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10 Unique Travel Essentials You NEED! *life-changing*

10 Unique Travel Essentials You NEED! *life-changing*

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel today's video is all about treble can you tell that my shirt is extra-tropical e but that doesn't matter this isn't just about tropical travel this is about any travel these are 10 unique travel essentials that you need I'm telling you guys these things are life-changing they will make traveling so much easier a lot of the items that I'm going to share today people don't often talk about everything that I show I will link down below I think everything is very very reasonably priced too but again it'll just make your life so much easier and this is the treble brick we're in summers is when travels starting to ramp up I actually just got back from vacation today and I'm already filming this video I'm just yeah I'm just really excited so let's get started with the very first tip which is what I'm wearing and it is a simulated diamond ring by Tiger Jam so this video is sponsored by Tiger gems I don't know if you guys remember but a few months back I did this really cool video where I went out into the public and I tested strangers to guess which diamond ring was real or fake I had a my real one and then I ordered this Tiger gems ring I was sucked into a facebook ad it was not sponsored they had no idea who I was and then I had strangers guess which one was real or fake and blowen behold the fake one actually one even though I think my real engagement ring it looks really good so it's very shocked even though like when I got this in the mail I knew it looked amazing and so after that video you know it did really well a lot of you ended up ordering a ring I got really great feedback and then a couple weeks or month of ways later the company actually reached out to me and they wanted to do you know a video together and I've just been talking with them and I just really really liked the products that they offer they ended up sending me a wedding band to kind of go with it I have two different options here and I just think that that is such a perfect travel tip don't travel with your real wedding set or an engagement ring or diamond ring you know you don't have to be married whatever it's just not really great to travel with your very very expensive rings it can sometimes be unsafe and then other times you know if you're swimming in the pool or the ocean it could slip off it's just it's one less thing to worry about and it's really fun to just have you know a travel set a sense so this one is it's so beautiful this is a two-carat said it's very similar to the one that I have they have you know larger diamonds they have more conservative diamonds they have so so many to choose from it's it's seriously amazing and they did give me a discount code it's shake Asian 15 I can put it on the screen I can link it down below you'll save 15% on the entire site it's literally the perfect time to kind of get one and you know you can just always have it in your jewelry box you can switch it out when you go places sometimes it's really fun to just have a larger diamond ring and just kind of like show off for like a night like who the heck cares I really really like the company I've been talking to them for a while it's women owned and operated each piece is completely handmade their customer service is really really good I don't know I just really like them so anyway check out the links down below you can get this set or obviously could find one that is more your style or maybe one that's very similar to what you already have but yes so shout out to tiger gems thank you for sponsoring this video let's move on to number two the next item that I want to talk about I really wasn't planning on talking about it next but we're gonna get it out of the way because I'm sure many of you are wondering how my hair looks like this and it is because of this three barrel curler thing I got it on Amazon it's so good guys this is such a perfect thing to take with you on vacation because it's like beachy but it's just so carefree I can do my hair like this and it lasts for three to four days and it just slowly like the waves slowly get looser and looser but it's beautiful the entire time and you know doing your hair on vacation is like the last thing you want to do and so this kind of just you do it one time and then you kind of make it last a few days and it just looks it looks like you're on vacation it looks so good and so I've had this only for a few weeks but I've already used it over and over and over again definitely a unique travel thing to take I mean it's not like the smallest thing but guys it's so so so good for vacation how many times can I say a vacation okay guys so this is the next the next thing and it's a unique piece of luggage so I feel like these are getting a little bit more popular but the it wasn't for a while so this is my cow pack marbled luggage set I can link this one along with several others below because guys I'm just telling you it's so cool not only to just have a unique piece of luggage because you can take pictures with it it's like just really fun and and just like it goes with your outfit and you guys know I like like a good outfit but it's also just great to like you see it and you know like that's yours it's as good to identify your luggage versus every other black or navy suitcase out there so I really really recommend this Cal pack one let me just open it I'll show you why okay so the reason I like this is actually it opens like down the middle so there's this section and then if you unzip there's a whole other section and at first at first I wasn't sure if I liked that but now I really like it because at the end of my trip I can separate the clean clothes versus the unused clothes and it just it's like equal like half and half because usually I over pack and so not everything is dirty and it just it's it separates them and if I find that that is very helpful and at the beginning it's not like who really cares to separate them but at the end it's really helpful I'm not saying that that's like a necessary thing it's just one feature I really do like about this particular suitcase but like I said I will link some other really stylish ones below because guys they are getting better they are getting better okay guys next we're gonna talk about packing cubes and oh man I was I was so against packing cubes guys I can't even tell you and they just didn't make sense to me I was like why do we have a suitcase where we pack everything but then first we must pack it in something else also looks like a suitcase but then put it in the suitcase like I just didn't make sense to me so I just never did it and then so many of you kept suggesting that I try them so I ended up ordering them and guys it's actually really good okay and let me just tell you why so first not only do you actually fit more clothes because you can condense everything but then everything is just more organized when you get to the hotel or wherever you're staying now I don't know how you guys want to like we want to do it but for me I actually just take out each cube that is already like categorized so these are all of my shirts these are all of my jeans and then like there's different sizes so this could be like all of my socks these are all of my underwear these are like my PJs or something and then when I get to the hotel room I take it all out and I don't take anything out of the cubes that's how I do it and so when I'm looking for something I know exactly where it is I pull it out it's not getting all shuffled and jammed around in my suitcase it's still meet Lea in the cube I pull it out I wear it and then anything that's still in the cube at the end of the trip I know is clean and then you know all of the dirty egos separate and it's just it was just really really organized and I just can't believe I've waited so long to try these these are also from Amazon there's so many on Amazon but these had the best reviews they have so many colors and I feel like the price is really really really good so again I'll link this down below but I highly highly suggest these they make your life easier this next thing is so freaking cool it's actually a scarf like it's an infinity scarf but there is a hidden compartment like a zipper here and you just unzip it and you can hide your money like cash a credit card passport your cell phone and then you just zip it back up and then you can just put it on and wear it like a normal scarf and nobody has any idea that you're you're carrying your belongings whatsoever so not only is it amazing for travel like international travel you know just for safety but it's also just amazing to be like carefree and hands-free I've done I've worn this when we've gone to New York City like we're walking around the city I've worn this when we go to the park actually like I'll just wear you know like a short sleeve t-shirt this goes with pretty much anything and I can like play on the jungle gyms with my kids that sounds really weird but sometimes that's that's very necessary so this is a really really cool thing to have it comes in so many colors and patterns but I just went for like a basic gray color okay so most youtubers would probably ignore this and or try to hide it but not me I'm just going to call attention to it because that's more fun so if you'll notice right here my zipper is down most likely throughout this entire video how okay so that's all back to the video just so that goes with my outfit but it's just yeah it's just a great great carefree thing to have that I feel like you'd get more use out of it than than what you might think the next treble essential that I think is really really cool and very unique is this jewelry holder travel piece so it's like this Rolly thing and you just unroll it and look isn't that so cool so there's little compartments right there that unravel and then you have a perfect spot for your necklaces your earrings your bracelets whatever you want to put in there and things don't get all jumbled up together everything is organized and you just roll it up like that and then snap it it's so cute and so just like stylish and it just makes you actually want to take your jewelry and wear it yeah I just really really like it very very affordable unique I like it you guys are probably not surprised by this because I talked up how amazing steamers are on my channel all the time I'm obsessed with my professional one that's a lot larger I use that one all the time not just for clothing I use it for curtains and rugs and all kinds of things but this is great for travel this is a travel size steamer it's so much better than ironing your clothes in a hotel room I was going to say that it's great for longer traveling trips but I on a little weekend getaway and it worked I use it more than I thought so this is just great to have it you know you throw it in your suitcase and clothes just get wrinkly very easily and this just fixes it in seconds flat it's just amazing so if you haven't tried a steamer you can try this one if you love it I also recommend the larger version like this the upright one that whole man that works really well to this next item is not only amazing for going on trips and for travel this is a really good thing just to have this is a solar charger so it is actually powered by the Sun and it holds so much juice you can you can charge so many things with this at one time there's USB ports there's inputs and outputs you can charge your cell phone obviously your iPad your laptop your Kindle and like I said it holds so much power it's really really good but it's just really cool because it's it's solar power that's very different than you normally see it's free it's great for emergency situations obviously it's only $35 and it has really really good reviews you can keep it in your car if you want it's a good place honestly because you can just put it on your dashboard the Sun hits it no one can steal it but it you know keeps it really powered and then anytime you need it you can charge up a lot of things and it works really fast and so it's definitely a good thing to kind of have on hand so speaking of cell phones though I wanted to mention this thing which I actually ended up buying for the bathtub I actually do use it for the bathtub it you put your cell phone in here and then it's completely waterproof you can literally you can just like put it in the water and it's totally fine you can still use your cell phone see it really well but guys this has turned out to be such a good treble thing for the beach like you lay on the beach you don't want sand and water and gross 'no stew get on your cell phone you can go in the ocean you can wear this like around your neck you can go to the pool we went to a water park while we were on vacation and it's just this isn't the most like stylish thing but you kind of want your cell phone near you it like sometimes you get split up i would call Josh it was just handy to have I had this around my neck it didn't matter where I was like in the pool like going down a waterslide and my cell phone was actually protected it was very handy so this is very inexpensive about an amazing travel essential the next thing I saved for the end because I talked about this so many times on my channel but it's just so good guys oh my gosh it's called laying go you just keep your makeup in it and then you can lay all of your makeup out and you can you can see everything so well it's just an amazing product and then when you're ready to go you just you just still cinch it you cinch it up and yeah like it's all right there it's so handy and then when you want to get your makeup back out like say you get to the hotel you just open it up everything is visible you can see all of your makeup and it's just great and while we're at it guys I am just gonna powder my nose at you I can't even tell you how oily I get while I film these videos but anyway this is such a perfect travel thing for your makeup once you get this guy's you're never going to want to go back to like a normal toilet tree pouch or makeup no this this is where it's at it's so good so that does it for this video thank you to tiger gems for collaborating with me on this video don't forget I do have a discount code you can save 15% on your entire order if you end up ordering something if you do I really think you'll think it's beautiful but everything else that I talked about in today's video I will link down below as well I hope you enjoyed this happy and safe travels and I will see you very soon in my next video bye

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  1. She is so beautiful. That being said, not sure if a three barrel curling iron and hand held clothing steamer are travel essentials 🙈🙈

  2. I could not agree with you more….I never wear my precious jewelry on vacation, especially tourist areas or in water. TFS 💕

  3. I had one of those scarves, put my cell phone, keys, and a card holder thing in it; while convenient, it was lopsidedly heavy which made it uncomfortable. Also the weight made the scarf pull down so I was constantly readjusting it. Threw it away.

  4. Love your hair
    And top and this whole vid … I literally just found you yesterday?

    Question:I am like fashion illiterate. Thats not the right word combo

    Will you make a video on how to tuck in shirts or roll up jeans or whatever the most simple tricks are? I was that girl at 12 that wore oversized winnie the pooh shirts and sweats ( no wonder I was single still single. Pray for me 🤣I am still behind in the fashion, makeup… lets just say life trend . Ive been living under a rock . Ive got a poor college student budget please pray for me here too 🤣.

    Thank you . Truly any help is appreciated. I think Ive progressed but I want to be more put together, trendy, classy etc .

    Thank you,


  5. Shea-thank u so much for this video. I especially like the solar charger and the water proof phone carrier. Just a really helpful inexpensive video.

  6. That scarf 🧣 is the coolest tip ever! I didn’t even know it existed until I saw this video. Thank you for always sharing your helpful and life changing tips with us 😘😘 I just bought two of them for my mom and myself!

  7. Hey Shea,
    Your personality wins me over every time. This my first comments ever. Had to tell you that you’re awesome. I friggin love you. You’re so helpful in every way. I love those jeans. Please link those exact ones.

  8. I have those packing cubes! Amazing- each family member had a set when we went to Costa Rica this year. Super helpful to keep our family of 4 organized.

  9. Shea, you are God sent this is an AMAZINGLY INFORMATIVE video; I took away so much from this. A video for everyone who travels ……NEEDS to see this!!!!!

  10. You picked extremely large things for them to be travel essentials. I would hate to see how many bags you need for a full week long trip, let alone two.

  11. Loosely twist each hair strand and then use the triple barrel. It gives a slightly different, and in my opinion more natural look! (Tigi Bedhead has a good waver too)

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