it. But you took your time. You’re telling a story. So congratulations, you’re amazing.
– Thank you. Have you made up your mind on
who you would like to be your coach? Pixie. Thank you so much
for being on Team Pixie. I see something special
in every single one of you. Are you ready
to have loads of fun? Yes! So my first team… Drumroll please. We have… Caillin Joe. And then we have… Colin! And then to finish
the team off we have… Gracie-Jayne! I love these three together. Because they’ve all got
their own unique personalities. They’ve all got their
little quirks that makes them special. In this battle I need to see
the Gracie-Jayne that I saw in the blinds. Because at the moment… …she’s gone away. So I need to
get her back. I know that it’s
in there somewhere. Gracie-Jayne,
you’re starting the song off. Diva, diva, diva. Your favorite singer,
Cilla Black… Let’s channel a bit of Cilla here. You can use your arm
at the end, with the bigger note. I want more, more, more. What do I want? More! Yes! I need to show my inner Cilla. And use my arms. And hopefully entertain the audience. Gracie-Jayne… You hit a note right
in the beginning… …everyone’s jaw dropped. You are spectacular. You brought the house down. You have so much personality
at such a young age. Never ever lose that. I’m so sorry… …but I’ve got to make
your heart sad a little bit. No, don’t do this to me. But it’s time for you
to make your decision. Pixie, who is the winner
of the battle? I love you all. And you’re all so young. Full of personality. I can’t wait to see
what you’re going to do next. My decision is… …Gracie-Jayne. Gracie-Jayne! How are you?
– Fine, thank you. Did you think you’d get
through to the semi-finals? No. But you made it. I chose Gracie-Jayne… …because her voice is undeniable. She’s an old soul. She has this
fearless fighting spirit. She is going for it
and I love seeing that. So at the semi-finals,
you can’t play it safe. So, I put in a key change. So she takes the last chorus
up, into the sky. So, I hope she’s not
scared to do that. I didn’t think I was
gonna come this far. It’s just phenomenal,
this experience. And I don’t really want it to end. Unbelievable. Like, I’ve got goosebumps and… …I’d buy a ticket right now
to your concert. I really would. Thank you. I’m obviously
known for my honesty. That was the best performance
of the semi-finals. Thank you. I was just hoping… …that you would
rise to the challenge… …and just like smash it
and pull it out of the bag. And when one of your
kids does exactly that… I can’t explain how proud I am. Thank you. It was hard to pick a
song for Gracie-Jayne. Because, what other song
can I give her that… …shows everyone what
she can do and more? I’d like to
reveal your final song. “Feeling Good” By Nina Simone. It’s a big one. We’re gonna pull all
the stops out, like never before. I got way more to give. Yay! This is the final. You’re going to show everyone
that you’ve mean business. And that you
are really special. Yeah, definitely. Don’t be deceived
by that cute little smile… …and those bows in her hair… She is here to win. Hi, so, during live shows,
we have technical difficulties. That is what’s
happening right now. And I think Gracie-Jayne
couldn’t hear the music. So when the band is ready… …we’re gonna get going. Here we go, it’s Gracie-Jayne. Gracie-Jayne… Your voice is up there
with some of my favorites. And I’m just I’m blown away. Like, you’re a force
to be reckoned with, young lady… …and that was incredible. Thank you. It’s like you’ve swallowed
an old soul singer… …and you’re in this,
like, tiny person. I’ve watched so many young
talents and kids over the years… …and I’ve just never heard
anything like that. Okay, so this is it. The moment we
have all been waiting for. It’s time to find out
who you have chosen… …as the winner
of The Voice kids 2019. I can now announce that
the winner of The Voice kids 2019 is… …Sam!

Reader Comments

  1. Horrible. This is disgusting what they do to these kids. She is loud. Give her that. With a lot of training. Yes But not a natural by no means. She is in for a huge letdown later in life. Teenage years Sad.

  2. That was great!! Gracie is a beautiful singer. She didn't win but no matter. ( Though I think she should have won ^_^ ) She has her future set in the singing career. Thank you TVG for the video. It was awesome 🙂

  3. She reminds me a bit of Courtney Hadwin, except this young lady has some real pipes, and isn't limited to slurring her words and screaming.😁👍

  4. Gracie-Jayne's performance of "River Deep, Mountain High" with Pixie was iconic. To my mind, it is a defining performance for the season and the show.KDM

  5. Don 't know why the audience at the TV Screens Code Sam as Winner – Gracy Jane to me Was much more exciting an simply incredible.

  6. She sounds like a twelve year old singer. She is making the same mistake that most young singers do and that is to belt out everything possibly without regard for the importance of soft notes. She has a nice voice but she needs training to undo some bad habits. Or she can watch Angelina Jordan to learn how to control her voice and to put more emotion into her songs.

  7. Me sitting here thinking… this girl needs to sing "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone. Pixie tells her "you're going to sing Feeling Good.. Nina Simone and I'm like YES! This girl has it. Goosebumps.

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