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【ENG SUB】《一场遇见爱情的旅行》第38集:幕后黑手|陈晓 景甜 何明翰 秦杉 Love Journey EP38【捷成华视偶像剧场】

【ENG SUB】《一场遇见爱情的旅行》第38集:幕后黑手|陈晓 景甜 何明翰 秦杉 Love Journey EP38【捷成华视偶像剧场】

What are you doing? Brother Hui asked me out. The decision of the court. The plantiff is lacks of evidence. She can't prove that Chu Hong Fei produced and sold others' art works. The charge fails. The plantiff's motion is dismissed. Court adjourned. Mr Chu. What do you want to say? Mr Chu. Will the snow mountain genre be affected by this? Mr Chu. The woman mentioned in this data is the daughter of your late teacher. How did her father draw? Did the plantiff suspect you coping his work because you have similar style? Think about it, friends from media. If I am suspected as a traitor for sharing someone's style, don't you think it is ridiculous? I don't want to guess what others are thinking. But I can assure you with one point. Every brush on the treasure belongs to me, Chu Hong Fei. As for the snow mountain genre, I have spent my years in it. About the development of our genre, there are many articles. I won't explain to you in detail here. Friends from the media. You can check the data. I only want to say one thing about the rumor. The truth will always come out. Thank the court for bring me justice. As for the stories of the last generation and all those legends, I shouldn't be the one to answer it. Those are news. You should hear from different people. The plantiff is there. Why don't you interview her? Tong Hua. Guan Shang. Pass. Your turn. Wait. It is your turn. Pass. Pass. Two more here. Pass. I win. Quickly. Buy a roast duck. Give me the phone. Remember to bring some wine. The brother will come back at night. Boss. Two roast duck, please. Please wait, lad. We just sold out the last stove of them. We just put the fresh ones inside. It takes some time. Right. The secrets are nonsense. It is only rumor. Boss. Do you still have more of this wine? Yes. How much do you want? Six glasses of it. Right. Please wait. I am getting it from the storehouse. Hello. 95958. Go and get Mr Chen. Captain Feng's fellow called 95958. Go quickly. Yes. Wait, comrade. Mr Chen will be back soon. Mr Chen. 95958 called. Hello? Hello? Hello? How is it? What did he say? He is off line. Does it mean that he is in danger? What took you so long? Why did it take so long to buy two roast ducks? I just went out. Then what are you waiting here? Why are you out? I am asking why you are here. Lad. How much is your wine? 90. No need to change. Thank you. Take your time. How about this? If he calls next time, give my phone number to him. Ask him to call me directly. Yes. Lily. I know you are unhappy. Just admit your failure. What kind of failure is that? I lost because someone took the painting you gave me. What? How could this happen? Enough. I don't want to talk about this anymore. Thank you for sending me back. Xin Yue paid much effore for this suit. She must have the evidence. Someone robbed the painting when it was on its way for identification. It must not be a coincidence. How should I trust you, dad? You are back. Yes. Hi, Li. Long time no see. Master Chu. Say something to everyone. I can paint. But my wife should speak for me. OK. Come. All right. Please speak, madam. Right. I will just talk a little today. We have here today Hong Fei's painter friends his disciples of snow mountain genre, famous men from the Shangai auction business, and the most famous gallery planners and owners. People say that men from the same trend dispise each other. But today, for art, I have gathered you around. We are no longer enemies here, or competitors. There is no legal relationship between us. You are only a member of the arts adn wine salon. Agree. Let's raise our glass. I hope everyone can eat well and have fun here. Let's forget the lawsuit. We only talk about arts and painting today. Is it okay? I hope everyone beside cooperating with the snow mountain genre, can do something for the arts. Here. Here. For arts. Cheers. Cheers. Thank you all, cheers. Is drinking so much wine useful? You just lost one lawsuit. At least you can know about our enemy. We can know how vicious he is. Do you remember I told you that I am your amulet? Have some confidence. Everything will be fine. Jin Xiao Tian. Why don't you appear at this time? Didn't you promise to protect me? Did you know… Did you know that you had to go? If you knew it, why did you appear? Why? Why can't you do what you promised? Mr Chen. I would like to go to Yun Nan and help Jin Xiao Tian with the investigation. What if he goes, if he needs any help… Don't worry. Once he needs help, he can turn to me. Good. I have an agreement with him. In emergent situation, if he can't contact me, he will contact the office. The code will be 95958. We can know it is him when 95958 calls. Hello? How is it? What did he say? He is off lone. Does it mean that he is in danger? Jin Xiao tian. Are you in trouble? Hong Fei. Why are you standing here alone? I am waiting for you. Let me tell you. You won the case. You are innocent now. Meanwhile, you have much more popularity now. It is the best time to raise the price of your paintings. Good for you. Everyone. Friends on the brink. Please gather here. Firstly, I should thank you for coming here today. One is that we have time to gather together. The other is to celebrate my victory in the case. I would like to thank a person here today. This person will be my madam, Miss Chen Zheng Xi. I remember when I was young when I first met her, she told me something. She said that if I focus on my painting, I must be an outstanding painter in the future. Till now, the words has still been in my head. It is my original power. Without my wife, without her support and couragement, I wouldn't stand here today and wouldn't help start the snow mountain genre. There won't be great works about the beautiful snow mountain views. Good talk. Thank you. But what I want to say is that my treasure is not alone. Take a look, everyone. The paintings on the wall of my house. These are my latest artworks. I have never shown them to the public before. So I invite you here today to discuss about them. My goal is not only for the snow mountain genre but for everyone in the art world. I would like to help to spread arts with all I can. Thank you folks. Zhi Han. You should go and accept the guests downstairs. I am busy. Your dad won the case. Every gallery is waiting to buy your dad's paintings. This is good news. You should be happy. What use is winning? We have more similar paintings in our house. But for Li Xin Yue, that is everything about her parents. Do you prefer to trust a outsider than your family? Mom. She is not an outsider. I like her. You should think in my boot. If your father lost the case, would you stang by Lin Xin Yue's side regardless of your father? I will stand by the justice. If your father is a real criminal now, you must hope to find a balance between law and morality. Mom. No matter what, we can't treat Li Xin Yue like this. It is simple. Your dad won the case because Li Xin Yue didn't have the evidence. Legally speaking, she is injustice. When you don't know the truth, trust the law. Mom. I know what you mean. But you don't know Li Xin Yue. She is not like waht you think. Judging from my experience, she wouldn't do such thing. You don't know women at all. Some women will pretend herself as a poor victim. At the right time, she will show her tough side. Men will remember the difference forever. Mom. What are you talking about? If I am more tender in the beginning, if I can admire your dad more and depend on him more, maybe there won't be anyting between your dad and Xiao Fang Fang. Don't say it anymore. These are the past. I won't talk about it anymore. If you are tired, you can rest in the room. I am going down. Mr Chen. How is the transfer of Hurricane? The police in Yun Nan has transfered him to Shanghai according to the legal process. Let's go. Yes. What are you looking at? Don't you want to ask some quetions? Ask it then. What? Can't you hold it? You drove a black motor around a town station near Wu Yuan at a high speed. It caused the flat tire of Li Xin Yue's taxi. The local surveillance camera has recorded your bad intention of the car crash. In the mountain of Shangri-La, you attacked her again. You wanted to kill her. These are all the direct evidences. I am not a good driver. What is wrong with that? They hurt me on purpose in the moutain. You can't just listen to them. We have more evidence. If you admit it now, you are helping us. We can pardon you from some punishment later. If I have the conclusive evidence, your treatment won't be as good. I still need to warn you that people nowadays love to take photos, take videos and send them to the Wechat moments. They even have live broadcast especially in a scenic spot. How can you assure that you are not recorded in when you were attacking Li Xin Yue? This is the record of your phone calls. Look at it by yourself. Who did you call most? It… It was Chu Hong Fei who hired me, Boss. You are so great. Everything will be fine if we have the Hurricane's verbal confession. What we need to do next is to focus on investigating Chu Hong Fei. Hi, Mr Chen. Sorry. You shoult resume your talk. I will go there for a while. Zhi Han. Be quick. Coming, mom. I am wearing a dress. Urge me. I am waiting to introduce you an important guest. Master Chen. Come. Let me introduce to you. This is your Uncle Chen. A senior member of the Shanghai arts field. The first painting of our family was sold by your Uncle Chen. This is my son. Hi, Uncle Chen. Hi. Not bad, lad. Your dad said that you had a caravan trip before and that it was popular. Thank you, Uncle Chen. Dad. I will go and grab some food. You should keep talking, Uncle Chen. Sorry for my absence. OK. Brother Chu. Sheng Xia. Why are you here? Lily and you are back from Yun Nan. Jin Xiao Tian is missing. I feel bored to stay alone. Then I am back. Where do you live, Pei? I will visit you. OK. If you can find my house, I will take you to eat nice food. I don't like the party here. What party? Are you Zhi Han? You are… You have grown so big. I can hardly recognize you. This is your Aunt Wei. You have met when you were young. Aunt Wei is a boss of a famous painting salon in Shanghai. How do you do, Aunt Wei? Hi. Here. It is so happy to see you. Long time no see. You even blushed. You don't look like having studied abroad. Yes. Our work will provide many opportunities for meeting foreigners. You have been abroad for a long time. You must get used to kissing on the face. Yes. Yes. Who are you looking for? We are looking for Mr Chu Hong Fei. What is the matter? Mr Chu Hong Fei. Please come with us. No. Officers. Have you made a mistake? My dad's case is already over. It is another case. Please let him come to the police office with us. Dad. It is okay. You should help me receive those guests. I will go with them. Mom. Do you have secrets against me? The police is here. Brother Chu. Your dad will be fine. The police said they were just taking your dad for the investigation. Don't worry too much. How can you prove that your dad drew that? True ones can't be fake. Once they compare it with the old treasure, we will know. Why did you steal your own painting? Who is lying? Why should he hide it? Take away all my paintings to the police office to help that outsider to investigate. I gave you the painting to prove the innocence of my parents. The truth can be known then. Can you come out with a certificate to prove that my consignor's early works have nothing to do with continuing the treasure's style? It had. Then where is the certificate? It was robbed away on its way to the certification center. Just admit your failure. What failure? Your food, your clothing, your car, your foreign student identity, your career your big house, and even the caravan trip where you met Li Xin Yue are all paid off by my paintings. Tell Chu Hong Fei. Don't use his dirty money to insult me. You would rather believe an outside than a family member. Brother Chu. You have been here still for hours. Say something. Sheng Xia. Pour me a cup of water. Do you think my dad will be fine? He must be. Did my dad rob her dad's work? Or is Li Xin Yue framing my dad? Tell me which is true. Tell me. Do you want the truth? The truth is that I don't know it, either. Though the court has given out its decision, I don't feel it right. I don't think Li Xin Yue would frame anyone. And I heard from the court that she doesn't have a good life. I really don't think she plotted it. But as your friend, I don't want to see you affected by your dad's business. So when you are asking me for truth, I can't choose either side. I wish all is good, especially you. Thank you, Xia. Thank you for accompaning me tonight. Since we don't know the truth now, I should find it. I will give you one more chance. The prison transfer has admitted it. Don't you admit it? What do you want me to say? I don't know. Who is that? If I knew him and I employed him for bad stuffs, if he admited it was me, I must tell you the truth as soon as I came in. Am I right? It has been a day. I didn't say anything. It means that I an innocent. What do you want me to say? I can't say something fake real. Mr Chen. Should we let him go? It has been 24 hours. He is so tough. He said nothing. Yes. We need evidence. Without enough eveidence, we need the verbal evidence of the suspects. Now, we don't have direct evidence to prove the relationship between Chu Hong Fei and Hurricane. Hurricane's confession is not enough. When we were questioning Hurricane last time, where was that phone call record? Wasn't that direct evidence? The identity information of the owner was fake. It was fake. So we need to find the source of this number. Find its relation with Chu Hong Fei. Dad. You are back. I am back. Are you all right? I am fine. What did they do to you? Just asking some questions and staying at the police station. It is fine. Let your dad have a rest.

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