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10 Teardrop and Mini-Campers for Your Outdoor Adventures (Top Picks)

10 Teardrop and Mini-Campers for Your Outdoor Adventures (Top Picks)

– [Reacher] Getting in those last few outdoor excursions of the year should be on everyone’s to do list. If not, prioritize. This is Reacher, and here are 10 more of our favorite teardrop and mini-campers. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Number 10. – [Reacher] Although it’s
number 10 on the list, this first entry gets my vote as the coolest one due to it having a dedicated wheelchair
lift at the entrance door. The fiberglass monohull sits on a steel chassis with a total length of 18 and a half feet and an extended width
of 11 and a half feet when the slide-out is deployed. Inside you’ll find a queen sized
bed housed in the slide-out while directly opposite that is a wall mounted dinette
table with seating for two. A row of closets span the rear wall while the nose cone houses a full bathroom spanning the width of the trailer. Outside is a fold down
kitchen and prep area with a dual burner cooktop as well as an 85 liter
fridge freezer and wash basin mounted on slide outs. Extras include a pair
of 120 watt solar panels and an extra awning to
cover the slide out. The dry weight on this one
is just over 3,000 pounds. The price is a bit more at 39,300 dollars. – [Narrator] Number nine. – [Reacher] The rugged
design and solid black color of this teardrop epitomizes
what an off road trailer should look like. It has a cabin measuring
eight feet by five feet sitting on a chassis
with an overall length of 11 and a half feet. Two doors, one on each side, provide access to an interior which has room for a queen size mattress. Storage compartments can be found at the front of the trailer
as well as in the rear. Along with this are slide
out shelves on each side and plugins for USB and
12 volt accessories. The rear of the trailer
contains a small kitchen which can be accessed via
a large locking hatch. Base level pricing on this
one starts at 20,000 dollars. – [Narrator] Number eight. – [Reacher] This mini from
UK based Freedom Caravans is another example of everything you need and just enough space to put it in. The one piece shell measures 10 feet long and just under seven feet wide with a dry weight of 1,543 pounds. Upon entering you’ll find a kitchen area with a three way fridge
and a full oven down below while up top is a sink
and a dual burner cooktop, both with glass covers. Next to that is a fully enclosed wet bath with a fold down sink and cassette toilet. The front of the trailer
houses a fold down table and U-shaped bench seating which can be modified
into twin single beds or a double bed. The starting price on this one will run you around 17,500 dollars. – [Narrator] Number seven.=[Reacher] You may not need a
big vehicle to pull this one, but you will definitely
want one that goes off road. This teardrop from Inka Outdoors has an overall length of just over 14 feet with a dry weight of 1,500 pounds. And like most trailers this size it can be stored in most
standard home garages. Go wing doors on each
side open to an interior spacious enough for a queen size mattress. There’s also a sound system
with integrated speakers as well as plenty of storage and shelving at each end of the trailer. A large hatch allows access
to the rear kitchen area which includes a stainless steel prep area with a sink and dual burner cooktop. There’s also a slide out with
a 37 quart fridge freezer. A large rack on the roof comes standard with the option for solar panels as well. Pricing for this one will run
you around 20,000 dollars. If you like what we do and enjoy making fun of my accent, be sure and hit that subscribe button and click that bell icon to stay up to date on
all of our latest videos. – [Narrator] Number six. – [Reacher] Having an overall length of just under seven feet, and a width just under six feet, this mini shows how they can include all the features you need without sacrificing comfort or quality. Dual side doors open up to an interior with twin side by side mattresses. At the front are cabinets
and counter space spanning the width of the trailer, while the rear wall has mounts for a TV, an integrated sound
system, and an AC unit. A large rear hatch opens
up to a kitchenette containing a flush mounted
dual burner cooktop, a sink, and a slide out fridge freezer. Large dual pane windows, as well as a panoramic window at the front provide natural light
and air flow if needed. Pricing for this mini starts
at just under 21,000 dollars. – [Narrator] Number five. – [Reacher] These campers
from Serro Scotty Trailers have achieved somewhat of a cult status so it’s no surprise that when the company decided to do a retro
design they chose this one. The exterior sports a dual color scheme which is white with blue stripes running the length of the trailer. At the front is the dinette area which has bench style
seating for up to six people at the adjustable table. The kitchen features a
miniature fridge freezer, a sink, a microwave, and
a dual burner cooktop. The bathroom houses a foot flush toilet and a separate stand up shower with a tub. In addition to the dinette area which can convert to a twin bed, there’s also a set of
bunk beds in the rear. This one weighs in at 2,600 pounds with a starting price
around 12,000 dollars. – [Narrator] Number four. – [Reacher] This entry from Airstream hearkens back to the days of
the aluminum shelled trailers your parents were pulling
behind their vehicles so many years ago. A side entry door opens
up to a compact floor plan providing all the comforts of
home without feeling cramped. Tinted windows, as well
as a panoramic window that wraps around the front provide natural light to the interior giving it the feeling of
a space bigger than it is. Features include a front dinette
with a wall mounted table and a kitchenette with
a triple burner cooktop, a convection microwave, a sink, and a four cubic foot refrigerator. Sleeping accommodations are provided by a queen bed in the rear, as well as the dinette which
converts to a double bed. Pricing starts at just
over 66,000 dollars. – [Narrator] Number three. – [Reacher] This single slide out camper has everything you’d need
for a trip into nature. It comes in two floor plans measuring 20 feet in length with the largest being
able to sleep four people. The rear kitchen, which spans
the width of the trailer, includes a dual burner cooktop, sink, microwave, and three
cubic foot mini fridge. The side dinette area has
U-shaped bench seating and an adjustable table, while across from that
is an enclosed wet bath with a wall mounted shower head. Sleeping accommodations are
provided by the queen size bed located in the front, as well as using the dinette which modifies to a twin bed. Pricing on this one starts
at around 14,000 dollars. – [Narrator] Number two. – [Reacher] This comes from Sherpa Leisure out of South Africa. And I can not stress enough how cool I think this thing looks. The aerodynamic front
end and large windows flow back to a rear end
that resembles a cargo van. It measures just under 18 feet in length with a width of seven feet. And for those taller people out there, the pop up roof raises the interior height to just under six and a half feet so you’re probably good to go. Each one is made to
order and comes standard with a rear dinette and adjustable table while the front contains bench seating and a wall mounted table. There’s room to sleep up to three people by converting these areas to beds. Outside the entry door is
a fold down cooking area with a dual burner cooktop and microwave while inside is a centrally
located mini fridge. A large window in the rear along with multiple windows throughout open to allow natural light
and air flow as needed. Pricing on this one starts
at just under 16,000 dollars. Before we reveal our number one pick, we’d like to give a high five to a viewer named Brandon Curren for holding me to my
promise to make this video. If you don’t like it feel
free to throw stuff at him. If you do, then leave us a comment letting us know which
one you like the most. – [Narrator] Number one. – [Reacher] When I think about camping I think of two things. Campfires and a cooler
full of tasty beverages. This 3,500 pound camper from BRS Offroad might be just what you need to get you to the places you
wanna go to enjoy those things. An electric go wing door
opens to a rear kitchen with a sink, microwave, dual
30 liter fridge drawers, and a four burner cooktop grill combo. Directly in front of
that is a dinette area with a slide out table
housed underneath the bed. The front of the trailer
has a queen sized bed with a stargazing window directly above and windows on each side. Across from the entrance
there’s also a slide out which houses a fully enclosed shower for those days when
washing seems necessary. The exterior has a slide out kitchen which includes a 95 liter fridge freezer as well as a grill and a prep area. There’s also an awning that provides protection from the elements both above and from the sides. Pricing on this one will run
you around 95,000 dollars. – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting, and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching,
I’ll see you guys next time. (upbeat music)

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  2. Thank you for this video. Some interesting options. I’m looking for a teardrop or mini camper that is really cute, you know, for a girl, without losing the necessary functionalities and that can be towed by a smaller vehicle like a Subaru. Do you have a top ten list like that?

  3. The last one was my favorite except the price. Ouch! Why is that ones made outside of our country are far cheaper?

  4. Absolutely agree with your No.1 pick. The BRS offroad pursuit platinum is top of our list for a lap of Australia – 9,000 miles. The indoor and outdoor kitchens / BBQ, the unique ensuite, the 3 fridges, awning set up. Best of all the two windows either side of the bed and massive stargazer window above the bed. The ultimate experience of the outdoors in comfort and easy to tow anywhere without the need for a massive tow vehicle.

  5. The $95 K is Australian. Around $70 k US. It is fully equipped down to the full awning, fridges, BBQ, ensuite, there is also a cheaper model.

  6. The Scotty is only $12k? It’s not beautiful, but it has everything you need for a small family plus it’s big. What a cheap way to get into trailer camping.

  7. Some really cool stuff out there.
    Number 8 does not look like a one piece shell – you can see the black side seams making it a 3 piece shell – which makes sense on the manufacturing side.


  9. For half of the 95,000. Redo backyard real nice…
    If that's done buy a new car or truck and buy the ICamper…

  10. The Airstream is an absolutely beautiful camper in appearance and quality. In my opinion it surpasses them all. However, the Colt, 17’ with a single slide out, is the best deal.

    Great camper video as usual and a plus that it contains a broader range of pricing.

  11. I want No.8!! It's perfect.1543lbs/700kgs will ok for my little 1.3L Yaris at a max tow of 1984lbs/900kgs.With water,food,clothes,duvet/bedding and a few bits n bobs so i'd say 1650lbs/748.5kgs.Would this be about right??

  12. The BRS Pursuit Platinum is $95,000 Australian or about $65,000 US. It is in the upper end of camper trailers of it type in Australia.
    Without doubt it is the one we will choose for a lap of the Australian Outback for 9,000 + miles. The longest national highway in the world.
    The stargazer window over the queen sized bed is pure magic. Full inside and outside kitchen, BBQ, 3 fridges and ensuite bathroom plus the large annex, and lots of storage make this unique in our market for a truly compact trailer. This is number one on our list. It has also been very well reviewed by Caravan magazines Down Under. Well done to Minds Eye Design. How about adjusting the price to US $.

  13. It's an easy choice for me, the Rambler #1, the Scotty #2. Price and weight are right in my wheelhouse. Thanks

  14. Why do you think you have an accent? You have a very normal sounding voice in our opinion. Thanks for the video.

  15. I like the Scotty the best and the last one the least; $95 K seems a bit excessive for what is included. Seems like the Scotty has everything I'd need for a pleasant camping trip for months.

  16. I love design. These trailers are like a canvas to paint these Swiss Army knive designs on Wheels. However I'm not going to pay $39,000 for a little tiny travel trailer.. The $12k to $16K models are tempting, but a used pop up is a fraction of the price. Also no fault of your own, but most of these "caravans" are from South Africa, Australian, Europe. In the USA most of these trailers don't exist. But they're fun to look at. I appreciate you stating the weight and price. I'm most interested in weight, since I tow with a small diesel SportWagen. I also want to maintain good mpg, so the areodynmic designs are cool.

  17. Woah! $95k for that #1 tiny trailer? Oy! But it had great pop-outs.
    Liked it, but, might like that Sherpa unit #2, as it seemed to have more room.
    Always wondered why (it seems) no RV maker has figured how to put the kitchen in an indoor/outdoor drawer? Or, how to put a hidden potty into a teardrop trailer? Or, put water tanks on a teardrop, to serve kitchen and shower?
    Trailers that are 4-season insulated, and, have an interior that is oblivious to condensation/mold, are necessary in our neck of the woods. Lots more folks are opting to full-time in all kinds of RVs…hard times beg interesting solutions.

  18. Compositing toilet
    Induction cooking
    Convection oven or provide solar oven
    Large fridge n freezer
    Kitchen sink
    Small ac
    Electric heater and
    Enough solar to run it all.
    Solar on the awning
    Solar on the door(s)
    Solar on the roof
    Solar connections
    Ditch the dangerous propane gas
    Just a thought especially for those with lung issues.
    Not everyone needs a queen size bed = ignoring the single crowd with empty nest
    Or maybe you can pick your own interior needs package?
    1. Family
    2. Couples with dogs
    3. Singles with dogs, cats or birds
    4. Singles
    5. Health issues or safety concerns. All at a fair price.
    Just a thought!

  19. Very impressed that you included a design from South Africa which is quite often left out on many techno topics. Never underestimate South Africa. We might be a third world country, but with a strong first world element and being in Africa, South Africa often tops creative and practical innovations.

  20. I like how the last small little camper cost more than my house like four times more yet my house is worth more than that now it's still good point I can buy a house for 25.00 why by a little trailer 100.000$

  21. You have to be nuts Some of those prices are shocking! That last one? What on earth makes it worth a starting price of $95,000 dollars?

  22. $95K for #10?  That is higher than most higher grade/"glamping" rvs from Airstream!  Most people cannot afford an Airstream unless they buy a stripped down one and do it their way.  Heck, most people could not come up with $400 for a rainy day.  Campers must be rich or at least upper-middle class to get away from it all.

  23. New entries all the time! Conqueror USA has a nice model, and BruderX might be another unobtanium type.. There are lots of builders trying to just get to the back woods with a few amenities. But kudos for the brands shown, I have not seen them on cmaper lots around the Midwest.

  24. Some very cool trailers, however for me..anything over $15K should automatically have a toilet and shower. 75% of the cost of that airstream is apparently in the name because the Scotty had more room and was a third of the price and lastly, the outdoor kitchen areas are nice…unless it's raining outside. I'd say the Scotty is probably IMO the best of the lot. If it had a slide out, it would be perfect.

  25. 7.03
    Rigid walls instead of canvas would have been perfect.
    Des cloisons rigides au lieu de la toile auraient été parfaites.

  26. my favorite is the Rambler by Sherpa Leisure. We own a nuCamp Teardrop 320 and love it but there are always new small campers being created.

  27. I guess I'll never own something like what is seen here. 10K is the magic number for me. Anything more and I won't consider it.

  28. They can keep the mini's who in the hell wants their kitchen outside especially if it's raining? That makes absolutely no sense!!!!!

  29. What accent? 😉 I pick #3, the colt. Has everything you need plus a slide out. Good price too! Appreciate the video, thanks!

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