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【ENG SUB】《一场遇见爱情的旅行》第36集:颠倒黑白|陈晓 景甜 何明翰 秦杉 Love Journey EP36【捷成华视偶像剧场】

【ENG SUB】《一场遇见爱情的旅行》第36集:颠倒黑白|陈晓 景甜 何明翰 秦杉 Love Journey EP36【捷成华视偶像剧场】

Hi, friends. Sorry to tell you that our trip will end today. We travelled from Shanghai. We have gone across many busy cities, the beautiful southern area, the unsophisticated Hui Zhou to Yun Gui Plateau. We went across the glamorous Da Lin to Shangri-La in our dream. Along the way, we have been through many difficulties. But with everyone's concerted effort, we pulled it through. Here, we are thanking our fan for supporting and encouraging us. Without your support, we wouldn't have reached here. At the same time, I will thank my teammates. Without them, there wouldn't have been a trip like this. Now I proclaim offically that this romantic trip has ended. Jin Xiao Tian. If you are watching our live broadcast, I hope you can contact us. Everyone is worried about you. Friends. From tomorrow on, we will say goodbye to each other. I hope you all can talk to the friends online. Xia Xia. Pei. Lily. Say something. Babies. Though I know I will miss you, I have to say goodbye to you here. Enough. Say some happy things. We should thank Boss Chu for this trip. Thank you, Brother Pei. Thank you, Xin Yue. During this trip, we cared for and helped each other. We managed to be here together. But I still want to say something to Jin Xiao Tian. Where are you? In this trip, though we always opposed each other and we even argued, in my heart, you are my real friend. We are leaving tomorrow. Come back quickly. It is your turn, Pei. Jin Xiao Tian. In the beginning, I thought you were unreliable. But later, I knew I was wrong. But now I think you unreliable again. Are you reliable or not? Can you be reliable? If you are reliable, call us now. Tell us how you are so that we won't worry about you. Lily. You are the trip planner. Say something. It has always been my dream to come to Shangri-La. Thank you, Boss Chu, for helping me realize my dream. The biggest prize of this trip is that in the beginning, we were starngers. But in the end, we become friends indeed. I treasure the friendship very much. Hong Fei has a good taste. If it were me, I would have attracted you. Let's talk about business then. It has been years since you last visited me. I have to the initiator. Sister. I am not your sister. Don't be so aggressive. Judging from your relationships with me and Hong Fei, you won't lose anything for calling me sister. If you are here to humiliate me, you have done it. You can go now. Why should I? I should like you. I admit that your relationship with Hong Fei then made me suffer. I wished you were dead. I was too young. Now when I think of it, it is nothing. Hong Fei is a man. He is also a talented artist. You know what it means for a talented man. A man in no need can't become an artist. For all these years, the girls beside Hong Fei keep changing. But you are different. You have wasted your youth. I was guilty for a long time. But we still have time to compensate. Compensate? How can you compensate? Can you reverse the time and stop it from happening? We should work in peace with each other. You will satisfy his mental need. I will help him with his career. Chen Zheng Xi. What on earth do you want? However tough we are, we are still women. In many occasions, we must achieve our goal with the help of men. Don't you want a better life with Li Xin Yue? Zhi Han is serious about his feelings to Xin Yue. If Xin Yue married him, I will treat her as my own. At that time, there won't be any boundary between us. We will be a family. You finally hit the point after beating so much bush. Chen Zheng Xi. Do you have any sense of shame? When you were doing it in the past, you should have thought of its consequence. If Li Xin Yue wins the case, Chu Hong Fei will lose his reputation. Can Li Qi Feng and his wife revive for that? What is more, if they go to the court, we may win. Right. Let me tell you. We will fight till you lose. Are you refusing my offer? Yes. Hong Fei has said that you only want a peaceful life now. I have given you a chance. Next time when we meet, you and Li Xin Yue should take care. Chu Hong Fei didn't frightened me then. Now, Chu Hong Fei won't stand for you. I won't look down on a woman who hates for decades. But thanks for the tea. You should pray for an acceptable ending. You two should better talk. I will cook in person for my son. Sit. Dad. You said when you were back, you would tell me the truth. Can you say it now? The secret has been in my heart for years. I didn't tell you because you were too young to judge. If I told you too early, it might ruin this family. Your dad is a successful painter outside. But at home, I am not a successful husband and father. What is the truth? If you insist an explanation, I can only tell you about the avalanche. No man can avoid it. You can only escape. I didn't do anything wrong. What about Xiao Fang Fang? What was her to you? As for my relationship with Fang Fang, I can only say that we were too young. We were not mature so we made a mistake. I won't deny it. I can't deny meanwhile that I was married with your mother then. Wasn't mom good enough? Of course not. Then why did you find another woman? Zhi Han. I love your mother very much. I remember that I met your mother in a small gallery exhibition. She was young and pretty. She was elegant, too. I tried my best to talk to her. I didn't expect that her appreciation for arts and her art sense were so much the same as mine. Then I asked her if I could have a dinner with her the next evening. She agreed. Then, after one and another dates, we fell in love. We got married shiftly. After our marriage, she took me to different art exhibitions. She helped me to expand my career. She told me that one day I would become a famous painter. In my times, when a woman said such words to me, it meant something great. She is my pillar. Then I found it gradually your mom's desire for business. It surpassed her interest in arts. She were always on her way to differeny city then, busy with her gallery business. She wasn't at home all the time. I felt disappointed. But I can understand her. Your mom was supporting the whole family. I started to drink wine to kill my worries. Later, Li Qi Feng invited me to go on a painting trip to Shangri-La. I accepted the invitation. There I met Xiao Fang Fang. It may take one more hour to go. Soon. Qi Feng. You are finally here, Hong Fei. Here. Let me introduce to you. This is my student, Xiao Fang Fang. This is my junior fellow, Chu Hong Fei. Hi. You are Chu Hong Fei's teacher. I like your painting. Thank you. Let's talk in the car. Let's get in. Let's go. Go. Right. Almost. Good. Not bad. Not bad. One. Two. Three. No bad. In Shangri-La, we had a period of undisturbed life. Painting has become our most important thing. Zhi Han. Have you watched a moived called Girl with a Pearl Earring? The painter Vermeer was helpless in love with a servant girl named Griet. My condition was very much like Vermeer. I have my own family. But the closest one to me didn't understand me. But Xiao Fang Fang was that girl with the pearl earring. She knew me. She was my muse. Everything was so wonderful then. But sometimes, the more beautiful things you have, the greater disappointment you will get. I soon realized that Xiao Fang Fang was not a girl I knew much. She was ambitious. Except me, Li Qi Feng and other teachers were also close to her. I warned her once but she wouldn't listen. She remained the same. You knew what happened next. The avalanche. Li Xin Yue's parents passed away. Li Xin Yue was so young. She must be taken care by someone else. As a fellow of Li Qi Feng, I intened to take Li Xin Yue in. But Xiao Fang Fang was angry at me. She wanted me to get a divorce. I didn't have a way out but to let Xiao Fang Fang take Li Xin Yue away. What about the letter of guarantee? Xiao Fang Fang was threatening me that if I didn't sign that letter, she would tell your mother about everything. I wouldn't let her do that. Then I had no choice. I signed the letter. But I didn't expect that it would become an evidence. Xiao Fang Fang hates me for years. Then… What about that treasure? How can you explain that? What can I explain? Zhi Han. How can you know how much the rumors hurt me? You saw me painting from your childhood. You should know that my signarue has never changed. Right. You can have someone to compare my signatures. You can know wheter it is my work or not. Right. Let's get someone to identify it. After the identification, our family can be innocent again. Yes. You are right. But you should know that if there is insurance on the painting, we need complicated process to have someone finish the identification. One more thing. Because of this, our whole family has become a public focus. Do you think that it is worth doing now? Let's do it later. Shall we? I get it, dad. I should have some rest upstairs. Go. Chu Hong Fei told me many times that he would get a divorce. But he never did it. Then I realized that Xiao Fang Fang was different from what I thought. She was ambitious. Except me, Li Qi Feng and other teachers were close to her. I was about to take in Li Xin Yue. But Xiao Fang Fang was angry at me. She wanted me to get a divorce. This forbidden love has brought much pains and troubles. It was like poisonous ivy that grew in my heart. Chu Hong Fei showed me his real temper gradually. Xiao Fang Fang threatened me that if I didn't sign the letter, she would tell everything to your mother. How could I let her do this? You have seen me painting since childhood. You should know it best that my signature never changes. It is not that simple as you think. What you see is not what you should believe. Dad. Why can't you let me trust you completely? What inspired you? It was like walking in a valley with a torch. The fire may go out. I am not an artist who lives on inspiration. I depend more on the nature, on my understanding to the environment. The treasure is from Shangri-La. Right. Thank you. Aunt Fang. During the trip in Shangri-La, meeting you is my biggest prize. I got back my precious childhood memory. I left so suddenly then. I owe you a word. That is thank you for raising me up. When Chu Hong Fei met me that day, he tried to bribe me. I can't accpet that. My dad's paintings are invaluable. How dare he use his dirty money to buy my dad's works? Whenever I think the signed author of this work is a vicious man, I feel suffocated. There is a saying that justice will never be absent. It may just be late. For our complex family, justice is too late. I don't want to wait any longer. I must fight. Chu Hong Fei must return what belongs to my dad. Aunt. Xin Yue is back. Rent. Go back and have a look. During these days, I have taken care of the flowers. Thank you, aunt. I water it everyday. I never cut for one day. Go and play. Let's take a look. Right. Slow down. Look at this bedroom. It is bright and can take in fresh air. Let me tell you. All have imagined this when they were a child. Hasn't they? I always worry about the way I should propose to my future wife. Don't laugh. I have thought about it for many times. Thank you for giving me this chance. I have realized my dream. Yes? Who are you? Let me introduce myself. I am Jin Xiao Tian. Why are you here? Do you eat the lobster? What are you doing? This is not a food stall. Wait. Let me inform you. I plan to live here today. I am staying here in long term. Are you leaving? I will count to three now. One. Two. Three. Come. How is it? Is it good news? Are you happy? Are you surprised? Are you delighted? Scoundrel. Get out. Are you the boss here? Hi. Roast as the list says. Right. Please wait. We have set up a group to investigate the murder case of a policeman. The police says that they will take down the criminals and ensure the safety of the citizens. It was harsh. How could someone do this? He must lose his conscience. The police has sent the condolence letter to mourn for the late policeman. They promise to enhance the security against criminals. Weren't you afraid when you rushed out? I tell myself to be careful. But I am very confident of my techniques. Jin Xiao Tian. Let me warn you. Don't be reckless. Hui Zhi Hui is a cruel and sly man. Mind your words and behavior in front of him. Be more careful. Don't overestimate yourself all the time. You can't underestimate your enemy. Am I useless? Tian. You have much potential. In this mission, you have proven it with your action. I wasn't wrong about you. Being a policeman, you should sometimes bet your life in it. We are policemen in this uniform. Do you think shooting is cool? Everytime you shoot, you will get yourself's and others' life involved. When you have to shoot at the very moment, you must not hesitate. Just shoot. Brother Hui. Why are you here? What is the matter with you? I am fine. I am good. Something is wrong with you. To be honest, I had a dream last night. I dreamed about myself in blood. Bodies were around me. Are you afraid? I can understand that you are afraid. After all, this is your first time to kill. I am not afraid of killing nor using a gun. What are you afraid of then? I am afraid of not getting what I want after what I have done. If you want to be like us, you must not think too much. Or you should just quit. What do you mean? You can still quit now. Why are you talking about it now? I mean if you dare to do it, you will have much chance to earn money. Get it. Who is that? It is me, Xin Yue. Helen. Wait. Coming. You are finally back. I miss you. Why did you buy so many things? My arm almost broke. I miss you so much. You are so welcome. Come and sit down. What is your plan this time? I plan to make Chu Hong Fei repent with my dad's painting. But I found him so stubborn. It is almost impossible to make him repent from the bottom of his heart. What will you do then? I will go the court. I will sue him. I will clear my name for my dad. It has been twenty years. Do you have the proof? I am still worried about it. In the case of intellectual property, proofs are of the most importance. To prove the paintings were by my dad, I must get both's drafts. How can I help you? Thank you, Helen. I have got dad's painting in Shangri-La. But I don't have a way to get Chu Hong Fei's. Yes. He didn't even want to admit it. How can it be possible that he turns one in to you? By the way, Chu Zhi Han may be able to help you. I don't want to cheat his feeling. But in the end, I still hurt him. Do you rememer it? We met here for the first time. If not for your persuasion, I would have given it up. Don't you have something to tell me? I owe you most in the whole incidence. Sorry. I was so silly then. I thought I found a soul mate. I didn't mean to hurt you or your family. I just want to take back what belongs to my dad. I want to bring back justice to him. Is there a difference? I thought we would arrive soon after we set off the caravan trip. But I didn't expect many things happened. I was further and futher from my original plan. But in the whole process, I saw you trying your best to solve problems. You unite everyone with your honesty. Zhi Han. You are a good man. You are not like your father. But he is my father after all. We are a family. I don't wish you to stand beside me. But I don't have right to let you ignore your dad. I can understand whichever side you choose. I won't blame what happened in the past. I just want to ask you how you prove your father painted that. It is true. If we compare their drafts with the treasure, we will know.

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