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【ENG SUB】《一场遇见爱情的旅行》第41集:神秘u盘|陈晓 景甜 何明翰 秦杉 Love Journey EP41【捷成华视偶像剧场】

【ENG SUB】《一场遇见爱情的旅行》第41集:神秘u盘|陈晓 景甜 何明翰 秦杉 Love Journey EP41【捷成华视偶像剧场】

Mom. In my mind, you are always young and beautiful. Think of these two years, we have been either quarrelling or absent from home. I haven't looked after you well. When you lie here, I discover how thin and pallid you have become. You have grown older. Mom. I am sorry. I shouldn't go against you. Mom. Please wake up. Pleae get better, would you? Mom. Mom. Xin Yue. Come and have some meal. Coming. See what I have brought you today. It is a lot. Of course. This is your favorite noodle. What else do we have? And… Who is that? Xia. Why are you here? Xin Yue. I have something to tell you. I will leave as soon as I finish. Did you see the photo I sent you? How can Kevin be so dispirited? His mom had a heart attack and was sent to the hospital. The Rouge Gallery was found evading taxes. His mother could only close the gallery. They are under huge debt now. What about Zhi Han? He is not well. He has been through a lot. He is deeply hurt. I would like to ask you to visit him. He won't want to see me now. I think the problem between you and his father is the past. We are still friends. Take some time to think about it. I need to go. I need to deliver their meal. Bye. Xia. I am going with you. Brother Chu. We are here to visit Aunt Chu. I have bought you the chicken soup. Drink it while it is still hot. Thank you. Give it to me. The thing has happened. You have done what you need to do. Why are you here? I know that I have promised to give you one month. I didn't keep my promise. I am sorry. But you can see your father's attitude. It has ended. My family has owed you too much. I can't pay it off. I am really sorry. But no matter what, please cheer up. Your mother needs you. Go. I don't have the face to see you again. Take care. Don't go. We have just arrived. Why should we leave? If you need something, tell me in the first place. Thank you. Brother Chu. Why did you drive Xin Yue away? I think Xin Yue is still the same. If uncle didn't took her father's paintings, nothing would have happened. Everything will pass away. Things will get better. The infringement of the precious paintings has shaken the art world. Mr Chu Hong Fei a famous and important figure in arts world, lost his name overnight. Will this incident be a sudden blizzard to the snow mountain genre? Should we lower our opinion on a genre because of an artist? It has brought up much argument. But the Rouge Gallery where most activities of snow mountain genre take place is closed. It can't be changed. Why does the failure of this gallery make me so sad? The greatest value of a painting doesn't lie in its genre, its painter, its price, but in the happiness of people when they see it. Dad. The brush in your hand has brought the holy mountain from Shangri-La to many people. As your daughter, I think I am also responsible for the snow mountain genre. Zhi Han. Let me sleep more. You should wake up, mom. You should shave. Mom. It is so good to have you. Do you know that you were in a coma for days? I was so worried. Sorry that I made you worry. I am better now. Good. I will fetch a doctor. Mom. Hi, Xin Yue. It is you. How are you? I am fine. I miss you. I also miss Shangri-La. Then come back. Let me tell you. The house you lived in last time is kept for you. The case is closed. You must feel relieved. You must feel different now. I also plan to go back. I feel that something is undone. But the case is closed. It is about dad's paintings. I need to exhibit them to show people their meaning. They shouldn't be kept private. What do you plan to do? I want to hold an exhibition for my dad in Shangri-La. Aunt Fang. I will set off tomorrow. Right. Doctor. How is it? She had a heart attack. She is lucky to have a healthy body. She has pulled it through. Of course. But she needs to learn to adjust her feelings. Don't pursue perfection. Or else she will hurt herself. How about this? She should stay in hospital for some more days. I will make you a health plan. She should exercize according to it. Have some good rest. Eat plain food. Don't eat food with too much oil and salt. Thank you, doctor. Right. By the way, your account is out of money now. Remember to top it up. Mom. I should leave you for a while. Hi. I would like to top up for 1901's account. Sorry, sir. There is not enough balance in this card. Not enough? You can try these two. Sorry, sir. They don't work, either. Wait. How about this one? Try it. OK. This one works. Right. Thank you. Mom. Let me. Right. How is it? This. Good. You don't need to accompany me. Take a rest. I am alone back at home. I should stay with you here. Don't you feel tired? I don't. Morning, Boss Chu. You are awake, aunt. I have brought you some flowers. Look. I will find a spot to place it. Here. Aunt. Let me share with you. When you were in a coma, Boss Chu was so worried. He couldn't sleep and eat well. Xia. My mom just woke up. Could you be quiet? Are you that Broadcaster Sheng Xia? You know to warm up the atmosphere. Yes. Let me tell you. I am so good at bring up the atmosphere. I am also good at… Buying breakfast. I am going now. She is like this everyday. She speaks loud. What are you talking about? She is good. She looks pretty and has good character. She is a lively girl. Zhi Han. How is your dad now? I have visited him when you were in a coma. He regrets so much now. Dad. You look so pale. Is everything okay at home? Yes. Why doesn't your mom come with you? Didn't she say she would come with you today? Mom said she need to take care of the gallery business. She asked me to come alone. She never broke her promise to me. She should come with you. She said she would come next time. Zhi Han. Dad is useless. I didn't have the ability to take care of you and your mother. I even bring such huge strike to you both. Sorry, son. No. Dad. I should say sorry. I finally realize how naughty I was in the past. When you were young, I went against your order. I always go against you and mom. I was too insolent. Please forgive me. There is nothing to forgive. It is my fault, child. Do you remember that I brought you to theme park when you were a kid? Do you rememeber it? You wanted to go on the Ferris wheel. But I told you not to go on it for it was too dangerous. I asked you to play on the carousel. You didn't listen to me. I know you are rebellous. But dad just hopes that during your days of growth I can be a good example for you. But it is a pity that I can't. Enough, dad. Say no more, dad. Dad. Don't worry. From now on, I will be mature. I will support the family and I won't let it fall apart. I will look after mom. We will wait for your return. You have grown up. But I didn't expect… Your dad didn't expect to have you grow up in such way. Let's leave the past. You should take care. Rigtht. I know. I know you, dad. The prison must give him a big shock. Mom. Don't talk for him. He shouldn't do such thing in the past. I didn't stop him. It was our fault. We were so blind. We caused everything that happens today. I am so sorry to have you bear the consequence. Please say sorry to Li Xin Yue. Right. I will tell her when I meet her. Mom. You should get up and lean on the bed sill. I will get the doctor. OK. Is this the ward for Chen Zheng Xi? Are you looking for my mom? Boss Chen. I heard about the bad news about your family. I am worried. So I am here to visit. Mom. Who is this? This is your Uncle Ou Yang. Master Chu. Uncle Ou Yang. Zhi Han. Aren't you getting a doctor? Go. I… Go quickly. OK. Uncle Ou Yang. You should talk. Is Boss Chen all right? Let's talk outside. Boss Chen. You must suffer a lot because of Master Chu. How is this hospital? Do you need me to change you to another one? No need. I am fine here. The business bills between us, the family bills the gallery are all ruined. But… What? I lost some data in my home computer. When did it happen? It was after Chu Hong Fei got into troubles. What did you lose? The list of the bills. How can it be'? What if… The list was encoded. It is useless to steal it. Isn't it? Yes. I hope you didn't hide any evidence. Dangerous things should be destroy fast. Don't worry. Our family has fallen like this. I only want a peaceful life with my son. Boss Chen is bright. Take care. I should go now. Uncle Ou Yang. Are you leaving so early? Let me send you off. No need. Do you have some time? I would like to ask you something. What is it? You know my family situation now. The home gallery and company can't go on. You are a good friend of my parents. So I would like to… How much do you need? I don't mean it. Kid, If you need money, just ask. I am an old friend of your family. I should help you sometimes. Uncle Ou Yang. I am no longer a kid. I need to support the family now. I can ensure of the medical fee now. But I don't hope to see the collapse of the family company. So I would like you to help me with my business. You are the young master of the Chu family. Why should you ask for something? I have something else to deal with now. We will talk later. OK, uncle. Bye. Brother Chu. You are here. Come in. Right. Go. Mom. Aunt. I am here to visit you. Mom. Mom. What is it? Did something happen? Nothing. We should go back into the room. Or do you want to take a walk? Latter. Right. Wait. I will get a wheel chair. I will help you. Xin Yue. Aunt Fang. Let's go. Let me. Let me. Aunt. The air is so fresh outside. We should take a walk often. Walking can make us happy. We can get better sooner, can't we, Kevin? Yes, mom. If I have some free time, I will walk with you. I picked up a flower on the ground jus tnow. Let me put it on aunt. No. I won't. Try it. Try it. Try it. Add some colors. Here. Should I put it here? Yes. OK? Does it look strange? It is much better with colors. I feel better now. Yes. Looks great. Let's take a group photo. OK. Here. One. Two. Three. Look, mom. You are so lively with the flowers. Yes. I will edit the photo for you later. You will look really good then. Rememebr to send me the photo. OK. Let's go there. Here. Drink some tea. Thank you, Aunt Fang. How is it, Xin Yue? How is your life in Shanghai? I won the case. I feel somehow relieved. I am here to hold an exhibition for my dad. I will make it a successful one. Don't worry. I must support you. Thank you, Aunt Fang. Xin Yue. Did you meet Jin Xiao Tian afterwards? No. Did you hear from im? The thing is… Grandma Zhuo Ma's grand daughter Da Wa said that she saw Jin Xiao Tian in the village. In the village? He is still in Shangri-La. Strange. But Da Wa said that he looked as if working for a company. Should I aks for more information? No need. No need, Aunt Fang. Please don't. Aunt. What would you like to eat at noon? I will buy it for you. There is a vegetarian restaurant nearby. They serve plain food. Buy something from them. OK. I am going now. Let me. Let Sheng Xia go. Let me. I am going. I am going. Wait for me. Drink some water, mom. I have something to tell you. Close the door. Why? What is it, mom? Why should it be so secret? Zhi Han. It is an important thing. You must listen carefully. Under the fish tank at home, there is a plastic bag. There a USB in the bag. Keep it to you when you get it. What is that USB? Why did you hide it under the fish tank? You don't need to know that. The dad's current situation is not positive. I am afraid that our old acquaintance will bring us troubles. Once they threaten you, you will take our the USB. You should tell them that only you know the password. What is the password? Let them keep the USB. Get to somewhere safe and call me. I will tell you the password. Mom. Why am I so ignorant of the family business? Tell me. Who are those people? You don't need to know about our generation. You must promise me. No matter what happens, protect yourself first. Then you should protect this USB. OK? Yes. This is the best Tibetan village nearby. I plan to buy it to make it a tourist attraction. It is so inconvenient. Show it to Xiao Tian. The horizon town was developed by Yang Jin and Mr Ou Yang together. Yang Jin is looking for buildings in Shangri-La style. All we need to do is to buy it at a low price and resell it to her. We can make a lot of money with it. Someone in the village may not agree. It depends on you. Get now. I know what to do. Exploiting such town can win us a lot of money. You should be the project manager. I will give you a car and an assistant. Thank you, Brother Hui, for giving me this chance. This one is not an easy one. It depends on you if we can buy it. Don't worry. I will take care of it. By the way, Brother Hui. Let's forget about the assistant. Just give me a convenient accomodation. Good for you. It is not a proble. Let's take a look inside. Brother Hui. You shouldn't go in. It is a poor and wasted land. If you go, what if someone blackmails you, that won't be a good news. Let me help you. OK. I will send Scorpion with you. I am going back first. Right. Take care. I will send Brother Hui back. Brother Tian. TIan. Didn't Yue send you here? Aunt Zhuo Ma. You may not know it. I broke up with Xin Yue. Did you? Do you know what it means? What is wrong with those people? You don't need to know too much about our generation. You must promise me. No matter what happens, you should protect yourself first, then this USB. Mr Ou Yang is waiting for you in VIP Room 6. Go. Don't stay too late. I know. Uncle Ou Yang. Zhi Han. Didn't you say you were fatching a doctor? Mom. What is the matter with you, Brother Tian? Grandma. Jin Xiao Tian. Sister Xin Yue. Grandma Zhuo Ma. Nothing. What happened? Don't worry, Grandma Zhuo Ma. I can settle everything down. Shouldn't you be in Shanghai? Why are you here? Are you all right, grandma? You didn't bid us goodbye and disappeared for a long time. Are you staying here to do such thing? Who do you think you are? You have no right to talk about me. You overestimate yourself too much. Who are you? Are you still the Jin Xiao Tian that I expect to see? I don't want to talk nonsense with you here. You shouldn't stay here. Get away! What happened? Tell me. Do you have any difficulties? I have. I want the paintings. But I can't. Ever since I got to know you, I have been wanting those paintings. But you refused to give them to me. You hid them from me. I need to make money, too. And that caravan trip, the proposal were just for fun. For fun? Is everything a game to you? Yes. So I take it real. You are too blind. Are you serious? Is that amuet thing merely a joke to you?

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