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10 Best Tourist Attractions in San Francisco | Places to visit and Fun Things to do

10 Best Tourist Attractions in San Francisco | Places to visit and Fun Things to do

10 Best Tourist Attractions in San Francisco | Places to visit and Fun Things to do in this video we are going to tell you
about 10 must places to visit in San Francisco a popular tourist destination San
Francisco is known for its cool summers fog steep rolling hills eclectic mix of
architecture and landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge cable cars the former
Alcatraz federal penitentiary Fisherman’s Wharf and it’s Chinatown
district let’s see the top 10 palaces every tourist must visit in San
Francisco Alcatraz Island is located in San
Francisco Bay 1.25 miles 2.01 kilometers offshore from San Francisco the small
island was developed with facilities for a lighthouse a military fortification a
military prison 1868 and a federal prison from 1934 until 1963 it is open
to tourists visitors can reach the island by ferry ride from pier 33 near
Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco Hornblower Cruises and events operating
under the name alcatraz cruises is the official ferry provider to and from the
island it is home to the abandoned prison the site of the oldest operating
lighthouse on the west coast of the United States early military
fortifications and natural features such as rock pools and a sea bird colony
mostly Western gulls cormorants and egrets
at number 2 is the Twin Peaks the Twin Peaks are two prominent Hills with an
elevation of about 925 feed located near the geographic center of san francisco
california only 928 foot mount davidson is higher within the city taking in
scenic views is a big part of visiting san francisco and there’s perhaps no
better place to do so than the Twin Peaks these two mounds reach over 900
feet into the sky making them the perfect vantage point to keep the city
skyline the band of course the bridges most visitors suggest taking on between
Peaks on foot so that you can really enjoy the scenery in the panoramic views go cable car system is the world’s last
manually operated cable car system an icon of San Francisco the cable car
system forms part of the intermodal urban transport network operated by the
San Francisco municipal railway while the cable cars are used to a certain
extent by commuters the vast majority of their 7 million annual passengers are
tourists they are among the most significant tourist attractions in the
city along with Alcatraz Island the golden gate bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf
the cable cars are listed on the National Register of Historic Places Academy of Sciences is a natural history
museum that is among the largest museums of Natural History in the world housing
over 26 million specimens the Academy began in 1853 as a learned society and
still carries out a large amount of original research with exhibits and
education becoming significant endeavors of the museum during the 20th century
completely rebuilt in 2008 the building covers 400,000 square feet 37,000 square
meters and is among the newest natural history museums in the United States Fisherman’s Wharf
neighborhood and popular tourist attraction in San Francisco California
it roughly encompasses the northern waterfront area of San Francisco from
ghirardelli square van ness avenue east a 35 or Kearney Street the S market
street car runs through the area the Powell hide cable car lines runs to
aquatic park at the edge of Fisherman’s Wharf and the Powell Mason cable car
line runs a few blocks away one of the busiest and well-known tourist
attractions in the western United States Fisherman’s Wharf is best known for
being the location of pier 39 the cannery shopping center ghirardelli
square a Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum the museum mechanic wax museum at
Fisherman’s Wharf and the San Francisco maritime National Historical Park
seafood restaurants are at plenty in the area some include miss loading forbes
island restaurant 3 at pier 39 to stand that serve fresh seafood most notably
Dungeness crab and clam chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge
spanning the golden gate strait the one-mile-wide 1.7 mile long channel
between San Francisco Bay in the Pacific Ocean the structure links the American
city of San Francisco California the northern tip of the san francisco
peninsula to marin county carrying both US Route 101 and California State Route
one across the strait the bridge is one of the most internationally recognized
symbols of San Francisco California in the United States it has been declared
one of the wonders of the modern world by the American Society of Civil
Engineers the framers travel guide describes the Golden Gate Bridge is
possibly the most beautiful certainly the most photographed bridge in the
world it opened in 1937 and was until nineteen sixty-four the longest
suspension bridge main span in the world at 4,200 feet next must place to visit in San
Francisco is golden gate park located in a large urban park in san francisco
consisting of 1017 acres of public grounds configured as a rectangle it is
similar in shape at twenty percent larger than Central Park in New York to
which it is often compared it is over three miles long east to west and about
half a mile north to south with 13 million visitors annually Golden Gate is
the fifth most visited city park in the United States after Central Park in New
York City Linkin Park in Chicago and Balboa animation Bay parks in San Diego of Fine Arts in the marina district of
San Francisco California is a monumental structure originally constructed for the
1915 panama-pacific exposition in order to exhibit works of art presented there
one of only a few surviving structures from the exposition it is still situated
on its original site it was rebuilt in 1965 and renovation of the lagoon
walkways and a seismic retrofit were completed in early 2009 in addition to
hosting art exhibitions it remains a popular attraction for tourists and
locals and is a favorite location for weddings and wedding party photographs
for couples what makes the Ferry Building San
Francisco’s most famous landmark first is its strategic location at the foot of
Market Street on the western edge of the continent and at the center of the
city’s financial banking and transportation district second is its
history as the primary portal of the city third is a dramatic clock tower
that has been the icon of the San Francisco waterfront for more than a 100
years union square is a two point six acre 1.1
hectares public plaza bordered by Geary Powell post and stockton streets in
downtown San Francisco California union square also refers to the sensual
shopping hotel and theater district that surrounds the plaza for several blocks
the area got its name because it was once used for rallies in support for the
Union Army during the American Civil War earning its designation as a California
historical landmark today this one blocked plasma and surrounding area is
one of the largest collections of department stores upscale boutiques gift
shops art galleries and beauty salons in the united states making Union Square a
major tourist destination a vital cosmopolitan gathering place in downtown
San Francisco and one of the world’s premier shopping districts
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