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10 Cruise First Aid Kit Essentials To Pack. You Will Need To Use Them..!!

10 Cruise First Aid Kit Essentials To Pack. You Will Need To Use Them..!!

You’re about to discover a packing tip
for a cruise that’s not only going to make you have a better cruise, it’s
probably going to save you money and a lot of stress. I am Gary Bembridge and this is another of my tips for travellers. We don’t go on vacation and don’t go on a
cruise and plan to be ill. However, 50% of cruisers will suffer from some kind of
problem or medical issue that requires some kind of attention. By packing a
personalised first-aid kit, you are going to have a much less stressful time – and
also you are going to save money. That’s why I recommend bringing your own so
you don’t have to rely on the medical centre, the shops on board or local pharmacies in
the ports you call on. There are 10 things that you need to be prepared for
that could possibly happen to you, your partner or your kids, and that’s
what I think you should really address in this personalised first-aid kit. If
there’s only one thing that you remember, it is a dental repair kit. There are no
dental facilities on board whatsoever, so if you have a filling fall out, a
crown come off or some problem like that having a little dental repair kit, that
you get from the pharmacy, which will enable you to fill a hole or stick back a
crown so it can tide you over until you get to a port and perhaps find an
emergency dentist, or even wait until the end of the cruise. I have been saved a
number of times on cruises by taking a kid with me when something has happened,
or someone I know has had a dental problem. No one really knows when
seasickness is going to hit them, or whether it’s going to hit them. Even
people who have had no incidents of seasickness could suffer from
seasickness on a cruise. So, make sure that in your kit you have something to
deal with seasickness that you know works for you. If you have not been on
cruise before, talk to your pharmacist or talk to friends and find out what worked
best for them. Also take products for gastro problems, for example diarrhoea
and some of the consequences of diarrhoea. For example, products like Imodium.
It’s also a really good idea take rehydrating products with you,
you can buy products like Diralyte for example which will help reboost and get
you back the minerals and the water lost if you do suffer from that
particular problem. It’s very important to take a hand sanitiser
or hand sanitiser wipes because, although the most important way to
prevent getting things like norovirus if it is spreading around the ship is to
wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, having hand gel with
you as you go out on tours or about the ship is a very good idea. Just to keep
your hands as clean as possible because the way that coughs and colds and
things like that, and also the norovirus, spread is through touching
surfaces and then touching your mouth. So, washing your hands is
really important, but have hand sanitiser. Pain relief is really important to
have. Of course, you may need it because you’ve self inflicted it from
over indulging and partying too much! So, you might have a bit of a hangover or
headache, but pain relief is important if you get a headache or some other bang,
scrapes or whatever. Bring what you prefer, whether it’s ibuprofen or
paracetamol. Personally, I like to take both because ibuprofen is really as an anti-inflammatory and, of course, paracetamol is pretty good in terms of
pain management. In different countries there are all sorts
of brand names Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin, so whatever works for you. Next make sure
that you’ve taken something for coughs, colds and sore throats. It’s a really
good idea to pack some throat lozenges, some cough mixture or some sort
of pill or product that you like to take if you find yourself coming down with
flu type symptoms. For example, some products in some countries are
things like Lemsip, Night Nurse or Day Nurse. Products that help deal with
outbreaks of cough colds or sore throats. Getting sunburned and quite severely
sunburned is a problem that happens on many cruises to warmer climates. People are on vacation and they’re excited and don’t really think about it. Very
important to make sure that you’ve packed lots of sunscreen and, of course, the
higher the factor the better. Also make sure that you’ve packed things to
help if you do get sunburnt. For example, things like aloe vera gels which
are very good if you do get sunburnt. But, the most important thing to have in
that kit is really really good sunscreen. Depending on where you’re cruising
too, it is also a really good idea to have something to help prevent bites from
things like mosquitoes, flies or whatever. There are in some areas cruising in some parts of the world where there are greater threats. For example when
there’s a Zika threat from mosquitoes. Then it is really important to
make sure that you have really good protection if you travel in those
regions. Make sure you’ve packed in your first-aid kit some
mosquito or insect repellent that you know is really good. Use it with
sunscreen and put sunscreen on and then apply it afterwards. One of the
areas that certainly I found very helpful, and has helped me out a lot on
cruises, is by packing my first aid kit things to deal with wounds. Obviously
adhesive plasters of different shapes and sizes. Buy one of those packs which has all different sizes in.
The other thing which is really important is adhesive tape or bandages,
and that may sound a little bit extreme. However, if you’re quite
clumsy like me, it’s very easy to perhaps actually break your toe. Twice on
trips I’ve actually broken my toe from stubbing it out and about. There’s
nothing they can do if you’ve done, however all you have to do is strap it
up. If you’ve got that handy you can just strap it up and carry on.
Also pack some antiseptic cream and if you
have cut yourself, damaged yourself or injured yourself out and about you
can then apply some antiseptic cream before you put on the plaster. If you know that you suffer from hay fever or allergies, it is really important that
in that kit you have some antihistamines and products to deal with that.
Particularly if you’re heading into warmer climates like the
Caribbean with lots of flowers out as you might find that your hay
fever kicks in. It is really important to make sure that if you do ever
suffer allergies that you have some of those, as you’re going to find it difficult because if need some as they are not going to sell in the on-board shop, you don’t wants to have
to go to the medical center and pay to see a doctor or even
wrestle with going to a pharmacy to make sure you get an antihistamine that you
know works for you. Another thing, although it’s probably not
strictly related to first-aid and it’s probably more “fun aid”, is if you’re a
sexually active don’t forget to bring along things like condoms. The Travel
Medicine Alliance reports that 50% of cruisers will experience some kind of
medical related issue on a cruise. So, if you’re travelling as a couple it’s likely
that one of you is going to need something. Hopefully it’s not
something severe and it’s going to be something relatively minor. If you’ve
packed a personalised first aid kit covering the 10 main things that you
could suffer with, you’re going to save yourself a lot of stress, a lot of strain
and a lot of money because you’re going to be able to deal with things yourself.
I hope you found that helpful and if you did, I’d love it if you watched many more
of my Tips For Travellers videos because they will give you inspiration, advice
and tips on how you can make much more of your very precious travel time and

Reader Comments

  1. Great video! I do look forward to when these come out.

    Bit of a medical nut myself, just a few I would add to the list or comments to add.

    1. Cough syrups and medications, if you are traveling with children please take children specific medications or ask your doctor about dosages prior to leaving. And take the measuring spoon or cups… Last cruise we went on the 8 year old next door developed a cough strong enough we could hear it though the walls. I had children's cough syrup in my kit (If there is one thing I over pack, its medical…), and his parents thanked me because they do not sell children's medications on board.

    2. Sam splint. When we leave the ship I usually put a Sam Splint in my bag. It is a piece of light aluminum coated in foam. Combined with a roll of 3 inch med tape (or duct tape if you are in a pinch) it can be used to splint almost any part of the body. We have used them for ankles and wrists on excursions or coming back from the bars when someone takes a tumble. It can also be cut with a pair of scissors to make small finger splints if you jam or break a finger.

    3. I also carry super glue and alcohol prep wipes, for cuts bigger than bandaids, or if you really need to waterproof an open wound. I have also used liquid skin but it doesn't work as well as superglue imo.

    4. If you get sick easy or are immuno compromised, I would also suggest medical masks. Amazon has masks with antiviral layer, they come individually wrapped.

  2. Excellent. I would add moleskin to prevent blisters if you plan to do a lot of hiking or walking. I’ve been using it for years and it has kept me going when otherwise I might have had to rest the wound a few days or up to a week which, in the case of a cruise, might mean the rest of your vacation. Love your site. You give excellent and practical advice.

  3. Please help. On river cruise ships Uniworld, are there steel doors or any wall that are magnetic? I would like to decorate our door or hang magnetic hooks in our cabin

  4. If you are going on a cruise that lasts a week or more, you might want to bring along a few stool softeners (just in case)….One more thing…Don't let the tops of your feet get sunburned. It's much worse than arms or your back. Imagine putting shoes or sandals on sunburned feet.

  5. Bring 100% essential oils like clove and lavender. Clove for tooth aches and muscle aches. Lavender for headaches and breathing problem.

    Also, magnesium for constipation, zinc for diarrhea and apple cider vinegar for indigestion, high blood pressure and weight loss. Plus spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide as sanitizer, even replace your hand bottle sanitizer with hydrogen peroxide.

  6. I always pack Prilosec for heartburn and Tylenol for head/body aches. That's about it. Anything I buy if I need it in the shops.

  7. Great advice as ever. Thanks. HOWEVER, there is an aspect of this medical issues which is a PAIN. Japan and UAE, in particular, have very strict and inconvenient controls on medical products which can enter these countries. UAE has a list of restricted substances which includes codine and beyond this requires clearance in advance for personally prescribed meds. Even if transiting through a UAE city, for example Dubai to reach the Liner Port, you'll need clearance. This is an online application process and its free, but you'll need a prescription for each drug and a medical report from your doctor.
    Given the age profile of many cruises, a large number of folk will be on repeat meds and will require this approval before sailing. I must say that I found Cunard quite unhelpful in their limited advice on this issue. UAE declined my application for low doses of standard medication despite full supporting docs being provided by my understanding GP. I decided to discontinue the medication for the duration of the cruise, having consulted with my doctor. This is not an option for some travelers and should be flagged clearly as an issue by the cruise company, but in my experience, it is not.

  8. Even though I've never cruised, I have traveled and I like to have along my own emergency case. I use tea tree oil for cuts as well as for getting rid of "germs". Put some into a small spray bottle and add a clear oil to top it up, give it a shake, then use it to spray door knobs, taps, etc. Wipe away with a cloth or paper towel. Use arnica for bruises, either in oil form, which works faster, or in tiny pills that work from the inside out. This also works well if you're having an operation to help with bruise healing after, although doctors and nurses will "poo poo" it, of course. Being older, bruises are a thing… and arnica really helps.

  9. Dental kit definitely. Never travel without one pretty much anywhere not just a cruise.
    My big one is, I'm pretty much a travelling pharmacy when I go on vacation. Upset stomach, diarrhea, decongestants, full on cold medication, allergy medication, throat drops, cough pills, 2 different kinds of pain relievers, antacids, sleeping pills, and that's even before you get to my prescription medications. The pills cost so little at the local walmart but so much onboard or even in port. Now where I do get a little neurotic about my little travelling pharmacy is I keep each different medication in its own ziploc container (snack size bags work wonders) that way I'm kept organized and sharp things in my luggage dont pierce the foil or heavy things crushing the pills doesnt create a chemistry experiment in my bags.

  10. There is only one other item that I pack that didn't make your list, and that is an elastic bandage (we call them ace bandages here in the US). When the ship is swaying back and forth and you have had a little alcohol, it is easy to turn an ankle or sprain a wrist, and having that elastic bandage for compression can really help.

  11. Eye mask if you’re in Scandinavia in the summertime! Land of the Midnight Sun! Portable disposable heat pack for sore muscles! Great video Gary!

  12. Excellent advice as always, Gary. I would also add for cruises longer than a week bring along a course of antibiotics (one that you have tried before). I developed a sinus infection on the third day of a 14 day cruise and would have been miserable had I not started taking them.

  13. Great vlog. I hate being under the weather when I'm traveling and not having any of the medication that I usually take. I have a question for you Gary. Will you be traveling, at any time soon, on that gargantuan river cruise ship, the AMA Magna?

  14. Great blog as usual. One thing to note, cruise ships don’t sell diarrhea treatments in their stores. They want you to report to the medical office in case you have nor virus. I picked up some food poisoning and had to suffer through. Now we carry Imodium

  15. I'll have to see if I can find a dental repair kit. Maybe the local walmart? We also take PH suppositories in case our out-of-routine diet affects us the opposite way.

  16. Amazing amazing video and tips, thanks a lot
    I adding this video in my favourite videos as a hint video to come back to it before our next trip 👍☺

  17. Great videos! I know this is not necessarily tied to this video. I am going on an Alaskan cruise and watched your videos. We are doing a land and sea package with Princess. Any suggestions on brand and type of luggage to take for a land and cruise tour. We need to purchase new luggage and would like your opinion.

  18. These are great suggestions. My first cruise I thought to take band aids, sunscreen, sunburn gel and pain relief but I wish I had thought of the allergy relief meds. My niece and I both woke up the second day of the cruise with full blown allergies. The other items would have been a good idea to be safe.

  19. I carry a small dental kit in my purse just for everyday.  It has SAVED me (twice) on outings where I didn't have access to a drug store.

  20. Thank you very much, Gary! Certainly, it was very helpful. …And did your toe heal all right?.. You didn’t go to see the doctor afterwards?..

  21. Dear Gary: thank you very much for this very interesting, medicine pertaining narration. I thought for some time whether to ask my medical nutritional question or not. Finally decided, that it would be OK and appropriate, as Your channel does address the issues of health of travelers, and also the hygiene and health conditions during the trips, nutrition and, thus, health – salubrious living (in times of odysseys, at least). From January 23, 2019 to January 30th, 2019 I conducted quite an interesting trip to Kumkoy, in Turkey. Although, was not able to visit all the sites I planned. Stayed at the 5 star hotel. During my brief stay in Kumkoy, Turkey I suffered some very uncomfortable sensation pertaining to the intestinal health… pains… even some blood stool, etc.. (Most likely, such malcondition can be called – qualified as the acute hemorrhoid… provoked by what?..). It was quite sleepless and it was very uncomfortable, if not impossible, even to lie on my back. At certain stage I even suspected, that as a practical “joke” someone laced my food or drink with the very finely ground glass (all the symptoms were there), what reportedly the administration of some of the prisons does, but, sure, they don’t make anything like that in 5 star hotels… Do they? Or they don’t?.. With the very many issues the Coca Cola Zero does help, but, alas, not with everything.

    …According to the historic publicism articles in the Russian Federation – USSR media, some not big secret detention centers in GULAG (not the concentration camps with the thousands and thousands of inmates in Siberia, but the smaller facilities) on the surface looked like the sanatoriums, health improvement facilities, family resorts and deep in the soundproof basements of those facilities a very not holiday like, sadistic activities were taking place… No, of course, I do not think that in this hotel in Kumkoy there is the torture chamber like in the underground bunker of Martin Vanger from “The girl with the dragon tattoo” by Stieg Larsson… but is everything all right with the food and drinks in that hotel??? Probably, some of the readers – participants of this vlog had the similar experiences, the similar health problems, when staying in that hotel in Kumkoy… Then it would be very helpful to learn their experiences, share those experiences and draw the appropriate conclusions regarding what might be really taking place at that hospitality establishment…

    Gary, I hope, that my commentary and questions would not be undermining Your vlog as they do belong to the sphere of the travel activities. And the theme of the travelers being deliberately poisoned (non lethally, but in the innuendo, health disturbing manner) is the one I am very much interested to learn more about, including, the statistics. …There are, there are some evil doers and they do, they do pick up their victims… I do not want to be such a victim… Gary, please, delete this short epistle of mine, if You would be considering it to be out of place… Thank You very much for Your kind understanding. Some things do really started worrying me quite a lot… The travelers must be staying healthy!

  22. I agree with the dental kit. My husband ended up with a toothache our 2nd day out on a 30 day cruise. While the 1st port was Dutch Harbor, 4 days later, no dentist available. It was 11 days before he was seen by then he was in so much pain, Rx pain medication does work. What worked was acupuncture. Dentistry in other countries may not be ideal, he was seen in Japan, they wanted to start a root canal without Novocain.

  23. Your meds and a laxative. Noxima for sunburns. Takes away the sting. Blistex for cold sores. Chapstick. And surgical masks and gloves if you're really paranoid.

  24. I was 10 minutes into a cruise and chipped a tooth on a hard candy pop (I thought it was a cake pop). I didn't know a dental kit was a thing! Bringing one for sure next time.

  25. If you take a regular prescription for example blood pressure medicine, bring your prescription paperwork along with your travel papers. If you put your medication in your bag and your bag gets lost or stolen, you can get the prescription refilled. Or if you thought you packed your blood pressure medicine and actually forget to bring it, that prescription form will save you.

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