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  1. Aux USA nous avons aucune Voiture Francaise in the USA there aren't any French car but we have American car in France go figure.$$

  2. Looks like great fun wandering around a train station.  Waiting and waiting and waiting.Is this how the holiday begins?

  3. Love it. We were there in 1999 when we were 30 and again in 2018 when we were 49. That parking structure at Gare de Lyon is so tight that my rental Renault Grand Scenic minivan (size of a Mazda MPV minivan) was a beast to maneuver the 90 degree turns in the parking structure.

  4. You are definitely my favorite channel on YouTube!!! I was once on vacation in Paris a few years ago and it was the best holiday I have ever had and your videos always remind me of this beautiful time:) Is there a possibility that you could film in the opéra area and maybe in the gallery Lafayette? Is it allowed to film in stores in France? Anyway, your videos are awesome, great work! 🙂

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